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Tha Alumni association of Portland
high school ; has, about 'completed ar
rangements for the reception to be
given the Febuary . class next Friday
evening at Parsons' halt ' Tha -class has
about30 members. alL.of whom will at
; tend. The program commences at 8
o'clock and Is as follows: Address of
weleome, by Fred' K. . McCarver, presi
dent of the alumni; response, by the
: president 'of the' class; piano duet, the
Misses Ballln; recitation, Mies Claudia
' Lynn; ocal solo, Miss Luela Barton;
recitation, Mies Raye- Plllsbury; selec
tion, the Central School Glee club; ad
dress to. the graduates, R. F... Robinson,
county superintendent of schools; selec
tion, the Central School ; Glee ' club.
- AfteF the conclusion of tha program re
freshments will be served, during which
: time there will be selections on "ths
phonograph. Games will take up the re
malnder of the evening. The society has
s voted Prof. J, Tt Gregg;, principal of the
Central school, a letter of thanks for
; his " thoughtfulness In sending a checV
for $2.50 to be used to the best inter
ests of the association.
After waiting several hours in a dark
room and listening to a strange grating
noise made by an Inmate of the next
apartment, Sergeant Carpenter and Pa
trolman ReBlng captured a "peeper" In
stead of a bold, bad thief. The officers
were sent to the Burlington . lodging
. house early last - Friday i evening, the
proprietor having reported to the police
. department that some one was attempt
ing to break through a. door between
two rooms.' The police captured George
Logan, a negro, who said he was em
ployed at the Boston dental: parlors.
After undergoing a hot questioning by
the officers Logan admitted that he was
trying to : open .the ; door : Just wide
enough to peep In to see who- was occu
pying the next room. Logan was told
to get out and "got." " ;
In a suit filed in the circuit court to
recover $7,600 damages, to which is
added $340 as wages, Thomas Hansen
declares , that tha Portland Lumber
company Is responsible 'for Injuries he
received last September while In their
employ. He accuses - the company of
negligence In putting him; an unskilled
man, at w.Crk with machinery to handle
logs In company with another employe,
M. Gclott, who is said to have known-as
little about its workings as did the
plaintiff, though, as he 'alleges,, such
fact was well known to the members of
the firm. His right leg and left thigh
were broken. ;
This will' be "a, great week ' at the
White Corner, Socond.1 Yamhill , aad
Third streets. This sprightly general
store carries tha largest stock of goods
In its line in Oregon, but thelslaughter
' that began' there today ought to quickly
reduce it . to one of the smallest. It
-actually -neprna-- Incredible thatflrst
class. goods; can be sold so cheaplyas
Is denoted by tha prices quoted In Sat
urday's advertisement, yet the fact re
mains that the "statements of the store
are true, At this great carnival it
would seem that every family .in Port
land would lay in a supply of goods
sufficient to last it for a year.
' A tired and hungry horse was foxind
at the corner of Kast Main and Forty
third streets yesterday afternoon by a
Mr. Sprague, who,, after unhitching the
animal and feeding It, reported his find
to the police department. The horse
was hitched to a buckboard and ap
peared to nave been driven quite a long
, distance. Several persons residing near
where the horse was found report that
the horse was driven up to the corner
where he was found by a boy who ap
peared to bo about 1$ years old. 'The
boy walked rapidly away after. he left
the rig. . . : -.:'--
' - Sumner post No. 21, Q.'a. R.. is plan
ning to observe the anniversary of Lin
coln's birthday, next Saturday evening,
by holding exercises In the Second Bap
tist church, . East 8eventh and Kast
A nken y streets. The following program
lias been arranged: i CoL ' D. B. Bush,
president of the evening; address,. Rev.
8. C. Lapham; oration, . -Wallace Mc
Camant; music, Veteran Male Double
quartet; solo, Mrs. E. 8. Miller, assisted
by the church choir', violin solo, Mrs..
Groves; reading- of ' Lincoln's favorite
poem, Prof. M. I Pratt
'-Suit was filed In the state circuit court
this morning by Jonas P. Westman, as
guardian of David Westman, a minor,
to recover $25,000 damages from the
Wind, River Lumber company for In
juries received on September $4 last.
