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Paul Strain returned to St. Paul from
Chicago this morning, and left lmmedl-
. ately over' the - Northern : Pacific for
, home. He wires that In Chicago he
- uuuim inn mrteii iiuck 01 ciuiuiiiB no
ever, carried In stock, and beginning
with tomorrow there will fee a- slaughter
of price at the Strain stores that will
call forth much of the spare dollars
now in men'a pockets awaiting bargain
i opportunities Mr. Strain la bargain
hunter ' himself, and having succeeded
la ever willing to "shake hands" with
hin customer, letting them In on hi
good fortune. Just now he Is going to
' , "do business" on the murder price plan
for 'a few days, so that clothing buyers
..have a chance for pick-ups that are not
i often met with.
, The Oregon Irrigator, Irrigon, Oregon,
M a dancing, prancing, bounding news
paper,, published in the . liveliest town
on earth. Jrrlgon is the centerpiece of
the modern Garden of Eden being
brought to the attention .of the world
by the Oregon Land & Water company, a
corporation engaged In reclaiming a
Urge tract of the stoneless, stumpless,
Hon soil of Morrow county. The Irri
gon faithfully , portrays the possibili
ties of a region where crops cannot fall,
and weekly tells the world of the prog
ress of the company In watering Its
vast possessions. It is a rattling-good
paper for $1.60 the year. That'a what's
the. matter, ' t
TwoTcTaSsea of student aTTne Colons
' bla university joined In a debate yes--terday
afternoon, tiiUlass D, In the Eng
lish department, argued that the United
States was Justified In Its Interference
In the Panama rebellion, and gained the
decision over class F, which took the
negative aide. Today the second inter
class debate between the two higher
English, classes will be held on .the same
subject - The speakers will be F, Mar
tin, C. Parker and C. A. McKenna for
the affirmative, and L. J. Shell, C. C
Roe and I. E. McNamee on the other
While you wait! We have the only
Goodyear lockstitch machine for repair
ing soles of . shoes In town, no matter
what our would-be imitators state. You
do not have to wait to get your work
done, better sole leather for the prices
we charge and work second to none.
Men's soles sewed on, 60c, 76o and 0c;
heels fixed, J 6c. Ladles'' soles sewed on,
40c and 50c; heels fixed, 20c, Rubber
heels from 8Bc up. We call for and de
liver work free of charge Phone, Main
2081. Yamhill street,, near. Gaa com
pany's office.' Goodyear Shoe Repair Co.
News has been received of the death
of Arthur C. Lawrence, a traveling sales
man for Allen Lewis, He leavea a
wife at Salem. For a number of weeks
he has been In Eastern Oregon and
Idaho. His death occurred at Nampa,
Ida. The body will be brought to Port
land and taken' to bla home at Salem.
Dr. H. J. Talbott, who for a number
of yeara has been paator of the Taylor
-street church.-wHUeave-onMonday" for
Utah to take up hla new work of super
intendent of missions. He will be given
a reception tonight at the church, at
which refreshments will be served and
a musical program rendered.
A farewell reception was given this
week to 8. J. Rome, by the Sunday
school'' of Centenary ' Methodist Episco
pal church. For 14 years Mr. Rome has
-been an earnest worker in the church,
and for the past three years he' has
been superintendent. ' Mr. Rome' goes
from here to Eugene.
Call up Black 1911 for home-cooked
pies, cakes, meats and salads. Fancy
and staple groceries. Open evenings.
Open Sunday 8 a. ro. to 1:S0 p. m., and
S p. m. to 8:80 p. m. Imperial Grocer
and Delicatessen, 428 Washington street
If you need a truss, suspensory band
age or supporter, you will find It to
your Interest and satisfaction, both as to
quality and price, to call on Albert
Bernl, the druggist Second and Wash
ington atrects.
The city council of Mllwaukle has de
cided to maintain some electric lights
for the streets, and have made a con
tract with the Portland General Electrlo
company to put them In. Work Is now
under way.
