The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 21, 1904, Page 10, Image 10

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jwch. ruin omxxascsijk-
innrani nu xjjctts ajtd
cajoto xr xmpomhu to com
embers 'of ths city council, on ad-
f Chler CampDSU OI tne nre
ment hYS decided to prevent the
traction or any sguamii n
f In the city, and especially la the
n. ukiiail At the meeting of
council held yesterday afternoon two
nances'wers d and a third was
duced which will eliminate the' con
ation of anybut nre-proof buHd-
ilef Campbell and Fire Marshal Rob-
drew ud the most important or
ordinances, which provides that
heatre. ODera Louse or building ror
10 amusement shall be constructed
i city. ,that Is Jiot thoroughly flre-
f. it further provides , that, no
atlona or repairs Shall be made in
building ' for- theatrical purposes
it shall be mads to conform to the
irements of the ordinance,"
is ordinance will , prevent the con
firm of any theatres except, those
of. brick, stone, iron or concrete
will in. time .tend to eliminate all
ten structures now in the city. The
isnoa contains provisions .- regulat
he alas of the exits, the use of fire-
r curtains and the placing of seats.
'e Intend. If possible to prevent the
ion of .any ' mora--Uieatrea.-coated
of wood. In the elty." said Chief
bell .this morning. "If the ordln-
pas'seg"wA are going to enforce ItJ
me a. wiu -we win mwow i v wuu"
ry to have at least two firemen
hned . In theatres, especially the
ones, during a performance to et
to .the exits. These men will be
the fire department .but will have
paid by the theatres."
9""oratnancs -was referrefr tcr the
l and polios committee. - -
ere was no opposition to the build-
rdlnanc. It provides for the con-J
tlon of buildings all over the city
makes It unlawful for any person
nstruet or- enlarge -or- repair any
lng within the city limit without
obtaining a ' permit, after having
ilana Inspected by the firs chief or
tiding . inspector. Within the Are
a buildings must all be fire-proof
must, conform with the regulations
-ding Are escape. The manufao-
of chemicals or explosives of any
is prohibited within the fir limits.
also the storing of any large quan
of either. During their construe-
every building is to be Inspected.
a Ore limits were extended by the
ge of an ordinance which was
1 necesssry because of the rapid
th of the- business portion of the
beyond the old fire limits. The
h were extended by the ordinance
iamhlll and Washington to Four-
ordering th discharge of William
from custody Circuit Judge Oeorge
red the gravel-pit ordinance adopted
e city council unconstitutional and
He asserted that th council had
bly exceeded Its authority, but had
li partiality toward persons opera t-
ta oeror the pasaage of ths ordi
. and had encroached on ths Judl
omaln. der this ordinance," said ths Judge,
applicant has to do is to publish
his proposed gravel pit will be.
hen the city council becomes the
ite and arbitrary Judge, according
to Its own Idea, whether the owner
so use his property under any
ion whatsoever; and In event the
-ouncll does not see fit to allow
kner to open his pit, then If h
ny ground, or opens up a pit sight
roves any ground at all, he be-,
a criminal and . punishable by
td, Imprisonment, however Innocent
y be of harm to others."
court also called Into question the
ion constituting ths elty council
Ibunsi to hear and determine
er one applicant shall be permitted
hers denied th privilege of digging
pita. - ,- --
Id Brlggs of Bucker creek. Joseph-
unty, ths father of Harry Brlggs,
had th rich dlaoovery of gold on
mountain, with $40,000 already In
la prematurely gray and is In
k, nervous condition that he cannot
This Information was received
unty Treaaurer John M. Lewis In
hr from his fsther, who has long
la near neighbor of th Brlggs
David Brlggs belongs to -ths
h generation of th pioneer Brlggs
'. and is still a comparatively
man. Treaaurer Lewis and David
i were boys together on Sucker
and he states that Mr. Brlggs has
een a sufferer from a disease that
irobaoiy prove fatal. Medical
isnt baa failed to afford any relief.
h baa told some of his friends that
ver expected to get wclL The
hrs of the family are camped at
In, and it is shld that they are
but little work toward developing
nstderlng th - gold already de
ll In a safe bank. David Brlggs
brked re many years en his little
t Purchasers of Underwood
Oregon Dally Journal.
1 Metals company, two.
r of Washington. . .
legle Steel company, three.
lies F. Bee be Co.
es manner Co.
orton Conn. , ,
no Mutual Life Insurance coro-
no Electric company.
on Furniture Manufacturing com
. lighthouse engineer.
y other prominent .Portland peo-
hcy at 01 Front street -
dale of Steamer T. J- Potter.
seaside steamer T . J. Potter will
Portland. Ash street dock, for
la and Ilwaco as follows:
Zl, Friday, I a. m. ,
tl. Saturday, 1 p. m.
transportation and berth tickets
R. a N. ticket office. Third and
ngton Streets.
Artificial ays nttei
- stack at D. Chambers, lit 7th.
Lnderwood typewriter Is equipped
, tabulator, at so extra coa ,
fn TO
Dr. W. Norton Davis.
We treat successfully : all . private.
nervous and ehronlo dlseaaea. also blood.
stomach, heart, liver, kidney and throel
trouble. We euro STTrimg (without
mercury) to stay cured forever. In 10 to
f o dsva We remove OT1UCTUKK. wita
out operation or pain, la fifteen days,.-
The doctors of this Institute 'are all
recular eraduataa have had many
years' experience, have been Known la
Portland for 1$ years,-nave si reputation
to maintain, and will undertake no case
unless certain cure can be effected.
We guarantee a curs In every ease
ws undertake or charre no fee. Con
sultation free. Letters confidential. In
structlv BOOK FOll MEN mailed free
in plain wrapper.
If vou cannot call at office, write for
guesuoa Diana ror noma treatment.
OfBce hours t to . and T to t. Sundays
and holidays, it to IX, .
The leading specialists in ths Northwest
Established 1 Sit.
Dr.W. Norton Davis & Ca
Vaa Mot Sotel sr. B. Oor. Third aad
- naa treats.
roBTuurs. omxao.
77m ffosf Durable
Mon& Back jf nof
. : - To Sal By .
J. a. ygT.imrar oo, 23 1 First st
KASDaaXfT 141 First St
STBOwamiDoa tazxt m orx co,
111 Grand Ava
rMuhPHrihr.- flncsrFlivor.
The Q rest Chlaese Doctor
id called great be
cause bla wonderful
curs are ao well
known throughout
- the United Btatee.
anf because so many
people arethankful
-to him for aavlng
tbelr lives from
He treats any and
all ' diseases with
A powerful Chlaese
4 herbs, roots, bud a
'1 barks and vegetables
. l. ... .KtlMlvnn.
known to raeSlcal science In this coun-
. . w . i a. et Ihuahtrm.
less remedies. T"hls famous doctor knows
the action or over i ai"" 7
that he has successfully used In different
diseases. He guarantees to cure catarrh,
aatlima. lung troubles, rheumatism, njr-
vousness, stomacn. liver,
male trouble and all priyat diseases.
Hundreds of testimonials. , Charges
moderate. Call and see Mm,
nowsiTTT.sjiaTTOar nzl.
K . . . . .W .1 W
blank and circular, inclose stamp. Ad
tSt Alder street Portland, Or. Men
tion this paper. -
Every Woman
Is and shoeld know .
sdoux us woaosmu
MARVEL WhirUoo Spray
The sew VmshI Srrt"f. Jxfrf
st Most i onT.nt.n.
aa tmr enntat far n.
If be fmnnoc snpply the
MtlllL. aowut no
otber, bn t send Mans for umI bnofc ...liS. II
tall mtrtleubirs and direction. In.
Valaabletoluues. MARV ILi. COX
Vtsses augw sjew seek.
For Sale By
aOWa ft MASTI AMrlok hasBaa
A Boynton: Furnace
In vour house soon ears for Itself in
comfort and saving o:
re with you on lb
it ruei. Let us ng-
ost f Instslllug
BBS in your niniM i
. O. Baysc Faraaos 0
III Beoa4 e S. Jaate 4iL
Mineral Springs
oraa araaT pat xx tmm xmam.
