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Serenade by the
. ' . . .
inr' sobs op cbxcaoo, ut
At a meeting of the Port of Portland
commission yesterday afternoon drydock
bonds to the amount of 1215,000 were'
sold to E. H. Rollins & Son of Chicago
at $94-89. making them realise IJ04,
013.50., In other words, they were sold
at practically $11,000 below, par.
The bonds were $0 years and bear four
per cent Interest. Taking the reduction
from the face value Into consideration
the firm buying them will in reality
realise 4 1-5 per cent Interest on the
investment Contracts were drawn up
by-both sides and the Chicago, buyers,
through their local agent, deposited a
check of $1,000 guaranteeing that they
would take over the issue, within the
next two weeks.
, Out of the eight bids submitted the
commission considered the one accepted
by far the best offer. Several of the
firms bid only on a fractional part of
the $216,000. Among these was the Mo
Mlnnville National bank, which offered
to take 11,000 worth of bonds at $1$,-
. ooo. - - .
The bids follows: E. H. Rollins A
Bon,, $218,000 at $94.19; Denison, Prior
& jCo., $215,000 at 90 1-1 cents; the Mo
Mlnnville National bank, $16,000 worth
for $11,000; George Ooode, $80,000 at
Ktfrrtnts and $10,000 worth at 87.6; J.
W.MCruthers & Co., $$0,000 at 88.28;
Fuller. Parsons Co., $193,(70 offered
for whole Issue; W. J. Hayes ft Sons
oqered $185,000 for the full amount
' The entire Issue -of $400,000 drydock
bonds authorised by law has now been
disposed of, .5. 00 having been sold
several months ago.
Superintendent Mcintosh waa In at
tendance, and the prices which are to be
charged for vessels docking at the Port
of Portland drydock were discussed at
some length. The superintendent had
with him copies of the rate of charges
Snow tile Tain of Pyramid Pile Cur.
"Gratitude alone prompts me to' testify
to the efficacy of Pyramid. Pile Cure.
Last March I bought a dollar-package
at the drug store, which cured me of
bleeding piles, and I was a sufferer from
them for eight years; but I had not
been troubled with them since, until
last' September, when I gave birth to a
baby girl, and after that I had a very
severe case of protruding piles, which
a trained nurse said was the worst case
she ever saw, and my doctor told me to
get Pyramid Pile Cure again, which I
did and waa completely cured in three
days. I have hot had piles of any kind
since, and It Is all owing to this won
derful remedy. My nurse took a box,
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for I know she will be able to help lots
of suffering people whom I could never
- see or know. ... - .. .
"I recommend "Pyramids' wherever I
know of any one suffering as Z did. It
gives me great pleasure to be able to
eay I am entirely cured, which my doc
tor says is true. I say God bless Pyra
mid Pile 'Cure." 'From 'a former great
sufferer, Mrs. F. Anoott. 1208 Unity St,
Frankford. Philadelphia, pa.
This remedy, which la sold by drug
gists generally, In fifty cent and dbllar
packages, im in m uyiiumiory lorra,
applied directly to the parts affected
and nerfonns Its work quietly and pain
lessly. Its value Is evidenced by the
- testimony given above, and wa urge all
ufferers to buy a package now and
'give It a trial tonight Accept no sub
stltutes and remember that there Is no
remedy "Just as good, a mtie dook on
' the Cause and Cure of Plies la published
hv the Pyramid Drug Co., Marshall
Mich., and will be aent t re to any ad
dress. ' , , . ,
Favorite "Monopoly Mandolin Quartet'
1 (Copyright, 1004,. by W., E. ' Heart. ' , . ' ;
made for. this kind of work at "other
porta along the Pacific coast, as well at
at Hongkong, and the expressed Inten
tion was to fix the local fee at a medium
point But no satisfactory conclusion
could be reached and upon motion of
Treasurer Adams, Commissioners Pease,
Thomas and President Swigert were ap
pointed as committee to make further
investigations of this subject and to tlx
the rate of charges for docking. They
were also empowered to draw up a set
of rules for the government of those
engaged in operating the drydock,. as
well as the ship owners who have vessels
taken on It.
