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-' atstokobxusts wxxxv mi r xa
, SUM ssssxo - vo . rsoxxst
ooramiui atbbxu fayobs a
' it uli AJt mora xaw.
vox a nouiaiD bit n
sow. An lo.uuzr za rmox-
xsss ar wbatxxb bubxau
obaxv aoT raiotmi.T nrjuBBD.
Rarely In th history of Onion baa
a drouth been of such, duration m the
on with which many parta of the stato
are now affected. With the azoeotlon of
mum nu w. v, b " i -
ra-ar jfiiA f v - . ... m t
hour. Such discrimination - -," u mus
la -warrantable, tney nc juu ,
u. nd would not b upheld If teatedl1 Th drouth la peculiar In the faot
in tha aaiirta. that it eilat only In the valleys end
It la asserted that sweet care umiww sections or ma atata, whara It us-
many other venjciea looninu; muj rmuia who mora regularity. The
; vara .4ha cltr'a ' atreeta at a greater i mora elevated plaoea have not suffered
rata than alcht miles per hour. no ao-i 10 great uuat
Automoblllsts of thla cltr ar prw
. paring for a mas meeting- to protest I
against the action of tha city council I
In regulating the Speed or ineir ro
chtnea to - a maximum rate of lght I
; mllea .per
agalnat auto
.. tinn " has. bsan taken - to prevent aucn
travel on tha part of any vehicle exoept
-automobile,' It-la said, and auto fana
propose to protest against the dlscrlm
. -Inst loo. ' : .5.. 'V' . .-
. "Ther la a law which ragulstee the
apeed of atraet car at eight miles per
' hour; but they travel at about J f or
" milea In the' buainesa portion of the
city and 10 or Jo outawa or tne nraiia, -said
Councilman Fred .Merrill, who op
' posed the. ordinance regulating the
i apeed of automobile. -."Other vehicles
;also go at greater rat and are not
Tha weather offlc effsre no relief In
tha way of ahowera. It la also atated
that fruit has not bean damaged se-
verely UO to thla time. -. Tha erona alaa
nave eaoapea eenoua injure i '
R. T. Cox,' who returned )4atarday
from hi ranch tn Ollllam county, atatea
that tha crura of that section have not
been Injured. Harvesting will , begin
July 11, and h quality, of grain la
aid to b good. .r
"In tha vicinity of Condon." said MrJ
cox, "there haa been an abundance of
ratn.and the yield will b over tb aver-
SAz.ooaxaarxa asAmi two bajt.
bits " xtisouBS aoaaaaT or
aoaraaaa aAOzrzo tbaiv ajti
zaroaaoi Taa rouoa ooacrAVT
. vtvAoaa ovAass oa TaAza
Through overhearing two prospective I other night.
In the want columns of The Journal
today there appear one of the moat
unlqua advertisements recently v pub
lished, . the aame being a notice from
Paul Vereetran of . 430 Irving street,
notifying the publlo that chloken thieves
fera abroad. . U-,
Mr, Verestran. although a , modest
man. ia publlo spirited, and he took
this method of "tipping" tha pubrl
aa to what happened to hi hennery the
molested. I' don't see why. they should a- - Th ground la In good oondltlon.
' dianrtmlnste' rffrajnst ua. 1
' -Aa a matter of fact thar ba not
' .tioaa an automobile aocldent In thl
. ritv In which anvona haa beo hurt
It la aafa to say that there have been
quit a few street ear accldenU In
" which Draona ware mora or less Jn-
1 turad on. nnmeroua occaalona.
" t. "At tha meeting we shall dismiss th
altuation generally. We oertainiy Be
lieve that there ought to b law reg
elating tha apeed of machine and those
who violate them-ahould m punisnea.
But automobllea should not be discrim
inated against. We ahall endeavor to
' hare the ordinance revised ao that the
maximum rata of apeed In th city will
b 10 r IS mile per hour and more
than that outalde of tha fire limits.'
