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Great Deal of Monty Was Ex
pondod and Much Necessary
Work Waa Dona.
Congress la Urgad in Major
Langfitt' a Annual Report to
Hasten Appropriation.
Coplaa of the annual report of Maj.
XV. C. Lngfltt, dealing with the Im
provement made on the Columbia rlvor.
and lta tributaries during the paat
year, arrived this morning from Wash
ington, D. C. Among other things, he
estimates thst it will require ths ex
penditure of tl.3ZO.O0A to complete the
Jetty st ths mouth of ths river, and
this sum congress will be asked to ap
propriate. The amount previously ap
propriated for the project was 11.600,
000. Of this 16(0.000 has been ex
pended In remodeling and operating ths
dredge Chinook. Ths dredge Is given
credit for doing effective work at ths
bar. Hs urges that ths funds asked
be appropriated at an early date, so
that tbers may be no delay in ths work.
Ths following extracts are taken from
the report:
"At the beginning of the fiscal year
the work of repairing the washed
away portion of ths jetty tracks, build
ing additional plant and othsr construc
tion work, together with the fitting out
of ths U. a. transport Grant as a sea
going dredge, waa in progress under
appropriation of 1600,000 mads by act
of June 13, 1102, for continuing ths Im
provement, snd 11.000,000 appropriated
by ths sundry civil set of March J,
"With ths funds avallabls for this
work, ths Jetty tracks wsrs repaired to
the original snd, station 260 by 00, and
then extended a distance of 64 feet
beyond this point, to station 266 by ti.
lata In September. A further extension
was deemed inadvisable at that time on
account of ths lateness of ths season
and ths large amount of stons it would
require to properly protect ths tracks.
"To further protect the Jetty track,
batter piles and anchor plies, with heavy
wire cables, were driven In the most
exposed part, but notwithstanding these
precsutlons much damags was done by
the winter storms. During the months
of Fsbruary and March, a succssslon of
exceptionally hoary snd continued
storms, accompanied by very heavy
seas, were experienced, which from
time to time washsd away portions of
ths tracks until a total of 64 bents, 13
faet between, stations 221 by 40 and 240
by 12, had disappeared. Ths redrlvlng
of this break in the tracks was com
pleted in the latter part of April.
"On May 2 the work of extending ths
Jetty tracks was begun for ths season,
and on June 20 had been carried to sta
tion 22-11, a total for ths fiscal year
of 4,166 test, and a distance of 4,211 fset
beyond the end of the old Jetty, and
on April 21 ths delivery of stons by ths
Northwest Construction company, under
modified contract, began.
"Bin oa the approval of the boarS's
project operations have boon carried oh
with a view, to a dally delivery of from
LOOS' to 2,600 ton of stone oa foe Jetty.
An emergency contract for the delivery
of 160,000 tons and a formal contract for
ths delivery of 476,000 tons of stons
" were made with ths Northwsst Construc
tion company of Astoria, Or., undsr date
of May 27, IMS. Delivery of stons un
der the emergency contract, was sus
pended on December 11. 1102, on account
of the approach of ths winter aeason,
ths tlms for completion of this con
tract having been extended. Final pay
ment thereunder has been made, snd ths
contract closed. Approxlmatsly 122,100
tuna of stons were delivered under ths
emergency contract.
"Ths Bugby quarry, from which rook
wss obtained undsr ths contract, la
leased by ths United States and Its de
velopment resulted in its failure to pro
duce sufficient rock of ths required slae
at the required rats of delivery, and it
therefore became necessary to make a
supplemental agreement reducing ths
quantity to be furnished under the for
mal contract for 476,000 tons.
Important Work 2fsar Buoy.
Ths principal and most important
changes that have occurred sines the
survey of June. 1201. are a slight move
ment seaward of the 24-foot inner and
outsr curves of the bar, ths extsnslon
seaward of Peacock Spit on a nssrly
straight llns from Sand inland, and ths
building up and seaward movement of
Clatsop Suit on ths sorth slds of ths
Ths outer 14-foot curve of the bar Is
In ths sams position it waa last Janu
ary, when a small survey waa made and
at which tlms ths distance between the
inner and outer 24-foot curves was con
siderably greater than at either of the
June surveys.
Most Important developments are
taking place In the vicinity of the ob
struction buoy, which Is in ths posi
tion of the 11-foot channel of 1111. Here
the 24-foot curves are ths closer to
gether and in one place give indlca-
I Monl of breaking through Us crest. The
oeepssi channel across ths bar is found
here, a mnvssssat of about one-half
mils northward sines last June.
