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Would Be
And delighted to be remembered at Christmas
time with a practical and useful
present, such as
j t ,','' , ''
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Without Proper Accommodations
Quarantine Regulations at As
toria Were Very Severe.
Captain McLeod Still Suffers
from Smallpox and First Of
ficer Commands Ship. .
Busiest of the Year for County
Clerk Fields. Who Attests
i Papers.
Time Deals Harshly with Him,
and Soon the Old Soldier
Will Answer Taps.
Pension days ar th busleat of th
jear In the county cUrk'i office. Mon
day from the Utn the doors opened at
t o'clock until they closed Mr. Fields
and his deputies were busy every min
ute. Four times a year this scene Is
enacted. The large office Is crowded
with the veterans of the Civil war or
widows of veterans.
Strange as It may seem, widows pre
dominate. The soldier who carried the
musket through the long, bloody years
lost much of that vitality which pre
serves old age, and' In ITts place at the
long counter In the county clerk's of
fice stands his widow with the legal
paper, waiting for her "voucher" to be
made out properly and signed.
And this is very particular work.
ITncle Bam Is quick to catch mistakes.
Every letter in the name must corre
spond with every letter In the same
name which has gone before. The name
has to be signed four times, and there
must be no variation In the signatures.
Then the witnesses, three of them, must
sign, and the signatures must be st
tested by the county clerk or a notary
publtc. Most of the soldiers and
widows, to whom the m
exhibited while awaiting their turn at
the long counter.
Many of them have no means of liv
ing aside from this small pittance
granted them each Quarter by the gov
ernment. Some of them do not need
the .money, as they have comfortable
homes 'with sons or daughters; a very
few haw homes of their own. On the
other hand, mora than half a hundred
would starve but for the penalon. Of
the total number of vouchers signed
the money represented the biggest part
of the family Income on more than nine
tenths of the cases.
A pension. Individually, Is but a small
pittance. The average Is a little over
18 a month. Ordinary soldiers and
soldiers' widows receive but 124 every
quarter. Unless the soldier can show
that he received wounds or contracted
disease In the service which Injured him
for life he gets only i a month snd
bis widow will get no more. The largest
pension signed for Monday was ttt
a month, but, the pensioner had lost an
arm and had' been otherwise Injured.
Looking at those who crowded sgalnst
each other before the long counter It
wss apparent that the time would come
when there would be no pension day at
the county courthouse. The steps were
slow, the faces wrinkled, worn and
hardened, the hair gray and the
shoulders stooped. The soldier's widow
brought daughters and granddaughters
as witnesses. Many men wore tVe
faded blue, but the hue of the old coat
was no dimmer than the color of the
eyes, for time bears more heavily on
the soldier than on the soldier's widow-
Commlsslonr Richard Ccott. who rep
resented the Lewis snd Clark show st
tthe National Live Stock convention,
haa returned from Chicago. H states
that stockmen are deeply Interested In
the Portland fair, especially the
ranchers of the middle west, and he
would not be surprised If It became
necessary to enlarge the present reser
vation for live stock, so numerous will
be the exhibits In this department.
President Ooode's dispatches today
ter pension Is are from Chicago. He will leave that
Ilka the breath of life, walk manv lona. i cltv tomorrow for Washington on 1m-
wearr blocks to have their vouchers at- j portant fair bualness snd will start for
tested by the clerk to save the fees ' horn In time to reach here December It.
charged by notaries public. The contractor has agreed to have
The number of vouchers which County the Liberal Arts palace ready'tn turn over
Clerk Flelda Is asked to attest every to the state commission Saturday night,
quarter varies. Monday more than 200 and a large force Is at work applying
passed through the office, and of this the finishing touches to that structure,
number more than half were those of According' to the terms of the contract,
widows. They all looked old and feeble, the building will not receive. Its final
and one oould not but be impressed with! coat of paint until Just before the open
the patience and good nature which they Ing of the fair.
Stripped of every veatlge of clothing
and dipped In a long vat like so many
sheep. Is an experience which the offi
cers and crew of the Hrltlsh steamship
Ellerlc claim they went through at the
quarantine station near Astoria the
other day.
When the process was concluded the
men had to stand In a nude stste under
an old shed until their clothes were
fumigated. The building was open on
all sides, and the sailors say they were
badly chilled by the wintry blasts be
fore thsy were permitted to depart.
"I have been around the world," sold
James Findlay, first officer of the El
lerlc, which reached port this morn
ing, "and I never aaw anything In the
line of a quarantine station so poorly
equipped as the den prepared for that
purpose at the mouth of the Columbia
river. It Is a horrible place, and a
blight upon civilisation. Had they not
been unusually strong and robust, thu
"men on the Ellerlc could not have sur
vived the terrible ordeal through which
they went.
