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wnTTrrv ' w. titwir aa-net of The Or.
ob Dally Journal la located at 0S Male etraat,
oaa r. LU4Hn. acaci. - -
. I Journal Special Service.)
J Vanconvep. Wash., Jan. 1. William
t Munger met with a serious accident last
, night while attending to his duties at
p the rlotel Columbia, by falling down the
j -elevator snari. xoe nrsi mi wu miunu
of his mishap was through Mi. Hidden,
the proprietor? Mr. Hidden states that
lie heard an unusual noise as though a
' board had been dropped down the shaft
and went to investigate the cause. On
" . approaching, the place he heard a groan
and hastened forward to find that -young
Munger Jay at the bottom of the shaft
" In an unconscious condition.. Dr. Chal
mers; was called Immediately, and after
a hasty examination, entertained hopes
. for his recovery. 1
- Hew Offlcrs Installed.
l At the last regular session of Ser
. geant Gabrle, Labell garrison, Army and
r. Navy union, installed the officers elected
for, the ensuing term,- the Installation
r being conducted by W. C Springer,, na-
1 tional ;', deputy inspector-general, -who
was assisted by W. C. Jones, acting na-
tional ' officer of the day. The follow-
Ing officers were installed: A. Schurt-
serlet, commander; H. P. Bonk, senior
vioe-commander; K. ' C Bulman, Junior
vice-commander;- J. ; McOurn, adjutant;
W. C Springer, paymaster; D. K. Web
ster. . quartermaster; E. Babcock, officer.
of the day; P. J. Gorman, chaplain; J.
W. Reid, Inspector; H. C. Funk, J. A.
. Young and J. J. Crockett, executive
u council. ' , :.' .-- -
e ' After the ceremonies were over re
. freshments were served - and dancing
f was the order of the evening.
-i Wewi of All Kinds. ,
Chaplain Smith, Nineteenth infantry,
" at the post hall will continue his series
j, of lecture on-the "Life and Time of
k Christ.", the lecture tomorrow night be
ing illustrated with' the stereopticsn.
, Chaplain Smith has soma magnificent
views to present with the subject of his
theme and his7 discourse will be quite
pleasing as well as Instructive. The
- - - publifl -J --cordially ... Jnvltd.tOJLaltend.
v. these lectures. v..
The Vancouver theatrical-going peo-
r pie are always looking for something.
Redding." billed to play here - next
Mrs. J. W. Oil-trap.
, Scott's Mills, Or., Jan. 8, 1KH. Mrs.
X W. Ollstrap, Portland, Or. May Z say
to tha affilcted, throng-a yon, to sot ba
, discouraged. X had cataracts oa ay
ayes of so saver a eharaotar that a
'Portland oculist said, they war incura
ble, and' that within a short time I
would loss my sight antiraly. Xa said
that If they could ba ramoral at all it
would Bscasaitats tha sa of a knlfs. Z
was traatad for six waaks at tha Oil
strap Healing parlors, aia jUlsky build
ing, and am rejoiced to say that tha
- cataracts have entirely disappeared and
my sight is as good as could possibly
ba axpactad for one of my years.
i UkawUe i a severe snffarrfrom
rheumatism, and while baing treated for
my ayas was so greatly banafltad that
whereas X eoulA not for years raisa my
hands to my head, I can now do so
without tha least suffering, x consider
Mrs. Ollstrap one of the most WOV
SEBPtrXi woman Z arev met Her treat
ment has been a priceless boos to me,
and Z earnestly . entreat all sufferers
from eye or rheomatlo afflictions jtot
to rest until they have placed themselves
In charge of this great healer. During
all tha time Z was treated by Mrs. Oil
strap Z was not given any drags or medt.
cine at all My advice to sufferers is
not to be prejudiced, but go to Mrs. Oil
strap and sea what she can do for yon.
Zt will cost nothing to see and chat with
her. . One of her treatments will con
Tinea the most skeptical.
MVS, It. V. WZOTB. .
- ; Scotts Mills, Or, p. 0. Box 63.
Mrs. Gllstrap Is one of the most noted
Amrloan drugless doctors. She came
to Portland after a long career of suc-rr-ss
In tho East but not to locate here
Relatives persuaded her: to become a
resident of thin city, and within two
months the lady had perfected some of
the - most WONDERFUL cures ever
- known here. Mrs. White was almost
totally blind. Her rheumatism was so
- , severe that she had not raised her hand
to her head for 35 years, and these
t amasing cures eftectMt by Mrs. Gil
atrap are the astonishment of the com
munity In which the aged lady resides.
