The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 26, 1904, SECOND SECTION, Image 13

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IS SOLD FOR $10,000
Judge McCreedle to Own and
Hie Nephew, tha Player, to
Manage Portland.
Onion Man Talking of Buying Nevada Stock
B attar Foaling in Uva Hogs and Sheep 1
Cattle Are Very Firm Turkeys Are Dull.
tend at the irjl ot Portlaad, Or..
roc lr
niMitiM through tke auu u
Postage for etagle eaplea: for u t, 10 te 1
pege paper, 1 cent; It to 80 pin, S eaat: 82
to 44 pages, I easts.
roBxtsv iiHuiuui BsnuHnarcATrrs.
Vreoland-Bengemln Special A4vrtlS iiW.
ISO Nassau street. Vsw Terk; Trthna Balld-
Ing. Chicago.
vawaimos batks.
The "ally Journal, with Sunday, 1 fd...PJ;
The Dally Journal. 1 year 00
The Dally Journal, with Sunday. swaths. J T5
Tfca Dally Journal. montha f-JJ
Th. Dally Journal, with Sunday. I montha. 1.89
The Dally Journal montha !
Th Dally Journal, with Sunday. 1 month. .
The Drllv nor Bandar
Included IB
Th Dally, par vreak. delivers.
.... . .......... w
v. w-n.
The Dally Journal, with Boeder. I year T 00
The Dally Jowaal. t year f-f
Th. Dally Jooraal. with Sanday. montha. J-jr.
Th Dally Journal. montha..... MS
in i 'ally Journal, with Bnnday. I monina. j.w'
Th Daily Jootnaj. montha 1-JJ
2 Dally 'ourn.1. with Sunday. 1 aaonth.. -88
Jh. Dally Journal. 1 month -
J Sunday Journal. 1 yaar J-J"
Tta Sunday Jcarnal. S montha
Tha Saaal-WaaUy JaaamaL
Th. Vml Wll, Journal. S to IS, eagBB
r. laaa. Illustrated, fall marfcat
pert. 1 yaar WLM
Tha Wkly Journal.
Tha Weakly Journal. It coram., of ree.
tng each laaa.. Illoatr. ted. fail market
rporta. 1 year , 81 -68
R-njltt.nce ahould M mad by drafta. poaUl
notra. express ordara and email .mounts
cei-pinoi in 1 and 1 lint
P. 0. Box
IK. Portland. Or.
. Th Journal can ha found oa aato at th tol
lowln places:
POM.. IDAHO Pioneer book at.
CHICAOO Poetoffic Maw company. ITS
nrvrr mtn ar 1. 1. a, at.
company, til Seventeenth atroat; t. cs.
Sixteenth and Curti. atreeta,
KANSAS CTTT Vaa Key Hew company.
LOS A KQBLfcS B P. Gardner. SM Baatk
Sprtnr atroat; Oliver dj Balnea. SOS South
nrtna .tract.
MlN'NRAPOLIS M. J. KavaBaaga. SO South
NW YORK CTTY Brent no'. Union aqnara.
ooDllflOirdoa Hew company.
OMAHA Millard Hotel new atand: Megth
Stationery comnany. 1808 Paruunj atroat.
SALT I.AKR CfTT Kenyan hotel newa atand:
Barrow Brae.. 48 Wet ta Mad -treat. Soatb.
ST. LOT7TS Phtnp Reader. SIS Loevwt atrcet.
SAN rRANCISCO W. B Ardlng. Palace Ratal
awn at. ad: Goldsmith Bra.. BM Suttor
afreet: Prod W Pitt, lone M.rket atreat.
"POKANB WASH.-John W. Orebem Co.
TACOMA. WASH Central Newa company, 1121
P.etSe aroaa.
BOLDA In thl. city. Noyamber 16. 1004. An
ffuat Bold, a fed 21 eear.. 4 month. Pa
nerat will take place Monday. Noremher 3S,
from Dunnlnc, McEntee QUbanwh'e Chapel.
Saeenlh and Pin atreeta. at S:S0 a. m .
the ace to St. Lawrence', church Third and
Sherman .treeu. at S a. m. Interment Mount
t airarr cemetery- rnoiida fnrttad.
The weather In the north Pacific eta tea con
tinue. I'loudy and mild. The rainfall haa been
lltht and confined to northweetern Ore con and
northern Idaho. The atorm In tha New England
and middle Atlantic .tatea haa aadwlded. The
weather nearly ererywhere eaat of tha Rocky
nountalaa la now dominated by hlfb pr lean ri
area of (rent magnitude central oyer th. Da
kotaa. which 1 cattflnc fair weather, with tem
pera turea a a rule .lightly below normal.
The Indication ar for oeeaatoaal Heat rain In
i:iL dlatrfrt t under, except In eoulhern Idaho,
i where It will continue fair.
" - T- ! !
Noeembor 22. to Mr. and Mr.. John T. Ot
f,2S Tweatr-alatk atraot. a daughter.
Norembor 25. to Mr and Mra. Chrla N. Hore-
rriai. tun Maaon treat, a uauanier.
Norembar 10, to Mr. and Mra. Plate Bueeo.
SO Water .treet. a daughter
November 10. to Mr and Mra. J. S. Parmer.
DOS Patton avenue, a daughter.
November T. to Mr. and Mra. Mortln B. Wig
ton. 24 Blandeaa atreat. a eon.
Norembar 4. to Mr. and Mra. John Hamp
ton. 109U Beat Sixth .treet. a eon.
Norambw IS, to Mr. and Mm. Bacll Law
rene. 4S4 Ea.t Taylor atreat, a daughter.
Noremher SS, Robert Tlaek
St. Tin
plt.l: typhoid faaar.
Norembar 24. Mabel Rowell. SS4 Grand
arenue; typhoid f.Ter. .,
November S. Pearl Da via. 840 Rodney a treet:
NoeafBber 12. Law la Cramer. ltS Buaaell
atreet: acarletlna.
November 2S. Mary Layton, aged 48 year, at
St. Vincent boapltal: aao, pulmonary tuber
tuloafa. Burnal t SononaU, Waak.
