The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 13, 1904, Image 13

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SiuJ Anrui Convanfldri
the Association for Better
Highways Meets.
ai i i rmei ifAoe idi -
v-- khwivwi i vim nnu
i 4actm
Night Session Will End with
Smoker to Be Given at
: Hotel WHtamett.
: I
i Special Dispatch to The huuU
8aem. Dec. II. At 1:30 o'clock this
afternoon the second annual convention
of the Oregog aHgtw Good Beads asso
ctetlon mot In this city. Mayor P. W.
Waters mad bjg ? of welcome,
filch was responded to oy Hon. J. ri.
lotr, president of Aha association. This
as roiiowea Dy an address Dy governor
amberlain an. the subject of "Oregon
Id Its Roads' TH3U
President J, H. Scott Mid this morn
ing vTAirl AmiHO
"We hars Invited each member of the
Bst legislature 4 be tapMect and take
plrt In the ooiTVentlc. W hope to get
tttem to take fiajt In the work, and learn
mpre of our real Mali & the way of
legislation. One of the principal fea
tures of the convention will be to Im
press upon the mlnda of the people that
tlf buslneas of the country has out
grown the old system of road manage
ment aha that we gtw 1WHT In an ad
vanced age of civilization afcd the Old
more sclenttflc, ujMo-date road manage
ment installed. There are to be Bound.
aflendld addresses along this line and I
trust that much Interest will be manl-
uaoT'fuflo wW-wtT ftwX'f?
discussion at the convention. What do
I think of using our convicts to build
roads? Well, I am not ready to aay
whether or not their use for road
boii.mrs. generally speaking, be
practical. I have not been able to devise
say satisfactory plan for using them as
road" tfuntferg. r Oitfflt perhaps ewme
Ulan mlgbXbj luUiaWl4 V-bereby they
could be ueed to prepare road metal.
Rome of the southern states are making
a. practical UMB at OWYJcU for road
builders, but they have a different chaf-
of people to .4lf IMP we nave
state. However, ir mpre in uy
Jbjeet tt fttHI M teVorked
iigitatlon through organisations
AXe? pointed a committee of five
t a suitable bill upon this sub
d rresent It to the convention.
halrwrs'h'bf the commute le Sena
tor Miller of Lebanon. I have not been
advlaed as to whether or not they have
prepared' such a meeuBOfgJ
,Us4is .:
'Will we hold evening sessions? Ted,
judsoB at the Portland chamber pf crm-
nH .t-flnnrnnr T. T. (jeer of this
Ttnr At ths eloie of this Session fitf
delegates will retire to Ibe Wtlas4U
hotel and rnxMry a smoker tmat 'J
STIs d? &tUfwj. ieae two
machine companies, en account of the
large number of aejee they have made
during the BMt year of ttelf road ma-
their Ume and money to attend Oil cfn-
en lion."
rolloWlng Is the program prepared for
tomorrow: ...
Afldrral "WsntM, Dtrueatbd Road
XufMtn;' H- ThjeUoti secretary Ore
gon (food Roads association.
AddreM-"Boad Making as a Branch
Instruction In cdliwrnr tlr. James
lthycotnbe, dtrector 61 Urilted state
i .tit lima m twaM. in
the greatest living
adviser oa the ton-
land longer than o
ether clalrvoynt.
' tb Stan van cArt
Uad a double guar-
Phenomena That
Dl.aU of
S 10 ComDlete
Life RemdlngM
Wm eaUrge TJaless
to Be the Judge.
Is a
f J
.1 bees
for years before the people of the
tetters of
country xox services rendered. He be neve
coanaae Bat aeeiejes, asa stande mabrr la
neane 01 ou icuow-ciiiiens luoar insn
etaltlNf IOC uni '
His awlae- b Wlkf 'eeV. fe,ir name aeg wbet
thing you want te thn He sends yob ewer
ft. 9Uf Mtatee-taea when you celled.
H,.w you MM lurk? J
How you can encreeo In Inisinees?
How yov can mass your home happy?
How you eaa conquer your enemies ?
How you can marry the one you choosey
How soon you will merry?
How you can cominer your rival?
How ytp ?s" ""end froaeleff
How Ten can remove bad Influence?
Hoy yob can control sny one?
flow yon esw aiane ueaiaee eeeee eaeeaa er you r
tmnm .iMiVti .'ww m
iloTTaffljr areab'tetea of fi be
of Unjew! 'feVXIf! wesTlX TO TeeT lot T
-SSre trft
Romeu 'etnffXieUBee J lie IMoeeee
of Ofegon. Mepr "at7 Best Joi a.
Convent of U Domini. tl 43; south 00
S Vaiak 'iiyiix Be'e!!
feet let as. glmer K Heltery, loiwl.
sjeu too test lot xl, lilmet B. Mallfy.
i. i.SfMSiSi.rfl
,k. 154 80: hoe
1 ItJfr. o
in this
of tUri
The el
How you can settle your Quarrel T
How you esn hold your uueband'i love?
How you can Keep your wire e love i
Van Cortland ten
tnetyegrao, , per Baas , to . aierr , lot eeine
h ncmwtnmmmmt or araere waion
fact DTOT
lis all and never aaks rSSSr
, H ot. tb .u high-
SISK Waghlnwtor. Street
PrtYatt) Xntranc oa Sixth t.
remaruuie iai
ram kt and
llefvfbi gtfgg
SAYS MAfifflAfiE
(Jeareal Speelat ' SsTvM. )
taT C I USaTS, Wts., Pee. fSl be Araerl-
B doljar ta the armor from which
e many Marts of modern oupld.
dlnf to Judge John A. Osgilels In
Durbe of an address today. Judge
to ejopmsBed the view tat the
remarkable railing orr in matrimonial
due to the high wages
women for labor.
'flirts am ahlei let eeeemAre thettn-
selves." he said. "like Independence and
96 flbt seek marriage." He believes this
proof that matrimony was never so
much a matter Of Icrte as of the inevtt
able result of the dependence of .women
on the sterner sex for support He cdo
eluded hi retnarle with the surprising
statement that with the' continuance
end adveatoe ut the commercial nros
perlty of the country, and the general
employment of females la positions
Which were formerly reserved exclu
elvelr far men. the Institution of mar
rlage will gradually become a thing of
We pa at.