. Kalto Sntreaee 81S Allsky Building1,
Third and Morrison.
. ' . . . - .
. Offica phone. Black J0S7; residence,
Scott 4357. Office hours 10 to 12, 1 to 4.
I Eyesight
I Restored.
z v i
Si f
Wednesday, night, their most sanguine
expectations will be realized. ; :
. Miss Hannah Dicks entertained
large number of invited guests -at
birthday party last night at her home
on Eighth street Various games marked
tha evening as a most delightful event,
after which refreshments were served.
William .Nichols, aged IS years, died
at the residence of his parents,-' Andrew
and Mary Nichols, yesterday of heart
trouble. The body was shipped to Ridge-
field today for Interment : Young Nichols
has been ill for a number of years and his
demise was not unlooked for, although
Sincerely regretted by his many friends
The Carnation club gave its leap year
dance last night The hall was- well
filled by the members and ! Invited
guests, and the dancing lasted' until
the wee hours of morning, with' fine
music and refreshments.
The county commissioners have fixed
the 9th day of , February - for the hear
ing of William Haffey's petition for a
liquor license . to operate a saloon at La
Camas, Wash. -,',- u
Miss Madallne Buchanan, who has
been visiting Miss Katie Graham for a
couple of weeks. Intends to return home
tomorrow. Miss Buchanan, during ,her
stay In. Vancouver, has-.made a host of
friends ,.an(LJUiejfiiail--expres-- deep re-4
gret at her departure.
VOTICZ. Salem aabaerlbara will cl-aaa tak
r.etlca that Tta Journal agencr baa bean trana
frrd to E. E. Da-la. 180 stata atrmt, who
will ncatr subscriptions, complalntv P7
tteota. etc. . .. , .
, (Journal Special gerrfca.) "
Salem, Or.. Jan. 16. Attorney-General
Crawford yesterday filed with the su
preme court a list of authorities sup
porting the contention of the state In
the Pleasant Armstrong case, that the
death warrant Issued by Judge Eakln
last March at the conclusion , of the.
trial is tha only death warrant delivered
e the sheriff of Baker county, and thaJL
tne order made by Judge Eakln, after
the mandate of the supreme court was
received, was the same death warrant
resuscitated and with a new -data This
Js'jthe only question involved "In the
contention of the" attorneys "for " Arm
strong, who assert that a new death
warrant was Issued by the court and
that as this, was based on a law that
had then, baen repealed, it was Illegal
and Armstrong must be discharged from
custody. The court has also been sup
plied with the authorities cn which the
defense bases Its contention and it ' Is
expected that a decision on the applica
tion for a certificate of probable causa,
which will be In effect a stay of pro
ceedings, will be handed down early next
week, as the 'date of execution Is fixed
for next Friday, January 23. '
City Tathers Aet.'
The city council met In adjourned
session last night . The new committees
were appointed and ordinances Intro
duced for street lights, bicycle regula
tions and for repealing the prohibition
prdinance passed last summer,
Ooea to tha Old Country.
William McQilchrist, a prunegrower
living south of this city, left today for
ma old home in Scotland as a repre
sentative of the Willamette Valley
rrune association of this city. Re
cently the association shipped a carload
of prunes t Scotland and Mr. Gilchrist
expects to arrive there with the. ship
ment and dispose of the prunes there,
by this means opening a market for this
great Oregon product
While In the United Kingdom he will
visit the principal markets In England,
Scotland and Ireland, where he will
mako every effort to Introduce the Ore
gon prune and create a market for tt
He has . great faith In the prune as a
profitable article of commerce ' In that
country and feels certain that the people
there, once they know its quality, will
buy the Oregon grown fruit readily.
XOTICE. The Engena agency of Tha OreJ
d mil journal m at tn aooaatore or alien
Eaton, wbera eubacrlottona to as br mall
of carrier will ba received.
(Journal Epeclal Serrloe.)
Eugene. Jan. 16. Timber cruisers In
the employ of the Booth-Kelly Lumber
company are at work In the western
part of Lane county, not only to esti
mate the amount of timber, but to spy
out a railroad route to the mouth of
the 8iuslaw river.
