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-" xxax woi a trib nox cos-
BETTt- '
i : v , (Journal 8pedl Service.)
, San FranclBCO, March 26. '3ut is
Brttt a world's ehamploar asked one
of the disputants. ,
. Mt, all depends,' replied the other.
.'Was Corbett a world's champion?" ;
- - 'He was." . . , '
'Then Brltt is now the champion."
"Of what class, pray?"
"Why," 'the u class - that Corbet - was
"enfl'fflpioH' tt, of course." ---
This Is a talr sample of the arguments
that were' In progress yesterday. Brltt
eays he wlU certainly arrogate to him
self all the rights, and privileges of a
world's chamDlon and will be nreDared
to box men of tftie same slue and pound-,
age that Corbett was In the habit of
matching within his Journeys through
-me lanu. - - - .- :.
"I ean make II pounds and fight at It
if required, said "the winner of Fri
day night's battle. "It isn't necessary
,. to do so; however, to class with Mc
Govern and Corbett through whom the
Championship has descended to me. They
seem to make 180 pounds their low limit
in all the ring contracts they arrange
'nowadays, and If Corbett . could" keep
defending his featherweight title at 130
pounds, no one will say-that I should
be denied, the right to do so, I suppose."
r '' Brit 'at . Home. V;
. 1" Jimmy stayed with the . Old t qlks at
, home yesterday under the family vroof
tree at. Bryant street.' jno popular
young father with a brand new ld-pound
. son and' heir ever received as many
congratulations, verbal and telephonic as
James Brltt Jr., did throughout the day.
The members of the family had to stand
watch In turn at the telephone.- Brltt
had a pair of discolored eyes, a split
brow and a swelled upper Up to show
as mementos of his famous clash, with
Young Corbett" " . -
me injury wmvu iruuuicu uim ihubl,
however, -was a strained arm and wrist.
it was nis rignt arm ana ne says ne
hurt It In the eighth : round, the one
In which he first made It clear that he Is
Corbett's master in clean, full arm
.smashing. -';-s . , ,
Regarding the prospects of a return
match with the Denvcrlte, Brltt said:
-"My arm will keep me out of the ring for
some little time. It is not permanently
Injured by any means, but it will require
rest and attention. I expects, of course,
that Corbett will make overtures for a
return match an-i he will not find me
hard to bring to time. In the affair that
'is just over I 'deferred to him and al
lowed him to make the terms. The
boot is on the leg and I will want to
i have a say In regard to the weights and
conditions. If he is anyway reasons.:
-but X can't say right now how soon I'll
be ready to box him. My arm will un
.derao. jo examination tomorrow and then
I win be able to tea better.
liJJrltt -win no .have It that. Corbett
laid It over him In any particular In
Friday night s bout.
Arguments About Class.
Meanwhile arguments as to which
particular class Brltt is premier In are
thicker than the leaves in Banta Rosa.
Those who hold -that no championship
was Involed in Friday night's contest
make' the point that 130 pounds Is mid
way between featherweight and light
weights and Is consequently neither fish
nor flesh, so far as classification is con
cerned. The same claim "was made when
"Young Corbett' defeated. McQovern.
If the discussions now going on gtra
promise of becoming perennial Brltt can
take refuge behind the claim that he is
the fellow who licked "Young Cor
bett." ' -: . :'
One thing Is certain with every' small
and medlcum weight fighter of note
claiming preeminence at a notch that
does not allow of leeway for challengers,
the classes have become fused and con
fused and about the only real distinc
tion to be gained Is honor of licking
somebody who. licked somebody else.
Referee Graney" 'defended his posi
tion today by reiterating that It was not
possible for him to decide the contest
otherwise in view of the work done. He
seemed to take It that Brltt will defeat
Corbett more decisively If they meet
again. He says that he hopes they will
be brought together under another ref
eree. Young : Corbett says there biubu
certainly t be another Teferee as be will
not tolerate Graney.
(Journal Special Service.) ' '
Fresno, Cal., March 26. Nothing de
finite has yet been learned regarding
the possibility of Rube Waddell being
compelled to play with Portland. Man
ager Ely stated to The Journal in re
sponse to Inquiry, as follows: "I will
secure Waddell for the Portland team
if there t Is any possibility. I hardly
hope to acquire the crack southpaw for
I am Inclined to think - tha award is a
mistake.-"-" have-heard- nothing's- yat
from. Secretary FarrelL Waddell now
owes Philadelphia three months' salary,
but nevertheless you may say Tor me
that if there is the slightest possibility
of him belonging to me, that I will In
sist upon his playing with my team."