Thsrs baa been some scour to ths
aouth. on ths spit. In elongation of the
"Ths channel now used by deep-draft
vssssls la oa sltbsr aids of ths obstruc
tion buoy, but until within ths last fsw
days has been to the south of this buoy
"Ths Chinook has dredged continu
ously In ths channel used by vessels to
the south. It Is difficult, owing to ths
small seals of ths map and the neces
sarily relatively great dlstsnce between
lines of soundings, to make any deduc
tion as to ths effect which the dredge
hss bad, but It Is evident from ths small
changes which have taken place south
of this buoy that but little effect b
been produced. Ths main changes In
depth have taken place to ths north of
this buoy, where no dredging has been
Mack Mosey acquired.
As reported in ths last annual re
port, a conservative estimate of tho
funds required for remodeling the trans
port Grant into a dredge and operating
it waa approximately 1600. 000. The
actual expense of remodeling the Grant
was ovsr 1270,000. and ths cost of
changes, repairs and purchase of sup
plies, etc., including operating ex
penses, to Juns 10, 114, wss 100.000.
Ths expense of operating ths dredge an
other year will be approximately 1120,
000. making a total of 2440,000 for re
modeling ths dredge and operating It
to June 10. 1106, Repairs to boilers
and changing to oil burning will cost,
as above Indicated, not leas than 1100,-000.
"Ths south Jetty is to bs completed
before any work is commenced on the
north slds. Its estimated cost is 12.210,-000.
"The amount previously appropriated
is 11,600,000, of whloh amount, as above
shown, approximately 16(0.000 will have
been expended in remodeling and oper
ating the dredge. Ths total amount to
bs appropriated for completion of the
project for the south Jstty is. then,
11,220,000. which sum Is accordingly
named In ths monsy statement and la to
bs expended together with the balance
on hand, in dredging snd Jetty exten
sion. These funds should bs appro
priated at an early date to insure no
further dslay to thla important work
'This work has been in local charge
of Mr. G. B. Hegardt, assistant engineer.
Improvement of Willamette.
Improvement of Willamette river, and
of Columbia river below the mouth of
the Willamette, and their tributaries,
Oregon and Washington. On ths above
project 1247.747.61 has been expended.
The project of 1K96 provided for ths
Improvement of the Willamette river
frem Portland to Eugene, at an esti
mated cost of till. (17. snd on ths Yam
hill (ass Annual Report of ths Chlsf
Engineers for 186, p. 1,102) provided
for ths removal of obstructions and ths
construction of a lock and dam in ths
Yamhill river, to obtain a draft of IVi
feet from fne mouth of ths rivsr to Mc
Minnvills. Estimated coat, 1(1,000.
Ths construction of controlling works
undsr ths old project has without doubt
afforded relief and alone msds navi
gation possible during recent years.
However, It Is believed that the physical
features of ths river are such that ths
depths proposed by ths project cannot
bs obtained at reasonable cost.
With reference to the CelllO canal the
report says: -.
"Thsrs has been a total of tt,77t,OO0
appropriated for this work The amount
sstlmsted as required to complete the
walls and place the grounds in good
condition was tttl,20, thus making ths
estimated total cost 14,007,2(0. The ex-
ng ths year, amounting
to 11,410.(1. were for reps Irs to ramps
and slopes on ths north side, and in
properly caring for ths buildings snd
plant used in previous, years. Ths
maximum draft that can be carried
through the locks at the close of ths
fiscal year is about seven fset.
The report says in regard to the "Up
per Columbia and Snake rivers, Oregon
and Washington:
'Ths designation now covers ths 126
miles of ths Columbia river from Celllo,
Or., up to the mouth of Snake river at
Atnsworth, Wash., and ths ill miles of
the Snake river from its mouth up to
Pittsburg Landing. Or. Both the Co
lumbia and Snake rivers, between Celllo
and Asotin, a small settlement about 6
miles above Lswlston, snd ths limit of
regular navigation In ths past, are mors
or Isss obstructed by rock and gravel
bars, whioh cause rapids, the- controlling
depth over soms of which at low water
is from 2 to I feet, while some (par-,
tlcularly In ths (7 milss of the Snake,
between Its mouth and Rrparla, Wash.)
are Impassable at extreme low-water
"The Snsks river between Asotin and
Pittsburg Landing, 71 miles, falls about
seven feet at low water stage. Ths
channel in soms places ia narrow and
crooked and la obstructsd by many
rapids and rocks. No formal project for
Improving the two streams between
Celilo and Pittsburg Landing haa ever
been adopted by congress. Ths first
appropriation for tho uppsr Columbia
was mads by act of Juno 10, 1172."