To Whom It May Concern
I cams to ths above, springs oa April
t to take treatment for my eyes. I had
a very sever attack -of catarrh of ths
yes, was almoat blind after treating
with the best specialists that could be
found, and Buffering for nine yeara I
have at last found a cure her at the
not praise them too highly. I hop thst
others that are afflicted will give taeia
a trial. Kespeetruuy. . 1
Room SOS. Commercial Blag, Portland,
- Mr. I. C Palmer, of Palmer. Or was
cured or rneumatiam. ir you are sick
write to us; we will give you the name
and address of some one cured of a
similar complaint
Tuscan Mineral Springs Corp.
rsoBotALi ros nzo.
of nr of. the AuUltor of the t ef Portland
ttutu Wednesday. July rt, 1B0, st 1 e'cluck
p. m., tor furnl.hlnc to the Kirs Department of
said city tht folluwing Items of feed, which will
ue requireo lor toe mootB ol Augostr
BeTenteea tons best quality timothy hay.
Elsbt tone best quality white eata.
HTa Vine straw.
t tfie hundred ssd Iftv Bounds ell meal.
i os ore resimittee reserves tue ngnt to eraer
for three aiontiis st same nrleee. -
DeHeery te be ensde as required sad bills to
be Tendered enly for soch quantities sa are
ueiiTereu ana seceptea.
Samples of bran and eata most be snhmltted
wits each proiwaal. Uajr and straw subject to
spproTSl oe oellTerr. -
Jo proposals will be eoosldered snleef seeom-
F a oled hjr e certlfled rheck psysble to fieors
1. Williams, Major, for sa amount equal to
10 per, cent of tbe aggregate bid.
Ths right to reject any and all bids Is hereby
By order ot the DxecntlTe Board.
Till 18. O. DEVLIN.
' ' Auditor of "the "Cttyof orllaud,' '
rortisno, uresoa, July si, iikh.
Notlee Is feerebr steen thst oa tbe lsth day
ef July. W4, I took up and empounded
st tbe City Pound, at No. itrll Rliteenth street.
In Uje .Olx joI PurtlajBdjafiniiq. the follawuig
dracrtbed animals: .
One yellow Jersey heifer,, dark oa bead, end
ef tsil blaek and strap oa neck .
One dark bay mare, left bind foot white, sad
dle marks oa sides, branded oa right hip and
slod In, front: snd Bnle.s lb owner,' or other
Dersoa or Dersons haying sa Interest therein.
shall claim possession of the same, snd pay all
cost snd charges of tbe keeping snd sdvertlalng
ttem. together with the pound fees on said
animals, as provided by--erdtBenee-ltar-g,9;iftt
as amended, of said City of Portland, I will
oa the 8rlh day of July, 1904, at ths boor of
10 a. m.. st tbe City Pound, at No. 2H Rli
teenth. In said elty. sell the above described
animals at nubile auction to the highist bid
der, to pay the coats snd charges for taking up,
keeping and advertising such animals. .T
jata tuis zist usy or Jiiiy. iw.
. - ' F. W. RE Kit,
cogrrxxTiov avd 'acczptaxcx " or itt-
Notice Is hereby siren that William C. El
liot, City' Engineer, bss filed In the office of
the nnuerslgned notice that Qleblach A JodIIb,
ecntrnctors for ths Improvement of Union ave
nue under the provtalons of ordinance No. 18,
470, have 'completed said street from the snath
line of Alberta street to the center line of
atechsnle street.
8ald acceptance will be considered by the
Etamtlee Board at 4 o'clock, on the 22d
day of July, lvoi. snd objections to the ac
ceptance pi said street, or sny psrt taereoc.
may be filed In the office of the, a Darraigned
at any tlms" prior thereto. .
lm Klfil tlTIVBJ BOA nil.
Auditor of ths City of PortUad.
Portland. Oregon, July 16, 1004.
raoposAxg ros nsx htosastt.
Wntwieals will he received nr the Watee
Board of the City of Portland, Oregon, until
t p. m. Thursday. July 21, 194, for tnrnlah
Ins tbe water department of. tbe city, at the
storehouse on Fourth and Market streets, one
hundred firs hydrants, according to Diane and
specific. tlona which may be obtained at ths
oincs o. ins Engineer or me wnier aeparunenc
Kach Dronoasl must be scoomDsnled nr s
certlHed check for $6oO and Inclosed In a eesled
envelope addressed to the undersigned snd
marked oa the outside, "rroposals for , f Ira
.The Water Board reserves the right to re
ject any or ill pmoosaun
ur oroer oi ine n ater noara.
gtiperlntehdent Water Department
PortUad, Oregon, July IB. 1904.
rxorogzo assessment rox giwxa rs
Notice Is hereby gtvea that the Council of
the City of Portland proposes to assess ths
following described property and owner or
owners as being specially and peculiarly bene
fited In' the amocnts set opposite tbe Barnes
and deecrlutlons thereof by the construction
of a sewer In Missouri s venae, from tbe north
line of Fremont street to a connection with ths
sewer In Beech street, as provided by ordinance
Mo. la.uo.
Any objections to toe apportionment or cost
for said sewer 'must be . made tu writing to
tbe Couacll and filed with tbe Auditor within
15 days from the date of the flrat pubttcatloa
of this notlee, and ssld objections will be
heard sad determined by the Couuctl before
tbe passage or the, ordinance a. ....lng tns
cost for saia sewer.
Ml'LTNOM A II BLOCK M, lot 21, Olaf P.
Hanson, 21.10; lot IS, Mary J. Nelson,
ill 10: lot 17. Relnhard W. Hning. $13.10:
lot in. Relnhard W. Hrrlnc. $13.10: lot IV
Arthur L. Dowa. $18.10; lot 11. Alexander
Elder Eatate. heirs of. $18.10; lot B, W. H.
Daly, $13.10; lot T. Alexander Elder Eatate.
heirs of. $13.10; lot a. Unat Anderson. B13.10
lot , Kmll Hosln. $13.10. BLOCK $4, lot
23. J. B. Nelson, $M.SB; lot 20. J. R. Nelson.
$ll.ho; lot IS, Erik snd Christine Wlk,
fcU.AO; lot Id. N. gbolrnberg. $21.50; lot
14. William Wackmw. $21. M; south H lot
12. Alexsnder McAllister. $10.TS; north H
lot 12. Kate Norgsrd, $10.76; lot 10. Albert
Llnke,; lot s. Jobs atarkin, il.lHl;
lot ' A. Emma A. Blelob Estate, heirs nf,
21.H0; lot 4, James P. Klrby, $21.50, Total,
368.75. t
Auditor of the Cltv of Portland.
Portland. Oregon, July IS, 1004.
rsorosALt ros sewxs wosx.
Rested pronossls will be received at the of
fice of the Auditor nf the City of Portland
until Saturday, July 2.1. 10O4, at 8 o'clock p. m.
for lsrlne snd reosirlne B sewer In Tanner
creek from s point In Lownedale street to a
point 1,n Taylor street in the manner pro
vided by ordinance No. 14.071. subject to ths
provision of the Charter and ordinances of ths
city of Portland, "and the estlmste of tbe City
ngineer. en nie.
-Bids -most -be strictly la aenordaBee with
printed blank., which will be furnl'hed on ap-
ncatioB at ins oiucs ox tns auditor or the
lltv of Portlsnd. And ssld sswer must Sm
eumpleted on or before 00 days from tbe date
of the signing of th contract by th parties
No proposals or bids will be considered un
ices accompanied hy a certified cheek psysble
to th order of th Mayor of th City of
Portlsnd. certified by a responsible bank ror an
amount equal to 10 per cent of tbe aggregate
The rl
right to reject say or all bids Is hereby
By order or th xiecntive Board.
Aodltor ef the City of Portland.
PortUad. Oregon.., July IS, 1004. ,
gealed oronossls will he received at ths of..
of th Andltor of th City of Portland until
rriaay; 4tny 22. iwoe, at a e clock p, m.,
for the Improvement of Fast Twelfth street
from th south line of Multnomah street to the
south line of Tillamook street, hi the manner
frovlded ny ordinance ino. U4,0O2, subject to
he orovlalons of ths Chsrter snd ordinance.
of the City of Portland - and ths estlmste of
ine rity r. ngineer, en nie, - -
Bids must be strictly In seenrdsnce with
printed blanks, wblcb will be fnrnlahed on
ppilcanoa st toe oinc ox xne auditor or Tea
'Ur of Portlsnd. And said Improvement muat
be completed on er before 80 days from th
date of' the algntng of th contract by th
parltes tnerero
No proposals er bids win he eoneldesed en
less seeompsnled by a certified check nevahls
to the order of the Mayor of the City of Port
land, -certified by responsible hank for sn
amount equal to 10 per cent ef the aggregate
The right to reject any snd (II bids Is hereby
By order r tbe Executive Board.
