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' Another alleged sneak th)of with clever
: ( proclivities was arrested today la the per-
son of Peter, Newman, who was oharged
; with larceny from a dwelling. ', v
,.. Detectives Pay. and Weiner - captured
: 4 r the sunnosed thtpf at Rpennrt and Hum.
I side streets.. He had a roll of bed Nothing
( uiftlnr his arm and It Is claimed was, about
1 t pawn it in a nearer store.
x Q ,'A,:1 Churchill. Keener of a lodglhsr-.
f ; house: at,82 Sixth, street swore to a.
luiniMBnic cnargmg: newman wun.steai
! ing a quantity of quilts end blankets from
, lila establishment' Ha pleaded not guilty
t and will be trWd tomorrowr ?- ' .i
' j According to' the detectives, Newman
V is the individual who for some time has
j been giving the police much trouble. The
.-A mysterious . thief has adopted a novel
j method of stealing articles which : h
coveted. His scheme was to rent a" room
t .:. and in the morqlng roll up the covers on
the bed and walk out with them when
, 'the proprietor was not iroundt r ; W
; , Numerous thefts of this kind have been
i, reported, snd.-frfrt several days thevjo
i 7 lice -have been' thoroughly . baffled. - Fiji
' ? several casei the thief was so bold that
.--he eitef ed rOorrtln-house without tak
Jing room over night When arretted
K today ha had. a v large , bundle . of .bed
v j clothing.; , - -4 .-. . v..."...
1 William GrjdiaM.' krrested yesterday by
Detectives Pay and Weiner on suspicion
of being the thief who stole a number, of
r overcoats vffom he public library, was
sentenced to 13 months In the county Jail
; by Judge, Hogue thla morning.--Graham
. is 61 years of , age and had no- etcase to
. ' offer for his shortcomings. Tha police
' believe he haAbeen' responsible for much
potty stealing latol. r , . ?
The case of larceny against George Nee,
the alleged house Jhlef captured by P
tnolman WUllan Carr yesterday, .will; b
-bear next -Tuesday, He' was arsalgned
, on a complaint, signed by C. J. Snyder,
i Noe, who was formerly an, inmate of
the state insane asylum, entered a pies
of not guilty. In default of bail; he Is
' . still a prisoner, t ! . .- ;
' Petectlve Pay has Identified, him : ity
George Lewis, a notorious Seattle thief.
SalenC Or.. .Feb. fc When tha' eotfn-
. ty court . meets hi next week1 the
-school district boundary board,, consist
ing of the county oourt and school super-
, Intendentwill have a thankless job to
. perform in the matter Of disposing of
, several petitions for tha organising , of
some new districts out of portions of
older organisations.' From ths Turner
neighborhood several petitions are in
hand for the formation of two new dis
tricts, the territory to be taken . out: of
four old districts.' A section, of country
about 10 miles, square is. Involved. . and,
, of course, interested in' the outcome.
una residents in portions of the four
: old districts affected are protesting
v me aivision, as tney rear 'the
loss of too much revenue and the conse
., quent crippling of the schools in fhe
old districts... The caaevshould have been
'heard today, and a number of the people
y oi Aumsvuis-ana Turner were on hand
to protest, and they were armed with
numerously signed remonstrances against
. me cutting down or tneir respective die.
trlots. ' .
The court should have met this wttlt.
but the county Judge is away -and one of
tne commissioners is HI and will not be
r : able to be here until next week, when
v the two commissioners will convene the
court and take action on this schoorsnat-
- ter. assisted by the superintendent. The
latter omctal s office has been .besieged
. for a day or two by interested parties
) urging action n the question of division
favorable to the 61d districts. Feeling
: in some sections ef the territory affected
Is running high, according to reports re.
i reived from there, and a. stubborn Bgkt
is promisea, wnen. tne district boundary
iutu uL uteris Jiexi-wecx.
:. Taken to tae Asylam. U-.v,
v Thomas Jones, ai Inmate of the coun
ty poor jarm, was yesterday afternoon
committed to the. insane asylum for
i treatment, after an examination held by
w .i'r. v. ii. turo oar ore justice of the
. Peace Horgan.' who. had been summoned
to hold tlte examination in the absence
; of, the County Judge,? Jones is about, l
V j,years old. and has been an Inmate of the
- poor farm north of this city for the last
. three and a half years.'' -During the past
few days he has shown. unmistakable
" signs 4f insanity and sa dangerous b
i came his sondltlon that it was decided
. . to commit hinu as he was a menace to
, hit aged companions at the farm. His
mental affection is due to the breaking
down of the' system owing to' age and
:. noma Injuries reeelved in, earlier Ufa
lie was taken to tfie asylum by Superin
tendent. M. M- High, of the poor farm
last evening. .' ' .
