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S POi! 01 DEATH'
t tb J. B. Mark confectioner? atnr on Main
vtreett. where ubcrlptUm to the Daily, fceml-
n . .. xt' i. i t ii I. .
nu nvei eiuuruMi U Ullll D. Brown, a (tent.
- "v" . wmmhmwmmmh wmm .wib--b- j- "'. f ..',; , . '--'. "
County Prohibitionists in Session-Affirm That
Abolishment' of Liquor Traffic Is the
Single Aim of the Party
... , In obedience to the call Issued Feb
ruary 24, by B.. Lee Paget, chairman
or the central committee, the county Pro
hibltioni-ts meet at the Y. M. C A.
auditorium at 2 p. m. today. The ob
ject was the nomination of a ticket
for the coming June election. : '
Chairman Paget said: "The local op
tion bill was drafted In January, im
mediately after the application of the
Initiative and -referendum law the con
stitutionality of which was affirmed by
the Oregon; supreme' court ' About " a
month elapsed between the date' of the
court's decision and the date upon wh,lch
an initiative and referendum . petition
. could be filed with , the secretary of
state. '. '. V; .V'..
' "A "self-constituted committee, con
sisting of I. H. Amos, chairman of the
.state central committee;, F. McKercher,
treasurer; H. W. Stone, secretary of the
' Young Men's Christian association, and
myself, as chairman of the county com
mittee, convened,' discussed matters, and
decided upon a plait of action. As rep-
reaentatives of the Prohibition party we
decided'to procure the 'requisite num
ber of signatures for otrr petrt-tonT.Olll.
"We succeeded In obtaining S.400 sig
natures, -and, filed our petition early in
February. .
No names, a yet. have beett agreed
upon, and bo far as I know,-there Is no
one who has a slate."
Mr; Paget said that local option .would
be vigorously discussed.' " Mr. . Paget
said the platform - would comprise a
single lssufT-rthe extirpation of. Uie sa
loon.,, ."
The .enrollment of declared Prohi
liltionlsts, Mr. Paget says. In Multno
mah county, has- greatly -Increased since
two years ago. Because of lack of num
bers, they do not participate In the pri
maries. All their nominations must be
made by petition,- each of - whioh re
nuires 100. signatures to make. It legal.
Today's convention, being a mass con-venilon,fls-
not-omposed of delegates.
A banquet-will be tendered tonight at
the T. M. C A., building at .6:15, to the
Hon., Oliver W. Stewart, the national
chairman of the Prohibition party, at
which 60 phi ten-will be laid, directed by
Secretary Stone of the Y. M. C A., and
tinder the auspices of the Prohibition
alliances of Multnomah county. National
Chairman Stewart is a member of the
Illinois legislature. - . ' . ..
Mr. . Stewart, attended1 the. convention.
He intended to speak at Holton, Or., but
missed connections. : '
J. P. Newell- of 88 Thirty-third street
was chosen, chairman of today's conven
tion. I. H. Amos, stated this, morning
that no candidates had been slated for
any of the' county offices, so far as he
could learn.. . Whatever names were . to
come before- the convention this after
noon would be presented by the com
mittee on nominations after it should ba
named. ...
The platform, together with ; the re-
formation of the principles of the Pro-
niDuwn- party ana tne accompanying
resolution, :1b as follows: ' -:--.v i
We, the representatives' of the'Pro
Jslbltion party of Multnomah county, In
- oonventlon'assembled, do re-afflrm our
allegiance . to the National Prohibition
party, and do re-indorse the platform of
the Prohibition party of Oregon. ' .
; And we further declare that political
parties having within them a balance-of-
power vote controlled by the- saloon.
re abgolutel y powerless to enact" and
comrrr baj aitd tkx delta ra
aroiinr n.
The committee appointed by the Mult
nomah county bar upon the occasion of
the death of Charles McGinn Jr. to
draft' resolutions, unanimously adopted
tne following: v '- 1 "
"To the will of an overruling Provi
dence which ha removed from our midst
our beloved fellow member at the thre
liold of a life ' of usefulness, . we bow
in sorrow and submission. ; U c
"Tha MtAmKA.eM k. lf..t-...V
county bar with one common accord.
deslrina to honor th mnmnrv nt
departed brother and sharing the grlel
of Ms family as an expression of their
regard and esteem for . his virtues do
hereby - ' '" ';' ' ' ,
of Charles McGinn Jr. in the morning
or nis lire tnts bar has lost an honors-
The dignity of our
... profession does
DR. TALCOTT not permlt io
Z5B 1-2 Alfler it. of our accomplish
''-; ments, yet . it is
the duty of a reoognlzed and legiti
mate physician to say sufficient
; that the public may distinguish
him from the impostor. This we
are entitled to state: Our practice
is the largest on the Coast, built
up by the personal recommenda
tion of one patient to another.'. It
can be stated, too, without fear of
contradiction, that previous to our
announcement of the importance
or urethral and prostatic Inflamma-
,tloti as factors in the disorders of
men, that treatment was conducted
, in an unsuccessful manner.