Manager Ely received a wire today from
Connie Mack stating that Waddell was
there and was greatly Indebted to the
Philadelphia club. The athletes are
training at Bpartansburg, va . '
(Bpeclsl Dispatch te The Journal.)
Denver, Col., "March IS. Sitting in
his little home at the end of the Cher
relyn line. Young Cdrbetfs father this
morning- expressed the opinion that the
champion had not been treated squareiy
in last night's battle. He also stated
that where Corbett made a mistake was
going out of his class to fight -'
"The kid was entitled to a decision.
But a man to get anything from one of
their ' native sons' must be little less
than an 'Iron horse.' Why, Just look at
the way Young Corbett sailed in until
the seventeenth round. That should
have entitled him to a draw. Walt
about ten days and the kid will be here.
One thing sure; and that is that you
never heard a Rothwell kick unless he
had a kick coming."
Denver sports are all lamenting their
idol's defeat -
(Journal Special Service.)
New York, March 26. Several hun
dred dogs of small size but large price
disported themselves in the parlors of
the Waldorf-Astoria today on tne oc
casion of the first annual show of the
Toy Spaniel club of America. Cooped
up in charming little glass kennels' that
made them look more like toys than
real live bow-wows were Blenheims,
King Charles, Ruby and Japanese span
iels, . aggregating in value many thous
ands of dollars. Owing to the exhibl-
tlon - being, a .one-day affair, the ex
hibits Included many beautiful sped-
mens owned by private people who have
never cared to send their pets to a show
lasting several days or a week.
Tift 111
inroH ros ths jobtuutd bat-
Warwick Turf
'. : 131 Fourth Street -
Commissions received on all
Eastern'eind California races.
Direct wire on all sporting
events. ' , ;
Phone Main 1414
; (Journal Special Service.)
Boston. March 26. The condition of
John L. Sullivan is worse than at first
thought. Not only' is he afflicted with
trouble with his eyes, but his one-time
herculean frame is almost shattered. It
is not believed he can live long: If he
manages to recover his physicians say
It' will be a question of but a short. time
before he will be blind. When the news
reached sporting, and theatrical circles
arrangements were made for a 'benefit
performance to be held at a Boston the
atre. . , ; . .
As usual, the remarkable Rube Wad
dell la in trouble. He evidently forgets
he has signed up with-Portland and no
one knows his whereabouts. But never
theless Rube cannot play ball elsewhere.
He will probably make a lively move
within the next few days, for he has
been In eclipse for a long time. San
Franelsco Call. .
Kube . Waddell Is at Spartansburg
Va.. practicing with Connie Mack's
Philadelphia athletes. The deal has not
been closed regarding n his coming to
The quarterly business meeting of the
local Traveling Men's Protection asso
ciation was held last night in parlor G,
of the ' Portland hotel. A ' score were
r- -.fc t I ' ; r 'S
' 130 Fifth Street, Between Washington and Alder " -
e 11 t 1 e f e c v n .t ,
V il v Si A I A A ' I O MU MS .IN- I...
5 All Leading Brands of Qgars. ," . , : Lonch at 9 p. m. 2
. . (Journal Special Service.) k ,
Fresno, Cal:. March 28. Tacoma won
the second game of the league sorles to
day by defeating Portland by a soore of
4 to t. It was a good exhibition, but
the pitchers took all the time permitted
them. St. Vraln twirled for the"Ta
comas and was in great form, allowing
only four hits. Hajn Iberg, the star of
the .'Portland slab start, was an easy
mark,; for the heavy "stickers on- Mike
Fisher's iteanClammf
eight hits, but bunching four of them in
the first inning and netting three runs
from them..'- : .
, The first Inning started out looking
very dubious for Taconja. Freeman and
McCredie' got to baies on errors by
Eagan and Sheeham Nadeau sacrificed
and Freeman came home by beating Mc
Laughlln's throw In of a catch of Cas
tro's fly 'to the plata . In Tacoma' s half
two men were promptly retired. . Then
an error by Freeman gave McLaughlin
his base. Four hits In succession scored
him, and Lynch and Eagan as well, be
fore the side' was .retired. Tacoma was
a little off color in the: second, permit
ting the bases to flft. but BU Vraln was
equal : to. the ; emergency ; and no runs
were scored. A two-bagger by Hannl
van in the fifth, and sacrifices by Shee
han and Graham, brought in a run.