"Cpon arriving at the station all on
board the vessel were led out to en old
shed. We were told to disrobe and take
a plunge in a vat which had been filled
with some sort of Ingredient supposed
to be capable of removing whatever
smallpox germs there might be on our
bodies. The wind came sweeping in
.upon us. and we were half frosen when
we climbed out of the liquid. As our
clothes had to be fumigated, we had to
stand there shivering for almost an
hour before the garments were turned
over to us. Of course, We had extra
clothing on the ship, but as they were
also being fumigated, they did not do us
any good. The only accommodations
at the station for sick patients consists
of a couple of -enlserable huts, which are
almost bare of furniture."
i" Durlpg the Illness of Captain Mc
Leod. Mr. Findlay will have command
of the steamer, and may have charge
of her on the outward trip. The ves
sel is moored at the Alblna dock, and
will begin receiving cargo this 'after
noon. Owing to her destination there
Is but a small quantity of freight for
her at the docks. After taking on about
1 600 tons It la planned for her to go to
San Francisco and complete the cargo.
She will likely leave for the California
metropolis about Sunday or Monday.
Had she not been held at the mouth
of the rlrer the steamer would have
been provided with a full cargo at Port
Frenchman declare they will have
walkaway, the Germans think that the
money might as wall be turned over to
thorn at once, the Italians are connaent
of aulnlnc an easy victory, while the
Americans are figuring on how they
had better spend the stakes.
A cablegram states that the steamer
Arugonla reached Hongkong yesterday
from Portland,
To permit Inspection by Captains Ed
wards and Fuller, the steamer lone will
He at her dock tomorrow. The steamer
Stranger has been engaged to go out on
her run to Washuugal.
Qraln-htden, the French bark Europe
left for the sea yeHterday afternoon.
bound for the United .Kingdom.
The oriental liner Numantla shifted
this afternoon from the Alblna dock to
the Portland flouring mills, where she
will complete her cargo.
The schooner 8. T. Alexander will
move this afternoon from Columbia dock
No. 1 to the Portland lumber mill, where
she will receive a cargo for San Pedro.
A new directory prepared by O. F
Wallace of t he custom-house shows
there are 1ST officials and employes In
the building. Since last year there have
been IS changes, 21 appointments and in
tranafers from the list then making up
the directory.
Captain Edwards and Fuller will In
spent the steamer Vulcan this after
noon. F. C. Hageman received a letter this
morning from Captain Peters, master of
the British steamship Tottenham, which
is lying at Vancouver, B. C, discharging
a cargo of Java sngar. The captain
atated that his vessel Is not chartered
for the outward trip.
The officers and crew of the Italian
ship S. Celeste are observing holiday
today and no cargo Is being put In the
hold of the vessel.
Martha Bloux Encounters Tery
storms ob Toyae Trom Swansea.
Heavy weather was encountered by
the French bark Martha Koux as she
was rounding Cape Horn. The vessel
arrived In port yesterday evening. A
gale carried away the covering from one
of the hatohes. and the rudder got out
of repair. As a result the big bark
drifted about aimlessly on the rough
seas for almost two days. Finally the
weather .moderated and the rudder, was
put In working order. No other storms
of consequence occurred until the mouth
of the Columbia river was reached, when
a strong gale drove the ship out to sea,
and five days elapsed before the river
was again sighted. When the vessel
reached Astoria she had been on the trip
from Swansea. England. 164 days. She
brought a cargo of 2.600 tons of coal,
which will be discharged at the gas
The Martha Roux Is In command or
Captain Gamier, who wss here two years
ago with the same vessel. He reports
that on November it he spoke the French
bark Join Ville, which was bound for
San Francisco from Antwerp. "All
well" was reported.
Australian Coal
We are now delivering the Richmond, the best Aus
tralian Coal, for $7.50 per ton. This is an unusually low
price for this grade of coal and it will pay you to buy your
winter's supply at this time.
We also carry in stock all of the best grades of domestic
nrreptdtlooaly LtSTSI Hospital and Al-
KOOSt Bleeds to Death.
Weak from the loss of blood. James
Larson, a sailor from the steamer Aber
deen, stsggered Into the sailors' union
hall yesterday evening. nn naa ne noi
received medical attention at one It l
doubtful If he could have survived much
Caught In the hoisting machinery of
the vessel, one of the fingers of the un
fortunate man was torn from Its socket.
