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Johnny Walker, Prince of Get-
Convicted of Conspiracy He Is
Kindly Treated by Fed
eral Officers.
Charles Keith, Freight Car Rob
ber, Will Be Returned to
Scene of Crimes.
Such Is Ben Greef s Croat Pre
sentation of Peter Dorland's
Play of "Everyman."
aways. Has Princely Welcome
from Mrs. Shupback.
The Lad Has Escaped from Care
takers Five Times and Is
Planning Another.
It was still dark and cold Skis morn
ing whim Mrs. J. T. Shupback, 2 Kast
Thlrtj tlrat street, hoard a faint knock
at her door. It waa so feeble that sho
paid no attention to It. Then she heard
ihe knock again and, opening the door,
aw a very small boy, very muddy,' very
cold and very much frightened.
His ankle was swollen and he limped
painfully. He wore neither shoes, hat
nor coat. He was clad only in a blue
calico waist, short trousers and stock
ings. He waa covered with mud and
darted back In fear when the door waa
thrown open. The pain and cold gave
him courage and he advanced timidly.
"Please, ma'am, may 1 come in?" he
Certainly he could come in. the woman
replied. 8he took the child In her arms,
removed the muddy clothing, replaced
them with warm, dry garmenta, placid
him by the atove and fed him. Then
her heart went out to the lad as he told
his atory, and she called her husband
tu listen She did not know that un
heralded and unannounced the little
stranger who had come to her for aid
waa the uncrowned prince of Juvenile
ilUra and the identical youngster who
bad caused t lie police more trouble than,
any youth of hia years who had ever
com Into their clutches.
Oh! The Cruel Officers.
He told how cruel officers had taken
him from his loving mother because he
stayed out after 8 o'clock one night;
bow they took him Into court, and how
the Judge had refuaed to listen to the
tearful pleadings of himself and mother
and had sent him to the Boys' and Girls'
Aid society. How there, he had tried
faithfully and hard to be good, but cruel
' treatment had driven him away. They
did not feed him except on soup, he
said. He had no clothing but those he
wore. They would not give him shoes.
He was sitting by fire last night.
he continued sadly, with the other boys
and girls, when a chunk of wood fell
from the stove upon the floor. Buperln
tend, nt Gardner, he said, kicked him un
mercifully when the wood fell out, and
that was why he limped. rnis pmiut
tory so impressed Mrs. Shupback that
he staved with her all the forenoon, eat
ing choice things and nursing the
swollen ankle.
Meanwhile at the school there was
commotion. At breakfast time it was
discovered that Johnnie Walker, years
old. who was recaptured for the fourth
time only last Monday, had again made
his escape. How he managed It was a
mystery for a time. Investigation, how
aver, revealed the fact that the lock on
the small door of the coal chute on the
fourth floor had been tampered Wltn.
From the fourth floor to the basement
thrimtti the chute la about 76 feet and
a very nice trip for a very small boy to
make, provided he can keep irom railing.
Sow Ha Oot Mm Bora Ankle.
But Johnnie wouldn't keep from fall
ing. He had elbowed his way down al
most to the bottom and In hla anxiety
and haste had grown rareleas. losr hls
hold and fell onto the ground. He
apralned his ankle In the fall, but deaplt
the pain and throbs that almoat made
htm cry he staggered to his feet and
ran limping Into the forest back of th
building. He did not stop to dry his
tears nor to heed the pain, but hastened
on. He knew not where to go. but be
fore htm was the big world and behind
him the school which he hated with all
the hate that he could hold. He stag
gered blindly on through the dark and
i mud until he saw a ray of light.
He was returned to the school at noon.
This was his fifth escape, he declared
proudly, and It would not bo his laat.
Last Sunday he left, but was captured
on Ibis side the river the next day. Ha
was cutting wood at First and Colum
bia streets when found. After his first
attempt to get away h.rwas put In girl's
clothing. It Is a means of punishment
.and Is said to have t deterring effect on
would-be runaways. But with Johnnne
Walker there Is no difference. Three
times he has escaped In dresses and
twice In trousers.
