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All at T extremely
low prices, New'
Shipment just in. ;
For Spring sre here.
Patterns delivered
promptly. Phone '
your order.
Union 891.
g of " New Spraig Goods in
all- Departments ,
, 1. SPORTY STRANGER Hist, Mr. Mark, dls
Is on dt quiet, eeej I'm ds manager of do
."Southwark Slugger," an' I'm goln' ter havs him
pull off a fight to a finish to-night wld do
"Gloucester Gouger" over at Farmer Rldorhood'a
barn. Do tickets cost twenty-five plunks.
MR. E. Z. By Jovel Just the thing I I'm go
ing to havs a aporting friend of mine down to
night I'll take two tickets. '
3. 8P0RTING FRIEND (that evening) Geo
whiz, E. Z., these roads of yours out hsre are
nothing but ditches and mudholes.
MR. E. Z. Forjjet It, old man! Forget Itl Think
of. what you are going to aee. Forward! "On
to Rlderhood'a barn" Is our motto.
zobt is or rsoauBS abb wiu
Work of loading lumber Into the hold
of the transport Buford, lying at the
Eastern . and Western mill, was begun
yesterday afternoon shortly after the
vessel's arrival in the harbor. Gangs
are working at three hatches and it is
estimated that they will handle about
150.000 feet of lumber a day... At this
rate the cargo will be aboard within the
next week or 10 days.
Great stacks of lumber have been
plied along the outer edge of the dock
and so arranged that it can be handled
with .more than ordinary rapidity. Al
though never before used ss a lumber
carrier, the Buford has all the latest
improvements for taking on freight of
every description. The powerful der
ricks with which she Is equipped are
being operated wlt.i regular precision
conveying the unwieldly timbers into
her expansive hold. Men stand on the
dock adjusting chains to a collection of
boards and no sooner has their work
been completed than they are swung
out over a hatch and swiftly lowered to
the depths below, where another force
of longshoremen Is ready to receive
and stow them away where they belong.
All yesterday afternoon and today a
steady stream of the products of Ore
gon's forests has been pouring down
through the steamer's hatches.
Best Grade of Lumber.
The lumber is of the very best grade,
as the government will accept no other
kind. An expert Inspector is on the
scene to represent the Interests of
Uncle 6am, and ses that he gets the
best that the soil and sawmills are
capable of producing. But before being
placed on the dock the lumber was care
fully culled by competent mill men, and
it Is very probable that a very small
quantity. If any. of It will be rejected.
The shipment consists of rough boards.
Mil WIV UTBUU uu iicavj IUUUOI1
of varlcus dimensions, snd Is to be used
principally for making government im
provements In the harbor at Manila.
Capt. Jesse M. Baker, local disbursing
Quartermaster, says it is not definitely
known yet whother any marines will be
taken from Portland to the Philippines or
not. He asserts that the. 600 who were
'reported coming here to take passage
may come In accordance with the first
arrangements made, or it Is possible
that they will go to San Francisco and
be taken by the Buford from that point.
"It Is possible," he concluded, "that
the transport will not carry any marines
at all on this trip. At any rate nothing
Is known about the matter locally."
WU1 BaU Abort March. 10.-
On the other hand Capt A. P. Berry,
transport quartermaster, stated posi
tively yesterday afternoon that the
Buford would return to San Francisco,
where arrangements had been completed
for her t? take on board (00 marines
vviuro yrwwuiui m uii -raiuppines. 15 y
the time the amount of lumber which
the government is desirous of loading
her with here., he said. Is all on It Is
probable that the vessel wUl be draw
ing -24 or 26 feet of water. That is
about ajl she can draw and jtet ou of
the river with safely, he thought, and
for that reason It had been, concluded
tu return down the coast and pick up the
marines at the Bay City. He also stated
that.' the transport is due to sail from
San Francisco for Manila on or about
'iMirch'10., v...--, .....;:.
