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made 'in society circles for
gay events to follow the quiet
. . of Lenten flays, i .
. Among the more notable of these are
the "Annual Tea" of the Old Ladles'
Home society, to be held at the Hobart
' Curtis on Easter Monday afternoonAthe
Assembly bell, to be given the saW
evenlngr at the Hotel Portland, and the
"Living Pictures and Dance" given by
the Trinity Church Circle of King's
Daughters Thursday evening, April 7,
at Parsons' hall. " ,
. This will be followed on Friday even
ing, April 15, by the Junior promenade
at the Portland Academy.
Elaborate preparations are being made
for the ".Living Pictures and Dance" to
be given by the King's Daughters on
Thursday, April 7, which will bs one of
the most unique entertainments of the
season. It is given for V the benefit of
the. Trinity Church Circle of King's
Daughters, who are . noted lor the
amount of good they accomplish during
the year, in a quiet, unobtrusive man
tier. They are the sole support of the
Trinity free sewing school, conducted
by Miss Clementina Wilson, .and con
tribute liberally and constantly to char
ity hospital work, by sending Out "Vis
iting tens". Who carry fruit, flowers and
more necessary article to those who
are alone and friendless. t '
AU Saints Mission, organised several
years ago by, ' Bishop Morris, Is aided
constantly by' the King's Daughters.
The proceeds of the "Living Picture
and Dance" entertainment will go Into
the treasury of this organisation to en
able them to continue their good work. '
A large number of men and women
prominent ' in society are taking much
Interest in the program, and are bend
ing all efforts to make it a success,
financially, artistically; and, socially.,
The first part' of the evening will be
devoted to the'llvlng picture gallery,"
in which a' succession of beautiful pic
tures, many' of them posed after famous
paintings, will be shown in a massive
gilt frame which is donated, by Mr. W.
Llpman. . ; ,; . .. '. '''.' . v
Mr. George Holman will pose the pic
tures, and Mr, Prank Branch Riley will
introduce the subjects. ?
The pictures and those who are to
participate in them are as. follows:
George and Martha Washington Mr.
John -Carson and Mrs. Henry McCraken.
, ' Flshermald Mrs. J. Keating. ; .
Madame Le Brun and Child Miss
Margaret Waters and Miss Winifred
Huber. ' , . -
Jaoanese Maid Mrs. L. Allen Lewis.
'.Golf Olrl Miss Dorothy Mprrls6n, A
" Lewis and Clark Mr. J. K, Kollock
and Mr. Kerr. . . .
. A Connoisseur Mr. J. Wesley Ladd.
An Oriental Miss Margaret Morrison.
Bacajawea Miss Nan Wood.
Duchess of Devonshire Mrs. J. Wes
ley Ladd. .'
Old Fashioned Girl Miss Imogens
Stuart " '
Two 81sters Miss Hill and . Daisy
Freeman. w,
Bedella Laura Dunne. '
A Dutch Olrl Miss HllL
'". Cherry Ripe Miss Ruth Maxwell.
A Love Letter Miss An w 11 la Jones.
' A Cavalier Mr. Logan Tucker.
Innocence Miss Malda Hart.
' A Portrait MIbs Helen Morrison.
Who Is She? Miss Semele Groat
" Dancing will follow the pictures, with
ntuslc "by Parsons' .-orchestra. ,'Thero
will be lemonade and candy booths, pre
sided over by pretty girls and handsome
matrons, and a fortune teller, girted
.with second sight, will not te tne least
of the attractions of the entertainment
J The Musical club Is preparing an
elaborate program of sacred muste for
its free concert to oe given weanes
day evening, March SO, at the First
Presbyterian church,' corner of Twelfth
and Alder.
itshas been a graceful custom of this
organisation for several years, to give a
free concert during Holy week, .malting
a special effort that the notice of the
concert - shall reach those wno seldom
have the opportunity of hearing fine
music. "
Mrs. W.' C Alvord, Mrs. Richard
Nunn and Mrs. W. , L. Brewster, hava
charge of the program: .
"Prelude and Fugue in B Flat".... Bach
" Miss Grace Kemp.
"Andante Rellgloso" Throme
Mrs. Sherman Brown.
"'In Thee. O God. Do I Put My Trust"
...... ........ Spricker
Mr. Dora J. Zan.
"Quls Est Homo".....
From Stabat Mater Rosslnt
Mra Albert Sheldon, Mrs. Harry O'Reilly
(a) "Prayer and Cradle Bong"
(b) "First Andantlno in D Flat'.'.
.... Lemare
'. Miss Grace Kemp. ;,
"Ave Maria" (with violin obligato)..
' Gounod
Mrs. Albert Sheldon, Mrs. Sherman
' "Brown., , ,
"The Lord la My Light".....,. AUIsten
Mr. Dom J. zan. ,
"Triumphal March" .....
- From Naaman Costa
Miss Grace Kemp.