The name Otto Schumann means that
you need not look farther if you're
hunting for some one to do fine marble,
monumental or granite work. He's next
door to Taylor street church.
If you're an east side resident and
are going to buy something in the jew
elry line, you needn't come farther into
town than 807 Morrison street That's
John A. Beck's place.
Multnomah camp, Woodmen of the
World, will hold an open meeting in
the hall. East Sixth and Alder streets,
at 8 o'clock tonight. A musical enter
tainment will be g'ven. .
A social ball will be given ' by the
Hnffnungs lodge. No. 20, D. H. 8., on
February '28, 1804, at Foresters' hall,
Second and Yamhill streets. 1 Admis
sion, 2B cents.
Send your daughter to Prof. Rtng
ler's Physical Culture school. 209 Alder
street Monday and Thursday, 4 p. ,m.
New term begins March 1 ; 75o per month.
Metropolitan Printing company, 147
Front-street - Brief enough, but our
story does not end there. Bring us
your order and learn the rest
A good hot water bag or fountain
Drs. Adix C& Nortjirup
Nervous and Chronic Diseases
Suite 416, Dekum Building
TO CLOSE 0&T this line we will sell at
prices that are BELOW COST. Bee our
window for prices. ,
'Boerlcllo ,ZL Runyon
303 Washington St., bet 6th and 6th.
syringe Is a handy thing to haye In the
house, but don't get fooled Into buying
a cheap, trashy affair because it is a
bargain, as a leaky water bottle' Is a
nuisance. Be on the safe side and get
a reliable article, one that you can de
pend on, from Albert Bernl, the drug
gist Second and 'Washington. - - -
Vine dayl Buy Meredith's umbrellas.
Repairing and recovering. Two stores
Washington and 8th, Morrison and 6th,
"'.. sfeiMaMsaaftass "
Steamers for The Dalles will leave
Alder-street wharf Hn, dally (except
Sunday). Phono Main 914. ,
' Free Vlavl Health Talks, Thursday,
t:0, Lewis building. Ladles Invited.
Whatever your aliment . may be, Wa
hoo Tonlo will set you right Price 60c.
'The Woman's Exchange, 424 Washing
ton street Bread,, pies, cakes, etc.
, "in Quxszf or ivamrtM."
"The Queen "of Laughter" opens with a
chorus of i tears. This Is only, one of
many surprises In the- new opera pro
duced for the fourth time in Its history
at the Marquam Grand theatre last
night . .The Boatonians planned original
ly to open In the new piece but changed
their minds and put It last on the list
The change was probably fortunate. f but
at the same time the audience was dis
posed to be friendly and to overlook
tnany shortcomings because the piece Is
new. 8. William Brady, the composer,
and Ysabel de Wltte Kaplan, the libret
tist, are both of Cincinnati where the
"Prince of Pllsen" comes from.
The music Is pleasing, and when the
prunlngvhand of the stage director, al
ready visible last night gets In a lit
tle more of Its practical work the piece
may be made to last awhile, although it
Is difficult to believe that the Bostonians
have secured in It anything like a perma
nent success.
Gertrude Zlmmer and Agnes Brown
sang with their customary skill. H. C.
Barnabee' and George Frothlngham In
the comedy parts had to work hard to
make anything of their lines. The rest
Of the company is up to the usual Bos
tonlan standard, which is above the av
erage. The opera is handsomely staged.
"Down by the Sea" plays tonight and
at the matinee tomorrow and last ttme
at Cordray's theatre tomorrow night.
Last season when. "Down by the Sea"
played the Pacino coast cities Mr. Phil
Hunt, the manager of the attraction re
ceived a telegram from Kirk La Shelle,
who owns the play "Arisona," asking
why he had not obtained permission be
fore presenting hla play. Mr. Hunt,
who Is quite a facetious personage, re
plied: "I am playing 'Arisona, but am
also playing New Mexico and Califor
nia." Mr. LaShelle had seen Mr. Hunt's
ad In a dramatic paper, which read:
"Playing Arlsona this week."
