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-TIm work of cleaning up the city Jail
begn this morning In real earnest and
-will be pushed, rapidly. It la thought
that the $1,000 allowed by the council
' for the purpose of making' the jail a
place fit for human beings will give out
all. too Boon. :":: -''-v-.V' ;.
- "I. m going to Wave work done that
will allow, pure, air and glad sunshine
stream into the darkness of the inner
colls." said Chief Hunt, who has charge
of the repairing of the Jail. One of
the things very badly needed by the jail
Is light and air, and I will ar
ranged so that both will be enjoyed by
the prisoners. We will have & large sky
light arranged, find perhaps some win
flows may be put in; '? A tath tub will
no doubt be fixed for the use of .' the
. male prisoners. .Some painting will also
be done, ' and ' some . of ' the ' large cells
are to be cut up Into smaller ones. Some
unused space will also -be transferred
Into places where prisoners can be kept.
"Another thing thaOls to be done is
to pull down, all the. ancient wood, work
and replace- it -with Aiew, uninhabited
(Special DU patch to The Journal.)
Seattle,1 March (.Senatorial- politics
have beett injected ; Into .. the municipal
campaign now going on in this city, and
ns a result bitter' factionalism is ap
pearing . in the Republican ranks. The
supporters of 8. H. Plies for senator,
who brought R. H. Bellinger forward
a.s the Republican mayoralty candidate,
became alarmed at the situation last
week and wired Mr. Piles in California
. to hurry home and help save the day.
Piles arrived here Thursday-and has
taken oft his' coat for Balllnger, the
Republican nominee. This has acted
as a red flag to the anti-Plies Republi
cans, and it Is apparent that the In
jection of the senatorial issue into city
politics will - create new navoe in me
party .organisation. ' '- ''
. It must be understood that ' Balllng
er's nomination was engineered by the
Piles senatorial managers, and Is dis
tinctly,: a Files move, designed to give
lilm control of the municipal machine,
including the police and fire departments.
These are effective weapons in a sena
torial fight, anoV moreover, they may be
used to advantage,, in the coming prl
marv contests by Piles to force his
erstwhile friend and ally. Senator J. X
Smith, oft the political map. Senator
Smith wants to be the King county can
didate for governor before the state con
ventton, which meets at Tacoma,May
11. to nominate a state ticket and to
elect delegates to the national conven
tion. ' Time was when Smith and Piles
fought political battles , side by. side,
but that time-has 'long since passed.
Mr. Smith's gubernatorial ambitions
, seriously Interfere with Piles' senator
ial program at least, so think Mr. Piles
and a majority of his advisers. . Hence
tfle program of the. Piles people to cap
ture the city government, control the ap
proaching primaries and to gently, but
firmly, remove Dr. Smith from the realm
of gubernatorial possibilities. ,
In the main the people who want Sen
ator Smith endorsed for governor are
hostile to Mr, Piles and would throw
cracked ice at his senatorial aspirations.
When Well-Known Portland People
: Tell It so Plainly. r
When public endorsement is. made by
a representative cltlien of Portland the
proof is positive. , You must believe It
Read this testimony. Every, backache
sufferer; every, woman or child
with any kidney trouble, will find profit
' ' In the reading. , "
' P. C. Buckler, of No. I East Ninth
i street, brick mason, .contractor' and
builder, says! "A constant soreness
i across, the small of the back, which
p , bothered me when. stooping or straight
ening up, ana WHO accuinyanimi wmi n
. weakness of the kidneys,, particularly
tn evidence at night. Indicated that ray
kidneys were not performing their func
tions properly. I had it for years, de
spite all , my 'endeavors to get relief.
