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How Do You Like the
Presidential Ticket?
Tonight ' and TuwjiUy, prtjy
cloudy and threatening; continued
' warm; wenUrly wliida.
VOL: III. NO. 109.
la Iivui4jv uuu
Francis Wire Packer
.Congratulations.; 1
Message to Sbeehan Is Explained and
, a Denial Issued That the Nominee
; Wired Hill Was IgnoranUf '
; " the Platform. ' -
r . Jwraal Bpadail trtaa.)
Eaopua. "N. T July 11. Among tha
howar of conratulatory talegrama
which this mornlnf dalufad Jud Far
kar wcra meaaafaa from Orover Clava
Jand, Adlat Stavanaon and W. R. Hearat
" Mr. Haarat aald: "I hoD and belleva
. UUaV l battUna foc-tha paopla aad or
auca principles, you will lead vtia v-
i mocracy to victory.
Juda Parker anawared thla In a par-
aohaLlatter, aayins: "Juat a lrord to
thank you for your very kind meaaare
of congratulation and to aaaura you of
mv arateful aDDreclation.
Grovar Cleveland aaid: Tou muat
permit we to expreaa my gratitude and
admiration for the aplendld manlfeeta
tlon of honor. and courage you have
" given to your countrymen and to the
democracy In your St. Lou la dlapaUh."
President Franoia orna ou jouis ax.
poaitlon aald: - "Thoae who have been
. asking that you announce your poaitlon
on lasues can no longer-have any quae
tlon aa to your convictions nor of your
. eouraaa to ezoreas them.
The judge was up at the usual hour
and looked over the mall messages. Be
then went for a long" horseback ride Jn
tha country. Thla afternoon was spent
at Rosemont answering talegrama and
' letters. . ..
-A friend of Parfcw made portal da-
nlal thla morning of the statement that
tha judge telegraphed Hill at Bt Louis
Friday Insisting that the flnanelal plank
;ln' the- preliminary oraii: ne ,pias
frtrfn ha altered. .'-
"NO'auch telegram waa aerlt." aald thla
""'friend., "and Parker' a message to Shee
han was the last communication he had
with tha convention. on irrioay Mr,
f Parker had no Information Of the plat
form, and no Information aa to mna.i it
contained waa Deceived y mm , unin
k, tmA ranalvad tha newa Of nls
Among the Judge'a caller thla morn
ingwere ex-Assemblyman and Mr. Lang
don.' whose home la across the river.
Parker still declines to discuss the is
sues. .,. ;. ; -' 1 ..-.-""T"
azaetioaU7 All Otkex Oemooretio XeaO-
n Save 7t . Zroula,
" (Jamrnal Rnerfal gerrlce.1
?Bt Louis, July 11. Mr. Bryatfia much
twtter todsy, but la remaining with his
cousin. Dr. Jennings, who said thla
morning that all serious aymptoma had
been warded oft, and that the famous
Democrat Is now 6nly Buffering from a
cold and hoarseness, and expects to leave
tonight for Lincoln, Bryan sent word
to all caller that he haa no statement
to make at this time as to the ticket
elected. '
Practically all they Democratic leader
have left Bt. Louis. Those here today
aeem to feel assured that the adoption
of the Taggart resolution Sunday by the
national committee insure the Indiana
' man'a poaitlon aa, chairman when the
committee meet ofnctallynNw
York. . - : v"'..-. .
book suonorf asm.
' (iearsal Special 8ervlce.f
New Tork. - July 1L On the curb of
Wall street today there fa betting on
the election at odds of on to two on
: Parker, , In email lota.
Xftdlaaa Man WU1 Probably Head Bitai
w -. cratl sTaUoaal Committee. - r
,y 'tJoornal Bpeelal Berriea.)
I Bt Louis, July 11. Thorns Taggart
f Indiana, who for nearly 14 years haa
been a member of the national Demo
cratic committee, will probably be the
chairman of that body In the coming
campaign. Thla much developed at two
meeting of the committee held yester
' day. ' - - - "
A portion of the committee wa In
-. favor of Immediate action and the eleo
tlon of Taggart to the chalrmanehln
.. caused considerable discussion, which
, was practically brought to an end by
(SpeHsl Dispatch to The Jooraal.)