The meeting of automobillat will be
held within the hext few day a.
ana in many plaoea the farmera ar
plowing. ' In tha southern section or )n
tno Hcnuettier nita. th grain la ripen
ing rapidly and headera are already- be
ing brought out 'In soma sections the
grain will yield 40 bushels to tha acre.
-MNo trace' haa been found of Herbert
B. Huntley who disappeared from. the
Mt Taoor sanitarium a weea bb&
Searching parties have scoured the
woods and the entire country aaat -of
tha ctty, - but not a tree of th man
bin been found. .
He escaped during tha night in his
night clothing and It. waa feared that
he committed ' suicide. . Every effort.
however, to And the man haa been fu
Nor haa any trace .been discovered of
Mrs. Elisabeth Ellis, who disappeared
from the Portland sanitarium five
: weeks ago. The woman also left dur
ing tha night and part of her clothing
waa found on tha bank or tha river the
following day. Whether h"" sought
i death In the . river , or whether aha
- wandered Into th woods' has not bean
t Of the half dosen places where coun
ty road work should ba carried on, the
commissioners are only certain at thla
time of being able to- Attend to two.
Th levy for road purpose amounts to
1107.000, and after dellnauenelea ar de
ducted from thla amount tha sum of
about 1100,000 la left with which to
take ear of the many roads In Multao-
Aa unusually larr amount of work
was dona during Jane, and tha fund for
this year ia already hard - hit Th
rock crusher Is at present working on
th Base Una road, and after thla work
la dona there will be nearly a mile and
a half of macadamising undertaken on
Corbatt street hllL Tber will also be
some work on the Columbia river road.
Tha commissioners have under eon-
siaeration the road to Bell wood and sev
eral otner extenaiona ox needed ma
cadamising that ahould ba dona thla
year.. They have laid down the ruler of
paying off each- year a portion of tha
debt agalnat the road fund, and when
thla la deducted together with the
amount that must necessarily b kept
for winter repair work, tha "fund, is
round to be Insufficient to do all th
work it was hoped would b accom.
pliahed thl year.
Residents and nronertr cwnera tit rha
Holladay Park addition ar complaining
over ineir water service.' This Is Cne
of the most rapidly growing suburban
districts of Portland and already (0
realdeneea are occupied and mu.
others -will soon be completed. Onlv
In pursuit of his wife, H. T. Ireland
at the central police station and aaked TM-mS.Ci throun , Pk
aid in locating th. woman and 10-year- J" "TuZ "'r Ulrely on
old Willi. Ireland, who 1. with her. The ?ll Vm-.-i J?" ta J- water
but have I - v ,uiwia iof ao-
pollc have searched tha xlty.
found no trace of th missing ones, and
it is not believed they are here.
. "I believe my wife haa deserted me.
aald' Ireland to th police. "She la aged
SO years. Is ( feet t inches tn height Is
of slender build, of dark complexion and
hat dark red hair. Bh, haa been . gone
ha went
aaoatras bsiau AWAao,
In th case of Benjamin T. Orosbech
agalnat th City at Suburban Railway
company for f 11,000 damage for per-
oiuu injuries, in tna atata circuit court
Judge Fraaer today aaaaaaad $7(0 Tor
. the plaintiff. . Tomorrow Judg Cleland
.will render a decision on tha motion of
mo attorneys or Frank Ougllelmo for a
. new trial ana arrest of judgment
luirui zaxovB xanraiBs.
( Jwral 1 Brrclct BarrW. )
.- Ephrata, WRh -July 11. J. N. Town-
mma waa thrown,, from his horse yeater
day near here and hla lower Jaw sus
tained three fractures and a hole ex
tending from under the chin Into the
mouth. Hla recovery is doubtful,. Ha
waa aent to his home at Seattle.
m actio, purposes.
A petition has been filed with Auditor
Devlin to ba presented to tha it
"''"orks committee on Wednesday
asking that better water facilities ba
extended them, - they stating that tha
work can be dona at alight expense.
noaiuenia or university Park have
sa filed a petition Aaklne- m
tension of th water system to their
community, as tney -atata the have to
do without water even for domeaUo pur
poaea, for several hours each day.
it - - ,
Pendleton, Or July 11 Whan
cam known today that th board of
education had selected a atta f n ev.
new school bulldlftaa l
Drove, unfavorable eommant waa heard
all ovr town. .