The boy 1 II years old. It is recounted
that while working as oiler at Cascade
Locks the boy was drawn into a pulley
and maimed. The company Is alleged
to have negligently permitted a board on
a platform on which the boy stood when
the accident occurred to become loose.
While working In a logging camp, near
Barton, Or., H. Bosch last Friday had
- his foot crushed by getting It Jammed
, between ' two heavy logs. : He ,- was
brought, to Portland Friday evening and
was taken to the St. Vincent's hospital.
After an examination, It was seen, that
, the Injured foot wpuld have to bo ampu
tated. This operation was performed
-' late that night,' the foot being taken off
just above tha ankle. : Bosch is now
resting easy, and It fa expected that he
will soon be able to return to his home.
The" suit of Edward Lewis' against
Chief of Police Hunt to recover dam
v ages for. false imprisonment has ; re
,) suited In the city treasury being de
pleted in the amount of $323. Lewis was
. accused pf murdering Max Calof.and
Drs Adix&Nqrthrup
Nervous md Chronic Diseases
Suit 416, Dmkum Building
Detestable Catarrh
Is Cured
gutckly nnd painlessly by the great
. & 8. Homeopathic Catarrh Powders,
sold at Boerlcke & Runyon'a, 80S Wash
ington, between Fifth and .Sixth.
We Will Give $1,000
For any remedy ever discovered so per
fectly effective. THEY HAVK NOT AN
in an is not born that ever saw their
like. Sample free. . ..' '
proved his Innocence. The judgment
was for $50, and with costs and at
torneys' fees reached $323. The city
council voted the amount of the judg
ment and Chief Hunt has settled.
The suit of 1 the Ames Mercantile
company to recover $176 from A. N.
Wright on an assignment from Rlcnard
Martin was to have been heard on ap
peal from , the justice court this morn
ing by Judge Sears. Owing to the ab
sence of the defendant's, attorneys it
was postponed until 2 o'clock this after
noon. 4 Tho amount Is claimed as dua on
two sets of plans for a building. The
defendant won in the lower court.- ' 1
The chamber of commerce has re
ceived a letter from the London Corn
Trade association, London, England,
saying it had adopted the standard on
samples of the chamber for the 1903
cereal crops of Oregon, Washington and
Idaho as follows: Walla Walla, crop of
1903. red .walla Walla, blue stem and
Oregon barley. )
Steam engineers tnassmeelIng"4-Ther
will be a jnassmeeling of all the steam
engineers' of this city, regardless of
affiliation, at Engineers' hall, 49 First
street, Monday; February? 8, 1904, at
7:45 p. m. Business of importance to
all. Engineers, be there. , By order of
committee. ,
Though we are always busy we are
never' ao busy we can't do just a little
more.- Even If you have to wait you
Would find v it , worth ; while, as our
marble, granite and monumental work
can't be beaten. Otto Schumann, next
door to Taylor street church, :.
,.K--;r,-, ;-, -n r ;:v Jvv-.:
The Detroit board-of commerce has
sent to tha Portland chamber of com
merce a report and resolutions adopted
by it in advocacy of a new commercial
treaty between the United Btates and
Canada, Concurrent action is requested
by the Portland chamber.
v Mrs Margaret-C. Souls died Sunday
morning at her residence, 287 Twelfth
street, at the age of 86 years. She,
with her husband, Henry Souls, was an
early pioneer. There are but two near
relatives living here, William H, and
.Ada T. Souls, ..w';.1 v';..
"Be sure you're' right then go ahead."
We're quite sure our printing Is the
right, kind hence ;our; telling you no.
Metropolitan Printing .. company, 147
Front street. Pleasing is our long suit,
- People who buy Judiciously buy their
jewelry at John A. Beck's, 207 Morri
son, near Front street. He has every
thing in febat" line at money-saving
prices. !'', , ,
' There are a great many printing firms
in town, but you can always rely on us
for fine printing.- Peaslee Bros." Co.,
Sherlock building. . . . V
' Fine flay! BuyMeVedith's umbrellas.
Repairing and recovering. Two stores
Washington and 6th, lorrlaon and Mb.