Oold Hill, Or.. July 11. While trying
to save hi little child's life, William
Betta waa atruck and fatally Injured by
a Southern Paclflo freight train at Oold
Bay dfim Sunday afternoon.
Together with his wife and child he
was walking on ths railroad track in the
narrow cut at th dam. Th roar of
th wster drowned the noise of th ap
proaching train",' and when fho party
aw their danger "th train waa almost
upon ' them."' The little one became
frightened and seemed unabl to move
, , ! I II I ...........................
" J':
Insane Woman From-Whom Standard Oil Hag-
iiate Secured .Divorce Imagines She Is to I
- -Kbrry the Czar , of Russia , ; b -
(Jooraal Bpeelal Service.) ;"
New Tork, July 11. Mrs. Ida Flagler,
one the wife of Henry M. Flagler, the
Standard ,011 magnate and owner of a
large part of the state of Florida, who
had a special law passed by the Florid
legislature making insanity a groind
for -divorce In order that b might be
separated legally from Mr. Flagler and
enabled to marry hla present wife, who
waa Miss Mary Kenan of Wilmington,
N. C 1 back la New York again.
In a magnificent home, S5S Riverside
drive. Surrounded by every luxury and
with a view of the Hudson spread out
before her eye, the unfortunate de
mented woman who had been kept hid
den from the knowledge of th publle
for two year wa discovered .todsy.
She Is under the personal car of Dr.
Carlos B: MacDonald, the celebrated
alienist. i
The woman; who waa one known as
Th first lady In Florida," spends her
days and nights with the phantom roy
alties which people her brain. It I
the action 'of Chairman Jones, who In
sisted that -such election would be out
of order..- He Issued the following
statement: , .
"The national convention,' by specific
resolution adopted last night, authorised
me. In fact, instructed me,- to call the
first meeting of tha new committee in
New York City. Until I call It the new
oommltte cannot organts, and meet-
ngs they have 'held ar unauthorised.
Now let me say. forcibly If need be, that.
acting under the convention authority, I
shall call tha national committee to
meet In New York City at such time aa
Judge Psrker shall designate, for be
fore I call It I Bhsll consult him. It
would be an unprecedented thing fer the
new committee to organise without con
sultation with th candidate. Such -
thing wss never heard of."
A compromise wss effected, through
Senator Bslley, by the committee's en
dorsing Taggart and It la almost certain
that the latter will be the man chosen
when the meeting la caUlf d In New York,
' rxAxxD rom.urs.
v 1 (Journal Bpeelal Bervica.)
Victor. Col.i July 11. Considering that
his life wss endangered. Frank P. titan
nix, clerk and recorder of Teller county.
pnealsd to General Bell for protection
nd was given a military guard aa far aa
Canyon City, where he now la. It la de
led that he waa deported.
't from th path of th oncominsr locomo
tive . ...
Th father grasped the - child and
dragged It from the track, but wss un
able to get clear of the train hlmeelf and
was atruck on th head, receiving Inju
ries from which he never regained oon
sctousness and died while being taken
from tha train at Gold Hill.
Mr. Betta' relative live at Medford,
end 'he ws a brother-in-law, of Will
Jackson of the Medford bank.
- After "the coroner's Inquest th body
wss taken to Medford for Interment.
Th widow Is prostrated from th effect
cf the sudden -calamity. . -,
well that she can be surrounded with
all the evldnecea of lavish wealth, for
she believes that she la Princess Ida
Alice Van Shotten .Teck, and th af
fianced bride of the esar of Russia,
Although she Is a whit, haired woman
St years old. she thinks she U atUl a
girl and passes her long days in wait
ing for the fiance that . never cornea
She doe not know that ah haa been
divorced from her husband by a law
made especially for the purpose. She
does not know that ah aver had a hus
band. ...... 7 ....
It I reported that - th unfortunate'
woman in her distress ha the active
sympathy of Mrs. John H. Flagler who
ha been personally Interested In her
oar since the return - to New York.
Mrs. John H. Flagler who captured the
affections of her husband! while singing
In a New York church choir. Is practic
ally tne mistress of ( and Is
able .to do much to alleviate the suffer
ings of the woman who now childishly
babbles of coming events and coming
honors. .... v ... . ...