A, ' ,' (Jonraal Spoclil 8erTies.)"
San' Jose, Cal., Feb. 5. The heaviest
snow in alx years covers tie mountains
on both sides ot tha valley this morn
ing, extending far dawn towards, the
foothills, it is not raining this moaning
but Is cold and threatening. J, ' 4 .
, FAlh 8LUMMCR Crscloust Yeufi
ce looks lf .lt hadn't been washed'
'or a week." .' ;. ":.
KID (gleefully) It aln? Mrs. Mur.
hy borryett' ma's scrub bin' brush an'
lye an amt returned Jam vet.' 1
'I 4
', The annual meeting of the state board
of charities-and corrections will be -held
lit'.yie citjr Febriary l7 and 18. ; The
following are thei .speajcers; .. udgo- B.
L'ltidsey of Penver. Juvenile court Judge,
address the opening, meeting, on. his
wors-,;- fjw eamuet ernun . or Bt," faui
WUK speak- on jthe second night;. Mlsa
tSh.erilf Stprey filed a request with the
ttoun board ' las week for. 26 extra,
depuUea. W handle the tax colleotidns.
"Tlie request seemel rlhe; surprieing,
m View ot . the,, sheriff!! ; Joudly pr
claimed anxiet to run Ivla, department
- v ':v
nStsisTEBrr ; ktjmoimJ abx ;row-
, ; fnrroKf o Jr n- vju . or 'm
-"lAn k. vr.' MEBim.Wx;'i:;'if
Persistant rumors 'are in circulation
today, and have been for several days,
to the effect that the, tiome and prop
erty embraced . in 'the Corbett estate.
now occupied by his widow, Mrs. Emma
U -Corbett, had been sold; and that tne
purchaser was a New -yprk capitalist,
who proposes to. erect' thereon An etgtit
story hotel.- rheV'irOperty in question
occupies, tn'Aentirs vblock. and Is .lo
rated! opposite The postofflca building.
l,t 1s bounded by Flch, Slxjh. Yamhill
ahd Taylor streets, and is one of the
handsomest sites in the city. , J
The executors of the will of the late
Henry , W. -ICorbelti are W. C . Alvord,
second '.assistant cashier of tbe ' First
National bank; "Henry Ladd Corbett and
Bmma ,-U CorbettA Mr. Alvord - wWs
asked regarding- the reported transfer
'Therf' ls: -absolutely, no . foundation
wnaiever. sucn. a "report. : i ne-v
qulvocally And positively deny , this
story. ' T can go even farther, and nay
that no suchi sale is" possible for a num--
Der : or years to come, slnoe tha prop
erty Is restricted from sale for a cer
tain period-of years under the -most
positive terms of the will. ;
."The trsnsfer' bt the other "niece 'of
Corbett property dn Taylor street, be
queathed under hje will to the Port-
Una Art sssootauon, was made several
months" fcfroiyThe; intention is, I under-'
stand, -.for the association to rect a
building therein soon, to house tho art
treasures yow ln the library building."
. - (Jeursal 'Jbeesi Berries.)
Washington. Feb. 6. The senat's to.
k-dsy voted to keep 1n the - urgent de
ficiency bill the, provislon-for a loan. to
8t. Louis. . : . 1 ' ,
. Chaplain JlRles lit his prayer referred.
to aviator iianna. . s . . -l -
The bill providing for the transporta
tion jof not to; exceed 00 Porto Rloan
school toacTiers to the United States and
return was passed. ; . v
Senator? Mitchell - favorably reported
on the Jerdon resolutiota -which ater
wards , was agreed .toi It calls on
Payne for full report 6f the postofflce
investigations. . . : , - -. .
The special committee of the senate,
consisting o Senators Hoar, PJatt,
Spooner, Cockrell and Pettua, appointed
on the request of 'Benatot Dietrich ' to
onsidehls Nebraska case, in which he
rwei recently.: cleared frpmJthe.-charga
oi seuin postonwes, held a preliminary
meeting - this morning. It decided - to
gather copies of all the Acords and tes
timony of the proceedings, and, the state
ments or an .interested parties, includ
ing thosa of tha prosecuting- attorneys
of. Nebraska; alfq all facts relative to
the, appointment of the postmaster at
Hastings. Neb., obtaisabla from Pay ne'
office. It will probably b the latter
part of the month before the committee
gathers alt . this' information. When the
Investigation will begin In earnest ' '''
The senate discussed tha deficiency
appropriation -hill, and" the house, tho
agricultural appropriation, bill during
the "day, . Pill of California announced
that he would propose an amendment
providing for an Increased appropria
tion for pomologtQal investigations. He
made a strong appeal for the vineyards
of California and . the Paclflo coasb ,
' Victoria, R C. Feb. S.-It la reported
on good authority that Jamas Punsmutr
has aiven the nrovlnclal ntmrnmsnt an
option on the Esquimau and Nanalmo
railway, which is . 7g miles long, 'from
Victoria on Vsncouver island.' Included
rT It is the lsnd grant given by the gov
ernment for building It. Punsmutr alone
reserving the coal. There ia probably
about 1.(00.000 acrea In the grant.- The
option la for 13.660,000. Tha govern
ment Is seeking the aid ef members of the
assembly on behalf of legislation to put
it through. - The measurw Is opposed by
som members who1 have other railway
scnemea to promote. A
r - .1-.') ". 11 1 1 ' ;
- - ; , - . ' .