Our brilliant cures and the copy
Ing of our methods by others is
evidence of our superiority.
peolal atteation given to Tarl
eoeele, ftriotnra, Piles, Hydrocele,
Contagions Blood Diseases and
Aettt and Chronie Urethral aad
Prostatic Inflammation.
equally powerless to enforce, good laws
and such we .declare the Republican
and Democratic parties to be.
And we believe" there can be no moral
uplift In the nation so long as the moral
vote of the country divides itself be
tween these two dominant paroles the
policy of both of whlch;ls absolutely
controlled - by an. immoral. baiance-or
power vote. . . ..; .... " ':
And we further believe that in t ho
coming election the - only possible way
for the -moral -vote-of the state to regis
ter ' Its convictions in a way that will
be felt, is by voting for the nominees of
the Prohibition party the only - party
whose platform presents a moral issue.
and the only "party whose "nominees, if
elected, can be depended upon to regard
their oath of office. -
Oregon Stat Platform. '
"We, the representatives of the Pro
hibition party of Oregon, in convention
assembled, believing the liquor traffic to
be , morally, politically, and financially
the greatest evil resting upon our coun
try, and realising the absolute impossi
bility of . securing the removal of this
crime-breeding, poverty-creating, and
soul-destroying business, except through
a political party created for and pledged
to this end; therefore,
' "Resolved, That while there are many
other reforms regarding which' we hold
nrm convictions, we believe it to be the
part of wisdom to concentrate Our ef
forts upon the one Issue which clearly
outweighs in Importance all other issues
combined the prohibition of the manu
facture and sale of intoxicating liquors
for beverage purposes.- . '. . .
"Resolved, ' That in the accomplish
ment of this one clearly defined purpose?
we invite to party fellowship all those
who on this one issue with us agree in
the full belief that the party thus cre
ated will be endowed with the requisite
wisdom, patriotism, courage, and ability
to take up and speedily settle all social,
financial,-economics Industrial, and terri
torial questions that may present them
selves." !,-.
Resolved. That we heartily endorse
the action of the state executive com
mittee of our party- in launching under
the Initiative, the local option law to
be voted on at the coming June election,
and we hereby pledge our most earnest
efforts in support of same.
I. H. Amos, chairman of 'the ' state
central committee, said this morning
that the state convention will be held
in Portland, March 29 and SO. About
600 delegates are expected to '. attend.
Of these 100 will be present from Mult
nomah county, and 41 from Yamhill.
Full delegations are expectecfefrom Linn,
Marion and other counties. A number
of dow i nations lot a tate offices will Ihen
be -made. .. , .,.-'- . ..v , .. i
At -tonight's banquet .Secretary Stone,
of the Y, M. C, A., will officiate as toaat
master. ; The occasion will open with
remarks by . T. 8. McDanlel, of the
Pacific; Advocate. The subjects and the
persons to whom they are assigned are
as follows:
"What Is a Prohibitionist?" I. H.
Amos. l , , ' ,
"A Christian Voter." J. WJ Brougher,
D.-D.' ....
"Co-Operate, Not Amalgamate," Frank
"A Sunnyside Prohibitionist,'' J. W.
"Oregon Weather and Prohibitionists,"
Hon. O. wV-Btewart. . ' '
ble member who thoroughly appreciated
the noble obligations Imposed upon him
oy nis profession, ana the community is
deprived of a useful and respected cltl-
len whose gentle and modest disposition
won from his more intimate associates
the deepest personal affection' and from
all others the highest personal respect.
""That to the members of his be
reaved family we offer our profound
sympathy in. their deep personal af
fliction and in -their hour of sorrow.
"That these resolutions be spread upon
the records of this court; that a copy
or the same be sent- to his family,
and that this "court be requested to ad
journ in respect to his . memory.' : ,
Members of the late Charles McGlnnts
Chapter of , Phi Delta Pht adopted the
following: :'
"Whereas, Charles E. McGinn has de
parted this life In the early years of his
manhood;' and ' .
"Whereas, we, the members of Chase
Chapter of the legal' fraternity of Phi
Delta Phi, of .which he was an honored
member, knowing and realizing as w
do his bright mental attainments and
his honest and Irreproachable life, and
desiring to testify our- appreciation of
his usefulness and the high .esteem in
which he was regarded; do now hereby
"Resolve, that his death is"a loss to
the fraternity and to the community In
which he lived, and that the memory
of his life and character will ever be
cherished by our fraternity.
"And resolved further, that a copy of
these resolutions be spread upon the
minutes of our chapter, and that they
be engrossed and presented to the .be
reaved parents of the deceased; and also
published in the papers of this city. . I
E. Crouch, L. L. Parker, George H. Hat
ton, S. F. Fouts." ,
(Joornil "pedal Service.)