Judae Daniels to a United States com
missloner and a man of influence; in the
O. . Hortr,
A. It. Jlellar
Jean Dykstra;
asargnerits X.
th loo feet lot .
ou; north 100 feet lot T.
LTD; horth 100 feet lot 1
son.M; aorta toe
BseVaO: earth 10S
singer, IDM .t; south els fast lot IS. John
o ot: tot IS, rtrst German M. K. Obsteh.
t ft, laaeas B. gstotu
, stajbjeByaT atiutts, atsM ett ' fhlifT
!nu iw teei lot 7, James B.
taaa. Hears of. grit?: Botth
HL tf 'ta tltiely'neatHt. V004. decTartf
aSi?aeuMnt bf oromaees No. 14.347. for the
Imnrovement of W
be Council
at a meet:
J if PerewBei. IB.,, de- la
orasaaeee wo. is.bst. car
hltaker etreet. from the e
una or rtrat street ta tae west line of M
Bssm street, la the manner nrovldad by Or.
aasM N 1H.TM. efoe sesk V Pf o J "
parrel or una. wbicb art specialty asa '
ADPITtuN as tela oat br the Suutk
Pertlmad ke.1 BtUts Aasbclatlon -BLOCK
lit. tot 6 Marcus Rnedr. II 17.S4:
seatk Vi let a. earak Ootra. ; north k
lot 0, It. J. Moaa, as.(T; lot s aty qT
meat Amtedfarwe
KT.Ta: lot 4. frank sod Loaiea B. Hum bxjocw iss, lot o. a u
SS S: lot a WrrA a Plim S!W IW'
rfe m v.45. fxitmn
LSI; Bouti Hi lot s. I. doldanberg, n fa;
t 4. Ada and A. B. Fmano. 1234.06. BLOCK
lot e. uarouna rantins.; lot s.
UTI.M: lot . Arttur O. Oanreh-
I. paon.
llii lo
m. r. strana, bit. as; lot m, Orsat negley,
lot s. wiiueB) a gunaesC tieiot; is 7,
rTa Rr- li,'W:Adlln. tSti
wood, I ft 1 06 BLOCK 1SB. tot
B Ptttnlte. MM TV Iht T.
PBttallo. ISO. IB: eaat U 1st
4 AletBBder
AlestneVr a.
Wsiaaard i.uts, Betes of. lin.M: fct
7, Hear
woi aorta loo feet lot la, Jesus T. Wells,
City Treasurer
tamaat of afosaaald
etpjt to the Docket of I
due tnd payable at tli
usurer, la lawful siirnej
Slates asd If net paid wifhls
ine oste or tais notice, such proceaf
taaru tor irre collection or tilt
pretlded by toe t'hsrter of the
say efter
iBseeeMsar has
thirty days from
sdlsge wlU be
Aadltae of th
I'ortlsnd, Orton, dVto
iwcemner IS, IWS.
tbs city
cofiere Corvallle. Or
Builders r Prof. V. L. Campbell, preel
deat dl Ordgon Slate univeralty, avgene.
Arttlrees Rev Dr John Coleman. U.
Ij.p refdejV f Wilaaetto tt4lverl.
""Rio' p. m 1
Address "A Needed 6tate Road far
Of agon, '' Hon. Llohel fl. Webstf. eOttfTtjr
judge of Multnomah county, Portland
Addre "I fa.lruige Of riighwsya,"
HIS J K Magcr." et county Judge of
Yathhiil ootifity. Porttsni
Address "Public Rosd Management."
PrSf. M MN, Oregotl State unl-
s p. m. .iB-jonf raiuo i ,
Addreas "Good Roads, Hbn.
(jeer, set gweeraee of Oregon. mrtir"
Addresa Organisation." Tom Rich
ardson, manager Portland Commercial
club. .
i Special ntepsteh M The J-erhsl .)
IA orandB. Ot., Ttoe. II -Between tt
and 100 atenU arrived st the land of
tJcT In ta Orande during the pftlt wiek
from Wtshlngton. D. C, and the ma
jority II fof 9ne Klld timber claims lo
cated in the mountains above Union and
Medical Springs in thto coun!'. This la
end of the lafgit Wp bodle. of
timber in easletri Oregon and Is vtr-
tvtiily no Ji ken un, this being the
"lssT Initallment ot patents. Most of
thl land has nen t" oy. union
coimty people.
this locality, now all being patented,
plates the timber In a condition to be
handled and It Is rumored that much
will be doing in the timber way In this
section in the springy
(pedal Dlspstcs to The Journal.)
La. Orande, Or., Dee. II. The Catholic
Order Knights of Columbus., which has
been estahltohed to te, OrMds. baa the
following olUdet. MMr" 'V
suing yearr Ofand khtght. T. L. Xfyers;
deputy grand knight, Philip Loy; chan
cellor, Thomta jtoJW,tF'Ji.t
Peart; flinajidlal ieertUrr. T. A. Wdlerl;
recdrr. W, J. Btoosietti wabte. JamM
Murphy; treasurer. S. T. Waleh; advo
cate A Newlin; tbt? guard. 3 J.
Clsncey; outside guard. Ed Burke; trus
tees James McCoy. James Oarrlty and
J W 8 Tig ' The lodge Is gives the
her III ana nss sv immuvie,
(Special Duma ten M The foarasl.)
I,b Orande, Or.. Dec. IS. State flah
Warden O. H. Vandusen has been in
UiU section during the bast few days
and while bert Visited the hatchery at
the bead of Wallowa river near Elgin
targe quantities of Salmon are being
caught now, and he says they are of bet
ter variety ins
the river, arid ten1!:
n those from any hatch
ery In
expects a
stats TefTsi
Ins H . ABtH BBBB . -
true one orw
eStern Oregon
Men's Sewed Oak Soles 65c.
sen expects a good
ot the leading watoherles In
iproprtatlon from
ojder to fbHke
9e ana
Ettra delect, SOc; Ladttr,
Bdc. Goodyear Shoe Repair Factory
near Oa company's offtoe, Yamhill
street, we call and deliver free.
... - .
(Special Plepatrh to tb journal.)
Ijt Orande, Or , Dec. II A young man
narTed Rameey tinder arrest Trl I -a
(Jrtmde for. obtaining money under false
preienaea. hatmg tssed several drafts
en his brother, who Ilvee In Danville.
