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Turl News in Eart-Hrrij
Sports of Today
Stands by Coast Luaroax
ball. Baseball and Boxing. '
qfAM would wot iwni o a
(Journal prl berries.)-
Frnctaio. Nov. . Now that theft
no more buseball in the north the
critic are peculating about the makeup
of the Pacific Coast league. Some who
re friendly to Lugdale ana iuca air
lldly agitating forming a racmc
Northwest league, which win inciur
r .1.. h HMiftia. Tu coma. Spokane ana
Ipehapa a couple of Montana cities. To
help their course aum
Harris has been reporieo ,K.
California i.-uKue and , allowing th
northern cltiea to drlftwhere they may.
When Herri' attention waa called yes
tawday to an article In a 8eattle paper.
which he In auegea 10 ii. "
letter north advocating auch a atep.
k. Kiaid ! have written no aucn imrr
taany one la the north, nor hare I ex
paesstd myself to any person as favor
Jaaj a California league and aurrenderlng
Or t Bern territory low"
Change or so in the league next year,
but l don't look for the Pacific Coast
League to be broken up. Portland and
tattle will be in It. I own i say awi.
Tacoma It baa. not bean aa good a
baseball town aa we expected, and yet
the team baa not loat money. On the
W lsna K wll gears a mtii,
don't think Seattle baa lost anytning,
and Portland did splendidly, consider
ing Its position in the race. 'With any
thing like a winning team u wouia niv
paid a big dividend, Los Angeles will
make money and Oakland and San Frau
olaro will not lo anything. If we
could have been in the race we would
here had a treat year, for the city la
craay on baseball. Then again, whan
Maki Francisco la winning the other
cities seem to 4a hotter. You hear
some talk about Jobbery In baseball, lr
anything disproves auch talk completely
It la the position or tne oiuot in me
rate. If there Wat anything crooked
we would not have the poor city in
point of attendance In front. It would
be fixed ror Ban r rancisco vo i up
near the top. Of course It 1 utter
nonsense to talk about dishonest ball
nes, but I Just wished to call a lltue
attention to the matter."
The talk of reviving the wortnwesc
league in this city started a the result
of W. H. Lucas' trip to Portland about
I month ago. when Mr. Lucas was
here he held a number of consultation
with Dugdale anL several director of
the local club, With the idea of reor
ganizing the Northwest league, ao that
it would comprise traariiies 01 opoaant.
Tapoma, Seattle an Portland. When
the new of the scheme began to gat
circulated around, there was such a
wall sent up by the local fans in pro
teat that a petition waa at once circu
lated demanding the resignation of Mr.
Dugrlale. At the same time President
Bart Instructed Mr. Ely that he ex
pected him (Ely) to look attar the
Const league Interests In Portland, and
any steps that he would take In that
line would be supported by the league
The discharge of Mr. Dugdale put an
end to all the plans bf Lucas to Incor
porate Portland In the Northwest
league. Mow that Ike Butler la man
ager of the Browne and President Ely
has a board of director that are work
ing in harmony with him, the chances
for a change in Portland are about one
in a trillion. In the first, place, the local
franchise belongs to Portland in the
Coaat league, and another league could
not Invade this city, unless with an
outlaw aggregation; and. In the second
place, the people of Portland, after hav
ing two year or Coaat league baseball,
would never patronise nor encourage a
league that furnishes Inferior ball. The
latter waa fully demonstrated last year,
when the Coast league and Northwest
league had teema In this city, the former
drawing thousands to the letters few,
until the Northwest club finally dropped
out of the race.
(Journal Sperial Service.)
New Tork, Nov. I. George Rooke. at
I one time middleweight champion prlse
flajtiter of the World, la dead at St.
Barnaba s hospital In Newark, N. J at
Ithe age of It years. Death waa due
to an attack of pneumonia. Rooke waa
considered one of the greatest fighters
of his time. and. like hla cloae friend.
Ijohn 1.. Sullivan, gave open challenge
I to any and all comers, nevsr bothering
particularly about gate receipts or time
or place of battle.
He fought all of his oDDonents with
bare knucklae. winding up his pugilistic
career by defeating "Paddy" Ryan in
Chicago Just 22 years ago
in his prime Rooke fought In England
and Australia, a well aa In different
parts of the United States and Canada.
nam mu bym.
(Jeer! Sosclal sortie.)