Spokane, March 8. Twenty days in
jail and a fine of f 140, that is the sen
tence meted out to Detective Otto Bring
gold by Judge Richardson.
The attorneyf for , Otto Brlnggold,
who waa convicted on a charge of tam
pering with a witness against William
Royce, appeared with a motion for a
new trial. The motion was overruled.
The court asked Brlnggold to stand up
and asked If he had anything to say
why sentence should not be passed. The
prisoner replied: -
"Nothing, except , that I am not
, The, Judge then sentenced Brlnggold
to 20' days in the county jail and im
posed a fine of $140. This Is double the
sentence first imposed upon Brlnggold
by Judge Hinkle. B. H. Sullivan, -one of
the attorneys for the accused, gave no
tice of .an appeal to the supreme court.
Bond for $600 was given. Sullivan,
Nusum &,Nuium and John A. Peacock
are attorneys for the defendant . The
prosecution of Brlnggold was pushed by
Prosecuting Attorney Kimball. '
... Zn Society.
From Town Topics.
Miss Summit Hn'w that vn.m nr
. ..... . j VUII iiiuu-
roe girl has Improved!
Miss Palisade Hasn't she? Whv I
can remember when she was such a
modest little thing.
' (Journal Special Sorvlee.J"" " .
'. The Dalles. Or. Mnrrh K fr tt'O
llam Michel, an old nnd rexnerted rIMttn
of The Dalles, died Wednesday night at
ma nome in mis city. te naa been sui
fering from heart disease for three
months. - Mr. Mlrbpl warn hnm if 1TnrM
land in 1838, and early in life, came to
woageviue, wis. When 18 years old he
was licensed to preach; waa ordained
deacon in 1875 by Bishop Pick; and
elder; by Bishop fowler in 1884. Ho
was married to Miss Sarah Wells . in
Wisconsin in 1X81 inH xntna Tha
Dalles in 1863. where he1 has resided
ever since, a consistent memDers ot tne
Methodist church. He was . elected
county treasurer of Wasco county for
two successive terms on the Republican
ticxet, serving from 1892 to 1896. , He
leaves a widow and four daughters, all
residents of The Dalles, besides brothers
and sisters. The funeral will take place
Sunday afternoon from the family real
dence at S oVInrlt -
At the regular meeting of the city
council jast night Robert Wakefield of
Portland was awarded the -contract for
Improving Second street. Tho
price is $2,776 for seven blocks and .the
contract cans ; ror nrst-ciass 7 crushed
rock rolled down to a smooth surface.
Mr. Wakefield waa here last til rfif.ji nil
said he would begin work on .the street
as soon as tne weather would permit
He will also begin work on the water
works improvement at an early date.
Politics are distressingly quiet her
just now. ; There is nothing stirring in
either of the camps of the political par
tlee , F., . A.; Seufert, chairman of the
Democ ratio committee, waa Been today
arid asked when he would call a meeting
to arrange for primaries and county con
vention.. He said he. was in no hurry,
but. would probably call a meeting of
the committees a week from today.
Chairman H. I Kuck of the Republican
committee says that he - - has not de
termined upon a day. for the meeting of
the committee..
" ' Mis' ' Louise McNulty has been
chosen -representative of the Ladles of
the . Maccabees to attend the convention
of the order which will meet In Portland
March 22. ,,.
HerberfBolton. son of Deputy County
Clerk S. Bolton, is very lit with typhoid
pneumonia. ; " y ..
Hon. J. F- Moor la confined to. his
home with a severe attack of bronchitis.
H. C. Rooper of Antelope and mayor
of that city, la in town looking after
road Interests.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Burton of Gilroy,
Cal., are visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Ooit.
goo. Daily Jonrntl U at th bookstore of Alien
H. mtou, wbere lubacrlptlons to, go by Ball
(Journal Special Service.) ' "
Eugene. Or.. March' 6. A mild sen
atlon has been created at the Unlver
sity of Oregon by six men. students
attired in women's rloth oiinanin
the slrls' freshmen-sonhomnr. hnint.
hall game in -the gymnasium laet -rTtght. j
The faculty had previously announced
that no men would tut alinsrnH n
the game, but determined to do so these
si yuuns; men nttea tnemseivea out
as women and wearing veils over their, gained admittance to the gym
naslum. .
Their Identity was unknown until at
the close of the game they gave the
college yell and ran out of the room.
The faculty is now .endeavoring to find
out who the masqueraders were.
The game was won by the freshmen
gins oy tne score of 10 to 4
The Eugene Driving association.
which consists of quite a number of
owners of fast turnouts, has been or
ganised with the following officers: H.
1 xraver, president; Lee Hoselton, sec
retary; George T. Hall Jr., treasurer;
w. j. noyce, x. t., uonaon and O. O
Gross, directors . A
ing of O. W. Griffin, F. M. Wilkins and
W. II. Hoffman has been appointed to
solicit members for the aaanrtlatlnn . t
Is the purpose of the organization to
retain Hangs park race track as a nu
cleus of operations and for anM-lal trlnl.