Col. Henry K. Poach was this morning
appointed director of exhibits of the
Lewis and Clark exposition by Director.
Oenf ral Henry , W. Qeode, Colonel
Poach is 'well knqwn throughout the
northwest Decants, of his interest in
horticultural matters and is considered
vne of the -authorities on fruits. His
experience as an exhibitor is extensive,
The bodr of Herman Varwlg of this
day, who died while en route to Lorn An
geles, arrived in Portland this morning
over the Soother Pacific. The funeral
will take pises at i o'clock next Sunday
afternoon from Holman's chapel.1 . Rev.
W. 8. Gilbert of the Calvary Presbyterian
church will officiate i' ,
- vvJ . ' v '
err. -r v-i xr . A. -' v. t,'pl
Julia liathrop of Chicago, former mem
ber of tho Illinois state board of chart
ties and now a resident of Hull lfouse,
will speak .on- tti ,vening pf the: 18th
on "The Integral Relation of . the "State
to Her Children. Among the local
Upeaiters VMI be Judge Sears.-Willism
Standlcy, A. P. Soper, T.Strong and Pr
T. Woods Hutchinson. v -- r t ,
I cheaply 'as possible;'' and1 Ihe Aboard
oemurrea to nis petition. .; It was obvlr
ou's. that there was no ereSl heed tor so
large a, clerical force, , and the county
board finally decided to allow the sheriff
only. 15 extra menP An -Order ; to that
effeot was accordingly entered.- ; , ii
KXSBjssXFrX AVBnTtnB cow
XAimrzm ob BiaaXAiro.
.,;,. A
The Miaalssippl ; ? Avenue Congreg
tlonal church, Mississippi avenue and
Fremont street, has extended a call to
Rev. C. E. Bmythe, who has , recently
come here from Minnesota. Dr. Smythe
occupied the pulpit last Sunday morn
ing and wa so well, liked that ,lt waa
decided to ; ask film to" accept the pas
terat-M.4 "",. 4 7Mn
The Highland church, which was re
cently organised, has extended a call to
Rev.-W. C. Kanfner. D: P., of Salem.
' The members " of the church ahd Pr.
House of . the First Congregational
chsrch.hofe spent fmuch time ,1a con
sidering, tbe. choice- Of a pastor. Pr.
Kantner Is one of the foremost Presby
terian ministers in the stateand the
congregation unanimously decided to ask
him to come. . . k ; "...
. Rev., Pr, James Whlteoinb rougher,
new pastor, of the First Baptist church,
or White temple, arrived .here ..this
morning from California with his wifa
and children, two ona and two daugh
ters. Dr. Brougher - will preach his
initial sermon Sunday morning. ,
Last summer Pr. Brougher lectured
before, the Chautauqua Association of
the Willamette Valley, which led to his
call" here. j He was borA In southern
Indiana, but removed to California. He
was. educated in the California college
at Oakland. He afterward took a three
years': flours Jrt tha Theological aemln
nry at Rochester. N.'T. Hta first charge
was at Peterson, N. J., where his church
had a membership of 1,109. He then
went to, Chattanooga; Temt., where he
added S00 members to the church, bring'
Ing it up to a totaA f 900. -
AE. C Tldcombe. 'the bookkeeper 'for
the Toke Point Oyster .company, 144
Ankeny street ss been missing from
the cy "aince last Saturday evening
and his books show, a shortage. It. Is
reported that he -received a total- of
about -1900. but only a small part of
that from the -company. 4 '
. W. P.; Tyler, president of the com
pany, said: .'t.-. ..... . '
"Tldcombe's peculations from the com
pany will amount to not mors than
(100. if aa'.much. Ws have not finished
checking n'p the hookf i Tldcombe did
not have the handling of any large
sums of .mqney-t-onJr the. petty, cash
and could not have taken very much."
