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City Engineer just naming ma
terial for Work Ordered
Several Weeks Ago.
Character of a Permanent
Structure Over Sullivan's
Gulch Will Cause Talk.
Heavy Umbers are being delivered at
the L"nlon-e venue bridge, over Sulllviin'
gulch, for the repair work ordered by the
executive board tome time ago. East
aide residents who have been suffering
all possible inconvenle nc rrom me, clos
ing of the bridge now take hope that
will rouliv have their thoruuifhiare
restored to them In euch form that they
will be able to use It and will not for all
time to come be driven a half mile out
f ther regular course when desiring
to cross the gulch. The order of the
executive board for the repair work was
Issued levtral wtokt ago. but the city
engineer Is Just getting the material on
the ground to commence work. ami no
doubt he wlU have n force of men busy
there before the close of the present
At an expense of slightly more than
11,000 this Miruciure. which has been
the source of Inestimable Inconvenience.
Is to be made serviceable again. When
the city engineer condemned it there
were contractors who said the premature
action was taken In order to hasten the
erection of great steel structure that
would afford the department opportunity.
Ar f, .riiier business with the builders.
The fact that tbe Portland 8treet Rail
way company bolstered the structure
slightly under Its tracks and continued
ending over the bridge at a high rate of
speed cars weighing many times what
horse vehicles ,d confirmed these In
their views. When a new structure was
discussed and the people of the district
faced the determined purpose of forcing
upon them costly steel bridges, the first
estimates for which aggregated $1113.000.
they concluded that something was Ir
regular. Twice they remonstrated steel
i i j .i. in view of this sentiment
unui n v " ... -
7. i .. .virtfui that no new wurk
could be taken up until there was re
vision In the law governing prellml-
. . ... hud suffered for
rtllCI w. Fnv
months and It became evident that the
turmoil of the situation forbade any new
structure. It was found that the old ele
vated roadway at Union avenue could be
renal red for further use and at ulte a
rv. ...... Thu work is now in
progress, or rather will be when the city
engineering department gets around to
the duty. It was thought when provid
ing these repairs that the bridge would
be made reasonably safe and serviceable
for at least another year, and the
of the contractors who at first differed
from the clt engineer were vindicated
The ultlmACTtnode of Improvement
will become a live Issue jwme time next
year There are those who hold that a
half' fill and half elevated roadway s
the most jsntlcable and economies
method of sblvlng this problena. Thef
filled to the level of the O. R. N.
track, but against this desire the city
engineer is said to protest on the around
that the bottom of the gulch Is not firm
enough to hold a fill wlthou. dumping
an enormous quantity of earth Into It.
Against this thesis of the '"p" fd"
vanced the staple illustration that the
Q. R. N. has a remarkably firm fill on
this same ground.
On both the Marquam gulch fills the
contractors delivered the required earth
at 40 cents a cubic yard. Approximate
ly the same figure could be expected at
Sullivan s gulch. With the O. R. AN.
roadway extending down the gulch and a
very shallow apace between it and the
north bank, the amount of the fill would
be comparatively small. After the fill
was completed, the property-owners
srsue. the elevsted roadway would not
need to have a height of but 30 to 6
feet Erecting such a structure of the
most stable type would be a very eco
nomical piece of work, and Its replace
ment would Involve but a fraction of the
present cost of a bridge over the gulch.
Four dissatisfied wives filed com
plaints In the state circuit court today
asking for a dissolution of msrrlage ties.
Helen Melle. after 16 years of married
life with Jacob J. Melle. proprietor of a
saloon, 518 Twenty-first street, asks the
court to grsnt her a divorce on the
grounds of cruel and Inhuman treatment,
alleging that n, two occasions the de
fendant threatened to kill her. and ".that
the language uad by defendant Is of
auch character that plaintiff does not
wish to set It out upon the records of
ki. ....... t imt MiifflcA to sav that it im
puted her'chastlty." They reside at the
Bomer of Twenty-first and Wilson
Sylvia M. Weaver, who was married
to William H. Weaver In Portland, Oc
tober J4, 10I. says In her complslnt that
he deserted her November 110. ISM, and
because of this she-asks for a decree of
Annie Hall sues Willlnm Hall for a
divorce on the grounds of simple deser
tion, alleging that they were married In
Missouri in 1000 and he deserted her
shortly thereafter.
