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'Straggle for Control Appears Inevitable at ; To
night's Meeting of the County Central Com:
mittec Rival Factions Evenly Balanced
' The hopes of an amicable adjustment
' Of the difference! between the two ele-
, menta In tbe Democratic county central
committee seem doomed to disappoint
ment. The committee is to meet at S
-o'clock this evening In the Mining ex
change. Chamber of Commerce building,
and the Indications . point to a stormy
session. A fight for control, between
tbe conservative element, headed by the
chairman, Alex. Sweek, and the more
radical faction,- led by Newton McCoy,
George H. .Thomas and I T. Peery,
seems to be. Inevitable. The conserva
tive faction includes in Us ranks Gov
ernor Chamberlain, Judge Bellinger and
many others - of thsTyrominent t Demo
crats of the city.
The Immediate Issue Is the question
whether the nomination of delegates to
the county convention - shall; be In - the
hands of the executive committer which
Is controlled by . the McCoy-Thomas,
Peery wing, or whether It shall be han
dled by the general committee, in which
. the conservatives are supposed to be in
the majority. Upon the determination
of this question will depend the control
of the convention. . , : ' '
. The conservatives believe that . they
. have majority of four or five in . the
general committee, and it Is quite pos
sible that they may attempt to put
through a. resolution abolishing the ex
ecutive committee. The reason for such
action lies in the provision of the elec
tion i laws which vests the - "managing
committee" of any political party with
the right to nominate! delegates to be
voted for at the primaries. , The mem
bers of the. executive committee claim
that their body is clearly tbe managing
committee of the Democratic party in
this county, and that they have there
fore the sole right to make the nomina
tions, although they have, called for
recommendations from the various pre
cincts. To avoid any legal question that
might be raised, it has been proposed by
jsome of the conservatives that the ex-
'ecutrve committee be abolished, thereby
leaving the general committee as the
managing committee. - it tbe necessary
.number of votes can be secured, this
will probably be dona.
Tbe conservatives say that they would
be quite willing to leave the nomination ,
of delegates to the Democrat of the
city and county, if they can be assured
of a general expression of the party's
choice. To this end they would be satis
fled to have the nominations made in
ward meetings. ; But they object to the
plan advocated by the executive com
mittee, of calling primary meetings to
make "recommendations," on the ground
that in many precincts where Democrats
are few the meetings would not be at
tended and no -recommendations - would
be" medewltlirtbjr result" that the se
lection of nominees would . be left en
tirely, to -the executive committee. "They
argue that this would result In the nom
ination of adherents . of r the McCoy-Thomas-Feery
faction, which would thus
gain control of the convention.:
The conservatives assert that If they
are victorious in tonight's meeting it
wlH mean that the nomination of dele
gates ' will be left to the Democratic
voters, who .win choose for themselves
the men to represent them. . They think
that the majority of the Democrats of
Multnomah county are in sympathy with
them, rather than with the rival fac
tion. -. , ,
. The McCoy-Thomas-Peery faction ac
cuses Chairman Bweek of ' being se
cretly In favor of fusion with the Simon
Republicans, a charge which he has re
peatedly and , emphatically denied, and
they contend that he and his adherents
should not be Intrusted with, the man
agement of the Democratic campaign.
But Sweek has put . himself on record
so plainly as opposed' to fusion, and has
so consistently advocated a straight
parly ticket, . that the accusation finds
little credence. --.r . ...
There appears to be nothing In ' the
election laws to prevent the removal of
the executive committee,. If a majority
of the general committee see fit to do it.
and the breach between the two factions
has become so wide that such summary
action is quite prooaDie 11 tne con
servatives can muster the votes. "
Two-, years ago Alex Bweek was
elected chairman of the general commit
tee by a voce of 14 to 2. and his friends
assert that the majority of the com
mlttee is still with him. Peery and
his allies Insist, however, that when it
comes to a showdown tney wiu oe
found to have the upper hand.
nw ma ajto pvrvouta oasx-
rxs COTOCXL ajt xmtobtamt
One of the, most elaborate weddings
mf tbe season was celebrated at the
Portland ; hotel ; last night. Miss May
KqKlfland,' daughter, of Theodore Bern
he lot of Portland, was the bride, and
Philip L Jacoby of San Francisco,' the
groom. The wedding took place In the
large parlor, 'which ,was transformed by
palms, flowers and lights into .a bower.