-Last time I met a boy named Frankle
and he gave me pants for the dress."
he said. "I didn't care about wearing
the dress. It'a Just tbe same to me.
thouvh tuat ao's I act away."
He waa committed to the Aid society a
year ago for Incorrigibility and Is said
tn have been one of the worst young
sters ever taken before the court.
(Special Dispatch to Tbe Journal.?
Vancouver, B. t. Dec 8. While In
the act of ahootlng a mountain goat on
a rocky slope at Jervis inlet, l. e Royd
accidentally killed his companion,
Charles Wise. Both had guns. Royd
sighted a goat, and. taking aim, slipped
off the rocks. The gun waa discharged,
the charge entering Wise's body. He
died soon after. He waa 22 years old.
(ftprriit DhnxU-b to The Joarnal.)
Corvsllls. Or.. Dec. 8. Forest R.
Rarnes today filed a petition for letters
of sdmlnlstratlon In the probate court
for the estate of B. B. Barnes, who was
killed In a tile ditch north of rorvallls
Isst Friday. The estate Is valued at
Baking Powder
Because the largest and boat facilities in
the country enable the manufacturers to
avoid variation in materials and in the pro
em of manufacture.
26 Ounces for 25 cents
Mrs. Watson Puts Up Two Thou
sand Cash and Secures
Her Liberty.
U A It Piilrp V . . B i 1 ,,-.., -i I Mi! ill
flndlng anyone to sign his bond for 14.
000. and he la still In the custody of
the United States marshal Kver alnco
w ...,it, l..t T.....I.V if
conspiring to defraud the government
of Its public landa he has been vainly
trying to get bondamen. No one la
willing to take the risk of guarantee
ing Puter's 'appearance for aentence.
ICmma W. Iintl .hl.H KflTIlt WMH Oriirl-
nally fixed at 84.000. appealed to Judge
rteuinger to reuuee n, mm w uh.,h ,
consented to do, placing the amount at
82.000 cash. Mra. Watson produced the
money and was released yesterday af
ternoon. At the time when she was
brought back from Chicago under ar
....... .iBn..uiiflH & nan iu . h K. 1 1 un
der the Indictment to be tried next
week, ao that the total security now
held by the government Is 17,000. This
was considered by Judge Bellinger to
be sufficient.
Puter was again allowed to spend the
night at the Portland hotel. In custody
. .. .4,. m.r.h.1 Tht. leniency has
occasioned much criticism, as the usual
procedure is to place a convicvwu pn
oner behind the bars In default of ball.
It Is discretionary with the marshal to
do as he please, with a prisoner, so long
as he Is not allowed to escape. He may
be kept in tne marsnai s mnw,
hotel- o tn )all as the marshal aeea nt.
Nevertheless, surprise la expressed
that so much consideration should be
shown to Puter, as he a regarded as the
ringleader In the conspiracy 10 rop m
government. A government official re
marked today:
'wh.n' a man whn hns merely stolen
postage stamps Is sununarlly clapped In
Jail it la hard to understand wny a man
like Puter. who Is not only convicted
of a serious crime against the govern
ment, but who waa shown by the evi
dence to be utterly debased and de
graded, should be treated with such ex
traordinary kindness. One of the wit
nesses In the trial had te spend a night
In jail because he could not furnish ball,
although he waa In r.o way Involved in
the crime of the defendanta, but Puter,
who has been convicted. Is allowed to go
to the PorUand hotel. There la no ex
cuse for such favoritism."
Holds Kangaroo Court, and Re
fuses to Send Hoboes to the
Rock Pile.
