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(Jocrnal Special Service.)
Salem, Or., Jan. !5.-Mrs. 8. T. nich
ardson, wife of the dean of the Salem
: law school, met with & serious accident
last Saturday evening, which came near
proving faUl, and which has left her
with badly burned hands. - Mrs. .Rich
ardson, alone in the house with 4 small
baby in her arms, In some waj ' upset
a, coal oU lamp, the latter b?J"d
the- oil ran over the rugs anoV carpet.
Igniting the lamp and threatening , the
destruction of the house. Mrs. Richard
son,' placing the baby on the bed In an
adjoining room, hastily seised the burn
ing rugs and carpet, which latter was
loose on the floor, end dragged .them
out of the house, thus saving the build
ing and contents from destruction.- By
the operation Mrs. Richardson's hands
were badly burned, and neghbors who
quickly came to her assistance at once
called In a physician, who dressed the
Injuries. Fortunately the burns are not
very serious, but the lady will bear the
marks of her heroic work for a long
time, and she can always feel conscious
that her work prevented a serious con
flagration and saved her home from
the Are fiend. (
- H Went to Jsll. ,
Jack Kearna, the fellow who created
.a scene in a local restaurant early Sat
urday morning, and in resisting, arrest
sustained a serious fait while the ar
resting officer also suffered a sprained
ankle, was Saturday afternoon brought
before the city recorder on the charges
Of disorderly conduct and - resisting an
officer, and given his choice between
paying a line of 100 or spending 20
days in the city Jail. . He chose the lat
ter alternative, and Is occupying a cell.
U R. Murphy, the officer who was In
jured, Is laid up with a badly sprained
ankle, and It may be some time before
he will again be able to take up his
work on the streets. ' .
Good 'Basketball. ' ,
At the Y.'M: C. A. gymnasium. Sat
urday evening, two good games of bas
ketball were played before a fair-sized
audience. The first was between the
Chemawa Indian team and the T. ,M. C.
A. first team, resulting in a decided vlc-
torv for the T. M. C. A., the score
standing 45 to 5. Chemawa lacked In
training;, while their opponents were la
excellent condition. The second., game
was between the Dallas college second
team and the second of the T. M. C. "A.,
in which the. visitors from Dallas car
ried oft the palm by a score of tl to 10.
They played an excellent game, show
ing good training and much practice.
Death of Krs. Frosty. ''
Mrs. P. D; Prunty, widow of the lato
P. D. Prunty. the Salem section fore
man, who died In Portland last winter
while undergoing an operation In a hos
pital, died In Wilbur Saturday after
noon, and the remains will be laid to
rest in this city In the burial plot where
Mr. Prunty rests. The lady had been
In good health up to the time of her
death, and the end came suddenly ana
unexpectedly. She was a devout mem
ber of the Catholic church, and will be
laid to rest with the funeral services
peculiar to that1 organisation. Her
husband was a prominent member of
the Woodmen of the World, and it Is
expected that the local camp of that or
der, which owes much of Us prosperity
to his efforts, will furnish an escort for
the remains at the funeral. .
v. ' Marlon County Trait Growers.
I The Marlon County. Fruitgrowers'
union held a brief meeting In this city
Saturday afternoon for the dlscussslon
of matters of Interest to the growers
generally. The growing of strawber
ries, red raspberries and kindred fruits
was discussed, and addresses were made
on the subject of marketing of fruits.
pledged fruit for the Oregon exhibit in
Rt TiiiIm unA m. lnrflr nnrtinn . of the
prunes to be shown there, It now seems.
wiu come irom Marion county orcnaras.
Only the best of prunes will be taken
for this exhibit, and the growers are
all anxious to. furnish from their jro
tict for this purpose. ,
. Salem local Option.
' An Initiative petition la being circu
lated in this city for a local option law,
to be submitted to the people at the
next regular election, next June,' and to
be placed before the legislature next
winter.. . A number of petitions are out,
and they are being freely signed by all
classes of citizens, and the Indications
are that sufficient ' signatures .will b
received by February 1, the time limit
for the filing of the petitions with the
secretary of state, to entitle them to be
placed before the people for their ac
tion at the next election. The proposed
bill is an exact copy of the Texas act,
which has been In operation In that
state for a number of years,' and . has
Have you ever tried Scott's
Emulsion for a thin, weak
child," one backward in growth
and slow in development?
Those who have know the
pleasure of seeing their
delicate child grow strong
and become well-developed
. under the gentle but effective
influence of Scott's Emulsion,
For , the weak growth of the
bones, Scott's Emulsion sup
plies those powerful tonics,
the hypophosphites. tor the
lack of proper healthy flesh
Scott's Emulsion provides the
nourishing cod liver oil in an
easily digested and palatable
form. Any child1 that needs
more andj better nourishment
effective nourishment will
get it ; in . Scott's Emulsion.