Th alta la eurrounded by a alough In
malarial region. It will cnat .
sands of dollara to nil the'land In, and
tha resentment, , o,f .the property-owners
may result tn formal aetlon being taken.
train robbera tilseuss their plana and
by notifying th poltoa a local saloon
keeper enabled tha Northern Paclfle of
ficials to bejn their guard. Tha plot
of the ''robbera' waa given tha police,
who in turn . notified . th oomnanv.
Armed guards were at one placed on
all .the company's trains, though until
today this was denied by the company.
Armed guards have been riding oa
nnrth and aotithbAiinf naaaanaar tratna
over the Northern Paclflo between Port
land and Puget Bound f or. three weeka.
Tha matter haa been kept' a profound
secret Two policemen gay e. The infor
mation that resulted la that-actlon.. Af
ter this laps of time the special men
haVe been detached, ' although close
watch. Is still maintained - ajonjg tha
road- - . . . -.-
- Today th Information waa made pub
llo at police headquartera that Police
man Dan Connors and R. I Heuinfer,
attached to the first night relief, wera
Informed of tha 'plot They quickly
communicated with Northern Pacific of
ficials. , The- armed guarda were imme
diately put in aervice aa were several
expert detectives of. tha company.
' Two men- were overheard to plot the
hold-up. They were in the rear of a
First street saloon and agreed to atop
tha train and rob tha axpresa car. The
proprietor of the saloon overheard them
and notified Policemen Connor
On th memorable night referred to.
aa ' Mr. Vereatran announce, ho waa
robbed of a hen and 10 "chicks." Ha
dues not stats tha value of tha afore
mentioned hen and "chicks" in hla warn
ing to tha publlo, but th fact la- ap
parent that they were of sufflolent value
to. cause within hi mind a deslr to
notiry tb publlo of what bad been dbn
to him, and of what may be done to
mem. - . i
In th olden day or In rural W
tlementa. Mr. Vereatran would probably
have gone to the village postofnee to
place hla notice or tell of hla misfor
tune, in these modern days of rural
free delivery, ' telephone, telegraph.
megapnones talking macninea and eleo-
trie eara. he goea to tha dally newa-
paper office, and In a brief four-line no-
tloe warna 10,000 homea of.readera
of The Journal, that tha common anemy,
th chicken thief. 1 abroad, and for all
to - load their trusty muskets . and ba
ready. -
WAsazaaTOV tboops nor a
oproaaartr oaaooa toqb
wobxav tazb avtxozaas avrmm
wjtx rxa ajBiT rxasv . asn
kca tbs SAT.raa bakaob Snxx,
aaAoar zaro raa TaoysABDS
ao utbs x-os. .-; jt-.:7 :
Henlnger. Th Northern Paclflo of
ficials were quick to act when Informed
of the plot Whether the men learned
of tha company's preparatlona or
whether they altered their plana, la not
known, but ao far as - known no at
tempt was made to molest any of tha
trains. .
When tha railway : company first
placed tha armed guarda on their trains
The Journal received a dispatch con
cerning -It but the Portland officials
emphatically denied It and ;-also denied
that they had neara or any, plot xo too
one of their trains. --
r i i i
; ' - (SoeeUl Dlspatek to Toe Joarnatl
Murray, Wash.. July 11. The prob
lem of today' a military maneuvers; con
sisted of moving columns of (roopa
through, a hostile country and repelling
Ue" attack; by hrenemy7Meliy of th
main maneuver were west or American
and lake, where the Second Washington and
. (Special Dispatch to Tbe Jcmrnml. )
Boise. Idaho. July 11. U C ..-Driers.
Charles Drlgga, his son, Andraw Larson
and Charlee Sybaera are dead and Wil
liam Mason Is In a critical condition aa
tha result of poisoning In a peculiar
manner and through an unknown . form i
of toxin e. "
Th party was ngaged In working a
mine near Resort and when on after
another had elckened and died It waa ba
the Twenty-alxth artillery, commanded
by Colonel Lamping, were attacked by
a portion of th Nineteenth Infantry.