- Steamers for The Dalles will tears
Alder-street wharf 7 am. dally (except
Sunday),-Phone Main J14- T-
t Valentines. Large assortment, artistic
and comic. Jones book Store, 291- Al
der' street.,,'. '..:.' u.-. .,, ,.
I' E. H. Moorehouse ft Co., at Seventh
and Alder. Telephone Main 1343. ' .
The four-story brick building on Front
near Couch, is for rent,.
8. IL Qruber, lawyer, 617 Com'cl. Elk.
Chiefly Personal
. D L. Keyt. a -prominent Perrydale
merchant, is registered at the Perkins.
George T. Prather, - a real ;- estate
dealer of Hood River, is In Portland. .
T. C. Taylor, receiver of tho First
National bank at Pendleton, is in the
Col. Donald B. Olson of he National
Guard, Washington, is visiting. In the
city. Colonel Olson resides in Seattle.
County Judge , Webster left the city
Saturday morning for Drewsey, in the
eastern part of the state, where he will
remain for a week, he town is about
100 miles from rail or telegraph.
A. D. Short and H. I. Watson of
Seattle are at the Portland and will be
In the city for a few days.. Mr. Watson
recently became proprietor of the
Rainier Grand hotel in the Puget sound
metropolis and Mr. Short Is associated
with him in the venture. ' i.
General Passenger Agent A. L. Craig
of the O. R. & N. will return this even
ing from the east, after an absence of
several weeks. Mr. Craig has been In
attendance at the St Louis meeting of
the Transcontinental Passenger asso
ciation and later visited Chicago during
the meeting of the Transcontinental
Freight association. 1 v
-' -v. - , , ., , . v, ,. ':j j ; , -
. Major, W. C. Langfitt has sent the
following explanatory note to the rep
resentatlves of the various steamboat
companies operating vessels on th
Willamette and Columbia rivers:
; By act of congress ? approved FeV
ruary ; 21,sP1891, , it is ' provided that
"owners, agents, masters and clerks of
vessels arriving at or departing from lo
calities, where works of river and har
bor Improvements are carried on, shall
furnish, on application of person In local
charge of the works, a comprehensive
statement : of . vessels; , passengers,
freight. and tonnage.", .
I have -therefore to request that at
your earliest convenience you will send
me a detailed statement on the blank
form herewith Inclosed of the freight
and passengers transported by boats in
your charge during tha year ending De
cember 31, 1902. This statement Is re
quired for use in preparing the annual
report Upon works of river and harbor
Improvement In my charge. ., , , .,
' The resident French consul,. C. Henri
Labbe, reports 16 vessels in Portland In
1903 with a gross-tonnage of 37,674.9$
tons, or Z 1,1 3 6. 46 net ton register.
These Include the Jollet, which did not
come up the Columbia, but remained at
Astoria. ' 1 ' : '; 'I'
Of the vessels already In harbor at
the beginning of 1903 together with
those coming ; during the year.' there
were I !0, whose total crews numbered
498 men, Of these, 60 men, or It per
cent, deserted here. ' - :JA - i-
In 1902 there were, in all, 16 ves
sels in port here with a, total of 397
men In their crews. Of these 64 de
serted, or 1$. per cent. -
Preferred Stock Canned Oooda,
Allen Lewis' Best Brand.
George NoeY alias George Lewis,, in
cused of theft, is said by the police to
have escaped punishment for former of
fenses by being committed to. the In
sane asylum.,
' Noe, who is 58 years of age, was ar
rested - by Patrolman William Oarr
last Thursday. He will be tried in the
police court tomorrow.- . . ;
For mor'e than a week Detectives Day,
Welner and Hartmap have, been- trying
to catch the man, who, has been robbing
hotels. The thief's scheme was to rent
a room at a hotel or lodging-house. He
carried a telescope valise, and when he
left in the morning usually had it filled
with plunder, most of it clothing.
. The police 4hlnk that in Noe they have
the offender. The photograph repro
duced here was taken at Seattle, where
Lewis was arrested December 17, 1902, by
Detectives Kennedy and Byrnes. He had
done work simitar to that which he is
charged with In this city and the de
tectives in Seattle had almost given' up
hope of catching him, so clever was he
In covering his tracks. He is a native of
New Tork and a baker by trade.