November 21, Elvira C. Train, aged TO yeera,
at S4S Abbey atreat: caaoe, aordnoma of
atomach. Burial at Lone Fir cemetery
November lS, Mary B. Boa, aged 59 year.,
t Sal Fifth atreat; can, cancer ot u tenia.
Burial at Lone Fir cemetery.
November 28, August Bolda, aged Si yaar.
at St. Vincent boapltal; eaffb. aadocordltla.
l'orlal at Mount Calvary cemetery.
November 22. Bridget Moon, aged SO year.,
at S4S Thurman atreet; caaa. organic heart
dlaoaae. Burial at Mount Calvary cemetery.
November 23. Mereella A. Twttehall. agwd S4
yeara. at Roa.burg. Or.; caaa. fibroid tumor
of nteroa.
Cramatoriam oa Oregon city ear line. Bear
Sell wood: modern, ecleattflc, complete Chargea
-Adult.. 885; children. 828. Vlaltor S a. m.
to S p. m. Portland Cremation aaeocletloa,
Portland Or.
The Edward Holman Uadertaktas comnany.
funeral director, and embalmere. HO Third
etrt. Phone SST.
J. P. Flnley A Son. funeral director, and
emb.lmer. hav reawvad to their new aataa
II ib meat, corner Third and Madtua atreeta.
Beth phono. N. S.
Funeral wreath, aad eat flowera a anectalty
at Boee City OreenhmnM, Twenty-aecond aad
Baat Morrlaoa, opp. cmetery.
Clark Bra, far flow era. S8S Morrleon atreat.
T. 0. T. Oa. to A. E. Oantanbeln et
al, block 12. Weet Piedmont f 4,590
Janice 0- Malone and wtfa to J. 8. OIa-
aon, lorn 1, a. nioca o, nanroea an op.
addition to Alblm
A. K. Uantengeln et al to Secretary Sav
ing A Truat company, block 12. Writ
lledniojt j.
Ri ma to eame, block 1. Weet Piedmont
Joacph Howell et al to M C. Charlton,
lota 15 Inelnalv. MCtloa IS; lot 1,
mctlon IS, towaahtp 2 ncrth, range 1
weet. and other property
Stllwood Baal Eatate company to M.
Vert, truetee, lot S, block SS. Sellweod
ft ft 1 ,.,,! in at al to lota T, 8.
block SO, Sell wood
Reuben Weeka to I. Wood et al. lota 1,
2, block IS, Orchard Home
Samuel Holm to L. A. Bradley, ea.t Va
lot e. black S46. Holladay'a addition .
Reuben Wk et al to p. F. Swlg.rt.
lota 1. 2. block 18, Orchard Home.
Henry Witt and wife to M. Keller, lot
II. block 1 Madeline
A L. Veeale and wife to R. Wilt, lot
11. block 2. Madeline
William McLean and wife to S. Ston
berg . eaat M lota 1, 2, Prokatora anb
dlvUlaa to Alblna .. ..
Maggie E. Harn to I. W. Hearn. lota
.14 hlock IS. Kanwortky'a addition
Fred S. Morrla to The Land companj
hlock. 2, 19, stepnene eonition ana
other nronertr
1 nlon Truat k Inveatment company to
J. I). Coalman, lot 4, 5.
Fred 8. Morrla t Oregon Water Power
A Railway company, lot S, hlock 1,
VlrOreforV and himband to ft' W.' Ste:
phen. Tote S. 6, T. block 1, Caaa' ad
dltloa te Pleaaant Home j ...... ,j .....
Oregon company to J. L. Robin, let
I. 2. block 4; lot 6. hlock 8, Henry'
Point Vlw Real Estate company to J.
M. Stone, lot 83-88 Incloriv. block
SS, point View
P H. Marlay and wife to William Mc
Lean, lot 1-6, Incnieiv. omen is.
I'rooetere nniviain h
En tared t til
laaaBBaaaaBaaxxaB IIS iatklTI.. fl ,n A 1 i Vi 'n' , '-.lamW rt rinaur"- i---'---'.'.'
Rumor Thai Will Not Down Says
Elfamy Will Take Sup
. ' pM Thenp.
Several Cara Cranberriea and Car
Eastern Cheeae Tur
keya Lower.
Front Street. Nov. 28. The principal feature,
of tb Portland wholaaala market, today are:
la R ileal, buying flour and feed;
Wbeat market la eery quiet.
SUU another car eastern egg In.
Hew date arriving from Arabia. .
Turkey market la weak and down.
Chicken bold a fair ton.
Onloa men talking of Importing a took.
Fata toe are firm but dull.
Car Wlaoonaln cheeee arrive.
Two cara Jersey cranberriea In.
Car banana do tonight.
Egg market a) quoted firmer.
la Eaaaia Buying Flour ami toed I
From all waeent Indication there will anon
K . AmmmnA for flour til thlB city from
the Buatlna government. Rumor haa It rather
etrong that ah ateamar Ella my. which waa re
ported chartered over a week ago to load for the
orient. wlU tike large eunpllea ot Dotn rtour
and barley. Tke ahlp will make every endeavor
to naae the blockade 01 me j.paiir.c xm
1M.JI ,.k T I- lrn..wn lA pt I TltW
arouou iimitomw. v - rT .
that tke Bnaalaa government baa bean abort of
. . 11 f
tlcur tor aotne uiue lira -- - -
will be taken In order tb land auppllea. Horae
. . . , Vladivostok and nrlcea
I ecu 1. rerr L,Lt
ar .0 high that daring skipper, will Uk th
chance or running up ae""
...... in order to earn a little extra mouuy.
Locally the flour market la quiet. There to
. . . hu, T.n.n and eastern
nottting ae y.i wtui "vw - - r -
ordara are not expected until after the holiday e.
when the preeent stock, ar given a chance to
clean up.
StUl More Eastern Egg Arriv.
StlU another car of aaatern egga came In thl
morning, It w "calved by a local nutrer
mannr.ctnring xirm. sowtpw ,
Oregon contlnu very small, with price turner.
Tb chicken market 1 firm, but turkeye do not
eeem to find much of a call and price are
First Columbia Smelt Ar In.