The "Olympla Opera Company" comes
to Cordray's theatre next Thursday
night Portland has had but little opera
the past year, and this engagement of a
standard musical organisation at this
time is opportune.
' TH TWO 0MLajri."
So ..many thousands of sympathetic
hearts have followed the adventures and
persecutions of the two orphans, Hen
rietta and Louise, the blind girl, that
their story of misery and suffering
which ends In peace and happiness is a
familiar one in nearly every home. The
Baker company will give a fine produc
tion Of the beautiful play next week
beginning Sunday afternoon, and those
who have aeen It before and those who
have not will And It has all Its old pow
ers and fascination.
The play at the Baker this week is
a very pleasing; comedy, not the loud,
coarse farclM comedy, but of a clear,
high tone that appeals to natures In
telligent and reflnei "The Case of
Rebellious Susan," as the name indi
cates, deals In a humorous way with a
charming young woman called "Sue,"
who became displeased with things In
general, and her husband in particular,
and, to use a common "horsey" expres
sion, "went - over the traces," which
brought' on a whole lot of matrimonial
difficulties difficult to describe but funny
to follow In the play..
BZTtrajr of
Murray and Mack In the new edition
of "A Night on Broadway." which will
be the offering at the Marquam Grand
theatre tonight and tomorrow nights
with popular priced matinee tomorrow,
Saturday. Is .the joint work of three
of our best known writers in the cre
ation of successful musical shows.
When Mr. Campbell writes the book,
Edward Skinner the lyrics and Morton
Kerker the music, one is led to expect
something beyond the ordinary. In this
Instance, one will not be disappointed
In, any particular, for the piece must
be numbered among their best works.
The dialogue Is bright and snappy, scln
tllatlng with the most gracefully witty
repartee, while the situations range from
the supremely ridiculous to the gro
tesque. The' lyrics have a delightful singing
quality, and are written In Mr. Skin
ner's most characteristic hand. The mu
sic is best described by hearing it
No words can do Justice to Mr. Mor
ton Kerker's beautiful songs and cho
ruses, whose, mystic measures set both
tongue andfoot ago. Everybody will
be singing 'The Lasy Little Malty
Jones." "Four Little Red Cross Nurses,"
"The Conversation Song and- Dance,"
"Kitty's Automobile."
Essentially English In , growth, crea
tion and cultivation, little has ever been
seen In America of the rosemary, with
which English gardens are profuse. The
non-appearance of the flower here must
needs excuse the lack of knowledge as
to its partucular beauty. To, have con
structed a romantic drama replete with
pathos' and comedy, climax and denoue
ment hinging on a sprig of rosemary,
stamps Louis N. Parker ss an author
of merit Howard Kyle will present
"Rosemary" at the Marquam Grand the
atre on next Monday night' February
28. Beats are now selling.
-twm omxxt jvnnca."
Dan Sullv as the star of an orlrlnal
and powerful play entitled "The Chlof
Justice," will or seen at the Marquam
Grand theatre next Wednesday and
Thursday nights. March 2 and 8. . The
play is a powerful romance of modern
life; Into which love, ambition, financial
and aoclal rtvalry are skilfully woven by.
the dramatist The character of Hon.
Morgan O'CoiineU. played by Mr.. Bully.
Is e. magnificent example of the integrity
of some of the men who dignify, with
honor and hlh Ideals, the robe of of
fice. ' The aa of scats will open next
Monday morning.
. k o you taxi rem .
tf so, remember the Crystal Tee
. A Storage Co, Phone, East 144,
Chiefly; Personal
j,W. H. "Wlnfree.'a lawyer of Spokane,
ia In tha city. He la a member of the
Arm of Shine A Wlnfree. He was for
merly -a .resident of Portland, having
been associated with the former law
firm of Cox, Teal & Minor here.
Rev. Elwln JU House left this after
noon for Albany, where he will deliver a
lecture this evening In the Congrega
tional church, on "The Wonderland of
A mysterious shooting affair occurred
on the east side at an early hour this
morning. So far, no results of the fusil
lade have been discovered by the police.