Chief of Police Hunt has defied the
order of Mayor Williams and Is endeav
oring to prevent the accomplishment of
good results by the Institution of a rock
pile. Refusing to abolish his "kanguroo
court," he leaned against the police sta
tion counter this morning and as a judge
discharged 11 men from custody and or
dered them to leave the city. Only three
men were reserved for work on the rock
sola a :
In addition to giving the two guards
sent to the station this morning by City
Kngineer Elliott only three men to place
at work, he failed to have the prisoners
ready at 8 o'clock, the hour apeclfled. and
did not send them out until half an hour
Among the men filed by the chief aa
"kangaroo judge" was one charged with
begging, who haa in the past given the
police much trouble. Chief Hunt had
stated that when a man waa found In
the city after being ordered to leave, he
would be haled before Police Judge
Hogue, yet regularly in the last two
weeks men have been aet free after they
had been taken Into custody several
J W. Johnson, an ex-convlct, who
served 12 months In the Salem peniten
tiary for robbing a cash reglater at The
Iallea and who got a ahort term In. the
city prison not long ago, la on the Hat
of thoae extended mercy by "Kangaroo
Judge" Hunt.
tapeeUI Dtspatrb to Tb Jonrasl.)
Albany. Dec. 8. The flrbt step wes
taken In this city last night towsrd the
organisation of a local branch of tho
Oregon Development league, when Man
ager Tom Richardson of Portland ad
dressed a maas meeting of the people
of this city explaining the operation of
the state league and the work being
accompllahed by that organisation. After
Richardson's address, a number of the
cltlsena pledged amounts of from 83
to 88 each to be paid Into a local or
ganisation each month for a year, and
a committee waa appointed for the pur
pose of nominating a aet of officers and
directors for the new branch. This
committee waa authorised to adopt a
name for the new organisation and at
once secure a membership In the state
league. The committee later met with
Richardson and lenrned more of tne
work required, and today, after securing
more pledges of support, will meet and
nominate the officers for the club to
be submitted to a meeting of the stock
holders at a later meeting.
enow AT COVs.
IKpeHtl Dispatch to Tbe Joarnal )
l..-i Grande. Or., Dec. 8. The following
city ticket waa elected at Cove, Union
county .which place was recently In
corporated: Joseph Trlpeer. mayor: Bam White.
recorder: Jasper Stevens, treasurer:
Frank Bloom, marshal. William Reyn
olds. J. E Paxton. K F. Peel, John
Jones. V. Stearns and W. T. Alexander,
Mr and Mra. A. I Dlekerson of New
York are spending a few days at the
Portland hotel. Mr. Dlckereon la the
American manager of the well-known
chartered accountants. Price. Wster-
house A- Co.. snd Is president of the Ns-
tlonsl Accountants' association. Mr. and
Mrs. Dlekerson were the guests at
luncheon today of W. R. Mackensle.
Ven a voman heromea eneechless mlt
rage der udder party should get hence
less mlt der feet.
Fief sued stock Panned Ooods.
Allen a lewle' Best Brand.
With a Companion, Had Stolen
Thousands of Dollars' Worth
of Property.
Word waa received by the police last
night front Chief of Police Hodgkln.
of Oakland. Cel.. that Charles Keith haa
been placed under arrest there on the
charge of robbing freight cara In the
yard of the Northern Terminal company
In thla city. Detectlvea Snow and Ker
rigan, who with Special Agent Fltsger
ald of the O. R. 4V N. Co.. worked up
the caae agalnat Keith, will be aent after
With the arrest of Keith the police
declare they have captured one of the
two men responsible for the theft of
thousands of dollars' worth of property
from the railway companlea In the laat
few montha. Frank K Brown was ar
rested on a similar charge a few days
ago. Both men were in the employ of
the company.
Brown was arrested Nov. it. Boxes
containing 10,000 clgara, which he Is al
leged to have stolen, were recovered. He
waived a preliminary examination, and
waa held by Police Judge Hogue to the
grand jury.
The fact that Brown waa In the em
ploy "of the company and that Keith waa
being aought. aa well aa the extensive
amount of loot stolen from the earn, was
not revealed by the police until they
had succeeded In capturing Keith. Chief
of Police Wlttman of San Francisco was
asked to look for him. as he was dis
covered to be In San Francisco a week
ago. The arrest was made In Oakland.
In looking for Keith, before It waa
learned that he had fled In the night,
Detectives Snow and Kerrigan and Spe
cial Agent Fltsgerald went to his room.