Tha flrt Columbia river amelt to be caught
thl. ae. son came In yeaterday afternoon irom
the Cowllta and wer. aold to . ra. 'S!!
m.rket at SOc a pound. At retail they were
quoted at 75c. In bout another montb the ruu
2? .melt will b oa In full bla.t and prljnm 1 will
go to the bottom. Two yeara ago freeb amelt
warT being aold at retail aa low aa Ic e pound.
235 1 of aalmon from the CelumbU today
were very email.
Onion Mas Talk of Importing Stock.
Tnere 1. .om. talk among the larger onion
dealer, of Importing .tock from Nevada Tbla
talk la given to the farmer, la order to scare
them, bit ao far It haa proven unaacceaefu .
tV. talk 1 to bring In ral ear and ecll
ttem" lower prlceT Thl. would be l-Pojnrtbl.
uoleaa toe dealer, car. to lea a few b?dred
dolUra. a. It will coat much more to bring
on on. in tba. to pay tb. current the
, h-gcg, haa been tvo liotrti Duyintj
JTtoto1, tr3 eTr.n matod crop In Ore
ion th a year ot 160 car. It 1 flsuMd that
ft", Tear, are In th. band, of tb. de.lerv
rr few hav. SSSS JtSftJSZJtZ
trnT4.r la auii. - . .
..mthcru OalltPCnla are coming "
but at 5c a pound there I not a great demand.
Oar Wleconnia Cheeae Arrivee.
. . i this morn
A ear of wieeoaain enw
A r of ba-na. die toulgbt. New date.
mmltmnSm 4-r.bU and ar. qnotod at 8e
ToUdsy-. wboleaato market prices:
Oram. Flour and Feed.
WHEAT New and old-W.lle Walla. SOO
KTProuucpriea-Ht, 1 whit. ,27.00
atralgkto, S3 75; valtoy, $4.10; graham, H
hntjVFliBr... S18.B0 p ton: -ld-dUngT25.00;
.nor. country. $22.50; chop.
'1xtav p-odueer.- trice Timothy. Wlltamelte
'"n .?."?:"' Stt-SSXllSS:
iri66OlS.00; clover. . iL"lil-uu;
611 00112 00: ChMt. Sll.OUBJix.ov.
iepa. Wo.1 aad Hide.
HOPtV-lSM. SlHe for PJ; "'' for
choice 81c for prime nd medium.
WOOL-NomlnaT Valley coaraa to media m.
1701St; Bne 10c; eaatern Oregon, lzOlSc,
rPSrHNrlS ."
20t0c; medium wool. SOQOoe; long wotM.
"WW lb. 45c; Ne. I
!aBK-4 per lb, buying Price
ll?DlSDry hldea? No! T f J, 'and .
1 Bt - aaltoO Dlufa, turn, uuvs, -- 1
TOSe; 60 to SO lb. Te; under 50 lh. tad
cows SdlTc: taga and bulla, eound. 6c: kip.
IS to 80 lb Tftc; aonnd. 10 to i in, oc,
Slt 'nd a-iar'lO lb. sViV mS
..lied lc ner Ib less: cull, lc per Ib lew,
hldia. lted. .Tch. V KUllrj. b.
I100O160; colW bide, each. O60e. JJJt
akln.r common, each. 1015c; Angora, with
wool ob, cn. zockfe..w. .
Buttor, Eggs n rouitrp.
BITTER FAT Sweet, 28Ue; our. 24 Vie.
BUTTER City cre.mery, ,,,: eacoaa
r.d. annur: out.lde fancy. 27HO30c; ordi
nary. 2S027 He; cold 22c; eastern
BjtriojDi-: .tore,
HE Ho. 1 fre.h Oregon. SOO Sic; eaatern.
frvaa, 25c; April. 24c.
I HI ES B New run cream. twin, aeysct
Touag America. 16c; Eaetern. I6OI6.
POUI.TBX cnicaen. mixeu, ivnv r .
William Reidt and wife to H. Pallner
t al. outh 25 feet, fraction lot 10.
hlock 1. Wllaon addition 480
Philip Nutting to A. Nutting, ubdlvlalon
740. 1, lot 1. bloca . rortianu ram-
tad anaocl.tlon tract ISO
Cbarle H. Thompson to W. O. K.rne.
lot S. Mo. k IS. Olenco park 850
William Pool and wife to 0. W. Prlt. -'
lot S, block SO. Alblna Homeetead 480
Sheriff to A. Harold, lot la Willamette
addition to Baat Portland 10
Sylvia U Ohio et al to J. Dundore. Iota
T. S. block 228. Holladay'a addition.. 1.750
H. Slnabelmer to 0. C. Flanders, lota 1.
2. block T4, Eaat Portland 8.450
Otttll Bartseh t al to J. Hart, lot 11.
Muck 8. Bartseh park addition S25
Mettle Orimm to O. 8. Barrett, lot 1.
2, 21-24 Inclusive, black 1. Henry'
Fourth Addition BOO
M J Creasywalt and husband to M T.
Slavena. lot S. T btnek 1. All, In.
height.; lota 4, 6, block 8. Leeh'e ad-
dltfon SOO
8amr to same, lota 4, 5, block 1. Alblna
heights; lot 4. 5, block 8. Leeh' ad- .
dltfon SOO
Ost your lsaarsacs aad abatraeta to real
eatate from th Title (in a ran tee Truat
pany. Chamber of Commerce building.
sber 25, Peter McCuhben. cottage, L'ma
stweea Baat Seventh and Beat Eighth
eaat. t70xi
November 26. Louise K Swegl. cottage. Mor
rla atreet. between Wllllama aad Rodney .ve
nue: coat. 4700.
November 26. Paul R. Kelfr dwelling. Mar
guerite .venue, between llewtnerne avenue aad
Harrison atreet: cnet, tt.SOO.
- November 28. F. A. Bernolde. elore building.
Twenty -alath. between Thurman end Upehur
streets: cost, $400.
