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Tonight'- and . Saturday:, fslri
"wanner Saturday! northwest winds.
VOL. III. NO, 107. . :
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Daniel ' Hurls- Sar asm at Br yan-Hon-
ors; hvenly :JJiyided
All Night and Alt Morning i; Session of Commit-
- tee on Resolutions Causes JConvention Delay
t Currency. Plank a Debating Ground :
""'""" (Joaraal Special Service.) .
St Lou la. Ho., July I. In ths annals
of American political history there have
; been few sessions of a committee -on
platform more prolonged, more care
fully considerate, and more Insistent
-than that from the Democ ratio national
convention which passed 'all of last
night In Its deliberations. The plat
form as 'adopted by the oommlttee em
bodies the main Ideas of Williams,
Towns, Mill and Bryan.
That tha struggle over various feat
ures was earnest. Is shown by the fact
that the'commlttee today finish
its labors and the convention, after
. assembling this morning and .transact
ing some minor business, was compelled
to recess until I o'clock this -evening,
- when It is expected the. completed plat--form
will be presented.
No prediction. had been expressed and
; no hope Indulged In prior to the open
ins of last night's session, that a. cut
and dried platform could be arrived at,
nor-was it In most cases 'desired.
Bo many leaders In ths 1 ranks of
Democracy, and all men of Arm convic
tions, were on ' the oommlttee that It
coud not be expected that a platform
-would be adopted without some clashes.
Nor were the expectations of warm de
bate, verging' at times on harsh person
alities, unfulfilled. :- '
Ths first thrust of rapiers cam ever
ths currency Question, and 4h Brat
: member of the committee to hurl the
gauntlet was Senator Daniel. In the
sub-committee.' Dubois vigorously as
sailed a proposed currency plank which
eliminated -the question froce the na-
. tional issues ss having been settled by
ths increased ' production Of srold.
Dubois asserted--that mineral produc
tion is uncertain and that ths coinage
problem must therefor perforce be al
ways a live Issue. Daniel . and Hill
Contended ' that the plank embodied ths
Ideas of Democracy on ths subject.
- rroposed, Flaak. .,; .
- Ths debate terminated by a vote In
which the' following, plank was adopted
by the sub-committee: -j-... - v.
"The discoveries of gold within ths
past few years and the great, increase
In the production thereof, adding
ll.OOO.OSO.OOO to ths world's supply, of
which 1700,000.009 falls to the share of
ths . United States, has contributed to
the maintenance of a money standard
of value no longer open to question, re
moving that Issue from ths Said of
political contention."
When ths vote was taken Bryan and
Williams were absent and It carried by
T to I, Daniel, Htll. Paulson. Hamlin.
' Cable. Poe and Davis voting In ths
affirmative) and .Dubois,. Snlveley and
Newlands Jh -the negative. -
The real debate took place when ths
sub-committee reported to ths full com
' mlttee on resolutions, which overruled
ths Judgment of ths framers and by a
vots of II to 16 at an early hour this
morning eliminated tha plank. The dis
cussion was acrimonious and arose over
-Bryan's attitude.
"Br what right "and under what pre
tense does this man com to Instruct
us upon an lasus which led us to de
A Leading F1gut in th N ork Delegation at St Louis.
feat twice T Inquired Senator Daniel,
referring to Mr. Bryan, "This
whom the Democ ratio party has twice
highly honored . has seen Jit to pick
flaws in every candidate proposed for
an offlc tor which he twice unsuocess
fully aspired. I say, if ws are going to
wait lor a presidents! candidate until
ws find an angel ws had better adjourn
and go noma"
' Bryan, who sat on the opposite slds
of ths fibTeT flushed deeply, and bis
tightly compressed lips bespoke th SI
-t fort he was making at self-control.
TU gentleman is out of order,"
sharply Interrupted Acting Chairman
Tillman? "We cannot permit such per
sonal allusions or such . vituperations."
Daniel persisted .that he -, meant no
disrespect and that he thought ths tlms
had arrived when all .loyal Democrats
should be actuated by the purest mo
tives and their aotlons open to the
fullest . criticism. He declared bis be
lief that th country stood upon th
brink of a great . calamity. He said
he had favored free silver but right or
wrong he thought ths exigencies of the
situation demanded that Democracy
bow to the wishes of New England and
th great' Empire state. He concluded
by aaylng that heroio situations de
manded herolo remedies. '
Bhlvely of Indiana pleaded that no
mention of finance te made In ths plat
form, asking: "Why raise this cues-
tlon again to cause a ruptur la th
partyr - - t.