There they found three large dry goods
boxes filled with shoes stolen from the
company's freight cara. Keith made his
escape aa soon as he learned of Brown's
General Agent of New York Cen
tral Predicts Success for
Lewis and Clark Fair.
W. B. Jerome, general agent of the
New York Central lines, who Is In Port
land on a epeclal trip of Inspection of
the Lewis and Clark fair, expresses the
nninton that the Portland event next
year will attract aa many people frorn
cast u i iii. k 1 ' 1 mmmmm mm " '
Louis fair. He Is not particularly en
thusiastic over expositions, aa a rule, so
far aa they relate to the railroad busi
ness, but he thinks there are special
reasons why eastern people may regard
II... 1..rthiiwt trtn favorably.
"The have had a pretty good filling up
with expositions ..lose eaatorn people
and they would not make the trip sim
ply to see the Lewis and Clark fair." he
said, "but the climatic and scenic beau
tlea of the Columbia river country will
provo a strong drawing card. I think
........ lunni. whn imuallv ao summer-
resorting may be brought to Portland
next year. They will he orrereo. a very
attractive tour, at a low rail rate, and
win K. .Ivan a chance to aee a very large
extent of country. Including the Lewis
and Clark exposition wun tnese attrac
tions. I think It will be a strong propo
sition for tourists from the territory
east of Buffslo."
Mr. Jerome says the New Tork Central
lines have always been strong adver
tisers for Oregon. Washington and Cali
fornia. He makes the statement that
the New York Central does as much for Oreron ss Is done by
any one of the transcontinental lines
entering Portland.
"This advertising will be Increased for
the exposition." he said. "We are al
ready uslna the fslr matter In our
magaslne advertising, and will later
Issue an edition of at least 100.000 spe
cial folders for the exposition. In which
we will give views and special descrip
tive matter."
Three Opium Smokers Arrested
in the Esmond Annex Were
Heavily Fined.
Fred Davis, alias Johnson, known to
the sporting fraternity as "the jiggers
kid," will serve 30 days In the city jail
for vagrancy unless the circuit court
grants him relief. He will, also pay 880
for smoking opium.
Leona Harris, or Crosson, or Claw
son, will pay a fine of 850 for smoking
Grace Templeton, or Weston, will pay
a fine of 880 for smoking opium. "
These sentences were Imposed by
Judge Hogue In the police court this
Sergeant Slover testified that when
he entered a room at the Ksmond annex
he found the two women and the
"Jiggers kid." The air was heavy with
opium fumes. Yen shee waa discov
ered In a drawer and the pipe on the
roof, a few feet away from the window.
The sergeant drew attention to a
printed charge of Mrs. K. A. Fox, the
proprietress of the Esmond annex, that
he "wanted a piece of money." Mrs. Kox
was placed on the stand and denied that
the sergeant had ever asked her for
money and that If he had done so he
"wouldn't have got a cent." She ad
mitted that she had thought he wanted
money, but dented that she hsd ever
msde such a statement. She disclaimed
all knowledge of opium smokers being
In hsr House.
Attorney I-ogan Immediately filed no
tice of an appeal to the circuit court.
Davis was released on bonds.
Independence Or., Dec. 8. H. J. Ot
tenhelmer. a hop buyer, of Salem, haa
brought stilt In the federal courts
against H. Hlrschherg and Dan IK) re of
this place on a hop contract, asking
damages of 86.400. Attorneys Teal and
Minor of Portlind will act Tor trie plain
tiff, and the defendants will nave ua
their attorneys Cannon, Csrson a Ad
Argument of the Composition
Which Stirred Consciences
in Long Past Centuries.
Portland will wltneas for the first
time the performance of "Everyman.
by Ben Oreet'a English players, tomor
row afternoon. The aeat sale opened up
big, aa It should. A lot of people are
gnjng out of curiosity, and a lot more
for the study U will -be In old English
No curtain la used In ''Everyman.'
It Is one continuous act, lasting about
one hour and a half. ' Matlneea will be
gin at 3 o'clock; and the Saturday night
pcrrormance at s:su ocioc.
