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; f
, An unsuccessful attempt was made
lust tiijrht, by a party' of Mitchell Re
publicans, to rupture a meeting- in the
Tenth ward, railed bjnthjf Simon faction
for the purpose of organising a Roose-
., veil flub. The invaders finally -wtth-
f drew tu an Hdjninitig -building, where
i' they organised a Roosevelt club of thejr
I own. t " . . i ' i .'
f' Before, they withdrew, th Mitchell
' , roll and become- member of the 'new
l Hnoeevell club, (ormed by, Uidr oppo
, nants, but it was brand of, Roosevelt
. ' Republicanism that , did not milt their
J " view and the Invitation was' rejected." t
i; - The Simon Republican 'met in' MW
; slsslppi Avenue .hall and the proceedings
j , were well under way before the enemy
"' arrived. The -constitution and. by-law.
, were adopted and the following resotuj
.. . tions went .through with a, whoop , !
" "Resolved. That we. Uia ' Republican
- votej-H f the Tenth' ward of 'the city
of Portland, express . our .5 Unbounded
confiderce In tho ability. Integrity and
, unselfish patilotlsm of Theodore Roosa
t velt, president of the United Statea, and
pledge to him the hearty aupport of the
h delegation to the national Republican
," t convention from the state of Oregon. ;
"Resolved further, That we believe
. 1 President Roosevelt t6 be the unanimous
choice of the Republicans of the state
T of Oregon for the office -he" "now holds,
'. and that for any faction or iet of men
' within the party to claim to be the only
persons In whose hands his political
fortune trusted. Is an unwar
, ranted assumption which, the facts do
'. not nutHln. Fidelity to the party. In the
!t pat should be the standard of meaa
li urettfent for its agents today."
-' ---- If tw-Oomers Befos to Jola.-' -
I ' - Fcaity to the sentiment of these reso
lutions was made a condition of mem-
',. bershlp, .and while-those present were
signing the toll the Mitchell Republi
cans, about 45 strong, and headed by E.
' B. Elliott, a brother of the city engi
neer, and Alex Donaldson, superintend
; ent of street cleaning, arrived on the
J scene. A number of the party, it Is said,
are not residents of, the Tenth ward,
and Donaldson lives in East Fortland,
r about three miles away. '
.,. The Invaders discovered that they had
como too late. Donaldson was invited to
Join the new club, but declined. ' -
f "Aren't you a Roosevelt Republican?"
i he was asked. : . . ,
, "I don't want to Join any hatched-up
, organisation," retorted tho street-clean-.'.
Ing superintendent. t-
Elliott and Donaldson Anally with-
drew with their forces, 1 leaving the
. Simon Republicans in possession of the
" field. , The latter proceeded to complete
their organization, electing J. B. fDddy
, president, M. E. Thompson, vlce-presl-
dent, ar.d L. A, Whltcomb, secretary.
Brief addresses by Major Kennedy, C.
!. H. Glos, J. B. Eddy and -others were re
". celvod with, great .enthusiasm. , ,,, .
Mitchsll I Indorsed. t .
.Meanwhile the Mitchell party had re
palrtMl to the engine house next doo
- where they proceeded to. form a rival
Rooavelt eluW which should be-'-'duli
. . -branded. with the Mitchell totem. Reso
lutions were adopted . which , fairly
Izsitid with ' loyalty to Roosevelt and
, Senator Mitchell was Indorsed and com
,' mended. : Officers were elected as, fol
low rV J. Poddicord, president!! N.
t Reed, secretary; C. W, Oliver, treasurer;
.11. W. Ooddarii. vice-president -at-large;
. K Br EUiott. jvlce-presldent of precinct
! v64; A. Tfoung,1 vice-president of precinct
SB; J T. Watson, vice-president of .pre
,'' i-lnct 5fi; M. H. Carter, vlee-presldent'of
; precinct 87, and J. T, Tlndell, vlce-presl-;
