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Saturday Night Only from 5 to 9:30
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Genuine David Maydole
"'8ped PtopatcB ti Th Journal.!
Oregon lty,- July t.--Engtneer p. P..
Rands, who hold the contract frxfin th
state for constructing th flshway over
the fella, went over to the laland veeter
day to look over th ground for com
mandite work on .th f lah. Udder. It
expect to commence the work shortly
ihinba ht soon as there la a
1HU less water the work will be' f-
(shed In about two month.
The work should hava commenced wet
year, but there was an Injunction nled
against Mr. Rands by Ar,hl,Pe?,?1'
Portland, who Alleged that hi
..,.! the isianu wuum um
interfered with. He sued Mr. Rands-for
$60,000, but wu non-suuea. . .
When the flab, ladder U completed the
aalmon . will have an eaay method of
.getting above the fall to spawn., A
system of pools and basin will be
blaated In the rocka -where the. water
rung over th 'alia and In thla way the
Salmon can Jump from one- to another
and have a chanoe to rest before taking
, the final lean. - At the very brink of
the f alia where the water curvee over
there wUl be made some concrete basin-on
wMeJk.h- salmon may make
' the laat leas It will require a force
of 11 men, to do the work. :
Klnneapolla Man Bnya Tana. '
'. Another easterner who has come to
. the west to look for aultable location
and has decided that CWkama aounty
la about the best place he has aeen yet
Is Frank Kacy of Minneapolis, who has
bought a farm and will remain in Ore
ton He waafarmerly plokl manu
lecturer In that city, but thinks that
farming 1s the beat occupation .that
. man can employ himself at The deal
-was dosed yeaterday by J. J. Cook.
and the land- la four miles weat of Ore
gon City ami within two miles of Oa-
.-. :. it wnA honaht from Mrs. C A.
.Lroey and the .amount paid was 84,dOO.
The liale eomprlaea 80 .acre, of which
' 45 la cleared and In crop-now. The farm
fflPlnMf JTlnyMOTlE3nw liCftg TMJ
Stock are Included In the barga!
vuownta run to wiihott.
. ' On July . the. WUhelt stag will -b
operated for. the coming season by P. B.
' IMmtck, a local Jlvery stable man, and
T-Ov Br- Jefferson. - Threa trip a. week
will be made out to the favorite Claek-
- "amas county-watering place. -The stage
will leave Oregon City about noon, and
will return the following day. "
Baggage will also be taken on the trip
and there win b ample accommodation
: tor alt who wlah to leave. Wllholt
j Spring Tia a reputaUon for being,
healthy and attractive apot to spend
. the vacation In and these la every Indl
- cation that therev will be a good crowd
out here this year.
"r t KoClaUaa W1U Walt. .
There . la conalderabl dlaeuaslon
'among local Democrat as to who the
St Louis convention will 'nominate' to
-carry the Democratic atandard through
the November campaign. There la real
ly not any decided support of any one
candidate, but County Chairman Q. D.
r Eby aeema to think that Hearat would
run better In' thla county than Parker,
but on the other hand, he Bays that he
has heard ome of the Democrats ex
press the wlah -that Parker should get
the nomination. Falling In the nomlna-
tlon of either of these two candidates,
the local Democrats would like to see
McClellan be nominated, aa they think
that Be has - the power to . unite- all,
w factlomrof the party. "
AInuaj organisation Tonight.
' "Tonight there should be a good crowd
' of, graduatea from the , public schools
of Oregon CUy to assist In forming an
alumni organisation which will take
: plaee. in Willamette hall. The meeting
will be called at about o'clock. Be
sldeB the organisation of the 'Alumni
association there will be short talks
by the graduatea and an Informal en
tertainment. -, ' Blve. OetUng low.
rp above the falls the river 1 getting
lower and lower, every day and It will
. be but a. ahort time before, the deeper
draft steamers will not be -able to get
to Salem. One boat -la now running
to.8alem. but. the trip - la made with
difficulty overeomerof tjie phallowbars.