' The annual tea of the Old Ladies'
.Home Society will be given on Easter
Monday afternoon, at the Hobart-Curtis,
Mrs. P. J. Mann is president Miss
Edith Nicholson is vloe-president' Mrs.
James . Falling la recording secretary,
and Madame von Bolton la correspond
ing secretary, and Miss Lucy Failing
is the treasurer.
At the Easter tea, Mrs. Theodore B.
Wilcox. Mrs. Cyrus Dolph, Mrs. Holt
C. Wilson, and Mrs. Frank Watson will
preside at the table, assisted by a bevy
of pretty young girls.
Mrs. W, C Alvord will have charge of
the candy table, and Mrs. J. H. Page of
the lemonade.
The musical program, in charge of
Mrs. Ernest Bross and Mrs. Robert Liv
ingstone, will be especially good. Those
who are to take part are Mra Max
Bhlllock; Mrs. Fletcher Linn,; who will
sing, and Miss Barker, who will con
tribute violin numbers. Mrs. W. E.
Thomas is the accompanist
The members of the table and refresh
ment committees Include Mrs. H. H.
Northruo. Mrs. i George i W. - McBrlde.
Madame von Bolton, Mrs. Rose H. Hoyt,
Miss Nicholson, Mrs. Wakefield and Mrs.
Kate Wendllng. ' :
f Ulai .full Cnnun antst-tnlnnl Infnrm.
ally last 'Monday evening, in honor of
her sister, miss tieien, ana ner nance,
Mr, Robert R. Yates, and Mr. N. C. Ba-
ki. don PMnilun. Th vamA nt "21"
was played, followed by a chafing dish
'Supper. Those ' present .were Misses
.Edna Cannon, Bessie , Church, Semela
Or oat, Laura uunne, iveiyn r air
, brother, Maud Gilllland, Helen and Ju-
la Coman, and Messrs. Robert Tates.
N. C Babln, Sterling Hughes. Arnold
, RothwelL Ralph Fisher, Don .Lee. Harry
Humphrey ana. ur, r owmm
' mi.. Marl Rrntf. entertained inform
, twm- . - - .
.11.. KTAr,uAav evening- at her home.
361 Ross street, for ChNrles Wright of
Seattle, Wash. The first part of the
evening was spent in playing progres
sive whist and pit There, were vocal
and ; instrumental ,. numbers. Partners
for supper were chosen in a unique
way. Tiny flags were distributed, each
bearing the name of a president of the
United States and his wife, and ' each
president ate with his wife. There
were about SO guests.'. '-
'Gypsy Life". . . .. .Robert Schumann
Soli and chorus Miss Watt Mrs. Mar
garet Smith, Miss V. Monroe .
, Mrs. Werleln.
In May"..;..-. .....Horatio W. Parker
Song from ' Ossian's "Flngal". .Brahms
Summer Fancies" ...... Olivier 'Metra
Sonata in D minor ...... Niels W. Gade
'Allegro dl Molto'
2 "Larghetto"
8 "Allegro Vivace"
"Molto Vivace" ...... i ......... ,
' Mr. 'William Wallace Graham. '' '
"The Smiling Dawn" Handel
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes"
.......Harmonised by Max Vogrich
The Snow" .......... Edward Elger
'. Violin obllirato.
'Shule 'Agra" (unaccompanied)
..... . Harmonised by Max Vogrlch
The River of Rest" '....; A. W. Platte
The second concert by the Cecilia club
was given Friday evening at the First
Congregational . church,, which was
crowded with an , expectant audience;
The club Is composed ' solely of wo
men's voices, and Is led by Mrs. Ellen
Kinsman Mann in a graceful and musi
cianly .manner.' Mrs.. Warren E. Thomas,
who was to ' have ' accompanied the
chorus, was too ill to be present and
he( place was ably filled . at the ; last
moment by Mrs. Wilbur, who played
with splendid expression.
The chorus is well balanced and has
a fine quality; of tone, the contraltos
being' especially good in their deep, rich
tones. Their excellence was partlctr
larly noticeable fn the last ' number,
TB Kiver or Kesi (nattej.
' Miss Agnes Watt, Mrs. Margaret
Smith, Miss Verdi Monroe and Mrs.
Werleln sang short solos in the' first
number, Schumann's "Gypsy Life."
The unaccompanied work- of the
chorus was unusually well sung, and won
hearty ' appreciation, especially Mai
Vogrlch's ' harmonization of Ben Jon-
son's beautiful "Drink to Me Only With
Thine Eyes." . --
"The Snow," - a new chorus by the
English composer, Edward Elger, is har
monically exquisite, and its effect was
greatly enhanced by the violin obligato,
played by Mr. Graham. Miss Grace Hoi
den, Ada Williams and Julia Burke.,
Mr. William Wallace Graham was at
his best in the Gade D minor sonata,
which . he played with fine finish and
expression. Miss Aimee Newman shows
rare sympathy in her brilliant work as
accompanist . v
The Cecilia club is a welcome addition
to the musical organisations of Port
land..' '",':
Soprano - voices Miss Amos, MIbs
Baird, Mrs. Beckman, Mrs. Blttner, Mrs.