The f our pillars which-eupport the cen
tral arch of the room were wound with
ropes of smllax. and about them were
banked palms and clusters ' of stately
caster lilies.; Midway between the pil
lars were pyramids of pink and white
azaleas, crowned with," crystal vases
from which drooped long stemmed
American Beauty roses. From these
pyramids, white satin ribbons were fes
tooned to the nUlara on either side,
where they were held In place by huge
bunches of pink and white Maman
Cochet roses. . At the, end of the aisle
thus formed, in the alcove, was a canopy
of smllax studded with tiny electric
lights. At the front of the canopy
white doves held in their beaks white
ribbons which fell gracefully to the pil
lars on either side. The background of
palms, and ferns was interspersed with
callas and , caster lilies. The mantles
were banked with ferns and American
Beauty roses, while the mirrors on
either side reflected .the-graceful ar
rangement of palms and lilies.
To the' wedding music from Lohengrin,-
the bridal party entered, the two
bridesmaids, Miss May . Batchelor and
Miss Fay Lavenson coming first, then
the maid Of honor. Miss Koshland, the
little - ring-bearer, Helen Abrahamson.
the bride leaning on the arm of her
father,, followed by Mrs. L N. Jacoby
and Helen Cohn, mother and Uncle of
1 believe that every street that ex
tends fo the river should be provided
with a concrete bulkhead. I am will
ing to vote the money" Councilman A.
K. Bentlev.
. T?roperty owners are now paying 40
mills tax on 10 per cent investments.
Next year it will be more. Ne matter
what we want that 40 mills is staring
us In the face. I've got to skirmish
around myself, and pay $1,800 in taxes
within a few days." Executive Commit
teeman William Flledner.
"1 wish I could say as much. Mr.
During the consideration of the new
fire and' bulldlhg ordinance bill this
morning by the special committee that
has been drafting It, Councilman Bent
ley and- Mr. Fleidner put themselves on
record In a short Informal debate The
councilman went so far as to state that
everything, possible should be done by
the. city to protect Its streets, andHhs
executive committeeman stated his op
position to what he considered needless
expense. '
The special -committee was in session
two hours this ' morning and - succeeded
In checking over about half of the new
bill.- The final meeting will be held Sat
urday morning at 10:10 o'clock. Chair
man Bentley stated that he desired to
present the bill to the council next Wed
nesday evening. The bill Is lengthy and
covers the ground of 60 ordinances now
in effect : The committee has been at
work on it for over six months. ' Every
thlng pertaining to building .construc
tion, fire protection and the fire limits Is
defined. No changes of Importance were
suggested at .today's meeting.' Several
architects and building contractors were
in' ' attendance. A communication . was
read from W. H. Gordon, suggesting that
the ordinance be made as complete as
During the argument regarding bulk
heads, Mr. Flledner declared there were
other things of vital importance that
should not be overlooked. ''Why, we
can't even find room for our new Areboat,
which we paid 140.000 for," he said.
"Talk about the city protecting its
streets. Some of you gentlemen may
not know it, but the Jefferson street de
pot belongs to the city of Portland. But
the loss of the site to the city cannot
be blamed on any one party. A Repub
lican legislature gave it away and a
Democratic Judge confirmed the gift.
We have the privilege to land our boat,
but no place to keep it." '
Th members of the special committee
which drafted the bill are: Chairman,
A. K. Bentley, council; William Flledner,
executive board; J. P. Sharkey, council;
W. K. Roberts, fire marshal; W. C El
liott,, city engineer..
maxes Txnruova -mr x-bom
the groom, Mrs. Bernhelra and Isidore
Bernhelm, mother and brother of (the
bride. The bride was met by the groom
and best man. Julius Bernstein of San
Francisco.' Rev. David , Levins' per
formed the ceremony. -
The bride wore a gown of white mes
saline silk, simple In design, with i
tucked yoke and garnitures of point
applique, rose point, and pearl a The
skirt was shirred soft and full, with
trimmings of folds and chiffon niching.
The soft flowing outer sleeve was sup
plemented by an Inner one of chiffon
mousquetalre style. Her tulle veil was
held in place by orange blossoms and
her bouquet was of orange blossoms
and lilies of the valley.
Tbe maid of honor, Miss Koshland,
wore a becoming gown of pink tulle,
while the bridesmaids were gowned
alike in pink organdie. The little ring
bearer, Helen Abrahamson, wore a fluffy
white organdie frock. The bride's
mother wore a handsome gown of black
chiffon crepe, over white silk, and the
groom's mother was attired In black
satin with garnitures of Jet. Mrs. Hugo
Abrahamson of San Francisco wore a
gown of champagne colored chiffon
cloth, trimmed elaborately. In point lace.