The shots' are supposed to have been
fired on Union avenue, between Couch
and Burnslde streets.
. Patrolman Myers reported that he had
heard several shots fired in the vicinity
of the Burkhard building about 2:20
O'clock this .morning, but that no cries
nor groans followed the shooting. The
patrolman stated that he at once went
to the scene, but that he was unable to
discover a clue to the person who was
guilty of disturbing the night echoes.
Patrolman Myers made a thorough In
vestigation of the ' Burkhard building,
but could find nothing that would lead
htm to believe that murder or suicide
had "been committed.
Last week some one fired Into the
home of Hugh Dennlson, corner of East
Stark and Seventh street, and the bul
let nearly struck Mrs. Dennlson, who was
lying on the couch in the sitting room.
Among the documents on file In the
vaults of the Clackamas county record
er's office are a number which are of
great historical Interest and will grow
In value as the years roll on. While
cleaning out the vaulta before recon
structing them recently the documents
were found by F. A. Sleight, the. county
Clerk and recorder. He was In this city
a few days ago conferring with County
Clerk Fields relative to the convention
of clerks and recordera to be held here
in March, and at that time Informed
Chief Deputy Recorder McCord of what
had been found.
Among the documents were two deeds
signed by Dr. John McLoughlin, the
pioneer settler of Oregon, in 1860. An
other was a petition for a road to run
from Columbia slough to the Clackamas
river. This petition was also filed In
the early fifties.
Pointer on Love Making.
If, I smile, and you smile, and I smile
on you.
And you know that I know that you
know that I do,
Then I know that you love me, and you
know It, too,
And you know that my love for you,
love, will be true.
At this Juncture we will stop for
breath long enough to explain that
Bark Tonlo Is the remedy that requires
only four to ten days to cure rheuma
tism. It Is the remedy . that cleanses.
the system of all Impurities, snd that
is equal to the best remedies, and bet
ter than most remedies, for constipa
tion and biliousness. It Is sold by all
druggists at 76 cents per bottle.
Too late to cure a cold after eon
sumption haa fastened its deadly grip on
the lungs. Take Dr. Wood's Norway
Pine Syrup while yet there is time.
Portland's popular family theatre. Evening
prims, 15c, toe, 35o. 40c and 60c. Matinee
Erie, adults, 25c, children 10c. Telephone,
Eaaily the Beat In Town This Week,
Presents Last Season's Bis Success, the Ro
mantic Comedr-Drama.
"Down by the Sea"
Interpreted by a Splendid Company, Including
Matinee Saturday.
Fow wights Next Week, Starting Sunday
- Matinee,
The Brilliant New Ooarady-Drssia,
"Slaves of the Mines"
Elaborate and Complete Special Beenery
Select Company.
Phone. Mala
George L. Baker, Sole Lessee and Manager.
Toalcnt. All Week, Matinee Satordsy.
A bright, deter comedy la three sets by
Prlcea Evening;. BOe, 85c, S5e, 15. Mat
tnee, 38c. lBc. 10c.
Next week, beginning Sunday matinee, Feb.
rnary 28, a special . production of the beautiful
Marquam Grand Theatre
One Night Only. Monday, February 2s.
In Joan Drew and Maude Adams' Famous
Prices Parqnet. $1.50; parquet elrde, St.
Balcony, Hrst 6 rows, 7Bc; last (I rows, BOc.
(iallery. 25c and Kflc. Boies sad loses, $10.
Seata are now selltnc.
Marquam Grand Theatre w-&.tST-
Tonight at S IS o'clock,
In the Mimical Ecstasy.
O People to
Prices $1. 75c, 80c. Sftc, 25c.
romilar-nrlce matinee tomorrow (Saturday)
Adnlta. 50c: children, 25c. Laat performance
tomorrow night.
f SO te 4:10. 10 te 10:M.
140-14 BU1KSIDE.
FRED FRIT7,. Prop. W. U. BROWN, Mgr.
Two shows dally st I sad e. si.
942 48 BURNSIDB.