Oent of precinct S8. ' The executive com
1 mlltfco consists of 8. J. Duckworth, Dan
; ' Hart J. flhoup, J. H. Clayton and George
B. Tucker.
Each club has announced that It will
' hold a meeting next Wednesday even
.lug in Mississippi Avenue hall. The
'.Slmr.n Republicans say, however, that
, . they have engaged the hall, so that their
..rivals will be obliged to' hunt another
place, " ' . '
- ..M, "" 7, t , ,
There was a large attendance of inter
' -etpd fathers and mothers, at the par
enta"' meeting held in tha Lents school
'house last night. The principal speak
,,'ers wore County School Superintendent
; . Robinson, Prof. D. A. Grout of the Park
.school and Mrs. L. It Addl ton. Prin
cipal Bwope. assisted by several of Uie
f -ladles ' in the district, conducted the
-'"meeting-, Mr. Robinson quite' thor
oughly explained the progress of edu
cational methods in the schools of Mult
t uomfth county. - - i , ,
Tlie . ladies' and children's pleasure
"each week visit to the Arcade Thea-
' - . -"'-, W.II.I.HI..I .IT in r li in'
:A Helping Hand Extended to Many
- Old People in Portland.
, Be considerate of the aged; lend them
,g helping hand. - ,, r
Make Ufa easy for them. - v
' The infirmities of age are many.
, Most -old people have a bad back.
The kidneys .are weak!
Are worn out with years of work.
i BHCkache makes days of misery;
... Vrinary troubles, nights of unrest.
. There's a ray of sunshine for the
..Iged. :
, , Doan' Kidney Pills will make Ufa
.easier.- .
i They are doing so for old and young-.
. Portland people are learning this.
s , Many are testifying to it. ,,,
' Kad the following local endorsement :
i , Mis, J. V. Kennedy, 70 years old, who
:, resides at 780 Corbett street, says: "I
, have been afflicted with kidney trouble
.for thirty years and for the past twenty
rars I have never been entirely free
rum It in soma form or other. I suf
fered terribly from backache and could
'hiirdly stoop over and get up again.
.Trouble from the kidney secretions ex
isted. At times I was greatly bloated,
my feet swelled to twice their natural
ise and I was seldom without a plas
' ler on tify hack to ease the pain. I doc
tored a great deal and lined more medi
cines than any one person f-ould carry.
I had read so much about Doan's Kid
ney Pills that 1 concluded to give them
i trial and arot 4 box 'at the Lu-Davts
.IV-ug Go.'s store, corner of Yamhill and
Third streets. I was a, good subject,
with a case of such long standing, and
I thought if they helped me I could
i tafely recommend them to other., I
used them faithfully and the results
pie snlf(MtrjMrr every way; Doan's
Kidney Pills are a wonder. They aid me
' mm e good than any other remedy I ever
' l'or , sale by all dealer. Price 15o
Tentw. flailed by Foster-Milburn Co..
P'lffolo, N. V., role a gems, .for the
L tiltort states, ' i
Ktmember the (name Doan's and
i other , . - ., A '. -
' . '' '' ' '
'' 'It '"0."' .
v jfeDvVARD a. van houten.
The cadet captain and adjutant of the
III1J Millta.r.V academy Is Edward Van
Houten, Besides .bflng 'a prominent
member 6f hls.class Mr. Van Houten was
captain , of . the . Hill 4 military football
eleyen . last season and distinguished
himself ort the gridiron. ' .
"It is high time' said President Swl
tfert of the 'Port Of Portland commis
sion, this morning, "that the public and
commercial bodies of this city were
waking up to the fact that congress
should pass a river and harbor appro
priation bill, The future prospects of
this port ace at stake. Because a ves
sel drawing 2B feet of water Is enabled
to reach the sea without difficulty, is no
reason that the residents here should
it back contentedly laboring under the
hallucination that ., the , channel needs
no further attention. ,
''At present '.the' channel is. la good
condition, but the Improvements made
are only temporary. After the June
flood the probabilities are,. that It will
once more be in a bad shape. In certain
localities It Is continually filling up.
and there always will be trouble from
this cause until the recommendations
of Major Langtltt are carried out. . In
his annual report to ; the -war ' depart
ment he estimated that with an avail
able fund of 12,700,000 a. J5foot channel
from Portland to Astoria could be main
tained permanently., After the. depth
was once secured, his' Idea Avas to 're
tain It by building' dikes And revetment
work at the various places where the
most trouble Is experienced.