, Residents of the city in the vicinity
Of Tenth and ; Northup streets have
complained repeatedly to the city auth
orities that the law prohibiting dumping
of garbage In the city Is being con
stantly violated in the ' neighborhood.
At the corner there is a vacant lot
which Is used as a place to dump gar
bage by JLhe families complained of. .Ef
forts to stop the practice have teen
futile, however, and none of the guilty
ones has been caught
Notices 'were recently posted by
Special Officer Caswell and no more
garbage waa deposited at the corner
during the day. Each night, however a
fresh supply Is added to the lot untu
residents of that neighborhood say the
place will become an Incubator for dis
ease. Officer Caswell naa usea every
means at hi command to apprehend
those who are guilty, but has failed.
"They will be caught, though," be
said today.' "I will tlx up some scheme
which will accomplish desired results.
And when they are caught an example
will be made of them and I will . do
everything In my power to see that the
heaviest line in the limit of the law is
Imposed.", . . . '
CBxsxsj nr tbb pub tbabb.
From Report of Commercial Agent
Greener. Vladivostok.
A report has been reoeived from East
ern Russia that furs have gone down in
price, and it has created a panio In the
trade. The drop ranges from 20 to 60
per cent As the population of the Marl-
time Province, equal in site to four of
the large provinces of European Rus
sia, finds its principal means of exis
tence In hunting fur animals, the reduc
tion in price ha an Important bearing,
Fashion seem to be the. cause of the
fall In price, though .the successful
and widespread Improvement In the man
ufacture of Imitation furs has an im
portant consideration: '
' In this latter business chemical skill
and artistic work have produced mar
velous results, A common hare skin
can be manufactured to represent ca
valuable dark-brown fox. and to such
pCTiecuvn inn vmy -an operv may dis
cover the difference.' '
No wonder, then, J that cheap colts,
marmots, rabbits, and ,ven rata, find
saie, wnere vaiuanie saDies ana roxes,
from their greater necessary cost, be-
oome unsalable stock.
A common arctie fox -skin, original
cost only $2.60, transported to Leiptlg
Is deftly turned Into a ; first-class dark
brown tox, worth $30 to $50.
A marmot skin, after treatment, suc
cessfully represents a sable skin; a
rabbit Is made to Imitate a fur seal skin.
and even the mole turns up a valuable
Salary && Dignity la Congress.
From tha New Tork Tribune.,
Nor Is It certain that an increased
salary attachment would reaflr heighten
the dignity 'pr quality of service in
congress.-A seat in the house or senate
haa attractions .far more potent to the
American mind than its mere money
value. ' The compensation now allowed
puts a career, In congress within the
reach of any aspirant regardless of hla
private means or income; and It would
be a serious departure from American
tradition to put on such service i
strictly commercial value or to encour
age needy statesmen to enter congress
a a mera mean of livelihood."
CxbCtclatxob crrr scboom
&APXDX.T xxcBEAsrara bxbtk
The children's department of the
Portland library is steadily enlarging the
collection of' matter for the circulating
displays for the- city schools. Miss
Hassler is now arranging an Industrial
collection, picturing a lamp chimney fac
tory at Pittsburg, a cotton factory at
Memphis and the leading Industries of
other cities. ' These are placed In the
school room while the subject of geog
raphy Is under study, to impress the
children more lastingly with the charao
terlstlcs of different parts of the coun
try. Similar collections have been made
by Miss Hassler and her assistant. Miss
Pratt in nature study, mineral; birds,
processes Of various industries and nu
merous other, subjects.
In addition to this work, Miss Hassler
conducts Informal class work for child
ren. A short story hour Is held at
o'clock on each Wednesday. Last Mon
day a collection of Raphael pictures was
displayed In the children's room In honor
of the artists' birthday. Tuesday last
was Rosa Bonheur's anniversary and
that artists' paintings were displayed.
April is an unusually rich month In
birthdays, with Shakespeare, Hans Chris
tian Andersen and King Christian of
Denmark. AU will in turn be properly
Miss Hassler said today; "The children
feel the warmest interest In their work.