The new steamer of the Oregon City
TranBportatlon company. Oregona, la
about ready for her first trit and may
take a run up the river tomorrow. If
" she does not leave tomorrow aha will
make the' first trip Monday. With her
lls-ht Mraft aha 'Should be able to reach
. Albany or inaepenaence.
Tlltona. which has been making the trip
to Salem, will be pulled out of the
water and her crew put on the Oregona.
. The Altona has been working long
without any repairs and there is con- -elderable
to do about, her. Some of her
woodwork will. have to be replaced and
the officers of the company have de
cided on a new coat of paint and some
additional repaira to the hull. ,
Oregon City Briefs.
' 'i-" Tercy and, Robert Caufleld left this
'' morning for a two-weeks' outing around
Trout lake, Washington, where they
' ev 111' put tn the time hunting end fish-
- tng. -
The Bt. Paul's' Sunday school held a
'very 'successful plonle at Oladstons park
Yesterday. A ball game waa the feat
ure of .the day's sport -
' Odd Fellows held a smoker snd -"rial
among1' themselves" JasttiigbtW
' being the' regular night for such en
,." : tertalnment. .
t"' William Hammond, returned this
morning from 'a twoyears' course at
" ' JCenyon irrtrftary academy. In Ohio, He
' will spend the vacation with hie -par-.
enfs here. .
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cole and son,
Ray, returned Wednesday- from
i tended trip to polnta-in Washingtori. .
; will MeU The' Jonmal. .'
i . mmmenrlns tomorrow Tha..' JmirnsI tnr
will br hx-aud In the dsic stortr of Jtaeph
o.idlltw ix MalB'Strart, snd he will bT
jlrrs Th
S ropy or auhl
ante. -hr f the trmrf aiyl jjrriM
Trtiitlniut f" the srvnnth will be takes fw the
' 'Joumiil. Krleeds nt The Jonnul will pleane
fe' the in see shacrlber will aaaiat Mr.
- ...f-l'.w -la the worh br Botlfrlna him of
ur tttlwre-WW paper frsui rinlec.
Fohrlfi ol, July" Round Trip Excursion
. . ma . . . ...
, ' ' '. -.. . - . ' .
rT" The AT aV C ,R. R. wleh to announce
that they will aell round-trip excursion
' tickets -between, all points at the rate
. of one and one-third, for . the above
; occasion. Tickets will be oif sale at
Alder street 'and Union depot on
. July I. I and , good for return passage
" Tickets .for Ocean Beach.
v . Season tlcketf. Portland p any point
on the Wach, 44.00. Saturday excur
sion tickets, good returning Sunday onlv 11 1 .TlrketB and berth
raervslon at X R? 4k N,
J Third and Washington. ,
etty office.
" (Speelsl Dtspstck to The JenrasL) """"
Salem. Or., July 1. The following
proclamation by Governor, Chamberlain
waa made public this, morning. It. calls
attention to the statutes providing . pen
aitles for the setting of forest fires and
citing the duties Of officers and Judges
for the convlcJJoa snd punishment of
guilty persons, whloh follows: . - -.
"Whereas,-It la-provided by-eetlens
178?, 178St it, 17 and I7I of Bel
linger and Cotton's annotated codes and
statutes of Oregon, as" follows: ' .
"Sec 178f. -'If any person shall mac.
llclouslr. with. Intent to Injurs any
other, person, by himself p r any other
pfraon, kindle a Are on his own land or
the land of any-other person, and by
means of such fire the buildings, fences,
crops or other personal property, or
wooded timber lands of any other per
son shall . be destroyed or Injured, he
shall, on conviction, be punished, by a
fine of hot leas than MO nor more than
11,000, or by imprisonment In the county
jail not lets than three months nor
more than It monthaT according to "the
aggravation of the bffenca." - . ,
. "Sec. 1718. If the person shall wlth
out malice kindle any fire In any paid,
pasture, lncloeura,- .forest, prairleor
timber land not his own, without the
consent of the owner, and the same
shall spread and do damage to any
buildings, fences, crops, cord wood, bark
or other personal property not 'his own,
pr to, an-C wood or, timber land not his
own; "he -Shall, on conviction, be pun
ished "by a fine of.ngt less than 114 nor
more than 8100-and eosts. according to
the aggravation of the offence, and shall
stand committed untir the fine and costs
are' paid.- . ; ' -
"See. 178. Any ' person who shall
enter upon the lands of another peraon
for the purpose of hunting and fishing,
and shall without the consent, of . the
owner of said lands kindle any fire
thereon, shall be punlahed by a fine of
net-leas than $10 nor more than f 100,
and If such fire be kindled maliciously
and with the Intent t r)vncMT!TtbBT.