He was Identified by Detective Day. The
detectives learned that Noe had pawned
some- clothing under the name of Lewis.
This sounded familiar to Day, and he
hunted through the rogues' gallery until
he found the likeness. However, the
prison Is now smooth shaved and at
first denied his identity. Finally he ad
mitted that the detective was right.
When arrested by Patrolman Carr,
Lewis has in his possession a telescope
valise, containing a quantity of clothing
and an overcoat. Identified as the prop
erty of H. ' Stenntck, a timber cruiser,
who is staying at the St Charles hotel.
unanes J. wnyoer or tne seiiwooa no
te! charges the theft of a quantity of
clothing and, a pair of shoes from ' that
hotel to the telescope thief. A- watch
chain and charm stolen from D. M.-Leabo
have been recovered by the detectives
from a pawn ,shop, and -another crime
charged to Noe Is the theft of an over
coat belonging to C. A. Peacock In the
Palmer house on Alder street.
Lewis says he was discharged from
the Sale asylum but two weeks ago, and
came here from Cottage Grove the Sun
day before his arrest. - . ' ' -
'''Blue Grass of Old Kentucky" con
cerns the Uvea of John Brand and his
bride of a year. The husband Is con
fronted by, a flame of his youthful days
when wild oacs were plentiful,' and the
latter, instigated by a new and un
scrupulous lover, attempts to extort
blackmail with some letters which she
had retained, One of these is given
to the wife to poison her mind, and
the scheme -works oat through the fol
lowing scenes until the villain kills the
woman who had .risked so much for
him.- The whltecaps are Incited to be
lieve that Brand is the murderer and
attempts to lynch him. The last act
show the man at home defending his
life, until a witness to the murder ap
pears and brands the villain as tha mur
derer. Jessie Shirley was ever tha trusting
Mrs. Brand. George D. McQuarrle ably
portrayed the John Brand. Miss L.
Odell Relse made a : splendid Mrs. De
Wit Raymond. Tom B. Loftus handled
the difficult part of Col. Nicholas De
cauter, the breezy, chivalrous southern
lawyer, "with consummate skill. Miss
Meta Marsky as Lydla Brand is a
pleasing ingenue, and k Miss . ' Laura
Adams appears to advantage in the
character of "Aunt Dinah."
"Blue Grass of Old Kentucky will
continue at Cordrays theater until
Thursday evening, when It will be re
plaoed by- "Doris," which will bo the
bill until Sunday. :
There is no very complicated plot in
"Jane,", for it ia a simple, and from that
reason, a very (Interesting story, but
the actions pf George Alison, as Charles
Shacklton, who makes a compact with
the pretty housemaid, Jane, to hoodwink
his uncle Michael Kershaw, are furiously
laughable. The maid is induced to bor
row a baby and palm It off as her own.
This Is little- 1-year-old Verney Whip
ple, who exhibited the least signs of
f right . when : left alone on the stage.
Jane is really secretly married to an
other servant ' in the house, and ' her
compact .with. Shackleton brings this
husband to a highly amusing state of
jealousy and peevishness.
George Alison made a splendid Charley
Shackleton, and Esther Lyon Is irre
presslbly funny as the maid Jane. Ben
nett Southard and petite Ora Waldrop
made a lively and captivating pair of
juveniles. William Dills is an excel
lent character actor, and his Impersona
tion' of Kershaw, the old man, adds to
his reputation. "Jane" will be the bill
at the Baker theatre for he rest of, the
Week, ::'; :ii i'.'.';."..". , ,
' ' ''; i'i:t'
- vmm rouAxs'i noon xyx.
! It was good bye with the lads and
lassies of the Ppllard Lilliputian Opera
company at the; Empire theatre . last
night, and the house was filled to. see
the last performance of "A -Gaiety
Girl." -Perhaps it was a Utl aentl-
The "Different "
v" Store.' '
Home of Quality
and Worth
A Store of Wonderful :
Achievement Y
I No such continuous value-giving has ever been known as the people of
this shopping community have participated in here during the past six weeks.
What other store could make such quality economies, possible? Read an
nouncement todayof budding fashions for 1904 Springtime Wonderful valr
lies go to make up another matchless bargain week. ,' ; - ,
The Beauteous Bud Has Dlossomed
Harbiitger of Spring's First Show
ings of the New Spring Styles in
:1904 Tailored
Suits -:.V:
, -.