There is no other remedy or.
food that combines' so much
that is necessary in maintain
ing good health and' right
growth in children. 1
, We'll send yo s sample free apes request. , -
l Pearl Street, V.X,
become 'nvlte! popular there ' with? all
classes of citizens, , '
'Similar petitions are said to be In
circulation In all parts of the state.' and
It Is said that no trouble is feared but
a sufficient number of signatures vwill
be received S.000 are required -to se
cure the desired' place on the ballot, and
Of they are signed as freely as Is the
case here the promoters will be satisfied
with 1 the results :- attained. Salem's
ouota. 600 signatures, will be had within
a few days and similar satisfactory re
ports are being sent in irom an pans
of the state. '
J0TICE. The Vance ot.-r iftcncy of The Or
so Daily Journal U located at 0u3 Main Itraet,
aba P. Lnadbert, sgec..;- - -
' v (Journal Special Service.) ' 1
Vancouver. ' Wash-, Jan. - 25.- A. A.
Wandrey of Company A, 17th Infantry,
who has broken arrest while serving sen
tences under general courfcmartlal at dif
ferent times, was seen being conducted
to the guardhouse III chains yesterday;
Wandrey was tried by a general court-
martial last May for selling a $15 vio
lin, belonging to a comrade, from whom
he borrowed the same, for 13, and also
for desertion. He was awaiting ; his
sentence as the result of this trial when
he, In company with a number of othr
prisoners, broke out of the -guardhouse
and made their escape. This noted Jail
break occurred , on Juije 6, 1903,, and
wandrey was : recapturea on june o.
Wandrey pleaded guilty td this offense
and was serving his sentence under a
post guard when he politely picked up
a tin bucket . -to-i-go; after ;a' bucket of
beer for himself, the sentinel and a fel
low prisoner under charge of tile same
sentinel, 'Wandrey forgot to come back,
and as a result of his forgetfulness
caused the sentinel to get into trouble.
There Is no doubt but what the sentinel
would have . gotten into trouble, any
how, for allowing the prisoner out .of
his sight, even though the prisoner had
returned." Wandrey evidently thought
the same; and did not take the trouble
to. return. -. ,.,,;-.;.-.
Judging, from Wandrey's appearance
while being, conducted toward the post
guardhouse, there is no likelihood of his
making another escape very soon. If
the does, -It will evidently be with a cum
bersome weight about bis reet.
, Xlstdr hy Major Dyer.
Major Dyer, artillery eerpsv has about
completed the writing of an elaborate
history--of -the Eighth battery. The
Eighth battery is the oldest organise
tion in the army, having been organised
by Alexander Hamilton. The major has
written a ivery exhaustive' history of
the old Fourth regiment or the battery
and. Is now engaged In completing the
history of the present division.
The Eighth battery has In its barracks
a very fine and highly appreciated ban
ner which was presented by the Alex
ander Hamilton heirs. . - . t
-'-:y ;?' - ronltry Baistr. V
A. O. . Potter, the jloular exchange
steward, returned yesterday from port
land, whore be has been sojourning on
business and pleasure. , , .-,
It Is said that Mr, Potter is becom
ing Quite Interested tn -thoroughbred
poultry; and Is preparing to establish a
ranch for. that purpose near Vancouver.
Monkey Brill Begins.
. The Eighth battery , field artillery to
day commenced jts . monkey drill, more
commonly known among the soldiers as
"the three-ring circus drill," which con
sists of vaults in horse drills, saber
drill, wrestling, and- kindred exercises.
Captala Bowan Betnma. ' -Captain
A. 8. Rowan, 18th infantry,
returned yesterday from his leave of ab
sence and reported for duty.: Captain
Rowan has -been East and returned to
Vancouver barracks via San Francisco,
. (Journal Bpedal Serrle.)
Spokane, Wash., Jan. 25. The second
safeblower has not as yet been caught
by ,thejollce..JohnJ. McGuire was
arrested on suspicion of being a pal of
the dead man, and the police are under
stood to have found evidence that he
was a room mate of the dead man, but
he was released Saturday afternoon, no
reason being given for this action. The
dead safeblower has been identified as
Charles Mitchell, a barber from Texas
City, Charles Austin a stonemason
and Joe Kohler a plumber of St. Paul.
It is altogether probable that the one
man went under the three names. The
members Of the plumbers' union Identi
fied him as a member of the notorious
Kohler family of St Paul. ; He came to
this city carrying a union card -made
out to Joe Kohler and secured employ
ment with the Spokane Oas company.
George Robinson, formerly a plumber
of St. Paul, knew Joe Kohler and ex
posed the dead man before the union as
an Imposter, and the card was taken
away from him. Robinson says: "I
knew Joe Kohler In St. Paul. He killed
a man, and I believe had to leave. When
I found this man carrying his card I
exposed him. I am sure the dead man
Is a member of the Kohler family. In
St. Paul he- was a member of the notori
ous Rice-street gang, and well known
to the ' police." An Inquest was held
over the body and the Jury decided that
Officer Logan shot him In the perfor
mance of his duty, and that it was a
case of Justifiable homicide. ,.