perTOnrBTlcn-ofrender-shalt-ba TiunlahBd
by a fine of not less than 820 nor more
than 1250, or by Imprisonment In the
county Jail not less than threemonUli
nor more than 11 month. ,.
"Sec. 17(0. Any person or persons
who ahall wilfully sat Ore to any wooded
country or-forest befogging to the state
or the United States, or to any person'
or persons, shall be deemed" guilty, of a
misdemeanor1, and upon conviction be
fore a court of competent Jurisdiction
shall be punlahed by a flhe not exceed
ing 1 1,000 or ImpHaomeht not exceeding
one year, or both such fine and Impris
onment; provided, that nothing herein
contained shall . apply to any peraon
who In good, faith sets a back fire la
prevent the extension of 'a fir
"Sec. 1791. Upon any prosecution
under this act,, one-half of the fin Im
posed shall be paid to thafjeraon who
first gives Information thereof to the
district attorney for- the -district In
which the offence la comraltted,,aml the
other mojety shaH be paid Into the
county treasury for the benefit of the
common school fund of th county In
which said fine 1 collected." '
Sea 1798. It Is hereby made the
duty of the governor of this state to
Issue a proclamation on- the 1st-. day of
each July of each year, calling-public
attention to the- provision of this act,
and warning all persona against "violat
ing the same. . It Is also made the- duty
of each circuit Judge of this state "to
read the provisions of this act to each
grand Jury when charging them as to
their duties." i .. 4 .-
SohOol Xduid Moneys.
O. O. Brown, clerk of the state land
board, yesterday . mad payment Into
the stat treasury of th money coI
lected from state school land for' the
month of June, which , was credited to
the following funds; - - . : l
Common .chool f und prinol- .
pal, payment on certificates r .
and cash sale - of school
land ..117.061.44
Common school fund prlnct- .
pal, payments on sales of
lands acquired,, by deed or
foreclosure . 1.1 1 4.00
Common school- fund princi
pal, sales of tld land 408.87
Common school fund Interest,
payment on certificate ... 1.215.82
Common school fund Interest,
rents-ana payment on aje
of land acquired by deed or
foreclosure ................ 1.118.25
University fund principal, pay- --
ments on. Bale ox land
acquired by deed or. fore- -
University fund Interest, rents
and payments on sales . of "
lands acquired by deed or
foreclosure .... i .
Agricultural college fund '
principal, payments on cer
tificates and cash . Bales pt
scnooj tana
Agricultural college ' fund
principal, payments on sales
of lands aequlred by deed or
f orecloeurt. . , . .j.t-
Agrlcultural college fund In
terest, payments on,, certifi
cates t
Agricultural college fund In
terest, rent and payment
on sales of lands acquired by '
area . or foreclosure
Swamp land fund
. , ,-1 . .
nsirsxiZTOB srvn qvestxob.
fWial Inipitck to The Joareal.)
Pendleton. Orr, Suly 1. No action was
taken by the. city council last night
relative to the failure of about 600
property-ownere to., make sewer con
nections in the time limit fixed by or
dinance," the last day of grace expiring
this evening, ine report. of sewer and
P)umblng Inspector Wlthee will l
handed In it the next Wednesday meet-
,n1 ,n fom-wtrt"tn?n be"gl ven
I official, consideration by the council.
' "There are a good many reasons why
the ordinance has not been compiled
with," sald Councilman onnson, "and
I do not beUrva-we-shBtt cl hastily in
m matter."
g0eelsl Ptapstch to The Joarnkl.)