C R. Ponohue.. local manager for the
qmnaqy,- said hhere -4 ahortaga, 4n
TidcOmbe s twoke. nut the amount wui
not .le known until the examination of
the hooka is compIeted,, " .- l
Tldtfombe waa a member of the Mult
nomah' Amateur Athletic" club. , Janu
ary. 10 b resigned "as a member of the
club, giving as his, reason that he was
leaving the .city permanently. .?
tie iivea wun nis parent at iuv inur
man street His father is a carpenter
who has lived In Portland, for the past
20 years. ,;
. V'
i " Uoaraal pdal Service.)
; Pehflleton, Or., Feb, .'Through an
order from the federal court at Portland
Max Jackson of Jsckson. Kline A Co.,
of North Taklma, this morning closed a
deal tor 700 head' of C. B. Wade's cat
tle, at a cost of about 111.900, the average
price paid being . SIS each. Including 1U0
calves, which wrethrowrr in.t . Thl "V
the largest cattle deal ever made In East
erh Oregon. The cattle will be taken
across the country. to Yakima.
'Pes Moines, Ia-Feb. . Two mssVed
'robbers bound and gagged farmer Fred
Snyder near Cltve this morning. They
took f 1.S00 he drew from, the bank yes
terday to meat hm obligations today.
Ha was found three hours later uncon
scious from the cold. , ;v
ToiJi rwo nti or xaxa.
. For stealing .two kegs of beer from
the saloon ef D T, McCartney on East
Morrison street. Frank -Dunn wss fined
SIS in the police court today. He pleaded
at gttlity. but the evidence showed that
the-beer wss taksp fram tha liquor es
tablishment and enjoyed by a gang qf
young men In the neighborhood. ' Fol
lowing the conviction of Dunn, a com
plaint waa issued' charging McCartney
with permitting a. minor In his saloon.
He pleaded, not guilty and deposited S
bail ) after the , case was" set for to
morrow. , , i , i . '
'The trial of the case of 1L A.' Wolfs
against a. Webber And others ef the
barbprs union to -recover , money fog
sick benefits ia going on todsy in the
State circuit court. Walter Hayes as
pesrs for the plaintiff, and Pan Malarkey
for the iiolon. '.The case . Came up for
trial once betora but was non-suited be-,
cause tho complaint did not mention a
sufficient -number of members of the
unlen. ' , . , .v
?BAircxay r. .Airci wbo was
'owes i axxxsr is woi positive
amr OX
'. A man who v knlw his ' vnarae,., bni
couldn't tell his nationality or the place
of , his .birth,;, presented himself at the
registration counter in the office, at the
county clerk today. ; Although he had
L'yed ia America, nearly all Ma life, he
waa unable to answer the few. BlmpJe.
questions propounded h'lm by the clerk.
j. "Mt name is Francis jr. Francis," said
the' queer little man, "but that's about
all I can tell about myself. ; , I think I
waa raised in. Massachusetts. ,
'::''I 'wak bom on a boat tney say, and
my ;father and ' mother - were killed be
fore we reached the end of 'the cruise.
I haven't the, leat Idea of tlie nation
ality of the boat,'whera she cleared hor
where '. she landod. In fact I am not
sure that my -real name, is -Francis, but
I have passed for that all my life; and
I guess J'lt stick to 'er a while longer,
" ."The ffrgt I remember about anything
is when I waa In Massachusetts, where
t grew to boyhood. . One -day the man
whomI" had supposed waa my-father,
died; two days later his wife succumbed.
Calling me to hsr death hPd, she told
the tale that ' has ' made my life a ro
mance, i J. whs not her reel son. she told
me, although she had . fondly wished
that I were. They had secured me, a
helpless little orphan, from, the captain
pf a sailing vessel. '', i , . -
V!The name of ' that V family 'waa
Cireen,'', he "contlnuedi ."but yQU ses they
did not try to call me. Oreeiw . My name
la .Francis, and I'm proud of it ; The
woman told me nothing of my ancestry,
but left roe alones in a cold world..
"Po you . know, sometimes, I think I
am a Spaniard. v Sometimes I can Just
see the old) saint church, as it. stood on
the : hlllalda I' even hear the chimes
peal forth. . Tha people I- sea going to
churcB-r-me and mother' and father
along with the rest. , .
k "Maybe I wa'nt born on a ship after
all maybe I - was born in Spain, and
that my folks aalled when I was a lit
tle tot.'- Francis is r a " good Spanish
name some people in England told me
so and I can't get around the notion
that I was in Spain some time or other.
' "Pretty -hard o be without a living
relation, ain't it he said aa he passed
Ut.. .-' '-, ... : r.. . , i
rooii thb orncExs bob cats
I. Shank, a dealer in Junki" whose ware
House is In South Front street. Is charged
By the officers with deception.
. The law requires that each Junk wagon
ehajl pay a quarterly license fee- of (3.