Messrs. McGinn and Manning
Indulge in Language That la
Frequent and Free.
Nease Case Goes Over, and
Special Prosecutor Will Re
new Fight Another Day.
(Special Dispatch to The Journal.)
Tacoma. Wash.. Doc. 1. General Con
stant Williams, commander of the de
partment of the Columbia: Major R. K.
Evans snd Captain A. 8 Rowan, of Van
couver Barracks, are here to Inspect ths
proposed American Lake military camp
site, and report to Washington.
The light for supremacy between Dis
trict Attornsy John Manning and Judge
Henry E. McGinn in the prosecution of
the gambling cases waa of very brief
duration, but nearly terminated in con
tempt of court this morning.
Judge George attempted to induce the
attorneys to refrain from arguing tns
qusstlon of McGinn's right to appear In
the Nesss poolroom case wnsn it waa
not properly before the court but they
Insisted, and not until the Judge, after
repeated efforts, arose from his chair,
and hammering tho table with his first.
commanded them to be quiet wss silence
What waa ssld by ths attorneys waa
uttered while the court was calling for
silence, and their words were scarcely
understood by ths psopls who bed corns
to enjoy ths proceedings. This was a
serious disappointment, but anough was
heard to assure thsm that when the
question does corns up ths entertain
ment will be worth the pries of admis
sion. '
Judgs McGinn entered ths room with
an armful or rormmame loosing law
books Just ss court wss called to order.
Tho dsmurrsr to ths indictment
sgainst M. G. Nease had ben aet for
hearing this morning. District Attorney
Manning aroae and asked ths court that
ths argument go over until next Wed
nesday or Thursday on account of ths
illness of one of the counsel for the de
fense. Judge McGinn arose and address
ing ths court said:
"I understand the Nease case IS set
for hearing today. Ths district attor
nsy informs ms that I am not to appear
in this cans. I am hero to present this
matter to ths court to show that ths
district attorney has not ths powsr to
put ms out of this case.
-There is noning oerore me court on
this qusstlon," said Judge George.
Why." said District Attornsy Msn-
rring, "I do not quits understand what
Mr. McGinn means '
There is nothing befors the court."
broke In Judge George ss he waved ths
district attorney aside. But Manning
Mr. McGinn has no right to appear in
this csss. Nor has he any authorities
or Is thsrs any authority by which he
can take this matter before the court
to shpw why hs should appear."
"Gentlemen, gentlemen," commanded
the court, "this question is not properly
before the court. Will you plosss sit
down. Mr. Mcuinn.
But Mr. McGinn insisted on standing
and apeaklng.
"I drew up the indictments in wis
esse," he said, "at ths request of tns
district attornsy, who"
That's absolutely false," snouted
Will you please sit aown, gentle
men," cried the court.
"But it Is not false, and bs knows it,"
retorted McGinn.
'Mr. McGinn drew up the Indictment,
but not at my request," shrieked Man
ning, while the court waa protesting
loudly agslnst the argument. "But It is
a good indictment and I am willing to
stand by it. But he should not appear.
Hs shall not appear. I demand that he
does not appear and will "
"But I will appear," broke in McGinn,
"and you
Judge George arose from his chair,
his face flushed with anger, hammered
the table with his flat demanding that
ths attorneys "shut up." Hs did not sit
down until ths sttorneys hsd subsided.
The case went over until next wea-
nesdsy or Thursday, when it will come
up for argument before Judge George.
After the court had retired Judge Mc
Ginn approached the district sttorney
to demand what was meant by the as
sertion that , he, McGinn, did not draw
the Indictment against Nease. Mr. Man
ning replied that be did not ssy It waa
falss that McGinn drew ths Indictment,
but that it was not drawn at his. Man
nings rsauest This bs ssld was false.
and if McGinn said it was drawn at
Manning's request he told what was
But Mr. McGinn said ha never said It.
and peace was restored.
Judge McGinn announced at tho con
clusion of ths trouble thst he was still
determined to appear In the Nease esse,
while Mr. Msnnlng ss positively stated
that McGinn would not appear. Mr.