Ill . amauntlog to JBaVg tUn J76, flup-
troueeo ena me
plclons were arouawa
ateeies te keiekj efrra thee the
ine city or Portland. Oregon, at s meeting
wajfoitt A.a
?Ti cro"or?iwri
cehaeetloS with the aer In Eaaf rdle
wnwa. im ine manner paerraeei Bar uroieance
No. 14.108. upon each lot. part of lot and pstr-el
of W4 Whin are special! an Becullarlv
oenenien, w h II roiiows, vis:
lot 8, The Oregon Real Estate Company,
1218; lot T, The Oregon Real Kststs Com
pany. 128.11: lot 8. The Oregon Reel Estate
Com pa ay, I in 20.
A parcel of tend lying between s 100
feet north of and parallel with the north Una
of Eaet Ollaan street and the south Use of
block 12. Wheeler's addition to Eaet Port
land, and between the eaat line of Eaet
NfTlgstioa r.onpany, li4o ?r. BLOCK 28.
tei 4. Tit Onsen Real Retain Comsspr.
05. ni.OCK Jl ot 1, William Furred.
58: tet Si William Rest. Itlsr,: lit 8.
litem Hall. .m v,; lot 4. William hall.
50. BLOCK 11. tet I. W OfSgon Roll
te romnanr. lot 2. The OSeaoB
Rial Estate Cssaaaar. UU.ii. lot a. Tha
Oregon Real Estate Coteipany. 120 00.
A parcel of land lyln betvses the east line
or BBS Keened MeVel and e DM 100 feet
ind auc a Una ISO feet
addition It Mat Portland and Use ISO
nth tnereoT asa partllel therewith. J
Wttaon. I1420.
parcel or lana vii
r suae
ealt thereof
Set ween the eaet line
and a Use 108, feet
MB aecend trrect and a line loo reet
thereof and parlllef tWrewith and he
n twa iiaeg eespeitlvely no feet and IM
nurtU of tad partll. I with tat norm line
II. klaes-
EtSt O hit etrcM ( hrlettnu
dorffsr. tne .50. Tetii, rroa 5..
A ' etetememt ot aforesaid ease
hien entered tn the rwwtef of f1tv
Is new due snd paysblt at the of flee of th
Cl.r Treaeusrt, n toyrflt ateeay of the Unite
gtstes IHd IT hot pin trifnt" flitt-rV t
tbs late sf tkls eotlrc tuch nrocerdlnga wd
takes ror us etuiertio
1 rnvfded hp
TttaT alSMeMlBfeals'Bti Will tlepftP 1 ll(e4fee4 teUS
daya after the Brat putlteatlon of this notice.
. . TBOR r. DKVI.IS.
Anal ( of the (ftp7! ffnetlaad.
Oressn. dste of list SBhllrltloa
got. t -1
I tcrl' f
rya frost
s 01 roe same an art
-t ef um City ef fort
1 li
L 1J US " W I I W . !
tee aeeiesauspt bv ordlsahes No. M.eex. for
the must ruction of t Be war In Bait Ask a tree t.
Hon" I? rhetevfer In Ea'T "treiftr "wtk stree't
Ir, the manor: provided by ordinance fro. 14.22$,
up,n each lot. part ef lot and parcel of land.
wbU'h are aparlallr and peculiarly benefited.
i?aIiw' s' aDiBt'ion te tk City sf Portland -
south 100 feet lot TAnna E . A. K. R. at.
and A. O. Parrott. ttt.IS; south 100 fsat let
8, Bsmnel H. Parrott, 122.18; sooth 100 feet
KftVai Ak "lob Wttl? Stmuel
Pl!Ai"sTol!,SAi,nfTIOS to Hie (it, f
BlI.lO: lot 2. J. H. Ha.
iWJr.1' Are!
10; lot 7. Ossris Hsnfer, ill IB: lot t.
. unmai, bii.iv; lot 1, Lnsiu E.
AnOwTtDD, feft.DO; IOI 7, X. M AjpeJsS)OD,
way uoaepaar
A statement
City TteatareY.
States I
ssi, as. sub 17.
f ""lTn "
B o? ths frnitsd
if not
ua date c this
o tne 1
I by the
ders at
or ameeaal
m idu'iimi
d within thirty shy from
seen preceeaingt wm D
if 31 ATeWS!
eat will bear lotsreet tea
ter ths srst puhlitauea p tkls aotloa.
IllUB L, UlvVWl".
of ths ary of Portland-
date' of first pannes tloa
Port land, tjretin'
Deeeatoef IB, IBM.
r of FoVflAnrf, Oregon, If a meeting
the 7th elTV DeeSiAMk, loot, aeelsred
at by ordlnaane No. 14.34V, for the
improvement er r;t Tklfty-tnira atrsat, trots
13 Je.t souui of the north line or Eant ajortl
Eln street To the aouth lint ef Bart rltetk
ttreet In the nteSjMr pre Tided by Ordinance
No. lAaeS. unon each lot. kart af tet anal narcel
vhloh re eapexlally and peculiarly
to be at fniloWS. TIS
. SB.
Chirlei 1
Uhtrtea Mai
Bfi feet lot 18.
feet let 14.
BO; ssst IS feet lot 18,
a: Heat 6 teat lot 18.
raner. 10.22: weat 5 feet kit
14. Jennie M. Kranar. 10.82: west S feet kit
16. Jennie hi Kraner. M.SI; M IS, Ohsrtes
sw. sai is: us it.
aiiuiiion 1
K lot 1
I. tet IE John H. Kali
18. John H. Hail. I28.4SI est- 14. Jokn
John H. nail, tri 46;
0. I'ar-
IIS 45: west 8.8 feet let S,
iauu n. Masnlng. 81.00.
S tae illy ar
, Jobn H.
R- if and A.
iaant Home addi
ItertlateeBMCK 44.
dditioh ts the ntv of
U. let 4 United rrssby
llM):k)t 4. Asnye 3 auojtet' JehS
pany of Oregon. 184 60.
?eef,!ot,B.,'V.,Vt. !oR8a.''finTj
r .t iirin H rm.i, mnn anna
weat SO feet lot 2. Otto fjtetr - tfili
KleSwan. .48; eaat 20 "gtct ldt 2.
jArJoa, S,BS, lot 1, tV Aider
el of lead vine between ths eaat
EaSS Twsnw-etUial stteetf asW the
line of block 2. Careeron's addition, and
south thereof and parstlrl there
a gfsirsf .