(Journal flpecial ferric. ) .
Vienna, July 11. It Is reported here
that th sultan has acceded- to th de
mands of American Minister Lelshmann,
which Insisted that an Immediate answer
be given In reply to America' petition
concerning recognition of educational
Institution run by American. . i .
A note wa handed to th port some
time ego which embodied demand for
privileges of schools and colleges con
ducted by American teacher! to
inoee given to zoreign teachers, for per
mission for American professional men
to practloe on aqual terms with foreign
ers, and for the direct- aocea of th
American minister to th sultan in th
transaction of business. .
(Journal pedai Bertfe,,)
Wilmington. DeL, July-1L The Na
tional Association of, Car Inapectors,
Car Builders, Car Repairer and Rail
way Mechanic of. America began its an
nual convention in Wilmington today.
About 200 delegates ar In attendance
from various parts of th United State.
Th sessions, whloh will continue until
Friday, will be deve1 tn th
of reports, ths election of officers and
ths discussing of plana for th future
advancement of the order.
(Jooraal Bpeelal Bervica.) '
Oyster Bay, N Y July 11 tortel
you, chairman of the Republican na
tional committee; Cornellua Biles, treas
urer, end Senaton Fairbanks, this even
ing will discuss the campaign situation.
Th first two named arrived this morn
ing. Th consultation - will probably
last three days.
Fierce Battle, According to Ghefoo Re-
v ports Ends in Japanese Occupancy
of Gungtao : Fortifications
One Report Declares Russian Battleship Within
V the HarborWas v
;:'v Last Night Indicates Engagement
(Journal Rnectal Berrie.)
.Toklo. July 11. Admiral" Togo this
afternoon reports' that four Russian
cruisers, two gunboats and sevsn tor
pedo' boat destroyers debouched ' from
Port Arthur harbor Saturday morning,
preceded by a. steamer clearing mines.
In th sfternoon, having reached' a
point between flenalkat and-Luti Wen
Tang, the Japaneee torpedo boat de
stroyers attacked the-squadron, where-
unon the" Russians retreated into the
harbor,-No damage, waa sustained by
the Japanese. -
- . (Journal Bpeelal Service.)
London, July 1L A dispatch was re
ceived here from Rome this morning
which say a special from the Agensla
Libra's Chefoo correspondent tells of
further fighting at Port Arthur.
' Clunslao, which lyhe key to ror.t
Arthur, was taken br the Japaneae after
terrlflo fighting. In which the troops
made a general attack, assisted by bat
teries an constant diverting fir from
the warshlpa of th Japanese fleet.
Th fighting was carried on alpng a
chain of hills between Clungtao and
Port Arthur, and waa one of the moat
stubborn battles of the war. The Rus
sians retreated slowly, giving way only
before superior numbers and M repeat
ed charres of the Japanese. -
In addition to th capturing or mis
Important fort, the dispatch add that
the Russian battleship Retvlsan and
DTobablr on other battleship are be
lieved to hav 'bee-n destroyed In P.prt
Arthur harbor. One report ha It, aftya
th correspondent, that all the Russian
vessels In the harbor were sunk, but thla
ia questioned. ' - ' . .
No details ar inoiuaea in in report
beyond those stated. . ,
Another dlspatcn receivea nere
through Reutefs agency say that
heairv firing waa heard laat night In th
direction of Pert Arthur, which lasted
from midnight until I o'clock In ths
morning. " . ' - . '
It is believed by local students or tne
wsr that the firing of last night must
have been occasioned by further torpedo
attacks on the Russian fleet, and that
this message may In a measure be taken
a a discount of th story from Rom
to th affect that all vessels within the
harbor were loot while th Clungtao
battle ws in progress. )
' Beporva Torpedo Attack.
Another dispatch received from Che
foo says that a European who arrived
ther from Port Arthur report a tor
tedo attack on th guardshlps at the
harbor entrance yestsrday, which ended
In a repulse with apparently no loss to
either side. He adds, that skirmishing
around Port Arthur la almost constant.
and that an engagement of some
strenrth took place July 7, from which
many Russian wounded were rturnd to
th hoapltale at Port Arthur. An at
tack waa mad on the cruiser Askold by
Japan torpedo boat, which failed to I
Through th brvry and presence of
ntnd of L J. Thompson of this city, T.