Written In 148 by Peter Dorland, a
monk of Dlest. Belgium, "Everyman'
Is the finest extant specimen of the
morality plays which were commonly
performed about the streets and In the
rellgloua houses of Europe during the
fourteenth, fifteenth and alxteenth cen
turies. Its first presentation for two cen
turies waa In 1001, In the old Charter
house, London, by the Elizabethan Stage
aoclety. The morality, mystery and mir
acle plays, comprehending the religious
drama of the dark ages, are, aa well, the
earliest dramatic composltlona In the
English language, and are notable for
their classic dramatic structure.
Argument of the Via'.
The argument of "Everyman" glvea
an Idea of the lntereat which the per
formance must awaken.
After an announcement by a messen
ger, God opens the play' with the as
sertion that, as men are so drowned in
sin and cumbered with richea. that they
have forgotten Him, He haa decided to
do justice to them and "have a rek-
enynge of every mannea persons." lie
bids Dethe. his "mighty mesaengere,
tell Everyman to prepare for hla last
pilgrimage. Everyman tries by pleau
lnga and brlbea to obtain respite from
Dethe. but gets only permission to take
companions. If he can find any hardy
enough tn accompany him.
Felawahyp entera and, noticing Every
man's grief, asks its cause, vowing his
readiness to die for him. But when he
hears his friend's request, he flatly re
fuses to go a fOot for him. Appeals
to Kynrede and Coaln are no more suc
cessful, and the dearly loved Goodes
(Property) simply mocks at Everyman's
Promises of VaJthleaa Prlsnds.
At last In despair Everyman seeks
his long-neglected friend Good-Oedea,
who, though lying weak and cold on the
ground, so bound by his sins that ahe
cannot stir, readily consents to do all
she can for him. She Introduces him tu
her sister Knoledge ("the discreet and
learned advice which Religion haa at
her aervlce"), and she offers to be his
guide. She brings him before Confes
sion, from whom he, receives the jewel
"penaunce, voyder of adversyte." The
ardor of his supplications and the se
verity of. his nenance free Good-Dedea
and so strengthen her that she can go
with him on hla journey. Having re
ceived the sacrament, Everyman aels
forth, clad in the garment "contrycyon
and accompanied by Beaute, Strengthe,
Dyscreclon and Fyve-Wyttea. But
Beaute refuses to go down Into the open
grave through which his path leads.
Strengthe deserts mm, uyscrecion ioi
lows Strengthe, and Frye-Wyttea bids
him farewell.
steward Through Good Seed.
In despair he cries, "O, Jeeu. help; all
hath forsaken roe!" But Good-Dedes is
steadfast, and Knoledge explains that.
though she cannot accompany ltlm, It
fur-, no maner of daunger.' With Hhe
words, "In manus tuaa commendo splr
ltum meum," Everyman sinks Into the
grave. Knoledge announces that what
he hath suffered we all-shall endure; an
Aungell Is heard singing his welcome to
heaven: and the Ooctour brings the play
to a close by pointing Its moral.
The characters In "Everyman are
known by the unique tltlea of Messen
ger. Adonal iGodl, Dethe ( Death), Ev
eryman (All Men). Felawshyp t Fellow
ship), Cosln (Cousin). Kynrede (Kin
drod). Good-Dedes (Good Deeds), Kno
Udge (Knowledge), Confessyon (Con
fession), Beaute (Beauty), Btrengthe
(Strength). Fyve-W yttes (Five W1ts),
Dyscrecyoa (Discretion), Aungell (An
sel) and Ioctour (Doctor).
The players, every one of whom Is
known ravorably in cngiana, include:
Constance Crawley. Agnes Scott, Daisy
Robinson, John Sayer Crawley, Eric
Blind. Ben Greet, Maurice Robinson.
Samuel II. Goodwyn, Eugene Clevea, Jo
seph Horner. Helena Head, Sybil
Thorndlke. Leonard Shepherd, Percyval
Aylmer, Sydney Oreenstreet, Frank
Darch, Redmond Plood, Edward Hughes.
. "
(Special Dtspatrb to "I he Journal.)
