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eoolsr tonight with frost ta x-
. . ' pOStd plMMi variable wind.
VOL. III. NO. 195.1
River Divides the Main
Armies of the Deter
mined Foes.::::::::
loidei Reports Indicate That Rus
S siaotire Achlevloi Some Sue
; cess Oyama Also Be-
, ports Vidorlei, : J
' - I ulii 1 V
MuJuten, Oct 1. Last night th
waa aoaraaly 1m firing than on the
prVtOU night, la M fU U artMary
practice wu eonewMd, - tout no Bight
attacks ar believed to hav taken place.
Throughout th night th Russian gun-
Bra continued their fir upon Japan
position and wr answered with, regu
Tb mala bodies of both Japan and
Russian continue to onfront each other
oa appoalt side of tb Sbakh rivr,
and th Russian have a tilth ftdvan
tag la position, Inasmuch- a their bat
teries ar at grantor atevatloa than the
Japan, thu allowing a dropping fir.
Tb Russians, however, bav advanced
aome men aoroaa tfaa Shekha,
Brldonoaa ar at hand tola forenoon
that tn Japan ar beginning to Buf
fer through tack of projectiles, InaaDrueb
a thar haa bn a cxmslderabl. weak
ening ta their fire, -which Um
haa ceased nearly altogether.
It la reported ben at noon that th
Japan left flank has been driven hack
by a Russian brigado, but - that th
advane was effected onty with heavy
loss of IU en tb Rusataat ld and
eorreepondlng- losses In th Jspaneae
ranha, 4MtanavC ! sitaiawaunt
lv-ifing, aor la there official oonflnna-
ttoa poaslhl until th day's wants axa
IibsMn &af ran ftaeh. .
A aourlsr thla afternoon from th
front anya ths Japan a ar slowly re
tlrlnsT at all points ear th very oan
ter, and that tbey flant with vreat ten
acity before atvlna up a foot of srouna.
Fires alone their line tndkmt that
tbey ar burning their ater prepara
tory to a venaral retreat.
Artillerymen bav In many eassa
served their suns steadily for so many
hours that wbea relieved they were too
wearied and careless of Ufa to retire to
nlaoas of creator safety, and have
throw thanualv down beside their
aleeea In th mud beneath steadily fail
ing and marrow-chill In downpour sf
Vantfl rifMsmr.
Sshaustd aa tbey are. th curara,
with that Straus affection which a
Russian artilleryman poasessta -for hla
pieoe, show no aiana of other than silent
determination to either die beside their
weapons or aenr ttiem with such dead-
llaaaa that th Japan will be ooat-
nelled to withdraw.
Th moat terrific fighting-, it Is being
gradually learned, attended th advance
of th Roaalaa left column. Th Japaa-
were so bant upon their turning
movement . that th men, finding them
atvea outnumbered and being gradu
ally driven back, practically courted an
nihilation in preference to defeat.
In on Instance a remnant of a raai-
aaant consisting of 4 Jape nee soldiers
and five officer were surrounded tn
Chinas village. Th Russian troop
had such greet admiration for the splen
did valor of th enemy that they ceased
firing and aent forward under a flag of
truce an appeal to th Japanes to sur
render. Thin waa firmly refused.
The Russian soldiers eheered th
Japan, but war nonplussed, aa they
hated to fire on a band of men so hope
lessly outnumbered, and a aeoond appeal
under a flsg of true waa made by ft
Russian ofnesr.
The Japan fncar tn onnand
ourteously thanked the Russian for his
proffer and submitted th matter to hi
snen a Individuals, telling them to each
net for himself In tb matter. Only flv
of th Japanea stepped outside and sur
rendered and th Ruse lane - retired
preparatory to opening what oould be
nothing mor than a slaughters .
' llttl hana nil ah tn at ft
sninutes and then those remaining allv
committed suicide rather than be taken
prisoners. Ths Russian colonel rdrd
guard to laav tb Japanes banner
flying until sons aod wbea tb night
time fell and the little band f Japanese
wer burled they wer give full mitt
aary honors.
Tba village of Mtatung ta reported to
hav been destroyed by tb fir from a
Russian mortar battery; posted to th
hakh. river valley.