Audita nf the l ltv nr VartlmtUL
Per Uaad. -Oregon, July it, 1904.
Pxoroszo AsazsBifEVT ros UPSOTS-
Notice U hereby gives thst the Voanell of ths
City of Portland oropusee to aeaeas lbs follow,
lng drsorlbeu prupwty and vmmm am but
mm uvmg aifeciaiiy alio peculiarly oe sen tea in
the smounts set opposite tbe names and descrip
tion) thereof fur the luipruveim-ut of Cleveland
avenue from the south line of Alberta- street
to the Bonn Hue of Preseott street, as pro
vided by orillnauce No.
Any objections to ths appurtlonawat of east
iur eaiu luiprovemeut muat be made la writlug
to tbe Couuoll and filed with tbe Auditor
wlthla lft days (rum the date ef ths first
putiuratloB of thla uotlce, and said objection.
win oe oesra ana aeterrajnea by tne Council
before the passage of the or 01 Bancs aaswlng
the enst of 'said luiprovsmeuC
al AKULRx HlciHLA.NU HUICK 11, east ' 00
feet lot , Ueurge K. Clark. iriH; eaet ttu
", ueorge.a. t,r,.ti.o;
east . ert feet of west IS feet
lot a Ida M. AroeaoB, 0.04; east 40
reei oi west 0 feet lot 6, Ida 11. Arneson,
, fOM; east loo feet lot 4, Burtolpk Kin. ling,
io; east itiu set lot s. Kuoulun Kln.llng,
"; esat 10 feet kit i, Kmll Kyaer,
ii!Ml; ee.t UK) fvot lot 1. W. 8. Cutter.
H7.7. HI.Of'K 111. ino fmmt lot a
Holiert and Jane llaggard. -t'tO.Af); eaat 100
er. H't i, Hooert sod Jsse uaggarfl.;
'eaat 100 fart lot a .'rank tl Htrlkl.nrf
- JlT.a; east 10 feet lot ft, rtank H. Htrlck-
- land. $24 y; east 1U0 feet lot . Joseph K.
snd AmaUa genena, 33.(iM; east 100 feet lot
e, ataaona M. walker, seat luo Test
Jot 8. Ueorge Pstges.. .t ): east ll feet
ei j, ueorge 1'atges, S4V.04. hiahk 1,
east luo feet lot 10. C. M. Hrysnt. (48.XH:
esse lis) feet Wit . C. U. Bryant, X4; ssat
j" eei UK b, U. It. till. well, sof.tH: es.t
jow reel lot 7, M. kt, Abernetbr. SAO.OT;
. ri iui, reei Ki q, naimuna nmiminn,
fol.OT; eaet 100 feet lot 5. James Abernetbr,
.(icntry. 40.: esat 100 feet ot S. Jidward
7M.-Tentrrr'!Sl2: eaat 100 feet lot S. Jsmes
Abernethy, f-M T.I; eaat ion f.-t lot 1, James
Abernethy, $ZT IW, It LOCK 11. V.t T, Chris.
- una eors, six. u: lot m, II, a. nn.ty, fiin;
- lot S. Andrew gwsnson. 31.T; kit 10, IClla
nwansoe. fM.Bli Kit 41. Jobs H. A. Fluk,
. fW..H; lot 12. John II. A. Fink. $4141.
MUM'JC B. lot O. EUaabeth Jtckeraoa. $.W.7H;
ht 10. gllsaheth Rckersoa, $23.01: lot 11,
Mary g. Hordon, $17 2W: lot U. Mabel 1.
WlleoB, I27.S0: lot 14. N.,a Ovsltt, .'14.1;
lot 14. V7c. Ovsltt. int. 30; lot It, I.uln B.
Donner, $41. R2: lot 11. I.olu E. Donner,
r47.0X RIXK'K 1. lot 11. Kmmor . Ualht.
48,o; lot 12, Emmot J. n.lght. $4X4.".; lot
. 13. Kmrmc J. Halght, $T3.ft7; lot 14. Kmmor
-J.'Ilalght, $47. i; lot 10, Kmmor J. Ralgbt.
4B.Sn; lot 16, Kmmor J. H.lxht, $4. (17; lot
IT,. Kmmor J. Halgbt, $.19.14; tot IS, Kmmor
J. Halgbt. $.14.10: lot 10, Emmor J. Balgbt.
W.M; lot 20. Emmor t. Halgbt. $30.M.
Total. $1,703.00.
' Auditor of the City of Portland. .
Portland. Oregon, July 18. 1S04. .
rsopogzo AsRESBMiirr ros mrBOTE-
Notice la herebe aivee that the Donnetl nf vhe
City of PortUad proposee to assess the follow,
log described property snd owner or owners
ss being snedslly snd peculiarly benefited In
the amounts set ooooslta ths 'names and de.
scrlptlons thereof fur the Improvement of East
Twenty-first street, from ths eenter line of
Hancock street to ths south line, of n'eldler
street, ss provided by ordinance No. IS.exio.
Any objections to the apportionment of cost
for ssld Improvement must be made la writing
to the Council snd filed with ths Auditor
within 16 dsys from the dsts, of the first
publication of this notice, and said objections
will be heard and determined by the Council
lief ore the pssssg of the ordinance assessing
-IflHV loviviiQ riuyr r ,niTMV .- I
ii- imi oi aaio. improvement.
Portland BLOCK It. lot 1. Charles H. Pres.
p.-ti.,.rf uiu-v a i. i i'K..iu trDr
cott, trustee, $60.BA: lot 2. Charles H. Pres.
. cott. trustee. . 818.00. - BLOCK .' lot
-S.T- Annie '0 Hughes. $20.4; lot
2. Annie . O. Hughes. $;W.82; lot
15, Annie O. Hughes, $20.74 lot 18, Annie
G. Hughes, $200.00. BLOCK 11. lot 1,
Charles H. Preseott, trnste. tlKO.m; let 2,
Charles H. Preseott, truste, $:I1.70; lot 15,
Chsries H. Preseott, trustee, $20.06: lot 18,
Charles H. Preseott, tmste. $181 48. BLOCK
14. lot 1. Charles H. Preseott, tniatee,
251.15; lot 2, Charles . Preseott, trustee,
27.00; lot. 15, Charles .' Preseott, trustee,
J lot 18. Charles H. Preseott. trustee.
25T.40. BLOCK 2. lot g. Charles H. Pres
eott, .trustee, $50 74: lot 7. Charles H. Pres
eott, truste. $18.00. BLOCK T. lot 8,
Charles H. Preseott. trustee, $'88.62; lot T,
Charles H. Preseott, trustee, $29.80; lot 10,
Charles H. Preseott, trustee, $28.81; lot 0.
Chsries H. Preseott. trustee. $258.18. BLOCK
10, lot 8. Mlna B. Little. $278.27; lot 7,
Charles H. Preseott. trustee, $.18.12; lot 10,
Chsries H. Preseott, trustee. $.W.45; lot .
Charles H. Preseott. trustee, $206.38. BLOCK
15. lot 8. Chsries H. Martin and Henry a
Cabell, 82S8.85: lot T. Charles H. Msrtln and
Henry C. Cshen. $20.18; lot 10. Charles II.
Msrtln and Henry C. Cabell, $30.70; lot w,
'paries it. Martin ana Henry v. I Dell,
to.x. 'lotat. s;i.stu.o7. .
Auditor of the City of Portland.
Portland, Oregon. July 18, 1004.
rsoroszD assessment ros szwzs a
Notlee Is hereby given that the Coonell of
ths City of Portland proposes to assess the fol
lowing described property and owner or owners
ss being specially and peculiarly benefited In
ins amounts set opposite tn names snd de
scriptions thereof hy the construction of a sewer
la Esst Twenty-sixth street from 50 feet sooth
ef the Booth line ot Esst Btsrk street to a
connection with the sewer In Belmont street,
as provided hy ordinance No. 18,flo6.