Lo Angeles, Nov. I. The Angels and
Ithe Tigers played off a postponed game
yesterday ana tne Fishermen won be-
I cause young Htxgerald pitched better
than big leaguer Jones. The score:
it ii r.
Los Angeles ... . 1 0 0 A 0 0 0 0 1 I S
Tacoma 00 0 00 1 0 1 I t 3
Batteries Jones and Soles: Fitx-
I gerald and Hogan. ITmpire Perrlne.
iisalty Mats
a a lias wUh assselr feareree will as
attrsetireeeai If fear heel la erewasd
as abuadaae of sweats! balr Sat,
os ta etaer seaeY Up flsast eoatew f
mm fsetlset arn of its attragtrriana
naslaMi Witt an it. i ilalli Wttl it. Its Late f m sTsnjIalli.
aya.taim.9Lt. Stasl ISt, Stsastx, at UtftCtM Ct. , lent, k, tetrsM, MdL, far a
aynioimat at nosinrr
Ambitious fighters art after Jaca
O'Brien like angry hornets get alter
a man that hits their nest and disturbs
them. Not a day paasea but that a
couple of challengera lamp to tneironi
and want a chance at O'Brien. Twin
Sullivan, Jim Oulder. Charley ORourkc,
Soldier Tom' Wilson and Jim Uoldeu
are the latest to declare their Intention
of dethroning O'Brien If given a chance
and In each Instance they do not care
how much the loeer gets, If they only
g,.t taw-chance at "Gentleman Jack.'
Each Is supremely confident of his abil
ity to win.
All thla bores Jack. He Is now after
big game He does not Intend to bother
with any but top-notehero from now
till the spring time. In speaking of the
numerous challenges the other day, Jack
"1 would tike to accommodate all these
fellows, but at the present time I see
so many good matches ahead ol me,
that I am afraid to take a chance or
Injuring myaelf In 0 contest with these
lesser lights They art all tough.
Wilson and Oalvln are heavyweights,
big, clumsy fellows, who can hit like
well, like Kelly did, once, and that once
Is enough However, it Is not the punch
I fear so much as the possible chance
of Injury. Should I hurt myaelf In one
of these bouts. Mr. Real Estate Man
would be out many dollars and It la his
interest i 'am looking after. I need it
all and intend In the future to gat it In
big installmente.
Pel Mtaea rand Otter Jones haven't
proved the game winners that Morley
wished. Spider Baum and Dolly bray
are doing better work than the eastern
ers. Juat because Buss Hail and his team
mates dropped alx straight to Oakland
the Seattle scribes are roasting the team
to a fraxale. What do they expect
from players whom they have roasted
all year?
"Castro Is working aa a bartender at
Portland." aald Ike Butler yesterday,
"but I understand that ha will be back
In the game next year. I hear that he
has signed to play for Detroit. Castro
I really a better ball player than he
ever showed to be here."
"You are right, Butler," Joined In
Manager Harris. "I aaw him. play sec
ond base In a aeries at Portland and
Kid Mohler never played the bag any
belter. He went over behind first and
second and' robbed players of lilts."
San Francisco Bulletin.
Tacoma finally broke even on a week's
series with the Angels and Jim Mor
Ity's pennant aspirations were given a
aevere Jolt HI imported stars have
not proven such wonders after all.
"When I was at Seattle they told me
that Rust) Hall would be in charge op
the club next year," aald Tom Brown
yesterday. "They seem to like Hall and
t guess he will fill the bill. He le i
noisy chap on the field, but he Is harm
leas. 1 believe he has signed a contract
to manage the club and aa soon as the
season la over he will sign players to
fill the places of Frisk and Blankenshtp
Who were drafted,"
From the tone of the reports com
ing from Seattle, regarding the football
match between the Multnomah eleven
and the SeatUe Athletic club team,
scheduled for New Tear's day In this
city, it may be -rightfully inferred that
the Puget sounders are out to win. The
Seattle manager would like Multnomah to
play In the northern city next month so
that there will be two games during the
season, but the local club men have
not yet decided to play more than one
Albany comes to Portland Saturday
with a lively and heavy aggregation and
If what the Albanians any Is true, Mult
nomah will have the hardest match of
the year on her bauds.
' The Corvallia eleven decided that they
were afraid to meet Multnomah thla
year, and with that feeling in their
hearts they refused to play. Zero of
the extremities Is no new malady In
swelled up pigskin circle.