Ixmtse M Mackev allege cruel and In
Y. . i .1,. r nt Wllllum
nnniaii ii,i..i,'i''. .... .... - - -
C. Mackey, whom she married In Illinois
In 1I7.
Men'a Sewed Oak Soles 65c.
Extra select. 0c; . Ladles', 40c and
Or. Ooodyear Ska Repair Factory,
near Gas company's office, Yamhill
atreet. We cell snd deliver free.
I Manager L. R Kellman, of the Turn
again Arm Mining company, operating in
eastern Oregon, reached the city this
morning on business. Work is progress
ing aa usual at the Cracker-Oregon prop
erty, said he. the force now being In tun
nel No. 2, which Is being driven to Inter
sect the main vein of the property.
We Are Prepared
To furnish the plumbing trade
with vltrlned salt - alaseif gewei
pipe and can miote dTs ounts that
will Interest Our producta are a
necessary sdjunrt to CKJUIJ
WORK. Let us hear from you.
St. Tata Foot
m -,. -u-vj-- i - -. -y .-i..-..- a '
"Sia Hopkina" Monday.
Seats are now selling for the clever
comedienne. Rbse Melville, who comes to
the Marquam Grand theatre next Mon
day and Tuesday nights In her famous
play, "Bis Hopkins" Miss Melville Is
supported by a most cspable company.
As 81s Hopkins Miss Melville appears
with her hair pulled so tightly away
from her forehead that she Is almost
slant-eyed. The hair a fathered Jfr
get her Into two tight little plf".
which stick out on each side of her head
"two ways of a Sunday." She had been
securing this tight effect by forcibly
pulling the hair back, which gave her
headaches. After the . old doctor had
talked to her she did her hair for the
play comfortably tight, and secured the
very tightly drawn effect by using a
plentiful supply of pogaaaa.
The Star.
The Stsr management has this week
placed before Its patrons a vaudev lie
bill crowded with good acts containing
more performers than has ever been
shown on any vaudeville program In the
..... no.. i.iri.n airla attired in
ciiy. i ie .,
tights and spangles, play their brasen
instruments wun a"" -"
. ,i. Vnur ccnslsts or a
quartet of the best singers and come-
dlans on the stage looay. m. .
soubrettes of today ran nr "
the first rank because they can neither
sing nor, dance well enough to make
their performances noteworthy. On
i. lh. rareftll education
wieaa iwu F"in. -....
and long training of the Qarrity sisters
prove tneir values.
"Pretty Peggy," Coming.
... .Hniflllnni fif the Coming
uuic ti
ni h. ih. fimt nresentatlon here
of "Pretty Peggy," In which Miss Jane
Corcoran will be seen at me smsw
Q rand theatre next eunemjn
Thursday nights. Miss Corcoran Is sup
ported. It Is said, by a very large com
pany, which Includes many prominent
Dlayers. tier leaning roan
Robeon, who has himself been a very
successful star ror some lour '
T v- -...I hr It will be
years. ne ii iiii"i --
remembered, at the head of his own
company In "Richard Carvel, ana pre-
Vvousiy starrea in w
The advance sale of seats will open next
Monday morning at 10 o'clock.
"EverymanM at the Marquam.
No dramatic offering of the season ex
ceeds In Importance that of the Ben
Greet company at the Marquam Grand
theatre next Friday afternoon. Saturday
afternoon and night. The company
comes direct from the run at San Fran
cisco, where "Everyman." "Much Ado
About Nothing" and "Twelfth Night
were presented. This Is the third Amer
ican tour of the Ben Greet company, a
conclusive proof that the public will
support and does support dramatic of
ferings of the highest class when pre
sented under the proper auspices. The
advance sale of seats wiu open new
Wednesdsy morning, December 7, atip
o'clock. .
The Arcade'a Clever Birda.
?At the Arcade theatre today and to
iu k n-rfereri the last oppor
tunities for every chljd in Portland to
see the wonaeriui iroupe m -whlch
has entranced every Juvenile
r.rttor who 'has seen them so far.
Thaee. marvelous birds take part In a
Are scene In which some of them act
aa firemen, rescuing from a burning doll s
house cnng of their comrades, who sre
nlacedUliexe In perilous ppalUona. Mpr
1 thsn ,nil. tley save rurrwure. ring
the fire alsrm snd finally . arsg a n
. . , k .. 1 1 t ,nH nut nut the
to a Diaxing uuiiumi - .