Officer Logan IS receiving congratula
tions ' from the citizens over his nervy
work. It was a case of one man against
two, and be was fortunate In not having
been hit by the bullets. Kohler'S revolver-
caught In his coat and he could
not pull it before: he was shot. After
being struck by the first , bullet and
he lay in the ground he again tried to
pull It The second shot killed him In
stantly, ' Logan chased the second man
as long as his ammunition lasted and
then came- back, as he had no chance
of getting blm then.
;' (Journal Special gerTlcw.) . .
-Spokane, Wash,, Jn. 25. Brigadier
McMillan of the Salvation army will
Inspect the picture machines of the city
with a view to having the owners prose
cuted if . they contain obscene pictures.
He called on. Mayor L. F. Boyd Saturn
day and asked him '.for Information as
to the location of the machines so as to
facilitate the inspection. - -,
The mayors pleaded ignorance as to
the location of the machines, but sent
an order to the police department direct
ing them to give the brigadier 'all' the
Information as to the location that they
had. ... ... . .....
I . Rearlstr j. tnda v and ularn th n.nii
for direct primary nominations. .
NOTICE. Oregon City subscribers will please
Cake notice tint the office of The Journal baa
been established at tb Courier office. J Seventh
arrest, next to depot, wber aubacripttoaa, com
t lalnta. payments, etc., will be receW4 and at
teiidfd to br L. J. Caufleld. Tha JootbaI On.
(on aty aeot. -
Journal Special Serrle.) ' m
Oregon City, Jan. 25. Robbers broke
into the depot on the Southern Pacific
railroad at Canby In this county last
night and took everything In sight.
Luckily ; there ' was not . very much of
value lying around loose.' They secured
several small packages of express, a
few' stamps and a lot of small change.
They entered the office by springing the
lock: of the ; outside door. . They -were
not able to enter the, safe and would
have found but little of value if they
had succeeded, as no money of conse
quence is kept in the office over night
There is absolutely no clue to the per-
eons who committed the robbery. The
general indications are, however, that
it was' the work of- hobos, with which
the Immediate neighborhood, of the
Southern Pacific railroad In this county
is continually infected.
' Bulldin- Prospering. ,
The building in Oregon City for the
year 190$ was very creditable . f qr ' a
city of 4,000 people. More than 100
houses of all kinds were erected, mostly
small residence property 'and some sub
stantial business blocks. The year 1(04
promises to be equally as good as last
in tho building line. Already, . notwith
standing the .very bad weather that has
uniformly prevailed In thiscsectlon since
the first of the year, several houser are
under construction and .contracts are
being let for a great many more. J. L.
Rambo, the saloonlst, is finishing a
nice cottage on Sixth street and Mayor
G. B. Dtmick has Just begun the erec
tion of a nice cottage on Jackson street
There la hardly a vacant residence in
the city and the need for. more, resi
dences is urgent
. At Ohnroh Yesterday.
Tho churches in Oregon City, of which
there are 12, were all well attended last
Sunday. The sermons were interesting
rand Instructive. Including mass and
Sunday schools, there were no less than
three meetings at each church of wor
ship during the day, all of which speaks
well for . the good morals of Oregon
Potatoes la Great Demand.
As stated in these columns on last
Friday, potatoes in Clackamas county
are in great demand. The price has ad
vanced so much within the last month
that the growers are happy and do not
know whether to let go of their crops
at the present time or wait for a further
rise In the price. Mr. Burt agent for a
San Francisco house, spent two days
last week in the neighborhood of Wll
sonvllle on the west side of the Wil
lamette buying or obtaining on con
signment all of the "spuds" he could
possibly get his hands upon. He paid
from 65 cents per sack for seed potatoes
to 95 cents for choice. John Gaffeny
of Mount Pleasant, east of the city, sold
several, hundred sacks at 75 cents per
sack.' There is 200 or 300 carloads of
potatoes In the hands of the farmers in
this county and the unexpected advance
mans much additional profit to them.
Twenty-Bound Go TonlgHt,
Tonight at the Armory in this city
the lovers of the boxing art will have a
chance to see some real pugilistic con
tests. The main event is a 20-round go
between Warren MCDanieis or Aioany
and "Kid" .Gallagher of this city., Both
of these "pugs"' are in the best of con
dition and a spirited contest is assured.
The special will; be followed by a six-
round' contest between "Kid" Swanson
Of Portland and Frank Freeman of Ore
gon City. There will also be a "bout"
between two Oregon City "pugs," whose
names have not yet been announced. The
referee of the mill has not yet been
selected. . :
Baby OirL
There Is a bappy Jeweler in Oregon
City William Anderson, of thejlrm of
Rurmeister & Anderson is all smiles.
The stork visited his home , Saturday
and left a fine baby girl.
(Journal Special Service.)
Walla Walla. Wash.. Jan. ". 25.