The hospitals her la Mukden ar still
crowded to overflowing and stllF trains
bear wounded away to northern hos
pitals. Th casualties of this terrific
and protracted battle will unquestion
ably b appalling when th efficial lists
f th two arm lea a re made public.
Th position of th two armies la
nearly as follow:
Th Russian eoater I oa the north
bank and tn places lap over th Bhskbs
river. Th Russian left extend over to
th Fuehua road on Un with Bentls
pautss and Benslhu and la being held.
Th Russian right as wall a the left
are at last reports slowly advancing:
The fleroeet fighting has taken place
cm th Russian left, wher a defeat
would have opened th way to Fusbua
ana thence to Ti pass, and on ths center
where Japanese possession would cut off
th railway communication to Mukden,
Taft Sent to Investigate
Feeling Against the
United States.
Attempt to Bleed Uncle San KRepob
llcai Canpaltn Play Suspected .
Threats Dyoamlte ; '
the Caoal Beportei s .
Wanhinerton. Oat. lt-Th president
today tnetructed Pecretary Taft to make
a personal visit to Panama and confer
with to president, and other officiate
of the republic, regarding th question
arising over ths possession of th
United States of th canal son. .
Thm HuMdrr will laav November 14,
-Taft will take with him Minister Obal-
dta and William Nelson Cromwell, coun
sel of the new Panama aanal company.
It Is now stated that the situation haa
been most strained, and that open rup
ture of th two countries has been
barely averted. Tb feeling tn Panama
Is very bitter against the United ftatas,
and threats have bees mad, to. dynamite
th oanaL.
This new phase that haa developed la
th affaire of this oountry tn Ita rela
tions with ths newest republic bring to
mind th many published statements
and comments on the manner la which
the canal deal wa brought about and
successfully consummated. Almost a
year ago many rumors wer In circula
tion relative to the plana that were
adopted by a few to make million out
of the transfer of th canal right of way.
Th mmM than waa that the Panama
rosohiUoa wa fostered by a ayndloat
of Paris and New York brokers. No
thought of resolution, waa to owtward
appearances vlslbl until th prjcaad
liufa in th canal transfer reached a
stag where those Interested la tfc ayv
dloat saw th time waa ripe to make
a speculation that would yield mTTTton.
The person Interested In the syndicate
formed aa Immense pool for speculating
In th aha res and other securities of the
Panama Canal company. To further
their scheme an amount said to be llto,
000 waa furnished and Judiciously used
ta fiirt th. mum of the revolutt&Rarv
party. Of this amount ,000 waa used
to brlb th Colombian troop wneu tn
time arrived, to bav them leave th
Isthmus. v.
Oa the Parts bourse share of th
oanal company were selling for Tl. when
th syndicate of brokers took bold of
the revolutionary project. In a abort
Urn those same shares ware Mlllng at
111. At that price tfaa profits of th
syndicate war estimated at 4.00,40t.
Taking this Into consideration thar
ar many who have carefully kept In
touch with th affaire on tn tethmus,
who are Inclined to believ that, th
reports emanating from that country to
th effect that dynamiting and open
rupture ha been Imminent, ar only
th muttered rumblings of another
South Americas revolutionary plan to
fleece mor millions from th fluctuating
stocks oa the bourse. However, there
ar those who bear tn mlrtd the conflict
ing statements mad by Minister Barrett
and the representatives from the isth
mus, and th fact that Freeldont Roose
vlt haa 'deemed H necessary to send
Secretary Taft to eonfe on th situa
tion, and these ar Inclined to plaos soma
eredono In th report that th trou
ble Is of ft serious nature.
Bon even go so far a to intimate
that th Inquiry 1 for campaign pur-
. ma th idea that the
present administration which reooanlaed-.
the now republic Wltn staruing prumyt
ness helped to argaals It.
Hudson Boulevard!. Jersey City, N. J-.
Oct It. To the Bdltor of Th Journal
May II last I Isft Oregon to make my
business horn In 'New Tork. I deter
mined. n starting, to learn to what ax-
toot Oregon 1 known In that section of
th United State called "th east." and
'' the result of my Investigation 1 here ?
eta ted: , . .
During flv month I hav traveled
' about 1. 00t milee. I hav visited Mtn- ,
nee polls, St Paul, Chicago twice, Detroit
Cleveland. Indlanapolla twice Pittsburg
twlo. Philadelphia three times, Buffalo.