The Southern Pacific company's ruin
ous freight rates on lumber have com
pelled the Booth-Kelly company, which
has millions of California capital at its
back, to begin to seek some other means
of shipping its Immense output of lum
ber to market other than over the South
ern Pacific company's lines.
The plan as proposed Is believed to be
to build a railroad from Eugene to Flor
ence, where there Is a good harbor for
vessels of medium draft, and ship the
lumber by water to San Francisco. Then
the company's big mills adjacent to
Eugene could all run on full time for
years to come. The company also In
tends, It Is said, to erect plants at the
mouth of the Sluslaw river or along
the line of the new railroad id case It
la built
This new railroad would ' penetrate
some of the finest timber land, dairy
country and fruit land in the world.
Mead of Q. A, B. Here.
Mrs. Belinda S. Bailey of San 'Fran
cisco, national president of the Ladles
Of the G. A. R.. la in Riinn.' n,1rln.
an official visit to the local . circle ofJ
mat oraer. Mrs. Bailey is accompanied
by Mrs, L. M. , Benedict of Portland,
department president, anil ' Mn r v
UKands of Salem, past president. '
Governor Is Entertained. -
The reception given by the Eugene
Commercial club to Governor Chamber
lain yesterday afternoon waa largely
attended by prominent business and
professional men and instructors at the
university. After an hour or so of
handshaking and conversation the gov
ernor became engaged In a bowling con
test and he proved to be an adept at
the sport, running up a big Score against
his opponent, President P. L. Campbell
of the university: - i-
In the evening the governor acted
as one of the judges at the debate be
tween the University of Oregon and
Whitman college.- '
' ' . . ...... .1 I. it ;tV
Mo Exclusive Monopoly, However.
: i From the Washington Post. ,
Steel Common, and. aleel nnhn-d
r m . v
very popular In St Louis ' and" Grand
Itaplds.' , ,
J MOTICE. Orag on City anbacrtbera will plcaae
iaca oouee tnat tb offlca or Tna Journal baa
Keen eatabllabcd at the Courier ofnee, BaTentb
trust, next to depot, wbera aubaorlptiona. Co no
blalnts, pa-mentsatc., will ba received and at-
noaea to by U J. Caoacld, Tb Journal Ora-
i uw agent.- - ....... . .
. (Journal 8 pedal Service.)
' Oregon City, Jan. 16. Tualatin camp,
K. O. T. M.. held its regular semi-annual
installation of officers at Its hall In this
city last evening. Past Master William
Hlatt conducted the Installation. . The
following officers were Installed: Jo
seph Black, " commander: D. II. Court
ney, lieutenant commander; Ed E. Tay
lor, record keeper: Millard Hlatt finance
Keeper; j. yv. MCNuity, chaplain; Dr. B.
A. Sommera,' physician; Professor Bet
sold, musician; A. J. Wj-man. sergeant:
iraiiawrence,Tnaster-at-arms; J. l.
Barry, first master of the guard; K
Darling, second master of the guard;. D.
Jones, sentinel; C. C. Cole, picket ,
Dam oo rats Enthusiastic
Since the Democratio banquet on last
Friday night the Democrats of this
county have been so enthusiastic and so
much Impressed with the Idea that they
have a chance to win a part If not all.
of the county officials to be elected this
coming June, that they have been look
ing around for suitable timber out of
which to construct a Democratic county
Primary Zfomlnatlon BilL
The Pomona grange of Clackamas
county took decided steps at Its meeting
at Oswego this week in favor of the
nomination of all candidates for office
by the direct primary election method.
The president appointed one member
from each of the 18 granges In the
county to circulate petitions within his
territory, asking that the direct primary
question be placed on the ballot and
voted for at the next June election.
" X K '":; 'flie River islng. :, ":
The heavy rains of the past two or
three days end the rapid melting of the
snow in the mountains has brought a
sudden and very rapid rise in the Wil
lamette river at this place. All day yes
terday and all last night the 1 waters
werecTeeplnguP"the banks f the- rlvep
and atretching out Into the low places.
If the rise continues for another 24
hours some parts of the Willamette mill
and tha Crown paper mill will have to
cloae down on account of the high
water. The Island bolow the falls Is en
tirely under water this morning. The
river below thea falls la a turbulent.
angry stream and is carrying a great
deal of driftwood In its current ,
NOTICR The lndenenrtenea acenr nf Tti.