Bosarth, Miss Breyman, Miss Brodie.
MIbs Cleland. Miss Cook, Mrs. Cowgill,
Miss Dent Mrs. Dickson, Mrs. Emmons,
Miss Franklin, Mrs. Freeman, Miss Free
man. Miss George, Mrs. Gleblsch, Miss
Gibson. Miss Glendennlng, Miss Goss,
Mrs. Gruber, Miss Henley, Mrs. HllL
Miss Hoberg, Miss Holman, Miss Jarvls,
Miss Kadderly. Miss Kelly, Miss Kemp,
Miss Kllllngsworthr Mrs. Koehler, Mrs.
Kollock,' Mrs. Leonard,' Mrs. ' Llnthlcum.
Mrs. McCorquodale, Miss McKercher,
Mrs. McMahon, Mrs. McMaster, Miss
Miller, Mrs. Northup, Mrs. Olsen, Miss
O'Neill, Mrs. Qrdway, Mrs. Owens. Mra
Payhe. Miss Plllsbury. Mrs. Pontius,
Mrs, Price. Mrs.. S. Reed, Miss Sheldon,
Mrs. Bewail JAri, Margaret Smith, Mrs.
E. T. C Stevens, Mrs. Silverthorn, Mrs.
Strlckler, Mrs. Stokes. Miss Thompson,
Mrs. Walker, Miss Watt Mrs. Webber.
Mra West MIbs L. A. Wilson, Miss C.
L. Wilson. Mra Worth, Miss Tocum,
Miss. Toung.
Alto voices Mrs. Albertsen, Mrs. Al
vord. Mrs. Brewster, Mrs. Cellars, Mra
Creasy, Mrs. Chllds, Mra Courter, Mrs.
H. Corbett Miss Conyers, Miss Chance,
Miss English, Mrs. Frey, Mra Ferree,
Mrs. Hart Mrs.' Johnstone, Miss A.
Jones, Mra Kinney, Mrs. La Id law, Miss
Labbe, Miss K, Llnehan, Miss V. Mon
roe, Miss Monroe, Mra O'Reilly, Miss
Rlchet Mra Thamer, Mrs. Vorhles, Mra
Werleln, Mra WUbur. Mra H. a Wil
son. The Cavaliers entertained Friday even
ing at Parsons' halL The hall was deed
rated with branches of evergreens, trails
of English ivy and festoons of ever
green. A large bell made of greens
hung from the center of the celling. Its
base was studded with tiny red lighta
Parsons' orchestra rendered a splendid
program of 20 dancea. Punch was nerved
in the ante-room and refreshments were
served at small tables In the banquet
hall downstairs. . The club will enter
tain again the last of April.
The Quivivs club gave the second of
a series of dancing parties Thursday
evening at parsons' nau., There was a
large number present to -enjoy the ex
cellent program of muslo furnished by
Parsons' orchestra. There were, in all
18 dances. Some of the numbers were
decidedly new and catchy: "Ah'Wa'Ne'
Da." "In Zansibar," "A Kiss for Each
Day In the Week," "March of the
Eagles," "Papoose Dance," ,fPolly Prim,"
Peggy O'Niel" and : "In a Nutshell."'
The next party will be given in about a
r , t.v : , .-.-' ....,. - v
Miss Ethel Grenfeld gave a pretty
china shower recently at her home, 241
Caruthers street in honor, of ' Miss
Mayme Shulderman, whose wedding
takes place in June. About SO young
women were present ' The first part of
the afternoon was 'spent in playing
hearts. The prise was won by Mra F.
W. Drake. . Fortunes were told with
cards snd a ring was hid, the finder of
which was to be the next to ba married.
Late In the afternoon a dainty luncheon
was Served by the hostesa
Miss Mary Case of Oregon City and
well known in Portland and other cities
in the northwest as a contralto singer,
recently took part in a concert aC Cla
vier hall in New Tork City with great
success. The concert was given by 'the
well-known) pianists, Madame and Mr. J
Nemes. . Miss Case sang some Ruben
stein songs, one by Nevln, and a new
manuscript setting by Edward Manning
of "Break, Break." The critics speak
well of Miss Case's work, characterising
it ' as "unaffectedly sincere,'! : and her
singing of the line Manning song "dig
nified and enjoyable." Mr. Manning, the
composer of the music, was present and
warnly commended . Miss Case's , inter
pretation of his song. .
"-..'. '.," :''::.'
The members of Winslow Mead Cir
cle Aid Society, Ladles of,. the a. A.' R.
met on Wednesday afternoon at jibe
home of Mra John Jones, 862 Union
avenue. The first part of the afternoon
was. devoted to sewing, after which a
luncheon was served by the , hostesa
Those present were:' Mrs. Etta Thomp
son, Mrs. Ollle Van Orden. Mrs. Jennie
Lyons, Mrs.. Elisabeth Hayden, Mrs,
Barah. Guptll, Mrs. .Mary Munger, Mra
Francis Neuburg, Mrs. Maggie Schomp,
" Who Were Married Wednesday Evening at the First Christian Chttrch.