Earl, who lives on th Bf John car
line, and hla little son were saved from
drowning at Mock' bottom at 4:10
o'clock yesterday afternoon. The rescue
waa accomplished only after the most
herolo effort, tn which the three fought
agslnst death for 19 minute In 19 or
ia feat of water.
Mr. and Mr. T. Earl and three chil
dren, two boys and a girl, were enjoying
the afternoon at Mock' bottom and th
father and the children went in bathing.
Mr. Earl took JiiS'lltUe son Homer on
hi back and swsm out Into deep water.
The boy became frightened, and Clutch
ing Dia arm Tignuy bdoui h Miners
neck, began . to- struggl. Thla move
ment choked the father, and la hi en
deavor to free th arras of th frantlo
boy rora his neck they sank beneath the
eurfsc. They soon reappeared.- but
desfftt th efforts of the f ether th
boy's gfTp could not b loosened.
He called ror assistance as n again
sank from sight and th mother and
other children eried for help, I. J.
Thompson), who happened to be fishing
near, -taking In the altuatlon, sprang
Into the water to th rescue. - He Is a
(Journal Bpeelal Borvtet.) '
Bonesteel. S. D., July It. Th regis
tration fct Yankton for th opening of
th Rosebud reservation continue and
exceeds thst of any three other points.
It reaches about 1.00ft persons dally and
there are now about (0,000 registrations.
Almost ail th newspaper men her
JULY 11, 1904.
do th vessel "damage. The torpedo
boats were driven to retreat.
Further detail of th taking of Kal-
ping oy tn - Japanese, which was re
ported In last Saturday's Journal, ahdw
that the fighting lasted for three -days
and wss accompanied by heavy losses on
both sides. A dispatch from St. Peters
burg, after giving General Sakharoffs
official etory . of JIuO- batUa.Quot . from
him as follows: . -. .
"All our losses ar not $et known, but
according to th oommander of our
forces, they do not exceed 150. Among
the killed wa Count Nyrodt, captain of
th general staff, who abandoned the
last position after brilliantly carrying
out his duties a chief of staff with the
rear guard." i
Assert They . Control Two Important
' Point at Port Arthtur.
(Journal Special Berries )
Chefoo, July 11. A copy of the news.
paper Novlkral of Port Arthurrrecelved
here, contains an account of th fighting
to July 7. It says th exact strength
of the Japanese besieging the strong-
uutu is aooui au.uvu. -
' "This force Is not sufficient aa-alnat
a fortress like this, unless they expect
assistance, says tn paper. After three
days' righting, the paper saya. the Rus
sians retained the position on the left
nan wnicn they originally occupied.
previous to this, the forcing of the
ngnt nanic was rectified, leavln both
Oreea and Semaphore hill In Russian
nana, in paper adds:
"Of course, this position Was not won
without losses, some of which' will
striae uie hearts of our countrymen."
- - 1
' ' (Journal 'Special Service.)
Pari. July 11. T think that China
will revolt within five years, and that
all Christians in th kingdom will be
massacred, la the quoted opinion of
Rv. Kennedy, head of th American
missions In the far east, who Just ar
rived after three years- work in Japan.
China and Manchuria. ,
"The Japanese have been prepared for
war for more than three years, but must
necessarily- yield before the superior
number or Kuasisns, ' -continued Mr.
Kennedy. He wss . received by the
Mikado, General Kuropatkin, th -em
peror of China and other eastern dlgr.1-
tari. . .
(Journal Special Bervtee.1"
St Petersburg, July 11. It Is feared
that the cholera reported In Manchuria
may reach European Russia this year.
It Is approaching from, the fsr east and
Persia. The Moscow Llao Yang corre
spondent of the Novostl reports that
a Japanese column of troops has ap
peared on th main road to Mukden.-
strong swimmer and soon reached th
place where th father and aqn had
laat disappeared. He found them still
struggling beneath th water and aelsed
them. Aa aoon aa he did ao the father
grappled with him and a terrible strug
gl began which lasted soms - time.