The road leading to the park will be put
In- first, class condition. ; 3
J. D. Matlock, chairman of the Dem
ocratic countv central MtminlHu h.
Issued, the following call for a county
convention: .
'Notice Is herebv lvn that ih
countv Democratln rnnvintlnn m
- - ........ . . . II1LI .
on Saturday, April 18, 1904. at 10 o'clock
a. m. at me counnouse in Eugene, Or.,
for the Purpose of nominating Ana 4n1nt
state senator, three representatives, one
raw Jeople Know Bow TTsef ol It to In
rresemar xeaita aad Beauty. .
Vaarlv avervhftdv knrtwa i . .
- - - ' - - .... viiB-rcoai
fa -ha inf-it inn mAit ..(...
- , I , "-" uiainiec-
tant and purifier in nature, but few real-
izs 11m vbiub wuon wun imo tne human
system for the same cleansing purpose.
vimivvM . ... j vimv 1 j 1 more
you take of It the better; it is not a
drug at all, but simply absorbs the
gases and Impurities always present in
the stomach and Intestines and carries
wm vui 01 ins Byaiem.
Charcoal sweetens tha hraatn . .
smoking, drinking, or after eating on
ions and other odorous vegetables. -
rharrnal efTeetuall v nlu j .
prove th complextion, It whitens the
ice 1 11 auu uuuoi nuiBj ati m naiurfti And
eminently safe cathartic.
collect In the etomach and bowels; U
QiBiniocm vim muum ana tnroat from
inn puinuu ui vamrrn.
. All rirttcrtrlMtsi mm im-... i
-nro -"- viiau tnii In Ofie
rnvm ni 0 nnthf hiir i t
charcoal and the most for the money4?!.
are composed of the finest poWdered
antlaeptica in tablet form, or rather"
Lvim ui iing". uicaaani tastlna los.
enges, the charcoal being mixed with
honey.... ""
"The daily" use of these lozenges will
soon tell in a much improved condition
of the general health, better comp"eilo
sweeter breath and nurer blood, and tha
beauty of it is, thafno possiblS harm
can result from their continued use. but
on the contrary, great benefit
A Buffalo physician, in speaking of
the benefits of charcoal, says- "r ad
vise Btuart's Absorbent Lozenges to all
patients suffering from gas In stomach
and bowels, and to clear the complexion
and purify the breath; mouth and
throat; also believe the liver is
greatly benefited by the dally use of
them; they cost but twenty-flve cents a
box at drug stores, and although in
some sense a patent preparation, yet I
believe I get more and better charcoal
In Stuart s Absorbent IJozenges than la
any of the ordinary charcoal tablets,''
Woman Threatened With Burial
by New York
. ' .. '.,
... . ; y , .... - . ; - - ;'-.; , ..'.... ).- f. . :. : ; - i''-t.y-
Doctors Send Him Their Worst Cases, Trying to Find One He Can
. not Cure, but He Dumbfounds and'MysUfles Them All by Mlra
cles of Healing Which Rival Those of Ancient Writ. - '
Correspondence.) This quiet little city
uy inn iaxe nas Deen inrown in 10 an in
tense fever of excitement by Dr., Wal
lace HndlBV a. raaldent nf Nnw Ynric
clal trip to New York and called on Dr.
A.nuavj . .w hit. prvf cw VI IUQ xiiya-
terlous nower bv which ha haa created
"uu a iuiuio. .AllO Muviur WBB .I.UU11U
at his laboratory No. 1931 Broadway,
I. . 1 . . V. . . .. K V. J . M J
Burcuunaeu oy tony or nrty assistant.
"80 you have come to learn how I gave
life and health to Mrs. Germond," said
tha doctor In rantv th a nnnotlnn nut hf
the ' reporter. "So your people say it
wbb a. inimcio, mai i possess aivins
power. Nothing of the kind; I have stm-
ilv dlamivararl a Mt law nfnnhiM
heretofore , unknown to doctors y and
scientists. la you see that large glass
Jar." said the doctor, pointing to a
flagon filled with a ruby red Mquid that
seemed to. oulver and vibrate with tha
tremendous dynamic force it held. "This
la tha uanvat gt m r twinrur TUa A
you see there Is life, distilled life, th'i
n.k .ii-vuouijr ul uineaeo uea,in. witn
it I can combat an- disease aye,' I can
iuvivb nuiiin wut-11 ma seems 10 De ex
tinct, but , they are not actually dead.