Wednesday, January 27. is the date set
for the meeting of the Roosevelt Repub
lican club which, politicians of that
party hope will mark the death bf the
division within the ranks between the
"Boxers" and the "Holy Rollers" which
has been such a source of weakness to
the Republican party In Walla Walla
county. . : ' -'
The club has already had two meet
ings. The first was called on too -short
notice for all the leaders of the rival
factions to attend, and the Boxers, who
are followers of Governor McBride, were
not at all satisfied with the trend af
fairs had taken. .They were, however,
persuaded to attend a second meeting of
the club In the county buildings here,
when it was agreed to bury the hatchet
for the time being and to call another
meeting for next Wednesday which all
the members of the Republican party
were to attend and when the constltu
tldn of the club will be voted on. The
officers already erected, who are said to
have strong Ankeny-leanings, are to be
re-elected for the present year.'
Thus it is hoped has ended one of the
bitterest inter-party strifes that has ever
been waged in the history of Washing
ton politics. The struggle began "four
or five years ago with a struggle be
tween Levi Ankeny, and Miles C. Moore
and until the. present supposed settle
ment, has been waged with unceasing
animosity It has often been the storm
center ofMhe politics of the whole state,
owing to the prominence of Senator
Ankeny In state politics. For the pres
ent the 'dtfferences( are smoothed over,
but politicians of ail stripes are looking
forward with great anxiety to the pri
maries to b neia soon. '
Wot oa the Usta.
From the Boston Herald.
The names of Harvard's great ath
letes do not lead all the rest in the list
of awards for academic distinction in
the less strenuous pursuits of that in
stitution. At least we don't recognise
the names of many of them. '
The three best words in the
grocery business; - Schilling's
Best and moneyback.
KOTICI. -Tha Albany trcney ttf The Oreioa
Pally Journal la at tha -drug atat ot Fred
uaweoo, o, 238 Weat alrat street, wear sua
criptlooa will b received. .
(Journal Special Berries.)
Albany, Or., - Jan.1- 25. The dog poi
soner is at work again' and as usual the
fine dogs suffer. Edwin Stone lost his
splendid pointer,' Sport Saturday night
through the malictousnMs of some one.
It was a very valuable dog and no excuse
could be offered for the at. The owners
of fine dogs have -offered a reward for
the apprehension of the wretch, but have
failed to locate him.
Elks Entertain. .
T Albany lodge No. 259. B. P. O. E., give
an Impromptu entertainment and tctal
Saturday evening after the Initiatory
ceremonies were concluded.'. Professor
McEwen. the hypnotist, was present and
the fun was fast and furious.
' V ' 3. Ml Shelley Endorsed.
Hon. J. M. Shelley of Eugene has been
endorsed by the Linn county Republican
organisation for Lew la and Clark eposi
tlon . commissioner, in case Oregen is
honored with the appointment. As he
is a very ardent suporter of the members
of the Oregon delegation it is presumed
that he has a good chance. to secure the
place.,;,, ... .', ' .-". v u
.. . .Tor Bireot Primary. :
The petitions for the direct primary
law are being circulated in Linn -county
and the voters are signing readily. The
politicians realise that the law will re
sult in their dethronement but the peo
ple are anxious to bring about the result
and will welcome the change.- .v;
---.Sews? Votes.
The employes of the Albany Brewing
company and. a number of Elks attended
the funeral of the late William Faber in
Portland Sunday. v
The Saturday night social oances at
the-W..G. W. hall are proving to be very
popular and will' continue during the
winter. : - - .-;;' . . -.vvv-
A chimney in the college dormitory
burning out. Saturday night brought out
the fire department but the blase wtfS
extinguished without damage.
E. J. Seeley, manager of the ' Albany
Butter and Produce company, has been
In Portland during the past week attend
ing the meeting of the state creamery-
men s association.
KOTICB. The Eugene agency of The Ore-
a Daily journal la at tue bookstore of Alien
. Eaton, where aabacrlntloiis to to by nail
of carrier will be recti Ted.
Eugene, Or.. Jan. 26. The ' Riverside
Lane neighborhood near Eugene,, which
has been the center of numerous rows,
lawsuits and a- general turmoil for the
past year .or two,-has . Again, attracted
the public's attention on account of an
episode which occurred Friday night
T. J. Bracked, an old soldier, who
lives in ' that neighborhood was
.wakened In the middle of the night by
4 loud crash. : He thought it was the re
port of a gun, but' upon arising -and
striking a light, he found a huge rock in
the middle of the floor. It had been
hurled through the window. Further in
vestigation showed that two other rocks
went through the windows, one of them
going clear through the room and out at
the -opposite window. Mr. Brackett
dressed and got out his shotgun and kept
watch during the remainder of the night
but the marauders remained out of sight
This despicable work was . evidently
that of a band of hoodlums who have
been committing various depredations in
that neighborhood - for' some time past
There have been attempts at . incen
diarism, domestic animals have been tor
turedv petty thievery has been com
mitted, etc., all appearing to have been
done by the same person or persons. .
Officers are investigating the numer
ous depredations In the locality and
hope to spot the perpetrators soon.'
.'"'. .-' .'- Vsw Brlek Collage. ."" K
' George T. Hall, Sr., and Professor F.