On account of election today the Mult
nomah eleven will hold no practice thla
evening. There will be something do
ing, however, tomorrow and Thursday
(Joaraal Special aarviee.)
New York, Nor. 8. Aqueduct
Six furlongs Fleur 4e Marie won;
time. 1:14 2 6.
One mile and a sixteenth The South
erner won: time, 1:11.
The Woodmen stakes, seven furlongs
Oay Boy won: time. 1:17.
Six and one half furlongs Ocean- Tide
won; time, 1203-6.
One mile, selling Thespian won; time,
1:41 t-i.
Five furlongs Floral la, won
II is
l.i i
-kffia the BaastresT
Witasa hair with later Uaaraff" ItcMa
wals an4 falling balr. ttewbrc a tlerpletde
sea free tale lawny of ieastj aa4 seeams
the hair to stow aa nature lahsiil A ee
ligatfal half otasstac. Oiva weoaWfai ra
aolta. No oil or ays.
OuLland 10 8
Taeoma S . .
1am Aagsles ......... IB $ ..
Kesttle S 1 12
Ran rranciese 12 7 4
Pbrtlend T 11 II
Lest et4nM
(Journal Special Service.)
New York. Ho. . New Jeraey Boon
will be able to challenge Kentucky and
California In thr breeding of thorough
breds. There are now less than seven
tret-rate breeding farms In the state,
with the finest bred stations and mare
In the country In the stud. They
are the establishments of Horry Payne
Whitney, at Brookdale: R. H. McCarter
Patten, at Andover; David Gideon, -at
Holmdel; Herman B. Duryea, near Mon
mouth Park; Andrew Albright, at Eae
tnntown; Mrs. Lillian Barnes Allien, at
Ranoaaa, and Clarence H. Mackay, at
Sliver Brook, To these soon will be
added E. R. Thomas, at some place not
yet selected, or at least announced,
and others will follow. Many of the
owners of those establishments are In
the business for the pure love of It,
and, supplied with ample money, they
Can anil will have their places supplied
With every appliance for the successful
breeding of race horse. Unless I miss
my guess it will not be many years be
for the product of New Jersey In the
way of thoroughbreds will rank -with
the blgheet.
C. E. Kow today shipped to Lexing
ton Colonial Oirl. First Mason and. Ma
bel Richardson, all of whom did well
here the latter part of the season. It Is
said there is serious doubt of Mr.
Rowe's racing in these parte next sea
son. Otto St If el. a wealthy brewer of
St. Louis, Is part owner with. Mr. Row
.'h the stable, and naturally wants to
win some of the home events. If the
horses have the class they may come
The last meeting. of the metropolitan
season began Thursday at Aqueduct.
While there are plenty of good horses
at the track the Up toppers are out of
training and' the racing from now until
the 16th, when the season closes the
port, will be Just about on the level
with winter racing.
R T. Wilson led the list of winners
at the Jamaica meeting which closed
Wednesday, with $7,416 to his credit.
He has Dolly Spanker to thank for it.
8. 8. Brown la second On the list,
horses from his stable having won $,
9S0. By winning with Diamond yes
terday. E. R. Thomas passed M. L.
Hay man. and took third place, his total
winning being 14.660.
Twenty-three owner won more than
f 1,000, and many of the leaser lights
of the turf picked up sums that will
help to tide over the Idle aeaaon or
pay shipping expenses to some winter
Jimmy Blute has begun the long .Jour
ney to Lays Angeles. Blute haa eight
horses in his car, and it will cost him
1890 to get them and the attendants
to the California track. Blute took
Sals, who won many racea there last
winter, along, and does not seem to be
disturbed about his chances of outlawry
oecause n ran one race in the colors
of U. Z. Do Arman.
Green Morris shipped one car of eight
horses along with Blute.
The best In the Morris string are
High Chancellor, purchased at the
Drake sale during the Morris Park
meeting, Toupee and Judge Denton.
Hlldebrand, who heads the winning
Jokey list by a wide margin, will go
west next week. He will ride at Dos
Angeles the coming winter, and .la
rather anxious to get away from the
chilling winds that blow up from the
sea at Jamaica and Aqueduct, He la a
California product and unused to cold
The horses of the Ooughacre atable
have been shipped to the Hryn Mawr
farm, where they will 'rest for awhile.
It is said that some may be sent to
Pimllco to race, but that It Ja more
than likely that they will be reserved
for the Bennlnga meeting, after which
they will be retired for the winter.