Salem, Dec. 8. The attorney-general
yesterday, replying to a question of the
Lewis and Clark fair commission. In
formed the commission that It waa
within their province to hold a series of
conferences on education and religion,
the relation of labor to capital, munici
pal government and administration, com
prehending an exhibition of the moral.
Intellectual and social activity which are
not otherwise represented and within the
provision of the act authorising the
The attorney-general decides that the
scope of the exposition sha.1 be fixed by
the l,ewls and ciarx exposition, subject
to the approval of the commission. The
attorney-general also says that "the
word art Is used In the act under con
sideration and In Its broadest and moat
comprehenalve sense, and In the light of
the definitions of the word it certainly
Includes the subjects of education, re
ligion, political economy, science of gov
ernment." and that as the fslr aasocla
tlon has authorised the construction of
a liberal arts building It naturally fol
lows that It has ine power to take up
such features aa go to make up the lib
eral arts.
He then says that "for the foregoing
reasons I am of the opinion that the
commission is authorised in Its discre
tion to provide for holding the several
conferences hereinbefore mentioned and
that the same are within the purview of
the act."
Chairman Cnrtelyou had 8400,000 left,
which will make a lot of pre-election
doubtful state politicians Indignant.
That Throbbing- Headache
Would quickly leave you, lfyou used
Dr. King's New Lift) Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their mstch
less merit for Sick snd Nervous Head
aches. They make pure hlood and build
up your heitth. Only 28 cents; mone
hark If not cured. Sold by the Red
f'r,,.. I'harmui'V Mtvth nnH Oolr ) r.itl.
on the way to the poatofflce.
Attorney-General Crawford Gives
Opinion Relative to License
at State Fair.
Justice Court at Salem Finds
Mann Guilty of Crime of
Larceny by Bailee.
(Special DU patch to The Journal I
Salem, Dec. 8. In anawer to a ques
tion submitted by President W. H.
Downing of the Oregon state board of
agriculture, as to the right of the board
to Issue a 80-day liquor license In view
of the fact that Chemawa precinct had
gone "dry" in the late election, Attorney
Oeneral Crawford yesterday afternoon
handed down an opinion. After citing
numeroua autborltiea he says in part:
"The state board of agriculture can
Issue license to sell only durtng the
time the fair Is being held and not to
exceed 30 days In any one year, and from
that fact and the fact that the fair la
conducted by the atate through a board
of commissioners duly provided ror. i
am of the opinion that the voters of the
state did not have in rabid the atate
board of agriculture when they voted
local option, and If so, then In the light
of the authorities above cited, the board
may Issue license to sell liquor, 'malt,
vinous and distilled.' on the fair grounds
during the time of holding tne rair.
However, to remove all doubt In the mat
ter. It could be referred to the coming
January session of the legislature.
Benders a Decree.
In the case of Llllenthal Bros, against
Mike Kepplnger, Sarah Thornsbury and
Albert H. Thornsbury, Judge Galloway
rendered a decree at the afternoon sea
slon of court yesterday, the caae having
been tried November laat. By hla de
cision Judge Galloway not only sustains
a hop contract, but paases upon oiner
Important law questions. From the
statement of the caae given hy the
court In rendering the declalon It ap
pears that in December, 1908, Mike Kep
plnger signed two contracts with
Llllenthal Bros., by the terms of which
he agreed to grow and deliver to them
20 000 pounda of hops In each of the
years 104 and 105 at the price of 18
cents for 1804 and 14 cents for 1808, the
hops to be grown upon land belonging to
Sarah Thomabury. It further appeared
that in 1801 Mike Kepplnger had secured
from Sarah Thornsbury the promise of a
36-acre hopyard to run for three yeara
and that he had caused a written lease
to be drawn and had gone Into posses
sion of the yard and had run the same
during 1903 and up to the time the hop
contract was signed In December of that
year, but Sarah Thornsbury had never
signed the written leaae.
It further appeared that In January.
1904, ss soon as Sarah Thornsbury
learned that Mike Kepplnger had signed
a two-year contract for his hops, she In
formed him that he could no longer
have the yard and he gave It up and
notified Llllenthal Bros, that he could
not fill hla contracts.