Revival of "Darkeat Russia."
irk. .imnut aKaniute nower of the
Russian minister of police and the abuse
to which his despotism Is brought at the
expense of untoia mncnin i
peasantry of that miserable country.
form features or unmisiaaauie
In "Darkest Russia." The plsy which is
k.,n s mnt nrosDerous revival will
be presented at the Empire all next
week, starting wun im
morrow afternoon. Seats now on sale
at the Dolly Varden cenay snap,
Morrison; Phone Main no.
The Grand'a Continued Succeaa.
. . . 1 I.Uhul ..rnvHR tiaVA SttPtlded
I Illl I III r 1 1 ir. in;,. .........
every performance at the Grand theatre
this week, and though the week is draw
lng to a close the house Is Jammed to the
doors every night. The secret Is the
giving of the beet vaudeville show that
the people of this city have ever had.
courteous treatment and a comfortable
theatre to sit In. rne nexi "
will surpass anything ever given on the
Pacific coast.
Real Fun at Bijou.
I stsnd " sings Harry Steele and
then he falls. He goes down hsrg. ror
he's on roller skates, ana me singe
seems to run swsy rrom unaer nun
He's at the BIJou. or course, ror mais
the place for real amusement snu
genuinely good vaudeville entertain-
talnment. Ti Auorey -
Lydell and Butterworth are other big
The Lyric.
Include the Lyric In your list of vsu
devllles tonight. A great bill is on.
Kthel Whltesldes snd her two Alabama
coons are worth double the price of ad
mission. The Baker's Bill.
A grest house Is promised at the
Baker tonight Big bill of great vaude
ville sets. Don't miss going In to see
the sport. If you want an hour or two
of fun.
"" "Who'a Brown?" Tonight.
The last performance of the scream
ing farce. "Who's Brown?" will be given
nt the Marquam tonight by the clever
company headed by William Morris.
ii in., rhimt nt Police Hunt heard yes
terdsy that Patrolman J. F. Johnson had
withdrawn his appeal to the civil service
commission to be reinstated In the de
partment, he was not surprised.
1 had an Idea the Johnaon was bluf
Hng by taking sn appesl." he said, "and
never did believe he would really go be
fore the ommfealon His offense was
an aggravated one, anl the only excuse
thst could be offered was thst he was
Intoxicated, which of Itself Is extremely
bad In a policeman."
Patrolman Johnson was dismissed
from the police force by the executive
board on recommendation of the chief
about s month ago. The sctlon of Chief
Hunt wss tsken aa soon as hs had
learned the rlrcumatsnces connected
with an assault msde on Dr. E.
D. Johnson by the patrolman while
the litter wss Intoxicated. All who
discussed the affair st the police station
yesterday expressed plessure thst the
unpleasant sffalr Is elased. ss the noto
riety,, they stated, reflected on the en
tire force.
Contractor Finish Work an
Drain Beneath Manhole at
Sixteenth and Alder.
No Flooring Found, and Four
Hundred Stone Blocks
Were Put in Place.
Contractors a U. Rlner A Son have
completed the repairs on the defects In
the Tanner creek sewer which they were
allowed to make under the permit Issued
to them last Wednesday by Mayor Wil
liams. They placed the last stons oiocas
at 8 o'clock this morning. -
The permit allowed them to place
stone blocks In the bottom of the drain
in the section beneath the manhole at
Sixteenth and Alder streets, where the
committee of experts found the moat se
rious defect. It was out of this section
that Walter Thomas, the foreman, stated
he had left the bottom as the result of a
bribe. . . .
The contractors found considerable
difficulty In controlling the water which
floVs past this point like a mlllrace. It
took them two days to make a dam and
pipe the water over the section where
there was no stone-block bottom.
. . ih. eftntractore. 21 feel
nwuiuiut .v ' "
. . . . i,hmii n v flooring, and
nau uten 1.11 ..n - - .
It took about 400 stone Diocas 10 taw
The work or repairing u
..-j.. .1 nf H 8. Mcl'ullum.
luiuri un- Buk. ' - - .
an engineer In the city englneer-a depart
ment. There were rumors to the effect
that the contractors wouia aiiempi i im
pair other defects, but City Engineer El
liott states that he gave the Inspector
strict Instructions to allow no work done
on the sewer otner man repon.s
bottom beneath the manhole, and he says
his orders have been obeyea.