AAfSTBoS 8 A nniTiiiN to East Poytls
ni.out a. snutn kb.i reet st
lot I, B A. snd LABe A. wJInnli
v. . n muq ujii, a. niitNi. mi
A parcel of land (rlu ; betBeea the afctB Una
at JCaet Arh ttrttt and the north 11 at
Wk t. 1 'Sraeron s addition, snd bsSsM
the esst line of 8. (leneral Anderson's sdSHtee
TOiw? wr,vwAv.n
I1E20. Total. 1027.30
Cet saaTI tl f- ft f f ftar pejel d gj eW9estseMe n
been entered In the Docket of City Liens
ja now sue a so payable at the oface
rltr Treaedrer. In lawful monev of the
ti! for tie coBectton f
prowded by the Aaresr of
thin thirty days
of the eame
s are
tha Cite of Poet-
The above aaaeaament will hair IhIotmI tan
days after ths firat publication of this notice
f 1 1 no n nnw iu
Askttter ol ihe rity it PortUnd.
Oh-atoii da fa. at Ural' r.uh1lrti tlAat
I 'vrruilrPr IS, llFlPw.
SS It uaSfe.TttBWBy:,; souA Vk LOt 71, Title Ouarantee
Fruit Company: lull; north el lot IS,
r Alice,; 11 is, awuat alien,
'io,10' 8AnAysldhd 'eV 'irttKore
Cnmpsny. SSn.Ot; lot 8, Bunny
Lead ft TmsrsVeBeSt Company. 128. SR.
le Lend ft Improve
87; east el feet
Anaa c. Brn
iwtrewa. SESSl
t ktX dlrlss 1. ind pViS
O; west 0 feet lot 7, Chartot
fl. Plelda. BO. Ik BLOOR
Mltani P Yates, III 64 tet 6. Hiram
spit Brass.
' 7 1
nr run
Nottea la hereby glean that the Coutust ot
the City of Portland, Oregon, at a mastlsg
held ou the 7th daiy of Deccniber. 1904. osril
iue ?( nn or mxtD r
kNo.'llTaBo, for tie
Pine street fron
to tha Wl
Id. m ft 11
river at low water mark In tha manner pro
vided by ordinance Nu. 14,187, upon each lot,
pft oTtet snd parcel of lasd. wlT. h sr Spe
cially and peculiarly benadted. to be as fob
tows, els:
TLAKDBast AO tsetlMtkeate h BLOCK
l ercy 11. Birth M3B TS. West ISO feet
Jerry H of BtOCr 98. Bernard A mere.
Sf. BLOCK B7. lot I. Maraauill-WrlTa
anMttrs Umipaay. 107.16: snath V el tet
of, 1205: north H ldt 8, M 8. Bnrrell
istare. Helm of fxe.nK; amifh S tet 3.
Msrsnall Wella Hardware Oaarpany, SSSllO;
U. Thninpaon IflT.lS; lot R. Robert Hi
Thomas ok, tet 8. Robert It. Thomp
eaa. 18318! let 4. Robert Ai. Thompson.
17.1 BLOCK 31. tet 5. Edith M. Urant
ftLTefs. VH.uW. Wa-u,
nines I. Hsseltlne. 152.16: tet 4. James K.
BBtaeiuae, 1ST is. block
Lad.i Eatate. Ilelre of. 107.05: lot 8. W. S
Laioo r.etate. tlelra or. 102. (10: lot 3, Bavl
ft Losn Society 8t San Praoclaco. 152
tet 5. W. 8.
lot . Bsnttetts E.. Marv P. Palling
aiid Emily P. Cabell, 852.05: north lot 8,
Henrietta E Mary P. raltlBg and Emily
lot 8. Jacob
Cabell. 828 U; aouth
WSt belween th northerly
imm. 807.00
t of tend
lerfy tin of
Pine afreet and a line SO feet northerly
tasrerrom and oarallel Uareslth and be
tween the. Mstetlr line ot Front ttreat asd
a line no tret easterly therefrom and parallel
srswith, Robert R. Thompson. SS0.2B.
ef CSwIon tt
t uolnt hi the) Dxjrthurlir
fsst distaj't from and parslhl with
lte jf bawsou ItreeC ad nSw laid
oat, ts the sseterlr line of MrKsnns sveaas;
theaes southwseterip le the asutherly Una ot
Dswson street: thence soethssstsrlr alosut ths
erly line of block 100. lulvertlij Psrk tl
place of besinalflK
The proposed widening, laying out and eatab
11 ah log of Dawauu atreet will Include sad as ess
mdld U of
to tae abrtbeiis Una ef Pine street an
s line 80 feet northerly therefrom snd parallel
tswlth ind leetwesB Ihleltteffy llns of
ht llVelt and k line 0 feet staterly
therefrom and parallel therewith. Jacob
Ksmm. SS8.89.
A earcs) at tend lying between two lines
respectively 80 test ana 100 feet northerly
rrpm ana partnei wits taa normeriy n
riy 11
uart 1161 win ths nor
of Pine street and between the weaterl
Of front atreet and a Una SO fsst esstsrl
th,erfrim and tfUel tkerealtb. Uoboxt
LemTftWhw MS? W reeT
erly th refrom snd parallel OWewlU sad
between the westerly line of Willamette river
at tew water mark .and a Use 90 feet eaat-
erly from and parallel with the eaaterly llni
of Frost atreet, Orsgeh Bfsasttsfp ft Navlga
between the westerly line of Wlllamstte river
tar mart and s line o reer east
and parallel with the eaaterly Una
CoenDanr. 2110.00.
2rfred'l-, snd Seatineet. 847.001
Vrett SO feet Ut 7. Koawell B. Leateon.
asa it . w. Montague, ma w: ut andivteee te at
Ambrose. S4 eQl usdlv
..ndl vlrted .
nine r.iiw,
1st 20 feet
Heirs of.
at SO test lot T, J.
Ided H eaet 20 feet
weat 20 feet lot 1. t. Ambrose. 88 M: tin-
west B feet tet 2. B. K Bssl-
Eeiate. Heirs el. 14 4" ; undivided
80 feet lot 1. B. K Haaeltlne Eatate.