S. Haroun, principal of the Eugene busi
ness college, have Just returned from
Portland where they went to examine
plans for- a - three-story - brick- building
which Mr. Hall will erect - here this
spring, the two upper stories to be occu
pied by the business college. The build
ing will cost in the neighborhood of
$15,000 and will be completed by fall.
Tor local Option.
Petitions have been circulated in
Eugene and other Lane county towns
during the last few days to Invoke the
initiative in the case of the local option
laws. The petitions demand that the
people be given. opportunity to vote on
the law at the June election. The pro
posed law gives each county or town the
right to vote on whether or not it shall
have saloons. The petition is being
pretty freely signed in Eugene. .
Was With rred Merrill.
' E. E. McClamahan, formerly with Fred
Merrill's bicycle store in Portland, has
leased a store room in Mayor Chris-
'man's block in Eugene and will soon
open a sporting goods and bicycle store.
He Is now in Portland purchasing his
(Journal special BefTlce.)
Atlanta. Go.. Jan. 25. One of the larg
est poultry exhibitions ever seen In the
South opened here today under the au
spices of the Atlanta Poultry association.
Plans for the exhibition have been in
progress for several months with the
result that the display embraces several
thousand of the finest specimen's of
chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and other
variety of fowl. A large attendance of
poultry fanciers Is looked for during
the week f com Alabama, South Carolina
and other states, as well as from all
parts of Georgia. ' .
Mrs. Winslcw's Soothing Syrup
As been tued for over SIXTY YEARS by MIL
is the best remedy for DIARRHOEA. Sold by
Druggists In every part of the world. Be sort
ad ask for "Mrs. Wiaslow's Soothing Syrup,"
aaukcaooaerkiad. Twenty-five ct r bottl
i a ' f
Sji l V I a ai i i a.
JORST O. 8TO&& WHO mabbxeb miss
John George Stoll, an alleged bigamist
from Dallas, Or.v; spent Friday in the
Portland city Jail. - Saturday he ; was
taken back to the seat of Polk county
to answer the accusation of having two
wives. , , ,
The story of the charges against
Stoll ' was told by The Journal FrJ.
day.. It Is claimed that he Is a Mormon
and until recently lived with his wife
at Independence, where he kept a rest
aurant prior to which he resided with
her - in Dallas. Some weeks' ago , she
went to Pocatello, Idaho, and since then.
It is alleged, that Stoll married the 16-year-old
daughter of Geora-e Phlllios of
Independenee. ; Indignant at, the , alleged
duplicity of his ; son-in-law - Phillips
swore out the information against StolU
A short time ago Stoll came to Port
land after he and the Phillips girl were
married at Vancouver, Wash. Phillips
prevented his daughter , from- Joining
Stoll in.! Portland,- . After the warrant
had been issued ' word was sent to the
Portland police to arrest Stoll. eid yes
terday several urgent . messages : came
from Prosecuting Attorney Hart at
Dallas. ; . -
At 4 o'clock Friday afternoon Offi
cer Hawley of the Boys' and Girls' Aid
society located Stoll In his room at 769
Second street and the alleged Mormon
was taken to the city Jail and locked up.
This morning a deputy sheriff arrived
in Portland and took the prisoner away.
Stoll Is about 37 years old and a baker
and cook by trade. , He had made ar
rangements , to go : to work Saturday
for a local restaurant He - told Offi
cer Hawley 'that he expected trouble
was coming, but thought it was because
of financial matters. He also stated
that he did not believe his girl wife
would make complaint against htm as
he received a letter from her only Fri
day. But he made ' no statement re
garding the allegation that he" already
had another wife who. is now said to bi
In Pocatello. He was willing to return
to Dallas and seemed to believe he would
not have a great deal of trouble there.
According to tho dispatch from Dallas
Stoll told some of his friends that he is
a Mormon and married his first wife ac
cording to the rites of that church.
Another story is that Mrs. Stoll No. 1
knows of the second wife, but will not
prosecute her husband. If such Is the
case it Is considered doubtrul if the
man can be convicted of bigamy, as
Mormon 'marriages are not recognised at
legal. However, there is said to be a
strong sentiment against Stoll both at
Independence and Dallas. , ,--.K .........
(Journal Special Service.)
Greshami Or., Jan. 25. The tall firs
which have formed the grove in which
the camp meetings of former years and
Fourth of July celebrations were held
will soon-hav passed from the sight of
the old pioneers forever. The grove
commonly inown as JDr. Powell s
grove" was recently purchased by John
E, Miller, andUhe large fir trees are
rapidly being transformed into cord-
wood and the stumps are removed im
mediately after. : r, , ' '
It will be but a short time until the
change will be complete, and the old
landmark so ofternspoken of and al
luded to- by the brethren will be no
more, but in its stead will be seen a
choice, level tract transformed to yield
its fertile soli to the modes of agricul
ture employed by the prosperous farmer,
who will derive therefrom a personal
as well as financial benefit This change
also marks the continuance of improve
ments along Cleveland avenue, aa this
tract corners thereon; also on the Sec
tion Line road. -
(Journal Special Berries.)