An ambulance was called and he was
conveyed to a hospital. The wound was
dressed, but not wishing to remain there
the sailor slipped away and started on
feet tt the union headquarters. Be
fore he had proceeded far the wound be
gan to bleed profusely. But he wanted
to be among his mates, and as he kept
on he left a trail of blood. He was taken
to the Oood Samaritan hospital, where
he will be kept until he Is out of dan
Astoria. Dec. t. Arrived down at 2:0
a. m.. steamer Columbia.
Arrived down at 6 a. m., steamer Alli
ance Sailed at I a. m . steamer El mors, for
Arrived down at Tongue Point, steamer
Sailed at 11:20 a. m . schooner J. M.
Weatherwax and steamer Columbia, for
Ban Francisco.
Ban Francisco, Dec. t. Balled at
11:10 a. m.. steamer George W. Elder,
for Portland.
Arrived at t a. m steamer Aurella.
from Portland.
Astoria, Dec. 7. Left up at I p. m ,
British steamer Ellerlc.
Astoria, Dec, I. Balled at 12:10,
stesmer Alliance, for Eureka.
Astoria, I" 8. Condition of the bar
at 8 a. m.. moderate; wind east; weather
cloudy. ,
Steamer Despatch left for Astoria last
evening with a part of her lumber cargo.
It will be completed at the mill of the
Tongue Point Lumber company. F. P.
Bsumgsrtner, local agent for the
Aberdeen, accompanied her to the lower
Sailors from all the ships In the har
hor are diligently practicing for the
boat race on the afternoon of December
14. A substantial purse is to be given
to the winner of the contest Th
Britlaa say they are going to Win, the
No Truth In Bsport that She Was Denied
Privileges at Marshf isld.
Officers of th ateamar F. A. Kllburn
which arrived this morning from Ban
Francisco, state that they were not pre
vented from landing at Marshfleld on
the way up the coast.
"We have a dock of our own In that
town." said Captain Thompson this
morning, "and there are several other
docks at which we have landing privi
lege. Consequently no one would be In
a position to lssus order for us not to
land there. We moored at our wnari in
the town, and after discharging and
taking on freight we went overdo North
Bend, where we aio effected a landing
without being ordered away. There ax
several public docks at both place."
There Is considerable rivalry between
the owners of th Kllburn and th Cali
fornia & Oregon Coast Steamship com
pany, which operates, the steamer Alli
ance. A dispatch rrom Msrshfleld yes
terday atated that the business men
there did not want the Kllburn to make
port of witty calls at that place, and she
was not permitted to land at any of the
dock, which ware said to belong to pri
vate parties. Captain Thompson says
that he does not know from whom the
report emanated.
The Kllburn brought 276 tons of gen
eral merchandise from Sun Francisco and
Coos Bay points, and 85 passengers, The
steamer goes out tomorrow night.
why The leona was late.
Low Water U th silver and th
a a Sandbar.
The steamer Leona. th opposition
boat to the Kamm line, did not return to
Portland until 11 o'clock last night. She
tuck on a sandbar below La Center. To
make up for lost time the t earner again
went out on the trip an hour later. Cap
tain Graham report the Lewi river la
at such a low atag that It will be Im
possible to go more than a short dis
tance above th forks of the stream. He
ay passengers will be taken to La
Center by means of hacks or skiffs. Th
Kamm boat la also forced to (top at th
fork at th river, th passengers and
freight being conveyed on a gasolln
launch the balance of the distance.
lovomnro Oanramax maiao
Innumerable flsgs and signal pen
nant have been Hying all day from
the masts of th barkentln James John
son and the schooner Honotpu and
Mlndora lying at th dock of th Port
land Lumber company, In honor of L. J.
Wentworth, the popular young general
manager of the mill company, who was
married last evening to Miss Stuart, 868
Fourteenth street, at the Unitarian
Committee of Prominent Citi
zens Have Prepared a Royal
Welcome for Visitor.
A party of 16 freight agents of th
Northern Pactflo road will arrive In
Portland tomorrow afternoon at 6:80
o'clock to Inspect the fair ground. They
will be received by B. G. Fulton. L N.
Flelschner, Tom Richardson and all fair
Saturday afternoon the visitor will
go over the ground and on Saturday
evening a smoker will be given in their
honor at the Commercial club.
There Ig But On "Swvtland't"
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Give a
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ties, muslcales, children's parties
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city and are constantly adding
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They are Inexpensive and glv an
air of distinction. Nothing adds
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fun of the occasion st so little
cost. We can't begin to enumer
ate them, but ask you to call and
see th stock it's a pleasure to
show them. If you don't buy.
New conceits for card parties
arrived last Week and new wed
ding favors are expected this
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There l Bat On. "S wetland" "
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