Any objections to the apportionment of cost
for ssld sewer must be mad In writing to
th Council and filed with the Auditor within
15 days from the date ot th first publication
o this notice, and ssld objections will he heard
snd determined hy the Council befor th pss
ssg of the ordinance assessing th cost for
ssld sewer.
TILTON'S ADDITION to the City Of Portland
BLOCK 1, north 38 feet of lot 1. Title
. Guarantee A Trnat Company. $7.50; north 88
feet of lot 2, Title Guarantee A Trust Com
pany, $4-80; north 88 feet of the east 20
feet of lot 8, Title Guarantee A Treat Oeav
psny, 81.70.
feet of block 80. Portland Loo Fir Ceme
tery Company, $30.55; sast 100 feet of block
88, Portland Lone Fir Cemetery Company,
830,65; -east lOO fevtef - lot 87, - Portland
Lone Fir Cemetery Company, $30.65; esst 100
feet or block ho. portlsnd Lone Fir Ceme
. tery Company, $30.55; east 100 feat of block
85. Portlsnd I .one Fir Cemetery Company,
$70.00; es.t 100 feet ef block B. Portland
Lone Fir Cemetery Company. $10.40.
HANHON'8 ADD. to Eaat Portlanl
BLOCK T. north 85.2 feet ot kit 1, city A
Suburban Railway company, ll.70; sooth
14.8 feet of lot 1. Hannah L. Essternrsok
$8.25; lot 2. Hannah L. Easterbrook. $27.05.
BLOCK 8. lot 4. Edward N. Wheeler. $27.05
south 40 feet of lot 8, Edward N. Wheeler.
122 bo; nor to in reet ot lot s. Helen kL
tl 1111 ax AO. M u, -. 1 -. jr
" IIIIMU1W.W, ..., wna.u I mw. 'I . IUI a,
Helen M, Williamson, $15.10; north 28 feet
ot lot 2. Henry M. Williamson, $12.85; lot
1. Henry M. Williamson, $27.05. BLOCK 8,
- lot 4. John Oantenbeln, $27.05: lot 8. John
Gantenbein. $27.00; esst 44 of lot 2. Fred J,
McMonles. $17 70: sa.t H of lot 1, Fred
J. McMonles, $17.70; west U of lot 2, Henry
. Oscar Smith. $10.25: West H of lot 1. flenrv
' Oscar Smith, $10.25. BIHJK 2, east H of
lot , r-ste u. Bucswsiter.; east H
of lot 8, Kate B. Burkwslter, $17.70; west
H of lot 4, A. L. Tyler. $10.25; west V. nf
lot B, A. ii. lyier. iu.ii mt a, Mary n.
McRrid, $27.95; lot 1.. Msry E. McBrlds.
$27.05. Total, 868.W1.
- . THOg. 0. DEVLIN.
Auditor of the City ot Portland.
PortUad. Oregon. July 18, 1004.
Notlee Is hereby riven that the Council
ef th City of Portland propose to asses the
following oescrinea properly ana owner
or owners as neing specially snd
neenltarlr benefited in the imounts
set opposite th names and descriptions
thereof by toe construction of a sewer In
Madison street, from 180 feet east ef the esst
line of Eaet Thirty-third street to the sewer
In Esst Thlrtr-tl ird street, as provided hi
ordinance No. 18,fct8.
Anv oh lections to tne apportionment nf enst
for ssld sewer most be made In writing to the
Council and filed with the Andltor within 15
dnv from the dsts of th first pnhllrstlon of
this notice, snd ssld objection will be beard
and determined he th Council before tbe
paaasge of ths ordinance assessing the cost
for aa id 'sewer.
lot, e, nnnnvsine tjinn at improvement cv.,
218.85: lot . John Onatafaon. $13.85; lot 12
Pilnnvalde lnd A Improvement Co., $18.35.
BIXM'K 60. lot 8, Hnnnnyalde Ind A Improve
ment Co., $18.05; lot 11, Snnnr.lde Isind A
Improvement Co., $18.05: lot 12. gunnvslde
lind A - Improvement Om.r $18.05. , Total,
Auditor of the City of Portland.
Portlsnd, Oregon, July 18, 1004.
Notice 1 hereby glvea that a petition pray.
lng for th vsrsttoa of thst portion ef Roose
velt street la ths City of portlsnd, Oregon,
which lies between the esst line of Twentieth
street North and the west line of Sherlock ave.
ana, Is pending and will he presented to ths
Council of said City nf Portland, at a rerular
meeting ox esia uouncii. to Be neie en Wednes
day, the 3d dsy of August. 1004. st 2 o'clock
p. m., In the council chamber la th City Usll
ia nxy.
Ralph W. Hoyt. Louts Hnvt Cook. David M.
Dunne, Eatste of T. A. Davis (Inc.), gad
Topas Land Company, petitioners.
4-Miia t
Auditor ef th city ot PoriiasA
iMrtUad, Ortgoa, Jane Jg, 104,
rsoroaxa asbebbiiejiz ros xxrsovx-
Notice is hereby glvea that the Council of
ths city of Vortlaud proposes to sa.eas ths
luilowliis - ttwsor I bed pruMMrtjr .-and owner . or
bWuers ss being specially and peculiarly bene
fited la ths a mounts aet upuoeite ths nsurs
ssd description Uwrsof for th Imia-oremeiit
of Ilawtuorue Terrace, from the west line of
blxteealh street to the eaat line of Terrace
Urlve, as provided by ordinance No. 13,doX
Any oil ii',' I Um. to the MtiiHil,iiiiii nt or n.l
fur ssld liupruvenieut aiuat be mad is writing
tu the Council and filed, with . tbe Auditor
within 16 dure fruni ths Sate of ths first
pbbUcatlua of thla notice, and said objectiuus
eiu oe nsara sua oeieruuoea oy toe uouuci
before th paseasa of th ordinance messing
the cost of said improreuMUit.
UKOVtB S AliDUioN to the City ef Port-
utnu til,! n. iia. unatviaeu h lot I, jsmes
. hi. . HaseiUns. $d.5W; undivided lot 8,
Jamea K. llaaeltlne, ;12 Wy; undivided 14 lot
v. 1 ,i . g m. dwwi, mimxm, u o v.,
$.18. &U: uudlvlded 44 lot 2. loree D. stsck
pole rUte. heirs of, $32. 1)0; lot 8, Portland
Trust Co. of Oregon, $114.48; lot 4, Portland
Trust Co. of Oregon, $123.07. BLOCK 111.
south H of lot 1. Portlend Trust Co. of Ore
sou, f.24; south V. of kit 2. The Alllauce
iruat Co, of Dundee, Hoetlaad, $bl.o4.
BLOCK 110. south m of east of block
110,' Canadian A American Mortgage and
Trust Co., Limited, $aut.8o; south t of eaat
80 feet of west H of block 110. The In-
vssxers- oeeuniy 10., 1.10., ex aoioDura, ocox
lsud, $68.18; south of west 60 feet of
esst 80 feet of west H of block 110, Wash,
lux ton National Building. Loan and Invest
nient Association, $07, Jo: south Vk of west
ou xeet 01 Ploca liu, Laura A. sianaera,
8103.72. HUHJK lltt. ssat Ml feet of block
loo, Laura A. Flandera, IDO.07. A tract of
land bounded and described aa follows: Com
menclng at a point In ths south line of
KUaabeth street 80 feet vy.t of wber th
sou in une ut vsia street is -lllterseciea oy
tbs esst line of block rov, tirover's sddtttoe
to th City of Portland: throe south along
a Hue 80 feet west of . nd parallel with
the west Hne of ssld block too the north
Hue of Hawthorne Terrace; thence west 54.8
feet sloug the northerly line of Hawthorn
Terrace; . thence north 4 degrees 11 minute
eaat jih.i feet to . Ine aoulB Uue 01 ansa'
heth street: thenea euaterLv to Disc of be
ginning, i. C. AlnawortU. $08.16. A tract of
ana bounded and described aa follows: rte-
f tuning where the northerly tins nf Mock
10. tirover's Addition to the City of Portlsnd.
extended westerly intersects the southeasterly
.llne jut block li, . tirover's Addition to th
tity or PortUnd; running thence north o
drgreee 85 minutes west 40 feet; thence north
82 di-irrees 20 minutes cast 44 feet,- thence
south 80 degrees 31 minutes east 60.23 feet;
thence sooth degrees 11 minutes west 00
feet to a point la the northerly boundary
line of Hawthorne Terrace a foresaid; thence
westerly along nortbeaeterly boundary line
or Hawthorne Terrace .north 82 degrees 01
minutes west 24 feet; thence along north
easterly boundary line of ssld Hawthorn Ter
race south 88 degrees 48 minutes west 23.04
reet to place ef beginning, J. U. Aloawoath,
GUOVhlfS ADDITION to the City ef Portland
oiAivft low, oaaieriy 1 lot e, e. u. avina
worth, 8.16.48; easterly H lot 8, J. C. A Ins
worth, $43.17; essterly lot 2. J. C A Ins-
worth, $70.42; easterly U lot 1, J. C Alns
wortb. $184.40. BLOCK 113, lot 5. J. C.