. Th Washington ' troops completely
outwitted th attacking party in tha
opinion of Washington officers, putting
tha artillery, consisting of two com
panies, out of action and capturing a
dosen prisoners. Tha fighting was se
vere along tha advanoe near Nolan farm.
half way between Camps Btellacoom and
Nisqually, from which tha opposing
xorcaa marched at T o'clock thla morn
' Tha brunt of the fighting Was borne
by a battalion commanded by Major
Cass, with companies K. M and a por
tion of B, ha drove the anemy from tha
woods, meeting them . unexpectedly,
whereupon close fighting resulted.
. Meanwhile th .artillery took a po
sition on a rid re at th edr of th
woods, drawing th fir o'f th enemy
aa a ruse while tha Infantry passed on.
If ball cartridges had been used to
day Oregon would be. In mourning, i
th Third Oregon was badly squelched.
Aooompanled by a light artillery and
opposed to the Oregon men were a eepa
rat battalion and tb Nineteenth In
fantry, th latter being victorious.
Tb engagement : occurred near th
American lake station. It was a -pretty
fight and laated an hour. - A platoon
with th Third Oregon waa put out of
Y (Joaraal Special terries.) ' .''
Bt Louis, July llo-A furious wind
and thunder elorm swept down - upon
Bt Louis shortly before ( o'clock this
afternoon and raged for about an hour.
Heavy -damage to building is reported
from all sections, but no loss of life. '
Residents of . tha alty were panic-
stricken, fearing a repetition of th aw
ful cyclone of ltti. . Th 'wind blow
more than 0 mile an hour, smashing
in plata-glas fronts and overturning
wagons in the atraet - Hailatonea of Im
mense sis falL
Considerable damage was dona at tbe
world' fair grounda, and thousands of
spectators on the grounds wer a ter
ror-stricken aa th natives of th city.
Tb full xtnt of th damage to prop
erty 1 not known at thl time, but It
is estimated at many thousands of dol
lars. At 4 o'clock th storm seems to
hav apent Ite -fury. .,.
(Jearaal IpeeUl geivice.)
Chicago. Jaly 11. Flerc storms In
tha central portion of th atata thla
afternoon have Isolated that aeotloa
and St Louis,, where galea are aUso re
ported. The extent of th damag Is un
known. ' - - .-' ' 'y ' ' ' ' ' '
lleved to have been caused by pto
maine poison.. Dr. Blake, a phyatcian of buainesa before firing; a shot
Resort believes that the poison is of a
rare character obtained from a South
General Funston, General MeArthur
and a lieutenant-colonel, a British at-
American plant th effect of which ar tach. . rlwd ' this engagement. .and
Invariably fatal.
Mason, who Is now at Hot Springs.
may recover. - A quantity of the food
been sent - to Boise for chemical
analysis and a post mortem examination
of the atomach of tha aider Lrlrgr la
also oaing maae. ,. , .. . . , ;
Included la tha Hat of deaths which
occurred at Boise yesterday as tha re
sult of eating food impregnated - with
poison, Is the name of U C Driggs. It
was reported about tha city today that
it was L. C. Drlgga, who for yeara was
chief olerk In the United States mar-
shal's office at this place. ; The rumor
unfounded.- as tha local Mr, Driggs
is wall at bis horns In this city.'
after the fight addreaaad tha officers se
For th third problem,- th Second
Idaho and Eighth .battery, oppoaad th
Reeerve policemen are being held
ready to make immediate response to
call ln Chinatown. Rival tonga en
raged by Jealousy over th breaklnc up
of a feast in a hall over On Lee store
early Sunday morning, ar bolieved to
be about ready to wreak, vengeance.