Oregon Daily Journal ia located at The Ar
cade Cigar Store oa C. street, where aubacrlp
tlcns to 'he Dally, semi-Weekly and Weekly
Journal will ba taken.
(Journal Special Rerrlce.) ''
Independence, Or., Jan. 16. In the
suit of J. L. Biklns vs. James Morgan,
which was tried in Dallas, a decision
was rendered by Judge Boise granting a
aecree to the plaintiff. - The case was
over two acres of land which both par
ties claimed through defects in a deed
of transfer, and the suit was brought to
have the deed rectified and the plaintiffs
placed in possession of the south half
of the property. Considerable interest
has been centered in the case over the
f set of the county records and deeds
showing a transfer of the whole of the
property, but the court decided that the
intention of the parties was to trans
fer but one-half of the property, al
though the deed , showed the whole.
Erasures were shown on both the deed
and mortgage, but this was construed to
be a misconstruction in the makeup of
the deed and was decided to be uninten
tional error, which was explained in the
trial to be mistakes in making of the
de?dutthatthe Intentions were for
the north half of the property only."
Death of Mrs. Zllff.
Mrs. Nancy J. Illff. who died here the
first part of this week, was the wife of
Mr. William J. Hilt, who has been a
resident of this place but a short time.
The children are Mrs. Rice of Mon
mouth, the wife of the principal of the
state normal training department; Miss
Maude Iltff, In the Independence public
scnoois as teacher, and two sons. Harry
and Charles, both In .business here.
'.r Xioesl Briefs. - . . - . ; '
Mr. John Johnson, who has been here
from Eugene, returned to bis home Sat
urday,--- -.- -. : , . .. .
Mr. E. E. Paddock returned from Cor-
vallis this week. , ,
J. C. Hayter of Dallas, proprietor of
the Dallas Observer, was visiting here
this week on business, mainly in con
nection with the goat show at Dallas. '
Mr. James Callahan, living obnoslte
Independence In Marlon county, has been
quite low for several daya. While up
the river a log rolled and crushed his
foot badly, and he will be unable to be
out for some time.
K. C. Eldridge, proprietor af the
creamery here, was In , Jefferson this
week on business connected with a like
plant at that place.
It Is reported here that a movement
is on foot for the organization of a stock
company to operate a sawmill. The
matter Is not public as yet and the lo
cation Of the site not known. -The mill
will be built by local parties and cut
about 30,000 feet of lumber per day.
It Is understood the logs will be
brought by rail from Falls City.
or r axbvzzw zhtexxst.
' (Journal Special Serviced '
Fairview, Or., Jan, It. Welcome Tur-'
ner and wife left Tuesday for McMlnn
ville," where they will make their future
home. Mr. Turner disposed of his house
and property to Mr. John Piper. . - .
- Frank Ellison and wife ofHood River
visited his brother, Will Ellison, and
friends In Fairview Tuesday and Wed
nesday. : 'J .... ..
The Ladles' Aid society- of the Meth
odist church met' Thursday afternoon
with Mrs. J. H. Snover, The meeting
waa purely soclaj and no! mission work
was done. . .-(,',. .. , f.i
T,e Shww wnd familv of Pnrtlnnd have
Don't Scold
Irritability .Is a . nervous affection.
Strengthen the nerves with Dr. Miles'
Nervine. . Sleep, better, eat better, work
better, feel better and be better. ,
old ea guaraatet. Book 0a naryea for postal.
taken up their residence at Fairview and
are occupying the Turner house. -.
The Fairview Civlo Improvement club
will give a chicken -pie supper Tuesday
evening at the Artisan hall the funds to
be used for the improvement of the walk
to' the school house, All are cordially
invited. , ; . '
R. W.' Anderson shipped a carload of
potatoes to San Francisca Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Snow and Mrs. A.
O. -Jackson were in Troutdale Saturday
attending the Mason lo social.
Ernest - HalL Dewltt Shepherd and
Elmer Jenkins visited ia Fairview Sat
uraay and Sunday.
A, J. Miller and H. Love were In Port
land this week on lmnortant business.
Rev. W. T. Scott visited In Portland
A. L. Stone waa In Estacada Tuesday
attending the extensive - sale of town
lots. -'- ..- - . : ' - :
Miss Minnie Hunter jand Grace Lee
have been : on the sick list this week.
- J. Duesenburv and N. Davla transacted
Dusmess in Portland Tuesday.
Joe Lewis vitflted friends in Portland
Monday.".' -.'