A!ns worth. S11ML82: lot 4. J. C Alna worth
- $138.80; -Jot a, J. 0. Alueworth. $14.23.,
bum ii ii. north luo reet lot 1. ins uregoa
Mortgage Co., Ltd., $848.22; north 100 feet
lot 2. Holt C. - Wilson, $288.86. BLOCK
115. north 100 feet lot 1, Scottlah American
Investment Co., Ltd., $175.02; north 100 feet
tot x. Bcotusn American Investment Co..
Ltd., $484.71. . BLOCK 118, ths northerly tt
of a trsct of laad lying hetweea the southerly
line of Hawthorn Terrace and the northerly
'""- o. rvearoey .rireei, ana oexween ine
Ty,tmM1t. llne'-er block Oioiei'e-AdditloB
to the City of Portlsnd. snd the iaeterlr line
ot lot 2, block 116. Orover's Addition to
in iity or Portland, and a northerly exten
sion ot said easterly line ef lot 2. The Oregon
Mortgage Company, Ltd., $285.88. All of
block 118. Orover's Addition to ths
City of " Portland, lying i west " of
tbe westerly boundary line of kit 1. block
lie, G rover s Addition to th City of Port
land, 1 and a northerly extension of ssld
westerly boundnry line Of ssld lot 1, Walter
Mackay, boU0.87. TntaL $0.1IZ."T.
Auditor of the City of Portland.
Portland. Oregon, July 18, 1004.
Notice is hereby elven thst the Coencll
of the City of Portland proposes to assess
tne following oescriDea oroDerty ana owner or
owners as being speclslly and peculiarly bene
fited In the amounts set opposite the nemee
ana aeecripnottB tnereor ror tne tmurovement
ot Arthur street, from. the west Une of Hood
street to the east Une of First street, as
proviaeo oy ordinance no, la.nio.
Any objections to the sonortionment ef coat
for said Improvement muat he made la writing
tn tbe Council and filed with the Auditor
within 16 days from tbe date of the first
publlcatioB of this notice, and said objection
will be heard, and determined by the Council
before tbe passsge of the ordinance sssns.lni
tne cost nr said improvement.
ADDITION to tbe City of Portlsnd BLOCK
52. lot 5. Oregon Railroad A N eviration Co..
$.160.15; lot 6, Oregon Railroad A Navigation
Co.. $51.45; lot 8. Oregon Railroad A Nav
igation Co., $.'iS.07c lot 4, Oregon Railroad A
j-nTigaiKin . i. , DiAe.a sw, io. o,
Richard Martin, Jr., $171.41; lot 8. Hannah
Martin, $18.27; lot 8. Kdsrard Mendenball,
-. .4.oo: ut .. cawsrd MenoennaiL 8212.-40.
BIx;K 40, east 4.2 feet of lot 6. Jamea
' Hamtihrev. 88.25: east 4.2 feet of lot 8.
Jamea Humphrey, $2.88; west 2S.S feet of
lot 6. D. W. Campbell, $50.16; west 25.8
feet of south IT feet of lot 6, V. W. Camp-
neiL o.zh; wen zn reet or east zv.a reet
of lot '5. i. K. ana r. I. ant. 02
west 25 feet of esst 20.2 feet of outh H
of lot 6, J. R. and F. I. Mann, $7.54: esst
26 feet of west 61.8 feet of lot S. George
Nnthnsgls, $55.07; esst 26 feet of west 61.8
reet of snath it feet or lot s. lieorre Kotn
nifle, $5.38; east 25 feet of west 76.8 feet
of lot 6. P. W. DeHuff. $63.20; east 25 feet
of west 78.8 reet of sooth U .t lot I, P. W,
D Huff. $7.54: west 101.8 feet ef north V,
of lot 8, Oer man Saving A Loan Society,
$30.70; north 8 feet of west H of sotitb U
nf lot 6. Germsa Savings A Loan Society.
r.OO; lot 8. Jsmes Humphrey. $81.08; lot
James Humphrey. $2X4.84. BLOCK 53, lot
8, Louis Arnold. 820T.1V; lot T, Louis Arnold.
824.18: Kit z. Joima h. hsit. S2n.zn: lot i.
Albert Wright, $250.42. BLOCK 48, west
75 feet of lot 8. M. R. Llchtentbaler, $H8.46;
west to reet ot lot T. M. K. i.icntentnsier,
$12.78; eaat 81 feet of lot 8, F. M. Uch
tenthaler. $37.01: east 81 feet of lot 7. F. M,
Ucbtenthaler, $5.28; eaat 100 feet of sooth
H of lot 2. John Dim lev, $25.80; eeat 100
feet ot north U of lot 2, H. 0. Englehsrt,
- $25.80 west g feet ot lot 2, F. M. Llchten-
thaler. $3 07; west 6 feet of lot 2. Ts M.
Uchtenthttler. $0.48: esst 100 feet of kit 1,
L. F. snd Sarah M. Guthrie. $158.78. BLOCK
41. lot 8. U P. Been, $171.16; lot T, L. P.
Bean. $56.05; kt 2. J. E. Scott $10 81: esst
78 reet or lot l. Laura is and Joan 1. Lanra,
818H.18: west 88 feet of kit 1, W. and at.
Scott, $02.87. Total. 83.205.14.
-. - - . Andltor of th City ef Portland. .
Portlsnd, Oregon, July 18, 1004.
Notice Is hereby given that th Council of
the City of 1 'or t land proposes to assess the
following described property and owner or own
ers ss being speclslly and peculiarly benefited
In th amount set opposite ths names and
descriptions thoreof by th construction of a
sewer la Enst Thirty-second street from IS
feet south of th south Hue of Esat Salmon
strset to s connection with the sewer In Ksst
Thirty-second street st East Taylor street:
a sewer In Esst hslmoa street from 180 feet
west of the west line ot East Thirty-second
street to a connection with the Dro Dosed sswer
In Knwt Thirty-second street, and a sewer In
Esst Salmon street from 180 feet esst of ths
esst line of Esst Thirty-second street to a
connection with th proposed sewer In East
Thirty -second street, as provided by ordinance
No. 13,067.
Any objections to the apportionment of enst
for ssld sewer must be made In writing to ths
Council and filed with the Auditor within 16
days from tne date of the first Publication
of thla notice, snd a,ld objections will be
nesra sna oexerminea oy tne uoaneu nerore tbe
pssssge of the -ordinance Bssesslng the sunt
for ssld sewer. i - -
SI NSVSlliK BLOCK . lot 1. Jennla Gray,
$32.20; south H lot 2, Jennla Gray, $8.76;
north H lot 2. Sunnyatrle Land A Improve
ment Co.. $8.75; lot 8, Siinny.lde Land A
Improvement Co.. $17.60; kit 4, Charles W.
Bush, $17.50; lot 6. Anton Sehsffers, $17.60;
lot 8, Anton Rchnfrrrs. $22.40; kit 0, Bunny
side Land A Improvement Co., $22.40; lot 12,'
Sunnvslde land A Improvement Co., $22.40.
