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lowing placeal
81'OlvANH. WASH. John W. Graham 0
. Lee Marx, Victoria -hotel new stand.
TACOMA. WASH. Central Newt company. 111
racino avenue. .
BOI8E1. IDAHO Plontwr book atom.
BAN PBANCISCO W. B. Ardlpg, Palace hotel
new etaad; Goldsmith Bros.,' 838 Batter
street; Fred W. Pitts,. 1008 Market treet.
LOS ANQELKS B. I Gardner, 259 Booth
Spring atreetl Oliver At Balnea, 80S South
Spring street
SALT LAKE CITY Kenyon hotel newt stand!
narrow Bros., es west second street, Bouuh
DENVER. COI.O. Kendrlck Book Stationery
company, Plil seventeenth street. .
KANSAS riTY Van Nov Kawa comnanv.
OMAHA Millard hotel newt stand; Megeath
stationery company, 1808 rarnam atreec
ST. LOUIS PhlllD Boeder. 818 Locust street.
CHICAGO Poatof lice New company, 178 Deaf
oorn street.
KKW. YORK CITT Brentano'e. TJnloa square.
' Weather conditions and general foreeaat for
flan ... UT..I,ln.B mnA triakn . Ti .,ln.
the most part bare ceased In tbe 1'aclSc coast
states weat of tha Sierra Nevada and Cascade
mountains. Heavy ralna occurred yeaterday In
the Koine Basin ana ngnter amounts arc re
ported In the adjoining territory.
. The barometer la bow rising rapidly In tha
Pacific state, and tha Indications are for
more settled weather during tbe next 86 hour,
with but little If an- rain. There will be
frosts tonight In western Oregon and western
wsahlngton, followed Thursday by warmer
U.Miiimum temneratnre In the last 24 hour,
60; mlulmum temperature, 40; precipitation, .20.
March 14, to Mr. and Mr. Samuel Bber, T13
Minnesota street, a son.
farelt It tn Me. anil Writ Inunh flmhsn. OA.
Aimna avenue, aaugnter.
March 22. to Mr. and Mr. W. F. Slaughter,
465 ITnlon avenue, a son.
March 2ft. to Mr. and Mrs. William B. Brooks,
March 6. to Mr. and Mra. Thomas P. Mun-
foe. 1708 Kast Ninth streeti toa.
, Francle Gallagher, at 268 Montgomery street.
Percy Flor, 208 Mlntgomery street, chicken'
Child of William 0. McDonald, 108 Nineteenth
street north, chicken-pox.
- Jack Montgomery, 800 Mlnourt avenue, tear,
let fever.
lira cnunrrn oi ono varroii, vooiawB, acar
et rever (muaj.
' Crematorium, on Oregon City car line, near
, Belltrood; modern, eclentlfle, complete. Charge
-Adults, io: cniinren, fu. visitora a. m.
to 6 p. m. ' Portland Cremation association.
rortiana, ur. ,
IH riulu.HH v u.irri.Biuf nniimpf.
fnneral director and mbalmtn, 220 Third
street. rnoae out. ,
i. P. Plnlev A Son. funeral director and
' embalmere, have removed to their newetab-
uannistit," corner TDlra ana Madison ttreau.
. Hotn pnone , t.
P. H. Msrlay to Duncan Stewart, lot 18,
block 14. Llucoln I'ark Annex
Samuel Kinder to Philip Silcher. lot 8.
block 106, Stephens add 800
vaiay u. miner ana buaoena to Eda
- Maud Hobklrk, WV4 lots 9. 10. block 8.
Piedmont Park 1200
ixiuia v. Neweii ana wire to Antnnit Hick.
lot 1, block B, nighlend Park 200
V. K. Hmlth to Hobnrt A. tShartle, lot
2, block 1, B. Irvlng'a add No. 2
B. B. Lamson t al, executor, to William
G. Goeslia at L part lot 7. block eu. '
' city ...20000
rreaericK Ktnng to Martna Ktuug, parcel,
land sections 81, 82, township 1 north.
rang 5 east 450
Uultnomih county to J. w. Hamilton,
' sundry lota Summit add, Summit Annex.
Center add and Central Alblna add... : Tl
romp tinea ana wire to Annie Mseiie, lot
1. 2, block 20, Lincoln Park add ,
J. B. H. Emma Scott to Milton York, EH
lots 5, 8, block M, Stephens add
Sheriff for B. .0, Bell et al to William
E. Bralnard. 40 acrea section 24, town
ship 1 smith, rang 6 eat...... 821
James B. Wright and wire to A. H, Met-
i calf. 80x100 feet Bast lth -at , 580
Phoebe A. Burckbardt and husband to
. Jotwnh M. Teal. Wtt loU 8. 7. block
125. Couch' add 6000
Afd M. Uaradon to Lfdl T. Turner. WVa
lot 12. block '208. Couch's add 750
J. I. Scott to r. A. Treat, lot 27,
28, block 1. Fairfield
Mary J. Smith et al to John B. Alrhlson,
12.50 seres between Columbia Slouch
. - - - j r.l. A. u.,u..v.. n uw Mia
F. H. Tsnney and wire to Ellen O'Cou-
nelL lot 13. block 18, .Woodlawn. ... .. 160
N. M, Davl and wlfa to 0. Schwerdtmann,
lot 8. block 2. Highland School House
add 181
Rosetta Barker to Kdward D. Barker,
. parcel land section 25, township 1 north,
rsnge 8 east
J. F. Watson and wife to A. A. Retainer,
lots 8 to T. subdivision Tract B. Over
ton Park 1600
Theodore N'lcolat and wlfa to Nlcolal Bros.
r Co., kit 8. block 14, Conch add 10
Kleolal A Nennach. to same, lota 1. 4.
block 16, tame...,, , 10
Maagl -and Archie Mason .to John loo,
l,.ta 1. a. block TO. Portland City Home-
sUiad 750
Inhn Dalton to William liuahes. , tot
' 0. block 9. Roaedale annex.;,.,,.,.,..., 100
Title Guarantee Trust Co. to Coast
Investment Co., am 8126
Conrad unfliauo to neoecca unaiauo, iu .
acrea section 2ft, townahlp 1 north,
range 2 eaat, also lot 15. block 4, R.