"Albany, and th distance from New Tork
to Chicago baa beea covered tan time.
. I hav aieo spent many day in New .
. Tork Ctty. and tn the Iftrger cities near ,
Mew Tork. Durnlg all of this traveling
I have snjoyod ooavereation with a great
, many business men and fellow travelers.
To my statement that I cam from the
- Pacific ooastrthey have all replied. In-
- variably and tnetantly. "Oh yea, from
Callforam." I counted th number of
time that reply waa mad during th
drat three montb after leaving Oregon,
, and the number waa 1.111. dine than I
hav not continued th oount but I
hav been surprised and pained that not
'ft single one of th thousands of eastern
xaen 1 hav met and conversed with.
, ' appeared to know that Oregon wa on
th map. but every on Instantly said. .
-Oh yea, from California,' whan X men
tioned th Peclfi coast
-., Lately I hav boa Investigating th
- "why of this sssmlng lack of knowledge
of Oregon's existence. Hera, again, la
th result I And California literature '
' everywhere. Railroad advertising, land
aompany book 1 eta. elty souvenirs, fruit
statistics, and ths fruits Usmcalvea, ,
' (Jearaal toeelsl Bsrvlst.)HH
4 Kew Tork. Oct. li. Whtt
your offer of tlOc ft week seems
4 Ilk immense wealth to ma, who
4 am so poor, I cannot for one mo-
4 msnt consider th Men of plao-
lag myself on oxhlbttloa. The
memories of my. cruel experl-
enoes ar too frosh to boar oon-
d templatlon and X only wish to
4 drop back Into my humble po-
d sltkm In Mf where X may, a
far as possible, forgot th horri-
M Incident which hav been
d thrust upon me. Were It not
4 that I believ your motive ar
purely thoee f what you cell
"American business" t should
consider even your proffer of
employment Insult.
d - Buch Is the latter, written In
Italian, received by a local mu-
seum roanager today from Rom
TH Pie t ro. th young ssotbsr who,
In defense of her honor and hes
d life recently killed Michel Rago.
She wa taken before a coroner'
- jury where, in )ust eight min
utes, she was exonerated with
verdict of Justlfiabl homicide
and who ease waa brought up
before th grand Jury Monday.
The professional Woman'
league of New " Tork,- the
-City Federation of Women'a
clubs and the Woman Suffrag
club took thematter up and In
ease of grand Jury - Indletmant
will defend her.
It 1 generally believed ah
will be liberated.
P L-J-L". ,.i;LJ:
v rl ' I""""" - 11 P- "U ' reman
(Jesraal gpselal Berries.)
Baltimore, Oct. it. Ini appreciation
of Bishop Henry Codmaft Potter's ac
tivity in connection with Una subway
hotel th distillers of ft certain brand
of whisky ' yesterday forwarded the
reverend gentleman a case of a well
aged product. Th 'goods" wer sent
by express and plainly addressed to
Bishop Potter ot his residence address.
It La Fayette mace. New Tork.
Following 1 ths letter from the
makere of the whisky to Bishop Potter:
"Reverend Sir We have thla day for
warded by expree on ease of whisky.
In taking this liberty w do so with no
Intention of reflecting upon you. but
simply a aa evidence of our friendship
and esteem for one of th cloth whohas
the manly. Christian spirit to advocate
the doctrine net forth In tb' golden
Rule, 'Llv and let live.'