The ,M Different
Home of Quality
and Worth
Last Day of the Unique
Colonial Sale
ATTOAY'S ran nooi bpb-
Hundreds denoted fey "Colonial
Sals" Cards, scattered" broadcast
throurb the store, do not receive
printed mention. "Bhe" or "he"
who do Beta-day shopplnf hero, to
morrow do best.
Well start with the men aad
eonti&r men la their shopi
White Unlaundered Shirts f
i Price
50c Values for 25c
In big: boys' and little men's sizes,
llVtvto 1. our famous "O. K."
brand, made exclusively for this
RELIABLE house, best 60c
'value made In America, here
Saturday for, each BSo
Boys' and Youths' School
Strong-, stylish, durable; the kind
selected by our expert. shoe man
to withstand the rough and tum
ble usage accorded by the healthy,
strenuous Oregon boys, Box Calf
or Vicl Kid leathers, heavy water
resisting, solid- oak leather soles,
fashionable lasts, dressy, com-
f ortable-and-g rand-wearers. Lit
tle gents sixes 11 to It, II. 71
values for tl.83
SIses 1JH 'to ,. $2.00 values
for 11.43
Sutes to tVi. 92.60 values,
for $1.73
Misses' $2 Shoes $1.48
Very stylish lasts, all the populsr
wanted -leathers, '' heavy, thick
double soles; selected with es
pecial view to their wesr snd wet
resisting qualities, sll latest
styles, slses I to t, usual 12.00
values, for ..11.4
Children's Shoes as Above
Sizes ! to 10 4, fl.75 values,
for R1.08
SIses I to. I, S1.B0 values, for..88o
Women's 75c Union Suits
Of fine ribbed
white Lisle
material, low
necked and
aleeveless, lace
trimmed at
knee, all new,
latest spring
arrivals for
coming warmer
weather wear.
Best 7 Be Com
bination Suits
in our stocks
go on sale
9 Saturday at an
price of BSo
suit, 1
Women's 40c Hosiery Tor
Of splendid
plain black
Lisle, with
high spliced
heels, double
soles and
French toes;
an exceptional
value at 40c
the pair, Sat
urday at Mo
$1.50 Colored Dress Goods
$1.19 yd.
Dress Goods Annex, Tlret floor.
Saturday's offering should and will
bring a crowd of ' Dress Goods
buyers to this store.. Such values
cannot tall; B6.-incb all-wool plain
and fancy Suitings in novelty
Tweeds. Portland Woolen Mls
goods are Included; also new
Tweed. Imported fabrics in mix
tures, the . most desirable and
called for fabric for making up
the new Tailored Suits for
Spring .wear. Regular 11.60 a
" yard goods. . Saturday at . . , .91,19
l . 7c;?- rim
14 Hours'
Into 1 0 Tomorrow!
Thla Is "DIFFERENT STORE" yeu know, where) humanity supplant avarles,
and we're content to close the doors when the day is done at 0 p. nvvry busi
ness day of the year, Saturday Included, and send our hundreds . of ; fagged . helpers
homo for their evening recreation and Sabbath preparatory duties. WE'VE BEEN
STORMED) BESIEGED, AT TIMES BLOCKADED the paat week. Wo know there
would be crowds and prepared for big ones. Yet customers come In such overwhelm
Ing numbers that ther were times we could not servo them as promptly' and well as
we wished. Saturday's offerings are among the best of the week. 14 hours' selling
will bo crowded into 10. We meet the conditions heroically and you'll profit splendidly
by doing Saturday buying here, the
Last Day of the Colossal "Colonial Sale''
To effect quick clearance of a lot of thla splendid tableware we offer the
following special eductions for Saturday patrons. All handsomely deco
rated In beautiful floral designs of natural colors and heavy gold:
Plates, 8 K -Inch sice, $4.75 value, the dosen 93.19
Plates, 7 K-lnch size, $3.40 value, the doten 93.55
Tea Cups and Saucers, $4.80 value, the dosen ...93.60
Coffee Cups and Saucers, 6.00 value, the dozen 94.50
Sauce Plates, $2.60 value, the dosen.. 91-89
Salad Bowls, Si-lnch sice, $1.00 value, each 75e
Cake Plates, $4 -Inch size, 75c value, each BSo
Chop Trays, -HH-lnch size, $1.60 value, each , 91410
Covered Sugar and Creamer, per pair, $1.40 value, for 91.05
Salad Trays, 13-lnch size, $1.35 value, -for 91.00
Berry Bowls, with f fruit saucera, $2.00 per act, special at 91.69
Ladies Kerchief Bargains
What woman has handkerchiefs
cnounh7 Few will answer "I
have" when such temptations as
this dangle from the bargain tree
to be had for the plucking. Kill
up the handkerchief boxes Satur
day for a less tbsn usual price.