Portland's second run was made by Mc
Creedle in the fifth. He got his base on
a scratch hit and- came in on successive
hits. Boor by innings:
R Hi. 22.
Portland ...1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 02 4 3
Tacoma ....8 0001000 i 8 4
Batteries Iberg and Shea; St. Vraln
and Graham. Umpire Huston.
Btandlng of the Clnbs.
' Won. Lost P.O.
Tacoma . . 2 0 1.000
Los Angeles 8 1 .606
San Francisco ......... 1 1 .600
Seattle 1 1 .600
Oakland 1 8 .83.1
Portland . . 0 8 .000
Yesterday's Stesults.
Tacoma, 4; Portland, 2.
Oakland, 8; Los Angeles, 0.
Ho game at San Francisco.
(Journal Bpedal Bcrrlce.)
Los Angeles, March 26. Oakland
turned the tables on Los Angeles today
and won out by the score of 8 to 1,
Oakland secured nine hits and the locals
three. Umpire 0ConnelL
(Journal Special Service.)
San Francisco, March 2(. The San
Francisco-Seattle game was postponed
on account of rain.
; i
It took the Portland Academy .baseball
team Just seven innings to pile tip 14
runs against the T. M. C. A. team's two
on the Academy campus yesterday af
ternoon. This game was the first open
air contest of the season, and a goodly
number of scholastic enthusiasts lined
up on the fence to watch the playing.
For the first inning or so it looked as
though ths T. M. C. A. might have 4
chance , to win, but Hurlburt, who
twirled for the association team, fell
down In the last half of the third,' and
allowed six men to walk, forcing in two
runs. His team mates managed to make
four errors in the same act, and when
the .last man was out 10 Academy men
had mads the circuit
Bad pitching for the association in the
fourth let in three more tallies for the
orange and white, which, with another In
the sixth, gave a total of 14 for the
academy players. The T. M. C. A. made
their two runs In the second on a baso
on balls, two hits and an error.
R. Hurlburt, brother of the association
pitcher, occupied the slab for ths acad
emy for the opening innings, but was
replsoed by Fenton.- Two neat doubles
for the academy added to the interest of
ths game.
The line op:
- P. A. Positions. T. M. C A.
R. Hurlburt, Fenton. p . ....... Hurlburt
Higglns. ,o.m ....... Austin
T. Myers. MM.M..s s. Badly
Moreland..... .l b. Thing
Houston......... .8 b............ Hare
Rogers ...... , lb......... Ruff ner
M. Myers, Fellows, . .1 f ...... . Blnionds
Clarke...,.., o f Shockly
Koerner r f Fisher
R. H. SI
Y. M. C A.O 8 0 0 0 0 0 8 3 8
P. A ...0 0 10 8 0 1 14 6 1
Struck out by Fenton, 4; by Hurl
burt, 1. Hits Off Fenton, 1; off R,
Hurlburt. 1; off Hurlburt, 8. Bases on
balls Off Kenton, 1; off R. Hurlburt
1; off Hurlburt 11. Forced runs By
Hurlburt 4. Passed balls Austin, 8.
Double plays Houston to T. Myers to
Morelsnd; Fenton to Moreland. Urn
pnre Reno Hutchinson.
Miss Howard, on Jim Budd. won the
point -to .point race in the Hunt club
event yesterday afternoon. SX M. Lass
rus was second. The start was made at
Sandy road and Wlbergs lane, and the
finish was at Weet avenue. The finish
was exciting, Miss Howard tiding In in
splendid fashion, winning by a length.
About 17 members of the club partici
pated In the sport R. H. Jenkins and
F. O. Downing were, the hares.
Company C defeated Company T in
the Indoor baseball game at the armory
last evening. The contest was the best
and closest game that has been played
in the armory this season. Dal of C
oompsny. batted in ths winning run la
the ninth Inning. v - ,
F company had a chance to win in
their half of the ntnth, but Murray, C
company's left- fielder, captured .a long
fly. . which ended ths game. . The score
by Innings: . .- -,'. ,-, ,
Company C ,...l 1 0 0 0 4 I 0 111
Company F 4 4000800 011
Pitchers Coains of C mna iuxtln of
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