Although not so large as the D!, the
, Buford is rated among the best In the
service. She was built In 1899, at Bel
' fat, Ireland, and for several years was
operated .by the North-Atlantic Trans
purtatio'a company; under the' name of
. 2. MR. E. 21 Yes, and I have got one of the
finest , trests fin store for you I have two tickets
for fight that la to take place to-night In a barn
about two miles from hers. It's going to be a
swell affair. We will have to walk there so as
not to attraot attention.
SPORTING FRIEND Why, you are a brick,
eld man. I'd walk ten miles to ses a good go.
4. TARMER RIDER HOOD What yer mean
by wakln' respsctable folks up this hour of the
nlghtr Come to see the prize fight what la goln'
ter take place In my barnf A fight In MY barn,
and me the 8herlff of the county? I'll Just givs
yer three minutes ter get off thle place or I'll ar
rest yer fer trespass.
Because he visited a baker's wagon
filled with doughnut while hungry, lit
tle 10-year-old Charles Hooper IS Under
arrest on the charge of larceny. Other
boys are known by the police to have
had a hand In the doughnuts' abduction,
and Deputy District Attorney Adams
has decided not to try the case until
The chamber of commerce today sent
a telegram to the Columbia river ar
pilots at Astoria as follows: "Seeing
bar reported smooth, cannot you make
special efforts to get Dlx out In view of
general shipping Interest?"
the steamship Mississippi. During the
Spanish-American war the government
purchased the company's entire line,
comprising what is now known as' the
Thomas, the Jogan. the Sherman, the
Sheridan, the Kllpalrlck and the Bu
ford. The tatter's dimensions are:
Length, 370.8 feet; beam, 42.2 feet and
depth of hold 26.(1 feet She Is of 2.621
net registered tons and 6,040 gross. Her
dead weight carrying capacity is about
7,600 tons.
The steamer has accommodations for
carrying 1,020 troops. Between decks
there are two large mess halls and the
same number of troop quarters, one of
the latter being forward and the other
aft Five hundred men can be seated In
the mess halls at one time. The trans
port not having been in active commission-
for . about It months, the troop
quarters present a somewhat neglected
appearance, but will likely be put In
Urst-claBS condition before the start la
made for the Orient
A letter- was -received - this morning
by Charles Hammarin. local agent of
the Seamen's union, stating that three
of the sailors who were rescued at II
waco the other day from the ship
wrecked schooner Frank W. Howes sre
in bed ill at that place, and In need
of funds.
The sailors belong to the union snd
are entitled to ISO apiece on account of
being shipwrecked. Mr. Hammarin will
investigate their cases, and if they are
in good standing In the union he will
forward them the amount to which they
are entitled. At present the men are
being cared for by the proprietor of a
' Three - deep-water vessels and one
coaster arrived In port yesterday. They
werXthe government transport Buford.
the -Thlstlebank, La Bray re and the
steamer Prentiss. The fatter got into
the harbor at It o'clock, coming from
San Francisco in ballast. Today she
Is taking- on a shipment of grain st the
Albina dock for the return trip; she
will also carry a deckload of lumber.
"The ' schooner Repeat cleared this
morning for he Bay City wtth 480.T50
feet of lumber. ' This afternoon the
schooner Commerce Is expected to clear
with a lumber cargo for Manila. She
received the shipment at the Eastern
and Western mllL .
J " Preferred Stock Canned Goods.
I Allen c Lewis' Beit Brand, ,
the other lads are arrested. . The, wagon
belonged to the Imperial bakery, 681
Savier street, and was standing near the
shop when the raid was made. The rob
bery was reported to the police about 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon, and it Is
said that at least 60 cents' worth of
doughnuts disappeared from the wagon,
The Dlx has been held at Astoria for
the past two days owing to the rough
condition of the bar. She is the govern
ment transport which has Just finished
loading a cargo of forage and lumber
here for the Philippines.
While en route up the river yesterday
afternoon from Astoria the French bark
La Bruyere was chartered by the North
western Warehouse company to load
grain at Portland for the United King
dom at 20s.