' Every lata feature embraced by tha new season's style makers, in every
smart and wanted material for present and Spring wear. We have examples
of all 4n our opening showing this week, and, as promised, shown srmultane-
) ously with the same styles, on the same day as the leading eastern; fashion
stores. Simple elegance and unaffected grace are tha attributes' Of beauty
as the Grecians .saw it. Probably no modern dress period is so marked as
that of 1830. The' sloping shoulders, the graceful curves at the waist and
.the ample folds of the skirt all attest to that. The new Spring Suits of
which we now make first showing, are identified by those features a resur
rection of the Attest The suits are mostly in walking length. The fabrics
which enjoy greatest favor are cheviots, , worsteds and mixtures in blues,
blacks, grays and tans. The grays are especially attractive and include a
number of the popular J3pring shadings. Prices are modest as the neatest
gray S2S up. The military effects come in for the lion's share of popular
' favor among the swagger dressers. Wide braid effects predominate for trim
mings. The novelty Jeweled buttons are a striking feature in the trimming
effects., :v'.- v -, ', , tv ; ':' ,
A Word as to Our Fitters
We employ custom fitters, the most expert on the coast They come to
us with the very best experience in fitting custom garments. This fact in
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Our search for Spring Novelties
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St. Valentine's Coming
Only a week away; you may hear the rumble of his auto wheels al
ready, if you'll listen to your hearts. The clarion ring of his trumpet
sends a thrill thro millions of sensitive hearts that await his knocking tor
entrance soon. Portland belles and beaux will find here the only assort
ment of VALENTINES in the city that contain darts sharpened by Cupid
himself warranted to bring down a victim at every twang of his bow. Of
course, you girls are taking every proper advantage of leap year. In each
-and every one of the love tokens displayed in profusion thro', our first
floor Stationery 'Aisle, lies concealed a Cupid's dart, warranted to bring
down the stolldest woman-hater that cumbers fair Oregon's map. They
meet the favor of our "Grand Toung Man" at Washington and every other
good American who sides with our "President Teddy" in domestic ideas.
3c to $3.50
. '.: -No
"Komlcs,' but dainty lace missives with silken trimmings that bind
in bonds too strong to break. New shapes and fancies 25c, 33c, 49c, 75c,
S1.00 and along in rabbit Jumps to (3.60. . ;
CARD VALENTINES, fancifully boxed, c, 4c,. 6c, c, '8o, 10c, 16c, to
2 So each. ': ' .
mental, but when a number of .the
youngsters came out among the audi
ence a great many of the ladies gave
them motherly kisses.
, The little people gave a magnificent
performance. The play is a musical
comedy and went with a vim and dash
that is rarely displayed by adult pro
fessionals. Daphne Pollard as Lady
Virginia Forrest waa bright Teddy
McNamara created a splendid impression
In his portrayal of Corporal Lance, with
Highland costume and dialect He sang
"Please Go 'Way and Let Me Sleep,"
assisted by Fred Pollard, hidden away
among the audience and received a dosen
encores. '
Perhaps the best actor among the
boys is Oscar Helnti, who appeared as
Sir Lewla Gray, Judge of the divorce
court, . .
This may be the last visit of the
children to thls'eountry. as, after play
ing a few m6re of the northwestern
cities they leave for Australia.
The Arcade's new program wilt open
today. Blsonette and Newman present
a brilliant spectacle in their electrical
act. Rose Depew Is an Oriental dancer
whose charms will datsle, and the other
acts are of especial merit
"The Mummy and the Humming Bird"
the play that Paul Gilmore will pre
sent at the Marquam Grand theatre to
night and tomorrow nlghc The "Hum
ming Bird" la a human parasite, a but
terfly, who hovers about the beautiful
Lady Lumley and seeks to enmesh ber
In his web. Jack Lumley the "Mummy"
is the husband, whose love is of the
eternal quality, and how he manages
to extricate her from the meshes Is the
charm of the play. Paul Gilmore ap
pears as Lord Lumley, and the com
pany engaged by Manager Jules Murry
to support him is of exceptional ability.