Starter Chris Fitzgerald will be missed
by eastern racegoera He haa thrown
down the flag for good and will go into
business. Fltxgerald haa been starting
horses for It year and, while he may
not have been a Dhenomenon at the
business, hs haa been good and, above
all, he has been absolutely square.
Another race track character, the an
nouncement of whose retirement will
not cause any noticeable grief, la John
J. Ryan. If there haa been a single
person who haa done more to bring ra
Ing Into bad odor than Ryan, the name
does not at this moment occur to any
one. His spectacular plunges can very
well be spared.
The catalog of E. R. Thomas' sale
has been Issued. It contains the names
of IT horses which are to be aold at the
Aqueduct race track on Saturday, No
vember 12. Rose of Dawn and lota,
which belong to the estate of the Hon.
W. C. Whitney, are also to be sold at
the same time.
Tbty were amiss snd had to be with
drawn from the sale held at Morris
(Journal Special Service.)
London, Nov. 8. Alderman John
Pound was formally Installed at the
Guild hall today aa lord mayor of Ixra
don to aucceed Sir Thomas Ritchie,
wbos term of office had expired. All
the quaint, mediaeval ceremonies cu
tomary to tbie induction Into office of a
chief magistrate were observed. Includ
ing the presenting of the diamond scep
tre, the sword, ths city seal and the
purse. The annual celebration of Lord
Mayora day. Which la the spectacular
feature of the ceremonies accompanying
the installation of the new lord mayor,
takes place tomorrow In accordance with
time-honored custom.
i Journal Special Service.)
Washington, Nov. I. Rear Admiral
W. C. Wise, having today reached the
age limit dr 04 years, was placed v on
the retired list The retirement of Ad
miral Wise remove one of the few re
maining veteran of the navy who saw
sctlve service In the '0s. He Is suc
ceeded a commander-in-chief of the
training squadron by Captain R. B.
Bradford, recently In command of the
battleship Illinois.
Joaraal Special Herrlaa. )
New York, Nov. t. A dispatch re
ceived hare says that Anton Hskklng.
ths famous cellist, la. a passenger on the
Kaiser Wllheim der Oroeee, sailing from
Bremen for New York today. He will
make hi first appearance at a concert in
this city on November 20. after which
be will go weat for a series of concert.
oil xssvrutiai ajto oautom
mxa. in BKBasuro or Tiosonai-
Portland People Are Pleased to
Learn How It Is Done
It's pretty hard to attend to dutiea
With a constantly aching back;
With annoying urinary disorder;
Doan's Kidney PHI make work easier
They core backache.
Thty cure every kidney 111.
George Butter, who la employed with
Xoje Oregon Railroad A Navigation Co..
and resides at 211 Second street, says:
"I had more or lest trouble with my
kidneys for a year or more. My back
bothered me with sore, Irritating pain.
Doan's Kidney Pills were recommended
to me and I got a box at "the Lauo
Davla Drug Co, 'a store, corner of Yam
hill and Third streets. I commenced
to uae them aa directed and to my sur
prise when I had taken about half the
box the pain left my back, Every kid
ney sufferer should know about Doan's
Kidney Pills.
For sale by all dealers, pries 60c
Mailed by Foster-MUburn Co., Buffalo.
N. Y., sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name DOAN'S and
take no substitute.
"Davy Crockett." tha thrilling and
realistic drama XQuOded on Incident in
h lie. a tha a-raat backwoodsman. 1
to ha l ven at the Marquam Grand thea
tre tonight at :16 o'clock, with James
J. Jeffries in "the star role, supported
by his own company. The play bai
manv excellent situations and sense
tlopal episodes, which are given in a
most vivid .manner.
One of the sweetest scenes I where
Davy and the girl he haa loved rrom
childhood are reunited after many years
of separation. Davy recognises tne in
equality of their stations in life and
tries to smother the affection tnat is
gnawing at hla heart The girl, too,
knowing that Davy la still hers, reads
from Sir Walter soott s -xoung tocn
lnvar." Tha verses appeal to the
sturdy frontiersman. He absorbs their
meaning and determines then and there
to become his lady's knight. His trials
are many and heavy, but In the end
Davy wlna out, discomfits the villain and
takes to bis heart the girl ne lovea.
With Joe Kennedy aa his sparring part
nr, Jeffries will give a three-round
bolxng exhibition Just after the last
act. The election returns will be read
from the stage.