Tin tags are given to each applicant, one
to be tacked to either side of the wagon.
Mr. Shank is said to have outwitted tbe
officers for some time.' By good fortune
he secured license No.' 19. One of the
tags was placed ph his own vehicle white
the otlier was1 nailed upside down on a
second wagon driven by Ben Authbach.
This read No. a. '
While making a tour of the city yester
day License' 'inspectors -Hutchinson and
McGachern ' noticed that Authbach's
wagon had but one tag. It was upside
down. Knowing that H was Shank's ve
hicle they t hunted , up . tfie owner and
found that ciylously enough he had but
one tag and 4t was 19. Then the decep
tion dawned upon the officers, and they
took Shank to the police sttftion.
In the police court this morning Auth-
balvad -a' poor, memory i r- ;
Bhank. had an elaborate explanation.
He atated his eyesight waa poor and he
naa , evidently nailed the tag on the
wrong Wagon upside down, not knowing
that 'he had made a mistake. But he
could net explain' why he had picked out
such a convenient number as 19. He was
found guilty and fined 5.
fief ore the case ended Authbach was
arrested on a warrant charging- him with
collecting Junk without a license and he
was fined $5. He Insisted that as Shank
had hired htm the latter should pay the
amount, Authbach;. had money to pay
his fine, but refused to do so. Shank said
he cash and both men were locked
up until their friends came to tha rescue.
Salinas. Cat, Feb. S. Threa life rafts
hare been found In Monterey bay during
the past two days, leading U tha belief
that one or more vessels have been
wrecked In that vicinity.. - Two,, rafts
were picked up four miles south ot the
Point of ' Pines lighthousa. A tug
brought them to Monterey, where it wss
found they belonged to different vessels.
The third . drifted ashore near China
town below Monterey. Nona of the rafts
bore namca. -v ; .
" Sacranlento, Feb. t. State Veterinary
BlemeY returned ' today from a trip of
investigation at the request of southern
catUemen.taAbolish the quarantine line,
lie says he opes northern cattlemen
will withdraw their protest against
abolishing the line as the conditions ars
now different from those of 1898, when
there waa no law for inspection. Cattle
can inspected and ,pass to the
north safely. .
"He oet mad and .quits when' ha
don't win." t .' :.''
rWali, thara'a mora olory in It for
him t aav tha ftma ended In a row
than admit defeat"' ;
. ii. , . .
Deciding 'that 'the .Northwest ; Con
stfuctlon company; - bwlldlng the Jetty
at the mouth of the Coiumhia. could
notTumish "-"r'ock "'for the --work --fast
enough. Major Langfltt,' united States
engineer, in charge of river and harbor
ImDrovements' today decided to make
arrangements ; for securing ..-the' needed
roekpom other tjuartsrs.
This bears out" tho contention of The
Journal made as the resoit of several
investigations by a staff correspondent;
that the -auarrtes of, the construction
company at Bugby"were not capable of
furnishing rock . sufficient in ? sixe or
duantitvl fdc the Jetty within tha time
specified for the completion of the. con
tract-'? 'V;' '".':t ''' -f"'-
Major Langfltt said thla afternoon:
have made ' an arrangement with
the' Northwest Construption. company
advertise" for. 240,000 Ions of rpek for
Prxrr cobtiotiows or axlboeb
jcacqubbxAttx : ox VAdXABCT
The crusade of 'the police against the
human parasites who live off the earn
ings of -women has already borne fruit
Thijf morning in the. police court. Judge
Hogue sentenced two young men of this
"class to work on'the r0ck pile.
- Robert Fenten, charged, with vagrancy,
waa found guilty and he, will break rock
for 10 days. . Fred Bdsch might have es
caped as lightly had he not sworn false-;
ly, but 'for this the court decreed that
for 20 days he must work for the city;
' During the trial this morning May Pa
yis, beer .solicitor at the Or sen Front,
formerlythe Majestic, In North Tnlrd
street, seemed to be lacking fn knowledge
regarding Busch's antecedents In marked
contrast to bfcr statements to the officers,
that Judge Hogue became ffStlsfled she
was telling what was untrue. , Accord
ingly a,-warrant wia issued for her, su
rest on ev charge of "Vagrancy, and she
wss detained when about to leave the
court, room. She indignantly denied that
she was an. idle and dissolute person.
She deposited $20 bail for her trial at a
later date. .
Busch told the court yesterday that he
had been employed as stage manager for
the theatre in the saloon. He asked that
Ml McGlnnls, the-proprietor, be called to
prove this. When McGlnnls appeared he
-denied that he had ever hired Busch. and
the latter's casa - then lost Ha . .back
bone' r .' v ?