BM1CK 40, lot 8, Runny. Id Land A Improve,
ment Co.. $22.40; west ft lot 0, Sunny. Id
1 lAnd A Improvement Co., $11.20; eaat L lot
ft. John !. Mlckle, $11 20: lot 12 John I).
Mlckle. $2240: kit 13, II. P. W. and Alvlda
M. Anderson, $32.20; kit 14, Sunnyslde Lend
Improvement Co., $21.20; lot 16, Malhew
Steele, $21.20. BLOCK 43, lot 4, Hunnysld
' land A Improvement Co.. $t6.S0; lot 6.-Sunnyslde
Land A Improvement Co., $16 80; lot
' 6. Hnnnnyalde Ind A Improvement Co.,
816.80; kit 7. Runnyslds Land A Improvement
Co.. $16.80; lot 8, Sunnyelde Land A Improve-,
ment Co., $16.80; lot , Rnnnralde Land A
" improvement Co., $16.80. BLOCK 44, lot 1,
Rnnntalde Land A Improvement Co.. $16 80;
lot 2. Hunnyslde Lena A Improvement Co.,
$16.80; lot 8. Sunnyslde leind A Improvement
Co., $16.80; lot 4, Sunnyslde lnd A Improve
ment Co., $16.80; lot 6. Snnnyetde Land A
Improvement Co., $1880; kit 8, Sunnyslde
I,nd A Improvement Co., $16.80; lot lettered
, N. Hunnyslde - land A Improvement Co.,
I $25.20. Total, !: 00.
- ---- THOS. 0. nsVLTrt.
' Auditor of th City of 1'ortlaad.
. rertland, Ortgoa, July 18. 1004,
rsorosso assessment ros improve-
' Notice is hereby gives -thst lb Couscll of
ths City ot Portlaud proi-oeos to aaaoas th
fullowlug described property and owner or
owners ss being speclslly and peculiarly bene
fited In the amounts eet oouoslte tbs names
nd descriptions thereof tug th Improvruieut
of Mlselaelppt sveuus from th south Ho of
Morris street to tbe south line of Preseott
street, as provided by ordlnsnce No. 13,876.
Any objections to th spportlonment oi ceei
for ssld lmoruvement muat be Biad In writ
ing to th Council and filsd with the Andltor
wlthla 16 'day from tbe dste ot tbe llr.t
publication, of this notice, and said objectleiut
Ill-be heard and . determined by th CouucU
be tors the pssssge of the -ordtnance aasesslfig
ths cost of said Improvement.
4, kit 14, B. Crabb, $28.20; hit- IS, Allduf sod
Louise Pe Frsnq. $10.62, - j
lot 10, Jsmes W. Cook, $00.62: lot 11, Oscar
Anderson. $0.56; lot 0. James W. Cook, $70. no;
- hit 8, Jsues W. Cook, $01.02; lot 2. Jsmes
W. Cook, $77.78; lot 1, Jsmes W. tiok.
5H6TO. BLOCK 15. lot 8, James W. Cook.
14.42; lot , James W. Cook. $1.01, lot 7.
sines W. Cook, $75,071 lot 6. Jamea W.
Cook. $86.43; k,, 3 James W. Cook, $03.17;
W. Cook, 370.08; lot 1, James W. Cook,
ot , j.mis w. cook-, wO.ze; lot a,
8165.68. BLOCK 12 lot 1. Addle B. El
llott, $24.78: lot 2. Addis R. Elliott. ...
BLOCK 8. lot 0, John, Henry and William
F. West, $140.00; bit 10, John, Henry and
VBJIllsa P. West, $22.80; lot 8, Msrtla L.
Moluan. 8 87r lot , S. W. snd Msry A.
Dsvls, $or7: Berth H of lot 4, Andrew
' Paulsea, $30.78; south U lot 4. 8. W. and
' Msry A, Davis. $30.78; hit 1. Andrew Paulsea,
- - $wo 82' '
MILINOMAH BLOCK 85, lot 21, First CoBgrs-
gs xmmssi taenin,; lot lu, rirst t'Oogis
ssUonal Churrh. 8A3.46: kit 17. Vachartah C
Bean, $t7.78; kit 16, E. V. and Llla K. Ber
wick, $65.64; lot 13. Vesaliou M. Preston;
806.64: lot ll. P. J. Anderson. $51.01: kit 0.
A. B. Anderson, $47.78; lot 7, Andrew
- Anderson. $47.78; tot 6, Edwin-A.- Rsyworth,
. 885.64: lot 8. John. Hsnrr snd William F.
West. $78.36; kit 1, Jobs Hahn, $4).74.
BLOCK 28. lot 15. Jamea Ryan. 600.43: kit
13. Jsbms Ryan. $70.08; lot It, A II dor I)
Francq. $66.16; lot 0, Fred W. Schraeder.
$08. lft; lot 7, Emma A.' Belloh Eststs. heir
of, $54.07; kit 6. Ann Schleve, $66.15 kit
8. Anna Bchleve, $70.08', lot 1, Title Onai an
te A Trnat Company, $00.43. BLOt'K 23.
1... V II td. VII, In 14
Nora iL Casey, $78.56 hit it-.Mry Keenan.
847.77; kit o. Thorns Keenan, B47.TT ; lot l,
J.coh Trues, 847.17! lot o, Jscoo lrueo,
$47.77; south ti ef lot 8, George C. Smith,
8:10.25; north ft of lot 8, Msry Concannon,
$30.25; lot 1, J. B.. Elegler, $d3.70. BLOCK
14. kit 15, Th Mlaalaslnpl Avsane Hall As
sociation, $68.70; kit 13, City of Portlsnd,
$6o.61: kit 11, LlllUa Kurta. $47.77; lot
, William I- Bantam. $47.77; lot T, Willi. m
Trneb, $06.62: bit 6, William Trueb, $66.62:
lot 8, William Schois, $o0.61; lot 1. Oeorge
G. Csrhsrt. $80.74. BLOCK 11, lot 15, F,
K. J. Robinson. $83.84; kit IB, . r
Robinson, 8eX 36; lot 11, toma C, -Heraho.
$68.77; lot o. Andrew B. Woods. $08.77;
- lot 7. William Christie Eststs. heirs of.
$68.7T: lot 5. Agnes Montgomery. $56.70; lot
8. Klles Devlin, bhz.ho; kit l, Lariia jonnaoe.
SO.1.04. BLOCK 2. kit 11. 'TSO W- lAtnim,
iln2.78: kit 8, Henry Beck, $86.42; lot 7,
tlenrv uecae.- Biu.we: mt o. trmraa exsra,
U-$74-76; lot 8, A. C Nelson, $60.81;. lot 1,
a. I), iseisnu. mzu.w.
o. mt i, jsmes nsrsueia,, mn e.
COOK'S ADDITIiiN to Alblna BLOCK 14, lot
8. School Dlatrlct No. 1, l4loi. a trsct ot
land lvina between the east line of lot 8,
block 14, -Cask's Additions and a Une 100
feet east ef and parallel with the east line
nf Mlaalsalnol avsnu. and between th north
tine of Morris street and a - tine 10feet
north thereof snd parallel therewith, school
lllatrlet No. 1. BCT.UB- '
COOK'S ADDITION to Alblna BLOCK 14. lot
8. Jsmes W. Cook. 8117.02: lot o. ef. E.
Nelsen. $86.70. BLOCK 18. lot IT,. James
W. Cook. XN3 IS: bit 16. Janes W. Cook.
87288: lot- 18. Jsmes W. Cook. 86.85: lot
V 15. Ellen Ekstrsnd, $06.43: lot 12, James W,
.l . II IL II. aruilir , 'M 1
$05.43; kit 8. Ole Bohman, $65.48; kit 7. Ole
Bobman, $83.45; lot 6, Jons Bohman. fo.T4
lot 8. Jonaa Bohman. J2.01: lot 4. 01 Boh
man. $81.44; lot 8. Ole Bohman, $8.15.
BLOCK 1. lot 11. James 0. Spencer. $153.83;
lot 10. James O. Spencer. $32.68; lot T. J. K.