R. Hhon add. atao WVt lot 1, part lot 2,
block 63, Alblna
Jnsenh H. N'aeh and wife to Maud M.
1r. 1. a A hloek a. Naah'a
m tniiay"i, - t
1st add 600
A. L. Miner and wlf to O. J. Anderson,
lot 8, -7, block 84. A. L. Meiner't add 1625
1t yonr insurance snd sbatrsct to real
ritat from tb Tltl Guarantee ,Trnt ou
puny, Chamber ot waamw nvumiug.
A . tee. tn erect two-atory dwelling eg
UlUwaukl between Henry and Tollman streets.
' . . . .,. A .111..
Ilcorge iiawrenci!, w "
' on'aoutheast comer ot Twenty-third snd Flan-
, dera atreeU. .ow, . - .
K. J. Seechstem, to erect two-stor cottage on
southeast corner of Twenty-first and Bush
" j'6 Oleeoi.!trt erect twoitory hop on Fifth
bet wees Flandera and Ollssn streets, 81,500,
. 1,1 :. -...t uu 1 IX. mittr rlAllltitf AM
iMwell betwocn Tweuty-flrst nd Twentytecood
irecis, i,uw.
uvmr or sxitiistsm juto tai-
xxt oaAJDrs za hot kaxjp btjy
nctBVT rom tkx xidiAjn
TmUces vaxs bio ni.xntrvrnj,
Front Street. March 80. The nrlndnal Item
ot Interest In tba Portland wholesale market
toasy weret
fcgg are very scarce.
Poultry being fought for.
Country butter not wanted.. . ,
No Improvement in creamery. ....
Potato situation firming up.
Good onion In demand.
Valley and blue tern wheat tearca.
Hogs scarcest In year.
Some California' salmon arrival.
Short are quoted higher, '
Bhubard hurt cheap apple.
Advanos In Wheat Market.
There Is a large acarclty of milling grade
of wheat OB the Pacific coast and pricea are
showing a wonderful advance. Bluestem I
very scare and thera 1 a general demand
for tM grade from California at well aa
Oregd tnd Washington millers. One Call'
fornla miller writes: "Can von aunnlv at
with tome bluestem wheat 1 Wa need tbla
grade in California very badly and will buy
It at any: price witnlu reason." Quotations
for bluestem are showing a very large advance
and today the miller are vainly offering as
high aa 85c a bushel with no taken. It now
looks a If tb market will ahow (till further
sdvsnces, aa there la not nearly enough wheat
of that grade la the country to auDply tb
demand, .
Valley Touohlng High Plaoaa.
Valley wheat 1 following la the lead of
the advance made la bluestem, and aa In tb
latter the miller are offering today 86c a
bushel with no sale of any consequence re
ported. Valley wheat la vea snorter in supply
than bluestem and price ars bow allowing an
npwara tendency.
Flour Vow look Higher.
Tb market for patent flour it in a very
strong condition on account of the acarclty of
wheat, and a prominent miller thla morning
aid that the present price would surely be
maintained and, an advance in a short urns
1 considered probable.
' Eoga , Boareest la Tear.
The tupply of hoga at the present time
Is very small and stocks are now acarcer
than they bare been in years. The market
will now stand quit heavy receipts, but tbe
dilapidated condition of the average country
road" keep the farmer from lending the itock
intaw All use and gradea of bog are now
being eagerly called for and easily bring the
top price, i
Good Val ta Demand.
There I aa ever Increasing demand for good
Snallty veal and all arrivala today told at
i very highest figures. Tb receipt of poor
grnas veal continue very naiy and l". this lint
lower quotatluna are generally received.
Beef I Vary Weak.
Although there were no change In tha quo.
tatlona on ber today, tbe market la very weak
and pricea era looking lower. Retail butcher
are not in tha xoarkat now tot beef.
Good Mutton I Soiling.
What few stock of Ihn bettor giada ot mat
ron now arriving ar bringing the ton figure.
tut itock. that are not first-class are a drug
on tii market. Pricea show do change
Country Butter Not Wanted.
'Thirlng the past few day there ha bees
quit large receipt of country (tore butter
WMh -the quality lomt than ever. Tb demand
for country store butter today 1 nominal and
generally lower . price are ruling. There
la po Improvement in th fwner wakness of
creamery butter. .
Eggt Are Very Scare.
Although the receipt of egga today wer
larger than those ot yeaterday, tbey made
but little impression on tb street and prices.
If anything, wer firmer and higher. In th
next few day larger receipt In tha egg mar
ket ar looked tor and pricea then are pot
liable to look so well. Tb north l still in
tb market for egg and 1 paying good prices.
Are Fighting for Poultry, -
"Toa see. w hv tb. yellow peril around
hero," (aid Tom Fsrrel, a h indicated a
large group of Chinamen who were clamoring
for chickens. "They all want cblckena aa well
a the whit men and there ia a general scrap
for all arrivala." Receipt! in tbe poultry
market thla morning ware but a repetition ot
those of tb psst few weeks no larger nor
no smaller. There Is a large demand for
chlokena from th northern cities.
Potato Situation Firming up.
Tb potato situation It firming up and th
inquiries tor stock even from Baa Francisco
are (bowing an Increase. There la a fair
local demand. . Aa waa told In Th Journal a
few day ago, potatoe ar not so plentiful ss
they seemed to be about a month ago and
dealer report that In place where they oould
buy a Oosen car in a naif day now tney con
alder themselves lucky It they can obtain mors
than one car. A yet there are no change
In th price, but tba near tutor It likely to
ahow tome change
Potato Xing Baa Arrived.
On thing which (bowed Just how scarce
potatoes were getting even In the 'Frlco mar.
ket wa th arrival ia thla city during tb
week of tb "Potato King of the Pacific Slop"
William Wolf of tha firm ot Wolf A Bon
of San Francisco. Mr. Wolf wa ia tb city
several week ago and during hla sojourn in
tba city price took a sudden upward more
tor nb reason whatever, ltow, Mr. Wolf baa
been a very heavy seller of potatoe In the
bay - ctty market and tbe price he told at
wer below those psld In this market for the
same good. According to rumor Mr. Wolf
old a number of thoussnd sacks of tbeee po
tatoe at a loss, nd th general idea among
th potato dealer of this city I that he 1
now ia this market for no other reason than
to bear the market down so that tho farmer
will become frightened and tell their stock,
If Mr. Wolf can buy tbe available (took tn
this territory white they are cheap b will r.
coup bl losaee many tlmea by boostlug up
price when be hae secured absolute control
ot tb market. This may be difficult,, for. tbe
farmer bav become awar ot the acarclty
ot stocks and ar going to hold tor higher
Best Onions Ar Belling.