McGinn says hs is prepared to show by
tbs statute of ths state and by decisions
of ths supreme court that his request
should be granted. Manning says that
no such authority exists.
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William Wallace, who claims direct
lineage from the Scottish chieftain, has
a, saloon at Second and Everett strsets.
He calls it "Bannockburn Inn, a Respec
table and Refined Resort for Ladies and
There was a "rough house" at the re
spectable Inn, snd William, with e. half
dosen of his customers, told Municipal
Judge Hogue how It happened. In the
north end the well descsnded Scot is
known ss "Oyster Billy."
Two of his best customers are Min
nehaha and Pocahontas, Indian msldens
of many summers and elaborate aver
dupols. They sre slaters, snd several
years ago deserted their tribe of Uraa
tlllas to come to Portland. A few
drinks caused thsm to forget ths
restraints of civilisation. Once more
they were in the forest primeval;
"Oyster Billy." In bis whits apron, wss
a bravs In war regalia; beer mugs and
glasses were utensils of war. "Big
Bill" Bversole, sn admirer of Minne
haha, was lesder of ths attacking party,
and urged the A ma sons on.
When police officers arrived on the
scene they found a shattered saloon and
mangled forms. Pocahontas hsd besten
her sister Into Insensibility and had her
self been dragged into -ths strset by
her hair by "Oyster Billy."
Charlemagne Gustavus Jones, ons of
tho witnesses, gave expert testimony
on how to stop a riot.
"It's hitting first.'' he said, "and seeln'
how msny you can lay on ths floor."
Miss Catherine Macintosh also gavs
expert testimony. She visits (hs refined
resort occasionally, shs said.
" Big Bill' Bversols, hs wss ths cause
of It," shs said. "Next morning when
it was all over hs ssks me to go in
snd have a drink I goes snd sees him
drop on his knees before "Oyster Billy'
and raise his hands ovsr his head like
he was before the cross of St. Mtchsel.
He asks Billy's pardon for what hs dons
and begs him to give a drink, to a
thirsty man. Billy gives him ths drink
and 'Big Bill' winks st me snd says,
'Here goes, rustle a drink for yourself.'
And hs gulps It down. That's why I
want to testify against him."
In ths police court today Judge Hogue
found "Oyster Billy" guilty, but
suspended sentence, warning the saloon
men not to allow the Indian woman in
his plscs sgaln.
Eighth Session of National Live
stock Convention to Meet
in Denver.
Allen A Lewis' Best Brand.
(Special Dtapatrh to The Josrsal.)
Sslem, Or.. Dec. 1. Ths eighth sssslon
of ths National Livestock convention has
been called to meet In Denver, Colo . on
January 10, 1101, and Governor Chara-
oenain ia accordingly requested to sp
point a number of delegates. Governor
Chamberlain will within a fsw weeks
nams the dslegstes. and vary much de
sires thst only those bs appointed who
will bs able to attend. He therefore re
quests that svery person who would bs
willing to sttend, snd is intsrestsd In
such matters, send their names to his
office at the earliest possible moment',"
thst ths appointments may be mads
without unnecesssry delay.
Work Is going rapidly forward on ths
great volume of printing to be done at
the state printing office before the meet
ing of the legislature In January Sev
ers! biennial reports from ths Stats de
portments hsvs slready been completed,
and those from the attorney general's
office sre being mailed to members of
the legislature and to ths attorney's goat
em! of the several states In ths United
Ths business dons during ths month
of November by the stats Isnd board,
through the office of clerk G. O. Brown,
by ths sals of school lands, amounted
to 111.110.34.
Journal Hpeelal gerviee.)
New Tork Dec. 1. Lawrence W.
Ahrena, prominent In Tammany c I rates,
lost mors than 111.000 in a gambling
house on West Eighty-second street that
wss raided election night by detectives.
To meet the loss Ahrens gave several
checks, but. feeling that ' hs bad been
defrauded, he stopped payment on ths
checks snd ths gamblers never collected
from him.
Ahrena decided to try his luck at rou
lette, snd was ths only player at tho
table during the session. When ha
walked out of the door In ths sarly
morning he left behind him checks
amounting to 115.000 He was up be
fore the banks opened in the morning.
snd sf ter recalling ths circumstances de
cided that he was the victim of swind
lers. Hs ssnt word to tbs bank Baa
to honor the checks, and when, later in
the forenoon, they were presented, ths
cashier refused to pay.
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