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(Special DUpftrh la Th Jeoraal.) ,
Red Lodge, Mont, Nov. . Na report
Tiatf been rwelv4 up to I lat hour
this mornins; from tha posse under
Wlierlft Jell Champlun. which la pursuing
the- thr-rbbefs wbo-ysterday after
noon In attempting to rob -the Cody.
Wp, .National bank, murdered Caabler
O. ' L Mlddaugh. Tht robbers entered
tha bank In broad daylight and ordered
. every one inside' to throw " up his.
hand. Thla command was refused and
instead - of complying . the employee
reached for thjlr weapons And- opened
fir. The outlaw -turned' and fled.
,. .- Many eltiiene Who had been attracted
o the cen by the shooting opened
'' Are and the cashier followed the ban
' ' dlta Into the street, where after he
' emptied his guiwJi waa hot and killed.
h robbers were recognized aa two
cowboy who. had vbeen arouneV the,' town
everal days. JUesplte all efforts, they
tmpat .,. ..!,. -..v -.' Y ; ,v.. ..
' A telephone message from Meeteetse
V states that a- posse that left there at-'-
midnight came upon the Cody bank rpb
.'. .bers at daylight In a lonely apot on
the Gray Bull river. The outlaw put
up a atl it Oght and cot away, on b-
- Ing Injured. - . -Y' ' , -..
, In addition to the posses that started
- ' last night, word waa received from CoL
':. W. P. Cody that be. waa en route from
: Omaha in his- special car to take the
trail. Accompanying him ' are' several
.. Rngllsh friends and the Sioux chief,
- Iron Tail. ,-- , --: . .--.r-
(Special Dtepetca-te Toe Jowsal.1 - - "
i ' Eugene, urv -Nov. Burveyors nave
-v . ' completed a preliminary survey for the
. 4 Willamette Valley j:iectrle railroad's
. line. from Cugene to the mouth of the
' "j Buislaw rlyer and returned to this elty
last ,svehlng.t took the party more
. than four weeks to make the distance
i- of 78 orrio miles. - .. ' ' V '
: t Jt la annouaced that the - American
..Paving company,--of .Minneapolis, a big
... concern. wlU move lta headquarter to
. -" : Eugene next aprlng. ' Y- '
'! Prohlbtttontsta of this city ntd H
. rally in the courthouse hist night. The
- - principal speaker was Li McAlliter,
-tj-of Portland.:.'
h ; ' A large number from Eugene Kebekah
- u Lodge went to CreewaU yesterday efter-
,. ' i noon to halp Institute a new lodge of that
- order there , last. ; night. .-. Mrs. Q.f N.
- ."Fraaer, of thla city, waa Instituting; ofnv
-cer. ' The Eugene - delegation returned
(WM .1141 Luiauuiuiiii m mm t r l.mwmij
,4 . :k Ik'
Falling a distance of about If feet from
-la scaffold on tha- Morrison street bride.
-iytctor Joaeph. a laborer- had -a--aaToaf
r'scap from instant' death laat night. In
1 Ms flight haf struck on the cap of a pll---Ingr-bedty
- Spraining ' ai1 - brourlrisr his
t-t. backr From there he plunged down Into
, the rivrr, ind in hl disabled condition
J, he u f rtroed tm ewlm ashore or drown.
!.Fortunatly. the' land waa only about :
Meet 4flstaand he euoeimded In reaching
t It without aaaiatanc. . v1 :. V '-' .-,
y Joseph statt tha be would not nave
';been ao badly hurt had It not been -for
'another workman who fell . . from the
4 scaffold at the same time. When he
- struck the' piling his companion Ughrwi
- ' on. top of htm with both feet planted In
' the small of hla back. Had it not been.
i for hla atrong will ptfwei. he atatea thai
the jaln ; ha-' suffered- would, have un
. dcubtedly caused him t6 lose oonsoloni
' (Special lUssetcb Is The IwuL w-' ,
- Salem, Nov.. 3.--8enator - John . K
Mitchell was the principal speaker at
a Republican raiiy held hers last night.
In. which too men paraded to the musla
of three' bands, while bombs and Ore
oraekers exploded and torches flared.