The children's room makes them feel
a responsibility which develops in them
$5 per Month
AO Medicines Free
' (On Flight Up.)
Offers its superior services to the af
flicted at the cost of $5 per month, med
icines included, and the skill of two
regularly licensed physicians. Splendid
X-RayLaboratory, the effective Swed
ish Movement form , of Machano
Therapy; the new and celebrated Dr.
Flnsen Rays, the treatment that has
recently astonished the world "with -Us
marvelous cures; the Hot Air -Roasting
Process five different systems of treat
ment covering all phases of disease
are some of the features of this great
Positive Cures
Of all blood, skin or chvonio diseases.
appendicitis, ' rheumatism, neuralgia,
gout catarrh, eczema, stiffness of,-the
joints, deafness or any other disease of
Consultation Absolutely Free
" r (Frota (h German of
The famous Cafe Bauer, "Unter. den
Linden,' ' was crowded. Elegant toil
ettes and glittering uniforms were
everywhere and the air rang with peals
of laughter and the humming of many
voices. - .
A hilarious but exceedingly 1 select
oetnpany was gathered . in the corner
which by time-honored custom -was re
served for diplomats and their guests,
and for the time being they were eager
ly discussing two . ladles, evidently
strangers, who had invaaea tne sacrea
diplomatic territory. It waa clear that
they were mother and daughter, ana tne
young girl, Who was unusually pretty,
was clearly not a day over 18. -
Lieutenant von Brandengeis, -a hand
some young officer In the uniform of an
exclusive regiment of the guard, whis
pered to his neighbor, a young secre
tary from the Austrian legation:
Thoroughbreds, I tell you, Baron, tnere
Is no doubt about that. How would it
be to invite them to Join us?"
"Why, of course we will Invite."
Baron von Felden said, "it Is no more
than our duty to distinguished strang
ers." All the others readily agreed, and
Colonel Count Gerolshetm of the Grand
Culrasseers. who was the oldest In the
company, politely approached the older
lady and extended a hearty Invitation in
the name of his distinguished com
rades. :
The o!der. lady, though apparently at
first greatly embarrassed, at laat gave
way to the count's persuasion and a few
minutes afterwards the . two ladles
seemed perfectly at ease among the aris
tocratic company. , '. ;.--!
The head waiter, who had evidently
been watching the proceedings,' Judging
from hla sly smile, whispered something
to one of his underlings and In a mo
ment the choicest refreshments of the
season were placed in front of the two
guests of honor.'
The older lady still seemed to hesi
tate, but the younger smilingly started
to remove her elegant gants de Suede.
The gaze of the men rested admiringly
on her long tapering aristocratic fingers
adorned with costly rings. One ring es
pecially attracted their attention It
was In form of a snake of dull gold, the
bead being a large diamond of unusual
flra and color. NoC one of the gentle
men present had ever seen anything like
It In color and form.
Prince Slatory, a scion of one of, the
oldest and bluest-blooded families of
Poland, could not conceal his enthus
iasm, and exclaimed:
Forgive my lnqulsitlveness, your
Grace, but you have on your finger, a
ring the like of which I have never seen,
though I take great pride In my knowl
edge of diamonds."
Everybody laughed, and Baron von
Felsen cried across the table: "I hope
the ladies will forgive my friend, tor
when it comes to diamonds Prlnoe Slat
ory ia like one possessed."
The young girl smiled.
"I am exceedingly sorry that I have
to disillusion the Prince, whose enthus
lasm will probably vanish when I tell
him that I wear this ring because It waa
given to me by a very dear friend. It
Is of no value, except tor the gold in it
the stone being only . Bohemian . glass,
very finely cut, but, after all, nothing
but -glass.". ; :- 'w v
Her words came as a surprise to
everybody and the Prince shook his head.
."Tour Grace," he said, "I am an' ex
pert-on diamonds, and X assure you that
cannot be mistaken. Will you oblige
me by letting me look at It close by,
She supped the ring from her 'finger
and handed It to the Prince, who ex
amined it very carefully. Then he sud
denly rose from the table.