November 28, 8. W. Andetvon. residence. Esat
Twentr fourth atreet, between Eaat Madison
street end Hawthorn avenue, coat. tS.000.
lie atae lh
pr lb;
per lb;
young, lotfe per tb;
broiler. He per
' e
frvaen. lie nor lb:
old, lVVkC per in;
young, llUe. pat U.
turkeye. lsSlT par lb;
o per Ib;
IB nnr lh
WILD OA MO Teal, gl.To; wm
mallard, W uo4 00: caavaaUeka ,
China abeaaanU. $d-60T 60; natj
Widgeon, 81.75;
, ea oogjo w,
Ive pheasant..
v 1.- 1 Vu.kUa
rOTSTOEB Boat Oregon. OSl 00 rwt;
baytra' prloea, ToaTfi; aecond grad. 70086c
Ia?k; buying price SslrSBc; Jwta. beet $ .
crated, Sl.3l.40; Hw tUfornl. oc lb.
UNIONS Local. fX0Oj2.2Sr buyer' price,
t2.UOtJ2.00; aarUc, Kttluc par to.
HKSt a nut 10 mj
11.50; fancy
Oregon. $1.0001-26 per box;
nr boa; banana. Se per lb; lemons, choice,
Jj.25 per box: fancy. SS.75 par box; Umes,
M.rican 86c 9r tot; PPjJ"-, g-0":
Conwrd.. 01' heaket!1').; hucbeibrie. Si
10c par tb: cranberriea. S8.00 per bbl; Jereej.
$10 per bbl: prune.. So per lb.
VlioBTABLES Turnlpa. $1.00 par aeek; car
rota, $1.00 per aack; bto, $1.24 , par aack;
Oregon radiance. 15c per dos; cabbage. Ore
gon 81 2601-76 ewt; lettuce, botbuuac, 801
(Oc per doa; green pepper. 7c par lb; -chill pep
per. 16c lb; celery, 6076c per do; tomato.
CiStornto, lfl.l8tjI.27Tllw. I5cJli 5 pi.
plant 2J2MiC 16, string beane. c. caulldow.r.
ou.-u.ti-00 doa; butter bean, oc; pumpkina, la
Itr bor.eradlah, Te per lbs eproute, ae; mush
room. 25c per lb; artichoke. ooaJBOc per dos.
DK.KU PBIJITS--Aaplee). evauoratad Ttjrjc
per lb; pricot. SHtJlSc per lh; aack. kc
per lb 1; peaches, J12e per lb; pr.
per lb; prunee. Italian. 9$ ,", b:
L- k sile..u. mm lh! in ( ellfornla black.
6J8Ke per lb; California whit. per lb;
pfuma. pitiea, per - ,
tarda,' $1.60 per is lb baa.
per lb;
Orooeri. Huta. Bt.
SUGAR Sack bto Cub, 88-40; , powdered.
888; fruit grcnulated, 8S..6; dry granulated.
.15 heat iranulated. 88.06: extra C. 15.
golden C $8.56, bbl, 10c, Ubbkt 25o. box
60c advance on aack baeta, leea 26c cwt tor cb.
16 dayaj m.pie, leniBC per u.
i nn-EK Packaaa Branda. S14.TB.
SALT Fine Bale, 2a, 8. 4a. 6. 10a,
table, dairy. 60a. 460O11.50: iOOe.
Imported Liverpool. 50a. 815.o501S.00
tl so
84 00: aacka. 50a, 85c. . .
SALT Coarse Half groond, 100. per ton,
$5.2004-60; 60 per ton, t6.85O6.00: Liverpool
lump rock. $15.50018-60 per ton; 60-lb rock,
$8.2506-76; 100. $6.7506 25.
(Abov price apply to sale of less than car
lot. Car lota at special price subject to
ORAIN BAGS Calcutta, S5.T60S 00 P 10.
KICK Imperial Japan. No. 1. ttAc; No. 2.
4c; New Ortoana need. SVaOSe; SVkc;
Creole, 4c.
BEANS Small white, 4c; lrg whit. SV,c,
pink. 4c; bayou. S4c; Limaa, 5c; ktaxl-
can reen, avc
NUTS Peanut. Hie; Jumbo. SHe Pr lb;
w, SOlOe per lb; roasted, eocoaaota, SbO
a rwr , . O.I K, nn. lh I nln.
auto, 10O12vic per lb: hickory auta, 10c per Ib;
chestnuts, eaatern. 1518c per lb; Br. all ante,
15c ner lh- fllhort. lnAlBe ner lb: fancT
pecan, UtT'lSc per lb; almond.. 18016 per Ib.
Meate, Fish aad Provisions.
miutn ausAiB rront at reel seer,
406c per lb; pork, block, SOdc per lb; p
4c per lb;-, bull. 202HC per lb;
SVefJ4ttc per lb; mutton, dressed. 405e ,
FRESH MEATS Front atreet Beef, eteere,
S Ib;
veal, extra. TVtOSe per lb: ordinary. 607C per
IK, . ,
sudtSUe net
iv. ywi , , y'-l aw, 1
D; i.mos, ,aaoc per id.
'TC Onrtl.nd mrk (local
Portland pack (local)
hama, 16 to 14 lb. 18c per lb; 14 to 18 lb
lllc ner Ib: IS to 20 lbs 18c per Ib; cottage.
10c per Ib; bacon, Hffllfic per lb;
lOUc ner lb: emoked. HUc per lb
clear barka. unamoked. 10c per lb: smoked. 11c
per tb; Union buttof 10 to 18 lb, uusmoked. Se
per Ib; smoked. Sc per lb; cuter bellies, un
amoked. per Ib: emoked, per lb.
LOCAL LARD Kettle leaf. 10a, 11c
e per
er lb;
lb; 5a. 11W per lb; 60-lb tlna. lOUc pe
steam rendered, toe, iovc per lb; 6s. 104e per
lb: 50. Stac ner lh: comnound tlerc
. ii
b Pr
lb; tube, 8c per lb: 50. te par Ib
CANNED SALMON Columbia river l ib telle.
tl.SS; 2 lb telle, 82 80; fancy Mb Sato, 82.00:
W Ib fancy Hat.. $1.26: fancy 1 lb oval. $2 75;
Alaaka tall, pink. 86O0c; red. $1.60; nominal
2s, tall, S2.00.