Scott. 808.67: lot 6. Hosan Anderson. $66.67
lot 8. Ruby M. Rhafer, $70.55; lot 2. Fransc
MnLTNOMAH BLOCK Tel. wrest U tot 22,
Kate V. Jamleson. $112.11: east i lot 24
Karl Srhwarta, $20.71; lot 20. Annie 0. Ban
croft sna.28: lot 18. Chsries W. -Hoelund
$53.55: lot 16. William McRse. $85.62; kit
14. Anton J. Seiner, $M.55: lot 12. Charles
Ttshl. 8.VI.BK: In 10. jobs rbsrlstrora. S4T.TT :
lot 8, Jsmes Borthwlck. $53.66; lot 6, Vir
ginia ja. Konr, f.ia.Do; kit e. xsmms ana nnns
i.ndwte. 863.88: lot a Emma l.nnwig. sti.
RlM'K 2r. lot 18. Samuel Osborne. $72.68:
lot 14. Amelia gyring. $70.10; lot 12, Amelia
Rvrlne. SH6.16: k in. Amelia nyrinr. sHo-in
lot 8. Aiaella sad Alhert Syrlng, $88.15; lot
8. Berths Lee. $86.15; lot 4, James B.
Mooney, $70.08: lot 2 Jamea B. Mooney.
ton ia mnrir S4 lot 16. John Hshn.
$N0.73: north H lot 14. Mlehsel J. and Katt
Mnrranr. ").2l: soutn Kit is. las v.
Robb, $30.26; lot 12 Mlehsel J. snd Katie
Mnrnane, 84T.TT; lot m, Mary mcnei, enn.nx
north U lot 8. Hannah M. Kane. $23.88:
sooth H lot 8, Hannah Mcintosh. $23.88: lot
8. Edith Ann Norton. $47.77; lot 4. Alice
Msry Golden. $78.86; lot 2, M. FJ. Thompson,
$63.70. BLOCK 18. lot 16, Una Ortffln.
8H0.74: lot 14. James B. Mooney. $78.86: lot
12, Hiram W. Tlrlce. 853.56; lot 10. Turvll
Rneeedhoroneh. 868.66: kit H. Chsries 11. MC-
Morrow, $65.62; kit 8, William F. Tubbeslng.
sm.62: lot 4. William V. snearrer, sik.ot
lot 2. Anns FX. and CUIr A. Fischer, $80.74.
BIrCK 12. kit 16. Margarett Malone, 803.84:
lot 14. M.rearctfe Malone. 882 35: lot IX
William Scbols, $56.70: IntlO. Elisabeth and
William L. Bantam, iwi.77; lot n. alatince
Cavananeh Eatate. heirs of. 868,77: lot 6.
Maurice Csvsnsngh Eatnte, heirs of. $68.77;
kit 4, Kdwsrfl p. Mnrpny, "a.nn: lot . en
ward P. Mnrphv. $03.04. BLOCK 1. lot 12.
Mav E. Rlrdaell, $10177: lot 10, Mav R.
Rlrdsall. 884.80: kit fL Ida M. Johnson. $08.70:
lot 6. Caroline and A. Johnson. 878,23; lot
4. Sarah Isabella- Rosartn. tt.z; lot s.
Emma A. Bleloh Estsu, heirs of, $35.43.
Andltor ot the City nf Portlsnd.
Portland. Oregon. July 18, 1004.
Notice la hereby given that th Council of
th tity of Portland Dropoaes to assess toe
follow lug described property and owner or
owners as being speclslly and peculiarly bene
fited la th amounts eet opposite the names
end descrlDtlons thereof by the construction
of a sewer in swimont street, xrom iuu teet
west ef the west une oi Esst i hlrty -seventh
street to sewer la Belmont street at the east
liu of Suuayslds, as provided by ordinance
No. 13.863.
Any objections to the apportionment of coat
for ssld sewer must be made la writing to the
Council and filed with th Auditor wlthls
ir. dav from the date of tbe first publication
ef this notice, and ssld objections will be heard
and determined by th Council before th paa
g of the ordinance assessing the coat fur said
BintfNVRtnR THIRD ADDITION to Portland.
Oregon Biiocn. bn, Kit is, aawara i natign
man, $11.45; lot IS, H. J. Warden, $18.65;
east 18 reet lot it, u. J. nsraen, ft. so;
west 20 1-3 feet lot 14, Jacob Warage, 87.00;
seat lot 16, Jacob Warage, $6 25: west
H kit 15, Clsra A. Holttlnger, $5.26; kit 16,
Clara A. Holttlnger, $11.46. BLOCK 60,
lot 8, The Title Guarantee A Trust Co.,
$17.06; lot 4, The Title Guarantee A Trust
sue t s irh . I, ,:..Ht,iu s.
-Trust Co., l7.05; lot 2, The Title Quaraatee
A Trust Co., in. on; lot i, ine une un van
tee A Trust Co., $17.10. Total. $158.20.
Andltor of the City ot Portland.
Portland, Oregon, July 18, 1004.
Notice la hereby given that th Coonell ef
the City of Portland proposes to assess th
following described property - and owner or
owners aa being specially snd peculiarly bene
gted In the smonnts set opposite tbe name
and description thereof for the construction of
a sewer la Kertiy street from the south Un
ef ITeecott street te tbs sewer Is Kerby street
at Maoa street ss provided by ordlnsnce No.
Any objection to the spportlonment of cost
for ssld sewer must be made In writing to
the Council and filed with the Auditor within
in dava from the date of th first publication
of this notice, and said objections will be heard
and determined by tbe Coonell before the
passage of the ordinance assessing tbe cost
tor said sewer.
Davl. 82o .bo: fit x. n. m. uavm. zn.Ho;
lot 8. N. M. Davl. $26 80: lot 4. Clans Han
sen. $26 80; lot 6, S. Wilkinson. $26.80: kit 6.
I. W. and Lisa! E. Borth. $26.80. BIXM'K
8. lot 1. Ambrose B. Oantenbeln, $26.80; lot
Jt, Ambrose E. 0ntenbeln. $26,801 lot 8.
Ambrose K. Oantenbeln. $26.80; kit 4, Emma
Brmm, $26 80; kit 6. ft. H. Srtmmrt. $26.80;
lot 6. William M. Kllllngaworth, $26 SO; lot
T. Clsr K. Foster, $26.80; lot g. tiers H.
F oater. $26 80. BLOCK 4. lot 12. W. R.
W. $30.20; lot II, W. R. Wallace,
$1600; lot 10. William M. Kllllngaworth,
$36.00; lot 8. Ambrose E. Oantenbeln. $36.80;
lot 8. Ambrose K. Oantenbeln. $36.00; lot
7. Ambrose E. Oantenbeln. $.16.00. BI1CK
0. lot 16, Daniel H. Harnett. $86.00; lot 15,
Daniel It. Harnett, 8.16.00: lot 14. lot he M.
Vinton, 436 00; lot 18, William M. Kllllnra
worth, $16.00; lot 12, N. M. Davis, $36.00;
lot ll.-N. M. Davis. $.16 00: lot 10. Chsries
Rweneon. $16 00; lot 0, Frank Nor berg, $36.00.
ToUL, $878.10.
Andltor of th City et Portland,
fort land, Orcgos. July. 18, 1004,
Notice Is hereby given thst William 0.
Elliott. City Kiutinser, has filed. IB tbe office
of the anderalgiuHj, notice tbat U. A. Anderson,
e in tractor fur the eonstructlon of a sewer lu
Fremont street, under ths pro v Hons ot ordl
nsnce No, 18.061, haa-euespleted ssld sewer,
trt'm. .Culoa avenu to Clevelsud avenue.
Ssld scceptsnc will be soualdered by th
Exvcutlv Board at 4 o'clock, on ths 224
" euiy, wh, ana; objections ts the su,
eeptsnce of ssld sewer, or any part thereoP.
msy be filed In tbe office of th uudstslgnsj
at nay time nrio
A nHf I.m. .f ,1. '(. o . i 4
Portrsnd. Oregon, July 16, 1004.
Biiiollfnii; .,.h.v..w"0-
of the nnderalgned, notice thst i. H. Blsmmons.
contractor f. th. construction of a sewer la
U iVh' i.. Pr?"ina er ordinance
.,.',.'2 has completed said aow. fro.
ttumnoidt street to .. .
Said acceptance will be considered by th
Executive .Board at 4 o'clock. oeV the 22d
jday of July. H04. and objections to the ac-
cepiam ox saia sewer, or sny part thereof.