Only a David Belasco could have con
ceived the marvelous situations that
exist in "The Girl I Deft Behind Me,
and his master-hand, beat of all, could
dovetail them effectively. ,
The two lieutenants have returned
from the scene of the ambuscade, in
which one of them haa shown cowardice.
In making his verbal report to the gen
era! he Ilea oat of It. , Bat Fawn, the
Indian girt has witnessed it and be
cause of the affection and respect she
bears the heroic officer, who la the
coward's rival In love, she determines
to tell the general the facta. Sh does
tell him there was cowardice, but In
stead of mentioning the coward's name,
polnta to a door that la Just opening
and exclalma, "He is there!" At that
Instant trust Belasco for thls both
lieutenants enter by that door. The gen
eral la puzsled. Subsequently the
coward manage to throw the black
deed upon his rival and explains, with
aham feeling, that he lied in the first
place to protect his brother officer.
The remainder of the play hinges upon
thla incident.
Mr. Baume and Mr. Bernard give
capital representations of the rival of
ficers and Miss Countlss is doing some
of her very best work aa the girt who
loves the on but haa consented to
marry the other.
It la doubtful if any new musical
play has met with an equal measure of
success in New York to that which haa
perched on the banners of "Tha Tender
foot." the latest apd most successful
production of the Dearborn theatre
management The scene being laid In
southwestern Texas, near the Mexican
border, there Is veritable riot of kaleid
oscopic coloring In the pictorial envi
ronment and costuming. Dainty black
eyed tenorltaa. swarthy vaqueroa. half
breed, peons, brawny, burly cavalry
troopers, cowboys, ranchmen and In
dians, constitute the types ahown in tho
The engagement here will be next
Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights, No
vember 10, 11, It, with a special price
matinee Saturday at the Marquam
Grand theatre. The company numbers
76, prominent among them being the
following well-known artists: Phil Ry
lsy, George E Komanl, Thomas Came
ron, Arthur Tanner, Mary Melaatesta,
Lucille Adanu, Mary Carrlngton and
Louise Gardener. Beat are now Belling.
Tonight at Cordray's, during the per
formance of Mason A Mason and mag
ntrtcent company In "Frits a Snlts,'
complete election returns from every
tate in tRb Union will be received by
special Western Union leased wire
Linemen have been busy all day putting
the Special wire into the theatre, and
n expert telegrapher will receive elec
tlon tidings on th stage. Afttr the
performance the house will be kept
open all night, and those holding tick
ets are Invited to remain until morn
ing or as long as tney may desire, com
bining political Interest with pleasure
Don't stand out In the cold and Jostle
with th crowd, but go to Cordray's.
where you can sit down in comfort and
hear Mason a Mason In thtlr funniest
On their last visit to the Star theatre
Sylvester, Jones and Prlngle, comedians
and singers, created a sensation. When1
they opened yesterday for their return
engagement they made even a bigger hit
than ever. Bamper houses greeted them
at each perform no, and the huge au
dience could not get enough of them.
They had to respond to encore after
encore. The baritone start the magical
kaWTOaXS atAJfKOOD Haa cured
ot eaaes of Karroos Debility, Iat tad Atro
phy. They clear la brain, traagChae th
i Illation, make dlfearlr.B perfect aad Isipert
ii-wan.-ii. T r, u IOC wooie Dmg. All OTaiSS
a an losaes atrpped per ma sent lr $100 par
B boaee fnareirlea to sals ar rattad
u" "v . eo-ov- wosv esieo. 1 , UOCS II VS.
Perflan Meo Co . 08 Area at . rhlladelnkta.
Pa. av.M la Pnrtlasd edy by Freak Na.
Peruana Hotel Pbanaeey.
I r
port Of singing "You're the sweetest
flower that grows In Tennessee, a sea
song which seta the basso deep voice off
to perfection is next and then follows
the song of ths darky of the trio,
"Mississippi Mamie." It la In the
chorus of this song that the three voloes
blend so nicely, and ths audience are
carted away with enthusiasm.
The Llpplncotts In a singing and
danclnar turn open this week'a bill.
Cameron and Toledo are great in their
extravegansa. "The Enchanted Grotto."
Paul De Croix geta rid of a bunch of
Juggling Interspersed with comedy that
is the real thing, while Hall. Weaton
and Coburn in a aktt entitled "Charge It
to BUI" are up-to-date and funny. The
Projectoscope pictures are good.