Thompson would bring th father and
hla aon to th surf see. only to be
dragged beneath the water and aoon
he found himself In a graap ao tight
that he. could acarcely free himself.
At . lsst h succeeded In breaking
sway, resched the shore, seised a heevy
snsg on the bank, threw it as far as
possible Into the water' and clinging to
this, succeeded In breaking the hold of
the child 'around tta parent's neck. The
child -grasped th snag and Thompson
succeeded In bringing Mr. Earl to the
Qharles Jones, who waa near at the
time of the accident, , now arrived and
he assisted Mrs. Earl in tsklng the three
from the water. Mr. Earl and hla aon
war slow In recovering, but finally they
were able to be taken home.
Thompson wss worn completely out
from his. struggle in the water. His
sides and arm were terribly bruised
from being clutched by Mr. Esrl. while
th three were struggling -together.
hav been run out of . town and the
gambler have full possession of the
piece and conduct a resign of uncivilised
ausmowni wan.
(Journal Bpeelal "errlre. ) '
Buffalo, July 11. Th Glansblower'
Association of th United States and
Canada began its annual convention In
Buffalo today .with an attendance of
several hundred delegates. Th conven
tion lasts two weak, j
at r ii"T
ry? ......
T ' .aJTFi
-' . CARDINAL SATOLLI ' , - . "
St, Paul, Minn., July 11. Elaborate
preparation have been mads for the
reception of .Cardinal Satolll. who ar
rives In St. Paul this evening. TJie
distinguished prelate will remain In
tljls city a week or longer and will be
entertained by Archbishop Ireland.
Small Blaze at Gas 'Plant Gives Boat
Opportunity to Make , first Ran :
Trial of - Usefulness.
A shs Isy sleepily , reclining In her
berth at o'clock this morning ths new
fireboat George H. Williams waa aroused
to action by an alarm of fire. A blase
had broken out In the generating plant
of the Portland Gas company, situated
on Front and Everett streets. It wss
the first fire which had occurred on the
waterfront since the fireboat had been
In commission, and those in that vicinity
at the time thought An opportunity wa
at last presented for her to give a prac
tical demonstration of her value to the
But the bias proved to be a email af
fair, and wa extinguished before either
the fireboat or any of the land firemen
succeeded In -reaching the locality. It
ws started by a match being dropped In
some rubbish lying in front of the boiler
which contained oil. After turning in
an alarm the employee of th company
put out th blase before any damage
bad been don.
Although sh wa denied th privilege
of- giving an exhibition of her fighting
ability, the Williams showed that she
is able to move quickly when the oc
casion requires it." . In juat two mtnutea
from the time the -alarm Bounded ah
had up a full head of steam, alld out
of her berth ' and was acootlng down
atresm at break-neck : speed. Every
member of her crew was at his post of
duty. Th hose were properly arranged
on th way down, and th men held the
noxzles ready for action when the scene
of the fir was resched. . "When they
saw their services were not needed the
craft wheeled, around, and returned to
her berth. - .
Had th fir epread thla morning It
might hav proved a disastrous affair.
Not only ar there great quantities of
gas, but several thousand barrels of fuel
oil ere stored In that vicinity. Hsd any
of this become ignited both the men on
the fireboat and- the land forces would
hav had all they could do to prevent a
spread of the flames. It is generally
admitted that It would have proved to
hav been one, of the moat disastrous
fire that has occurred along the river
of a recent date had It once gotten be
yond th control of th employes. ; .
(Journal Bpedkl Strvtea.)
Wheeling, W. Vs.. July ll.-Wheellng
Is rapidly filling - with -delegate and
visitors to the Republican state conven
tion which meets tomorrow to select
candidates for the offices to b filled at
th coming state election. An exceed
ingly close end Interesting contest for the
gubernatorial nomination la on, tha two
candidate being W, M. O. Dawaon and
Charles F. Teter. i
M. . AB aaSsaa- a
' . '(Journal Bpeelal Servics.)
New York, July 11. Bourka Cock, ran
has sent out a communication, dated
Indianapolis, July 10. explaining why he
declined to address th national Demo
cratic convention. He says he left St.
Louis st noon Saturday because , hs
didn't want to be in the convention
when the - vlcei-presldentlal nominations
were reached.