. Fleming of Wisconsin ' declared that
he was ther to oppos any specific
declaration on n canoe. - H said be had
grest respect for Mr. HIU but could not
let him lead Democracy Into this act
f commission without a protest. .
''J Tiotory ox Bryaa. !
Foe - of Maxrland declared that th
commute should remember th affect
that such a deliberate refusal to Incor
porate a. financial plank in th platform
would have. He said that without this
plank Maryland's vots could not b bad.
He asked only that th commfctee give
tn great interests or th country as
surances that they would not b dl
turbed, and declared Impressively that
if th committee failed in this duty it
would lose th Democracy th electoral
vote of many states. -
- Hilt made a strong Dies for th Dlank.
declaring that It was In the Interests of
good government and augured success In
tas fall aleotlona . '.. ,
Drifting from th plank to Parker. Hill
declared that h was an able and aaf
man, and "not a coward, as soms per
sons would havs us be! leva" Parker
had . ever supported ths party' nomi
nees, he said, and If this convention
nominated another man Parker would
support him, and he (HIU) would go
back? and work for the party's choice.
. In th tilt between Brysn snd Hill in
ths discussion of ths ; proposed gold
plank Bryan remarked: ..'.
"Well, senator, I'm glad to see you so
honest." , . -j v. , '.
Immediately the New Yorker Jumped
to his feet and defiantly, answered, "I
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A ' km
' '' ;
i , ,.. 1 1 f
i i x, . I
. V ; I
' y
. Whose Strength Surprises His Opponents.
With No Platform Report an Adjournment Is
Taken Until ,8 o'aock This Evening-Hobson
. Gets an Ovation Crowd Wants Speeches. ,
(Joaraal Special Serrlee.)
St Louis, July s. Tempted by th sx-
citing and Interesting events at yester
day's session, and hoping to witness
equally Inspiring ' Scenes today, ths
crowds this morning thronged .toward
tha convention hall earlier than usual In
order to secure good seats. By o'clock
ths galleries were half filled, and when
th tlms cams to call th vast aaaem
blags to order there was scarcely a nook
or cranny In either balcony which was
not filled with perspiring humanity.
Th Crowd, nowaver, was anamea to
disappointment, inasmuch aa ths hours
developed thst no business sxcept that
of a vary' minor nature could be trans
acted owing to th prolonged struggls
over the platform in tha rooms of the
committee en resolutions.
The thermometer, registered near the
100 mark yesterday In th hall, and the
prospects were that this would b dupli
cated. If not exceeded, today. .-. "
Committeeman Mack said to a number
of Inquirers that there would probably
be no business dons In ths morning ses
sion, h platform committee not being
ready to report, and that ther would
probably be some speeches, snd then a
recess until I o'clock this afternoon.
Chairman Clark said hs thought ther
would be three sessions. r
Todsy there wcrw many vacant seats
In the delegate reservation.
' Th band played patrlotio airs for. th
first half hour. , .
On motion a committee was appointed
Being an expert swimmer Is all that
saved Oeorgs Kan, captain - of the
gasolln launch Hoo Hoo, from drown
ing yesterday sfterneoa,. Having
moored his craft alongsids of th Moni
tor Wyoming to permit th paasenger
to disembark, h' began to asalat some
of them aboard th warship.' While
engaged at this task, ths Steamer
Hasssl went ' gilding - by , in- .clone
proximity. A havy swell was created
and tha Hoo Hoo began to toss freely
on th waves. Standings close to th
aid of th vessel ths skipper loat his
balanc and went toppling overboard.
(Vhe wave were still in a commotion
and h was carried far out Into th
stream. It was too rough for a small L
boat to go to ths rescue, but with the
to wait upon the resolutions committee
and ascertain when It would b abl to
Several delegates suggested thst the
Interval be fUled by the "sllveV-tongued
orator from New fork. Bourk Cockran,"
and th plan was loudly cheered, but
Cockran was not In the halt Calls for
"Towns! TownsI" became loud, but h
refused to speak, snd Bailey was called
for to kill time. The roll of honorary
Vice-president was then called.
Richmond P. Hobson was called for
and warmly greeted' as hs took ths plat
form, lis was repeatedly ' cheered. -Hobson
said: "We must solvs ths
great problem of bow ' th whit man
and th black man can live together in
peace. Ws are trying-1 solvs this
great problem and ws find ths executive
of this country forcing upon th clsaa
that should dominate, persons who are
out of 4hat class. Shall sectionalism
b ever again raised in this reunited
nation T (Cries of "no!")
"Ths happiness of tha millions can
not be sacrificed because the party in
power la playing politics with vital
questions of the country."
-Hobson called upon the Democrats to
see to It that the Republicans shall call
this years battlefield their Waterloo.