Dainty, aheer, pure linen hand
kerchiefs with embroidered Ini
tials In full assortment of wanted
letters, the usual 35c values on
Saturday for, each S3 a
Wonderful Lace Counter
Values such as these
fill the Lace store
when they're an
nounced. Better come
down during the
morning hours for
your pick of these
really out-of-the-erdlnary
Saturday only we of
fer Chiffon Ap
pliques in vslues up
to $1.00 a yard at a
choice for, yard, 89c.
And values up to $1.50 a yard, at,
yard , 79o
Ladies' 75c Belts 28c
A lot of attractive, values, Just the
wanted kinds, good aasortment.
10c Imported Castile Soap 5c
Genuine Spanish Sosp from the
land of the don, of purest quality,
white Imported Castile.
Children's 35c Pocketbooks 19c
Combination Pocketbooks In all
the popular wanted leathers In de
sirable, stylish colors.
25c Box Bone Hair Pins 15c
In shell color, plain, square, round '
or crimped tops. One dozen in box.
2 Big Specials in Domestic
Crepe Amures 2Qc a yd.
2,000 yards in the offering, 36 inches
wide, half wool with all the ap
pearance td eye and touch, with
same delicate finish as costly
dress fabrics. In splendid assort
ment of colorings embracing royal,
navy, light and dark shades of
grey, 'brown, tan, cardinal and
black. . On SaturOsy only, for the
closing Colonial Sale bargain In
this section we offer this excep
tional value st, yard 900
25c Piques for 17c yd.
With cotton prices soar In 'mid the
clouds, traveling among the-fr
away planets, higher than In SO
'-; previous years, mince the civil wart
.1 made the vetting of it almost lm-
possible, a cotton bargain Is a
, rara-avls. But, here's filer for
Saturday, too . yards of heavy
; white Pique in 2-stx cord, sure
1 to be popular the coming season
for the dainty summer dresses,
- skirts and waists. Saturday only.
our IBo quality at, the ysrd..l7e
pe JhL ,nltial
I I ancr
yAp A chiefs
Selling CrowM
Haviland China
Regular Prices
Lively Times on
2d Floor
ciosnro kotos or m co-
This ts positive. Saturday night
closea the selling of books for 9
months, so far as this store Is con
cerned. No book event ever equal
ed this February Book Sale In acope,
price rejjge or money savings. It
is an occasion that every family
library, every public library, school
or church library, every society or
individual can substantially profit by
aa never before and perhaps never
again, and It ends Saturday at clos
ing time 4 p. m.
Saturday night the books evacu
ate for nine months go ''back to
the tall timber" and this store will
have no more book shop until the
new ones arrive next December,
millinery Is pouring In a per
fect inundation of gorgeous and
dainty beauty. VMM ZuLST BAT Or
BATtTBOAT. No more book news,
after that for nine months to come.
The last news Is the beet. We In
augurate Saturday TXB MOST
Or BOOKS ever conducted by any
bouse on the Pacific coast
COST! No time to spsre to enumer
ate here.