Th better grade of onion ar stilt finding
a firm demsnd in botn tni maraet ana iu
San Francisco, bnt poor grides ar showing
no improvement from their former weakness,
Rhubarb Hurta Cbsap Apple.
Th market for th cheaper grade apple it
being hurt to torn extent by th low price
now ruling on rhubarb, aa tb latter vegetable
la now being tnnr extensively used In tba msnu
faettir ot nl than during previous time on ac
count ot the high price on apple. Th better
grade ire telling very list. .
Merchants' Opinion on Today' Markets,
W. B. Clafka Co. Car very fancy orangea ar
rived In tbla morning. Orangea are now at
their best and ar selling welL
W, T. Turner A Co. Veal weaker; eggs
firmer; chickens not enough for th demand
hoga wer never o scarce In this market
beolutely no demand tor country a tor butter,
Mark Levy Co. Steamer will arrive from
'Frisco tonight with ususl cargo of vegetables
wss enough vrgetablea to supply demand.
Chattertoa A Co. Egga very strong; what 1
moat wanted In thla market I bog, and they
ar wanted very badly; chicken very scare aud
all arrival ar commanding high price; veal
Mr plentiful tnd market I weaker.
Q. 8. Smith Co. Egg, very scare; to ar
chicken: veal very tree in coming...
Malarkey Co.Plenty of halibut In market
today to lupply demand; no Columbia river
auielt; tmall shipment of Sacramento river al
mon arrived. t
D. B. Mikle. Potatoes show no change; on
ions are weaker. ' . . t ....
Smith Bros. Hoga very strong, ' elf alses
bringing good prices r good veal none too plan-
tlful and la holding up to tbe ton Price:
Tttcken coming pretty well and good stock I
bringing th top.
Davrnport-Thomptoa Co. Oar orange direct
from Redlanda; th tendency ot creamery but
ter seems weaker,- w -. -
Bverdlng A Farrell. Ptnl on for chicken
everybody excited end want to buyt bog very
scarce: fancy veal scare i egg firmer.
Dryer, O'Malley Co. Little better inquiry
tor potatoes; gooa men oemsna for potatoea,
huti shipping demand ahow no Improvement;
lot, ot good uvea juver apple la market,
elllng very fait; cheaper apple market being i
hurt by low price of rhubarh; hogs are scarcer i
than ever; fancy veal wanted; car finer lemon
arrived today,
Pag Son Egg ar being held hack for
Easter and stock ar not plentiful anougb.
Toft.- HIM -Co. Everything in our une
find ready tale; still a carclty of chicken
and egg.
Today's whoitaai quotations, si mvum ar
a followi:
Simla, Unit and FtetV. ; :
WHEAT Wall Walla, 78c: bluestem, 85c;
valley, 86c. ':
BAltLKY reed, tze.oo; roiiea, gxa.wj(20.oo;
srewlng. 23.50(224.00.
OATS No. 1 white. 826.00(7127.00: gray.
825.00i26.00 per ton; price to farmer, white,
I2S.OOU24.00; gray, 822.604i23.50.
FLOUB Eastern Oregon; Patents, 84.80;
straights. 3. 60(33.70; valley, 83.IWea.00; gra
ham. J4. 83.65; 10a, 83 95.
MILLST1JFK8 Bran, 819 00 per ton; mid.
dllnga, 880027.00; shorts, 820.00; chop,
8150. . ;.-
HA Y Timothy, 110. oo; eastern Oregon, aio.ov
4116.501 mixed, J13.O013.6O; clover, 8l0.00
lz.uo; wneat. aiz.u'(Wix.oui , eneai, i.wvm
18.00; oat, 81 2.0012.50. , , , .
( - r . .; Eopt, Wl and. Bid. '
HOPS 27 ffl 29c for choice: 24 (ft 25c for primal
poor quality, 18820c; contract, 1904, 18c. - -WOOL
Valley, coarse to medium. lOdilflUe:
fine, 1616Vkc; eastern Oregon, lOjjl&e. ,
aiun&iK new, oiavc
SHEEPSKINS Bhaarlua 10ffl20ci short wool.
20ft3Oc; medium wool, ZOftouc; long wool,
OOcrafl Ort each.. , . - ,j-
TALLOW Prime, per lb, MQ6CS No. S and.
greaae. 2it2M(. ' i,
HIDES liry-, bldas, No. 1, 10 lbs ana op,
HHo per lb;, dry kip. No, 1, 6 to 15 Iba,
I2c:i dry calf. No. 1, under 6 lb. 15H-I
dry sslted, bulla tnd ttag, 1-8 less than dry
aint salted faldee, rteer, soond, 80 pound or
over,. 6H4j7Hc; 50 to 80 Iba, 8e under 80 Iba
and cows, 69Wc; (tag aud bulls, tound.
4Hc;-klp, 15 to 80 Iba. 6Hc; ound. 10 to
14 lb. OHef calf, sound, under iu in, owei
lb 1m
rreen . fnnaalrad). la nee lb lesei lulls, lc pe
b less: bone hides, salted, each, 1.2f;01j:
dry, esch, 81.noQl.50; colU' blJes. eaclw 2S48
60c;. . goat skins, common, each. 1081ocj. An
gora, with wool on., each. 26c81.00.
. , Sutter, Eggt and Poultry. ,
, POTTER FAT Sweet, 28Hc; aour. 26 Ha.
BUTTER Creamer v. extra fancy. 80c: fancy.
262i27c:. California. 25c: - ordinary; 22V4es
cold storage, 3(d24c: eastern, r 24c: reno-
vara, ivuakj oairy, igui'o; store, iviautio.
EGGS Fresh Orecon. 18c: dirties. 18c!
bikers, ?Tc. -
tUKESH New run cresm, twin, isojish:
Toung America, 14Ho; CaUfornla, 12He.