Th platform committee announced
tha-t$Mnnlmou report would be sub
mltted at O'eraek tonight and that
ther would b no minority report Th
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him. During all this tlms th captain
was makmg remarkable headway by
swimming. After having been in the
water almost $0 minutes hs finally
reached the side of tb craft and pulled
himself on - board. Although badly
handicapped with his olothlng. those
who witnessed th occur re nee say that
the fresh water captain gave a fin
exhibition of th swimming art Dur
ing th balanc of th afternoon h con
tinued tn command of th Hoo Hoo,
which cam almost proving herself to
be a hoodoo.
The number of visitors to th war
ship has fallen off very perceptibly
since the fourth of July. It Is esti
mated that not more than 100 people
went down to see th
Wyoming yes-
terday, sad th crowd
appears t b
. . ; (Special Dispatch to.Th Journal.) , '''.. . '
. Th Dalles, Or., July J. Th condemnation suit., instituted by th
d stat to'secure right of wsy for ths Cellla canal over th property of I.
4 ' H. Tsff resulted this morning In a verdict by the Jury awarding Taff
q 115,000, which I exactly th sum offered him by the state board before
.'the suit was begun. Taffe bad demanded 140,000, a sum considered far
4 . beyond th value f th property, apd had persistently refused to
modify his price, Th result of the suit' Is a signal ' victory for the
4' state. Taffe Is not satisfied and declares' that he will appeal.
r- "I would not havs been satisfied If the verdict had been $75,000,"
d he declared angrily after tha Jury's 'conclusion bad been announced. - .
.... Th arguments In th case were, begun at t o'clock. yesterday after-,
noon and the case was given to ths Jury at 10:S0 In ths evening, with
Instructions from i Judge Bradahaw to bring In a sealed verdict ' Th
Jurors , differed widely in their estimates of , the amount that should b
d , awarded, some advocating a verdict of $7,600 and soms going ss
$48,000. About SO ballotswer taken and It was not until t o'clc
morning that a verdict was reached. ,
Unless Taff appeals, this will remove th only serious obetacl now
In th way of th construction of th canal. Arrangements have' been
reached "With the other property owners and . ths state will be able to
.complete ths purchaa of ths canal right, of way for ' materially less
than ths sum appropriated by th legislature, Th appropriation waa
1100,000 and It la said that ths total cost, assuming that Taff is paid
UJ.OOO.wUl be-In tbr neighborhood of $00,000. 1: "j,: ;- V-i-
Taff this morning filed suit against the. city of Ths Dallea for
$4,JJ damages because hs fell Into
leg July 11,'UOJ. , .
Who May figure as a
British r Steamship Tottenham Loaded With
Contraband of War; Reaches Portland After
1 Haying Dodged the v Russian- Warships'
Vigilantly scanning ths borlson day
and night for three weeks lo ascertain
If any Russian gunboats war In pur
suit, and not knowing at what moment
they might be captured, ths officers and
crsw of ths British steamship. Totten
ham, which arrived In port yesterday
afternoon, had plenty of excitement on
tbelr Voyage frQm Mojl. Japan, to Tori
Lo Angeles.
A full head of steam was kept up and
th vassal held in constant trim to make
th race of her. life had. any .of. tb
tsar's fleet been sighted In th distance.
Double th usual number of men stood
watch n th deck.. During th daytime
they swept the sea with their glasses,
and at nlgbt .-they were relieved .by s
fresh relay.. "
On board they had 4 cargo of coal
loaded at a Japanese port Coal had
bean declared contraband of war by the
Russian government Had they been
observed and finally raptured both the
cargo and the (hip would havs been oon
fiacated. . . .:,'
high as
clock this
an open sewer ditch and broke his
- ' 1 . ..' '-'..
Compromise Candidate...-
brought to th United States, It Is
explained, would have mad no differ
ence had they fallen Into th hands of
th Russians. Ther were carrying Jap
anese property aboard, and the csar's
representatives. It Is said, would havs
been Justified in arriving at the con
clusion that it was being conveyed in
a roundabout -way to tb . Mikado's
naval fleet. ' , ......
Took Desperate Bisk, '
Knowing that he was aaaumlng a
deaperat r. Captain Peters, com
mander of th Tottenham, took every
precaution-, prevent a surprise snd
probable capture. In sailing from Mojl
ha selected a oourae other thantnat it
the usual route, and., rwa perhaps
this adroit piec of strategy that. en
abled hint to complete fliS voyage un
molested. Instead, of going through
th straits of Sougar, which rout is
almost Invariably chosen, h allpped
out to sea by way of ths Bingo chan
nel. '-J'- ;-
Damage. Resulting From
Floods in Kansas
Will Be Large.