Matchless BOOK BARGAINS for
Matchless BOOK BARGAINS for
Matchless BOOK BARGAINS for
Sunday schools. '
Matchless BOOK BARGAINS - for
Matchless BOOK BARGAINS for
book lovers of every sort
ING OF GOOD BOOKS, and all la
Just to show the trend of bar
gains, we append mention of sam
ple bargains:
$160 Copyrighted Books (expired)
for only eao
60c Books for women readers, pop
ular novels, etc....... 9So
Webster's $$.B0 Dictionaries. 91-09
Famous (0c I lent y Books for boys
for only , 3 to
The Pearl Li'orary, selected writ
ings of famous Csmbrldge 35c
Classics 13o
Famous Gilt-Top Books, writings
of American authors. 1 6c books.,
for only .Ho
10c Books for............ 17o
Ladies' $5.50 Petticoats $3.87
"Kisses' rettlooats" Kolfls Carai
' val la the Aaaex.,, ,
Saturday we place n a bargain
counter In our busy annex (second '
floor) a Tot of black mercerised
satin snd Italian cloth Pettlcoetm
trimmed with deep Spanish
flounce, hemstitched or knife
plaiting ruffles;., a high-grade
(trend value, Pettlroat, at regular
price of $8.60 at a special price
of . . ..,....,.93.97
II ftrPT&g q Sale
Largest "Daylisht
Store" in the N.W.
Fifth and Washing
ton Streets
lliU? Hurrv tn
fQptfr- - aawa s j - w
Art Shop -
Thoroughfare V
Aisle, 2d Floor
$2 Cushion Tops 50c
In ecru tints of grass linen mate
rial, with plain backs of same, :
and hemstitched border at top
and back:; usual $2.00 values
Special on Saturday only- at,
each . . Boo
Last Day of "Colonial Sale"
on 3rd Floor
Cooking Ranges and Stoves
are the Best Known American
Make. That's why they're
Special Clearance Sale of
All .reduced. Lowest prices
Saturday quoted by any house
on the Pacific Coast for equally
RELIABLE values.
Go to 4th Floor Saturday
Two BlevatoreV" ersoaeJly T Oea,-7
dacted by Courteous Attemdaat
. Bouut Trip Tickets Free.
Special sale of Brass and Enam
eled Beds snd Blankets, new 1104
Baby Go-Carts and Carriages on
this floor, new Lace Curtains and
Rugs. The Olds, Wortman King
Sewing; Machines.
Special Sale of Pillows
$3.75 Values for $2.50
All feather-tilled, soft and downy
Pillows, that rest tlo weary
heads, covers are of the beet
aatln Saturday only, the best
$t.TI values are reduced to a spe
cial price of .99.80
t Seeoaul Floe.
Will You Pay Price for
A Coat for Your
Little CM?
Or maybe she's a "big" 14-year-old
girl but It makes n difference.-wo--Include
all ages and all our child
ren's coats In this offering, 9 years
to 14 years.
Any ChUd'a Coat in thU
Store, on Saturday.
Only, at Price
Short Coats, were $7 up, now $3.80 ap
Xioag Ooate, were $7.80 up to l$8.
now- 93.78 up to. .. 917.80
Every coat included, none reserved
or omitted.
Short Coats are In following mate
rials: Coverts. Zibelines, Fancy ,
Frleses, Cheviots and Imported
Novelty Fabrics. Colors Includ
Reds. Blues, Tans, Greens and
Browns. They are stylish in cut,
box back or the popular Norfolk
styles with belt, all attractively
trimmed with ' velvet and 'pip
ings ........ .,.'. M
Xonf Coats are of Cheviots. Zlhe
, lines. Coverts. Meltons. Novelty.
i ' Mixtures and Fri. handsomely
trimmed In braid end button ef-
, fects. and smart military tyls.
Colors tnclufle Tans, Wn, Own,
Browns, fil and Novelty Mi-
'-tures. In Import fabrics. H.ime
have smsrt military eftff itt
all the ffp(tive trlmtnlntts ' I
dental, to th nvne-r nl
x Others er cut wi'li 1 h.
hack. I'i ! that I
to $35. on Sir-.v '' ! f
C3.?5trC!r.r:j .