'If your Grace will leave the ring
with me for 16 minutes, I should like to
take It to my Jeweler, who lives only a
few blocks from here, and who can tell
the exact value of the gem."
"Why, with the greatest of pleasure.
my dear Prince; but I tell you that you
will only be disappointed.
Slatory smiled and went toward the
door. ,.. : ; ,. . -, , , , ? '
"Be sure and do not run away with It,'
Baron von Felsen called to him as he
left tha cafe. v --"-."
The Prince, however, heard nothing,
Calling a cab. he jumped- in and soon
reached the Jeweler's, where he was cor
dially received by the principal.
Slatory put out the ring. "My dear
Mr. Rubensteln," he said, "I have here a
ring which haa been In the possession
of our family for many years and which
I have always considered very valuable.
Soma of my friends, however. Insist that
it la only an imitation, and X should like
to have your opinion as to Its true
The jeweler took the ring, examined
it carefully near the window, removed
tfhe beginnings of independence. They
gradually grow into the habit of asking
for the books they want Instead of be
ing told, and later they begin to find
these books for themselves. They be
come ao attached to their room that even
when they are old enough to go Into
the large room they hang on llngerlngly.
There are several over grown boys of 14
and 16 who still stay because they
feel at home here.''
General Funston and staff and Colonel
Huston and staff will be present at the
Armory tonight when Governor Cham
berlain will review the Third Infantry
of tha National Guard. It has been a
year since the governor has reviewed
the state troops and packed galleries are
expected to surround the drill hall.
After the review tonight the officers of
the National Guard will entertain their
visitors In an informal way. The enter
tainment Is Intended to show the appre
ciation of the militiamen for the Inter
eat shown by the regular army officers.
Headquarters of the American Mining
congress will be opened In Portland next
Monday at -the city hall. Irwin- Mahon,
the secretary of the congress. Is getting
his offices in readiness today. Between
now and August 22, the date of the open
ing of the congress, Mr. Mahon expects
to extensively advertise the city and
the meeting throughout the United
states. ' , - ;rv-: . ;
Friday and Saturday. : -
Full measure gallon bottle of pure
California port and sherry, 60 cents, reg
ular 76 cents. .Full Measure House, 108
Sixth street. '
Preferred Stock Canned aooda.
Allen & Lewis' liest Brand. , v
Vlggo Toepfer)
the stone from Its setting, weighed It,
and said: . . 1
"Tour Highness, this ring is exceed
ingly valuable, only very few gray dia
monds being in existence. If four
Highness should care to sell it I am
ready to pay 20,000 marks for it at any
time.", . ,
"No, no, my dear Rubensteln! The
ring is, as I said, an old family heir
loom which X cannot selL Should I,
however, ever decide to do so, I will let
you have the first chance. At present I
should like you -to give me a written
declaration that you value the ring at
20,000 marks."
- With this declaration In his pocket,
the Prlnoe started back toward Cafe
Bauer. He did not take' any cab, but
walked rather slowly, as ha thought by
"The last letter from the old man
was rather unpleasant Once more, and
for the very last time, he writes, he has
paid my debts and sends me 10,000
gulden, that Is about 18,000 marks, and
that Is all X can ever expect to get
, Rather hard lines, I t should say,
wonder what Lolo will say to thlsT"
Suddenly he stopped as a new Idea
struck him. '
"Donnerwetterl that's no bad scheme,
To be sure, it Is not very gentleman
like, but then I am hard up and that
must be my excuse. I really sometimes
have Ideas worthy of a great diplomat"
The worried expression disappeared
from his face as if by magic and, whis
tling a lively tune from the "Fteder-
maus," he hurried toward the cafe.
He was greeted by a storm of ao
plause from his friends'.
"Well, tell us all about It. Slatory;
did you find out your mistake?" cried
Baron von Felsen.
The Prince only smiled, and. turning
toward the young girl, he said:
Tour Grace, my Jeweler assures me
that the stone is genuine, though not as
valuable as I thought"
Oh.-Prlnce, was her laughing answer.