Until-one day I. read about Doan's Kid
ney Pills and sent my son- to the I-ue-Pavis
Drug Co.'s store, corner of Yam
hill and Third streets, for a box. A
few doses convinced me that they Were
going to the root of the disease, and the
continuation of their use for a short
time removed the pain from my back
and corrected the kidney secretions. I
have another box in the house, and
should necessity demand It I shall cer
tainly resort to the use of Doan's Kid
ney Pills." ' '.:V. ,:;'.,;
Said for 50 cents per box by all deal
ers Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name DOAN'S and
take no other. - - ,
lumber. Some of the casing now in the
jail has been up for 40 years; It is about
as rotten -as it can be, and is full of
germs and Insects." :
"The city jail is a disgrace to port
land," said Dr. Zan this morning. : The
doctor' bas often made this statement
before, but after spending a few min
utes in the place yesterday he re
peated the remark with more force than
usual. .,
- "The old place needs aor many Im
provements that ' one ; would hardly
know where to begin them," continued
Dr.. Zan. "In the first place, it should
be cleaned out and whitewashed; paint
would be better than whitewash,: but
as only $1,000 has been allowed to im
prove the den, I am afraid that they
will think paint is too expensive, but
it should be . whitewashed without de
lay. ' ' " ' '
- "Then all the old bunks and what
scraps of bedding is now in the den
should : be removed and burned. The
wooden work is rotten and full of ver
niit that 'at one warm over the bodies
They, look with favor on Jacob Furth,
the president of the Puget Bound Na
tional bank, and of (he Seattle Electric
company. Mr. Furth Is easily one of
the strongest men politically in the state
as well as one of its wealthiest capital
ists. Furth, It, is said,' does not want
to make the race -for senator, but at
his back strenuously pushing him into
the sone of conflict are a number ot en
terprising and sagacious politicians who
want to see the next senatorial fight lull
of ginger and Interest.
Now, this faction is undoubtedly dom
inant, in King county politics, although
it has no hold on the city machine. Its
members' and followers are not for Bal
llnger. but they do like Tucker, the
Democratic nominee, who is a young and
very I popular lawyer with liberal pro
cllvitles. He la what may be termed a
"good fellow," with, everything decent
carried by the 'term and with none of
its reproach. The anti-Piles men did
not want Balllnger nominated for mayor.
but they were unsuccessful In persuad
lng any Republican of strong following
to. enter the primary contest against
hlm.- Theofflce-of-roayor of Seattle,
with Its great political power and $3,000
salary, literally went a-begglng. Jsai
linger did not want the nomination, and
turned it down repeatedly, accepting It
only after Piles and his friends insisted
that it was necessary to have a friendly
ally in the mayor's chair to carry the
city for the Piles ticket this fall.
Failing to . persuade some one to run
against Balllnger for the nomination,
the anti-Piles men sulked In their tents
and many of them did not go to the
primaries. - Tucker's nomination came
first and he quickly got under way in
the fight, capturing the . King County
Llauor Dealers' association, which in
Qorsed him. turning down Balllnger.
The liquor men are undoubtedly a power,
and the issue will decide the mooted
question, whether the saloon interests in
the business districts can deliver more
votes in Seattle at an election than can
the church people on the hill, Undoubt
edly, there will be much knifing of Bal
llnger by anti-Piles men. These nave
been inflamed by the conduct of Piles
senatorial managers, among them C. p,
ChamberlaHn. a political adviser of the
Great Northern management here. Cham
berlain undertook -to interfere in the
meeting of the slate committee here
last Saturday, which voted a one-con
ventlon call. The committee's action
politically put Governor McBride out
of business, at least in thla county, and
Chamberlain, in Plies' interest, sought
to interfere. Falling, he elicited only
abuse and derision from, the anti-Piles
politicians. - . i
Balllnger is known as a man or strong
convictions. . He is not wanting in back
bone. He- Is a man who seldom takes
drink, and it Is no secret that he is
strongly against any policy that would
"open" the town. If he Is elected, he
will undoubtedly suppress all forms of
gambling. Including the back-room poker
games and the "flyer" roulette and faro
layouts that appear from time to time.
His aversion to gambling in all forma
will result, it Is predicted, in the strong
est law -enforcement policy Seattle has
had for years. It Is this very fact that
makes it possible that Tucker will be
elected, for the business men of Seattle,
except the few ultra-churchmen, are
already complaining of dull times and
high rents, and believe that a liberal ad
ministration would materially help bust'
ness. It is constantly pointed out here
that Portland is wide open "and la get
ting the money that used to flow into
Seattle every winter before the town
was closed.
It is now predicted that the First
ward, which gave Humes (Rep.) for
mayor 400 majority two years ago, will
rive Tucker - (Detn.) between 600 and
700 majority. The First is the slum
ward, and has a very large vote. It
will be offset by the Seventh, the ban
ner Republican and residence ward of
the . city, where Balllnger's majority
should be very large, .providing the bust
ness men who are church people, deliver
the goods. The business men who are
not churchmen may cut down Balling'
er's majority some. The Third will go
for Balllnger. while the Fifth and Sixth,
from Pike street to the northern portion
of the waterfront, will probably go for
Sentiment changes quickly in Seattle
The city is normally Republican by 4,000
and it will take almost a landslide to
elect Tucker. - .