FISH Rock cod. Tc per lb: Sounders. Be par
lb: Halibut. 6Uc per lb; craba, tl 26 per don;
trlped baaa. 10O124c par lb; eatSah. Te per
in; eaimoa, ateaiaeaoa, tc per id; euversioei
per Ib; herring, 6c per lb; soles. Sc per
shrimps. 10c ner lb: abad. dreaaed. per
perch. 6c ner lb: (had roe. par lb
bad. Sc per Ib; black cod. Sc per Ib; ellrer
melt. 5e per lb; lobster, 12Ho; freah mackerel,
be: era wash, 20c per doa; Sounder, Se per Ib;
sturgeon. Tc ner lb
OYSTERS- Shoal water bay, par sal,' 82.26
per ssca. 4 w net; oiyrqnls. per aecx, to. ZD.
CLAMS Hard shell, per box. $2.00; raanr
clam., $2.00 per bos.
Paints, Coal 00a. Eto.
ROPE Pur Manila. lSVtc; standard, 1244c;
Slaal, 10Vc.
COAL o 11-Pearl or Astral Cas. tlVe
per gal; water white, iron bbla 18c per gsl,
wooden. per gal: headlight. 170-deg. esses
28Uc per gal. Iron bbla 17c per gal.
LINSEEf) OIL Pure raw, la bbla 52c per gal.
caaee 67c per gal; genuine kettle boiled, cases
69c per gal. bbla 64c per gal; ground cake,
car lota 128.00 per ton. lea than car lota 426.00
per ton.
eases 82c
gal. Iron
bbl 26c per gal: ator,
e per gal.
uon DDia isc per gal.
oaaea 22c per gal. Iron
tbla 15 Vac per gal.
PAINT OIL Raw, bbla 88e per gal.
00c per gai: ooiiea. caeee eoc per gai.
TCRPKNTINB In ram 85c per gal wooden
bbla. 81c per g.i. iron bbla TSe per gal, 10 lb
e.c lota .
fo- Ton
Iota 7Vie per lb: 600-Ib
lot 7 lac per Ib. lea lot Sc ik
WIRE NAILS Preeent base at 22.80.
(Farnlahed bv Orerbeck Starr A Cook Co.)
oew zora. not.
point up. Tb market:
Open. High. Low.
January ... B.S5 9 40 8. SO
February .... ....
March S.61 8 56 S.45
April 8.54 ....
Hay S.S4 8. TO .8.68
June S.S4 S.8S
July S.SS S.8S 8.86
November . 0.28 0.25 0.24
December . 9.30 8.80 0.21
0. sioes
9 27028
Liverpool Cotton Market
Liverpool. Nov. 98. Cotton cloeed with mid-
dllnga 8 points down and futur.a 4 to 5 points
Aetterr Tone In Livestock TTTSllS
T4A01tisr XOfS Tjp Today.
Portland Union Stockyards. Nor. 26. Th
aheep market la higher today and the tone for
beet packing hog I Improved with aome ad
vance In the price. The rlee In aheep will
amount to 28c. Tb rattle market la very firm
et former figure.. The receipt, wer but 80S
J he ornriti price today:
Csttl Beat eaatern Oregon atr. 82.80-
beet valley ateer. SS. 00 St IT 22: cow. S2.2SO
2.80; bulla. 81-8802.00; atara. 22.00.!
Hoge -Beet heavy. 28 JsdH SO: block. 24.00;
China fata. 84.00; atockers and feed era. $3.80.
aneep-Beet grain-tao wetuere, 8n.noaiB.2B;
Jamb. 88-280 -50: mixed aheep, $2.So2!7s.
Chicago, No. 26 Livestock receipt: ,
Hog. cattle. Sheen.
Chicago 231,000 400 4,000
Kana city O.OUO 600
Omaha 8.800 400
Hon opened atsady and alow, with T.000 left
arari Becelpta year ago were 12.000. Price:
Mixed. 14 40114 70. good. S4 S6J4 70; rough.
44.00; light. S4.B434 80 I
Clttht: Slow
Bkp: Steady
.L08 81.10A
. 1.0S 1.10A
. 1.42 1 44
san rrancmco
Primary. Shlpmenta aad Olearnaoas.
Chicago, Mot. 26. Primary receipt:
Today. Year ago.
hu.b bnsb.
Whet 1.0T8.000 1,881,000
Cora K SS9.000 S6B.000
Shipment were:
Wbeat 404.000 460.000
Corn 800.000 280,000
clearance were- Wheat and flour, 217,000
i . corn. 12.200 bu.; oat. 18,000 bo.
Chicago Onala Oar Lata.
160 46 1SS
C.-. Grade. Eet.
Wheat 80 TS
Wheat cara today: 817; Dalnth.
14.1 Ycat ago: Mlnneapolle. 46S: Duluth. 200:
Chicago, 1S6.
After Low Opening Price Coea
" Two Dollars and Half Higher
i atttvaOtoao.
Lawaon Stories Continue to
Bear Market at Opening
Sugar Refining Up.
I Furnished by Orerbeck. Starr A Cook Oa.)
New York, Mot. 20. After a lower opening
doe to tha activity of tba Lawaon report
Amalgamated Copper ahowad a rtoa today. The
market opened weak at TS and reached the
high point at SO. Tb market eleeed at SOfc.
a rise of t- 50 today.
Bugtr Refinery openad up at 14SH. quarter
advance over tba previous day' do. It waa
high at 140 and closed trong t that figure.
Illinois Central was very strong at tb open
ing and cloeed at 163. Tbla la a ruvs of 81.60
over tb opening
St Paul waa M np from yeeterday, while
Manhattan waa down. New York Central
gained oyer tha opening. Pressed Steal Oar
ta up the muis amount. Faelfto Mall cloned
Bock Island common advanced SI. SB, whll
tha preferred la up point.
South .01 Railway cumman Mined U. wklle
tb preferred I down v point. Southern Pa
cific cloeed 4 above the opening.
Tennreeee Coal A Iron la a quarter down,
whll Colorado Fuel la up fc point. '
I nlon Pacific common closed at th opening
figure, 116fe, ftr touching th high murk
a quarter up. Tba preferred la dawn 50c.