Miss Pearl Dolnh and Delia Morrison
spent Thursday and Friday in Fort
land. , ' v
8. H. Graham unenf iha lust nf th
weeic in Fairview attending to the af
laira on nis dairy farm. .
'ilie i-'alrvlew Cheese comnanv shlDoed
a. ioaa or cheese to Davenport-Thompson
on Thursday. '" . . ,
vnuuu i. tne urus iHifl 01 in.
Dawson, No. 238 Weat First etreet, where aub-
VcrlnMoaa will k mJ . .
(Journal Rnecial KapvI.
"Albany. On.. Jan. 1ThJ 'Alhanv
Creamerv naannlatinn i, nni4,j in
flourishing condition. 8,97 pounds of
V.. . . . L I . . . uemg manuracturea during tne
year and the farmers realised f 18,044.
Tha creamerv in f.amnrativm bta tha
actual running expense Is very small,
amounting to only for the year.
The , directors elected for the ensuing
year are: H. uronun. n T nnrinr
G. W. Cline, Isaac Wheaddon and J. H.
Scott 8. Forman was eleoted president
and M. McCrosky secretary ,ann mana-
Hews Hotes. .
The Willamette Vallev PnuUn ahn
closed this afternoon after a very suc
cessful week, . -- '
McEwen. thu hvnnntt.t n.h
- . ' , " - . l.U.U ,U. b .1
iiw Aioany opera nouse next week un
der the auspices of the B. P. O. B.
F. B. Wire has recelvad untie tint
he has been appointed to a position in
tne government service In Southern Cali
fornia. He took tha civil urvlo. nini.
nation 'several months aa-a and t)u n.
polntment follows. . '
The Democratic county central com
mittee will meet in this city Tuesday
afternoon. Januarv IS.' to taan n
for the county convention.
Miss Marguerite Hopkins, a prominent
young lady died this morning of tubercu
losis. . She was a graduate of Albany
college and highly respected.
v Musical Instrument Auction. ..
Today at 2:30 and 1:30 . m.. to re
duce stock of Instruments, books, mu
sic, etc, before moving to new store.
Cash or Installment Every instrument
guaranteed. At your own price. Wright's
Mowlo Hmlwe. 849 Washington street.
"A Fight for Life."
"Fighting Disease"
Dr. Llcbig
Only Specialists for Men-;
Eatabllahed en Pactfle Coast 27
Ntnoat - obatlnate, chronic print a
and aarrona dlaeaaea of men,
when all otbera tail. Lataet
-remedlea, magnetic energy, llfbt.
beat and galTanlam cur tb
1 worat caaea in bait tb tint and
y,,vc ..... u , c B.UI dim Bl
home by correepondence. - Attend free lectures
to men Lleblg hall ererr nlgbt. T4 Slitb at.,
cor Oak, near P. O. Call or write. Seattle,
Portland and San Franciaeo.
. . . . , . .. . . . . itu ui iimiiiieui wnicn 1 nave oriat-
nated and developed after a whole life's experience , In treating diseases
peculiar to men. It is a treatment that Is based on scientific knowledge!
, I have no free proposition, no trial or sample treatment to offer you. Mv
education, my experience, my conscience, my reputation, condemn all
, such quackery. If you will call and see-me I will give you free of
ens-rge a thorough personal examination, together with an honest and
aclentlnc opinion of your case, and if I find your case Is Incurable I will
honestly tell you so. If. on the other hand, I find your case is curable I
will insure you a permanent cure. Inasmuch as I will give you a written
guarantee to cure you or refund to you every cent you have paid In case
I fail to effect a permanent cure of your condition. I make no chnra-n
for medicines, as they-are always Included in the nominal fee asked I
attribute my success to promising nothing but what I can do. and' al
ways do what L promise. , ' u "4
Permanently cured with'
i out cutting or trying op
eration. No pain o( loss
of time.
.UTjCEBS . ;.'
: Aeiite and chronlo by our
. system of treatment are
, dried up at once.
, , : TmzoTTrxB
cured without dilating or
cuttings No pain.
permanently, cured with
out the use of mercury
- or potash.-. ...
'':-','' ' ECZEMA .
Brysypelaa, or any erup
' tive disease of the eklu
permanently cured by us. '
Write if you cannot call
and all. replies sent In plain envelope.
OFFICB HOURS a. m. to S:30 p. m
' CONSULTATION s AND ATiVtrv trw V a ...
