The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, February 06, 1904, Page 24, Image 24

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'oav, I hs
SLUSAYTnthbe 1 "haven't hud some 'excitement tmTwtckl Some
how, I jet can't h'flp running away whenever 1 got half a chance. I
heard pa tay the mountains near us were full of bears, to I made love
liThisbig revolver, and we ran away together to hunt 'em. When I got 'way
o(T in the rock ( Time to a big cave, and just at the edge of it I picked tip
tomething sparkling, and about half at big at a nickel piece of ice.
IT SPARKLED to brightly I ttarted to nm home to show if to mar when
tomething grabbed me from behinJ and tied my hands awfully tight
. , My, but 1 was tkeered, until I looked around and taw it wat only a
little, tiny, weeny old man, tmaller than me. He had big goggley eyei and
a bunch of whiskert big enough for a whole man.v "Who are you Santa
,Claus?" I asked. "You will .steal our diamonds, will you T' he hissed.
i" We'll tee. 1 ttand guard over thit Cave of Gnomes, and you are the rogue
who's been carrying oh our diamonds 1"
If I I I v I ii n i- , i y-
: 1 ' rt!
P0ME WITH ME! You must go .down to the K'.ng't Palace, and if,
he doesn't make thort work of you, I get another guess I" He made s
, ( me,get into a big basket, and we were let down, down, down, until I
thought we mutt be it the centre of the earth. "Say, Santa Claus, what is a'
Cnome, anyway?", I asked, k "I'm a Gnome I" he tnapped. "Don't you
know the Gnomes are people who live 'way down in the earth, and dig out
gold and diamonds ?" . . ' '
jl T SEEMED it if we must have gone clear througlf flTCK'na. before the
basket bumped on. the bottom. Then I was dragged along through
dark cave, and into a shiny, tparkling crystal cavern that looked like
diamonds all over. On a throne, cut out of the crystal, tat a dumpy little
'pompous man. "Howdy do, King!" said I, politely. "Please make this
little feller leggo of mei? "Silence, infantl" he thundered. ;"So, you're
Vie thief that t been stealing all our diamondt, e? What, you deny it?
Very well, I'll give you one chance to save your life, 'Come with me." ,
i ....
OfC3W WASNTThat tcandafout? Me a'diimond'thiefrjust because 2 '
found a diamond on the ground I The. King took me to hit treasure
cave, and there were bags of diamonds and things as far at you could
See. "Every night," taid the King, "a bag of diamonds it ttolen from here;
' It will make'ut all poor if we cannot trap the robber. Now, I will set a thief
o catch a thief, and if you do not catch him to-night I will Jrop you into the,
lottomlett Pit Good-byel'' ,
VM L' WASN 1" PrtnJ pickle?Catch a robber or be thrown into
, the Bottomless Pit I Of course, there't one good thihg about a bot.
tomless pit. if vou don't hit the sides you're all right, for there it no
bottom to hit. . My, but I wat tkeered there, all alone I I couldn't do any
, thing but shake and tremble. After a thousand yeart at least it seemed
that long I heard a fluttering noise 'way back in the cave, and saw some
thing black and devilish-looking coming toward me. There wasn't a plare
to hide, to I quickly dumped tome diamonds out of the nearest W nH
crawica in
f( s-'4 A
T'HEFRldHTFUt NOISE grew louder, and I pulled the bag tfght over
,. ' my head and held my breath.. A terrible hissing 4ounded right over
? : J my heafl, and then tome great claws sank into the hag I was in. t Tha
bag bumped on the ground once or twice, and then stayed up in the air, I
didn't know what wat happening for a long time I shouted and yelled, and.
wat answered by a hiss every timeA s .' 1
L "...
YETER I HAD "givenuja'all hope of ever touching ground again Oiere
s - wat an awful jolt, and the bag and I were landed. ,The fluttering and
hissing quieted intoa"dead silence.' .opened the bag and peeped out.
The terrible thing I saw made me jump back and cover up my head. Thcn
I saw daddy's big revolver that I had taken to shoot bears with. ,
f POKED MY HEAD out again, and taw that the big. ugly black monster
was asleep, hanging by hit feet from the rocks. Hit head wat almost
within reach, and 1 poked the revolver right against hit eye and Bingl ;
"Binf-a-ling-a-lingl"- the echo went fumbling through the cavtV; That
awful looking bunch of fur and devil wingt fell in a heap on the rocky loor,
dead. Then I thought how would l ever get home. J was lost sy under
j ht rarth.J started down a long passageway. , . . , ,
' ' - : . - . .... . : " . :
UST AS IT branched ofl into other tunnels I taw a diamond, and thought
it must have b;en dropped from a hole in the bag. ' So ! went on and
followed a trail of diamonds until I came to the King's Palace.' The
King would not believe my wondrous ttory until he had sent his guards to the
cave and brought back that monstrous thins. Thev satj it was a Giant Bat.
and that its cave was full of the bags of treasure stolen from the King. So
wanted to marry me on the spot, but I told him I would htva to see ma about
It first.' . ' ' i
gO HE PICKED out a bunch of lovely' diamonds and told a Cnomto
j arry wr me 4nd how me the way out of the cave" We wey4ad
- 4P the shaft where the basket elevator wat. . Then I taid good-bye-o the
JCing, and up, and up, and up we went. Finally, we taw the daylight iLougk'
liflj hole above. an4 were toon after at the earth't turface. ' j . , '
It X. SP 1
?pHEN JHE'MOME "who wat carryfrigTthe diamonds put themdown
, . "and ttarted home in the elevatot , ; I couldn't lift the treasure bag'it
i ' Wio heavy, sol htd to' dig a hole and bury them, where I could come .
jnd get tome whcnewl wanted to buy. tome dollies or chewing gum.