- The, -ohannel was aJao te't;lven a
.unJfpxm width of. 300 feet.ln. order to,
do this the' river would have to .be
madai more , narrow, at certain points,
thus converging the water as much as
. ; "Owing to the small appropriations
the engineers have always been working
under difficulties. For channel Improv
ing from Portland to Astoria they have
usually had only about $160,000 to
spend. They may have a small amount
this year, but with no appropriation
made at this session of congress, they
will probably have no funds at all for
ioob. V
"A permanent i .channel is what is
needed, and it can easily be had if the
recommendations of Major Langfltt meet
with favor. A little drib only affords
temporary relief. 'With the expenditure
of 12,700,000 It is possible to get a per
manent channel 25 feet deep and 800
feet wide: Once established no further
expenditures In keeping it in good con
dition would probably be required for
years."." f ;
1 Mr.: Swlgert held a conference this
morning with the United States engi
neers,; relative to the amount of funds
now on hand for improvements ' of the
riven , The. best plans -to secure congres
sional action were also taken up. '
"'Something must be done soon," con
cluded Mr. Swlgert,'.'or the .work al
ready dona Is likely to come to naught.
When the money now on hand is. ex
hausted there will be no more dredging
and soon afterward there will be jio
channel.- The general public does not
seem to realise the seriousness of the
situation., , Meetings should be held by
the commercial bodies, and ways de
vised by which an appropriation can be
secured. It might be well to appoint a
legislative -committee and send It to
Washington to do some lobbying. What
ever is done should be done quickly."
' The. funeral of the late Herman :Var
wlg will take place at 6 p. m. tomorrow
from the llolman undertaking establish
ment,. Third and Salmon streets. The
services wll be conducted by Rev. W. S.
Gilbert, pastor of Calvary Presbyterian
church Interment wlllbe at Riverside
Cemetery. -
" The pallbeafers will be R.C: Wilson,
H. C. Suhade, F. S. Austin, R. J. Jublcs,
E. S. Jackson, W. M. Kapus, Q. ,W. Cald
well and C. A. Wblteman,
Herman Varwlg ; died last Tuesday
morning at Paso Robles, Cal., on a
Southern Pacific train. He was en
route to Tucson. Aria., for his - health.
- The , Immediate ' cause of his death
was asthma. He was accompanied on
the train by his wife, who returned here
Friday with the body.' ' .
1 Herman Varwlg was a native of Cali
fornia,, but had resided here fori more
than twenty years. He was prominently
identified with the First National bank
and the old Portland Havings bank, and
was the Junior member of the firm of
H. Varwlg & Son. He was 40 years old
and besides the widow he leaves two
brothers and a sister, ,h
Journal ftperlnl Rcrrlce.) ' '
Vaneouvef, - B.- ".-, Feb. B. The"' big
Canadian iPaolflc,.,-. rail way. steamships
Tartar and. Athenian of about - 85,000
tons each have been purchased or char
tered from tlio Canadian Pacific" by the
Japanese- government The steamships
are being used a freight and passenger
carriers between- British Columbia and
the Orient. ' , - t '
' ' ' ". '
ZAirolt teAOXxirsiB, who took
Anna BEGir&AS PRACTrtioirE
Eleanor Edith Mackenzie, the S-year-old
daughter' of Jumes MacKenzle, of
854 Corbett street, died last Thursday
of poisoning by oil of wlntergreen that
was 'takea -Wednesday. First II. li
Jones, a divine healer, was called in and
treated the child.- After he had gone
Dr. Marsh took charge Of the case.
Coroner FInley will hold an Inquest, to
determine the cause of death. -
Mrs.1 James MacKenele said this morn
ing: '
J hold, Mr. Janes In no -manner re
sponsible for the death of my child.
He has performed some wonderful cures
In my family and. I have faith in, him,
In case some of my other children ar
taken sick I will call htm in to attend
them. . The circumstances of the baby's
death were as follows: . Eleanor,, had
accidentally taken an overdose of wln
tergreen. We treated her with the rem
edies customary In cases of this nature,
She became very 111 and we sent for Mr.