': j
No Appreciable Relief From Present
Conditions Is Expected. Before.
Tomorrow-Another Tor ,
rential Rain, v ' .
'fjoarael Special Service.)' ,'
' Kansas City, July . Not less than
$l,0i0, 000 damage Is ths figure named .
as the result of this season's flood.
Ths river continues to rise her
this morning snd no.. appreciable relief
from flood conditions is expected be
fore tomorrow. Th dsy dawned with
another torrential rain. Seven- thoasand
refugees srs objects of systematic re
lief work at Kansas City. Kan.
For a second time In a period Of little
mors than' a year many of tha Inhabi
tants of Kansas Cliy. Kan., have been
forced " to leave thei homes owing to .
ths overflowing of the Kaw river caused -by
the recent heavy rains. From all
Indicatlona at thla time ths crest of the
flood will not come within nine feat of
tat of last year. .v. .
While the property loss will be con
siderable, it will not compare with that . .
of last. year-and will result principally
through the' Interruption of bualness.
rMoat of ths wholesale houses Jn the bot-
toms and th union depot are as yet not
flooded, but from a point about no
yards west of the station to the bluffs
across the river is a vaat yellowsea of
water. . '..-.'
Railroad traffic Is paralysed, numer
ous washouts Velng reported and tratrvef '
are at a sundstiir on r the . tlissuarl
Faetflc- Union Pseina, Sent Fe aad
Rock Island in the territory mbraced
by th flood. . ; ., . - v-
Harletn, a small settlement across th
river from this place, has been -flooded
by the Missouri river, but none of th .
manufacturing plsnts have as yet been
endangered. All the streams in south
snd' southeastern Kansas are high and
many- acres of farming lands ara re
ported' under water.
Many of the peopl In th Armourdal
district anticipating a recurrence of ths
last blgh flood, left their homes be
fore th water of yesterdsy snd last
night had reached their dwellings. -
i At th packing bouses snd yards hun-
dreds of head of cattle, bog and sheep.
besides many tons of meat and slaugh
tered animals vers moved to places of
safety. At Argentina something like 10
families were driven from their homes,
although the damag will prove com
paratively small.
. Business at the-Livestock exchang
has been suspended snd ss rsilway
trains ban not arrive with stock it. Is '
likely that operations wtlf not be re
sumed until next week. ' r
Several packing plants, and both the
Standard and National Oil companies
havs been compelled to suspend busi
ness. - .- . .'
Last night Mayor Gilbert of Kansas
City, Kan..i sent ths following telegram
to tha secretary of war:
"Ten thousand people have been
driven from their homes In Kansas City.
Kan- by flood.. I earnestly request that
you direct commander at Fort Leaven
worth to Issue rations as w may. need."
Wlrea wemaral Bell at X.esvBWrtk to
Xnvee-ttrate tb Flood SKaattoa, .
(Joaraal Special Service.) ' ' ' '
Washington, July I. -Th war fiepart-
mant has wired to General Bell at
Fort Leavenworth Instructing him to
investigate th flood situation. In Kan
sas. ....
This was In response to a telegram re
ceived this morning from Representa
tive Boweraock at Kansas City. Kan.,
stating that 18.00 people had been
turned out of their homes and rendered
destitute." snd appealing to ths depart
ment for assistance. .. :'
noos at vorssuk.
(Jaeraa! BpUl Servlea.)
' Topeka. Kaa July . Ths Ksw river
at this place continue to rise slowly
and th water Is now slightly above (he
12-foot mark on the gauge. In Nort
Topeka ths town Is practically deserted
and the water Is running 19 Inches deep
through the streets. East snd west
bound trains ara abandoned and water
Is thre blocks uptown In tb city
proper. - t - - - - -
wATzmsFOtrr mu sue. '
- (taral peelal Servira.).
Oklahoma City. O. T.. July I. Six
killed and several injured Is th result
of a cloudburst and texrjfle windstorm
that passed through th section of eoun
try In which Clinton. O. T, is sltusted
at sn early hour yesterdsy morning.
Death was caused by drowning. Wssr
other points tn western Oklahoma ere .
aaid to bsvs suffered much damage from
HJ'sal gpeeUl tmMr.
Wichita, Kaa.. July . Ther Is r .
Imtnedlats prospect of relief from Ike
flood of wsters that now cover aw
than to blocks, tnclndlng many in the
business sect mo of this city. TWi I
tha fcihMt water aver knnwn here. Tit
bis and LKtl Arkansas river unite al
Hoo Hoo th orew endeavored to reach
dlmlnlahlngca successive day.
Th fact that , th ooal . was Ming
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this point