The official market:
Mining Co..
Amal. Coppe
er Co ,
Atchiaou com
do preferred
American Car t F Co..
do preferred
Am; Sugrrr, com
Am,ramelt., com
do preferred
Bait. A 'Ohio. 00m
do preferred
Brooklyn Rap. Transit
Can. Pacific, com..:..
Chi. A Alton, com
do preferred ....
081 84 0S
68 Va
184 Vi
Chi. A Ot. Western. c..
iui., aui. a Mt- raui...
Chi. A Northwestern, c.
mi. anrmuuu nvy ..... .
Chee. A Ohio
Colo. Fnel A Iron. com.
Colo. Southern, com....
do 2d preferred
do let preferred
Del. A Hudson........
Del.. Lacks. A Went,.
usurer at Klo dr., com.
do preferred
Erie , com
do 2d preferred ,.
do let preferred. .
Illinois Central ei...
Ioulevllle A Noah . .
Metrop. Traction Co.
Manhattan Elevated
Mexican Cantrel Hr
Mian.. St. p. 4 BU. M.
do preferred
Ml.aourt Pacific
Mo., Kan. A Tax., com.
do preferred
New York Central. . , , ,
Norfolk m West., com.
do pre tarred .......
North American . ... .
N. T-. Out. A Wee tern
lenntylvnnla By
Ii-opl' u., L. A C. Co.
t-raa at. ur, com . .
do preferred
Pacific Mall St. Co....
Reading, com
Heading, let preferred.
Rrnub. Iron A Steel, c.
do prefarrad ........
Rock Island, com
do preferred -
Southern Ry., com
do preferred
Southern Pacific
St. L A. 8. P., 2d pref
do let preferred
St. Louie A 8. W., com.
do preferred
Ttxa A Pacific .......
Tens. Coal A Iron
ToL, St. L. A W , com..
do preferred
Union Pacific, com
Union Pacific, com....
do preferred
U. B Leather, com....
do preferred
C. S. Rubber, com
do preferred
U. B Steel Co., 00m...
do preferred
Wheel. A U Brie, com.
do let preferred
Wlaoonaln Cent., coxa..
do preferred ........
Western i n TftL
Wsbaah. com.
do preferred ........
American Ioe
do preferred ........
29 29 SS
7m i
4T 48
02 I 02
Total sslss for day, 878,800 ah area.
Boston. Nov. SS.
Isle Royal
I'nlted State .
Arcsdlsn ......
Copper Range
0ly Weet ...
Elm Mining ..
Ms a
O id
Rhode I aland
Santa Fa ....
Winona ......
Victoria .....
Wolverine . .
San Franc laoe, Nov. 24 Mining stock quo
ta t lone closing:
Bid. I Bid.
Onblr 82.20 'Confidence .... .00
Mexican 110 sierra nevaoa..
Oanld A Curry. 2 4T 1 1 t.h
Rest A Belcher. 1.18
Bew. Belcher
Col. Col., Va... 1.88
Svag 88
Cbolhr 18
Potoal 21
Hal A More... 1.98
Crown Point... .ISA
Yellow Jacket.. .19
Con. Imperial .08
Con. Kentucky. .09
Alpha Can. 14
Belcher -SS
i Or er m a n . . . ,
I'eledonU ...
Chnltengfs ...
I'nlon Con. .
Stiver Hill...
Occldeatal . .
Scorpion . .
Tunopah Kxokang.
Montana ......
North Star ....
Wrat Bnd
Oold Mountala.
.09lToa. A Calif....
1.78 "Ray A O'Brien
i.8TOoldea Anchor..
Red Ton
OoM Field ...
Ssnd Storm ..
Jumbo ant ten
(Oent Snreka
Ban Francisco Laoal Stock.
San Franclaco. Nov 26. Local tock closing
vara- a as
Rnrln, T.ll.T Wat.r ........
Central Ugkt t
t. r wa m awinc
1. 1 ant Powder
Hawaiian Sngar
Monoker Sugar
HatcalBMn Sugar
Kltsnean Sugar
Mikawcll Sngar
oromea Btigar
Poanban Sngar
a I. Fruit i annere'
L Win A.ort.tlon
Copper closing:
Bid. A.k
80 81
"He J i
87 SS
676 980
20 20
Tl T2
18 14
0 10
86 BT
:::::::::::::::::: P 8
:::.:::::::::::::: lvA 1
119 11T
2 2
, ' 1V 'Z '
,.......TJrVr.. 10 10
..i.Vr. 1... 18 14
11 11
B ..
198 100
86 M
..... 61 98
18 10 "
:::::m S
..... TTm ....
Chicago Market Down with May
a Half Cent Off Deoem-
bar Seven Eighth.
Soma Little Improvement in the
Cash Corn Conditions
Show No Change.
Tb wbeat market:
Open Close
Sat Bat.
December ....21.00 8108
May 1.10 1.10A
loir a
UO B $ .00
.10A .00
.0klB .00
(Furnlehed by Overbeek
Starr A Cook On.)
Chicago, Not. 2 logan A Bray ear :
,enMla .Inck. of w
si ocas oa warn increwou wu,ww
bu; total new of all grade. B. 704. 000 bo. Bom
Hill. lmnri.mM la noted 1 tba rBC
Th. trade eipects quit I decrease In the
world's ehlomente on Monday and a more fa
vorable visible lneraaei. Ib market ruled In
a narrow rut aU through the session. Tba
principal factor continue to be the uncertainty
over the Argentine condition and strength In
foreign markets. .
vrkiL. .a. in., w.. asm at tba eloee. there
was no very urgent eelUng aad the action of
the market would Indicate it wee eauaeu nj
profit-taking or a desire to be even on the
market over Sunday. Aald. from tha Argentine
condlttooa our donveatie market hav not
d,..wa While thee, la article little improve
meat to be noted In the cueh eltaaUon and
aome Bale of flour ar reported. It will take
continuance of the factor on a larga seal
to maintain present price for wheat If we
sre left to consume our present Urge toka
a. vi. ,.,,,-. Thl. la the critical period of
the Arrentlne croo end will be for at leaet
a month yet. Tbla factor will deter any ae-
tl-rtty U abert selling until poeltlva aasnrsnce
come to hand whether condition prevailing In
. ... tnr h.rre.t. Tb mar
ket will likely rule within narrow limit for
the time being. It Is s good trading markst
and we rather expect to -eee good awing np
nnd down.