Spokane, Wash., July .1. Printer's
proof of the- new ' freight tariffs have
been received in tni city ana several
changes are made In them, raising th
ratea; received aboot two weeks agoV
The rurnlture men are more effected
than any other -line of business, but a
they already have terminal rfltek in
miMiy things the railroad men -say -they
are still allowed all of th 100 miles of
territory e greed upon at the Chicago
A little life may bo sacrificed to an
Thour'B delay. Cholera Infantum, dysen
tery, aiarrnoea train iunii. uniy
safe plan' is to have ur. Jfowier jlx
tract of i Wild Strawberry always oi
"" (Special DlspitA to The Jouiraal) ,
Albany. t)r, July I.Ths case of
Frank Vavra against th city of Sclo
for damages sustained In fallRigoff a
sidewalk and breaking a leg, with the
result that an amputation was , neces
sary, waa called last evening and a Jury
empaneled. -Th trial is progressing to
day snd there is a large crowd -of wit
nesses to be examined. ' Th suit is
brought against th -city on th alleged
ground .that the - city had not made
proper safeguards round the .walk bo
a to prevent accidents, and "It lav al
leged that the accident was directly due
to neglect "on th part of the city au-
Damages In the- um of 827,(00 are
asked. Half the city, of,, Sclo 1 her to
testily in the case. .The oexense or tne
city is that the plaintiff was Intoxicated
at th time he received the. Injury; also
that the. -walk In sjueatlonvQa not the'
property of the city, and that the loas
of the limb of the plaintiff not the
result of-the accident ao much aar the
natural result of poor methods adopted
and' employed ' by the attending physi
cian.' . .. . '. - '
rorgev Arrested.
Sheriff Worth Huston left -yesterday
afternoon for PrlnevUle. where the her.
ill -of Crook county ha plaoed under
arrest Ira Connett who I under In
dictment for forgery. Connett, who la
a resident of the Sweet Home country,
nearSodaville, six week ago la said to
have' forged th nam of hi brother-ln-
law to a check for 818, and when he
waa arrested and held In the city Jail at
Sodavllle to await hla preliminary, heal
ing, broke Jail and escaped. . ;
Bogoway round OuUty. -'
Oscar Rogoway, th young Hebrew
who ha been on trial her tor th past
few days, on the' charge of burning a
store at Lebanon last November, was
yesterday afternoon found guilty of the
crime as charged, after one of th moat
tedioils- and-hard -fought 'trials tn-th
Judge Hewitt state that h will ap
peal the case to the .supreme court
Judge Burnett has set tomorrow- after
noon, "at I o'clock, for pronouncing sen
tence on the defendant
T. rrlghteaed By Automobile. "
George HyOraves, a traveling sales
man who passes through th valley on
a big automobile, was here lest even
ing ant while passing -over th Wil
lamette river bridge hJs machine, -traveling
at a high cate of speed, fright
ened a horse driven by Mrs, . W. M-
Phllllp. '
Th .horse was finally subdued, but
Mrs. Phillips wss In a serious condition,
her back being. seriously Injured by the
In trying to hold th horse, and
the services of a physician war re
quired ' to give her relief. The auto
mobile raced over . th bridge . and
through the afreet for. several houra
and frightened A 'number of horses
and It is likely that the city council
will take steps at an early day to re
strict . ths ' use of machines on the
streets and on the Willamette river
bridge, "which structure Is also In the
city limits-and under the control Of
the city. '.
Attachment Sol moV
Th Spauldlng Manufacturing com
pany Of Qrlnnell, la., yesterday filed a
suit againat A.' E.-' Ooulding for 8110
and 830 attorneys' fees and attached 41
acres of farm land. The note on which
they aue wa given In payment for a
carriage. v '
-T-Speetal-lMapeteb to Thsr JosroaL) '
Pendleton, Or., July 1. The first
drove of grass beef shipped out this
season arrived from Camas Prarle laat
evening, and was sent over the W. A C.
R. last night to Carstlne Bros, of Se
attle. The drove consisted or tOO head of
choice range cattle, fat as butter balls
and one of th prettiest . bunches of
beer ever sent out from, this point
Th cattle ' belonged t Henry La-
slnka, George Llnsner, Jacob Bom;
Moasie Broa. and Ralph and Sam Clark,
who combined their herds and drove In
together,' making th otatanc of 80
miles in three days, although the dual
and heat were almost intolerable part of
the distance. r
The cattle were purchased for Car
stlne Bros.dl Seattle at.. the following
prices: Steers, 8K cows; t, and
bulla, I cents.