Heirs of, IB.80; esst 80 feet tet 1. Moeee
Fried Estate, Heirs Of, 147.00; ssst 80 reet
lot 2v Leo Pried snd Hell. P. Uurkbel.ner
83B.O0. BLIK'K 01) tet 8V Henry Wefnhsfd
Estate. lielrl pf, to.JS : tet T. rftnry Weta
hard Estate, flelra of. $43.75; ldt X Hsnry
Welahard Katate. Heirs Of. 843 76:
let : 1. Henr v W. Cornet! BstSte.
Heirs ef, 858.75. BLOCK 43 te
S. John Klernan. $58. 7b; lot 7. John
Kternan. $43 76; bit 2. John Klernen $43.76:
lot I. John afiernld, IBB.T5. BLOCK 80.
8. Hrary W. Uorkett Eat a
It Eatate. flairs af.
(.76. tot T, Henry W. Crbett Eatate.
Ira of. (4175; lot 2. John J. Ind Annie
Table. 11.1 78; lot 1 J6hs J Ind Annie
Pa hie. $58.75. IH.OCK 2S. lot 8. Lloyd
Tided. H Ct 2. Join W. 'wbtltey Eamte Betes
er. izi.BB; aaenvinee est 1, sons
Wasllst Eatate. Helre Of. $20 16;
a w
tet 2. Clara Pechhelmer
161 BLOCK T 6s t B d '
alaetta. SIeM: tet 8. Charlea W. Mantz
Company.' SMnvJ? lot Y BnnytddLStS u)
impiovesaeet compenr mi a.m. hi s, nanny
tli -Mfi4 'jProve ment.&Bpsny, MT.OSi
iot 1. rcnnnysiae i.ana a impniTemenr t o
pany 841 Tt; tet I. Josepk A It Hugh
"sit?.- .'r iLtTsr' ,. :
180.84. rT -r eeaww-
A Statement ef alnreaald aaaeaamewt baa
been entere ta the Docket of City Liens, ssd
taa SB tar toe collection er toe Isms as are
Brovtsed tjy tfce Charter ot the Cltj of Pott
The above seieasment will best Interest tea
leys sfter
Auditor of th
. Portltnd. Oreton. date
December 18. 1004
ftrbJIostlea of tkls notice
Tilt c. BKJUB.
he aty of rurtland
of flrst publication
Noll. a te herrbv alven tkat the Ceonrll of
(Id orftt neecmbeV. Vof , d"cla'red
t iisresmthf by Ordinance No. 14318. for the
emstrScBBkB ef s Bewer la McRereher and
W4ltey atreet Steal ion feet north of the north
atawuerne avenue ta us sewer 1
trtj third atreet tt Wllley street In th
Uknner pretlded by Ordinance Ten. ItlTn. npop
swaT or wt asn parcel ear una. wnico
illy aad secaliarly btnsStsd, to be at
eSeB iot.
re specli
lnt at 1
IB: lot 3. A
ennie W. Kl'tey
lot 1. n
lte. in 78; let 2 Jet
eorge a
sale w
cent Cook, $J$,75'; Jot S. Vlnoe'at
tot T, Vincent Cook. tti.TS; 1
2Taa Kmon. 115 TS:
$15 75 let 5. Vln-
meet IBS I
..Nl Is hgreby given that tbs Osnncll of
Be tlty of Portlaa. Orsgou, at a meet
teld ml the Tth day of December. 104 decla
'ttUirSrerntrof Ewaf WlahlneTon affeet "fen 01
the esst line ef Esst Tblrty-elghth street to
the west line of Esst Thirty ninth street. In
the manner provide ter efftrtlBf We. 11.202.
in each tet. part sf tet snd parcel of land,
eh are e Mela lljr end peculiar j BeaeSted. te
L Ai D--BlA)CK V. lot T, Herman Borlss Ea
t. te. tlelra at. 127 oo: lot I Uerman . lef
Estate, Ilelre of. $80 .18; teJT Herrnln
"o"ss aausu. tttiry, ox. eai-OS: tet ltL.Mtl-
ti oeorre. sjn na; lot 11. Hesry Rodtera,
Vat C Msry
sry. 2.i M.
t 5. Olsndlne
lot 5. Ola ndl as Clegtr. 8S04I.
It tot 18, HrnryRodgmMO
Vialdhj'tlUger.' tIl ; teT
K IP4P4; lot 5. Otesdine Qtei
$2$J I
Total, $.122 :s
A Kktemaait of afnreaald
With ehtrred fl tflp TSWWff of
la now due snd narable at the nfMc of the
'he Ate of taa BBdcT. Swtk Lf ItBIBtlsUI trlU be
tAen fee. tne collection of th aame ss ar
terfBM , the Charter sf .he city sf Port.
Cfty T.rSaB. 11m
dope tftar tie Srst publication of thla notice.
Andlte rvU"'e?ViaKBd.
Portland. Dreenn. dele of IraA taablteatlaaa
meewM is. i04. - "
lot B. Vincent
OSBk. SU.TSi lot S. IdS M. Church 111 75; lot
10. Ida M C.hareb. 115.76; tet 11. Ids 41.
Rlrrn )Wor.: tot .U'RnoM?h' A.'.ob
Ml. ill 1 u, lot 1. J. C Warren. 3Z.S0; lot
2. Msrths J. Pollock. $13.80; weat 20 feet tet
J. Ida M Church, sn go. tet K. vi, tor ins)
Company. 135 20. ilCK D. tet 1. VlBient
Cook. 122 so; jrftt to reet lot S, Vlheeat
Cook. 10 o Tbtkl. $317.00.