"you may as well confess that you say
wis only to conceal your defeat"
"Upon my word of honor I am telling
you the truta, and to prove this I offer
to buy the ring from you for 10,000
"But that Is ridiculous, Prince; the
stone is not genuine and both mamma
ana i Know it. no matter what a hun
dred Jewelers say."
The Prince insisted on buying, how
ever, and finally the young girl handed
mm tna ring. r
Tou have almost forced me to do
this. Prince Slatory, but X call all these
gentlemen as witnesses, that to the last
I have told you that It is only an Imi
In the morning a clerk from hla
bankers tailed upon the' Prince and
asked if a check for 10,000 marks
signed by the Prince and payable to
bearer was genuine. The Prince wrote a
few words on his card and gave It to
tne cierK, wno bowed his war out
When he had dressed and finished his
breakfast he hurried to his jeweler to
dispose or the ring, and on the way he
decided to buy a necklace for Lolo with
half of the 10,000 marks, which would
come to him as profits, and saw In his
thoughts the delight of the beautiful
chorus girl. . .' , .
Full of confidence, he banded the ring
to nuoenstein, wno looked at It once
more and an expression of surprise
spreaa over nis race. 1
"Tour Highness, this Is not tha same
ring which I looked at yesterday,
though it resembles it very much. The
stone Is only a clever but worthless
Imitation made from Bohemian glass."
"What do you mean? Do you think
that X am' a swindler?"
"By no means. Tour Highness, but
some one has played a trick on you. I
can swear that this Is not the stone you
showed me yesterday. I should advise
you to notify the police at once."
Without another word tha Prince
rushed out of the door. His carriage In
a few minutes took him to tha office of
the Chief of Police.
Though thoroughly ashamed, he told
the Chief the whole affair.
When he had finished tha Chief said
with a smile:
"If you will take my advice you will
let this matter drop. There Is no doubt
that you have been the victim of .a
clever swindle. The ladles evidently
knew both your passion for diamonds
and your financial embarrassment and
substituted the Imitation when hand
ing you the ring, and as you say she
told you It was an Imitation, we can do
nothing for you."
How the Prince squared himself with
his father and Lolo is not known, but
he resigned from the diplomatic service
Immediately afterward and dlsaoneared
I from Berlin.
- a-'-v
, "" ,
Among tha indictments which may be
returned by the grand jury Monday it
Is regarded as likely that two or threu
will be against the rowdies alleged to
nave assaulted Louise Bernard at the
Occidental hotel, as a result of which
she temporarily lost her reason. The
jurors had her . case under considera
tion yesterday afternoon. One of tho
witnesses was Detective H. H. Hawlev.
of the Boys' and Girls' Aid society, who
invesiigatea tne case.
Louisa Bernard came to Portland from
PrlnevUla.Bho.-la. a pretty girl, but
not very bright She was decoyed Into
the Occidental hotel and kept there all
night wnen discovered by the author
ities she was in a pitiable mental and
physical condition. She waa examined
by the county court as to her sanity,
but had so far recovered that It waa
decided not to send her to the asy
lum, awaiting developments. She is
now in the custody of the matron at the
county jalL ?--
- That the girl waa given into the cus
tody of the Florence Crittenden home ui
this city, and that money for her care
waa furnished the home by Mrs. R. P.
Harrington of Prlnevllle, la stated In a
letter from Mrs. George Summers, post
mistress of that town, jrecelved yester
day by Detective Hawley. It is also
charged that after the money was paid
to soma one In authority there, the girl
was turned out This waa under the
former management as '.it occurred
about one yeaf ago.. Mrs.. Harrington
holds a receipt for the CO she paid. ,
Hroun Instantly relieved. Dr. Thomas'
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falls. At, any drug store. i
Miss Virginia Wanel
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sions, patents, Investment etc I pos
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will marrv. vivlna- name of person and
date of marriage. I recognise none
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advise and - foretell eventa arising
through cause and effect
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return man. .
Her parlors are In the "Cosmos," comer
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remain open evenings until 5:30 p. m.
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Tuscan Springs and make other Im
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Tuscan, Cat, or
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A - i