Janes, who remained several hours.
When he. left the little girl was greatly
Improved and was sleeping peacefully,
Several hours later she took another
spell and we called In Dr. Marsh, who
lives near us'l We jvould1 have recalled
Mr, Janes but the cars had stopped run
ning ana as we live a long way out did
not want io inconvenience him, as we
did not consider the case serious, neither
did the doctor, .The child died the next
evening after two doctors had treated
her and had held a consultation. I do
not know the cause of the death. , It
may not have been ,the result of the
poisoning, .
"My husband had been ill for-eleven
years and could get no relief although
ha-was traated by several doctors. - Mr,
Janes took his case and he Is now a well
Statement of K.'Bv Janes.
Mr. Janes said: "1 gave Mrs. Mac
Kensle's daughter one treatment. When
I - started the child was in great pain
and very sick. When I - left it was
sleeping- peacefully. Some time after I
had left It took another spell and instead
of sending for me,' her parents called a
near by doctor. This ended my connec
tion with the case. - -
"I have cured many cases like the .one
that has Jusrproved fatal. My own son
was poisoned with carbolic acid and I
brought;-him out, &'fcht'wi. it '.'.
. "Dlvlrfe healing is simply the power
which la secured through .the scriptures
by :' faith ' and correct understanding. . I
have performed dozens of curies that are
remarkable and would cause surprise if
the details were made -public. I have
been called in many times where doctors
had given up hope and made cures."
I .- win Hold Xno,nest. - -
'A'li. FInley, deputy coroner, made
thin statement! . .
""On advice of Distrtet-Attomey-Man-ning
I have decided to hold an Inquest.
After talking with neighbors and others
Interested in the MacKenzle case 'that
seema to me a .wise course. I prefer, to
have a Jury decide the case alnce It
seems to be a matter in which the pub
lic is inclined to demand inquiry to
determine . ,whetbMany one is to blame
for the death of the child, , Because the
case - is that of a1 child and' not of a
grown person able to choose a physician,
I am not inclined to take the respon
sibility of refusing to. hold an inquest."
Permits-. Transfers.
Monday ..... !.. ...$ 6.121 114.871
Tuesday 17,060
Wednesday 1700
Thursday - 6,425
Friday IS, 860
Total 'five days ....
Last week, five days ,
.1 48.157 - tm,m
. 156. ISO " 200,166
'os this week IIOB.MS $ 84.M8
There. Is not so much activity In 'the
realty market this week and the situation
Is expected to remain dormant for-at
least another month. The sales this week
amounted to $116,228, as against 1200,166
during the previous week. -
' During the week 125 sales of realty were
recorded, 16 of them being on the west
side and 104 ort the east side.. The -aalea
on - the-west -aide amounted to 188.665,
whUe those on the other side of the river
were recorded at $26,673. ;
The reason for the decrease in the total
for this week was the extra large number
of large transactions made during : the
preceding period. - The largest sales were:
' Several Zsurga Bales.
Alliance Assurance company to Ernest
Miller, west 70 feet north H lot B, block 3,
city; consideration, $12,000.
- Savings 4e Xioan society to J.- H. Mc
Clung, lot 1, block 60, Couch, addition;
consideration 122,500 J: . '.
William M. Ayer et al. to Thomas Soott
Brooke, north H lot 6, block , 61, city;
consideration $25,000. ' - f '
, The Title Guarantee Trust eoVnpany
to Mary) h. Rice, lots C to 11. block 16,
lots 6 to 8. block 15, Holladay Park addi
tion; consideration, $12,500.
East Bide KM More Peirmlts. .
During the week there were 87 permits
Issued for new buildings, , 18 of them be
ing for the east side and for the west
side"! The total amount of the permits
issued for the weeli was $48,157, as against
$156,150 during the previous week. The
permits on the east side this ' week
amounted to $24,224, while those of the
west side were foe $23,835. Of the entire
number of permits Issued! a majority of
them were for the district north of the
Burnside bride on the east side.
During the week no " permits were is
sued for any large buildings, the largest
one - being that of Simmons Bros., for
alteration to their new property on the
southwest corner of Fourth and Stark
streets. , The property was formerly oc
cupied by the Omnibus Baggage & Trans
fer company. The structure will be used
as a vaudeville theatre.