(Journal Rneolal Sln ;
Spokane. Jan. 1 8 t Vn ftlltilrsk-l afaalaa.
gates sr in attends
tlon 6f . the State Federation of Labor
In this city. The most Important mat
ters considered hv tha
be the report of the resolutions com-
miuee. Much spirit was shown by the
delegates In aecurino- .. m
w .HW ; V.
Committee. - Union wns-A ar-alna In nn.
gon and Washington are to be equalised
uy commission - representing both
states if plans first suggested at the
Oregon federation meetlna-
by the resolutions committee and the
vvuvcuuvt". Atmur jiroca .or Portland
Is here In lnterent of th nl.n . ir
roclc was a resident of Spokane for
aooui mree years and a half prior to
his removal to .Portland In 1901. He
was employed in the composing rooms
Of the local 1 nanera - anrl rorantlv vo.
elected president of the Portland Typo
graphical union. Mr. Brock represents
mo uregon state .federation . of Labor
ai uie convention. At tne uregon con
vention held at Tjl r!rnrtn Mow A tn a
last year, he and J. H. Buch were elected
iracernat aeiegaies to tne Washington
reaeraiion. '
At the' La Orandw meetlnir It waa A
elded to organize a commission that will
nave rer its ODject the collection of In-
xormation regarding wage scales and
wurnin K cTtirifiirinni. in rn. twa irstAi
The nlan waa annrnvnil hv thA nrunii
convention and Messrs. Brock, Heskett
north and Buch have started the gather
ing 01 aata. Mr. urocK said, in speak
ing of the matter:
' To Oomsara Wsa-m.
"The Idea Is to eoimon war h anrl
conditions in the two atataa inrl tn mn
far as possible equalise conditions. If
tne wasnington federation indorses the
plan the commission will probably be a
nermanent feature. Wt have, mtht,rA
some statistics already. The operation
01 tne pian win De of great benefit to
working men in' both states In many
wava and I have little dnnht thai mattar
will be Indorsed by the convention." '
une 01 tne features 01 the convention
will probably be a crusade to be started
for new lorlalatlnn tn r,mar1i what
might be termed the due bill evlL At
vngeui uura a custom among rail
road contractors, and other contractors
as well, thai whAn a man wants tn mitt
he -is paid off with a due bill. This
means mat na can present tha bil at
the end of 15 or 80 days and get his
money and In tha meantime. hnwavAr
he can go hungry, unless he presents his
due bill to a or 10 per cent shark, who
discounts It State Labor Commissioner
Blackmail,- who la nreHldent nf -tha mn.
vention, recommended that the associa
tion enaeavor to secure legislation
which will onmnal a nnntrartnr nr am.
Dlover to DBV his men in raah whan thatr
wish to quit "It will be only a just
iaw. , saia Mr. Blackmail. "For ex
ample, I am a locomotive engineer by
trade. I am nut nf wrtrlr anrl hv nuu..
alty take a job at sewer work. I get a
cnance to lane a position at my regular
iraae ana want to make my . change.
When- I aak a man fne tnv nav 1 am
given a due bill gopd in 15 days, I may
nave 10 remain in tne city for 16 days
to get my money so I can journey to
the place and take my position.
Principal Objects of Organisation.
He stated that tha nrinolnai thtasta
of organised labor were to secure In
creased wages and reduce the hours of
labor. He argued that organised labor
should not be hampered by other move
ments which would bring on dissension
and the disruption of organised labor.
He welcomed the delearatea tn tha lt
and wished them well In their work. The
mayor was frequently interrupted with
loud applause and at the conclusion of
nia remaraa was cheered to the echo.
C. A. Foster of the Spokane Typo
graphical union welcomed the delegates
on behalf of organised labor 4,000
strong. He pointed with pride that the
mayor of the city was a member of
organised labor and urged the, coast
cities to pattern after the example of
Spokane and San Francisco.
Rnnkane. . Waah . Ton : 1
manoe of a young couple of Colfax has
been auddenlv nut nff hv tha nn.i
action of the young lady's grandfather.
a marriage license has been Issued In
Whitman county and the couple will be
married at home. The groom is J. F.
Ltghtfoot and the bride Dora Salts,
who Is less than 16 years of age," Tues
day Llahtfoot' talanhnna th.. .A....
lady from Spokane to come here and
racen nun anq mey wouia De married.