Fenton is the man who told Judge
Hogue he was out at S a. m. because .he
wanted to get a meal at a restaurant.
Sergeant; Hogaboom and Offloer Vaughn
arrested the pair, and these ars the first
convictions of the macquereaux stnee
Chief Hunt's stringent orders three day
agoy,-. ..' , . rl: . ,."', ' in
Temporary insanity, said to have been
Induced by drink, caused ,Ffe4 Kelly, 34
years old, to attempt suicide last night
by atabblng.hlmself-twlce over the heart
The tlade waa too short to reach a vital
kspot. and thla is all that prevented
Kelly from succeeding in killing him
self. , i"' : r ' ' - "
The injured man-was admitted, to Good
Samaritan hospital, where he- wss re
ported somewhat better his . morning.
Pr. Slocunv who dressed the wounds, is
of the opinion that they are not of a se
rious nature, and Kelly is expected to re
cover. ' ' . ? ' -'
The sensational episode , occurred in
the !eppacii lodging house at Thlrd and
Burnslde streets about 11 olcVock last
night Kelly, who comes of a good fam
ily, has been employed as nigtt clerk in
the hostelry. He was sitting quietly in
the kitchen of the place. Three women,
one of them the landlady, were In the
same .room when Kelly, suddenly whipped
out a little penknife, opened tne small
est blade, snd viciously stabbed himself
twice in the left breast.
Naturally tbe - women." ware badly
frightened but they wrestled with the
desperate man' and held him so thsf he
could not. inflict another wound. Ser
geant Hogaboom was summoned and he
took the injured man to 'tha police sta
tion whence he was removed to the hos
pital. . - .
Kelly told the omcer that he naa neen
drinking and added that when intoxi
cated he waa crasy.;-
(Specil tXipetch to The Joorotl.)
New York. "Feb. 5. Hattie, the baby
elephant in Central park soo, is strug
gling with the intricacies of the Jap
anese national anthem, . which her
keeper, William Snyder, is trying to
teach her to play on ;: the harmonica.
Hattie has already mastered "Pie Wacht
am Rhine," and Keeper Snyder declares
that there ia not another, elephant in tht
world so Intelligent or one which can do
so many stunts with musical instru
ments. The baby -elephant's struggle
with its music lessons have afforded
amusement to thousands of visitors to
tho soo- recently. Hattie holds tha har
monica, which is. of the curved kind, on
the extreme tip 6f her trunk, waving
the latter to and fro as if to keep time
while the plays, ' Hattie can also dance,
and kneel as if in prayer, 'Cakewalk and
has many other accomplishments. She
Is only three and a half years old and
is valued at S1M00.'.
.. . (Joarnal Special Service.)
Washington: Feb. J. Th - navy de
partment this morning received the fol
lowing messsgei from Captain Train.
president ef the board of inspection,
dated Fortress Monroa; f'While testing
the battery of the Iowa this morning
both guna in the forward 8-lnchv turret
blew off their muztles. No damage, ex
cept t the' guns. No casualties.
r i ' Blala Talk.
i From the Buffalo EspOes.
A Utlca men has been - srrested snd
Shed for snoring In church, . People who
can't sleep noisalessly ' should stay at
hwmo on Sunday. : ,i , ,
tha Jetty to Jbaaupplled by other firms.
This Is a new contract and diminishes
tltfe amount to be , delivered by . the
Northwest Construction vcdmpany this
seasoa" .. H . a- - r .
Asked why he had taken this action.
Major Langfltt saidfv ; - t. v :
' "I was afraid that the construction
company oould not get rocle fsst
enough, I want to rush this' work.,.; The
advertisement for bids will be made
very soon, probably next week."
Major Langfltt, whed asked whether
the change in the contract was because
of failure to get large rock from Bugby,
said; , .;,, , , -k-.jt-:y; i-.
' "Iant to rush the work on the Jetty,
and do not desire to take any changes.
They may be able to get big rock' from
there, but I don't know, about. It.
want to be sure, and so we made the
new contract." . ' : .
xtruox actzybxt cxbctuxateb
cotruj hot IiOAo caboo at ax
i Bbxb BocxotrBsnras bxovb
fazjsttt or statbmzbt. .
'An effort has been made recently to
make the war department apprehensive
of Portland's ability to handle a large
shipment, by circulating the -report that
the. United Statea army transport Plx,
due here next Monday or Tuesday, can
not load, a heavy cargo of oats at the
wharf of, Albera Bros. Milling company
for the reason- that the depth of the
waiter there was only 18 feet Sound
ings made by Captain Patterson of the
Pilots' association, show that The depth
tf 'water there ranges front 15 to It
feet. . i,v . . ,
The Plx Is the largest cargo-carrier
In the army transport service. Bha left
San FranclBco for Portland today kn is
uua nero next aionaay or Tuesday, as
she is coming In. ballast and will travel
slowly. Here she will taktTon half her
next cargo for the Philippines, consist
Ing of 4.820 tons of oats. Of thla. J.000
ions is to ne rurnjsnea oy Albers Bros.,
the same quantity by Kerr, Glfford & Co.
and 120 tons by the. Simpson Milling
company. '"'' , : : ; -.