POLL! It Y EToduc.ra' urlcea Chickens.
mixed, 14c per lb; bona, 14314He per lb;
rooster,' old. 11 Mil He per lb; springs, 14(0
150 per lb; broilers. 17ai8c per lb; fryer,
14i$16e per lb; duck, old, 12c per lb; young.
loo per id; geese, iwiguv per lb; turaeyt, aou
16o per lb; dressed,, 18c per lb. -
Fruits and Vtgatabls.
POTATOES 81.10: buyers' Dries for ship
ping, 95;(U,l.Uo cwt: ordinary, 81.00 per
saca; ouyiug. TOUftsuc; sweets, aa Pr id;
new, c per id.
ONIONS Oreron. 82.25; bovine nrlcea. kart
82.00to2.15: to.b. Portland, 82.25.
rutou r KLiia Apple. Oregon, Bocigez.xo;
per box; orangea, nsvela, 81-75a.25 per box;
tangerines, Tfrcfutl.OO'per box; bananaa, 5c per
lb: lemons, chuica. ti ULUXOO dm box: fsnrv
f2.75fo3.O0 per box; limes, Mexican, 65c per 100,
uneappiea, ss.oj; cranoerriea, Jrey, u
,0.00; persimmons, 81.60 . .
VEGETABLES TurniD. 86c ner sack: car-
rota, 81.00 per lack; beet, 8 100 per aack;
radishes. 12Vk16e ner dos: eebbace. Oreaoa.
82.00; California, 81.80t22.00 per crate; bot-
uouae lettuce. Due per aoa; green peppers.
uc vfr to, norseraaisn. f um per id: eaierr.
60SSo ' per dos; tomstoes, $1.25 . per
box: naranlD. 61.25: cucumbers. 82.25 per
dos: butter beans. 10a per lb: sprout, oc:
csuanower, fi.BUdtK.uu; articnoaes, mtiw per
dos; green Peas, TQSO per lb; asparagus, 8c
per lb.
UUIBD FRUITS Apple, evaporated. 6QT
per lb; anrcots, 114tlHc per lb; eacka. Ve
per lb lea; peaches, 64t9e per IB: pear,
Pat id; prune, Italian, ae4te per in:
ranch. 8Urri4Ue ner lb: flea. California
blacks,. 6&6H0 per lb; do whites. 6A(6)7
vtir luz diuiub. n i L i n n . o nrnr ner in: uaiea.
golden. 6Vte per lb: tarda. 81.60 ner 15-lb box.
aibin9 Heeded, fancy. 1-lb cartons, oo
package to cass, 9o pkg; seeded lS-o
carious, Tcj loose uuacateia, ou-in poxea, lift
8Ue ner lb: London lavara. t' RSfiiS.OO: clusters.
2. 50(33. 76; H. 25c; , 00 advance evor
poana carton.
FIGS Ten 1-lb cartons, choice brand. 81.00:
10 1-lb. Cartons, fancy brand, 81.10; 10 1-lb
oricxs. z-crwn, pue; 10 l-io nnegs, s-crown,
96c; 60 U-lb bricks, per box. 82.25; 4-row lay
ers, per 10-lb box, 90c; looee, 60-lb boxes, per
lb, 66ttc. Callsmyrnaa Six-crown, 10-lb ear-
ton, per doz. 2.oo; b-crown, io-id carton, per
oox. ai.ia: -orown. xu tt-io canon, oor nes.
Greotrlet, Butt, Zta.
BKfllS HO..b I l-M ....I.. HM.
dered, 85.85; dry granulated, 85.65; beet granu-
laiea,; extra u, fl.tfo; goiaen u. i.uo;
sacs oasis, less hoc cwi for eaan, is oaya;
tuple, lloo per lb.
I1UNKY 14MUloe. . -
COFFklK Urn Mocha tl (ft2Sc! Java, fancy.
2C'a32c; Java, good, 2uQ26c; Jsva, ordinary,
iohmnj .jfia nice, zancy, awittue; iv"ia auca,
good, i318e; Cusu Rica, ordluary, 11(8180 per
m pacaage cotiee,
IK AS oolong, airfcrent grades, ssasoc:
Gunpowder, 8o(ij32t35c; English breskfaat. dlf
ervnt gradea. lJiuOoc: aplderlec, uncolored
Japan, 80466; greea Japan (very scarce), SO
SALT Fine Balea, 2s, Ss. 4. 6a, 10 82.00:
fin table, dairy, 60, 85c; 100s, 65c; Imported
Liverpool, pus, duo; iuos, hhc; kms. gi.ou.
Worcester Bbls 2s. 8s. 85.50: 5s. 85.25: 10.
BD.ou: duix. tuu ids, to.uo; IICKS. DOS, DOC.
SALT Coarse, half round. 100s. per ton,
$6.66; 60s, per ton. $7.00; Liverpool lump rock.
ixj.uu per ton; 00.10 rocx, so.ou; iuos, o.uu,
utiAia bauo Calcutta. ta.iD&io.uu per iuu,
HICK Imnerlal Janan. No. 1. Mo. 2.
4Sc: Mew Orleans bead. 7ffl7Ao.
BEANS Small white, 8c; large white,
83.&O(0i3.oO pink. 84.00; bayou, 8fcc; Llmaa,
nuts peanut, ive: lumbos. bum id. rsw.
AttlOc per lb for roasted; cocoanuu, 85O0O
per dot; walnuta. 1444164 per lb; pin
nutt, 1013120 per lb; hickory nut. 10c per
id; cneatnuta, eaaiern. lomiioc per in; nraeu
nuta, 16o per lb; filbert, 16Q16e par lb;
(ancy pecans, 14 iff 15c par lb; almonds, 180
"c per id.
WIltE NAILS Present bssa at 82.88.
ROPE Pure Manila, 18Vkc; tUndard. 12iei
aaal, 10540.
PalsU, Coal Oils. I to. ,
CO Alt OIL Paarl or Astral Cases, 23c pet
gsl; water white, iron bbia, loVc per gal; wood
en, : headlight, 170-deg., cases 84c per gal. ;
.k. (Mrf, kKla 171.. I.j mtm I
LINSEED OIL Pure raw. In bbia, 47o per
gal; case, 82o per gal; gunulne kettle toiled,
tase 640 per gal; bbas. 49c per gsl; ground
Mk ... l.,tM fUntl nmp bin! than um.
tvtl.lin ner tun.