. Journal friends and readers, when
traveling on trains to and from Port
land, should ask news agents for The
Journal and Insist upon being supplied
with this paper, reporting all failures In
nhtaininr It to the office of publication.
4 addressing ins journal, -roruano, wr.
of the men as soon as they enter the
olace. The bedding is the borne of mil
Hons of insects. No man can stay in
the Jail any length of time without
feelinff the presence of these, wee visit
ors. New bunks and bedding should be
provided. . ' ' . '- ''' '
Then some arrangement should be
made whereby the place could have more
ventilation. As it Is little pure, air ever
reaches the inner cells and bunks. - Two
barred windows should be made and
thus allow a bit of sunshine axd pure air
to enter the place once in a-wnue.
"A bath tub- Is badly needed. Pris
oners in the city Jail often have to go
for days before then can get a half way
decent wash. Both ' of the local hos
pitals dislike to have a man sent to
them from the city Jail, although they
are very kind and never refuse an HI
person. But the man is first given
good bath before he is allowed near the
other patients. - , ,.
"One thousand dollars is a very small
sum to make the city jail fit for humaa
beings to stay in."
Causae of Consumption. '
From the' New York World.
Observation has made plain the fact
that consumption la caused by Improper
diet and lack of fresh air. Thus It is the
heritage forced upon poverty. ; Doubt
less there Is ' an intimacy of ' contact
such as may convey- the disease, but It
is not passed along with the sureness
and ease that the timid believe, or the
race would long ago have been exter
mlnated.' 1 ... ...
Beed BurUl
From the Philadelphia Item.
The first earth dug upon the new
Panama canal should be saved to cover
the political wounds of Gorman of
Maryland end . Morgan of ..Alabama,
Peace to their ashes.
Some One
Person at the head of EVERT profes
sion and EVERT procession. T might
be that person in Portland. "I" think
IanvT If rTOU'think so enough to
give me 4 trial, "I" am sure I can con
vince you that . It . is not egotism that
prompts my' conclusions of my ability,
In caring for human faces. I like
to look upon handsome women and
handsome men and all may be
' handsome if they only WILL be.
I can make them so, If they ever
had ft speck of beauty, even when
infants. I would . not disparage
ether dermatologists, because they
' are ALL good some ft little bet
ter than others, of course but
' no others know MT system. Mine
Is my own; and with it
Of every vestige of such deformi
ties as smallpox plttings, freckles,
wrinkles, scars, birthmarks, pow
' der bums, superfluous hairs, etc.,
and there is not ft case of ecsema
in the world that I cannot cure. I
cured one of the worst cases In
l; Portland in . three weeks. The
young lady may be seen by any
. interested person.
Madame Gertrude Saxe
Charges Vary Seasonable.
rxoini kaz tow.
ovxsABinrsAvoB or ossaox hist
$ 22.0S5.00
Monday ....... .....$ 8. BOO
Tuesday 5,700
Wednesday . . .' MOO
Thursday ......;.. 13,26
Friday 8,000
Total for 5 days.. $32,065
Last week 5 days. 65,950
Loss this week $23,905 $ 7,078.09
Both the realty transfers and the
building permits during the first five
days of the present week show a loss
when-compared with the same period
during the previous week. The contin
uance or the miseranie weatner . naa
more to do. with': the loss In business
than anything else, for at no time in the
week was the weather good enough to
favorably Impress a purchaser with any
real estate. " .
During the month of February the
.building permits numbered 134 "and made
a grand total of $215,309, as against
$265,927 the same month during the year
previous. - - l
Bacoxd of February., .
During February. 1904, the realty
sales numbered 568 and bad a total of
$784,817.19, as against a total of $681,
970 during the same- month in the pre
vious year. 4 This shows a remarkable
gain in the transactions .of; this -year,
more remarkable in view of the fact
that weather conditions during the
month of February this year were not of
the best. Weather officials say that' It
is almost a record breaker. In the matter
of rain, while real estate men say things
that would not look good tn print. .
"It we only had a nice spell of sun
shine we would show you how to make
real estate sales," says a real estate
man. "We are all looking for a good
trade during the latter part of the
present month and -the fore part of
April. , This summer we expect to make
record-breaking transactions."