Corn Condition. Bam
In corn underlying condition. In tbla market
have not materially changed. Receipts can
non. t he nult. liberal and tba quality some
what inferior to early arrive la The trade con
tinue mostly local and vary pro ! i in
character. The May option Mesas to racer
support on decline. The oats market la
changed. Trade 1 dun and local.
Packet Under Dover.
In provisions aome little Improvement I noted
in tne ouiaioe uemana anu we wr-
valto IB the trade generally urns
moderate buyer under cove
condition are nnchsnged.
Today's official markets:
High larw.
8 8 1 ?
i in .w
May July
Nor. ... ...
Deo. .. . .,.
Jan. .:. 12.86
War ... 12.07
is on
Pa. . ..
w.. ... ...
Jan. ... T Ot
T.16 T.6B
T.ST T.22
6. SO
8 TT
Samara JAeport
During th Day.
by Overbeek. Starr Oa Oo.)
Saa Franclaco, Nov. 26. E- F. Hnttoa A Oo.
ay: Tne local wneet mar act anew a utile
more strength ahortlv after tne opening today
on report, of crop dassag. Tne market rnled
tn a narrow range, however, and closed bont
teady at near the to price of tne day.
Bar lev waa Ignored.
Todav'a official -market: 4V -
Open. Hlfb. tarw. Cloee.
& m 'into
Dee. 81
May 1.48
Liverpool Or. In Mtarkat.
Liverpool. Nov. 26
Wh est December, 7a 2Hd. nncbanged
T 44. Vd np: March. 7. 4V,rt. d a.
rorn December. 4 6 Sid, unchenged;
4s 89, anchanged.
Ohloag Leal Steoka.
Chicago, Not.
.. S
.. 12
I'nlted Bog
Do preferred . .
American Can ..
Do preferred . .
National Carbon
Do preferred .
Diamond Match
Swift A Co
North SI da By.
West Side Ry. .
Soatk Side Hy. .
.. 80
.. ST
btxw Tork nunr. stattjqnt.
.8 1.208.325
. 1.910,0TB
. 10.288.800
. 8.890.600
. 18,648.100
Specie . . . .
LegaM ...
26. Demand
Tork, Mot.
60 d7. 4S4.
488. TB;
Be lane
Chicago Oash Wheat.
Chicago, Nov. 26 Caah wheat-
BIA Ask.
No. 2 red MH 81.18)4
No. 8 red 1.68 1.18H
No. S bard winter loth i-io
No. S hard winter l.ra
No. 1 northern aprlng LIS
No. 2 northern aprlng 1.10
No. 8 aprlng 1.09
Tnoesaa Oraln Market.
Timaii Nov. SS. Wheat la strongei
with a better demand for club and rd. with a
S cent advene. Blue.tem. 80c. tluh and Bad.
Seattle Oraln Markat,
Wash., Not. 24. Blneetem,
Clnb, Sftc.
Now Vork Caah Cof fee
New York. Nov. 29. Ch coffee: Ha T
Bio. 8e; No. 4 Santos, 8c.
The rinrt Indlaa DItoto.
From th Kanaaa City Journal.
Probably th first Instanc of full
blood Indians applying to th "white
man's" court for a divorce was th
application of Lucy Buckskin for a legal
separation from Oeorg Buckskin In th
I'nlted BtstM district court At Via tta.
Th couple were married a good many
years ago according to the rites of th
Cherokee. As soon as th deer was
entered th newly made grass widow
married her lover. Jim Downing. Chlf
Deputy Clerk Ed Davidson performing
th ceremony.
Jud William McCreedle. of Vi
ar. Wash., Is In conaultatlon tola after
noon with tba local haaejbeill pis.gnatee In
an endeavor to purchaae tn franchise of
tne Portland base bull club.
Th Journal can My noon excellent
authority that tha deal will ba made,
and tha purchase price will be In th
neighborhood of 810.069. Last raar th
franchise was aold for 212,00, but on ac
count of different conditions th price
to Juds McCreedle will be a trifle over
Judge McCraadi will install his
nephew, Walter McCreedle, a manager
of th team, and President Ban C.
Ely will be mad treasurer of th new
It ha been known for some time that
Ban Ely was anxloua to dispose of his
Interest for various reasons, and a num
ber of prospective buyer war men
tioned, so th nw 'of th sal today
will not be a surprise to those Interested
In th sport.
Walter McCreedl was right fielder on
th Portland Browne thl yaar, and Is
considered a capable player. H has
been handicapped moat of th season on
account of a bad ankle, but he wilt be
In excellent condition next year to get
In th game Judg-e McCreedl aays that
he was well pleased with Ban Ely man
ner In handling the affairs Of the club,
and that he would, bs pleased to retain
him. Judge McCreedle will be absolute
in th management of the team, being
dlaturbad by no directors, nor anybody
else, and hla intention la to sir Port
land a winning baseball team. Tb deal
will probably be closed this afternoon.
Sheriff Tom Word Is now. a past
master In th act of goat riding. Th
finishing lesson In this art was given
him last night by th member of Web
foot camp, Woodmen of th World.
After Word had been taught how to
chop down a monaroh of th foraat and
to do numerou other thing, th "an
nual election of offlcera was held. Tha
following ar ' th newljr-el acted of
ficers: M. T. Woodard. advisory lieutenant;
Joseph Howell, counsel commander;
Charles Elliott past counael; T. J.
Murphy, banker; A. U Bar bur, olerk; F.
E. Coulter, U Ooldenberg and N. H.
Bird, managers; W. a Oaylord, escort;
C. Ner n, swntry; Ft- A- Day, aontry, and
C. Hoberg, organist.
(Jonrnal Special Berrlee.)