GASOLINE 88-deg case. 82a pet gaL Iron
bbia 26e per gal; atove, case 24 ho par gal.
Iron bbia 18a per gal,
BENE1NJ4 eo-deg., case 22c, Iron bbia,
PAINT OIL Baw, bbU 83c per gsL Case 880
par gal; boiled, cases 40o per gal.
TlTltPENTINE lo cases, 88c per gal; woodea
bbl. be per gal; Iron bbia, 82c per gal; 10-ik)
ess lots, 87e per gaL
WHITE LEAD Ton kite, 7c; 6001b lots.
7Vi P lb; leas lots, THe per ID.
Meats and rrovlsloat.
6SiIlo per lb; cows, 0Vij7K per lb; mnt-
ton, oresaeo, auiifeo Pr woids, oroaaeo,
8o per lb.
-FUESH MEATS Front street Beef, steer,
6417740 per lb: pork, block, 747Vic lb; packer.
iiUiiDrr lb: bulla. 4ii47.0 per lb: mutton.
dressed? ttQ7 per lb; veal, small, 80 per
lb; large, on 10 per id.
BAMS, BACON, EXC Portland back (local)
hama, 10 to 14 lbs, 13C per lb; 14 to 16 lb.
I2.n nar lbi 10 to 20 lb. 121ac per lb: cottar.
ttc per lb; picnic-1 Wo per lb; breakfast ba
con, 13i&16o per lb; regular abort
clear, unaiuuked, lu per lb; imoked, 11 per
b; clear backs, unsmoaea, 10c per w; smoaea,
ilo per lb; Uulon butts. 10 'c i ids, uusuioked,
80 per lb; smoked, ttc per lb.
lu. . ... . IA II. HUH nnp lhl fan.
18f(ir3")8 'pot lb; picnic, 94 Per lb;
shoulders, lid per lb; dry-alted Sides, ua-
smoked, 10V0 per id; amount, iis per id;
breaklaet bacon, 14M1M Pr lb; fancy,
IKUfl iMHP lb.
LOCAL LARD Ktttl leaf, 10. 10 per
lh: fia. lie Per lb: 60-lb tin. 100 per lb:
steam rendered, lo, 9c per lb; 6s, 10c per
lb; 60. 9jiC per 10: conipouna tierce, tj, per
lb; tube, JQ per 10 1 ovm. i ra in.
KahtEUN LARD Kettle leaf. 10-lb tins.
like per lh; 6a, 11 per lb; 60-lb tins. lo
per lb; stetm-rendrred, 10. 10K Per lb; ta,
luo per lb; 60s, 9o per lb.
' (Above packlug-houa pricea art net eaan, 16
lilWain BAtMON Columbia river 1-th talla
tl.85; 2-lb talis. 12.46; fancy l ib flats, tl.W;
..lh f.ncr flata. 11.26: fancy. 1-lb ovaL $2.16:
Alaska-Ulla, rluk, 8Uj8&; ted, $1.60: aoiulaal
2. tall. $2.00. . '
' F1HU Hock rod, 7c per lb;, flounder. 60 per
lb; halibut, 94 per id; crsps, si.zo par ooa;
r.arf aUiua. yuloe per dos 1 little-neck clam.
8c, striped base, 12to Pr lb; Puget soond
malt, M par iu; catnan, 10 per id; oiacs coo,
per lb; Mlionn trout, 12Vittl5c per lb;
lobsters, 15a per lb: perch. 6 per lb; salmon,
sllverslde. per lb; iteelbtsds. lo per lb;
California Chinook, Ho per lb; herring, 4c per
lb; soles, 6c uer lb; torn cod, 6c per lb; Colum
bls river smelt, 6a per lb; sturgeon. Is per Ibj
shrimps, loo per lb. "
OXS'l'EBtt aboalwattt bay, ptf ftU $2-25;
far tack, 88. TB not: Olympta. pee ssek. $5.29.
' BeUa lumber Prioe.
Com, Select Clear
Per . Pey Per
M Ft. M Ft. M Ft.
Bough, dimension regular
Use 2x3 to 12xlZ &2 ft. I 8.BO glS.ofl 121.00
Bough, dimension regular
Slies t 12x12. 84-40 ft... 9.50 1T.O0 24.00
Bough, dltnenalen regular ''
alse to 12x12. 42-48 ft... ll.BO 10.00 28.00
Bough, dimension regular
site to 12x12. 6046 ft... 15.60 23.00 80.00
For each additional 8 incbe
in Width add..... V 1.00 8.00 8.00
For ' odd ' and fractional,
Use sawad add sot lea
than ....1...... ......... 9.00 8.00 4.00
For . (awing . vortical grata
to 4x12 add..... 8.00 8.00 .8.00
Common .- rough .boar da, reg
ular sisea m li in. wine
to 24 ft.' Inc., assorted '
length( 8.80 11.00
Specified length ot board 81.00 per M feet
tddltlonaL .
Board to constat ot lumber less than 1 tnchea
tn thickness. v-
i Furnished by Overbeck, Starr V Cooke Co.)
lew York. March 80 liin Rr,in ;
Th stock closing wai 1 little better than yea-
wruay. 11 aeemea to ne a cessation Of yester
day' buying of Union Pacific and som result
ing losa in the price. There waa a better
buying of Steel tasues and lesa talk of a de
creased dividend. Brokers generally report a
lowing ouiaiue interest, mere is nothing, we
hlnk. in tbe action of the nurkat which In
dicates weakness or a culmination of upward
nuiiFiK7. 11 im siinpiy a natural aetnacx alter
a fair advance. Tbe aentlment In Wall street
Is somewhat divided, but it Is In the maid com
placently bulllah. W se nothing in tbe Im
mediate condition to encourftg a bear niar-
set ana aaviee ouying stock! on toft spots,
Amsl. Copper Co.
91 W
Atcnuon, common
do Preferred . .
Am. Car A Found., com
00 prererrea
Am. Sugar, com..... ...
Am. Smelt.. 00m
do preferred . ,
Baltimore A Ohio, com.'.
do preferred
Brooklyn Uapld Transit
Canadian raclnc, com..