Mra IjAFmnn waa tint AaA r
I know what the doctors said, but doc
tors are often wrong. Hundreds,pf peo
ple are burled every year who are not
actually dead. It fs simply a case of
........ . .. v. v. uin.iiu.iv... - A IIUJ DOOIil IU U H
dead,, but they can be revived with that
"Whan vn.i .' . i . mi
' ' vuiiDniQi Ilia. HI UlrtLU V-
01 t win iur criKiii b aineaae, consump
tion, rheumatism and other heretofore
Incurable diseases, as well as less dan-
irum BiimeniR, is 11 any wonaer tnat
t will bring the dead back to -life in a
PA Mel tt MlUTmrAaA anlm orlnn 4 HPK
liquid contains the vital elements of a
living being. It makes the heart beat
and the brain think. Doctors have
heard of my discovery, and they have
sought out and brought their worst
cases to me, thinking they might find
one I could not cure. I have completely
hAfTled t h am all T. .hiv. tiriv .,
. . m.u.v "JV. f ' J
maatarv nvat Hlaaaaa T hait.
.. .j la.Hvaav. a I . uciilllir
strated that I can cure those at any
uiBiancs rum as wen. as tnose 1 see per
sonally. This shows the power Is not in
me, but in my discovery. Here Is a
letter T luat- ranalva
Fitzpatrick. of No. 1266 South Third
street, St Louis, Mo. She was practi
caUy dead when my treatment reached
her. . Tha rinntnra maiA ha, hn n
earth were numbered, that there was
not tne slightest chance for her to live
MunV Of ha -aIiiKua. n rA
already bidden her a long, last fare-
weu. xet my discovery saved lr, re-
atnrail har tn Ufa Vi.nlth -,4 . . w .
and remember that I never "even saw
ner. Kead her letter for yourself. You
can publlRh It if you so desire. I have
tier permission to oo tnis. "
The reporter copied the following ex
tracts, word for word, from Mrs. Fltx
patrick's letter:
"I would have been dead had it not
been for you. My friends all say that
your curing as hopeless a case as mine
was a miracle of healing. I had been
treated hv nval Ihlrfv Anftnrm a ....
pronounced my case Incurable, and all
-Het-o-o-mfr-any-'laattng-benefit" I
suffered as-nn human tongue can tell.
I had heart dlaease, ovarian and womh
trouble, catarrh- and neuralgia of the
stomach, bowels and liver. I had no
circulation, my hands and feet were
county Judge,' one county commissioner.
one sneriir, one cierx, one assessor, one
surveyor, one coroner and delegates to
ine siaie ana congressional conventions,
resDectlvelv. - -
'The primaries to be held on Satur
day, April 9. 1904. ' '
"All citizens who are onnnaad tn tha
nepuDiican party, us monopolistic ten-
oencies. us extravagances in state and
federal legislation and who favor strict
economy in COUntV. atata anil fariaral mA.
ministrations, are earnestly requested to
participate witn us in the primaries,
me convention ana tne election. -
HOTTI tn. ilk... ...... . an.. 1
. . . , . . . . i . , .ifturf ft. ft iBt ftjiTnua
'"7 awuruai in at pv urus aiax OE ItnO
Dawaon. No. 238 Wmt Pint atrtet, where tub.
crlptiooa will be rereiTetL
' (Joorntl Special BerTlct.)
Albanv. Or.. March B Tjinral intaa
No. 7, Knights of Pythias, and Alpha
iuuge, no. i, jiatiioone Bisters, are busy
making preparations for the first annual
district convention of their orders,
which will be held in this city on March
11. - Tha district amhraraa tha Minntlu
of Clackamas. ' Marlon. Linn. Pniv am
Benton and it is expected that nearly
uv aeiegates win attend the two con
ventions. The Rath bone 81sters will
mint In tha TT of T hall .,hll. .v. .
-, . " w. . . ...... TV II 1 . 0 llftT
knights will convene in the Workman
hall. Drill teams from Salem, Hubbard,
Brownsville and Corvallla are expected
and the work will be -exemplified.
The local oratorical' society met at
the colleare vesterdav afternoon mnA
elected Oliver M. Hlckey to represent
Albany college on the executive com
mittee of the Intercollegiate Oratorical
association. Delegates to the meeting
t 'aaaontit M4 Ifsl l.le-i'....e -rl..a.
si;weii va la iiiui-iii itiiivvuniirni XllUllQ
Pnlaonlng it commonl railed the King ot all
DUcaar. It may bo altber bcredltarr or win.
ir.ftim. ftiuv. . ' ;.iti im ftn i . . lin .Till ) (Qa
dlm-aaa may. mmilfeat ltaelf in tbe form of Bcrof.
....... .. .... ....... .n 1. . I . L. J A . ,
uia. BiCftWiua, Bueutnaiie raina, etiir or BWOUaa
Jolnta, Eruptloui or Copper-Colored Spot on tbe
r'ace or Botlr, little Ulcers in tbe Mouth or oo
.ft. . n-A..... d.,.. rrft.ftu.-ft a.Mn.. T. i .
ftiift mii, - . ... .in i., ft.-"i.rii Auiwiia, r ainua
out of the Hair or Eyebrows, and finally a Leo-
. ft. . . . . . i ft . m n . . '
roua-iiaw ureuj 01 ,ua r ift-an aua dom, ii yoQ
hara any of thm or almllar aymptonia, apt
BROWN'S UlyOOD CCRK, lmmdttel-. Thl
tratinnt la prartlrally . tba reiult at Ufa work.