The girl conAded to a friend that It was
heir intention to talta an rvM n vn va a-a
and to be married In mid-ocean on the
steamer. The grandfather, hearing
about it tnada Llarhtfnnt
wvwa-9 S rl.UOUBg
and they will be married at home.
want everv man that 1a
from any SDeclal dlaeaae
to come and have a social chat with
me, and I will explain to you a sy-
or any swellings or ten
derness or impediment
cured without a cutting
In all its forms la per
manently cured by our
system .of treatment
Impaired, lost or weak
ened, is restored at once
to its normal condition.
Irrespective of the time
ybu have been afflicted,
by our system of treat-,
- , ment show signs of lra-
, ,, . Provement at once. -
" ootrespondenca strictly - eonnrtanti.i .
enclose two-cent stamp to Insure
Sundays, ,10 a.
m. to li rn.
. - .far. t a:
We want every man that is suffering from any special disease or eondN
tlon to come and 'have a social chat-with us, and we will explain -to yon 'a
system of treatment which Dr. W. Norton Davis has developed after over
twenty years' experience In the special diseases of men.- It is a treatment '
that is based upon scientific knowledge, and 'one which time alone has proven
superior to all others,' inasmuch as it has been tried by thousands 'and has
proven successful. If you will call and' see us -we will give you FREE! OF
CHARGE a thorough personal examination, together with an honest and sci
entific opinion of your case. ' If , after examining, you,' we find your case Incur
able, we will tell you so; If, on' the other hand, we And your case Is curable,
we will guarantee a cure, allowing you TO PAT WHEN ENTIRELY SATIS
monthly payments should you desire. .. 1 ' V.
We make NO CHARGE FOB MEDICINES, as they are always Included la
.naminalJet..sed,w.;)ltI . -' . "-'; . -'
'.''":.-"'' ''. ',. ' ". -' . ' .
I ' ' . "a-J-w-aawaw . - ,.'..:-..,.;.; . ., -
Office Hours t 9 to 12, 1:30 to 5, and 7 to 8 Sundays
and Holidays 10 to 12 ' '
Dr. W. Wonton Davis & Co.
x.EAsrsra specxaxists nr the hoetmwest xstabijshiid ita
m 6th St, PORTLAND, OR. Cor. Alder
' . . . -mil us io speaa 100 rreeiy or our accompilsn
ments, yet It Is the duty ox a recognised and legitimate physician to say .
sufficient that the publio may distinguish him from tha Impostor. This
we are entitled to state: Our practice is the largest on the Coast, built
up by the personal recommendations or one-patlent-to-another. " It Is -better
to COAX a CURE than to FORCE results, because nature will not
be driven. To attempt to drive nature is violence and harm results. There
fore, we do not FIX any TIME for a cure of . any disease, but PERMA
NENTLY CURB in as short a time as modern methods will . allow.
(More and more doctors are realising this every day.) OUR guarantee Is,
EFFECTED. We TREAT and CURB all forms of CONTRACTED disor
DROCELE, ' and - the complicated nervous disorders growing out of '
YOUTHFUL folly or excess. Our offices are private and you see no one
but the doctor. FREE CONSULTATION AT ANJ, TIME. ., .
- Tha lead tog SPECIALIST- oa the Coast, with offloes at XVoa iutlM,'iu
Pranolsoo. and at , ."';, ,
Honorable Memoers of Portland's Visiting ConventionV
Call and have a consultation with the' great Chinese
Doctor, C. vGee Woo, whose powerful and harmless Chi
nese roots and herbs will cure you or your Catarrh,
Asthma, Lung Troubles, Kidney. Rheumatism, Nervous
ness, and all other private diseases.
Hundreds of testimonials. Charges moderate. .
.ti -". , "
YOU PLEASE, if you want, to save money '
and stay in business. ; : . " " ' - .
The Brunswick-Balkc Collender Co;
Men?s Diseases
' LITTLE understood among the- medical pro
fession today as those peculiar to men. As a
result the methods commonly employed - In
treating them are but relics of earlier periods
In medical. science. We have departed from
every form of treatment that our own experi
ence and research have proven ineffective and
unscientific. ' We have replaced them with ev
ery appliance and means that money can pro
cure to aid ua In our efforts, coupled with an
honest desire to cure where cure is possible,
Tha dignity of our profession does not per-"
If Not, Why Not? -,' '
wonsuuaiion is t-ree -