Chicago A Alton, com.,
do preferred
mi. lit. West., com
Chi.. MIL A St. Psul
C. A N. W., com....
Chicago Terminal Ry.
Chesapeake ds Ohio. .
Canada Southern ....
144 i
Col. ruel Ac Iron, com
Colorado Southern, com
do aecond prererrea. .
'do first preferred....
Dels., Lackawanna A W
D. A R. u.. com
Brie, common
no second preferred.,
do first preferred ,..
Illinois Central
Louisville A Nashville..
Met. Traction Co
Manhattan Elevated ...
Mex Central Ry
Minn., St. P. Ai St. M.
do preferred
Missouri Pacific
M. K. A T., com
do preferred
New fork Central
: ??5
.1 ftuU
IT 14
Norfolk A Western,
do preferred , . . , ,
North American
C 68 I 68 V
N. Y., Ontario A West
Pennsylvania Railway .
P. U. L. A C. Co...
Pressed Steel Car, com..
do preferred
Pacific Mall S. 8. Co...
Reading, common
45l 44141 44
d second preferred..
do first preferred
Ben. Iron A Steel, com
00 prererrea
Bock Island, common.
do preferred
Southern By., com....
do preferred
Southern Pacific'
St. Louis A 8. F.. 2d pfd
do first preferred ....
St. .Louis 8. W., com
do prererrea ......
Ttxaa A Pacific
Tennessee Coal A Iron
Toledo, St. L. A W., c
do pre (erred
Union Pacific, common.
do preferred
TJ. S. Leather, com..
do preferred
TJ, S. Rubber, com....
U. S. Steel Co., com.
do preferred
Wheeling A Lake Erie, c
do econd prererrea..
do first preferred..,.
Wisconsin Central, Com
do preferred
Western L'nlon Telegraph
Wabssb, common
do preferred
Money, 1H and 1 per cent. To
for, day, 788.10U ahare.
Chicago, March 80. Closet
National Biscuit
do preferred
American Box .
do preferred
Diamond Match
American Tin Can ,
do preferred
National Carbon ,
do preferred
Chicago City Ry
North Side Ry.. ,
West Sid By......
4.'l 44
.108 104
.. 2 ' 214
.. 28
t a
.. 71
.. 42
New York, March 80. Curb quotation:
Northern Securltle opened at 899; waa high at
8119.60 and low at $08.76. 8a lee were 9,000
Chicago, March 80. There will be no session
of tb board of trad Wood Friday, April 1,
Th Portland clearlng-bous report today:
Clearings $4n.V2.V.r
Balance 127.402.87
Portland Union Storkyirda, March 80. Be
celpt of livestock consist of 207 bog. 251 sbeep
and 20 horae. Hogs are strong, cattle a little
more steady and cheep iteidy. Official price
howi ' ' ' , . , .a
Cattle Beat eastern Oregon steels, $4.60;
beat vslley steers, $a.78l4.20; medium eteers,
JS.604r3.78; cow. $.1.5Uti3.75) bulU, $2.25(3
.75; (tag, $2.T5rj3.26.
Hogs Heet heavy, $6:00; block, 85.28; China
fata, $6.008.26; (tocksr and feeders, $4,604$
Hheep Beat grain-fed wetbera and lamb.
$4.flo; mixed sheep, $8.254.10; St oca era and
feeder, $2.2688.00.
Chicago, March 80. Livestock receipt show;
Hogs. Cattle. Sbeep.
Chicago ,.42.000 2,000 22,000
Kansas City 10.000 8,000 6.000
Omaha 12,000 5,000 6,000
Hogs Opened 8c to 10 lower. With 1.600 left
over. Receipts year ago were S6,0o0. Kill
ing hog price ahow 1 Mixed and butchers',
$0.1046.86; good. $5.4605.66; rough. $6,104
Mo; light, 806(35.46.
Cattle Stesdy. ...
Sheep Strong.
: (Furnlahed
' New Xork,
was: .
by Overbeck, Starr A Cook Co.)
March 80. Th cotton market
--., .' - i '
, 14.61
. 15.10
... rts
; II .08
Lew. Cloae.
-uarca .....
$14 70
. 14.61ktil8
, 4.68a 56
. 12 M'uHT
' ia.i;i(i4
' 1 l.BOdi 02
' 11.97498
April ......
May .......
June ......
July .......
Auguat . ...
September . .
October ....
November ,.
December ' ,.
14. DO
14. K3
&XPOBT or xaxbt ar rsxa west
. tt...i.v-j n -w.w Q . h a. iu.b. ru I
Wheat wa active. . It hid a sharp break
early on report of rain In the west, from
which market It reacted sharply on good local
buying and good buying by cash grain bouses.
Cablea were easier. Crop reports coutluus con
flicting. There were reports of sale ot rash
wheat from mill lo the southwest at blah
price. This Is really tha strong feature of the
market. There la onlv 1 fair outside spec
ulative Interest, but professionals are as a rule
quit bullish. While, aa we bave before aald,
we are not ready to believe that there haa been
a widespread damage to the winter wboat crop
which normal spring weather will not repair,
till the Immediate outlook la efficiently un
favorable to prevent any vert confident or Per-
alstent abort aelllng. . There is probably also
some speculation to a strong cash position, but
what the cause la, th strung poxltlon here un
til It eases,, will be a' factor. We are Inclined
to thliu therefore that wheat should be bought
oa tb brp dip.
Com Markst Closed Higher.
The corn market closed about 4 to 114c
higher: It maintain it previous " strong tone
and previous conditions are evidently atlll op
erating. There la no selling pressure except sn
occasional raid by local bears and acattered long
interest, wblcn w thing re small, ine marset
ha every appearance of large concentrated hold
ing ana in important anort interest., iuo cnyi
situation la not a factor except lu ao far aa it
does not aeem-likely to afford any great amount
of contract corn. Tbe current reports seem to
Indicate that good corn la so scarce that farm
er ar having difficulty ot obtaining corn good
for needing. W are inclined to think wa would
buy It oa 4b. (oft tpoti. ,
Oat Also Closed Blghr.
Th osta market eloead li to 114 c blither.
It wa not very active and the Improvement
seemed tn he reallv ill avmoathv with tbe ad
vance in corn. There 1 quit a pronounced local
bearish aentlment and there waa some cover
in of shorts from that acurc. It 1 anvbodr'l
market and no leadership 1 apparent on tbe bull
aide. Hecelpta aud demand are moderate.
f Provisions' Wer Heavy.