It routalna no dangerous drug or Injurious med
Irlnaa of any kind. It trot? to tha very bottom
ot tha dlaraM and forca out erery partlrla of
Impurity. Rood tT-rj- sign and tymptom dlaap.
pviirs. complitrly and forever. Th blood, tbe
ilaauea, the fleah, tba bonae and tha wbola sya-
irm arv uitiaiivrut imriiifn ana raaioraa 10 par
fiec health,' and the patient prepared anew for
the dntlea and, plraaurM ot life. BROWN'S
nrnoii cvkk 12110 a hot 11. u.r. .
Mad by DR. BROWN. B.1S Arrh at.. Phlladel-
phla. For aale In Portland only by Frank Nan,
Portland Hotel Fbirmacy.
Is Revived and Restored to Health
....... .' . '....-.I ...... .. V '
.(From -.-Toledo ' Blade.) " .' : '" 1
Always Jquia IS Dtlih 1 X was uuubli-
pated,:t-mtd no - appetite and could not
sleep. V I almost went insane' with tho
agony of the pain and soreness through-
A... M. V. .. tl I. ... . . . A,(,WA . . A
vui 1 1 1 j iniuj. i.i.cun.av.niii ivuuinu nivi
In fact I had nearly- every ill ilesh is
heir to. VThen you came to my rescue.
Your 'treatment was a godsend. I wish
I could see all the poor, suffering people
in ima worm ana Offg inoio iuv mair
own eakes to write ty you and be made
...II a- T 1 - 1 ft , . .. I .. LI...
h a nave uovii. Auajr uuu ui.n.
you in your efforts to heal the sick, is
m v nravap Xfv haart (a full of a-rati-
tude to Htm ancf to you for your wonder
..1 aIaaa...a. . . .,
iui uiKvrviii
iimk.. . ..., v. .. .
; luat ib a cubb mai. judl nuu'M
as bad as Mrs. Germond' s, of Benttj
Harbor," said the doctor. "By the way,
here Is a letter from Mrs. Germond, in
which she says I saved her from the
f rave, and there la no doubt In my mind
hat if it had not been for me they
would have burled that Door woman.
Of - course, I realized I had a tremen
dous taak before me. but I-felt sure I
oould revive; her. I had an inward feel
ing that as soon as she got. a sufficient
quantity of that liquid you see there,
tnat in one case death would be cheated
vi iib viuiiui, nna it was.
. T -j. i;. . T la.
IV WllLttlllB (llCJ 1CH1 I1BI
makes us live, move and have our he
ms. Ajjiung uLuer iiuiiKB. .it .contains
a large amount of lecithin. Lecithin is
a. vuiiBLiLumii. . eieuiD( ot yuur uiooo,
brain and nerves and of every organ and
nanus vi your Douy. i aae away ine
-... . ... . . .. j . . v. . a j D.ini nuu JUU
die instantly. Take a small portion of
It away and you will be ill near unto
death. Lecithin makes life. I make
lecithin, but lecithin is only one ingre
dient of my discovery. No, I have no
natent on hit nroceaa. T rniiM a-at nna
but what's the use? I am not afraid of
any one else making it Chemists can
analyse It and ponder over it all they
wish. They cannot make it. The pro-
A. . . n MftAn,.faA....A i. M . T J I
v ... uLauiui w in iii puvrvh x uia-
covered it by ( accident after years of
BTA1TC1 JIll-flllllH. .
''Tin T ft,naft... A tUmi .1.. , .
ment free to those who are alckT" asked
the reporter ', - . ...
"Tea." aald the doctor. "I am doing
una nuw, miii i snail continue to ao so
as long aa I can afford it Force of Life
la a I'a.u a-nAnI..A . .
- j vAyviiDivo - pruuuuft 10 manu
facture, but manv persons are grateful
ui moir L-urcs, ana sena me money, xou
RllViAtl .vmiv rann.. .1... la l. i w
' r y " vnuvi a 11 lllOf WIHH
to be healed, no matter hnw iUfflmilt tha
case, to write me. If they will state
wio i mum it sympioms or tneir troubles
I.' will make a full diagnosis of their
u wruo inern xuiiy in regard
to the nature of their complaints, the
length of time required to. effect a cure,
etc. I Will also nrnnnra nnri aanrf than.
without cost a course of home treat
ment evaotlv anlta in thai.
cases. I make Force of Life in twenty
uiuoroni sirenirtns ana combinations, so
ftu it?a,v;ii all uiBBases. .-v
Tha itnntn. ..t.. . , ... ...
a i. v?i l" iciir win
i m Buureaaea ur. Wallace Had-
New Ynrlr H. la ala Am. ....... A7'
IC T. 1 1 1 1 1 1 :n i ii . .ii ran i:i .AnAn..