It seems, however, that Sarah Thorns
bury permitted Mike Kepplnger to cul
tivate the hops up to picking time of
August, 1904. and then turned the yard
over to A. H. Thornsbury. paying K.ep
plnger 820 an acre for his work, and A
H. Thornsbury harvested the hops. Soon
nfter harvest Llllenthal Urns sued both
Thornaburys and Kepplnger and en
joined the removal of the hops from
the yards, alleging that they were all
working together to defeat the contract
By his decision Judge Galloway sus
tains the validity of the contract; holds
Kepplnger had no right to give up the
hopyard when ordered to do so by Sarah
Thomabury, but should have forced her
to give him the yard for the year 1904
The court also holds that It was not
neceasary for Llllenthal Bros, to pay the
purchase price of the hops Into court
In the way of a tender, and ordered a de
cree prepared allowing Llllenthal Bros,
to select IO.vjO pounds of hops from the
38.000 pounds rslsed upon the yard. In
accordance with their contract. It waa
admitted at the trial that the hops are
worth 31 cents, or 18 cents more than
contract price, or a pick up of 38,000 for
Llllenthal Bros., In case Judge Gallo
way's declalon Is sustained by the
higher court. O. G. rllngham appeared
aa attorney for Llllenthal Bros, and the
Thornshurys and Kepplnger were repre
sented by B. P. Bonham and Carey r.
Martin. The esse will now go to the
supreme court to determine whether the
circuit court holdings are correct.
Mann round Onllty. Mann wss yesterday found guilty
In Justice of the Peace Turner's court
of larceny by bailee. Mann was arrested,
Once again The Journal offers to classified advertisers a house
hold necessity as a premium
Closset & Devers
Every Portland housewife knows what Golden West Extracts
are. To those who don't, it might be said for their information,
that the name Golden West is synonymous of strength, purity,
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Have your want ads. in by noon the day you want them pub
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before 10 o'clock.
i 111 1
AVegetahk Preparation for As
similating the Food andRetf ufit
iingtte Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion.ChperPur
ness and Rest Con tains neither
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral.
Aperfecl Remedy for Cons Hpa
Hon , Sour Stomach, Diarrtoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fevemh
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
In this city Monday upon a complaint
sworn out by Jacob Idlewlne, who
charged that the defendant waa given
hop tickets by himself and other mem
bers of hla family to have cashed dur
ing the late hopptcklng seaaon, and
failed to return the proper amount of
money. Mann will be sentenced tomor
row. NOTICE The Journal agency at
Salem has been transferred to A. C.
Iawrence of 418 Church street, phone
Blark 1M4, where all subscriptions,
complaints and changes will receive
prompt attention.
(Jesraal Special Harriet. )
New York, Dec. 8. Hugh Mclaughlin,
for years a Democratic leader of Brook
lyn, and who Was this yesr sent down to
defeat by Tammany's combination "with
Patrick McCarren, died last night. He
was 77 years old. and served a three
year term, beginning In 1880, aa sheriff
of Kings county. He was formerly a
prominent business man and promoter,
and amaased wealth.
Matchless as Xmas Gifts
Are the pianos we carry. Their superb
musical qualities have endeared them to
hundreds of homes, and musicians treas
ure them beyond price. If you Intend
msklng a fhrletmas offering; It will pay
you a hundred fold to make one you
will alwaya be proud of. Time pay
ments accepted and old Instrumenta
taken In exchange
Soule Bros. Piano Co.
tetnway aad Bfteen other makes of
tat pianos.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Yeers
Fresh Paint
for Christmas
la one of thoae considerations which
should not be overlooked If your wood
work needs touching up. In the larae
list of colors snd shades furnished in
the Bay State Paint you will And just
what you need, whether for outside or
Inside your house.
ntowr abttj Mommrao STS.
Headquarters for
s nir rkiiric
Third and Yamhill Sts.
General Practice. iBTestlgsttees. tstate Work.
SsecUl ase Parledtosl Audita.
T IDs.