Pleasant Home, Or., Jan. 25. During
the week Just past revival meetings
have been in progress under the care of
Rev.i C. A. Nutley, Baptist minister
from Gresham. . Pleasant Home Is one
point at which Rev. C. A. Nutley has
been holding regular breaching services
f or a long limeAt Jhls season of U'e
year a great many ministers cond act
revival services and they are followed,
after a few months' lapse, ' by camp
meetings during the summer in conve
nient which, the yariou!iwor
shipers may congregate.
The services at Pleasant Home, how
ever, were discontinued for some more
convenient time, , when., the malady
measles-whlch prevented many peoplo
from attending, has been banished from
the vicinity. There is also a slight de
crease in attendance at the Orient
school, owing to the prevalent malady.
. i (Journal Special Serrlce.)
Tacoraa, Jan. 25. John Hayes is ly
ing at one of the city hospitals suffering
from an accident in what Is known as
Dead Man's Cut on the Northern Pacific
railroad, a few miles east of Tacoma,
where several lives have been lost - He
was run dowff"y a freight train yester
day afternoon.' One leg was .frightfully
crushed and the other broken. He was
barely living when he reached the hos
pital. At the point where he was struck
the tracks curve and are walled In on
both sides by high bluffs for quite a dis
tance. He was walking on one track
and stepped off .onto the other to avoid
a train coming toward him. The freight
train was coming from behind him on
the opposite track. He was tramping
from Seattle to Tacoma In search of
State Grain Inspector J. W. Arrasmlth
has returned to his home in . this city
after a tour of the state investigating
the grain conditions and the present
wheat situation. After a careful can
vass of the wheat growing counties he
estimates that. at least one third of the
wheat crop of last season is still n the
state and that the farmers themselvea
are holding onto 20 per cent of the crop
in hopes of higher prices, such as might
be caused by a war between . Japan
and Russia in the Far East :
A representative ot the state grain in
spector's office will attend the conven
tion of county assessors which meets at
Spokane February 3, to urge the adop
tion of a System of gathering statistics
concerning .crops -in the various eountles
through the assessors' - offices for the
Use of the state grain Inspector, '
A committee is at work planning for
the purchase of a gift for the cruiser.
Tacoma, which has Just been .put into
service and will be sent to the Isthmus.
It has been decided to subscribe 13,000
toward the purchase of a sliver service
set a silver bell or a silver punch bowl,
but there Is still some -Indecision con
cerning the choice of the gift
Register today and sign the Detltlon
tot direct primary nominations. -
(Q) -EADTIaI -
They Cure Stomach Troubles and Indiges
tion, Anyway, Whether You Have" , :
Faith in Them or Not. '
AH' phyalriana agree that the element of
faith bas a great deal to do in tbe cure ot oia-
eaae. j
Firm belief and confidence in a family phy
sician or tbe tame confidence and fattb In a
patent medicine bare produced remarkable
cures in all aires. .' :
Tbia la . eapeelally true In nerroas trooblee,
and no field offers ao prolific a harvest far
tbe attack aud charlatan as the dlaeaaea aria-
lng from, a weak or run-down -netToua r-
tem. -
- . Nererthelona. the moat common of all dli.
cr.aei. lnllseatlon. and stomach troubled,
tt-bic-b In turn cauae aervona dlaeaaea, heart
trouble!, consumption, ml Mi of Been, re
qulree aometbtnf besides faith to cure. 1 ' '
. 'Mere faith will not dlgeat your food for
you, . will not give you an appetite, will not
Inrreaje your flesh and strengthen your nerrea
and heart, but Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will
do these tblncs. because they are composed of
tho elementa of digestion: they contain tbe
Juices, acids, and peptones necessary to. the
digestion and assimilation , of, all wholesome
food. 1
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will digest food
It placed la a Jar or bottle In water heated to
9S degrees, and they will do it much more
effectively when, taken into the stomach after
meals, whether yon bare faith that tbey will
or not. .
They Invigorate the stomach, make part blood
and strong nerves 1b the only way that Nature
can do It tnd that is from plenty of whole
some food, well digested. It Is not what wt
est but what: we digest that does us good,
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are sold by drug
gltta at B0 cents for full-ttsed package.
, Little book on cause and Vurt of stomach
troubles mailed free by addressing F. A. Stuart
Co., Marshall, MIA.
Serious EestUts Sometimes Follow Its
Xxcesslv. Use.
Common soda It all right in its place, and
ludlapensable In tbe kitchen end for cooking
and wishing purposes, but It was never In
tended for a medicine, and people who Bit
It as such will some day regret It.
We refer to the common nee ef soda to re
lieve heartburn or sour atomach. a habit Which
thouaands ot people practice almost dally, and
one which Is fraught with danger; moreover,
the soda only fives temporary relief and in tht
end the stomach trouble gets worse and worse.
The sods acts as a mechanical irritant to the
walla of the atomach and bowels, and eases are
on record where it accumulated la tbe Intestine,
causing death by Inflammation or peritonitis.