Mrs. Annie Burns, Mrs. Martha Jones,
Mrs. Mary T. Hanville, and the follow
ing visitors: Mrs. Woodcock of City
Point circle, Mrs. A. W. Alexander, Mra
E. J. Boyle, Mrs, George Crawford, Mrs.
C. Jones and Comrades Schomp, Han
ville, Jones and Mlsenhlmer.
Mrs. Fred Warner entertained a few
friends informally on Wednesday even
ing, at progressive Flinch. After the
game, dainty, refreshments were Served
by the hostess,
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Ladd gave an
Informal jdlnner on Tuesday evening In
honor of Miss Emerson of Tltusvllle,
Pa. Mr 'and Mrs. Ladd'a ruests were
Mrs. John ' Ainsworth, Mrs. Robert
Lewis, Miss Nan Wood. Dr. Herbert
Nichols and Harry Corbett'
Mra L. Allen Lewis entertained on
Wednesday at . luncheon in honor of
Miss Emerson of Tltusvllle, Pa, who Is
visiting Mrs. Robert Lewla After th
luncheon bridge was played. Mrs.
Lewis' guests were Miss Emerson, Mrs.
Wilcox, Mrs. J. W. Ladd and Mr Rob
ert Lewis.
" '
The Round Dosen Whist club was en
tertained Monday evening by Dr. and
Mrs, Hicks C. Fenton at their home, 730
Hoyt street W. C. Dunlway and Mra
J. A. Lyman won the prizes. After the
game a lunch was served at small ta-
blea. . .
Mrs. Charles Schnabel And her mother.
Mra Smith, were the hostesses of a most
enjoyable afternoon, on Thursday, when
they entertained about 40 of their women
friends. Whist was played part of the
afternoon, followed by a musical pro
gram, in which charming solos were
sung by Miss Carrie Atnslle, Miss Helen
Goft. Miss Hilda Hegele and Mrs. W. C
Holman. Miss Helen Smith contributed
several delightful piano . solos.
Delicious refreshments were served
late in the afternoon.
The Hiawatha Whist club was enter
tained on Thursday afternoon by Mrs.
George Zeller at her home, ZZ8 Madison
street The prizes ' were won by Mra
Wolf and Mrs. Mathiot After the prizes
had been awarded there was muslo and
a dainty luncheon was served. The club
will meet again Thursday at the home
of Mrs. Frank Q. Freeberger, 400 East
Eighth street ,. '
Mrs. E. Ehrman was the hostess at
an exceedingly pleasant afternoon re
cently, at which she entertained a num
ber of her women friends at luncheon.
A round table was used most beautiful
In the appointments of cut glass and
silver. The center decoration was
unique. It was a large horn of plenty
formed of macaroons filled to overflow
ing with bonbons. Banked about this
were masses of daffodils, and maiden
hair ferns.
After luncheon seven-handed euchre
was played. The prizes,' which were
beautiful silver jelly dishes, were won
by Mrs. .8. Lipman and Mra I. N.
Fleischner. Those present: Mra Leon
Hirsch. Mrs. G. Simon, Mra Bigmund
Frank, Mrs. 8. Julius Mayer, Mrs. 8.
Rosener of San Francisco, Mrs. I. Lang,
Mrs. 8. Llpman, Mrs. Isam White, Mrs.
8. Rosenfeld. Mrs. R. Prsger, Mrs. Fred
Rothschild. Mrs. A. J. Meier, Mrs. Al
bert Feldenhelmer, Mrs. A. Meier, Mra
I. N, Fleischner, and Mrs. Ehrman.
Mrs. G. Pfunder entertained the Five
Hundred club on Monday evening. The
prises were won by Mra J. Leonard and
Mrs. Robert Lutke. The first prise was
a hand-painted belt pin, and the second
a dainty water color picture. Mrs. Har
low will entertain the club next week,
at her home on Portland Heights. -
.. .w . .'. . . .. . '"
The Tilllcum Chautauqua club met
Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. E.
M. Berger at their home. it. East Fif
teenth street. Each member responded
to me rouottu wun a pun, wnicn fur
nished much amusement Mra B, L.
Lucas read a paper on "Sculpture Be
fore the Centennial." O. M. Scott and
R. R. Steele discussed "Monopolies and
Trusts." . There were several piano se
lections by the hostess. The next meet
ing of the club will be held Monday
evening at the home , of Mr. and Mra
weaver, mount TBoor.
w ' " V.
The second of a series of debates be
tween the Alphas and Omegas' of the
Monday Night club of the Y. M. C. A.
will ba held Monday evening, March 28,
at 8:30 -. The affirmative will be sup
ported by the Alphas, represented by A.