The principal sales in realty during
the week were:
vEnno Bley to Chris Egger, 76 acres.
section 11 to 14; township 1 north, range
1 east; consideration, $15,200.
John J. Camp and wife to Richard
Wilson. 160 acres section 12, township
1 south, range 2 east, lots 1 to 6, section
12, lot 2. section 7; -township 1 south.
range 2 east: consideration, $21,500.
There has been a large demand for
Willamette Valley farm property dur
ing the week and the two sales reported
above are said by the real estate men to
be but the forerunners of larger and ad'
dltlonal transactions.- .
. t in the Bunding tane.
The Allen & Gllbert-Ramaker ' com
pany will construct a, new four-story
building on the west side of First street
between Taylor and Salmon streets, at a
cost of $10,000. At the present time
there is a two-story structure on the
ground. ' ' .
8. G." Reed will "erect a three-story
brick building on the west side of Third
street, between Stark and Washington
streets, at a cost of $30,000 At present
there is a one-story - building which is
used as a produce market on the ground.
. Contractors report a lull In operations
at present,, but this, tbey say, is due to
atmospheric renditions. Whenthe
weather clears off they look for a big
trade. . . . -
The work of setting the foundation
We are showing over ioo different styles of business wagons wagons for every, purpose-that cannot help bat please
those who are thinking of buying something In this line. Our factory is the largest la the world plant covers ioi acres, and
has a capacity of 100,000 vehicles annually. " The world's best skilled labor is employed, the materials used are the very best
to be had on the continent. Every Vehicle sold by us has our positive guarantee behind It. In case of breakage of any part
within the period of twelve months from date of sale, on account of defective material or Imperfect workmanship,' Wfi WILL.
Tillage sHufkst.
Three-Spring' SeUvary.
Bide Bprlag- Business.
Bide Spring' Business, with Top.
Taxes gyring Salivary.
Three Spring Trait e Berry.
Blfttform Bpring Delivery.
Three-Sprlsg' ZxpTass and Sac
v r4.
riatfonn Bxpress and Baggage.
Zxpraes and Baggage,' with
. . Top. k'
Three-Spring Bonder's end
BOIL . .
Three-Spring Painter's and
Three Spring lnmltare,
Blfttform Spring rnnltnre.
Three Spring Iaandry, with
- TOP, . , V '(V
Three-fcpring DeUvery, with
. Top.
Bare! Kail Delivery, with Top.
Blatf orm Ball vary, with Top.
Three-Spring ' Grooery. with
op. . ' y J
. Orocary and Bakery, with Top.
Wood Panel Top Delivery.
EVERY MAKE OF BUSINESS WAOONS made by our firm Is on exhibition at our salesroom on Esit Morrison and
you can do us no greater favor than to call and let us show you these goods and explain their good qualities. Not
only Is the style right, the quality the best, but the prices are very moderate. If you find It' Impossible to call, we
will be pleased to mail our catalogue No. 333, entitled STUDEBAKER BUSINESS WAQONS.
Congressman Geo. H. White's Case.
A Nqtecl Sculptress Cured.
H X f
I 1 'V n faiu , );i:5r , - i
l mT - M-f J :
: - C ;
I The world J 3
h of . medicine V "'
I recognizes f fek
J Grip as epl- " V ') Jlx W
deralc ca- . J i ' j V?V $ f . :
h tarrh... 1 i
: . ledlcal TtHL 1 S&Jy' I 2
LA GRIPPE Is epidemic catarrh. It
' . spares no class or national ty. The
cultured and the Ignorant, the aristocrat
and the pauper, the masses and ; the
classes are alike subject to Ik grippe.
None are exempt all are liable. . .
Hare you the grip f ; Or, rather, has
the grip got you T "Grip is well named.
The original French" term, -la grippe,
has been shortened by the busy Ameri
can to read " grip.' Wtfhout intending
to do so new word" has been coined
thkv "xoUj describes the case. As if
Mm .ideo-. ,Uat with awful Gnxr bad
for the new 'Weinhard building on the
corners of Fourth, Fifth and Pine
street's has been somewhat ' delayed .by
the weather but during every lull in the
storm t the ' men: return to work. The
building; wilt be completed as rapidly as
possible, as the entire structure is al
ready rented. , , S ' '
Across the street from the Wefnhard
STUDEMICEfl BROS. GO. northves-
5. 1904.
clutched ni la Its fatal clasp. Men
women, children, whole, towns and cities
are caught in the baneful grip of ter
rible monster. .