A etateaieiit of af..rea.M t.aeeerusut bat
beea entered In the Itecket of City Liens, snd
I now due and payable at the ofSce of the
the dste of thla notice, such proceedlets will be
taken for the rBllrctlon of the Same sa are
provided by ths Charter of ths City ef Port-
Aeeiter of the Ut eg Portland
dsts of nrst publication
Cortland Oi
Dernbef 13. 1
Notice Is bfrrhv given that the Council of
tht City f Portland. Oregon, st a fleeting
aswSaT dptgTf wJf" weB eypSfB1 ft KeeBeejpeBS! jaefek tlkSJajkeegja
Sealed prirsoast BH1 b scelred st the si
:bs asm tor ot tae city eg rortiaad aatu
Dee taker IS. MeM at 10 oVkick s.m. far
Nolle te hereby given that the conned of
the tTits
held OB
ths i
Improvement ot Stanton tireat.
line of William atelm lo tbe
I'nton venue lnts taslagr provlied h,
Ni. is.rns. tne iter bt sin
reel of land, which srs seeeially and
ftee: f the
Pttdsr. De.
d ipeclflfdMon es be ed st ths ofScs
No proposal will be considered Bates ae-
ra eertisea cnees psgBs s
Oeorg H. Williams. " atlfUt Af
Portland, eauel to 10 ner cent
from the etlt 1 of tar (ggregat amount of th bid
v,ltbL,L-ed,.h, r')'" 1' -
. ..'llur ! atbaf -all
Notice I hereby elver
the assessment by ordinance No. l8fn. for the
Iraprovemest t tenadiT street, fram the
btitb line of Wtahlhgtoa street e th south
of AMft street. IB fbl SUSAer dVovliteel
rdlnane No. ljioes. npoD erh lot part
BBS pastes pr isnd. Wlilch are sSecledy
eolterly beneflied. to be a Sbiteth. vis:
iock i 1 $. . itet n wI
kit 2. B. Weeks. $35 "4 BLOCK
let K wBNatnd RallwgV Oatepanr. IMH
B si e, i.u. ia a. wsas SBB n i naee.
y ordls
mer. 110.80: undivided 1i lot 1. Clara
Pechhelmer and w. Tt. FeenTielm. r. 114 56 .
EienM itnt Ate7 1
lot n. j . n.
8. Jsmes W.
north IBS feet weat s lot
sthRiAnd AJte M.
Cham. 120.15; so'utb" lol I
lOOk. KB
7. Jam W. Co..k, $21. 80; east tot T.
2, William 8. Robertson. $21.80: north H
1st 1. trl. BHgSaja. S2S.1S: south H lot 1.
Tided M
Heir of.
1 w u Sao ia tar ncu ai .,n.o
ot 1.' David P. Thompson Estate.
140.45: tindlv'drd 13 lot 2. David
P. Thompaon Eatet. Helra ef. $30 48; nndl-
vided : t S 'tot t, " Joteph M. Botpb Kststs.
Heirs ef. $40.4$; undivided 1-3 lot 2. Jfoaepn
N. Itelph EiUt. Heir of. $30.43; undivided
13 tet 1. Oyru A. Dolph $40 48: undivided
IU let 2, Oyroa A. Dolph. 130.46. Total.
A statement of eforeaald aaeeaament haa
been entered te the Docket of city Lien, tad
I BOW dll and" payable tt th Office of the
City Treavnrer. In lawful money of tha United
SUteJ and If not
IBs date af
If not ps4 within tblrt
f this notice, luch nrocee.
taken for the collection of In me 1
fjeottded by ths Charter of the Olty ef
Irtv day from
oedlott WtTl be
same Is ere
of FTHft-
TkS shove seaeaamrnt will bear. Interest ten
after the nrat publication of una notice.
1st the flrat publication
Auditor of the Cltv of Portland
Portland. Oregon, data of Bret publication
December II. I04.
Notice 1 hereby given that the CopbcII of
the Cttf of I'ettilB. cireo. It Weetliit
y or irecemoer, iirus. necierea
Una of Colon aveBiie to the eaat line of AIMna
in th man ner provide. I by Ordinance No. 14130.
upon each lot. part of iot an par-el of land.
held oh the Tth day .If December, 7004. deoltre.
th tteesement by Ordinance No Hits tor th
ItnprcAremrnt of Morris arreet. from the eas
which are ei-eclallv and peculiarly beuelled. to
be a ibiiows. vis:
g tt.
BLOCK 10, lot $. Howard E.
south 37.25 feet lol 4. Ludse Bolt.
lot 8, Marv A. BcBlctetr. 141 11.
Csrdla Wllkelnln Print 144 31
lot 7. ( ardlbc Wllaeimlne PrlBS. S44.ll; lot
8, anate Hoy leu. $44.81: lot u. Harry W.
Scott. $44 . II, tet lo, John N. Lota. $44 3
lot 11. Mr. John rtlch'.N. 141 .11 lot
Maurice W. 1. 1 Ilia. 844.81: lot 18. W.
1 .11 II- 844.81: tet 14. W. M. 1.1111s. 14
Pi. Will lain Kraus, 1 14. .11. lot 18, J. P.
tnddt, $44 :il. Jot 2. Eroeitlne stout.
1.31; north 7 51 fiet let 1.0. U. dnderasn.
SO: kit 88. tltrteh Blugg. $44.81; lot
Harriet M. William $44 31 : tet 28.
Uwtrd A. I44. $44 31; lot 2S, j. It. Moo
Err. $44 31, lot 21. Thorkrld 0. J .hanne-en.
$44 31; tet 23. Adolph M. Knemie1. $44 31;
tot tt, E P. KneinpeV 44 .11 : lot 21. Thorn ee
Llllla. 144.31: lot 20. P. B Slnshsr. O. P. and
O. E. Burford, I. A. Strougton snd L. A.
Cooler. $44.31; lot 19. Plortncs A. nolle,,
berg. $41.81: lot 18. nennlB n.
$44.31 ; lot IT, John Miller, $
TotS I.
A tteneat of foresld saaessment has
Bwlt svteeef lb tad Meaee af Olty Lien aad
la now due and payable at the office of the
City Treasurer. In lawful money of the I'nlted
States snd if not paid within thirty days from
tbe date of thla notice, each proceedings Silt be
taken far tbe collection of tbs ne is are
tirovtaee by tbe CSkrtet of th City of iMrt
land. ' t
The ahovc aaaeamenl will hear interest ten
day after tbs Srst pnblletnida of this notice.
miie. i". tiavi.i.'v1
Andlfrrr of the tit y ef Peetien.