JUaUU UU juibuvm ,vwwr cvaw I
Ninth cavalry. Including Troop B of Preparatlona ara made for quick and
Oregon and battery, fighting hear hiu
hurat and at target .range. Th fight
ing waa still on at i o'clock this after
noon -" '. -' - ; t I ,:'
Vntu, T .ana ohalrma.n rtt tha enter-
Vainmant errftnmlttM of the Orcron State I ner. and a cltisen residing; In th vlcln-
Pharmaceutical association, announced I ity requested that the racket be sup
this afternoon that oetwaen is -ana iu I presaoa. vvnen iniirucuum iu
people, druggists and their wivea.' wUl tha Mongolians, they at one thought
i.a.a a ah atuat dock on the Potter at I Baw Wo. a merchant next door, and a
declalv action In case trouble ' ahould
oocur. - Arrangementa have also been
made to call out tha fire department
and drown into submission, any celestials
who might dealra to murder their coun
trymen. ,
Acting under Instructions rrom cap
tain of Police Bailey, Policeman King of
tbe Chinatown squad at I o'clock yester
day morning broke up a feast being held
tn the hall over On Lee's stor. Second
and Oak. Chinamen and Japanes wom
en wer ool eh rating In a hilarious man-
Dav Metsler la wanted by the pollc
on a charge of embesillng 840 from
hla employer, Harry Maler, proprietor
of a saloon In tha north and-district
A warrant for hla arrest was Issued -out
of the municipal court 'this . morning.
It la thought tha alleged thief haa fled
the city, and the wires have been used
to notify tha authorities in cities along lns crew
routes leadlna from this cltr. .lThuraday.
Metsler waa employed aa a bartender.
and waa intrusted with th funds of the
place, lit Is alleged to have taken ad
vantage of hla position by appropriating
to his benefit tbe $540. The warrant
for hla arrest waa issued early this
morning, but It is the belief of the do-
11c that h left the city laat night , .
- vazgooTT rzoaaaa bibs.
(Special Dttpatrh to Tbe Joaraal.)
Preacott Wash., July 11. Timothy
Shea, aged OB, a pioneer resident of thla
place for IS yeara, died of tuberculosis
yesterday. - - t
7:10 o'clock tomorrow morning for
Long; Beach, Wash., wbsr th four
teenth annual meeting of tb associa
tion la to b In session on July 1J, li
and 14.
On Wednesday ther will b a trip to.
Fort Canby and Northern light houee, a
basket - luncheon being enjoyed at the
latter plaoe. Visit will b mad to th
canneries, and other points of Interest
An. exhibition drill will be given by
the crew of tha Ufa Saving station on
In the way of amusements, there la to
ba boating, bathing, fishing, clam-dlg-
ging, tennis, billiards, .ate. .. Prises are
to be 'given the prettiest Ctrl and beat
looking druggist .
member of a rival tong, had instigated
the move. " Instantly a demonstration
was made, and It became necessary to
! order out more, policemen to assist In
keening down open war. ' For a time
murder waa feared, but th polio auo-
ceeded in calming th enraged celes
tlala. '- ' -
But tha pollc cried peso when thar
waa no Mace. Again, later in the day.
Chlneae erased with anger, and etill be
lieving Bow Wo caused th pollc action,
moved In a manner, that told the-offl-
esrs trouble was Imminent Membara of
tha Chinatown aquad who have served
for years in tha district krtsw tha attl-tude-of
th Chlneae waa threatening, and
precaution were at once taken.
Information ha. been reived, by Se L' JrtZZ VFSZSEZ
rotary Mahon of th. American Mining Hhuy.;'
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' 9tr Claaraaes
ala of Bus,
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nm onr axoxvsrra pit ooods a-rom xw m errr
It's a h s a p.
Always rod
inn t maN
SrOSJt aWT. .
congress .that Cincinnati la going to
make an effort- to secure the eighth an
nual aesalon of the mining oongreaa for
that city. . This Informations cams
through a communication from th Com
mercial league of Cincinnati.
Thi makes tha fourth city that ba
announced itself as a candidate for the
next session of the congress, tha othera
being ' Denrer, . Half Lake and Omaha.
Minneapolis and Chicago have un
officially made the announcement that
tbey dealr th next gathering of th
Many of th Invitation snt out to
th mayor of th different - cities
throughout th country are being ac
cepted and th list of delegates la grow
ing larger every day.