W. McLaughlin. O. H., Simmons and W.
D. Shaw; Jr..' The - negative- will be
championed by the Omegas,- represented
by F. Butterworth, M. Messlnger and W,
A. Allen. ;. .
The Z. B. R, 8. gave another of their
series of dancing parties Monday even
ing in Woodmen hall. There were about
ISO couples present. A program of 14
dances and three extras was furnished
by Parsons orchestra. Punch was
served in the banquet hall.. . ,
Mr. ' and Mrs. Peter . 'Planch enterf
tained Monday evening at their home.
230 Madison street The house was
beautifully . decorated, with sprays, of
Oregon grape and carnations. Progres
sive whist was played at five tablea
The prizes were won By Mr. Gary and
Mrs. Cormsck. There was vocal and
Instruments! music and refreshments
were served by the hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Houghten enter
tained the Five Hundred club last Tues
day evening.
The wedding of Mr. Guy Long and
Miss Louise Golden will take place on
next Wednesday, March 30.
The engagement of Miss Maud Gilll
land and Sterling W. Hughes -of San
Francisco is announced.
Mra Frank McDermott announces the
engagement of her daughter, Mary
Esther,' to James Paul Cooka ,
The Ladles' Lenten Sewing society
will meet next Wednesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Mattern, on Northrup
street This will be the last meeting
before Lent The society has been
sewing for. a sale to take place in May,
at Parson's hall, for the benefit of Trin
ity church building fund. -
Miss Lillian Loller wll entertain the
Girls' Cinch club at her home on GUsan
street, Tuesday afternoon, April 5.
The North Pacific Women's Board of
Missions will meet at the First Presby
terian church, on Twelfth and Alder
streets, next month. The session, will
last three days Thursday, Friday and
Saturday April 21, 22 and 28. The
School of Domestic Science, under the
auspices of the Y. W. C. A., will serve
luncheon on all three days.
Mrs. Rudolph F. Prael will entertain
the New England Conservatory club at
its next meeting at her home. 88 North
Twenty-second street An analysis of
"Tannhauser" will be made. Mrs,
Fletcher Linn and Mra Max Bhlllock
have charge of the program.
The young men at the, Norton are
planning to give an Informal dance soon
after Easter.
Mrs. Raymond Brown of New York
City, the Wagnerian lecturer, who gave
a series of lectures on the Nlbelungen
Ring in Portland last spring under the
susplces of the Musical club, will give
what she terms a "Musical Talk" on the
great Wagnerian opera "Parsifal" in
Portland on Monday evening. In reality
this is tiot an opera, but a drama of
deep, religious significance, and the lec
ture comes most fittingly at the begin
ning of Holy week. ,
Mrs. Brown's "Musical Tslks" have
created much interest in New York
club' and society clrales and also in
southern California, this season.
The lecture takes place Monday even
Ing at the Unitarian chapel, corner of
Seventh and Yamhill streets.
The Round Dosen Whist club will be
entertained Monday evening, April 4, at
the home of Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Drake.
- .. ' w
The' regular monthly meeting of the
Ladles' Aid society of the Mlzpah Pres
bytertan church will be held Wednesday
afternoon in the church parlors.
An -entertainment and dance will be
given in the near future by the .Modern
body. ' The affair will be given in Audi
' torium hall, on Third street between
Salmon and Taylor.' and is in charge of
Mrs. 8. H. Haines and . Mra Johnson;
There' will be Instrumental and vocal
solos, and ' comical sketches by Aaron
Fisher and William Calef. The purpose
of , the entertainment Is to Increase the
membership of the or,der. ;; : ,i 'i.. ,
The Missionary Reading circle of the
Mlzpah Presbyterian church will meet
Tuesday afternoon, March 29, at the
home of Mrs. Penuibbra Kelly, 840 East
Thirty-third streetv ; ;
Astra circle, W. 0 W., will give a
social on the evening of March 81 in
their hall, in the SellingHlrsch build
ing, ton members and ; their friends.
Whist will be played at 45 tables, after
which there will be refreshments and
dancing. ' m
Mrs. J. Q. Williams recently enter
tained her Bible class of young men at
her home, 601 Jefferson street
The 'Taster's Tea"glven at tho Tay
lor Street Methodist church on Wednes
day afternoon by . the pastor, Rev F,
Burgette Bhort. was a success in every
way. A large number of ladles orougni
their sewing and fancy work, and lis
tened while Dr. Short read, a famous
lecture by the eminent Baptist preacher
and lecturer. Russel H. ConweiL ur.
Short Intends to have one of these pleas
ant afternoons once during each month.