7. - '? ,n; "er ' undersigned
st any time prior thereto.
' ' ' Andltor of tbe City of Portland.' '
rorxlaad. Oregoa. July 16. 1004.. .
x v( -ia- TWINTX-ITS8X
gTEIET. . . ,
ii .ot,..ta fe."r glvea thst Wllllsm J. El.
llott City hnglueer. bss filed In the office
of the undersigned notice thst Beehlll Bros.,
crntr.ctor. for the Improvement of Esst Twenty,
rat street under the provisions of ordinance
is.", nsve completed ssld street from
the eenter line nf a-hii.t.. at .i.. .
Un of Weldler .treet. '
Bald scceptsnc will be cnneldered byVth
Executive. Board at 4 o'clock, on the 224
day of Jul, 1004. and objections t th ac
eeiitanee "'said street, or sny psrt thereof,
may be filed In the eftlcs of tha uniWai.n.i
at. any time prior thereto.
irri-udU ef the titr e rhtrA
Portland, Oregon, July 18. 1004.
i.J?oUT. " hTb ga thst Wllllsm 0. El
liot, city Engineer, bss filed in th office
ef the undersigned notice thst Brooks A Beglsn,
contractor for th improve slant of Esst
Twenty-fourth street under th provisions of
ordlnsnce No. 13,875, have completed ssld
treet from th north line of Tillamook street
w tns nortn line of Knott street.
ssld scceptsnc will be considered by the
Executive Board at 4 o'clock, on the 22d
day ot July, 10U4, and objection te the ac
ceptance of said street, er any part thereof. '
may be Bled In the office of the unduairn..!
st say time prior thereto - ' -
v- Auditor of th City of Portland.
rrs-xiana. uregoa, juiy. IS, 1004
vlnvf HrVT nf fill) ktffTvitfvajitf .
STBZXZ. e -' , . . . i .
Notice Is hereby elven thst William F r.
llott. City Engineer, baa filsd la ths offioa of
tha.anderslgnsd Botlce that 44od A Manning,-contracua-a
for th Improvement of Eaat Nine
teenth at reef, ander th provisions or ordlnsuce
No. 18.508, have completed aald strnet from
line of Presdwsy.-
Ssld scceptsnc will be considered by th
Executive Board at 4 o'clock, on the 22d
dsy of July, 1001 sod objections te th ac
ceptance of said street, or any part thereof,
miy be filed In ths offlce ef th undersigned '
auaitor ex tne city oi ruriwna.
Portland. Oregon. July 16. 1004.
wanpoRVTi iiciUHm toi nmon.
Notice Is hereby given that th Coonell of
the City of Portlsnd proposes to saatas the fol
lowing described property and owner or owners "
as being specially and .peculiarly benefited In
the smonnts set opposite the nsmes and de
scriptions thereof for tbe Improvement ef Pine
street, from ths west line of Sixth street te'
the east line of Seventh street, as Drovlded bsi
ordinance No. 13,775.
Any oDjections to tne apportion ment or cost
for ssld improvement mnst oe msde In writing
to th Council and filed with the Auditor wit bin
15 dsrs from the date of the first oubllrstlon
of this notice, and said objections will be
heard end determined hy tbs Coonell before
the Dsssaae of th ordinance assessing the
cost of said Improvement.
rtniii.AP.lJ lilJH k x.4, lot 1. Henry w. or.
nett Estate, neira of, sioz.Bn; lot x. Henry
V. Cornet t EsUte, heirs of, $87.88. Th .
southerly S ol l trlaHgnlar tract of land
lying betwsea th southerly line of Ankenr
street, the westerly line of Sixth street, and.
ine nnrinrriy liu nf rine. aireer, viiy OS
Portland, $404.07. Total, $1,145.73.
. THOS. a DEVLIN. ' '
Auditor of the City of PortUad.
Portland. Oregon, July lSrl&O.
Notice Is hereby, given thst at th meeting
et th Council of the city of Portland. Ore.
gon, held on the 0th dsy of July, 10O4, th
following resolution wss sduited:
Kcsulrsd. ibst lbs council or th city of
Portlsnd. Oregon, deems. It sxDedleat and
proposes to Improve West Park street from the
north Uue of Tsykjr street to tbe south Hue
of Washington strset In the following Bian-
r, to-wit:
First Br grading tbe street to the Drone
grade full width with full Intersections ex
cept at th intersection of Alder strset and ..
of Morrison street.
Second By paving the street full width
with full Intersections with asphalt oa a con
crete foundation six Inches In depth with
two-foot brick gutters.
Third ny constructing artiocisl atone .1 de
ws lka In sccordsnc with the City Kuglnser's '
plans, specifications' and estimates.
Ssld Improvement to be mads la accordance
with the charter and ordinance of the City
of Portlsnd and th plsns, speclflcstlon and
estimate ef the City Engineer filed in the
office of the Andltor of tjie City of Portland
on the 27th day of June, loot. Indorsed: "City
Engineer's plan snd specifications for the
Improvement of West Park street, from the
notlh line of Taylor street to the south line '
of Washington strset snd the estlmste of
the work to be done end tbe Drubs hi total
cost thereof."
b cost ef said Improvement to be assessed
as provided by th city charter upon the prop
erty speclslly benefited thereby and which Is
Bereoy declsrea to be all the kits, psrts of
lots snd parcels of Isnd lying between a line
IOC feet west of and parallel with tbe weatr
Une ef Weat Park etreet and a line 50 fast
eaat of and parallel with th cast line of 1
Weat Park (treet snd between ths north line
et Tsylor street and the south Une et Wash-'
tngton treet. .
Th Engineer's estttpsts ef the pmhshl
total enst for th Iniprovsment of said Wsst
Park street Is $7,658.00. .
The shove Improvement Is to be classed ss;
aa aspbslt Improvement and shall be nialn-j
talned by the City for th period of tour
fears, provided thst th owner of a major
ty of th property benefited by aald lm- -prove
nient or any portion thereof aha II not
petition for 8 new or different Improvement -
ertire tne expiration ot aucn period.
Th plans, specifications snd estlmstea nf!
th City Engineer for the Improvement et said'
yv est rsrs street .re hereby, adopted.
, Resolved.. Thst. the Auditor of the City of-
Portland be and he Is hereby directed to sive
notice ef the proposed Improvement ot ssld
treet as provided by the city chsrter. ncm against the above Imnmve-i
ment may be filed In writing with the unlcr-l
signed within 20 days from tbe dste of tbe
Brat publication of this notion.
HI order of the oounrii.
Andltor of the Cltv et Portlsnd.
Portland, Oregoa, July 8, 1804.
rsorosED assessment for sewer in
Notice 1 hereby si sea that the flnancM f .
the City of Portlsnd proposes to seees th
following described ' property end owner or
owners being specially and peculiarly bene
fited la the amounts set opposite the names
nd descriptions thereof by tbs construction ot
sewer In Ixicust grenue, from 100 feet west
of the west line of the Crescent to a sewwr In
l ast inirtieta .treat, ss proviaea by ordinance
No. 18,058.
Any objection to the spportlonment nf east
foe aaM aewee frmat he mad In mU.
th Council and filed with th Andltor within
15 day from the date of the flrat,
ef this notice, and ssld objections will be beard
ana nexerminea oy tne tsermcll before the
r. of th ordinance assessing tbe eost
ir said sewer.
SUNN YS1DE BLOCK 14, all ef lot 11 lying
norm ox one 100 xeex sonra or snd parallel .
with the'sosth line of Ixtenst vnue. Runny.
aid Land A Improvement Co., $1.00; kit
JO. Runnyald land A Improvement Co.,
fin. 80: lot ft, Sunnyslde Lend A Improvement
'o., $45 30-v lot 8. Runnyalde Land A Im
provement CO.. $65.26. BIStCK 6. southerly
of lot-4. Helena M. Williamson, $17.65;
southerly H lot I, Rsrsh Jewell, $i8ftA
southerly U lot 8, Marias C Jobnatnn, $20 25;
soatherly U lot T. W. F. Iluhhard, $16 46;'
southerly H kit 8, Homer Humphrey, $0.36.
Tout $210.50.
Andltor ,of ths Cite of rwttasA .
.rarUsad. Oregoa, 'sly 18. 1004,