The bark was out 212 days from New-castle-on-Tyne,
and by reason of her
long passage lost a good charter, which
is said to have been 24s 6d. With the
chartering of La Bruyere there la only
one vessel now remaining In port on
the disengaged list, snd that Is the
Thts'clebank, which arrived yesterday
afternoon. Those under charter for
grain loading are the Red Rock. Mar
chal de Turenne, La Fontaine, Magda
lene, Armen and Verclngetorlx. This
is a larger number than the combined
engaged fleet of Puget sound snd San
Francisco, and once more shows that
Portland is shead of any grain shipping
port on the Pacific coast
La Bruyere's long passags was
mainly due to contrary winds and se
ven storms. After leaving Newcastle
with -a general cargo she went to her
home .port of Cherbourg, France, in or
der to add to the mileage and receive
a larger bounty from the government
From there the voyage was resumed,
and nothing of consequence occurred
until Cape Horn was almost reached.
The vessel ran Into s gale of great se
verity, and a battle with the waves
commenced. Nearly all the sails were
stripped from the yards and the fore
topgallant mast was carried away. By
good ses&nanship the bark was made to
weather the storm,, and escaped with no
other serious damage. A small leak
was sprung In the hull, however, bat
this was soon patched up, and caused no
trouble. f ,
It was decided to change the vessel's
course, and abandon the Cape Horn
route. Accordingly she was headed for
the Cape of , Good Hope, and the bounty
was' again added to very . materially.
No .further incident of note happened
until the mouth of the 'Columbia river
was. reached. Arriving there a big gale
was raging, and the bark was driven
almost, to Cape Flattery. She fought
her way down the coast, and again, was
blown far to the northward. For 17
days she ws beating- around off the
mouth of the river before a tugboat bad
located faac. ' , ' .
Corset Cover
Style of cut,
four rows of lace
Insertion up and
down front, lace
trimmed about
neck. ,
88S 98.
1.08, $1.38,
jowrv Sly!e-of
Cut 98c
Toke of nar
row tucks; neck,
yoke and cuffs
trimmed with
Mtislin Drawers
19. 25e 39, 49.
68, 88.
Drawers 39c
Style of cut very neatly trimmed
with tucks and wide lace.
Muslin Skirts
Skirt $1.48
Same as cut, made wtth two
l-lnch flounces, each trimmed with
two rows lace Insertion and one
row lace edging.
fl.OO, $1.25, $1.35, $1.50.
Flannelette Wrap
pers at 8 St:
About 7t Wrappers In the lot.
every one Is good pattern, well
made and good atyle.
: Earl Cider and Verne Leisure were
srrested this morning by Detective
Hartman for breaking into the cigar and
candy store of i. H. Pardons. I6SV
First street. Tuesday night and taking
aeveral dollars in small change, 200
stamps and several hundred photograph
coupons. Cider, who is but years old.
had nearly 12 in nickels and $2 worth
of stamps on him when placed under
arrest. He told the detective that Lei
sure, who Is but 12 years of age, gave
him the money. Leisure told the officer
that he had nothing to do with the af
fair. It ts supposed that the young boys
waited around Jhe store until they saw
Parsons lock np his establishment and
then one of them broke In while the
other stood Outside to warn his com
panion If' some one was seen to ap
proach. The younger boy said that he
had acted as watchman, while Leisure
broke into the store and helped himself
to pennies, ' nickels and coupons. When
the raid had been made the boys divided
the spoils. When arrested young Lei
sure did not have any small change JU
his pockets. ..
.When the youthful cracksmen were
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brought before Municipal Judge Hogue
' morning ne case was poatponea
until next Saturday. The boys were or
dered to the Boys' and Girls' Aid society
until the day for their trial.
Lieut-CoL Frank : Taylor. Nineteenth
United States Infantry, stationed at Se
attle, who was designated In general or
der Issued February 16 to inspect the
organised mllitl of the stats of Oregon,
Is In the city. He Is en route to Wood
burn, -where he will Inspect tonight
company I, Third Infantry. From there
he will continue his Inspection tour to
thi! different towns- of the state having
militia organisations aa designated in
the orders.
From Pacific Building Record. Seattle.
ne wis tna tart exposition at
Portland Is no frost, and It behoov
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Waahinaten 'to mttt in tin. Th tt
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