but nothing from ' Oregon, or almost
I hav visited vral of th large
' groceries la Newark. S60,0Ot population,
' also In Elisabeth, It.OOt population, Jer
sey City, 10.0t popuhUtom, New Tork,
about S.tOO.OOs, looking for Oregon
" prunes, and other Oregon fruits, and the
. Invariable and unhesitating reply hag
'"been that tbey never heard of Oregon
' prune. I have, however, ordered eight
boxea from ft friend tn Oregon and
they will be placed on th table of
' tight wall known men living In New
Tork and New Jersey, for X am deter-
- mined that sobm one within my circle ot
, buelneee and personal friend must be
, able to say that tbey have heard of Ora-
. tn prunes, and hav tasted them and
' found them good,
I hav still further pursued my rn ves
tige, (ton relatlv to Oregon product In
th east My latest effort baa been to
dleeover, If possible, aom of th excel
lent product of that great state adver
tised la the eastern magaslaee and other
ntgh-class publication, such aa th La-
dies Hobs Journal, Saturday Evening
Post and others. I hav found on glo
rlou conspicuous exception to the dls
'couraglngly monotonous failure, and thla
single shining example la th Pendwtoa
Woolen mills, with their weU oon
struoted, beautiful advertisement for
the Oregon Indian robe manufactured
- at Pendleton. Hurrah for Pendleton
and bar enterprising woolen mill and th
I Indian rota. X hav found two of the
I robe hi families living oa Statea Island
v and in Jersey City, and I felt lis shak
ing hands with old friends from my ba
loved Oregon. (I aent both rob eaet
myself to the families for Chriatmaa
if K'
It 1 not Irnown. whether Bishop Pot
ter will accept the gift, but tn any event
It 1 liable to cause another such storm
of comment as swept over th country
whan he took hla famous action In being
p reseat at th opening of tb subway
Th general belief among fhoa who
are Intimately acquainted with the
bishop la, that while he probably drink
no whisky whatever himself, be will ao
eept th gift and send It to some of
th many charitable hospitals with
which he ht mor r leas directly con
nected. (Jeeroel Special asrrtae.)
London, Oct It. Admiral Tan fit'
tart I dead. Be retired in lSTt.
present som year ago. I wish it wer
possible to nd mor f them, not as- ,
pec tally to tost make preeenta, but to let
mor families back her know of at least
n Oregon prod act -
But what tb matter with Oregon, , '
anyway T Why have thousands of well '
posted bright business men In nln of .
th largest and moat wealthy eastern
states said to ma, "Oh yea, from Cal I for- -aa."
Why cannot Oregon products be
found tn the big eastern stores? Why n
does nobody know of the wonderful Ore
gon f Not because she I so far away. -That
Isn't ft good reason. California is
Just as far, but everybody know of -'
California. At tba St Louie fair your
neighboring state of Washington dis
tributed 104,000 magnificent souvenir
books, not cheap atuff. but beautiful
hooka that any on would take horn and
road and look at many tlmea and ponder
Over. How many did Oregon distribute ,
at ths St Louis fsIrT Today I received
a folder dons In most artistic effect ad-
vorttelng th Spokmn fair this falL And '
1 have just learned that thousand of
theee folder have beea snail ed broad oe at
by Spokane merchants. ,
I tell you, friends, ft mighty hard ,
work to holler for Oregon, ft I am doing,
and a I delight In doing, when: every
man yon meet say. "Oh yea, from Cali
fornia," and whan one aeea California.
booklets, fruits, railroad advertising. ?
land advertising, verywbere, but never
ft word of Oregon.
Coming east from Portland I encoun
tered party of eastern tourists, re
turning from "th const I say 'en
countered. for that Just fits ear meet
tag. They were looking at th Oregon
Bitter Discovery of New Jersey Haa
an Returning Home Is Eveiing
Posse Seeks Brutal Slayer. .
tfeefaal special aervlet.)
BhUoh. N. J.. Oct- it. With her baby,
nine month old, nestling at bar breast,
hire. Frank Rasslnger, 14 years of ag.
waa found dead tn her bom near hare
by her husband last evening. A charge
of heavy bird shot had been fired at a
rang of but a few feet tote her left
side just below ths heart. A circular
wound two inches to diameter reached
through th body. A hug pose of
farmers ar today scouting th country
In search of th murderer.
There Is every indication that ft des
perate struggle took place la th bouse
and it Is believed that after the young
mother had bean overpowered end cruelly-
maltreated ah waa murdered to
keep her from making known th Iden
tity of her assailant. 8b waa appar
ently shot down while trying to flee
Into th open. Th baby, when found
held- Ite arm around bar neck crying
plteously. It bad upset ths cradle.
(Continued on Page Eight)
s mm i
The Alice Kimball Driven
Ashore Off Mouth of
' SiusIaw.River..
Owner and Wife Rescue Fro Wreck
After Many and Perilous Efforts .
Vessel Will Prove I
;r Total Loss.
(pedal Dwasteh te Tee leamel)
Eugene. Or., Oct. It. Th schooner
Alios KlmbalL from Ban Francisco te
Florence, la ashore a short distance
south bf the mouth of tb Slualaw river.
and 1 faat breaking up.