" Good-enough tea and cof
fee, five and four kinds Schil
ling's, Best at fair prices ;
k Who are as active as boys of 16, owe their vigor, healthi and usefulness to th great resto (
It Keeps the Old Young, the Young Strong '
Such testimonials as the following from well known temperance men of ; high standing, are conclusive and show that Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey is the only tonic-stimulant
Mr. iks tcsrt his M Vasts with stsemlng
modesty, Orsuful U ths mskw of this grsst
ismsdy, and wszod oloquont ia its yrsiM,
. XS. BAKUEX, riSE.:
.-' '; ' !? 60 Tsars Old."- ,
. I csnnnt, speak in any words bnt tiioss of
prl for your Pnrs Mult Whialtpy. -
"An old man like myself, need- omethlnf of
the kind to help nature, and nothing Hn liquid
form waa aver made to compare with- Duffy's
i'ttra Malt Whiskey- as an aid to health. -
"A wine glaaafnl at nlbt baa a deliahtful
effwt and iiiaum sound alen, . .
uNo-man fwllng the adm-f tlma should
npRlert to kaap It in tho houae. Human klnd
nma ahonld prompt na -to Inform othitra of ths
bonoftu to b oUtalned from anch a aouree, and
It (Ires me plraaur, to teatlfy In your bohalf.
I am in my 80th year and enjoy rood health, i
, BkUVEh flKE."
' --4
These are a few of some 4 ,"000, 000 , cures made by
Duffy's during the past 50 years. It is so much better
than any-other medicine or.. combination of ; medicines
for coughs, colds, catarrhgrip,. bronchitis, pneumonia,
consumption and all throat and lung troubles .that it is
prescribed by over 7,000 doctors and used exclusively
in more than 2,000 hospitals It's an absolutely pure,
gentle, invigorating tonic and stimulant, which acts di.
rectly. upon the tissues and quickly kills , the disease
germs. - '' ' - V - , ' ', m. -Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey enriches the blood,
stimulates the circulation, strengthens the heart and
brings into healthy action all the vital forces of the
body, brain and muscle. It cures dyspepsia, nervous
ness, malaria, chills and all low' fevers. - Invaluable
for all-wasting,.. weakened,-. diseased, conditions from
whatever cause. It is a promotor of long life makes
the old young" and keeps the young strong, v
"Is the law of the council like that
of the Medes and Persians, irrevoca
ble?" Inquired Federal Judge C, B. Bel-Ung-er
of the executive board yleaterday
afternoon. The judge headed a delega
tion of easf Bl(,e taxpayers who were o'p-posedlo--
steel Jarldges over-Sullivan's
gulch, and especially to the one on
Union avenue. '.The .Judge voiced the
sentiments of the delegation In opposing
the action of the council that ordered
the executive board to advertise for bids
for a steel bridge over "Union avenue,
and to do so at once. He suggested that
the property-owners could pfobkbly in
duce the council to change it mind on
this topic if they could labor with the
members in a special meeting. ' . ,
After discussion it was decided by the
board to defer all action-on the Sulli
van's gulch ' bridge until the interested
taxpayers had met with the street com
mittee of the, council and Induced them
to change their-recommendation -to the
council. v ' , . ., '
, Members of the executive "board In
formed the Judge - and his allies tht
the board; had been from the first in
favor of a wooden bridge on Union ave
nue, and had only considered .the steel
project ' when ordered tc do ; so by. the
council. ' ' , '" '
. Before; the, meeting of the street com
mittee, -property-owners 'Interested In the
new bridges will meet perhaps several
times to, Insure a strong representation
at the council committee's meeting. The
first general gathering ' of the wooden
bridge advocates will be next Tuesday
evening at Burkhard hall,- 887 East
Burnside street. , ! " . ' 'I
'if The flreboat home is still, undiscov
ered, and members of the board are be
ginning to wonder if it will be as hard
to locate the boat after they get It as
it was, to Anally let a contract for Its
construction. Every One breathed .a
sigh of relief when Mayor -Williams
cheerfully announced that he had dis
covered a : place at the foot of Alder
street where the river guardian could
rest. .- ' '
"How wide is that lot, your honort"
inquired Architect Ballln,
"About SO feet," answered a member
of the board. , '
"Why, that will never do," said the
architect, "The boat wU be 28 feet
wide. We must have at least 45 feet
for the slip." ' '
Mayor Williams gazed wearily out
on the prospect of another search for
the boat's quarters, and another mem
ber of the board added crape to the
Alder-street location's shroud when he
"Unfortunately, that is the placs
where the biggest sewer of the city
empties, -and I don't believe it "would
be an especially pleasant spot In which
to quarter a boat's crew. Indeed. I am
afraid It wouldnot be healthy.".