The opera bouee waa inadequate to aeat
Uioae who wished to hear the senator's
address.. Bute fetonator KuykendaU, of
Lane county, preceded Senator Mitchell
with a carefully worded speech, which
was well received. -
MltchtU'a openlnr waa apt 11a re
ferredVo the fact that i years ago this
month he made hla first political speech
in Balsm.- while Abraham. Llncola'o cam
paign waa la progress. . '- ..'-
lie paid conaldvable attention to the
tariff laaua and to- foreign trade condi
tions particularly In the orient The
Ianama canal history he handled with
brevity and the' trust question he gave
proportionately small attention. ; -
National expenditurea came In toTthe
extent that the apeaker denied, state
ments regarding them made in a reoent
speech by Judge Parker, after which be
took up imperialism at length..
In this connection he said: ,.'''
' Tb Philippines are ours; oura by
purchase, oura by treaty, ours as the re
mit of a most successful war with Spain
and by brilliant and stateamadllke
diplomacy at the cloa of tha war. The
people of that archipelago, ' by ' every
principle of International law, ows alleg
iance to the United Btatea and to the
American flag. . -.
- "?o have "withdrawn, as suggested by
the Democratic party, would have been
moral and political cowardice; to have
withdrawn would have been toiamlt our
Incapacity aa. a nation .iitfAeel with
great Questions, which the emergency
of war had thrown' .upon us; to have
withdrawn would have been to acknowl
edge that it la not the , duty of the
United. States to suppress lnsurrectlon-
agalnat Its authority in a portion ni its
territory; to have , whdrawn, would
have been to admit that the war that
had been-waged by our American sol
diers In iuppresslnf the Philippine in
surrection, was an nnholy war, and a
war ot criminal aggression." , . . ,; j.
-gj-r'-T'-1 V y??XX
'"" A basebau ' player must stand ' aU
abua hurled , at him, short of actual
profanity; must not retaliate at epi
thets buried at him by thoa present
during games. . and If abuaed beyond
hla limit must. If desiring protection,
call upon tha polio. v- ,
At least, auch Is the decision of Mu
nicipal Judre H. W. Hogue In the aa
fagalnat Catcher Henry Bpieaof the
Lo Angeles team, wno waa cnargea ay
Csrl Orton with assault and,battery. A
flne'of ' $2t waa 'imposed. " ' 1! .
Judge Hogue said that a ball, player
is paid to perform for th- benefit of
his employer and th noment of the
spectators; - thth.. must control, Jilmr
self, no matter how hard th crowd
may hoot and jeer hlra 'The minute a
player rtitfnf ffra mt
ters in hie own hand, said Judge Hogne,
he la acting Illegally-and must stand
the consequences.- ' . : r ' "
' Spies' trouble occurred at ' the "ball
gam last Saturday,
At. th-TTm of the aocMent the men
' wer employed at mixing concrete, which
i was being placed In the center pier of th
; bridge, HU companion escaped unhurt,
Jiu -.-'A',' U-' -rk
, ..(Joaraal BpeMal trvke. -
' ' Mfc- Vernon, N. Y,. Nov.- t. -Two
" acore of person - wer Injured and
, property loss of 1108.000. caused here
- this afternoon by the explosion of a
-' , quantity of dynamite. Th dynaaUta had
bewn atored, under the Bond
, bridge and a passing train on the nw
i Haven railway caused the diaaater. The
, bridge was wrecked and several houses
V badly damaged.. No n waa killed,, al
t though many' peraona wer In th
, clnlty. The dynamite waa being . used
( In construction, work.
(Bpaciat Diepateh U The JearaaL) .
Salem, Or.. Nov. I. Sheriff W. i. Cul
ver returned to this city on th 10:10
train laat night hfcvlng in. cuatody Carl
Long of Battevllle. who Is accused of
assault with Intent to kill Henry Cam
eron, a laborer. Cameron,- who has not
yet recovered oonadousness,' waa brought
to Salem hospital. - The atory of th
trouble, which occurred at ButtevUlejj
Monday' afternoon, as nearly aa eould be
ascertained la aa follows
Carl Long, aged about 10 and Henry
Cameron, a laborer of middle age, be
came involved In. a dispute over a dloe
gahtjv in a aalooa ' at ButUvllle. .Long
proposed a light. The belligerents were
Informed by J. J. Ryan, one of, the al
dermen of Buttevllle, that they would
hav to go outalda of th city limits If
they wished to light They wnt to th
public school grounds on a hill east of
th town where Long says h truon
Cameron over th head with a club after
th latter had struck at him with hla
flat' Two, ytr"wltnese say that Cam
eron waa struck while he waa removyig
hi coat and that after be fell Long
stamped on hla face.