- S " ft" ft l.'.l UHILO CVCI J Uft J
"--i"- jiianinucn as mere is no
rtinrr. fnt Tit tr. .)... . i .
ii i ll. . . ;fu"' ft3ryii,-eB, ana
that h' tr.tnient,ts jjarmleas.we .wouM
tirmntlv ft.A.,,.. .11 , .
ni . -rr r, '""ut-ra who are
ill to test his discovery. We should be
e-lafl to nivi a ftan.w .1
t1 J" especially difficult cases for
........ ... ft--(M7t .any uiiucuic cases ror
publication for the blneflt of others who
.j" puiiiinriy aiuiciea.
of the association were chosen as fot-
iowb: - wiuara u Marks, George A.
Prltchard. A. C. Marsters, Wesley M.
. .iiiitniu w. xoni, miss jLena Mil'
Ier and Miss nnri r,..nn
The fourth annual . banquet of the
Senate, the leading college society, was
held at the Hotel Revere last evening.
The spacious dining room was adorned
-mi mums ana-ivy, together with the
Benate colors, red and white. Sixty-six
covers were laid and the members and
their lady friends enjoyed a sumptuous
spread. The toasts were original and
lively and were interspersed with music.
Jerome and . Sandford LaSelle have
purcnaaea ine Btore Of F. E, Allen ft
Co. and will incorporate under the name
Of LaSelle Bros.. Cn ah..
' . . ..IvTll Will
retain an Interest In the business, but
ma partner, teorge.w. Hochstedtler, will
retire. The nurchnaara ... ft.,. 11 b..
- ft-ftft. -- -.llvlWII
business men owning large prune dryers
"" " ana Vancouver,
Wash. ... ; , .. . .. '
" The countv court vA.t.faft.
. .ftftiftftacftj i t3i HftlftlU
accepted the bid of F. M, Redfleld to re
vise tne present ownership books for
400. -
m Hon. L. Flinn, president of the First
National bank, and a pioneer attorney.
is Very ill With bladder tronhla ..ft -ki.
recovery is doubtful,
jonn Glblln of the St Charlee hotel
has been quite ill, but is recovering.
(Journal Special Service.) .
Walla Walla, Wash.. . March K Tha
senior clasa of Whitman college held
Its first meeting yesterday afternoon.
Charles A. Palmer waa elected , u.a
president and Miss Lenore Bailey, sec
retary. The class decided to wear caps
and gowns as soon aa they could be pro-
liuiou. mb ciass insignia a gold ring
was adopted With "1904" in raised let
ters on the face. A Latin motto was
adopted. ."Viarn lnvenctam ant f.Ki.
The arraduatlnar oina'a thia . .,111
ft ..... ft.ftft -,,. VWH"
slst of six members, H. E. Brown, Marlon
jiees, uert maimer, Misses Alta Cham
bers, Lenore Bailey and Alice Gentry.
The vadelictorlan has- not , been an
nounced .yet. but it will probably be Mr,
Browa "Hea" Brown, as , he is com
monly Called, haa hMn,. 1.
Intercollegiate contests, both athletic
ana aeDating, aurlng his college course.
At the last regular meeting of the
Whitman College Glee club yesterday
it was decided to start a Whitman song
book, in which -should be preserved all
the Whitman songs, words and music
Charles Robinson. '05, was appointed to
begin the compilation. Besides this
another book will be started to contain
a record of the doings of the Glee club
each year. Marlon k. ai haa .h..
of this work. sThe Glee club has Just
reiurnea xrom a successful tour, hav
ing alven concerts at Milton Taniia.
ton, Athena, and Weston, Oregon, and
at uayion. wain., oesides a successful
home concert at Walla Walla Monday
nlaht Th. nli.K JI..I.. .a- ft
ft. -a, ft..,,, UOUUVU IU1 IU UIBOBIia
permanently for the year, as hey desire
to be in readiness to furnish music for
parties and banquet in Walla Walla
- . Dr. Davis' original treatment for VARICOCELE cures by restoring to life'
the diseased and weakened veins, not by destroying them with the knife or
Other destructive methods. Those wh6 are suffering with Varicocele Urethral
Obstructions, Rupture, etc., do not want to be maimed or mutilated by surgery.
Dr. Davis treatment cures, these trouble's without surgery.
. References:; The best banks and leading business men In this city,
...... .... - .-. , -I .. 1. ....'". . ;." ......
Nervous debility, private diseases of any nature, stricture, hydrocele, rupture,
acquired blood poison, kidney and urinary diseases, etc., and all other complica
tions and associated diseases and weaknesses of men. To these maladies alone
we have earnestly devoted the best years of our lives. We make no charge for
private counsel, and give to' each patient a legal contract to hold for our prom
ises. Is it not worth your while to investigate a cure that ha made life anew
to multitude of men T - ' 'i
Correspondence Many case ean be treated Buccessfully 'at home. If it 1
impossible or inconvenient for you to call at our office, write Vor question blank.