. e rti mm lev Orty.
. Mrs. Theflphile.Schmltt, -.wife, of the
Ex-Secretary of the German Consulate,
writes the following letter from 8417
Wabash avenue, Chicago, I11.J
Isuffeisd this winter with ft wrere
aitack of la, grippe. After using three
bottles of Peruna I found the grip had
I disappeared." Mrfc T. Schmltt.
building the work of finishing the large
building for the Marshall-Walls Hard
ware company of Duluth is going rapid
ly forward.
.The construction work on the exten
sion to the postoffi'ce is making good
headway and. the contractors expect to
have the 1 work completed - well within
the limits of their contract ;
Mrs, Celeste Covell writes from 219 27
avenue, Aurora, IU.t "'
"Only those who bare suffered wills
U grippe and been cured can appreciate
how grateful I feel that such ft splendid
medicine as Perun bas been placed at
the door of every suffering person."
Mrs. C. Covell.
Toted Bcalptress Cored ef Grip.
Mrs. M. C. Cooper, of the Royal Acad
emy of Arts, of London, England, now
residing in Washington, D. C, is one of
the greatest living sculptors and painters
of the world. She say ;
M I take pleasure In recommending Pe
runa for catarrh and la grippe. I have
suffered for months, and after the use of
one bottle of Peruna X am entirely well."
Mrs. M. C. Cooper.
D. L. Wallace, ft charter member ol
the International Barber's Union, wrl tee
from 15 .Western ftvenne, Minneapolift)
Mlnn.t ' - '
" Following a severe attack of la grippe
I seemed to be affected badly all over. 1 '
"One of my customers who was greatly
helped by Perunft advised me to try it,
and I procured ft bottle the same day
Now my head is clear, my nerves are
steady, I enjoy food and rest well. Pe
runa has been worth dollar ft dose to
me." D. L. Wallace. ,
Lieutenant Clarice Hunt, of the Salt
Lake City Barracks of i the Salvation
. , i m a tn. t. - . "
Army, writes iroia uguen, vhui- . i
" Two months ago I was suffering with
so severe ft cold that I could hardly speak
M Our captain advised me to try Pe
runa and procured- ft bottle for me, and
truly it worked wonders. Within two
weeks -1 ' was entirely well." Clarice
Hunt. '
, Coagreasmam Waiters Letter. I
, Tirboro, N. C. I
Qeatlemea:! mm won thaa tat In
flea with PeruaM and find It to be ma
excellent remedy for the grip mad cm
terra. I neve uted It la ay family
mad they mil Jola me la recoatmeadlaz
It as ma excellent remedy." Ueorge
H. White, Member ot Coagreu.
Mrs. T. W. Collins, Treasurer Inde
pendent Order ot Good Templars, ol
Everett, Wash, writes! I
- After having ft severe attack of la
grippe I continued In ft feeble condition
even after the doctors called me cured.
My blood seemed poisoned. Peruns,
cured me." Mrs. T. W. Collins. I
If yon do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write ftt once to Dr. Bartman, giving s
full statement ol your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable sd
Vice gratis."' ' : -..'" j
Address - Sr. Hartman, President of
The Bartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O,
. An Bautvoefttloa. ,
From the Washington Star.
"So your husband tells you that he
never plays cards for money," said the ;
neighbor, with a sneer.
"No," answered young Mrs. Torkins.
XSiarles didn't say exactly that He
said he never gets any money by play- j
mg caras."
Blssf orm Spring Delivery, with
Three-Spring BOik, with Top.
Three Spring BOlk or Bakery,
with Top. ".
rhaeton rrons raroel DeUvery,
with Top.
rhfteton Trout XAundry, wttn
., Top. .
nneton Ttcm Tmxcml DaHvery,
.. with Top... . .
Btetf orm Bsroel DeUvery, with
Platform Sprmg Ambulaaoe. '
Standard Light Trnok.
Standard Oaa-storse Traek.
Standard Two-Xorse Track.
Begnlfttloa Baw Tork i Back
One-Bone Platform Spring
Trnok. . . s : ,. . : 1 v
Depot Track.
Plofti or Transfer Wagon. '
Tamable Track.
Platform Sprlns: Coal Wagon.
Oae-Xorss Platform Sprlns; Xoe
Platform Sprlns; Zee Wages.
One-Korse Business Wagon, ;
' i