The produotlon is Identical with the
Mew York and London productions.
.' San Francisco may safely be styled
the Paris of America,", said. Leo Frlede,
with a shake of his head as he recalled
his recent trip to the gay metropolis
of the Pacific coast "Everyone,appeara
to be vying with everybody else to see
who can make the finest display , in
the matter of clothes, and men, women
and children parade-the streets at all
hours of the day and night In purple and
fine linen. - ' -.v ' . , t,.-
. "It ia a'relief to get back to Portland
and away from a town where nearly
everyone plays' the lottery and you can't
go into a hotel or restaurant without
overhearing groups of men talking
about the day's racing. " ' !
."San Francisco Is affected by- too
much prosperity. A great many of, its
people have made, money by recent real
state booms and' they are getting rid
has been inclusive and-thorough.. This
of it spending it in dress, late suppers,
theatres and such, to the sacrifice and
neglect of domestic Hie and the home.
"In business life this condition of af
fairs is felt You cannot pick up a
dally paper without learning of the de
falcation of some person in a responsi
ble position, due to an effort to live up
to the pace which this town of good
fellows has set
"I have been in nearly every city of
importance in the world, and with the
exception of Paris, I belle vol San Fran
cisco has them all beaten in the matter
of extravagance. People who . have
traveled will' bear me out in my state
ments when I say that San Francisco
has for a number of years been noted
for the extravagance with which the
residents of the Golden Gate -city dress,
but that It is growing more marked."
Mr. Frlede is prominent among Port
land's business men and capitalists. Of
the war situation he says the only indi
cation of expected hostilities apparent
In San Francisco was one shipment of
canned meats that passed through the
city while he was there..
''Of the outcome of the' war," toe said,
"1 can only state my opinion. I am
afraid the Jap is conceited and has
overestimated his strength. He is
brave, but when he attempts to whip a
nation three times as strong aa his own
he Is liable to run up against something
hard. -1 have been in Japan and know
that its defenses are strong, but I have
also been in Russia and I know some
thing of its people and its reputation as
a fighter. Unless some other nation in
tervenes Japan will be wiped off the
face of the earth. Russia la a nation
able to maintain its own people, while
Japan barely has a day's food supply
ahead. The little brown man's war
with China I'm afraid swelled his head
a trifle."
Marquam GrandTheatre 3
Tonight anil tomorrow night, at 8:15 o'clock,
tb eltTer roung Amerlrsn actor,
.' AUi ILM0EI,
fn John Drew's famous mhwm,
' Hrieea Psrqnet, t.60; parquet circle, 11.00,
Balcony, Brat 6 rowa,' 75c; feat S. 50c. Gal-k-rr,
86e and 85c. Box and loges, (10.
Beat! bow aclllnf. Phone. Main M.
Madame Lillian Blauvelt
r. ",v- sorxAjra
.x. ' .' ' direction" of : :
ygZZZ Feb. 10, 8:15
Lower floor ....(2.00
Balcony, Drat three rowa ..........Il.tW
1'elconr, aorond Ibrco rowa .$1.00
Ha Irony. Uat alx row ........THc
(iallorj .....7(o and ftoo
Koxm and logcs- ....................... .12.B0
When You Want the
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prices are our pronounced characteristics, and so our business never lan-,
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New Spring
Silks and Dress Goods
A grand showing of the 1904 Silks, so comprehensive that It em
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Pacifio Slope. Among them are satin "liberty taffetas, pailette de , soles.
Cheney Bros.' foulards, illuminated nubb novelties in neat, stripes) and
checks, neat dots, neat checks, embroidered dots on small check grounds,
Persian and Dolly Varden patterns, etc.. etc. these will all be . on show
Monday In Annex, and they have to be - eeen to be fully appreciated,- so .
from Monday on to the end you are cordially Invited . to look, over our
Silks, tot you will And nothing but new down-to-date Silks at the lowest
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First Showing and Sale New 1 904
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rv" r , ".. . . Annex Tint rioor. -
V'.-', J .- ; ..:). .' -
Sl-inch to 64-lneli Tweeds, in heather mixtures, mibbed ant Illuminated,
neat, invisible shepherd checks, and stripes, also fine line of fine
tailor suitings for shirtwaist suits and tailored suits. These are. tha .