Provliloni rallied some from tb low point
of tbe day on the r strength in coarse grains
but It was on th whole a neavy niaraet,
Titer waa larger recelpta ot hoga than had
been expected and receipt It tbe primary mar
Icota were lareelv in exceai of a Tear exo.
There waa tome liquidation by acattered bolder
and very Uttle (upport from any quarter, except
coverlug of local shorts on the early break. Tb
whole action of tbe market la not encouraging
and the srjeculstlv situation Is not a strong one.
There Is too much of a load, we thluk, la the
bands of tbe outalde scattered Doiaer.
Th various marketa today were;
Open. High. Low. Close.
Mar $ .94 .96 $ .93 8 .95
New July. .87 .SH .87
riM Julv. .8HW, M .8814 .SB B
New Sept .81 .8214 .81 Va . .81
Old Sept.. .82 .a .82! .80
May 64 .66 .64 .55
July 61 -53 -5111 -M
n.t. .
May 4014 .41 .4014 .41
July 38 .89 .38 .39H
May 12.95 18.00 12.90 1 3,00
July 13.10 13.22 13.07 13.22
May 6.97 6.97 6.92 8.92
July 7.07 7.12 7.07 7.10
Maylrr.. 8.82 8.85 8.80 8.82
July 8.95 7.02 6.95 7.00
rhtearn March SO. The cash bualneaa ye.
terday: Wheat Thirty thousand bushela of
all kinds. There wa email 101 01 no. a rru
at 81.03 f. o. b.. which Is equal to 5ic over
May In store. ."aio or oais wer ouu
els. Seaboard reported only 48,000 bushels of
corn taken for export.
Chicago, March SO. Grain car lot show:
Car, tirade. Bit
Wheat 14
Corn '. 65 11
Oat. 1 .1
Th wbeat car a year ago showt Minneapo
lis, 170; DuluFb, 13; Chicago, 27. , s
7 1 ...
aa Fraaciaoo Grain Markst.
San Francisco, March 30 (11:30 a. m.).
Wbeat May, 81.80: December, 81.83.
Barlsy May, $1.08; December, 99 fee.
t. 1 1
Mlnnaapolis Wheat Market.
Minneapolis, March 80. LToses Wbeat May,
87o; July, mc.
Xhiluth Wheat Market,
Duluth, March 30. C'loae: Wheat May, 97o
bid; July, U7)4c.
t. tenia Grain Market.
' St. Louis. March 80. Close:
Wbest Msy, 96 fce; July, 83c.
Cora Msy, 47o.
Milwaukee Grata Market 1
Milwaukee. Mareh 80. Close:
Wbeat July (old). 89c bid; new, 870.
Cora May, 65c; July, 620.
Kansas City Grata Market.
Kanaaa City, March 80 Close:
Wheat Mny, 87c; July, 784.
Corn May, 46fcc; July, 46c.
Liverpool Grain Market.
Liverpool, March 80. Close:
Wbeat Msy. d lower; July, d low.
Corn May, d lower.
(Fnrnlsbed by Overbeck, Starr A Cooko-Co,)
Chicago, March 80. Logan A Bryan: Valen
tin bought 600,000 bushels of May and July
so far. .Scalpers bearish snd getting (hurt.
Strength lu wheat due to light of ferities. Local
longa dumped their wheat yesterday, liroomball
aya Ihe Engllan financial bureau will take up
important matter about April lu.
Chicago, March 80. A group of commission
men aud tome acting for the Armour intercut
waa openly bidding for May and July corn yes
terday. It looked like tbe miller were also
buying corn. :
Chicago, March 80. Tb miller ha no temp
tation to sag p rices. It make It much more
satisfactory fur the miller than where tbe
speculative wheat market bas no fluctuation
t all. Kl Reno, v. T., wire: "Vry dry
frwnr' Oklahoma City to here. Strong wluda
blowing. The queetlon la how soon w will
get rain and bow much good It will do. No
old wbeat is moving. Millers agree they have
to buy 600,000 bushela In Kansas."
New York, March SO. Joseph say: Chicago,
Milwaukee A St. Paul la up In London. If you
want to buy something positively safe, then
take on Union Pacific conservatively. Buy
Atchison more Atchison much Atchison. Watch
tor bt, Paul. Pennsylvania will lead tha mar
ket. NeW York, March 30 Hilton ay: Buy
Southern 1'iclflc. Atcblaon, Missouri Pacific and
Sugar oo any (oft spots. Take profit on L'nlou
Pacific. An active market la looked for and a
furtnet advance expected. Bulllah bank Inter
cat art furthering th advance.
rfew York. March 80. The membor ot the
finance committee of the United State , Steel
company held their regular weekly meeting yes
terday. It wa learned that th preferred divi
dend wa not discontinued, and It U nntikely
that any deficit plan will b reached until
next Week. .
New York,, March 80 Mclntyr A Marshall
aay: Brooklyn Rapid Transit is being . tipped
for a good rls. Thee tips ar rather general.
Wa think th pool ta tb stock I rvspoaalbla for
thla Up. ! : - ' '
New York. March 80. Evan 'aayaf" It It
pretty certain that Union pacific la being se
coiuulated on 6 large scale. 1- think It will pay
you to buy it oa all reaction, ;
! New York, March 80. Dick BrW tay ! Atcbl.
on 1 tbe subject of the bull talk. It looks as
though a bull pool Is working In it. Home nw
bull tip ar out lu Brook lju Rapid Traualt,
This -Week Something New
Free Demonstra
tions at our store
Polished, 1 quart :..$1.00
Polished, 2 quart ...$1.25
Polished, 3 quart $1.50
Nickel Plated, 1 quart $1.50
Nickel Plated, 2 quart.. $1.75
Nickel Plated, 3 quart $2.0Q , .
Reduces the coffee bill; raises the quality of your coffee;
makes it quick, rich, mellow and clear as amber, having
the natural flavor of the coffee berry. Don't fail to
examine it the only practical coffee pot in the market
today. We are Sole Agents for Portland.
TUphonm Main 221
Corner Washington and Seventh
From th New Tork World.