Portland. Oreeon. date of flrat publication
December 13
Whereas, the Cornell of the CltT Bf Portland.
deeming It expedient to opee, ly out, widen
saiablleh sb esteeslen of Dseraoa atreet.
in the city of Portland, from the weaterly line
of black 100, Unlraraltr Part, to the eaaterly
er MeKensa Itenu. aal tret Is Be se
fset In width ssd ths northerly Una thereof
to be BO fet nor i her ly from and parallel with
line t Dawson
PortamontB and T'nlverelty
Itu day of October, liKH.
street SS now
r to eurvej th lame
L direct
make a plat of
art eonUfaiag a
in. $181.1; weat U lot S. Nathan J
hefn .M.tlW tl lh. 135?'! TsB. Hi
! now due) tod omtmbl sU (h$ ofnV of tbe
ftfjF Wrejeiave)SjBftse fef Sj) esff eg I ejegejjpeaaa. tmf fabag tMsBjfesTMt
itstes sad if" Bet- paid within- 'thirty days from
B date f Shat aslte. web preedlnga will he
take,, for the collectlorl Af the a a BBS SB are
Qovioed by tbe ctayter ef tn i itvei fyt
A ndl (or of the city of Portland
the awuth
out in I'
tba beundarlea theeAof. snd th
Mob survey, and a written rsi
full snd perfect description of such propused
Street an boy. ad arise iberecf. aad ef th. e
ties of rati tet, tftet nr nan of either te be
appropriated for surb street, snd the (llv En
gineer hiving Blade aticb survey olst ssd re
W(ft. iftt ins gem rttst tn tepoV? th ftil Of
fice of th Auditor of the city of Portland on
the 24th y f OrWwer, IB",, .ad laid r6Ast
bavins bee tdnplad by ordinance No. 14 rjv
inline '-Ad ordlosaoe sdonilns tbe retKirt of
the flity Eagineer In Ike mstttr of (hp propssed
eSaln. Widening. teHm out eel stehVlfll(
sitsts th appropriation to public use of tbs fsl-
lo AtftTpW srtiriTtsarki
VUla e i landed, lying, aoatherly ef taa proposed
atsrtletly line ut Ttewaoo elrdet, coutalning
i.ow sijuare reel.
Also sllythat pert of lot 41. block A, Ports
mouth Villa attended, lying southerly of the
trenitti WteMtsmterf,' lylog' aoe'tkrly othe
proposed northerly line ot Dawson atreet. con
taining ijos equate feet
Also sll that part of tet 80. block B. Porte
mouth Villa extended, lying eoutherly of
tha proposed northerly line of Dawson street,
cesTtaiBlns 1.60W square feet.
Also All that part of lot L block C. Porta
mouth villa ei tended, lying southerly ef th
proposed northerly line of Dswson street.
containing 1.000 sou are feet
Also ..II ths! part of lot
scribed, or lay part thereof. In the proposed
widening, laving sat ISO establishing
rs hereby specially untiled to
I (or such dsmagss with tbe
Ity of Portland before the 24tb
-. 194, the time appoint for
52. block a Ports-
month villa attended, lying southerly of th
proposed northerly line of Dswsos afreet,
containing 1.500 square test.
Ales all that part of tet 1. block D. Ports
mouth Villa extended, lying somberly of tbs
proposed northerly lis of Dawson street,
containing 1.500 square feet.
Also all that part of tet 1. block 0, Ports
mouth Villa extended, lying southerly ef th
prspoMd northerly line of Dawson street, con
taining 1.500 square feet
Also sll thst para of tet 83. block 0, Ports
mouth VIII extended, lying eoaltbetly ef the
proposed northerly Una sf Dawson street, eon
IBiOlng 1,500 square feat
Also all that part or tot 1. block H. Ports
mouth Villa extended, lying southerly sf the
proposed northerly Una of OasTseB street, con
islalng 1.600 square feet,
Also sll thst part of lot 31. block 8. Ports
mouth Tills extended, lying southerly of the
..posed northerly lis of Dswsou street, con
Also all that nart of lot 1. block 1. Ports
mouth Villa exteadad. lying souther ly of tbe
proposed northerly line of Dawson lie!, con
taining ESST squats feet.
All person clslmlng damagea by reason ot
the annroprtettenB of ths property above de-
ef said street are hereby specially netlted to
ye their claims
udltor of 'tba CI
day of December
the meeting ot the vtswsrS therein
Bg order ef the Council.
Auditor ef tie City of Portland
Portland. Oreeon. Date of flrst psbttesttea
Dseewhee 10, IS04.
. Netlcs I hereby given tst st th meeting
of ths Council of th 1ty Of prjrtteod, Oregon,
held on tbe Tth day of De. emb-r. 104. ths fol
lowing rsectsiton we adoptsdi
Resolved. Thst the council of the City of
Portland. Oregon, deems It expedient and pro
to Improve East Water street from th
full width with full Intersections to grade t
reek or
te be mid Is aeeerdanea
Ith the charter and ordinances ot tha city
o? Portltnd tnd the plan. pecinctlon aa
et1ratee of the City Engines Sled lb tk
OfSce ot th Aldltot of the City of Portland
on the 5th day ot December. 104. indorsed:
"City Engineer's plain snd specifications for
th Improvement of Esst Water street from the
smith line sf Hawthorne avenue to the north
line ef Beat Oak street, and U estlmatee
of the work to be done and ths probable total
Lhe cost of said Improvement te be
provided by tbe dty charter apon the prop
erty specially snd peculiarly benefited thereby
ind which te hereby declared to be til the
it, 'pert thereof ind parcels ot land lying
between s tins 100 feet west of snd psrsllel
will the west line sf Esst Water street ssd
s Un 100 feet ssst of sad parallel with ths
eaat Hue of EaA- Water street, and between
Tin 100 feet aouth of and psrsllel with the
South tins Of Hawthorne svenue snd s Un 100
feet north of sad psrsllel with th north Un
of Bast Oak street
The Engineer' eetlmst of th probable total
coat tor fbe Improvement Bf ssld Esst Water
poses to Improve East Water street frot
run width with run intersections to era
shown by the stakes set by the Ity flng
With good, clean esrth. clsy, trsvel. rs
a. j ai :
Show lw&
tbaaga V iV' " tn j ''
ally'ndii.-te'dT'wTek'.y' tCbWro'Be5BBBS
chair ears iscato treel ts tf Bast dally.
Per th East vis Baa
For Eastern WaakAag
tnn. Walls Walla. Lew
lston. Coetof 'Alene
sod ureal
tae ths East via Baal-tntton.
' fteiaBbU Blvsr tyTvstiaa:
15 ..