. Judge and Mrs. W. V. Fenton opened
their hospitable home on East Sixteenth
and Alder streets fast week Friday to a
social given under the auspices of the
Ladles' Aid society of Taylor-Street
Methodist 'church. It was called a
fweiahlng social," and those present
paid for their admission according to
weight , The scales were in charge of
Mr. R. 8. Farrell. Home-maae canaies,
beautiful hand-made neckwear and
handkerchiefs were on sale under the
charge of Miss Lillian Taylor and Miss
Alna Chance. A good sum was realized
for the carpet fund. Refreshments were
served bv Misses Kate Glbbs and Anna
Farrell, assisted by Miss Amanda Lewis,
Mrs. Walter Searle and Miss utnei tie
Mr. and Mrs. W. It Beharrel enter
tained the young people of the Taylor
street Methodist church Friday evening
at their home. 470 Park street. The pur
oose of the social was to make the
young people of the church better ao
qualnted. A number of games were
played and there was music followed by
Miss Lorene Sails sang "One Sweetly
Solemn Thought," by Ambrose, as an of
fertory at St. James' English Lutheran
church last Sunday morning.
" Miss Mary Conyers was soloist at
the Patton Methodist Episcopal church
last Sunday mornlnif and Bang witn
much expression Brackett's 'The Blng
Ing In God's Acre."
The Ladies' Industrial society of the
Third Presbyterian church held its an
nual meeting Wednesday afternoon at
the church. The reperts or-the presi
dent, secretary and treasurer were read.
The renort of the latter Showed tnat aur-
insr the past year nearly $580 has been
raised. This has been done by means
of s bazaar, a rummage sale ' and the
sals Of aprons and , fancy goods which
the women of the 'society have made.
They have a cozy workroom fitted up
in the church. Here they meet twice a
month, when they make the articles that
they sell. At Wednesday's meeting the
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: President, Mrs. E. E.
Fulton; vice-president, Mrs. Lewis: sec
retary. Mrs. C. A. Bpence; treasurer,
Mrs. Wilson Dummfleld.
ww ' '
The young women of the Third Pres
byterian church gave a banquet Friday
evening at the church. There were
about 100 present. The guests were
seated at four 4ables. The women
teachers in the Sunday school were the
waitresses. There were after-dinner
talks by the pastor, the superintendent
of the Sunday school and several others,
and there was music. Last week about
63 boys of the Sunday-school gave an
affair of a similar nature, the men
teachers Waiting on the tables.
The wedding of Miss Helen Marian
Coman and Mr. Robert Russel Yates of
San Francisco occurred on Wednesday at
eight in the evening at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. snd Mrs. Edmund
R -Coman. 186 North Kignteentn street.
Rev, Edgar P. Hill. D. D., performed the
ceremony. Only the immediate relatives
witnessed the ceremony.
The maid of honor was Miss Julia
Coman, a sister of the bride, and the
best man was Mr. N. C. Babln of Ban
Francisco. ' Miss Anna Fliedner played
the Lohengrin wedding music.
The home was transformed into a
bower of pink, white and green, the dec
orations in the drawing room, where the
ceremony took place, being most effect
ively carried out In palms, smilax snd
pink and white carnations. A canopy
stretching from the window to tne cnan
deller was formed of smilax and Ortgon
grape, underneath which the ceremony
was performed. Palms snd ieatnery
forns were used at the sides and back,
surmounted by a network of smilax. In
terlaced with pink and white carnations.
In the dining room the decorations were
green and white. Graceful folds or
filmy white tulle, held In place by bride's
roses, mingled with ferns and smilax,
formed the embellishment for the tabla
The bride was very sweet in her
dainty gown of white chiffon cloth. It
was designed simply with a high tucked
bodice of Brussels net and garnitures
of Venetian point lace. The skirt was
full, with soft folds around the bot
tam. The bride's bouquet was of mag
Blfljtent i white roses, tied with white
satin ribbon. Her tulle veil was caught
wltr&a single rose.
Tlie"mald of honor wore a beautitul
gown of shell pink chiffon organdy,
made over pink taffeta silk, with dec
ollette bodice outlined in tiny pink
crush rosea,
Mra E. B. Coman, mother of the
bride, wore a handsome gown of cham
pagne colored etamine over taffeta, elab
orately trimmed with faggoting and
white point lace.
Those present st the ceremony were:
Mr. end Mrs. WUbur Coman, Master Ed
mund Coman, Jr.; Dr. and Mrs. Edgar P.
Hill, Mrs. Marino Zan, Miss Bessie
Church, Mr. and Mra E. B. Coman,
Miss Julia Coman and Miss "Anna Flied
ner. ' '.-
After the ceremony a reception was
held,' about 1(0 friends calling during
the evening to offer congratulations.
Weber's orchestra played selections dur
ing the reception . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Yates left-Thursday
morning for San Francisco, wuere they
will reside at 'Vhe Wellesley,, 1433 Cal
lfornla'street f .
-V"- :.'w.. w' ) "'-:--' '
Miss Eva Abba Peterson, daughter of
M& apd Mra J. H. Peterson, and J,
Oliver Stuart were married Wednesday
evening at .the First Christian church.
The ceremony took place at 7:30 o'clock
and was performed by Rev. J. F, Ghorm
ley, formerly pastor of the church. The
bridal party entered the church to the
strains of Lohengrin's wedding march.
flayed by Mra Ella Jonea The ushers.