Thla first shipment of grass beef for
1804 is at least three weeks later than
laat year, the first ahlpment last year
having been made about June 10 by the
same parties. ; .
These cattle nave been on tne best
range In eastern Oregon since early in
the spring, and were In prime Condi
tion and suffered but little loss of
wela-ht-by-tha thro days'. drlvcJuth.
hottest weather of the season.
While the prices are snout one-nan
a cent rower than.Jaat year,- the grow
ers' are fairly well satlnfled with the
result of the sale ana reel that the in
dications ar for higher prices later In
the- season, as there is no overproduc
tion of cattle. In that .district There
ar fully 1.000; bead, of choice beef cat
tle In the Camaa prairie district ready
for the market now, ana oiner arives
will follow rhls one regularly, as . the
tuff 1 heeded In th markets.
The number or cattisriext reaay ror
the market in the Camaa Prairl dis
trict la about th Bam aa at this time
last 'year. ;. ' ; - ' .;
"Alnt da nnouncmnt of our n-
aaannt In it yt Jsmaar
"hiswl Cuosa all dlt war nw hat
crowded It utl" '.'
-r- (Spsclsl DMpttdl to Thr Joarahll
- Salem,' Or, July 1. Th famou case
nf (K, rf Hnmn aa-alnst U- L.
Brlggs. known as the barber board case,
was yesterday argued in the supreme
court. Hon: John McNary appearing for
th att and F. S. Grant ef Portland for
th defendant . The outcome of this
case is of great Importance to th State
at large, a It I JelleTed-'theron-'th
decision of the uprem eourt wlU hinge
the legality of th law empowering the
dental board. J he pharmacy board and
the medical board to act a tne laws
governing thoe board are nearly Iden
tical with, those of th barber board.
prove unconstitutional and which wa
o declared by-Judge oeorge in roruanu,
Brlggs 1 th proprietor of a barber
eoUege in Portland fend was Indicted
to the circuit court for Multnomah coun
ty -for .running a barber echool without
permission from the state board of
barber examtnera. He- waBrcqultted at
the trial. Judge Oeorge holding that th
law providing for board waa un
constitutional on th ground that th
act delegated the board with power to
prescbe the qualification of applicant
for, (cense to follow their trade and de
clared th legislature has no. right to
delegate to Any other body a right whtoh
was vested -wholly In th general as
sembly. . . ' . ' ;
or t or Damage.
. Butt waa yesterday begun In th atat
circuit court for Marlon county against
th Southern Paclflo Railroad company
for 86,000 damagea on account or nav
Ing been the cauae efth death of
France B. Penland. -
Mrs. Penland, who was th wlf of
James" H. Penland. waa killed on Sun
day afternoon. May 18. while returning
from church to her bom In South
Salem.. The south-bound freight train
was switching near the freight depot
and several cars were allowed to stand
for a time on the .traoks across Com
mercial : street with an ripening about
our feet wide for people" Jtd pas felonr
th sidewalk. As unv reniana arew
near, the train cam In on that ewltch,
hhd , as i she waa ' oroaalng- thatrack.
struck the car and kicked them againat
th on on, the opposite side of th walk.
Mrs.-Penland -was caught in the ceup
(ings and died almost Instantly from th
Injury.-- -
Bloycl Thief fMntenoed- ;
Charlee Keysaw, who iui arrested In
Albany on Wednesday charged with the
larceny of a wheel, was- given a hear
ing In Justice Judah'a court yesterday,
and on -entering a plea to simple lar
ceny,, waa sentenced . to 90 days' Im
prisonment In the county Jail.
Ed Gibbons, who slab has several
aliases, who .was the previous evening
taken Into custody by Officer Murphy
on a charge - ot drunkenness, was yes
terday fined -820, and as he happened to
be broke, is serving 10 day in th city
Jail. ' . ''- -v
. Yankee Frank, who- was taken In at
an ' early hour' yeaterday for keeping
late hours, waa fined 810, and. for lack
of fund will serve f Lv days.
alem Begin Salt.'