Japan turned back the American of
ficer who had toug-ht the outpoata.
"It'a not that we object to your -Ing
all there It to be n," waa ex
plained to him, "but the love of Japan
for Americans will not permit one of
them to be exposed to danger. Rightabout-face.
"No," eald the Man Higher Up. "I
cannot say that the extatence of gam
bling dlapleatti me."
Yet there wtt unhapplneat In his look.
"I might add," he continued, "that
the row belni made about the garnet
ta, however, exceaaively annoying."
Manifestly the lady waa Indignant
"Understand, air." the explained,
"that I did not attend the Smoot trial
In the hop of hearing anything, de
baalng, but to auatatn th average' 6f
modesty and morality in case the Im
proper should transpire."
Of course there wa nothing for the
man to do but illnk away.
Blush tngly the burglar faced th
young lady who had halted him with
a pistol.
"I be of .you not to embarrass me by
detention." said the burglar, bowing low.
"Observe that both hands are to filled
with silgerware It Is Impossible that I
tip my hat. at always impelled tv the
presence of beauty."
Dropping th weapon th young lady
opened the front door and bade the
burglar "Good-night."
"I hope," th added, "that I know a
gentleman when I see one."
With august mien the lady passed,
her silken skirts sweeping the pave of
cigar-butts, string, paper, microbes and
other evidence! of civilization.
"But why," asked one curious and
bold, "do you do thusr
"Would you expect a woman of
breeding; to use a broom out here before
the eyes of the rabble 7" was her
So distinctly chill was her aspect that
the impertinent querist left frost
From the New. Tork World.
Mrs. Gisella Jack marched Into the
palm room of the Waldorf-Astoria at 1
p. m. yesterday. She had her appetite
with her. She Is 85 years old, dark,
large-eyed, well dressed and of refined
appearance. After a leisurely but
earnest survey of the menu she ordered:
Boullon en taste.
Filet Mlgnon, sauce Iiordelaise.
Pommet Parlslennea. -'
Balade de Tomates et Laitue, Mayon
naise. Vn Pot de The Vert. '. '
And when the had lunohed thus
bravely she demanded her check. It
was $2.06. And then
"8o sorry," said she to the waiter,
"but J have no money with me."
So the waiter told the captain and the
captain told the head-waiter and the
head-waiter told the cashier and the
cashier told Oscar, and Oscar told Mr.
Milliard and Mr, Hllllard told House
Detective Smith.
"Oh. very well." aald Mrs. Olsrila
Jaok to the detective. "If you will come
with me to my home, I'll pay you, the
$1.05 there." Away they went gaily,
Mrs. Jack chatting unconcernedly. At
No. 205 East Fifteenth street, where she
said she lived, she admitted to Smith
that she had no money anywhere. He
led her to th Jefferson market police
court. ' She was whistling softly to
herself as she faced the bench, .
"Well. I had to eat somewhere," shi
snld. with a recklR amlla. Magistrate
Mayo fined her IS. She could not pay,
so she was committed to prison for Are
days. .
Chickens for Easter 17c and 18c
per dosea , aoo
June creamery .600
Dairy butter ..15a and 40o
Best creamery . 60u
Best sugar-cured nam ..13Ho
Plcnlo ham . 8a
Lard, 5-pound pall -150
Cheese .10o and 12 Ho
Swiss cheese 2uo
All goods retailed at wholetalo
prices. Kemembor Saturday Is chicken
284 Yamhill Btreet.
Hmber Chleigo Board of Trad.
102 Third St., Near Stark Phone, Main 313
Wt ar connected by private wire with
Messrs. Lnrsn A Bryan, Chicago and New
York; Walker tiros.. J. 8. Barb Co., Ktvr
York Block Excbsnga; Hubbard Bros. Co.,
Near York Cotton Exchange; Fairchlld a- Han
son: New Orleans Cotton Exchange; Hi-nry
Ilorfb. A Co.. New York Cnffe Exchange; Paine,
Webber a: Co.; Boston Copper and Stock Fx
ehsnge; I'lck Bros. Co. Ntw York and i'htla
dflphia Stock Exchange.
(Established 1882.)
ftoom 4, around rioor.
From the Mexican Herald.
"There Is evidently , an . erroneous
Idea abroad concerning . the' harvesting
of the banana crop," said Edward M.
Watson, who has been for seven years
on a plantation in Honduras.
'The statement that four or five crops
of bananaa are harvested a year is en
tirely Incorrect. A crop Is harvested on
an average of every 15 days throughout
the year. Each thrifty . banana plant
has many suckers or stalks growlnir
from a single root at the same ilnw.
One or more bunches of the rlpeni"
fruit is cut from a single stalk, tile
the other stalks growing from tl, same
root are left untouched, and In 15 days
another of the stalks Is shorn of Its
fruit This process continues Inces
santly during th year. In July till
August It Is necessary to cut off th
ripening bunches every 10 days, while
In December and January about onee
a month la sufficient, the average
throughout the year being practically
16 days."
iff r&AMCI8C0 tOCAX 8T00K8, .
Ran rranclaco, March 80 (10:30 a. in.)
Contra Coat 8
spring Valley water ............. wi .
. F. Oaa Electric ............ 8li
Vlgorit INtwder 4'4 4
Hawaiian Sugar : oV'4 ,
llonokc. Sugar - . l
KlUuea Sugar
MakswcU Sugar ................ 21 S . ti
fsaubau 8ugar 13 V
Alaka Packer ................. 1
Calif ornia Tmlt Car assocUtloa.,, irt !
California Wliie ssaoclatios ......US Vi
Oceanic Btvsnj) .. 4 .
Krw York. March 30. Th Tlnw sr) In
th small talk ot Wall street thor 6v btt
of lat many rsfnrenw to the nmwhl imn..
Ing ontcuine of tit nwp-lsld pis in wrot cr.
trul of tba Jr-ft ConnolliUtcd 'i(.iicr ruinr'r
from tbe bsmie of th-nieiir wl h.l f.rri.-J ion
coniiwiijr ami thi-lr lraiur,r tn Iu.IW1.1hh tat i
cr ttinUKht to b nnr fnilllr nb m w.
of Wall ir(Ht, ami h' p r""t.l i, i
who oa this accniiiit r bnii s c I '. ir i
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