Fully loaded 'with heavy material,
such as coal, the Plx draws about 14
feet of water. Leaving here with a half
cargo of oats sha wUl draw, not to ex
ceed 21 feet The. remalsder of her
cargo will consist of -hay and will , be
loaned at Ban. Francisco. .... - ... - .,
Just how the rumor originate that
tne deptU t water? at , jAlbere whaaf.
which is located Just belew the O. R. &
N. dock, .about midway, between the
steel bridge and the Alblna ferry, is not
known. Certain it is, say shippina men.
that the story had Its inception in the
Interest of either Seattle or Ban Fran-
Cisco, and is on a par with other canards
Circulated with ' intent to damage thia
Kiiy in toe pasu ,. . ,
Boh Altera, president of the company,
Anally became apprehensive lest the
story might be true and-communicated
wth- Captain Patterson, of th Pilots'
association. Yesterday afternoon- Cap
tain jfatterson mads soundings at ths
dock. His plummet showed that' at a
distance of four feet, from tha wharf
the shallowest water is 25 feet - deep
and the greatest depth is f 7 feet
-The Plx will have no trouble loading
hero st all nor in getting over the bar.
But . the poet who wrote that "Error
wounded wrlthea la pain and dies amid
her worshipers," - hadn't heard ot the
knocks .'directed against Portland.
Quesnstown, Feb. 6. Michael Pavitt
sailed' for New York on the Celtic to
day,. He skid: Th political situation
Is satisfactory as far as home rule 4s
concerned. The English parties are split
on tha Irish movement, but the Irish
party ia united. These two Tacts are full
of hopa for ths -nationalist cause. I
read Ambassador, Pu rand's speech in
New York, The ambassador expressed
the hope that the Irish of (he United
Statea and Ireland would bury the
hatchet Undoubtedly, thlawuld serxe
England's purposes much better now,
but the burying must begin with Ira
land's enemies. Every vestige of Dub
lin' castle rule and Irish landlordism
must be .burled by England beyond ths
possibility of resurrection ' before the
exiled Irish across the Atlantic '- wllf
bury their resentment against an' abom
inable system of government which al
most ruined Ireland.' I am Informed
that th Irish in America are more de
termined than ever to back as -here In
the final rally for national self govern
ment." i f " V
(Sin Fraodaee Bsnwa ef Tea Jearntl.l -
San Francisco, . Feb. 5. 'Another of
ficer of the army has been hoisted wttn
the KoblchCn petard. His name is l.lea
tenant A. C. Arnold, Of the Thirteenth
Infantry. Arnold is said to have' been
the man who took the affidavits of Mrs.
McNatr and Mrs. -Brown who accuse
Captain Evans of violating all military
ethics by desiring a kiss. , Now the gov
ernment comes forward and says the
'hoot of the regiment does not include
In its provisions any right for an officer
to act as a notary public, even for a
friend. "ArnoIV acted J.-un officer ot
the RoMchon court martial snd as such
undoubtedly secured tho affidavit men
tioned, but he must, explain to T'nrle
Sam. '-' Arnold says he is not afraid of
any Inveattgatlon and will face a critical
board aa bravely aa be has, a
sharpshooter, ; '
. v Bet Quits Tea Ola.
Washington Correspondence New York
, ' World.
Senator Hale of Maine was tecUlng
Senator Illlmaa of South Carolina.
i"'"t wish tha senator weald restrain
what I may call these ebullitions," he
said. "Senator Spooner. who' has had
experience rn It, says to me it is tita im
petuosity of youth. Ws ars all In love
with tho impetuosity of youth. Most of
us have- left It far" behind, except the
senator from South Carolina."' ;
Whereupon there was one of those
choruses- that never get in10 the Coft
grpNHloiuil Record, when1 Senators J
H'llley, Imlltver m nd '. Beverldg-e, t na.V
nj-thiiiK' '-f S-in:itor I'epeW. chinted, "UU,
ae don't l;t"-,-. We're not A vUW 1
pwExmoiriA bib deatb: was
Mrs. Bessie Strowbrldge, widow of the
late Thomas M. Strowbrtdgc, who died
two years ago next March, breathed her '
last at 7 o'clock last evening at St Vin
cent's hospital, where she had ; been '
under m ml leal treatment for about - a
week. Thn funeral services will bs
held next Sunday afternoon at her lata
residence, 974 Gladstone avenue, Kenll- V
orth The burial will b wivate.