:lo'p. ,
16 p. a.
9 28 p. I
I "OA s. !
T 18 a. ta.
STor;a and war
conBeettnt with
for llwsee sad
sslo. Ash -at. dock.
ex. Bandar
8:0 p. at.,
tUt and Yamhill Biter1 90 s.
polnu. strs. Ruth sad P"f-
Modoc. Aah tt ock. ex. Susdsy
twarev pert
ex. Bnadaps
Bnsk.- Ely., Rente,
FOR leStaott
In way point
EISsrM. Wssh..
Spots ns sn Lewlsnoa.
ex. Sat.
rrrz- "TIT , " TfTT'uV
TICKET OrriCB. Tftlref Attd WlrAlMttsl.
Bat. Ess. Tl
r i ii ii
EAST vi,
s tds .
8:S0 a. m.
ie p. .
7. .10 s. m.
trains, for Be Ism. Rose-
aetes. El Pao. New tie-
with trste lerTt
Alhtnv eaeteaetr eoi
sects sf Woodburn with
Mt. Ansel nd Sliver
ton tesl
P llTriL Bad
T:BJ. sw as.
11 8:80 p. sa
Dally (except Sunday). 1:10. I SO. 8 M. II SB
s. -; 4 00. 11:80 p. a. Sunday ealy. S:0s)
street Is $e.5Bo 00
Ths ptens. apeclflcatlons end eetlmate ef
Reeorted. Thst th Auditor ef the city of
Portland be aad be la hereby directed te give
notice of the proposed Improvement of said
street provided by the elty charter
Remonsrrlnces against thef leers improvement
may be Sted IB writing with the undersigned
within SO day from th del of th Srst pub
UCnyer of' tfX' Council.
Auditor ef the City of Portland.
Date of ST, leArdyr T IB04
Rsilwsy between the
Missouri River
The CMcstfo-Portland Special, the
most luxunous tralft in the world.
Drawing-room ileeping cars, dining
car, buftVt smoking and linrsry csr
(Darrjer ana natn,. Less man uiree
days Portland to Chicaga
Through Trains
to Chicago re operated dally via the
Oregon K. K. St Nav. Co., V P. R. R snd
Chkago & North-Weslero Ky. te Chicaga
from Portland and points In Oregon as)
Eastern Washington.
Dally excursion In Pullmnn tourist
sleeping ' srs from Portland through
10 i.nksgo wiiuoul t binge.
StR. RtTCHtl. a. C. BABKBB.
Ces'l Aft. rae, Ceaal. Ceasral AgSM.
jwjjBaraas atrsw, l isirn street.
rsuswa-iaa-o, " at.
Posri ssa. oaa.
I sl W 1
R-torntnsf from 0wMfv arflr
eB.ejafh swa. sfwat A .mm sB.
O ! SI. BBS- s a -eaat VWi w wv, W . Ah
11110 p. B. Bally (eseept Sana,
BO. 10:20. UlB a. Except
p. ra. Susdsy only. 10 00 t. tn.
Porttesd etellB
Lesvss from same depot for Danes sad IB
mediate points dslTy (exeept Bosdsy) 1:00 p.
arrive s-rarxssna ivusp s. m.
laS s. m.
st Itelto an IsdepeneVnee.
Plrst-elsss fsre fram PortUnd. to BacrameBtS
and 8a n Fraarlarft
fare $18. scend-cls
Ticket to Baaters i
IBgtna streets. PI
city T1x4 Ag9?Tt.
letnt ss Bessie. Stee
and Australia
corner Third aad Wat
Ingtnn streets. Pboas Msln T12.
w. a. comas.
sen. ei
A .' tk t 1 I"-'
Astoria 66 Loiumoia
River Railroad Co.
8:00 a.
t oo p. a.
Pr May
monfl. Port Steven.
Oearhart Park. SsbbIbb,
Aiterla ead Sssshor.
Exprae. oslly.
aw pTBjaa
luH't, a.
40 a sa.
of intew?a tret, from the
MHl 1vW. I 'flttaBf tffftjT
Um of McKtUaU ittiu. I1 strtwt
to fH
IB south line Of Wjttlin eet aa saw hid
out In l-ortan, .nth nd ynlvratty Park "
New. tajereCeka. rdl per..... laBsMBttd, are
hereby notlletl that the i ...intll of the City of
SttveAeasr Aasa asya4al Beenge vV oaass sesaii
llsrrlll and T "f . Morgan viewers to view said
proposed eitenslon of said street and aak
iBMin ' of ths heneets lid Basyagse
by'lhe opening, laying Mjt Sgd flbjUl
wirar see thin
Cortland, sat
Auditor f ta
S4th day est I
clock la the
spe Slspabk accordanc
CSarlkjfor the City of
(Beet Bf the rB r of the
WtteSM kl MaDirdsy. tha
IsvH if th tfar of 10 u
' ", ' i 4 fAf.
a. r . Bad L. A.. AetArta,
C.A. gTEW ART CommweUl
dSioS oxor.
afJBtt MTeiVSj
rTofth reset Lltnttd.
for Tseoma, Seattle.
neaiNi'lls. Chlra'go. V ew
York. Boston snd points
East and aoutheaar.
Twioirr aTlprsws.
Tseoaa, netrtw
kane nelsaB. 8'
14 In neaps lie Cblcsgs.
Kew Terk. Boston and
sll points East sad
Pugst Sodh Kansas
Inakaaa Rt.,1. ai1llM
IVtivee, teanhe. Baasssl t-SO a. m
City, Bt. IxnU and all
points Bast sad South
east. .
SO s. a.
1.00 p. a.
8 SBp. a.
TiOS a. a.
Toe p. a.
train daily st
Assistant Ot
Betel Paseenfsr A,
ear. Third. Portia
Ticket Oflee Its Third ft. lWae SM
-ee- Trnnatontlnontal
-sbV TrftlriB Odklly
T...ll-V dselws. Ihrmitfrl fhdl t
UBIllBlll a weese-i ..-
and Rocky mountain For nul
uiarn. ram. imnmm. ww.t
. liiMtTtt TAVAsaraT. BBbBBbbbHDHF aBtAlBBBBBBal
r mi
ta?f- tlti te 1 ' .
ssld dar.
' v.- ' H
, , . ..Oum .-r..-....
... .W. . . .... 3,