After the ceremony dinner was served
in the large dining room. Covers Were
laid for 70 guests. The table decora
tions were Jonquils, daffodils and ferns.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacoby will reside in San
'The out of town guests fer the wed'
ding are: . Mr. Kaspare Cohn of Los
Angeles, Mrs. I. N. Jacoby, Mrs. Hugo
Abrahamson, Helen Abrahamson,' Mr.
Julius Brownstein and Mr. N. Kauffman
of San Francisco, Mr. Samuel Frauen-
thal and Miss Newberger of Seattle..
jurTEB una unaATxow nr cotra-
xzs orrosmov to covbtt
The scene of one of the hardest con
tested legal ; battles witnessed In th
county for years has been transferred
from th county to the state circuit
court. Notice of. appeal from the de
cision of County Judge Webster was
filed today by Bronaugn Bronaugh,
counsel -for C H. Buell, who Is endeav
oring to prevent a county road . being
laid out in the Trmontaddltloa The
transcript on appeal Is a bulky docu
ment containing a copy Of oil th trans.
actions In the county court from Aug
ust 19, 1903, to February 4, 1904. i.
James F. Hugglns and Others ' peti
tioned for the road and Judge. Webster
appointed viewers. They reported fa
vorably, saying the proposed road would
cut off an eighth of a mile and connect
Corvallls and Tremont additions. Buell
then came forward as remonstrant, de
claring that Hugglns did not care to see
the road built as a matter of public
utility, but because he has a store lo
cated at what would be its terminus.
He averred that the proposed highway
would confiscate nine-tenths of an acre
Of his own property worth $500, and cut
off one and three-quarters acres from
the main tract causing blm damage in
the amount of 11,000. '.
The viewers Investigated -the charges
and reported that such a road '-would
not damage Buell property in the least
After months of litigation - the court
overruled a motion to quash proceed
ings and ordered the road built From
this order, issued on last February 4,
an appeal Is now taken to the state
circuit court -
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Four hours after - reaching Tillamook
light the British ' bark Thistlebank,
which arrived In port last evening) was
safely anchored at Astoria. Captain
Parry, commander of the bark, says at
6 o'clock in the morning he was abreast
Tillamook light and two hours later' a
pilot was aboard and a tugboat along-
ide. . At 10:30 o'clock the bar had been
crossed and the vessel was lying in the
still waters of the Columbia.
It Is believed by marine men that this
is one of the best records that has been
made in recent years. Usually during
the winter season a ship has to beat
around on the outside several days be
fore she is reached by a tugboat
The Thistlebank brought a general
cargo from Antwerp, a portion of which
was discharged at Los Angeles. . The
shipment for Portland amounts to 1,400
tons, and consists principally of cement
glass, pig iron, whluky and beer. It is
being discharged at the foot of Pine
street ' . .t
Just before Cape Horn was reached
J. Williams, the cook, died suddenly
of heart disease, . and his body was
burled at sea.
In speaking of the passage. Captain
Parry this morning said:
"W left Antwerp on July 21, 190S.
Coming down the English channel con
trary winds were encountered. - We
cleared th Scllly islands on the seventh
day out' Ther were favorable' winds
to and through ' the northeast trades,
losing the latter in 24 degrees north and
28 degree west longitude; light to
strong solthwest monsoons td ; the
equator, which was crossed on. the
thirty-second day out
"Then ther were favorable southeast
trades to 25 degrees south, followed by
northeast to north winds to the river
Platte, South America, to Staten islands
strong west and southwest winds, and
we experienced great difficulty getting
south and west We rounded Cape St
Johns, Staten Island, on September 26,
after being 65 days out From that date
until November 9 continuous gales were
experienced, two or three of them being
particularly severe. We were nearly
60 days going from 50 degrees south in
the Atlantic to 60 degrees south in the
Pacific, during which time some of our
principal sails were lost We had un
favorable winds to 82 degrees south,
when fine weather was once more ex
perienced and carried until our arrival
at Port Los Angeles on January 2. We
left the California port on February 4,
and made the passage up the coast to
Astoria in Just 18 days."
The Thistlebank Is not ohartered.
Members of the class of 1900 of the
law department of the TTnlvri
Oregon have called a meeting of the
member of the Multnomah county bar
to take suitable action regarding the
death of Charles McOlnn Jr, who died
yesterday in Los Angeles, Cal. The
meeting will be held at 9:30 a. m n.
morrow in Judge Fraser's division No. 1,
or tne state circuit court
Mr. and Mr. MofJInn tuft 1jm An.
geles this morning with the body of
their son. Th funeral will tak rla
in this city probably next Monday after
noon. . i
Senator Taliaferro pronounces his
name as "Tolllver." Still, this Is no
mnr. rbn""' tv voounelng Senator
Delcrtca "Not guilty." .
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