There Is an hour's enjoyable entertain
ment at the Lyric thla weak for the
thousands of Portland's lovera of vaude
ville. At the Initial performance of the
new bill yesterday the customary packed
houees were noticeable and everybody
who attended the ahow appreciated the
varied offerings.
Dunn, the mimic, made a hit. Hla
imitations were numerous and clever,
and be caught the audiences, especially
with hla barnyard atun,
Leonard and Fulton caught the crowds
with their comedy and matte good from
the opening of their turn to the finale.
The Shetland Slaters are cute sou
brettes, and their act appealed to every
body. Harrv Hoyt la there this week With an
excellent Illustrated aong, entitled.
"Down at the Baby Store. "
Weston and Beasley are clever acro
batic comedians and song-and-dance peo
Tha entire show uhls week is a trifle
above the average given in dime vaude
ville ahowhouses.
-- Ifaatlnar A Klnod hava nut
on on of tha beet vaudeville bills at the
Baker that haa ever been seen in this
i Trwfwi ir i one of tho verv best
that can bs procured, each number being
a specialty man. ox iuasu is wwaua u
price OI admission.
Thn initio trio la nomAthlna of a nov
elty, and easily took first plc on the
bill that la being preeented this Week.
Th. rio to oomnosorft of Gorman. Proctor
and Gorman, character musical artists.
and Includes tne oniy woman dbbpijtb
player. The Scottish dances mad a de
cided hit
Adelphla, with hla wonderful silhou
ettes, 1 right off the Orpheum circuit,
and doea aome clr tricks. Perry and
Slma are good comedy aketch artists,
and Conors and Conors also mad a fa
Kt. Miss Ethel Fuller.
who for a time wa leading woman with
Melbourne MocDowell In hla presenta
tion of the Sardou plays In this olty, is
heartily applauded for her appearanoe in
tne euros scrim iiuih omib
At the Bijou this week the Baxters,
aerial cyclists, do some stunning things
on the slack wire with their wheel.
The Remseys create a .favorable Im
pression with their skit in which club
swinging, hoop rolling and a burlesque
boxing match figure. The woman of
the team la especially funny aa the
gawky country girl. Roberta, Smllax
and Co. introduce some trained bull
terriers In their turn, and the animals
are exceedingly clever. There la lot
of real comedy In the act
liable Maltland la a clever contor
tionist and doea her work In exceed
ingly clever and finished style. The
picture machine preaents the well
known "Train Robbery." and it Is very
realistic. Thla I on of the beat films
ever secured in this city. The entire
bill la good and worth seeing.
Baby Kelly makes his appearanoe with
his dad, and the pair win their way at
the Arcade theatre this week In royal
style. The little fellow le "aa funny aa
they make them," and shows promise of
a great future as a consed Ian. The fath
er possesses a good voloe, wears excel
lent clothes and dances superbly.
Irene Kober sines a doll song In o
manner that appeals to everybody. She
posse seas a nioe voloe and used It to ad
vantage. Le Clair and West do a olavsr singing
turn, and the female member of the team
haa on excellent soprano voice. Her
partner la funny.
Kate Ooyle's reputation as. a singer of
illustrated songs goes up a notch every
week. ' Her offering thla week la pretty
and the plcturee are good.
The Morrises give a phyeleal-culture
exhibition that is worth going Co See,
and their turn completes the bill.
"Pletre Marino la a typical artist in
appearance, and temperament He is an
Italian by birth, and hla playing la
warm with tha ardent nature that Is
given to those sunny Italy has en
dowed with genius."
At 26. Marino Justifies th predic
tion of those early days, and has de
veloped also rare skill for directing. He
will be heard in solo work, at the head
of a Splendid orchestra, next Monday
evening. November 14. at the Marquam
Grand theatre, and the concert le sure
to be one of tha musical treats; of th
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Getting Ready
for the Sail
And they were wl gentlemen
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! i
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i Rshcr.ThorsenSCo. I
ynmiTMJjte nr r.
Boston Painless Dentists
Known th world over, era the. only
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tanlcal DIBCOVBRI to
and guaranteed for TEN
w do lust ss w advertlao.
Boston Dental Parlors
season. Th advance sol of seat will
open next Friday moraine at 10 o'clock.
From th Washington Star.
"I notice," ald the young man, "that
whatever your personal opinions may be.
you never deeart your party."
"It isn't that" answered Senator Bore
hum "The main thine Is to avoid do
ing or baying anything that will give
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