After this speech the board turned
hastily to othf things. ;:, '
Six now patrolmen were appointed by
the board, , three"' of them taking the
plnces of resigned officers and three
being added to the force. - The new
officers are H; A.' Calbreath, M. W.
Rojariev, Prank Dolsn, Francis Seymour,
W. J. Bullla and 8. V. White. The offl-
and invigorator that keeps the systep
Mr. fionlil ml twa veara in ih CItII. Wai
as fife and. dram major, the lota of one flnrer
nrevesimc aim trom emuting ss a. privaio.
..a , h m . ....
. It Tears Old.
f 'I am SB years old and In fins health.-' Have
lived in Llnboii. N. H.i t year, and attend t4
my hnalneaa peraonnlly- erery day. , , i
"I hare naed Unffy'a Pure Malt Wfalakey ss s
mpdtclne only, and found It the heat tonic and
atlmnlant I ever tried. . , , .
"Any man can keep breath In his body kme
by using It, aa it prolongs life, and I want my
friends to know of Its merits an they may do na
t have dona and keep fortlfled against disease
by taking regular doses of Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey. .; . .. '
'I would not- recommend whiskeys s bever'
kr, inn I'uny a rure aiair as a medicine does
' '11 - s , " ' '5V . 1
OOULB. j . -
In ,
1 1;, :
Hans Olson, father of Fred l. Olson,
clerk of the municipal Court, underwent
an operation of skin grafting at , St
Vincent's hospital last Thursday. Several
weeks ago Mr. Olson, Sr., was operated
on by Drs. ; Louis Buck and William
Jones for the removal of a cancer that
had been growing on his left cheek. The
operation . was a successful one and
- MrSr-Joseph Clark has received a mea
se ge from her brother-in-law, Senator
William Clark, stating that he, together
with Charles Clark and the senator's
daughter, Mrs. Charles Covert, have gone
to the Bermudas for a short stay. The
late Mrs. Charles W. Clark left no will
so letters of administration have been
When you are making a purchase
and your change Is handed back, ob
serve It closely, and if there la a bright
half dollar among the coins give it more
than passing attention, for it may be
bad.L It Is said that counterfeit coins
half dollars bearing the date 1903 are
being circulated in this city. Several
storekeepers, car conductors ' and res
cers resigning are E. Gassett,' R. W.
Phillips and ,F. W. Hemsworth.
. The Marquam theatre was, on recom
mendation of the (Ire committee, ordered
equipped with fire-escapes and with bal
conies on these at each floor; also-with
a standplps. - Fire-escapes were ordered
on the buildings at 881 Morrison street,
the Beverly at Park and Yamhill streets,
847 East Oak and 129 Grand avenue.
The paving of First street was con
sidered by , the board, , and the three
streetcar - companies interested . In the
tracks on this street reported that they
had agreed , to mutually conduct the
work and that the contract would be
let within the next 10 days.
LUtlng the fiscal year of 1902 over
7.000- postofflces were discontinued In
the United States owing to the estab
lishment of rural free delivery.; At the
end of the fiscal year,' June 30. 1908,
there were 74,189 postofflces. The year
before there were 76,948 or 1,776 more.
Since the first appropriation of 810,
000 was made for rural free; delivery
service in 1894, the growth of the sys
tem has been phenomenal. Not one cent
of the appropriation was used the first
year nor in 1896 and 18!). In 1897 $40.