At that .time he could not make a
Toledo's Famous v Party;
r and Mayor 7
Nears the End;
Family at Bedside 'and Physicians
Hopeless Constant Saline In
X Jections Necessary to Pro-.
long His. Life ; '. '
(Journal Bpeelal Berries.)
Toledo. O., July 11. I.JO o'clock In.
Jections of saline solution ar all that -'
ar keeping Mayor Jonea alive, but his
death la a matter tif only a few hours.
! (Journal Special Brvlce.
Toledo, O ., July 11. Mayor S. M.
Jonea. better known aa "Golden Rul
Jones," th father of the direct primary,
leading exponent for labor reform and
the eight-hour law, I dying. For more -than
41 hour he ha been, in a stupor, .
and has had no waking moment of con
sciousness when he could recognise any
of the members of hi family, who ar
on watch at. hi bedside. ,
His death la expected momentarily and ;
physicians have, no hop for cither a
recovery or more than brief prolonga
tion of Ufa' He I (3 year of age. and
haa been tn poor . health ' for many
months. . ' '
Samuel Milton Jones I on of th
most notable characters In - American
politics. He became known over the ;
United State a "Qolaen Rul Jones."
by his homely precepts and campsign
assertions. Hs gained fame for his
advocacy of municipal ownership, direct
legislation, the eight-hour law and of
the doctrine that th people should
nominate their own candidates for all
offices by free petition without th In
tervention of caucuses, primaries, dele- '.
gates or parties. H wrote two books.
"The Now Right", and "Lettere of
Lov and lAbor." " ' ' ''
Born In poverty In Wales and brought
to America whea but an infant, hi
early year war filled with the hardest
of work. He entered the Pennsylvania
oil kelds, made ' the foundation for a
forouoe which became a reality when
he Invented an oil well appliance, and .
then became the president of the Acme
Sucker. Rod company In Toledo. Her
he establtahjed reform methods of labor.
In 1897 he was elected mayor of Toledo
on the Republican ticket and aa4n In
1800, 1001 and 1001, on an Independent
ticket.' H ran for governor, on an In
dependent ticket and was defeated.
. Perbapa no gubernatorial campaign
wa ever conducted that" attracted mora
attention than that In-which he ran aa
an Independent., HI method were th
moat unique in the annals of -American
politics. Employing a military band, he
gradually extended the Idea until h -carried
with him an entire wagon ctrcua
of th old-time type. He used to ad
dress his hearers after th program wsa
partly; concluded and explained thar one
reason "for his carrying with him ths
"greatest ' sggregatlon on earth." waa
that the children might be pleased. His
admirers claim that It la doubtful It a
more kindly-hearted, fair-play loving
man ever figured In Ohio politic, and
thla feature did much . to overbalsnce- ,
th arotesqueness of om of his acts.
' (Special' Dispatch to The Journal.)
Victoria. B. C July 11. Arrivals her
from ths north report that th Skeena
river salmon pack will be of small con
sequence, owing to labor troubles with
the Indiana. Th cannerymen would
pay no more than T cent per fish, while
the Indian held out for S-tt cent a
. Ther 1 a very heavy run of fish.
nd boat ar getting from 200 to 4000
fish esch, but without Indiana Ther
aro depending only on Japanese and
whites, and the pack will be small In 13
or 14 canneries. ; . ' . . ' .
(JMrrnaT Special Berries. T T'
Chicago, July 11. Th threatened
strike of 40,000 employes of the differ
ent" packing-houses st Chicago, Omaha
and Kansas City grow more probable
ss th hour go by. No action has been
taken at the various conferences held.
but a-vot la expected tonight on the
subject. ' - . .
speech and ssy truthfully that Farket
had a chance as the platform stood. Hat
when st Indianapolis be was srivlsed of
Parker's telexram on the gold plank,
th whql situation was c-hana-.l. he oi -dered
special train snd hnatetird b
to Ft. Louis, feeling free lo U-ll li e
ri tee. If Invited to si.OHk. fl.i
Psrker would be overw helming v r!" (-.
(JiK'kisns trnln srrlved st r-f. l.o i
st 4 o'cliM-k In the morning ftr i i
conventlou liud complut4 m