The dty,o Salem, through Attorney
J, A. Carson, today began a milt against"
IL p. Minto to restrain him from Inter
fering with the right of the city on the
M Into gravel bar. After th action of
th council at th' special session In
refusing to make a new contract Street
Commissioner Tarpley yesterday morn
ing went to th . bar to refasten . th
ferry rope, which-had been cur by Mr,
Minto, and the latter, who waa on th
spot refused to allow him to land. This
was done In good part but In- order to
bring the matter to an issue, and. the
city's attorney waa at one instructed
to begin eult to restrain Mr. Minto from
interfering with th present contract
Mr. Minto declares he win . fight- the
case to th highest courts, and expect
to p'rov that th contract has been
violated to such an extant that no bind
ing contract xlt. .
' (Special Dispatch to The Journal)
Albany,- July 1. -Professor . H F.
Carleton, who ha been elected prin
cipal of the Peninsular school at Port
land, -Unwell known In this city, where
ha haa held down the position of prin
cipal in the hlch achool for the past
two years. He has had extensive teach
ing experience and ia rated as on of
the best teacher in th valley. He haa
taught school in different part of this
county for a number-of years, was prin
cipal of th schools at Joseph, Or., for
one year, and the pUst two year served
as principal .of the -Albany- high school,-!
to which position n waa recently
Mr. Carleton I a son of Rev. I. Carle
ton, a Congregational minister of Jeo
anon, formerly of Waltham. Mass., and
was educated at Paclflo University and
th University of, Oregon at Eugene.
HeTe" m'arrieno a, daughter of. Stat
Superintendent J. IL 'ACkerman. ' He
stands high in social circle and 1 a
man who wUl make friends and will be
a valuable addition to the educational
force of th city, of Portland. v
Th United State district attorney
office ba prepared an annual report of
the, work done during th fiscal year Just
closed, which wUP be forwarded to th
attorney-general. The report wa pre
pared Joy . Assistant tlatrlct ' -Attorney
W, W. Banks. : .
It shows that there were -78 criminal
cases terminated., in the federal court
during the year, of which" ther were
48 conviction and 14 acquittals.' Five
of the cases were either discontinued or
quashed. Th aggregate sum of fines.
forfeitures and penalties Imposed by
the court during th year- waa 87,870,
of rwhtch 88.770 Ttaa been paid. .Ther
were 87 criminal cases pending In th
court at the close of the fiscal year.
- In th civil division six case war
dleposed of .during th year, of which
there were two Judgment in favor of
the United States and four against Th
aggregate amount 'of , Judgment ob
tained In favor -of th government wa
8188.71. Thar ar 80 elvU cases pend
ing. . . ' -' ... - ' '
Tictets ,for Ocean Beach. -
Season tlckel,' Portland to anypolnt
on th beach, ; 84.00. Saturday (excur
sion ticket, good returning Sunday
night only 81.50. Tickets and t berth
reservations at O. R. A N. city office.
j Third and Washington, - ,
Th boy andTth dog ar
bavins; lot of fun, but bow
about th hpje
von QtrxsTioir aitd aht. otxiJ
' (gpedsl ' Plspstchte Tke JonrnaL)
Vancouver, Wash.. July 1.- Th. Bar
tenders' ' association- of - Vancouver -"will
hold It aecond meeting thla evening for
th purpose of further considering th
manner of contesting th . 'forthcoming
trial against th individual members.
AnHnvltatlon baa been extended to. th
Business Men' association of this place
to meet with it in a Joint ealon-nd
stand with the Bartender association
in It struggle against th W. C. T. U.
Just what . action, th bartender ex
pect to take In th matter 1 not mad
known. . '
- On of th Influential members of the
Bartenders' association stated that th
association had no -theory to advance aa
to what action would be taken, either
by th association Itself or what.U ex
pected of the bualnes men of th town.
"But" he Btated. '.If th business men
decline, to stand by us In this fight, we
may spring, a surprls on the townspeo
pie." , . .