000 !. Was , appropriated and . 44 , experi
mental routes were established. In 1901
congress, ; seeing that the system had
outgrown the experimental stage, appro
priated $1,750,000, For the current year
$12,621,700 has been appropriated.
At the . Arcade Sunday a continuous
performance from 3 to 10 p.' m. Every
act a feature, every feature : worth a
dims. ,
in a normal, healthy condition. It
it. Xelaea., . best - knows man in llabos.
Served aa tsa:J collector for a long, period. A
nativs ana lifelong raildent. Bora Xaroh S,
, : ;', 71 .Tears Old. . .U-v- T
: 'l feel it my duty to spotk a good -word for
your wonderful Whiskey. . I am In ' my. 78th
yrtr, and -teel the need of a stimulant story
day. , , - i.:-'-'-
'Puffy'a . Pure, Milt Whiskey will rertalnly
hdpany, old man to. keep soung, and 'acts a a
soothing inBuenoe on th system. . - Vs "
, i'lt ia good, that such a. remerr' is so easily
to, be obtained,. and I cannot aneair too highly
. Duffy's Pure Malt WhUkey contains no fusel
oil, and is the only whiskey recognized by the Qov
ernment as a medicine. This Is a guarantee. 1
M -s v.'.-.; f -j, ",: -v.-'-n i .
CAUTION-Whcn you ask for Duffy's Pure Malt Whis
key be sure that you set trie genuine. Unscrupulous deal
CT3, mind Tul of the excellence of tbla preparation, .will
try to Sell you cheap lmlUtloru and Milt Whiskey Sub
stitutes, which are put on the market for prof It only, and
which, far from relieving; tha sick, are positively harmful.
Demand "Duffy's" and be sure you set it. It Is the only
absolutely pure malt whiskey which contains medicinal
health-giving qualities. Duffy's Pure Malt WhUkey is
sold in sealed bottles only: never In flask or bulk. - Look
for the trade mark, the "Old Chemist," on the label, and
be certain the seal over the ctrk Is unbroken. Beware of
refilled bottles. . " - i
Sold by all druggists and grocers, or directs $i
a bottle. Medical booklet . free. Duffy's Malt
Whiskey Co., Rochester, New York. -
Thursday the wound was covered with
skin taken from Mr. Olson's right arm.
The last operation Is said to be a most
remarkable . one, owing to the patient's
advanced age, 82 years, and .that he did
not take any anaesthetics, Drs. Buck and
Jones, who also preformed the last
operation, state that Mr. Olson did not
even murmur during the painful ordeal,
and that ha la now progressing nicely.
applied -forThe-sole helra are Charles
W. Clark, husband of the deceased; Mar
garet Cunningham, her mother, and Mrs.
Atta Ron wick, her sister, all of Butte,
Mont Mrs. Joseph Clark states that the
property left by Mrs. Clark was entirely
personal, amounting to about $100,000 in
gold and Jewels.
taurant men complain that they have
been "taken . in." The coin Is said to
be an excellent imitation of the genuine
put its newness is one means of detect
ing it A ear man remarked:
P 'The bogus coin, while it resembles
Very closely a good piece, has not the
sharp ring of a genuine half, but gives
out a dead sound when dropped." ;
Frank Monroe and Charles J. Jackson
were arrested yesterday, being charged
by S. Morton Conn, proprietor of the
Vlncenne apartment house, at the north
east corner of Sixth and Washington
streets, with trespassing.,
The hearing was postponed until next
Tuesday, but owing to the fact that Mr.
Cohn expects to leave the city this even
ing, his testimony was taken today. .
Mr. Cohn said that the signs were lo
cated between a window of his lodging
house and the end of the building. He
said that he had never been asked by
Mr. Monroe or Mr.' Jackson for permis
sion to erect the signs In front of the
property of which he was a lessee.
The Rose aoclety held Its annual moat
ing last evening in the parlors of the
Unitarian church. The. following offi
cers were elected: President, Mrs.'Rose
HoytVIce-presl(lcnt, Mr. O. II. Iam
berson; second vice-president, Mrs. P. J.