Dr. Harlansoa recommends as tbe safest and
sorest cure for sour stomach (add dyspepsia)
aa excellent preparation told by druggists under
tbe same of gtnart's Dyspepsia Tablets. These
are Urge, 20-graln losenges, very pleassnt to
taste, and contain tbe natural acias, peptones
and digestive elements essential to good diges
tion, snd when taken after meals tbey digest
tbe food perfectly and promptly before it bat
had time te ferment. . tour and poison . the
blood snd nervous system, i
Dr. Wuertb states that he tnvsrlsbly uses
Stnart's Dyspepsia. Tablets In all .eases ef
stomsch derangements, and finds them a certain
cure, not only tor tour atomach, but by promptly
dlgeatlng tbe food, they create a healthy ap
petite. Increase flesh and strengthen tha action
of the hesrt and liver. Tbey are not a cathar
tic, but intended only for stomach dlaeasea and
weaknesses, and will be found reliable In any
Stomach trouble except cancer of the stomach.
All druggists sell Btutrt't Dyspepsia Tablets
at SO cents per psckage. .
A Utt'.e book describing all forms of stomach
weskneas. tnd their core milled free by id
dressing r. A. Btnart Co., Marshall, Mich.
HOT DO XT. - r' :
There Is a Simpler and Better way.
There It only ont way to purify tbt blood,
only one wty to Increase neah, and that It
through tbe stomach aud digestive organaj Why?
Eeesuse the stomach and digestive organs make
blood and fleah, bone, nerve and sinew. Did
you ever see a person blessed with a healthy,
vigorous stomach and digestion who bid Impure
blood, muddy sallow complexion, or who had
weak nerves, sleepiest nights and tht thousand
and one pains and acbea arising from poor
digestion t No, because perfect digestion eon
verts tbe food eaten Into' pure blood, strong
nerves, ind muscle, and all the flesh a person
utedi to hive for health, symmetry and beauty.
Every person-, knows whether or not his or
her dlgestfon Is whit It should be, but every
person does not know what Is the safest and
best way to secure and preserve a healthy con
dition of the digestive organs. It Is not done
by the' use of any . wonderful secret patent
n-.edlclne, but by the ate of certain harmless
digestive principles, which, taken at meals,
will digest tht food tnyway, regtrdlett of tbt
weak condition ot tbe ttomich. . -:
Dr. Brookt recommends a combination of
vegetable essences, fruit salts, pure sseptlc
pepsin, and Golden Seat, prepared in convenient
tablet form, and told" by druggists everywhere
under the name of Btnart'a Dyspepsia Tablets.
These pleasant tilting tablets ire to be
dissolved. In the month after each meal, snd,
mingling In the food in tbe stomsch, digest It
(perfectly. There It nothing wonderful about
this. Any physician or cbemlat knows tbat
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will do this because
repeatedly tested and proved, and thousands
of cured dyspeptics have found It to bt trot
sIko. .v , - -
Dry Hirltndton states that these tablets In
crease flesh because they digest flesh-forming
food Ilka eggs, meat and ordinary everyday
food; for the time reason they purify tht blood
and strengthen weak nerves. In no other way
esa It be done, because flesh, blood and nerves
are obtslned from the food we tit.
Dr. Jenntsoa once stated tbit he believed
a 60-cent package of Stuart's Dyspepsia Ttblett
would glvt more reel benefit tbia (50 worth
of ordinary doctor's fees.
These ttblett may be found, at any drug
tore, .. ..... ..... !. .
. TBOUBLE8. ."" '
Bo Kot Be Alarmed, Bat Look tot the
Cans.. ..
- Heart troubles, at least among Americans,
re certainly increasing, snd while this may
be largely due to the excitement and worry
or American business life, it Is mora often tht
retult of weak ttomachs, of poor digestion..
Heal, organic heart disease is Incurable; but
not on. case In a hundred of heart trouble it
organic. . .
The close ' relation between heart trouble
tnd poor digestion Is becsuse both organa are
err trolled by branches of the same great nerves,
the Sympathetic tad Pacumo-f tstrle.
. In i another wsy a Ik the heart Is tffeeted
by that orm of poor digestion which causes
gas snd (m-mentttlon from hslf-dlgested food;
there Is a feeling of oppression and heaviness In
the chest because by pressure of the distended
stomsch on the hesrt snd lungs. Interfering with
their action; bene arise palpitation and short
breath. - ' . j .
1r d,Ttlon poisons the' blood, makes
It thin tnd wttery, which Irrlutet and weak
ens the heart.
The most sensible treatment for hesrt trouble
It to Improve tbe digestion and to Insure the
prompt assimilation of food.
This can best be done by tht regular use
after meals of somo safe, pleasant and efectiv.
S"i!fV P!Prstion, like Smart's Dyspepsia
Isblett, which may be found at moat drus
Mores, and which contain valuable, barmleea
form lemut in a pleasant .convenient
n J1-? J.afe .t "y thst the regulsr, persistent
S.m0L8turt .D'r,PeP,,u Tablets at meal time
will cur. any form of stomsch trouble except
ctr.?f. th Full sited pseksg. of
UriiW,2!L?0,d b-T druggists st 60 centt!