Mayor's rablan Policy-
Mayor Williams has not made the
.nnninimtnt of the committee which
he Intends sending Into the Tanner
creek sewer to make a seconu vw
gatlon. He says he Is sttemptlng to
get fair-minded men. who are civil
engineers, and who know their busi
ness, to serve. He says he will give
their names to the public ,ss soon a
the selection hss been made.
That he is making an attempt to
..... i.-., ,!,,.., RUlntt there 1
suieiu vikj "
little doubt. He thinks the report of
the former committee of experts was
prejudiced, and that the council com
mittee was too severe In Us recom-
Georse Knight and
R. 8. Oreenleaf. the experts who ex-
. .1.. uv thev were very
Hinint-u .uv w., " -
lenient with the contraclors. and both
state If the members-of the committee
-.1 -. i. a 1... th. mivor know their
business and make the proper. kind of
V . . ... 1 1 In fln.1
Investigation, iney caunui .. , .
more glaring defects In the sewer than
were pointed out in meir repon.
n 0 nA&nlAar .11 .... I . inm K uu
.1 . i, ..e k im. nverad a short
llllll vi nip "i- i a -
dlstsnce west of the Sixteenth and AHcrt
tract manhole, where, rt is w a
feet below the surface. He states that
for a distance of ebout 104V feat to tU
locality the two outside tiers T oritk
In the tunnel are laid without any ce
ment whatever. If this section of the
sewer Is uncovered he says everybody
will be able tor see hew poorly the con
tractors, did their work.
Grand Jury Investigating Soandal.
Rumors sre still being circulated
that the council will take some steps
next Wednesdsy to force Mayor Wll
it krln. wharves aaatnst Cltv
Engineer Elliott. Several of them were
asked regarding the matter, but refused
to discuss it.
Neither Assistant Engineer Scoggln
nor Inspector J. M. Caywood can be
removed unless the city engineer so de
t.i, mm .11 rhnrvpi aarainst them have
to pass through his hands before they
sre presented to ine civil service cum-
. , il.,i.. two men am B M
miBIIUH. 1 "
deeply Implicated as the city engineer.
the latter, it ia inumnw, ....
steps toward having them removed from
The grand Jury ia engaged In an in
vestigation of the scandal, and several
of those Impllceted have been subpoe
nsed to appear before that body. Reln
steln who was E. W. Rlners former
partner, and who hinted before the coun
cil committee that some city official was
to get a slice of the pool money. Is skid
to be among the witnesses. City Auditor
Devlin, with the reports of the experts
and the recommendations of the oily
council, haa also been before the Jury.
Although tne grana jury is u -inar
Walter Thomas.
who confessed to having been bribed to
leave defects In the drain, ne cannoi oe
found, as he has gone into Hiding.
It Is expected that the grand Jury
will bring In Its report soon.
IHpecUl Ptapttch to Tbe Jnuraal.)
. t..... 7 Wiw Hn..r. the
racomn, 1 --.
WhMwnrth" college freshman, who was so
....inn. v Intnreo in s man wun
sophomores yesterday, has regained con
mnjt vin recover. The fac
ulty Is trying hard to suppress the facts
In the scrimmage. was aue iu m
failure of the freshmen to obey orders of
the sophomores as to now mj wear
their csps.
Tr C. Gertrude French will lecture
before the Gillespie school of expression
,.. .. December 7. sub
ject "The Vocal Organs and Care of the
Voice." Admission free, but by ticket oh.
talned from students or ai me scnooi,
624 Morrison street.
No Delay
In keeping social or business engage
. 1 , ... nurvnll. Ill H . k llPft.i
ache, or other pains or schea by thos
. . I L-A lliu m.rit. nt fir.
Miles' Antl-Psln Pills. They simply take
s tablet wnen tne njmiiiuiu.
a tablet wen int. ymui.,ni j.,.-.,
they are quickly dispelled. In fsct
Dr. Miles'
Anti-Pain Pills
will prevent, and also cure, all pains of
every riiture. end are absolutely harm
less The soothing Influence upoa the
nerves snd muscles qulst snd refresh
the Irrlteted conditions.