. Long went to Oregon City where he
was arrested. .".'
.Welter L. Toosa of Woodburo yester
day denied that he had Joined a hop pool.
He aays there are no more than to bales
Of hop left nnsold In th Woodburn dis
trict . H- favor a pool, however, If
there are hop enough to warrant one.
Aa chief of th bureau of nop appointed
by th 'county court of Marlon county
to aid 'in making the exhibit for th
county at th Lewis and Clark fair, he
yesterday named his assistant a fol
lows: W. H. Egaa of Brooks, Jullua
Wollf of Silverton, H. J. .Ottenhetmer
of Salem and T. A, tlveelaey of Salem.
S " (Jdarast Special Service.)
Berkeley. Cal Nov. t.-A. atory waa
brought her by the .Well Fargo mes
senger on th Southern FMlle i Oregon
express of a 4esperat hold-up of a
freight crew on th train preceding tha
expresa between Chlco and Blgga
The erew dlsooveired two men In a oar
and ordered them tor get" out Instead
of obeying the man drew revolver and
compelled th conductor, brakeman and
th rest of -th crew to throw -MP their
bands, after which they went through
their pocket.- w : : . . '' J
Th robber then fired Into the side
of th car and made their eacape, leaving
behind three stick of dynamite.
- r tnllavad th man weras. rldlnr
north to get near- some" f avorabl-tAC f People
to hold up th Oregon Kxpresa.
- SpertU Dtspetrirt The fearsaL) ?' "f
' Woodburn, -Or Nov. 1 B. F Hall
died at hla home in thla city this morn
ing. He was born In Clay county, Mis
souri November 1. 1(1. and cam to
Oregon In 1845, being on of th party
that was lost on Meeks cut-off. He
leave- widow and the following chll-dren:-! " "--v.
A- D. Halt, Waldo Hills; -Mrs. a J.
McLaughlin, Buena :' Vlataf-BHrner N,
Dallas; Kdwln T. and W. W. Hall. Sa
lem; Edith E. Hall, James J. Halt Wood-burn,-.
Clarence C Hall, Portland. . Th
funeralt will h held Wday. -' f ?
(Joemal Special Bervlee.) .' ...';.'
. Franklin,' Pa., Nov. x. A wedding of
not her today was that of Mlaa Flor
ence Edna Wiley, daughter of Brlg.-Oea.
John A. Wiley, and Dr. B. K. Van Naten
of this city- Many guest from out of
, (8peUI Dtosatet te Tb JearaaL)4
eVJwln attended the ceremony, which waa IZJZZSnZin - -5' k itLsr?.. iT
tTrlii- . .rmm nvntin. .t h.4 dental overturning of a lighted lantern
Nursery club. - ' '
; Hives are a terrible tprmenB. 'tO th
little folks, and to acme oldef ones.
Easily cured. .Dean's Ointment. "never
fella. - Instant relief, permanent cure.
At any drug store. 10c. - . t
Har-.-Joaraal eeeUI' BerHee.l
-" Omaha, 'Tov. l.Henryauriatrerr
eordlng secretary, and John Cushing.
president ftrf th Bouth Omaha Trad
and- Labor council, ar under - arrest
charged with uelng the -malls to defraud.
It la aliened they aont out circulars
asking -for. money-to pay tb fine of
men convicted in the recent meat strtxe,
the money te be paid Hauflalr, who had
no authority to receive It. :. '
Discovering that a child named Bvans.
attending school at Olenco. had
diphtheria;"- Chairman ' Dabney of th
board - of school directors for that dis
trict, acting for th board, ordered th
school : closed 'yesterday and - sent for
County Health Officer Evana. Th
schoolroom was fumigated by Mr. Evans
ana in Kvmn lamiiy ox uienco quar
antined. ' ,.-:..'',.,.'
last night th barn -on th ranch of
Louis Muller.'hear Helix, was burned.