' frtU Oo to 7aO.
. It Is stated by reliable authority that
-each of the bartenders - under arrest
have decided. If convloted, to serve hla
aentence.ln Jail rather than pay a fine.
The only factor that has -worked to
hold this declsloae-epen Is to -ascertain
whether the fine will attach, to property,
and the authorities ar able to refuse
the jal) sentence and levy on th prop-
rty. "' " ' ' ' '
It is admitted that th object of th
Jail confinement declalon Is to throw
th xpense on th county nntlj the
people will become disgusted with what
tn oarxenaers nra v -v--...
and put a top to th proeeouUona.
OffloiaU Zeave fo Encampment.
General Funston and talT, it la re
ported, will leav for Amorlcan lak
r..t TneaHav. and th maneuver will
hea-ln on July 7. Colonel Huston, Tost
commander, will leav for- th earne
place next Sunday, ana uapan ompa
sna, post adjutant wlU leav on Mon
day. During th absenoe of. Colonel
Huston and Captain Holme, Captain
Force, artillery corps, will assume com
mand of the . Vancoavr post
Harried la Tew U1mq
Twomarrlages took plac yesterday
afternoon at th offlc of J. XL Harrla,
luetic of th peace. In thla town. The
drat was John Sullivan and Blanche
Terry, both of Portland, Or., and a few
minute afterward Krlst O. Relnseth of
Waahougal, this county, was wedded to
Elisabeth L Relnseth of Portland; Or.
'-- 8X0WI1)
From tha -Chicago Tribun.
Though sh had to walk two or three
block alone after getting off Hb oar
th young woman - wa not afraid.
But aa ahe paased a dark alley a man
tapped., .out- of It-
Sorry to troubl you, miss," h said,
"but I'm needing Just th amount of
cash knd other valuable you'v got
about you. Hand 'em over promptly,
and there'll be no fusa If you don't
I'll have to be a lltUe rough." .
'1 haven't anything of valu about
mt, sh said. "And if I had 1 wouldn't
give It to you. You'd better let me
alone." . J ' -. i.
"Hal" laughed th footpad. "Tou'll
da anmethlns desDerate. will vou T Ba
reasonable, young woman. What chancai-1
have you got against a man? - why,
you can't even- drive a nail, let 'alone
fight -a desperate villain Ilk me. I'll
glv you JuBt thr ec"
"Can't drive a nail, can't IT" ah aaid,
hrtlly. ;U'll how you!"
.With si eudden movement- h drove
10 shsrp nail into hla face, good and
hard, and before he had recovered from
th surprise and confusion of th at'
tack she wa a hundred yards away.
quickly relieved and surely cured by :
ft act like maslc and I absorotere i
harmless. A Trial Bottle Free I
- which will ahsolutalr prove this state- I
meet eent for tee. to pay postage, f
Don't Walt nntll roe hare a bad case
, bttt get it now and have It at band
wbeovnteded.' "
' Sola by leading arugjhrt.
Nose gsaalB wlthest ssy lgatnr
' 2M Prlnoe Street. Itew Toxk.
MtolilM Ba4rf4 W 11 1 II 111 1 1 ll I II lall ll sf
Nail Hammers 45c
' , We will make a special fxice on-some - carp--i
enters' tcol every Saturday night 1
- ' J.-':- ;"" V' ' ':
Our Garden HosJ is the highest grade ever
shown in thi qty and. every foot is guaran
teed," Now is the time you need it
Majestic Malleable Ranges
The greatest Range' of the age. ( See, them !
; y- on board the battleship Wyomirg;;
Second and Morrisoa Streets
Portland, Ortgon ti
Rate from $1 to (2.50 Pr 4ay
.Equal to any cordwood In th city, piled up at your plac ln'4 - foot
"length, and cut by steam aaw ready for th atov at . -
$3.25 PER CORD -
If there I any question In your mind as to quality, try 1H eord pna
wagon load),vand you will find It equal to any sold In Portland.