Th veassl arrived off th mouth of
th river Saturday and anchored at
buoy waiting for ft .tug. That nigm a
at api nmtnm un. tw anchor Chain
parted and th schooner was blown
ashore the next day. The crew euc-
mIihmIm ia atinra ant ar tlnat
and took off" Oeorge Martin, the owner
of the vessel, and hi wire, wno were
Tba story a told by ft member or tn
crow la of a thrilling nature. Be says
the first intimation that a storm ef mor
than usual severity waa prevailing waa
when tne man on watch aroused the of
ficers and they In turn called th www
iikiv from their bertha Tb llttl V ea
sel was then toeslng Ilk a frail shell
on the hug waves, that tne neavy gaw
sweeping inland waa driving oeior ix.
Th night waa very dark, and whU
slight fears were felt by some of thoee
aboard, it waa not utougni tn vwse
wAifl m hav anchors. An exception
ally heavy puff of wind followed by ft
heavy wave broke one ox tn two mmw
h.lna anil th llttl ft fa ft IWWlf BrOUnd.
-Tarn was sjutohlp followed by th swap
ping of the chain tna neio wie
anchor and buffeted In all direction by
th violent storm th boat waa Mptdly
driven shoreward.
wh aha struck It .became tmmedt-
mH.I that aha WOUld SO tO PlOCea
and th orew. all of whom happeaad to
be strong swimmers, took to th surf,
aa th schooner's boats had gone In th
The spot wher they landed was aom
j fMm the nearest habitation, but
a boat waa finally secured in time to
rescue, after several arrorta ana muco
danger, Mr. and Mrs. Martin.
The vessel waa owned by th Wilder
gteemablp company of Honolulu, and
had been In commission tor the last Se
yearn. She was built at Llttl River.
Cal.. ta 1174, and during tb greater
part of the Urn ah aaa oeen piying
between California port and the
Hawaiian Islands. Bb waa of lT tons
not register. It feet long, 17 feet acroas
th beam and had a depth of f .I feet.
(Jeareel Bpselsl aerrkw.)
a .( tmu Oct. it. It Is reoortod
that L. F. Lore, who recently resigned
th preeldency of th Rock Island rait
atn whim the head of a Basra:
embracing th principal railways of
Mexico. ,
HtoerJel Dispatch The snraeL
puuum. hvaah,. Oct it. It I ru
mored that the Harrlmaa Interest have
secured control ot th Pacific coast
iMnuhin mmMnr. Officiate her can
not vsrlfy or deify.
Said and bills, and wondering what var
mints oould possibly exist there, and
whan 1 mildly told them that th land
they war looking at oould not b bought
for from $ to 1100 an acre, they
Jumped m In groat shape. They had
been to California, they allowed, and that
waa th only country on th Pacific
coast Ws happened to be at th Hood
River station tost then and when I told
them that X bad paid 10t an acr for
10 acre near Hood River only the day
before, they dropped m right there
and th only words X heard from them
after that wa "he's erasr, plumb crasy,
to wast ht money that way." If they
oould have seen those 10 acre of mine,
ap near the celebrated orchard and homo
of Mr. Smith, th successful spple raiser
ef Hood river, aa I had aeea th valley
only th day before, I venture to aay
that Instead of being crasy. I would have
been put down aa being araay only ta on
roc poet for leaving Oregon at all.
X am sending yow thla letter, for tb
purpose of telling you th results ot
my Investigations regarding how well
Oregoa I known In th state , that I
'have traveled over during flv month,
and also to mak thla offer) If any
chamber of commerce, or other public
body of Oregon, or any other society
that hi attempting to make Oregon better
known, would Ilka to receive augge
ttona from an Orogontaa ta the east
about mor successfully carrying on
their work. I would Ilk to, kear from
them and they may b sur of reoolvlng
such pointer s 1 may b able to giv
from tlm to time, for X love Oret,
and have ft little spot hack there that
X am going bank to one of the o .
JOHN Si Pins.r.