Mrs. Strowbrldge was taken ill about
January 1 last with a bad cold and; a
general breaking down. She berama '
worse, and on advice of Mrs. AUca '
StrowbrldgriJ er mother-in-law. who .
lived with her, and the 'family physician,
went to the hospital. Two days later
she Was found to- be suffering from an 1
advanced stage of, pneumonia, the crisis .
of which resulted in her death. Two
physicians and Mrs. Alice Strowbridgn
were at her bedside. In speaking of
her death, tha latter said today; r
"The doctors, met me outside tha
door. They-told me the crisis Was ap
proaching and did not give' me mnclt- ;
nope.. When I entered the room Bessie ,
exclaimed: , 'Oh,. mother I I am so glad
to aee you. Soon she said: Tou all
look as though I wers going to die." I r
do not want to die' now. I want to live.
Oh, I want to live!' She asked ma to
take her hand, which I did, but released; ,
it soon, fearing it would excite her. Sha .
asked me again to take her hand, and
then sha said: Oh. how dark it is. X
said: 'No, dear, It ia not dark and
went to the window and raised tha euro
tain, saying: ' See. there Is much day
light left' . She again remarked that it
was growing darker, and I could sea
death settling upon her face. The last
audible words she spoke were: .
baby! Oh. baby f and then she died.
Baby Is her 4-year-old daughter, tha
only child she had." ,'t.
Mrs. Thomas M. Strowbrldge was - '
Pennsylvania girl. Upon the death tC .
her parents about ten years ago aha '
came west and made her home with her
uncle; th late Samuel Amdt, at Astoria.
She. was a"- Miss. Bessie Arndt About '.
six - years ago she waa married - to
Thomas M. Strowbrldge,, and tha hand
some horn at Kenilworth waa furnished
ahd made ready for them while they,
were on their wedding trip to Ban Fran
slsco. Upon, his death the home prop-
erty and a considerable sum in life ln-
surance was left to her, Mra Strow
brldge waa 33 ylars of age at the tlraa
of. her death. ' Her lata husband waa
the son of J. .M. Strowbrldge, tho well
known Portland capitalist a nephew e8
J.. A. Strowbrldge, and a cousin of Pr.
George Strowbrldge and J. A. Strow
brldge, Jr.' . .- A i- ' r.y;,.-
JI. Thomas wanted to be a milkraait
thla morning, but when he attempted tt , .
drive off with H. Frye'a vehicle a fight
ensued which resulted in the- arrest oC ,
both - men.- .
I'rye waa delivering lacteal fluid along- -his
route and stopped at Second ana
Taylor streets. When be returned to tha
corner his team was missing and he dis
covered: that, some- one had driven off,
with. it. He saw, Thoxnaa and another
man a short distance away and -they had
his overcoat , .
."Which one of you men took my
horses?" demanded tha irata milkman.
"That man did; go smash him.".
Thomas is said to have replied, pointing
to- tha other man. But before Frye could
do anything he claims Thomas struck
htm in the, face and than tha two men
had a struggle. They rained blows oif each.
other, and a crowd gathered Patrolman
Carr was sodn at hand and arrested botU
combatants' so that they might settla
their differences in court . Both war
charged .with fighting.
-.-"4 . in n i i m i H '
Lying in ia critical condition at St,
Vincent's hospital is James Goodwin,
s comedian. His skull is- fractured and
his recovery Is not expected. '
Goodwin has been filling an engage"
tnent at Frits? theatre for. the paat threa
weeks, but ia said to have been drinking
heavily for a few days. Yesterday af
ternoon , Patrolman Hammersley found
him lying unconscious In ths saloon ad-'
Joining -tha- theatre. Goodwin waa .
thought to be intoxicated. The officer
waa told that tha actor had fallen from a 1
stool while eating lunch. He was sent
to the police station and Captain Grits-.
rnacher noticed that ha waa injured. Ac
cordingly the city physician was called,
and he announced that the man's ajtull
waa fractured. Thereupon he was re
moved to tha hospital. "-; t
The patient waa unconscious until at
late hour today and it is believed the ln-'
Jryiwlll result fatally. -:.
' ' . . ' .' " i ; ' ' "" ' ' "' '-'(
Wise B&r. Wilson.
From the Springfield, Mass.. F.pupj
t llcan.
Regarding the?-federal conatitotlon.
President Woodrew Wilson of Princetdet
university says the makers of It would
scarcely recognlsa it If they were to sea
if now, after a century of steady
strstchlng. Yet he also thinks that it is
better that the constitution should be
stretched tTian that It Should break.
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