Forbes Grieg and Adrian W. Plank, came
first. Little Miss Edna Emerick fol
lowed, bearing the- ring on a silver
salver. She presented a falry-like ap
pearance in her dainty frock of. pure
white. Miss Marian Ingram, wearing an
accordion-pleated dress of pink and car
rying a basket of pink carnations, was
flower girl. ;;; The ' maid of . honor was
the bride's niece, Miss Lena B. Pater-
son. ' She was gowned In lavender silk
organdie and carried white carnations.
The bridesmaids were the Misses Bessie
L. Paterson, Anne Simmons and Myrtle
Boshou. Miss Paterson was attired in
mode colored silk. Miss Simmons in blue
silk organdie and. Miss Boshou in nils
green organdie over white silk. The
bride wore a beautiful costume of white
Persian silk tissue ornamented with im
ported Iftce. Her filmy veil was caught
witn a delicate spray of lily of the vhl
ley and a superb diamond crescent She
carried a shower bouquet of l.ide's roses
and lily of tne valley. The bridal party
was met at the altar by the groom and
his best man,-Augustus de Peue. The
bride was given away by her father.
After ' the ceremony a wedding supper
was served to a rew intimate friends at
the home of the bride's parents, 971
East Taylor street. The dining room
was decorated with English ivy and car
nations, while In the parlors holly was
The wedding gifts were numerous and
costly , and were 1 received i from many
parts of the United States and Canada.
Mr. and Mra Stewart are at home to
their friends at 71 East Taylor street
Miss Rebecca Lobel of New York City
and Mayer I. Barell were married , Sun
day evening at 5:30 o'clock at 585 Sec
ond street ' Dr. Abramson performed
the ceremony. The bride was gowned
In white silk crepe de chine. She car
ried, a shower bouquet of lilies of the
valley. Her veil was fastened with a
beautiful diamond brooch, the gift of
the groom. Miss Mollis Dorsnan was
bridesmaid. Bhe wore champalgne-col-ored
silk crepe de chine. Julius Barell,
brother of the groom, was best man.
After the ceremony an elaborate wed
ding supper was served to about 60
relatives and immediate friends. Tho
dining-room was In white and green.
On the table were large cut glass vases
filled with bride's roses and ferns. Mr.
and Mra Barell are living at S85 Sec
ond street where they will be at home
to their friends this afternoon from
S to 5 o'clock.
The Progress club will meet next
Monday afternoon at the home of Mra
P. J. Colburn, 41 North Union avenue.
Miss Dollle Louvlnia Rathbun and Jo
seph Bruce Hodson were married Tues
day evening at -the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. , and Mrs. James 8. Rath
bun, at Mount Tabor. The ceremony
was performed in the presence of s
large number of friends and relatives
by an uncle of the bride, he Rev. Mr.
Osborne of Walla Walla. The bride
was attended by Miss Nora Martin, and
the groom's brother, Mr. Frank Hodson,
was best man. The bride was attired in
a becoming gown of white silk mulie and
carried a bouquet of Bride roses. Her
long tulle veil waa fastened with ' a
wreath of orange blossoms. The iirldes-
maid wore a dainty costume of point
d'esprit over pink taffeta, and carried
a shower bouquet of pink carnationa
An elaborate supper was served to the
guests after the ceremony. Mr. and
Mrs. Hodson will reside at Mount Tabor.
V. ' :'
A pleasant wedding occurred at the
residence of the bride's . uncle', X. L.
Clarke, near ' Clackamas, Or., at high
noon, March 16. E. G. Eaton, pastor of
the Harmony church,, in a very impres
sive manner, performed the ceremony
which united in holy wedlock Mr. A. W.
Fankhauser of Lents and Miss Felicia
E. Gilhousen of Los Angeles, Cal. The
bride was beautifully attired in white,
the groom in conventionar black. After
congratulations a wedding repast was
served... About 30 relatives were pres
ent to participate in the joyous occa
sion. They, were the recipients of beau
tiful and Valuable presents. Mr. and
Mrs. Fankhauser are at home to their
friends at their residence near Lents,
Orv -"
w '
Daniel C Cummings of Astoria and
Maggie C. Hllllard of Rainier, Or were
married Thursday, March 17, at 1 p. m.,
at the home of Charles McBrlde, 871
Gantenbein avenue. Rev. J. H. Gibson,
pastor of Grand Avenue Presbyterian
church, performed the ceremony in the
presence of a few relatives and intimate
friends. Mr. and Mrs. Cummings have
gone to Astoria, where they will re
side. :
The marriage of Miss Sadie Tolston
age of this city to George Ellison of St
Paul was solemnised Bunday evening,
March 20, at 6 o'clock, at Parsons' halt
Rev: David Levine of New York offi
ciated. The bride was attended by the
Misses Gilbert Beger. Savorlnsky and
Ooldsteln, who wore dainty gowns of
organdie and carried shower bouquets
Photographer , ,
129 Seventh St. bet Washington and Alder
of carnations. The groom was attended
by Messrs. Woodard, Blsbee. Myers sn-1
Franklin. The ceremony took place un
der a canopy of white satin. The bride
wore white silk crepe de chine; trimmed
with point lace, and carried a. shower
bouquet of Bride's rosea .Her veil was
held In plane by a diamond brooch. Dur
ing the service - Oh, Promise Me", was
softly played by Parsons' orchestra. An
elaborate wedding supper was served
in the banquet hall, which was decorated
with cut flowers and greens. " An in
formal dance followed, for which Par
sons' orchestra furnished the music. Th
bride and groom left on the midnight
train for the sound and eastern points,
where they will remain for about six
months, when they will return to make
iWtland their future home, , '
'' ' '
; A double wedding took place on Wed-
nesday evening at the home of . Mrs. .