Superintendent Courtney
Accused of Trafficking
in Paupers' Remains. :
Supplies Medical College Will Bodies
For Dissection at a Coislderatloi h
aud Is Tbea Paid forloterrla
nfalltatetJ Reatlns. -v;
Through , objection " made by It. nV
Courtney to a postmortem examinatkNe
being made at the county hospital an th
bodies of Miles Trailer and 1. Dftvta, ,
who dlod at th poor farm ftosday. V
ctal attention haa beea aaUad to the fact
that h haa been trafficking In bodla ot
daad persons during his incumbency a .
superintendent of that institution. For
every body supplied the medical eollog
of the University of Oregon It la said
that be ha been receiving $10. It to
further alleged by one of the express asa
who had the actual handling of a number
of bodies that Courtney haa supplied th
medical college with tb bodies ot per
son dying In ths city, for th disposi
tion of which be received fit from th
county commissioners to every teetano.
Aa investigation ha brought out th
fact that Courtney haa Also beea collect- .
Ing part of the money received by Jani
tor Boala of the college for burying bod
ies at th farm after they had been dis
sected, and ha is charged with demand
ing and receiving money for th asm
purpose from Janitors Rlmksnbsrgar
and Oolden. who preceded Boala.
Section till of th ode arevtde
that the bodies of dead persons dying
at almshouse and similar institution
shall be supplied medical collegea on
eVemand.-wban relative e nr tam' av
not provided for their burial and in
other specified instances. No provtotoaj
la mad for payment -fnc.thesa bodlea.
It is true, that ws hav paid Court
ney tit for such bodies," said lr.
Josspbl, prssldent of tbs college. "We
had to give him an Inoentlve to took out V
for such matter fa order that we might V,
know whan to hand In requisitions.
Formerly our Janitor attended to bury
ing the dissected bodie after they had
been returned to the Institution. Mr.
Courtney objected to this, however, say
ing the grave should be of a uniform
width and depth, and ha attended to
their burial himself. What be recslvad
from th Janitor I do not know." .
For every body sent to ths poor farm
from the city morgu for burial Court
ney haa recslvad f 10 from the county
oommlsslonara. By disposing of such n
body to tb medical college he would
receive 110 additional, and also 11
from Janitor Boala for burying the d in
sects body after leaving the eoltegw
making a total ot tU.M ta each In
stance. . .
Dr. Joaephl say h doe not know
whether or not any bodlea received
at tho oollege for dissection wer t
persons wno did not die at th poor
farm. Ths name are given to th Jani
tor, h explains, to bo placed oa a
wooden headboard whan the bodfee ar
taken back to th poor farm, but as)
record Is kept
On of th expressmen, who had bean
engaged ta th business sf hauling dis
sected bodies to ths poor farm from th
medical oollege volunteered to an at
tach of th county ooort th statement
that two or three -name handed ham
were of certain person account off
whose death he bad previously seen ta
tbs dally papers a having takers plan
from one cause ar another ta th city.
"I hav seen Courtney bury two' or
three bodlea 1n one grave," said thla an
nressmsn "Hs formerly nasi a man
hired to driv a team at th poor farm,
on whom he also placed th work of dlg-
aina trtM I told thla SSSn SSW dF
that Courtney waa paid by th Janitor
of tho medical eolieg tor onrymg mm
bodies and be waa foolish to do extra,
work tn order to turn money into Court
ney pocket. Courtney arrived at tht
Juncture. The driver than protested
against th work and was discharged on
th pot" . - . -v-c
Quajtaays mipusi Iwddsd
Investigation by th board of ounty
Amman lea Itinera has shown that While
Courtney has beea superintendent ef th
poor farm hla monthly reports m ixramr
Auditor Brandos hav shown aimowt
double th number f ta mates actually
at th Institution.
Tht discovery was' msda through n
agent of th federal eerie oe bureau, who
went to th taatltutlon recently ts eo
eur ststlstlcs. So much slgnlfloano
attached to th discovery that the
mmniuiAMn state their future action
will be directed by the results of a fur
ther Investigation by th D. Jachsoa,
who has been appointed to the soperln-
tendency f th poor rarm, in
discharging Courtney taking effect No
vember 1. - -
The reports of Courtney show 111
Inmates of the poor farm for August
and lit for September. Th count awde
by Courtney under th direction of tb
census commissioner, which waa
ward confirmed by Jack-on, showed
oly tl Inmates for September.
"Courtney told
stoner Ll'htner. "
handed h n '
or am -
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