'Mr Miles' Antl-Psln Pills always
cure my headache, and the beauty of It,
It costs sucrT a trifle. I am glad there
is such a remedy for people who must
work sick or wsll. Headaches never
prevent me from keeping my engage
MRS." 0 N. GRIFFITH. Santa Ans, dkX
If first bottle does not beneflCyour
money back.
26 doses, 21 cents. Never sold In bulk.
otr sroaa xs n ona or
Turwiai, and all manner of kitch
en good's, wsshing machines, etc
The Very Best Possible
to Procure We Carry
Only the Highest Grades.
Any dealer 111 tell you he can give
you the greatest bargains.
Ask any disinterested - party, and In
variably the answer will be: IF TOO
eSoule Bros.
Piano Co.
Cor. Morrison and West Park Streeta.
Nearly a Thousand High School
Students All Warned Against
"- the Cigarette.
A special asiajnbly of nearly 1,000
students or we roruana nign kuwi
heard Rev. Wallace R. Struble speak on
the evil effects of cigarette smoking by
boys snd the purpose of the Antl-Clgar-f
ti. leaame. The lecturer was Intro-
UUt tlQ ' ' Jt . I IU1 1, l I - - -- ' . '
phatlcslly Indorsed the campaign against
.i a w T T navia who em
The lecturer quoted Dr. Frank W
...... ..I.,. nr.tiiH.rit nt Armour Instl
tute of Technology, Chicago, as fol
I An nnt kaIIavm there Is an agency
more destructive of soul, mind and body
or more subversive or gooa moraia, uwi
the cigarette, ine ngnt against. ui".'
atta la a flaht for civilisation. This is
my Judgment ss an educator."
I im mm , wi., . . ...
a v...,!, uuritutitpn in a recent
T , ..Am n I I M I M UUU
issue of "Physical Culture," In which
the writer stated:
"Every lad should shrink rrom necom-
i . ....nil. fia-sraite fiend. Every
young woman should shrink from such
a companion. His clothes and his body,
his leathery, yellow-tanned lungs and
heavy,are saturated with the
filthy polson-rrom wnion a uui
disgust. His blood- Is tainted, his chest
Is hollow, snd hls;crscked, rlngless voice
represents another music box playing
. - a . wa - .J a rkaaaa "
the tun or -wearer my v w aa--.
Pk. nelnplnal 1nBTAdltIlt rSADOnalblS
m lasa a a- - sr-
for the demoralised condition of the cig
arette fiend," said Mr. curuoie, u a
product arising from the burning to-
" - - mm r;irhn ITlOnOXlde. The
imi tu .vw. - -w -.. -
London Lancet states that 'one ounce of
tobscco. smoked In the form of cigar
ettes, gives, for example, one-fifth of a
pint of pure carbon monoxide gas, and
probably more wnen smoaea in pijicu
cigars.- This i gss. if Inhaled, would be
taken up rapidly by the blood.' "
Blcknell Young, who comes to Port
land next week to give a lecture on
"Christian Science, was ror years ra
mous through' the eastern states as a
baritone. He sang In oratorio in all the
large eastern cities, and taught at Chi
cago. About eight years ago he visited
Portlsnd as a guest of Zera Snow, a
friend of many years standing, and
while here he gave a' song recital snd
lecture on "Folksongs of All the Aires"
st the residence of Mr. Snow, corner of
Twentieth and Johnson streets. Although
s singer of extraordinary gifts and abll
i. i, i,.i ,i,ij m r'urf.r In that nrn-
fes'slon when he was appointed sbout
two yesrs sgo ine nrom ui iwimi.
ship of the Christlsn Science church.
.... v...!.,., mill 1,.1-tiiro at the Mar
quam Grand theatre Sundsy afternoon.
Dee. 11, at 1 o'clock. As Christlsn
j.i.nn. i.rinmi vIvmi here in the DSSt
have sttracted sudlencea that tested the
capacity of the theatre, arrangements
i . . i.....,i mmAm tbla lime to Insure seats
to those of the public who wish to hear
Mr. rounga lecture, complimentary re
served seat ticxers will rm ii at m
hut office 'on the Bsturday before the
lecture. These tickets will reserve
hatra until IB minutes before 1 o'clock.
after which time the seats wilt be
thrown open to the' public.