(Joprnal Special tnlee.)
MeKeeaport, Fa., July 11. Charles
Jeffries, th ehortstop of tha Johnstown
club, waa atruck by lightning and killed,
the second baseman atunned and a large
erowd panlo stricken aa tha gam was
about to begin this afternoon.,
saxa r&Am BADX.T snrmi, '
(Kpeelal tMspateh to The JearasL) -
Coulee City, Wash., July 11. C A.
flwanson, whll playing ball her ye
terday, wa run Into by another player
and two rib broken and hla backbone
consideration by tha county eommla
alonara. It has not yet been decided to
retlr th present superintendent, but
the commissioners hav already re
ceived about 14 petitions of applicants
who say that they destre-the plac .if
a vacancy occurs."
Judge Webster, when asked directly
eonoernlngT the matter today said that
tha commissioners ware Investigating
conditions at tha poor farm, and ' that
they had th superintendent question
under consideration, but that aa yet
nothing definite . haa been decided upon.
City Auditor Devlin has received no
tification from th civil service commis
sion to tb effect that all appointment
to positions in tha publlo aervice must
conform with tha charter requirements.
Hereafter th auditor will submit all
payrolls to th civil service commission
for approval aa to tha regularity of tha
appointments, -and auch payrolls shall
be audited only aa approved by the com
mission and' provided by tha charter.
Hereafter no warrant will be drawn In
payment of any salary to any peraon
who la not eertlfled by th commission
to tha auditor aa having been appointed
or employed la pursuanoe of th charter
clvU service.
DBOiraTS a loairnimarc
(Special filapatek te The learaaLI 1
Bonners Ferry, Idaho. July 1L
Harry Dolan, aged' II "yeare, son of
James B. Dolan of this city, was seised
with cram pa while in swimming In the
cracked. The Injured man auffera ter-1 J?00'?"1 "ver near here, and drowned.
rlbly and doubt
hi recovery.
art xprssed aa .to
Th body waa recovered.-
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teeth ar poor, let ua help you to
sav and preserve them. If they
roust b extracted well do It without
pain to you.
Our ayatam , of crown and brldg
Work I simple, quick and painless.
Established in Portland 17 years. '
Tha reason w advertia is to M
you know where we are. .
Ids w. a. wua,
WISE BROS., Dentists
108-111 FAIIJNO BLDO. Open eveninga UU s.
Sundays, from to It.
' Phon. Mala I0IS. -
. j.jwomsr as etrBoaoBa. .
From the Washington Poet
Why ia it that ona do not hear of
famoua women surgeons 1" asked a Post
reporter of Dr. M. C. Re rill of San
Franeiaco. ' -'
"There la no special reason -why
women should not become proficient in
surgery,"- h replied, -Jbut few tak-t
that Un of work. Th average woman
somehow sem to think that. thla lie a
little outsld the spher of feminine la
bor, and thare is no question but that
tha publlo takes ths earn view. Even
wer a woman to attain th hlgnt de
gree of surgical skill or to become a
great operator which la quit a different
thing, her ability would meet with scant
recognition, and shs might not St fees
enough to live on In eomfort
, "At th same time. I hav met with
women whom I know to be born sur
geons; that la, thay had tha native tsl- .
ant, the Judgment, the phyeioal strength. 1
the steady nervea, and all other require- - '
ments. - When it xomes to standing pain;
women outclaaa man, and ther - la no
reaaon to doubt tha fitness of such ss
these for performing tha moat difficult
and trying; operations. ' : Tho ' trouble -would
be to get any of them to select '
a oareer that Is apparently not suited to
ths sex." .
crBioarrr OAxrsxa xstjitbt.
' (Speelsl tHspateh ts The Jearaal.)
Qulncy, Wash, . July 1L Mamie
Spreckler, aged II, atruck a big torpedo
wita an axe. iter race waa severely out
end several atltchea were necessary.
She says that she ws curious to
know the effect produced by exploding
For Infants and Children. , .
The Rind Yea Kara Aivsjs Esught
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