very latest styles; ranging in price from, yard .......... 60o to SSL80
it to 6-lnch Brllllantines and Sicilians in, plain colors, also a large assort
. ment of fancy weaves in neat effects, come In cream, champagne, pon
. gee tan, pink, light blue, tobao, Havana and aeal brown, reseda, royal
and navy blue, cardinal, garnet, wine and myrtle, ranging - in price
. , -from, yard ..,..,..,,,,.. ............ .&Oo to S3.7S
38 to 4-inch all-wool and silk and. wool Crepe de Paris and Crepe de Chene.
in all evening and staple shades for dressy, swell gowns, you will
find this the most popular fabrto shown this season, at, ,
yard . . ,'. .SjlK), $1.8S and S1.SO
3( lo 62-inch Etamines. in Voiles, twine, voiles, erepe voiles, crepe lace
Voiles and mistrals, .in every conceivable shade, ranging from,
yard .t. . .- .s...60o to S3J0
J 8 to 62-Inch Wool Crashes, Panama Canvas, Basket Weaves, Sharkskins,
Granite Cloths, ' Hardo, Arm u res, etc., etc., in every wanted popular
color, ranging from ............. ..........,............60o to Sl.75
46 to 64-lnch all-wool Venetians and Broadcloths, the latter in the heavy,
medium ana ugnt weignts. in every, wanted color, at -
e-cv,, e-vu, fi-w, i.ov tu eJ-w
Cream all-wool fabrics, silk and wool, pure mohair, silk warp mohairs,
crepe 4e Pairs, poplin da rhene, crepe Egyptia, albatross, . brilliantine,
Sicilian, and a large selection of novelty weaves, ranging from.
yard ..... OOo to $3.50
50c Needlework Art Pieces 5c
' ' Art Shop geooad Ploor Thoroughfare Aisle.
Point lace and Battenburg patterns in Dollies. Center Pieces, Scarfs, Tie
Ends, Cushion Covers, Handkerchiefs, Collars, Boleros, Dress and Hair
urnaments ror an aorta or braids
60c choice this week, each.
New Millinery
Many of the new spring fancies for the 1904 season are here for early
buyers and those contemplating southern tours. ,
'Hats for every requirement have" been given careful consideration.
From the varied collection we show you will find hata to go, with, every
smart eostume. New Gage Hats have arrived.
Now Open
' Between Washington and Alder " .
Cordrar A Ruaarll, Uanagar. .
PortUnd Popular Kb rally Theatre,
rassza muiT
And Bar Oraat Com put af Plarara, :
, Tonight, Tucaday, WnlwadaJ
- nlrhta in '
Thuraday, Friday, Saturday matlnc and
naht, Mia Shirley will prcaont Robert Drou
tt'a aplendid comrdy-draroa, .
- -i - . DOXIS
Great cast and approiirlato arenfe affacta lor
rtch play. Price at naual at thla theatre. ,
Oaorc Ik Baker, Sole Laaaee and Wanatvr, '.
All tbia week, matinee Ratwrday aod Sunday,
A tcreamlng farce- comedy In three acta. ,
Preaeoted ty the Baker - Theatr t'oniixmy.
EreninsV 50c, 36, SOc, Vk; atatlneva, tx-,
15c,- Ulc. , - - . ,
, Neat week. Henrietta CYoaman Teralua ut
"Muttrote U.'t . - ,.,.,....,
Largest "Daylight
Store" la the N.W.
Fifth and Washins
.'. ton Streets '
ana wheel work regular values to
. Bo
for Business
:S0 4:80. 7:8 to 10:10.
140-148 BTHHSIDB.
i'REO FRITZ, Prop, W. U. B ROWS', Mgr.
Two ahow dally at 3 and S p. m.
IDISOH TEBAT8H Faat Bide, 3o3
Barnslde. Kattnad VaadavUla.
For Ladles, Oantlemen and t'hIMrcn -
Orand Opening, Saturday tMgiat, JiJ-j
p. ta.
. ELAXlKfTBHOf-. ,
' COXCKBT . ICvTlt 1 . N1',UT.
jtiZZli LUii.'-diDi -