Phone Main 353 80 ThbJ St.. Cor. Oak ;
v 830 Fifth SU-Mt, Btwa WaAblnstoo and iildor
t;' SC H L ITZ B EE R.V';I '":
AO Leading Brands of Cigars. , . ' Lqncb at 9 p. in.
amrrxx zbtasuskbs ooaarcnriaA
"TCTdat" aiiwuir two lomr-
orrosmoxr un avixsnra---
AjronoBB ooitaPAjrr to buixii
to ruuxoi tia rAxriiijr.
(Special DIsiMteh t The' JovrasL)
"TCugene, Or., July L Th Uewellyn
Telephone company' new line from
Eugene to Crow, a distance of 18 mllea,
has Juat been completed and the first
conversation held between . the two
points yesterday. The Crow- Telephone
company's line, an opposition affair
which. Is- being built from her to Crow
over another-rout will b In operation
within a few days, . .
A company haa Just been organised
at Elmlra, with a capital of 81,000, to
build a telephone line from Eugen to
Florence, a distance ot more than 80
milea. 'It la expected to begin con
stfuotlon kt once. . Th pole ar al
ready bplng gotten out
' This Ulne also will have competition.
X line 1 now building from Junction
City to Florence via Franklin and Lake
creek and almost half th dlstanc has
already bn covrd. -. , : ;
-. Xrogre Injured.
Andy Nystrum, employed In the log
ging camps near Wendllng, was brought
to Eugen last night and placed In th
hospital, suffering with a broken ' leg.
He wa tripping th dam gat at th
Wendllng mill when, ln.aome manner, h
wa jitruck, caualng him to fall, with
th result that th bone In on of his
leg, below th knee, were broken: .
Assault and "Battery.
He's Oeta was arrested laat evening
by Constable Jack Smiin on the charge
of assault and battery upon Homer Far
low. He was taken before Justice of the
Peso Wintermeler and fined 1 10, -and
costa Th altercation occurred on on
of th business street and created con
siderable ezoltement , . .
Committee Appointed. '
Provident Thompson -of th .Eugen
Commercial club ha appointed th fol
lowing committee to aollclt funds for
th Improvement of th road leading to
th Blue river mines, as f ollowe:
From Eugen-F. t Chambers, O. W,
Griffin, F.. W. Osburn, Alf Walker, J. If.
Shelley, W. M. Oreen. Ell Bang.
From Spiingfleld-B. A.- Waihbtarn.
f U Oark, i. T. Wood. -
. From irpper McKensle J. W, enu
rnate, J. XL Mannerly, J. V. 0Leary, C
H. Park. ' . ,.
. A Usual.
Rod rick -T tried every way to get Tld
them and fired off a shotgun.
I Van Albert And then you bad mors
peareT ''''..
oaric no, x naa more cata.
European Plcm Onfy
Savantb an4 WasJbJogtoa StrMt
roxjcs , BOTiruo o .rmasBvcB .
Abt ooarotroT a - nrZTUira
BZBXf T18ITBD. ' ' ,' ' - '
. (peclal.llspatck- to The lnn.l i
Pendleton, Or July 1 Through a
Portland aouro local official learned
yesterday that for two week two wo
men were In thla city, endeavoring to
induo girl to go to St 'Lout and work
In beer gardens, dance hall and other
place of questionable character-during
th world' fair. The town waa acoured
for the two women by officer, but late
last night It was learned that they had
returned to Portland.' -
The discovery has caused great Indig
nation here, and If the women should
return their sex might not protect them
from rough treatment. It ' haa been
learned from, a reliable aourc that a'
Hat of girl living with their parent
or arnlng a livelihood In thla city 4
how In the hand of Portland charac
ters, and that a dumber of thee girls
have been Importuned to go to St Louts
and lead unworthy Uvea. , - . -
A th time arlved for making, use
of these girl th Intention. was to send'
them , word and get them to Portland,
from which point ther would be given '
transportation to the world's fair city.
It ha also been discovered that th
two women first referred to are pur
suing their work In other cities and
town of th state, Th local authori
ties hav oommnnlcated with a number ;
of places and advised official to keep '
a close, watch for them.
. "How do you know It's VVIIIUf"
a " Cu can Ota felaek va f
glv him yMtrdy.' J