Instructive book for men sent free, sealed, on application.
Consultation Free
.. , ..ft ... ...... '-.' ;
Offloe Hour 9 to and T .to t p. m. ' Sunday and Holiday. 10 to 11
The Leading Specialists In the Northwest. Established 1889.
" . " V
Br. r W. Norton Davis & Co.
Portland. Oregon. .. 14SM Sixth St.. Cor. of Alder.
Ob Maxell 13 will remove to Tan Koy
Have been the subject of our study for
year. We understand their action upon
the human-system, and are prepared to
successfully, treat Kidney, Liver and
Stomach trouble, Female Complaints
and Chronlo Disease which American
doctor cannot handle. Nothing but
pure vegetable used. Consultation
880 Bnrnslde gt.. Fortland, Oregon.
lalnlaraalnil mil .Kai.11 k .
' about the wondarful
' makvll Whirling Spray
The new vaataal Sr-taia. lnjrc
turn mi Suction. Beat Saf.
at Moat Convenient.
11 iiaaiaa laataauy.
la MM. a-L. a..
11 ne cannot anpply the
MAtaVKL, aoi-eut no
nt h.ft- hntftani....!..
lllnairated boo-mlri. litfvee
- -' ' .... .iiu iiiin i.iin. 1
alnable to ladlra. MAatktCO.,
ma Biaf., saw IWa.
V For Sale By
wooDiXD, cuaxi m CO
atOWB fc MABTllf Aldrloh Pharmacy.
thi spring. Through the effort of
Nelson F. Cole, manager of the club,
the books show a small balance to the
credit of the organization for the sea
son's work. : . 1 1 ;.' .
WUtman-lhUlmaa Debate.
The annual intercollaa-lara H.h.ta ha.
iwecn w numan , college and Washing
ton Agricultural, college will be held
this year In Walla Walla, a week from
next Saturday. The same question will
be dlrfcussed that Whitman debated with
OWgon, via: "Is the Incorporation of
Labor Unions Desirabler This time
Whitman will uphold the affirmative. In
stead of the negative. She will have
the same team that debated the ques
tion with Oregon, with the exception
that Loul Sutherland, '06, will take
the place of Edward D. Baldwin, 'OS,
who was on the Oregon team, but re
signed from the Pullman debate. Pull
man sends a strong team down thia
year in Hinchcliff. Walter and Early.
Whitman I- confident , of winning.
Brown, who leads the team, has never
lost a debate, and this will be hi sixth
inter-collegiate debate , i ', .
'. ' ;
W ;
iWfifA Cures In UJ
I i 48Hours
.,. Xft J? Itacn Cananta V ' I I fSnJt
i ' - Dear. the nimcie- 1'-011
9 ' Aaun-. . ft,,ftj... '' ill ' eLAf,ti4il
Buildin - . eorner -Third and ia afa....
"A Fight for Life."
"Fighting Disease"
Dr. Lieblg
Only Specialists for Men
EatabUabed ob Paelfl Coast ST
years afo. atlll continue to dire
moat obatlnats, chronlo private
and nervooa dlaeaa-a ef nen,
when all other (all. Lateal
remedies, magnetic enerf 7, Jlgbt, -heat
and salvanlam cure tbe
wwi.i vmwvm la oaix lae uibb aDQ
half the price. Kemarkably aucceaafal cares a I
twinta h MwMtMaaMkfti. A HmnA 1
to men Until ball ever- nlfht, T4 Siith at.,
cor Oak, near P. O. Call or write. Seattle.
Portland aad Baa grandaco. -
. The Great Chinese Doctor
Is called great be
' cause his wonderful
- curee are ao well
known throughout
the United States,
and because so many
?eople age thankfu',
. o him for saving
their live from
He treat any and
all diseases with
powerful Chines
herbs, roots, buds, .ft4 ,..... hi. ft.
'14 1 ft.(ll IftD Cllllft ft I. ft t. ft. ft'
OjftW-i that are entirely un
known to nieaical science In this coun
try, and through the use of these harm
less remedies. - Thia famous doctor know
the action of over 600 different remedies
that he has successfully used in different
diseases. He guarantees to cure catarrh,
asthma, lung troubles, rheumatism, ner
vousness, . stomach, liver, kidneys, fe
male trouble and all private disease.
Hundreds of testimonials. Charge
moderate. Call end see him.
Patients out of , the city writ for
blank and circular. Inclose stamp. Ad
26k Alder street, Portland, Or.. Men
tlon this paper. ,
Permanently Cured bf
. Via. .A. .ftft.ftftft.ft.
eOTfKOtriTBiir, Miaul ty BaM. ttnaH aa
Femaaent Cure, aa an li.iaf Ml.f tn aB
""" Difti., Spl)rpT, flpaama, Bt.vitaa
Danoa, Debility. Hitiauatlon. . 1HmtnA..
nr5 1
N 931 rch St.. PhlUoalnhle.1