Th loea included two horses and a targ
quantity of hay and grain, . ; ,
Th damage Is more than tS.000. Th
barn la on or the largest structure of
th kind In th Helix, country. " ..1
One of our most attractive Overcoat styles is - the
(Hart. Schaffner ft Ma..w13ox. sU.J
1 . !r- A rsther long; coat, with full back ; it gives the figure
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- , , You haven't a clothing wish nor a preference Jhat we
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Copjfifbf.IOOA bf r
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i "'" . ';.li.':,...V..i f',v . . a '.:. -'"sj 4 e e j - - e - ' e .v e
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oovbttt CsTirmaraw."-
- "As BUI says,' was the farnillar in
troduction to a story in New York and
Chicago last year. It bad lta origin in
th expression that . la constantly used
by Jim Hackler in Oeorg Ade'e mas
terly comedy drama, "The County Chair-'
nuuCT which Henry W. Savage offers at
-Mi Marquam Grand . theater tonight.
Thursday and Friday nlghta'wlth th
last performance Saturday matinee. Tlm
Hackler Is th county chairman of hla
political organisation. - He 1 on Qf
thoe big hearted, honest, genial -fellows
that seem tb have a hold upon th
immunity. -Hackler at
th earn time la a shrewd - political I
manager ana n never tgricu a wwu
Judge Rl$v. a political aapiranV fought
in th civil war with Jim Hackler and
hurried home before It wa over to win,
through treachery, th only woman
Hackler vr loved. . Th big .county
chairman remembers - this and - fight
Rlgby in every eampargn for 10 odd
years. Hackler, dominating the conven
tion, has nominated hla young law part
ner. TlUford Wheeler, for state's attor-
Inay fx-' t nighy Thla Is awkward far
Tlllford, who is engaged to be marries
to Luoy aiabv. the pretty daughter of
the Judge. It all comes out right In the
end. - Tlllford marrle th girt and h la
elected state'a attorney. -Seat ar now
1 Augustus Thomas enjoys a reputation
among American playwrights - that Is
second to none. "With th two excep
tions of Oeorg Ad ' and v WUllam
aillettebe la th only writer, so critics
declare, who possesses tb great faculty
of conflnlqg a play, plot, dialogue and
character to any American locality and
making it a succ." -. '
Augustus Tbomaa. -author- of aT
Mlssoura." lived among the quaint peor
pi of that aactlon known ' as Pike
county, and h -. d raw hi wonderful
romance of Jim Radburn and Kate
Vernon from an actual happening while
h wa a resident thera A sheriff loved
a girl and she loved another. He gave
up duty, fell from a high place of honor
and finally abandoned horn out of love
for the girl. These ar th facts, as
Thomas describes them, but In th play
h nds everything happily.
- Mr. Baum la playing th rol of Bad
burn with splendid success In th Co
lumbia theater stock company presen
tation Of the- play this week. Miss
Brandt Dlavs opposite him.- The leading
comedy part la - asumd by- Mies I
Counties. . . . -
or oxzoaoo.
Commencing tomorrow Cordray a
ftuaaell take pleaaure In submitting Lin
coln J. Carter masterpiece of stag
realism. The Heart of Chicago, for an
ngagsment ot three night and a Sat
urday matinee. .,-.'-.
Tb atory 1 on of th moat thrilling
one ever written. It 1 cleverly connected-and
mounted with th greatest
dlaplay of scenlo Ingenuity and stage
craft which has aver marked a produc
tion fn this country. It never' falls to
hold th Interest from start to finish and
th unusual talent of th company, seen
In th play this year Insure Its cor
rect interpretation. . ..
camko ins . jwmnu.
From th prise ring to th stag la a
jump that many' hav attempted,., but
missing their footing, : hav landed in
Ignorainous defeat.. Not so with Jemee
J. . Jeffrie, the world' greatest cham
pion, who I now touring th United
State at the head of his own company,
producing that' sterling! drama of th
west -by Prsnk Mayo. "Davy Crockett"
Jeffrie will appear In this elty Tuesday
night, November I, st th Marquam
Grand theater. Th advano sal of seate
will open next Saturday morning at 10
o'clock. .;l ' Y' Y f". ,
The brilliant engagement ef Theodore
Kraantf successful metropolitan melo
flreraa. "ThT Fatal Weddlngtake place
thls-evenlns at Cordrey'a, ' No attrac
tion which has visited Portland during
the present season .ha givsn such unan
imous satisfaction haa tht ' one
Much of the Interest of th production
center In . the work of little Oussle
Shire, the child stsr, on of th young
est and undoubtedly the moat remarks
bl child actress on th American stag.