On Tuesday and Wednesday after-
.......... T . K.. a 7 ttia anmMi nt
the Rngllsh Lutheran church Will have a
sale or rancy articles at ine p mn.i.,
tit Jefferson street Light refreshments
will be served. and an Interesting muslrsl
snd literary program will be rendered
each evening. Among those who are ex
pected to participate In the program are
Messrk Blankholm. Mrs. Leas, Dr. mi
ner Mr. Fred Bergee. Mrs. Arthur Hol
derman. Miss Bftftr.lMrs. Oliver Wlckllne
and others. ; Jr
Make Your Wife Happy
This Christmas by placing a Universal Range, tbe greatest cooking utenall
In the world. In your kitchen, and
She'll Make You Happy
By preaentlng you the beat cooked
you ever saw, and this will cauae
Bless the Maker of . that Stove
It haa ne superior for baking or cooking, and wlU pay for "self In two
years lnthe saving of fuel. In this respect It Is the most wonderful econo
miser ever known. Next cornea
Cole's Hot Blast Heater
The stove that burns every particle of gas generated from either coal, wood
or rubbish for It will burn corn cobs, aawduat. wood or coal. With coal
Vor fuel the gas gives half the heat and all other heating stoves waste thst
ha'f Vole's Hot Blast will save Its price In fuel In one winter. If used aa
much as heating stovea ordinarily are used.
la ga-ls-xea-xSsaa-xSJsjJMSMSg
Monday and
Thursday evenings from seven
to nine.
OOXKXzriJra (Laboratory
(Pernln System).
.(Touch method)
tCM. Tuesday. Wednesday
and Friday evenings from seven
to nine-thirty.
TUITION, 6 Mos.. 25.00
By the month six dollars for the
first month. Ave dollars per month
for the following five months and
four dollars par month there
after. Call or send for Catalogue
Through the kindness of
the Y. M. C. A., day and
night school is being held
ss usual at the association
building, Fourth and
Yamhill streets, telephone
Main 513.
Elocution and Vocal Culture
Art of Expression.
Apply to Miss Louise Forsythe,
ST. HELEN'S HALL, Portlsnd, Or.
Lessons given by Miss Leone
art convene each Tuesday and Thurs
day afternoon from 2 to 4 o clock.
aa statu Street,
Phone Bed 1761. Portland. Or.
City Brewery
largest and Most Complete
Brewery In the Borthweet.
Bottled Beer a Specialty
TB&BFMOB B Bo. 78.
Ofaoe 13th and Burnslda gtreets
111 Wseeester BMg. Iheas Wast It.
Oeaaral rractlc. I a Tea ligations, fctate Wars.
pedal and nrMlesl A eel la.
n an KOMTBOaT aTa
BaaAwzsre, wm oozom, rmm
Asm nnc ncBmx, bubst
nn wok.
meaU, the
you to
beat baked bread and pastry
Patronize HOME Industry
They Have the QUALITY
Get Our Quotations
Sash Doors
Mill Work K2
Rasmussen & Co.
We have removed to our new quarters, corner Thirteenth a;id Irving streets.
I are prepared I to offer the trade the largest variety of Bt?ves and Ranges,
'be T found on the Paclrtc coast We carry In stock .Hotel Range
to be
nnrtahle and brick-set 4 feet to 12 feet with single ana aounie ovens; rnruiiii.
FSblnet Oens for Bskerles, Restaurants and Logging Camps; copper and r--V.t-i
rTi Kitchen Utensils. Tinware, Colonial. Imperial and Amathyst
enameled warea. etc We solicit your
Dry short slab wood, stove
ajse $3.00
Same Kind of Wood What's the
Difference? Per cord
Banfield, Veysey Fuel Co.
Phone Main 353
m i-1 ..... a- r.nt.. an1
bath eetabllehment In the hotel.
ANiwirAru ron all the eol
Odd Fellows' Temple, First and
Alder Streets
Telephone MAIN 1383
N. E. Corner Second and Taylor Sts.
& Going Co.
Dry short cordwood, stove
sr- $4.50
80 Third St., Cor. Oak
UTe Portland
American Plan
$1 Per Day and Upward
awn rjoancHCXAX. TBATBLIM.
alalia aentlamen. A modern Turkish
H. C BOWERS. Manager.