Mann; secretary, Frank Lee; treasurer,
Mrs, David Dryden. Report of the re
tiring officers were read. The society
is In a very prosperous .condition. V It
has 1250 In the treasury. There is an
active membership of 160, The1 execu
tlve and advisory boards will soon be
appointed by the president, when prep
arations will be, begun for the rose show
to be held In June, This will be A very
fine one.
Li o
is the true elixir of life.
Mr. 60. T. Savaa-a. tax oollaotar and oromU
sent 8 2d degree Mason,, aays Duffy's Furs
Malt Whiskey keeps hia machinery ia motloa, .
,'. 'AV',' ' M Tasrs Old, . t v .
' am s native of. Lisbon, N. Q., arid. In my
(Mth yMr.,,' As1' old age. Creeps on aoiiothiug la
seeded to keep the wheels of the body machinery
ia .motion, slid I bare found .nothing' aa, good
as Duffy's Purs Molt Whisker, for that. pur.
pose. 'othlng J ever naed, brings so "' much
comfort, -and, while I .do .not, belle. In tha
un of llQlior as 'a 'drink, -I, can cheerfully
recommend this ss the heat tonic In- the world
for old age.'.' , , , GEORGE Fr SAVA3B.
yrvcx. , coivuct astb rBxss&ra
txbws oi omxaosr to bb: ax-
AT 9,000.
Among the latest Incorporations, la
that of the Historical Photographic a a
soclation, whose principal headquarters
is in this city. 'The articles wera filed
today. The incorporators are well
known residents and business men of
Portland.They are; J. Brush Andor.
on, photographer; George L. Peaslee,
of the firm of Peaslee Bros., and Slg.
Slcliel, the tobacconist and a member of
the Portland board of police commis
sioners. The new corporation has a , capital
stock of $5,000, divided into shares of
the par value of It each,
' One of the Incorporators said today:.
' s"The purpose of this work is tha col
lection of photographic views from every
county In the state These will be
bound in 40 volumes, containing about
10,000 views, which Will cover subject
showing the natural resource, products,
buildings and other matters of Interest
in the several counties of Oregon. It la
the Intention to place these' oh exhibition
at the Louisiana Purchase exposition at
St. Louis, and the Lewis and Clark Cen
tennial American Exposition and - Ori
ental fair, at Portland, In 1906. ' After
that it is proposed to permanently house
tha collection in the bjutldlng of the Ore
gon State Historical society." .
. Director-General H. W, Goode of th
Lewi and Clark fair recently sent a let
ter to ,presJdeot, iSlg .Slche of ?the Historical-
Photographlc association, . In
which he says that th exposition man
agement will be glad to extend Its co
operation in making the proposed under
taking a success. Mr. Goods consider
that the carrying out of the proposed
scheme will tend to promote an Interest
In Oregon's commerce and industries.
Equally pronounced In favor of th
plan are H. ? Wittenberg, Col. L. U Haw
kins, F. McKercher, F..K. Stoppenbach
and others. . ;- -1 ,
v "The views of natural resources, prod
ucts, buildings, etc., of Oregon.' say
George H. HImes, assistant secretary of
the Oregon Historical society, "properly
arranged; will be of incalculable Value In
acquainting people -at . large wit tha
limitless .possibilities of the Oregon
country possibilities its 1 own peopl;
have no true conception of."
When th history 'Of Oregon! durln
the early part of the twentieth, century
come to be written, this immense collec
tion of views will prove Invaluable to
students and writers,; Many buildings,
and whole towns, evert, will be complete
ly changed in 25 years, and many land
marks will ' become totally obliterated.
The value, then, of permanent photo
graphic representations of these thing
will, In the opinion of many, be obvlou-
;'-vi":,- ,, rxAtnv obbxb, ,- t ;
(.Toornal flpeetal Service.) ,
Washington, Feb. $. A. fraud order
was issued by the postofflce department
against H. M., Brunner, ; in th Farrott
building, San Francisco, who. 1 con
ducting the Rose Beck, association of
tha Tifrfr Investment company. '.
Journal friends and readers, when
traveling on train to and from , Port
land, should ask new agent for The
Journal and insist upon being supplied
with this paper, reporting all failures in
obts-lning It to th office of publication,
addressing Th Journal, Portland, Or.
v ' M , ' s , V