Philadelphia, Nov. S9.-vI.Bi th only
big game of today and th last of th
eastern football season, th Wast Point
cadets' eleven defeated th football team
of th Annapolis Naval academy, by a
score Of 11 to 9.
Though seasickness has made voy
agers miserable for centuries, the phy
slclana have never been able to fathom
the mystery of It and find an Infallible
cur. According to on authority. "Sea
sickness seems to be A functional dis
order of th central nervous system.
Those who attempt a more precise ex
planation usually experience that hope
lessness which 1 the constant accom
paniment of' th disease." A noted
French physician clalma that th use
of oxygen will effect a our of thl dis
tressing dlsaas. It Is easily obtain
able In compressed Iron cylinders, and
whan taken In large quantities, say
thirty pints, removes th strain from
th breathing apparatus, and thus pro
Tents th paroxysm. Another authority
claims to have effected a our by giv
ing two grain powdera of petroleum ev
ery tan minutes till three have been
But the strangest remedy of all origi
nated with the Italian ambassador at
Washington, Baron da Planchaa. Act
ing on th theory that seasickness Is
largely a complaint of th news, he
wung a mirror ovr his fac aa he lay
in hi bunk and by watching his reflec
tion In tha glass he became better and
finally recovered. In spit of th fact
that tha voyage waa a rough one. The
explanation is that by gaslng In the
mirror the eye rests on an unchanging
surface, and so the sense of motion
gradually become less and th brain
Is soothed and restored to its proper
Moles la Anklaa to Zest Out Dee11.
From the Dea Moines News.
Bole Jaklma, a native of Arabia, is
very 11 at Methodist hospital. Jaklma
claims he 1 Infested with th devils of
disease He has a big hole, cut to the
bono, In each ankle. He keep cabbage
leaves over the wounds and absolutely
refuses to permit the doctors and nurses
to remove them. The hole were made
by hi father about Six years ago.
Perhaps no more strange case has be
fore penetrated the heart of our civilised
land. Jaklma came a few day ago to
th hospital, accompanied by his father.
He waa unable to walk because of th
maimed feet. Jut above each ankle
bone there la a ghastly hole, the sis of
a silver 3-cent piece, and half an Inch
deep. In the bottom of each hole la a
round filbert nut kernel. Jaklma haa a
goodly supply of filberts In hi pocket
and each morning he takea out th old
ones, peels a fresh ons down to the pure
white meat of the nut, and Inserts them
In the wounds, so they will not heal.
While he submitted, with loud pro
tests, to hi wounds being washed upon
his arrival, h absolutely refuses to
submit to any other than hi own treat
ment, prescribed, he says, by hla father.
If I take these away I will die," is
his expression when coaxed to comply
with th orders of hla physician.
Several prominent physicians hav at
tempted to treat him, without avail.
A strange fact Is that th filberts
seem to possess the power of disinfec
tion, for. though the wounds were mad
nearly six years ago, they hav sot be
come Infected.
It is not steam radiator nor hot water
radiators, but electric radiators that an
Bngllah Inventor proposes to us for
heating winter homes. They ara on th
markat, coppered all over except the)
back, and hav reflector with fancy
bras frames, and ar shown In four
shapes for drawing rooms and boudotra.
They run from 21 to 17 inches In height.
and hav t4rO-rltch o that half th
current can b discontinued.
barn Cblcaro
191 Third atrwat, ktcJCay
XK A BgaaMlllaT
kfsrfcwt by Prtvat Wlr,
; - - 1 11 " - - ---rr ;""" ' 2fH
asanas! jj '.'JIH
bbbbbbI Wm -efflssfl 'H
Dr. W. Norton Davis.
W treat success full all private Bar aad
cbroalc SM of men. ateod. ataaaafc
be.rt. liver, kidney and throat troananv We
ear 8YPHILLIS (wltnoat marevjrv) t stag
cored forever, In 80 to 60 day. We l
BTRlCTl'BJt, without isnratl ae eat, ts SB
w stop drains, tke raantt eg ealf alaaaa.
Immediately We ran restore the eeaaal
of any man nnder 80 br maaaa at Weal ansa.
went neBar to emBalraa.
We Care Gonorrhoea hi a Week
Th Sartor of this lnetlteto are all
er.du.te. have bad many
have besa , la Portland 41
hav a r.pct.tlon to maintain, sad win
take se ens Disss aill i
. Ws gnerantee to roc In every e
feke or charge no fee CBnnltno
tar confidential. Introet!. BOOK
mailed free ta casta wrapper.
If yon cannot nil at office.
tlon Mask. Boa. trestment
Of bor to A aad T to
holiday. 10 to 19.
fee leading srjerlatlsta tn tke
atablUbsd lava.
Dy. W.Norton Davis h Cot
Tea Boy Mot!, V. B. Oo.
Tb GrMt ChlaMe Doctor
I called
cause hla
cure ar
known th:
th United
and beoa
to him for
their live troaa
powerful Chit
herb, ro
h.rks and '
lh.l ara ant
I 1 1 H I II6J UaTsSJ 9JU--Ww A - 1 .
dlaeases. He guarantees ito our i eat
aaOma, lung FrouM. rtunM tiara,
vousneas. stomach, liver. Wdnajyt
male trouble ana an pnym
Hundreds of taelmemiala.
moderate Call and ae bin
Patienta out of the city wrrbs i
blank and circular, ancle, stamp. 4
889 Alder treeL Portland, Or. Ml
tlon thla
Co SWCESiv oil
rrai4vBiVlvfye RnesrnivWv I
CmrtV 9rtriif. QsoiikfTkn I
svurvEL wiskasaj UnS
other, bu t aend stanta f
1 ted tKHa
f all oartlcnlar. 1
iTi.4 ltstra W
trainable to ladles. MIS1
For Sale By
WjUXm uwiurt
CO. (
Room 2 Chamber of Commeroe,
Capital aad Bnrplna
Brokr !
Graln,Prov1sions. Slocks and
Largvat PYtvate Wtr
w. Charge Ne lat.reet fei
E. K. ALDtiN, Man
Board of Trada
Building. 8rl91gsV
r Oarrrtag la
1 - - "'-TeHBBBBaaaaaaaaaaaaw