.' A hypnotist in a popular priced vaude
ville house Is a big novelty. And among
the beet hypnotists. Roecoe. th Bijou'
'pellblnder. I a novelty. Every day he
give some new display of bla wonder
ful power. . To near Newman, th Happy
Hooligan, who th real thing, means a
good soul-sstlsfylrut laugh. The other
acta are of th beat; that la tbeBlJou
way. . Y ; '
, - .
Honolulu. Nov. 1 -Prlne Fuahlma. a
cousin ef th emperor of Japan, arrived
onj th steamer Manchuria tviay en
roal to the United .state. He wa
ain a great demonstration. ' -
If so, there' something wfong
. with your eyea They demand Im
mediate attention. Cpnault
J. H. Knickerbocker
;.-... ;. D. O."." 7'. " .'. -
Win Allaky mid-. Fhoa Clay 40S.
Bids for the disposition of t4.IU.ll
city improvement bond wer: -received
yesterday afternoon, inis morning me
bids were segregated and the ways and
mean -oommltto -made, their recom
mendations regarding tiwawajrdlng of
the bonda . - 'i '
Tliere-was much luteiest manifest in
the contest and altogether bids amount
ing to 1410.000 were received.. Nearly
very bidder offered to pay a premium
on th bond,; and some offered aa hlh
aa t per eeat premium . . Th bona draw
en annual Interest ot. t per cent Tb
following ar tb award Whk-rr hv
been awarded ,t)y the way and mean
committee: ' - -'
. J. R. Krauss. par, accrued Interest and
I per cent premium, 11.000; Fred Long-
ermatv par, accrued interest and J
per cent premium, 110,000; hV A. Ek:k-
We have just opened our. new store and will be pleased to- '
r havethe public calfand examine our large stock jtL Yl,
'-.' V- CURIOS . - y s
Consisting orthektestty Vases and
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Of Ladies' Gents' and ' Children's Underwear' which ve
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The Western Importing Co:
hardt par, aocrued interest ami tH per
cent premium, tls.000; A. K. Bckhardt.
par, accrued interest and Sa per cent
premium. llJ.OOOr A, K. ESckhardt. par,
accrued Interest and i per cant premlum,
tlt.OOO; H. K. Noble, par, accrued In t er
ect and 14 per cent premium, 110.009;
A. H. Maegley, par. accrued tntereet and
2.001 per cent, premium, 420,000; A. M.
Smith, par, accrued lntereetand par
cent premium,- 17.000; A, L. Mills, par,
accrued Interest and t per cent premium, Total. OOlLlf. .
Wall hav plenty of potatoea next
yar. . , .;-.. .. .- .
Eg U6
m-' mm
Y ' V : .;
It is not a ''little thing." It's a deadly thing. It
eTill not " get well by itselt'l if you let it alone. Whiskey
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Ask any intelligent doctor why you catch cold so
easily. He will say, 'Because you ve a bit run down.",
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to keep out disease germs the resistive force is weak
ened. The door is open a little wsy toward disease. . '
There is not a gravestone in any cemetery in the world
caused by consumption or pneumonia or any lung trouble
whatever, 'which did not start with what you call "Noth
ing but a cold." . ', - - -Y,4
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- ' "Acxit'a Eaoufsj ttaartov aavad my lib, 1 A cough, slight at first,
grew constantly won and I finally had lo giv up my work in tb Knit
Factory at Waldeo.' I bad freueat bleeding spells. Was examined by
local doctors, prominent phjriicians la Nw York and at a Medical Col
leg. They all pronounced soy cas hopeless. I began using AexsVa
, Emolmh Rxhsot and a (aw bottles corsd m. I am today a prct'y
well man.- (Signed) A. H. SIMPSON, WaUaa, K. V.
Acker's KnHsU neaei'
' live guarantee that the purchase mor
case of failure. , 83c, 1 0c., and tl.C .
!Joa a fc:I-