Bo Ton - Wan to Become ritshyf
.... V. '--Jv - j. sssss,,sassasis V- y. .'..-i
A unsnx tvus. '
Flesh and Hot , Tat ' Is What Sg
- Heeded.
tJJ? th,n BP wnt it flesh, and not fat.
10 t tymmetrli-al snd properly proportioned
5127 KTto h,ould b ciruin VKil of
fTCl tl? H. ?Xtlmp not cesrlly mesa
5r hi.-.1;" 1!. nd''k'e! It clogs and re-ISi-ilh.
ti'Jif BKl' interfere, with
the healthy tctlon of tbe hesrt tnd lungs, and
when excessive predlaposea to fattswlegeneiwt
tlon of vlui organs, to sty nothing! tne"lU
idtp Te,ultln K excesslv.
tCIuii?ro,,,diufe,t t" oe"wlhes
to become fleshy and ulump, th. thine moat
needed would be flesh-formlng foods; in other
words, slbumlmma fnH iik,r . V .r
""1;ktci..-Jbe '" tart nu ' aeVh
to1; SSSft.& "
,Nsw- h. only reason to many peopl. remain
In'j i! JT","1 ihlr etacht do Mt proper ?
jnd eompletely digest and assimilate the flesh,
forming beefsteak, and eggs we est every dir.
, Tnere are thousands of such people, and they
re really dyspeptic, although they may .ot
?2nme.h'.?Jr r'T' ff1" InconveSleS?;
jaxe, with their meals, some nrenaratlon iik
Srrt TbUto."b.pfSS isrid K
q 'lckly digested, tnd tb. proper degree of
tSSSTIL' 7 becsuw these,
lng food, which It tbe aole rettoa why they so
, -k ww Buvninwa luiu, arapeDlie
men and women. . -.. . '". .
Uln..,'. ,1 , - w . , . . .
V "ST"!" iniers core ayspepsla
Md every form of IndlgesUoa on this com-
Z L iuej aigesi ine rood
promptly, giving ttrengtb to every nerve and
of th. body, whfi. at tb. time tlm. th.
stomach has a chine to rest and recover Its
" hiiuw. w to mile ill in.
djmptie iopi. itront, plump tntj r "
A Taluahle Xittl. Book Beat Tree fog
the Asking.
Meleal liAnV ul 1.1 11
lng, especially to people enjoying good health.
B uiiifi vi acarceij one person la
ten u M,fA,l l.Mi.k , .1 .
. h..u. vtvu wiui sura
tooner or later tlcknesa must come.
ii sjiso a wen-estamisned truth that nine
tenths of ill dlsesses originate with a breaking
. , . . - iiuuMfa weaaen.
and Impovwtahet the system, msklng It easy for
disease to gain a foothold. .
noooay neea tear consumption, kidney dJ
esst, liver trouble, or a weak heart tnd nerv-
the ttomich able to aestmllste plenty ot whole-
ir.llla) rihfWl.
Stomtch weakness s!-owt Itself in a score of
Irtri sinsf hl . lUeiak . Wui. n (
trmptoiM and citim ant) points the way to
lip ba tmnla that v u m .
nil gsftnlv
miuus aaaswR suuir lirria JI BlQIIMICn TrOUDia
and do not know It. Th7 ascrlb tbe faMdarbvS
constipation tnd similar tymptome to some other
cause than the true ooe. Oet your digestion on
the right trick md the hesrt trouble, luna
trouble, liver disease, or nervous debility will
rspldly dlsapnesr.
i"- '""'"J roe cause
tnd removal ot Indigestion and its accompany.
In .IBikinnN, .
lng anioysnccs.
Xa.mlta tlran.n.1 U r, & - j. f
Djspepsia. Catarrh of tbe Stomach, and ill
liflllctiona of the digestive organa la plain
language, easily understood, and tbt causa re
moved. it .t,,.hi . . : .
eor.talna a table giving length of time required
. ...,-. ...,.,. ...,,,r. i anmeining
every person with week digestion should know.
No price It asked, but simply eend your nam.
nd addresa. plainly written on metal card, to
r,K B"" Co-j Marshall.. Mich., requesting
a little book cn Stomach Dlsesses, md it will
bt tent promptly by return mall.
ThtV do not have bvatJnsle
btcauM the itonuch of dog
secretes tlx times at much pepiln
and twice ai much hydrochloric
cid at the stomach cVaman.
harg enredthoutands of men and
. BvBn, ai ruiTK-runrm
ui i-M. ."'f
r " j',r . wTiyiiij uopiio. I
ger and Golden Beaf to lhcrejui
the MMtlAti Af Hetal. i..l
&?in WW: Souf Stomach!
Oat and Fermentation. Biliousness
Cpnttipatlon or any lom of weak
Suigetuun. -WU.
tl address; ;.:.'. :; . ..
1P.A. STUART C(i.. m.i.- .
t . for free honk An tAM..i. 4. . . a
- tnniDies, er