Ryder, 495 Everett street, when H. O.
Campbell and Mrs. Rosella A, Salsbury,
and Frank M. Heath and Pheme L. Bon
tea u were united in marriage. Dr. House
performed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs.
Carpenter have gone to their future
home in Beaverton, Ore., and : Mr.- and
Mrs. Heath left Immediately for their
ranch In eastern Oregon. ? .'
' Mrs. E. E. Coovert will start on th
3d of April for Germany, where she will
continue her musical studies.:' w
Mr. and1 Mrs. Robert J. Little, " for
merly of Portland, and lately of Seattle,
have gone to 'Vancouver, B." C, to re
side, where Mr. Little represents the
Fairbanks company. ' .
Charles Wright, formerly of this city,
but "now connected with the-firm of
Moyer"& Co., in Seattle, is the) guest
of Mr. and Mrs.' David Scott, -381' Rosa
street ":-' ' - r
Mrs, B. P, Cardwell, who Is visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs J. P. Joce
lyn, in Santa Barbara Cal., is much im
proved in health. t -
Mrs. William Leigh will leave Mon
day for a month's trip to San Francisco.
She will be joined by her cousin, Mrs.
J. M. P. Chalmers of Vancouver, with
whom she will make a tour of Southern '
California. . V, i -
Captain W. R. Sample of the ' 3d in
fantry. Fort Thomas,' Ky is visiting
his sister, Mrs. J. C. Saunders of this
city. ,; ..';;.. ,V.i,:;
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baxter of Omaha,
Neb., arrived in Portland - yesterday
morning on a visit to their daughter,
Mra F. O, Downing, at the Hotel Port
land. :,-.'
Mr. Charles Cleveland of Astoria spent
Saturday In Portland. ?
Miss Leila Goddard Of the University
of Oregon arrived Saturday to spend the
Easter holidays at her home, 493 Mill
street ' -: ' " . ' -
Miss Ernestine Falling is spending the
Easter holidays at her home. 883 West
Park street ' ? :.''''' ' '' .',;:-!'lv
Hlu Ella Doble, a prominent Tf. O.
sophomore, arrived in Portland Friday
to BpeM a week at her home at 11(4
Thurman street ; -
Miss Lula Maud Holmes, a senior at
the University of Oregon, Is spending
the spring vacation at her home, 621
8econd street ' ' '.''''
Misses Alice and Caroline' Benson,
Pearl Luckey and Mary Dale' are. in
Portland for a week. . ,, . , , i
Mra . O. F. Pax ton, who has been
spending two weeks in San Francisco,
returned home yesterday. ;r ; .
Mrs. Joseph McCabe and 'daughter.
Miss Olive of Walla Walla; are spend
ing a few days in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Fleischner' and
Miss Flora Fleischner are expected home
on Wednesday from a three months' trip
to 'California. 1 ' t
Mr. and Mra J. K. Heslet of Butte,
Mont., who have been visiting friends
in Portland for the past three weeks,
were suddenly called borne on Wednes
day by the death of Mr. Heslet's sister,
Mr. Heslet is cashier of the Clark Bros.'
bank in Butte. . f , :
Mra Joseph Clark left Friday evening
for Los Angeles, Cal.. where she will
remain for a three-weeks' visit Mra
Clark is the guest on the trip of Mr.
Clark's brother, Mr. J. Ross Clark In
his private car. Mr. Clark is vice-president
of the San Pedro, Los "Angeles gt
Salt Lake railroad.
Unerring Toreslght. '
i .From the Chicago Tribune. -,
Ben Jonaon was at work on one of his
playa. - a
"What you have concluded, on," he
wrote, "make good, I pray you." , . , .
He stopped to chuckle over it
i . "I like that phrase. maka good,' " he
said. 'Three hundred years from now
they'll be using It as the latest choice
bit of slang." i
Votalnr te Take Baek. :
-"From the Chicago Tribune. .
"You stole that dog, and you know it
said the man in the dressing gown.
"I believe," replied the tough looking
caller, "your ad. said "no questions
asked.'" ;.- .-.-,
"I'm - not . asking you any questions.
I'm merely telling you a fact Here's
your 310, and now you get out of here s
quick as you can go, or I'll kick you
out" ;