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Items of Local Interest for Busy
Journal Readers. .
The Vhlte Corner store, Second, Third
and Ysmhill streets, has an impression
' today that The Journal has a million
readers., That concern advertised In
. this papor that SantaXHaus would arrive
there 'vesterdiiv to distribute his annual
rifts to his boy and girl friends, and
the Jam that filled the big store all after-
'rioon was simply awful." The little tots
were the happiest band Of urchins seen
in Portland for many a day, and each
.was. given a present of considerable
'value Just such things as'th. tender
ones adore. Hundreds of happy hearts
rejoiced at the generosity of their old
, f rtend. "and .it would create scorn among
them to intimate that Panta Is a myth.
, A steam heated collar and cuff polisher
'' Is the delight of the arlsiocratlo gentle,
man who relishes .linen that fairly
shines. .Goods polished by this pro
cess "do" shine: And a steam heated
polisher does not "yellow" or bum the
linen as does the fire heated kind. To
"hum flnen Is to weaken Hi fiber.; Some
time "all" laundries will employ these
polishers Just bo soon as the interests of
patrons and not that of the pocketbook
la considered.. "They come high, but the
union Laundry must have jem."
One free treatment' this week to any
body desiring to test the beneficial re
suits of the Beta hot air apparatus Jn
' the cure of rheumatism, neuralgia, gout,
stomach, blood and skin diseases,
: dropsy, paralysis or any other affliction
" of the-humsnr body.' Men, Tuesnay;
Wednesday, Saturday; women, , Monday,
Thursday. Friday, Madame M. IVaughn,
301-303 McKar building. .Third and
Starke , j,, ; k , ... , ,
' Weeks' course in physical culture free
or cost to everyone wno joins my scnooi
before January 1. Special rates $1
- per , month for class work. Rtngler's
Physical Culture school, 309 Alder street.
Individual treatment and clttjrr-work for
men, women, boys and girls. . Phone
Main 1051. ......
I I. mi r f i 1 '
There will be an exhibition of lantern
slides from the Orange (N. J.) Camera
club and th photo sftctlon of the Pltts
'burg Academy of Science and Art in the
rooms. of the Oregon Camera club in the
Alacleay building, Fourth and Washing,
ton. 'Friday evening, December 18, at 9
o'clock. Everyone welcome.
' TNext Trlday night, December 18, at
Centenary church, the Junior league will
give "Mother Goose and Her Temper
ance Family,", after which the ladies
will sell home-made candy and fresh
popcorn.;; Admission, adults 15 cents,
children under 13 10 cents.
You. don't find worms In Violet Oats.
The grain is scoured before it is ground,
making It absolutely clean. . The most
Improved machinery is employed in our
mill and Violet Oats is not excelled in
the United States. : Albers Bros. Milling
' Don't fall to see our stock of Chrls
mas umbrellas. ' Greatest variety on
the toast. ' We always undersell the
dry. goods stores: Meredith's, Washing,
ton and Sixth and Morrison and Fifth.
i Tor two days onlyThis ad. and 81
good for. one do'sen 'cabinet photo at
Warren's studio, 285 East Morrison.1 near
bridge. Thursday and Friday only. '
j Dr. R. C. Coffey has abandoned his
down-town office .Will be found at the
North Pacific Sanatorium. Twentieth
'and' Glisan sheets, all hours.
Hand-made lace fans from Brussels,
exclusive in this city, to .be had only at
Lamotte's, 49 Glisan street, from 816
VP. A nice Christmas present
Beautiful calendar for every child
bringing a package of linen to the Union
laundry. This is a pretty present that
does not cost the child a cent. ..
Bronsed, onyx, fancy marble clocks,
some American, some from Parts, prices
from 81 to $100. See Lamotte, 419 GIL
an street. ,
Printing. Best work by Mann & Beach,
92 Second and 883 Stark. Enlarged facili
ties. Everything first class. Phone 444.
If you want a watch or chain, some
thing different, something better than
ordinary, see Lamotte, 449 Glisan street
i j i 'iii i- i i-i -
J Plum pudding, fruit cake, home-made.
Have us roast your Xmas turkey. Amer
ican Delicate-Essen's,- 818 Third street
Steamers for The Dalles 'will leave
Alder-street wharf 7 a. m. dally (except
Sunday)... Phone Main 914. -
! Mahlllon band instruments from Brus
sels, finest on earth, for sale Only by
Lamotte, 449 Glisan.
Portland -Club, , ISO Fifth street - A
palatable lunch' , served every evening
from 8 until 11 pi m. . . ,
Winter GardenResort for ladles and
gentlemen. High-class vaudeville. Ad
mission free.
Alb In people, get photos at Thwaltes',
808 WHUaras ave. .Cabinets 83.80 doaen.
Don't grumble about your lunches.
Eat at the Savoy opposite old postofflce.
B. & 8. Catarrh Powders kill catarrh.
We warrant them. 803 Washington.
, E. It Moorehouse & Co., at Seventh
and Alder. Telephone Main 1343.
' If you would wear a smile eat at the
Eavoy, opposite, old postofflce.
Olympic Pancakes are purs and
1 1 healthy. . , ' , , . ,
Ansley, printer. . Centennial envelopes;
Dr. A. F. Petiel, dentist 401 Dekum.
; pr. Amos, surgeon, Dekura building.
-' Oh, Joy!?
, If in doubt what present
To select for-a lady friend,
' Note the rapture every ,
. Daughter of Eve exhibits . .
. In the possession of a
. Pstr- of stylish opera '
Glasses and doubt no .
Longer. The kind that .
Plesse the most and
' Cost the least are sold by
Walter Reed, the Optician, '
133 Sixth street, Oregonian building. .
. ' '. Cpt George Egbert, bailiff at the
' United States court. Is motMwUng 'the
' loss of a valuable silk umbrella. ' The
. captain stood the Umbrella In & corner
while he wrote out an application for a
money-order yesterday afternoon, and
'when he turned it wns gone.1 The um
brella was silver-mounted and had the
owutr's name engtavtd on the bundle. .
The Towa of Estaoada Will Be Upon ths
. Market January la Sound to Bs
Uve Towa Xhsrs,
Estacada. the beautiful townslte
owned and platted by the Oregon Water
Power Townslte company, located on
the Clackamss river 87 miles southeast
of Portland, at the terminus of the Ore
gon Water Power and Railway, com
pany's railroad, will, be placed upon the
marKet on Tuesday. January 18. On
that day the Oregon Water Power and
Railway company will run a special train
to Estacada. It will arrive early in the
forenoon,, giving passengers several
hours in which to look over the townsits
and adjacent region before 1:30 o'clock p.
m when the auction sale of lots'. will
take place, These will be disposed of at
-tns prices and on the terms announced
in the company's, advertisement on an
other page, . - t , .
., Estacada is most delightfully situated
on the ' banks of the Clackamas river.
in the heart of a large timber and agrl
cultural region, 'Snd will doubtless
speedily grow to a city in fact as well as
In, name. There is a peculiar combina
tion of desirable resources surrounding
the new townslte. The agricultural lands
in that part of . Clackamas county have
been cultivated for maiy years, and not
only splendid wheat harvests are gar
nered hut the fruit yield is second to
none in the state. Southeast of the
proposed city stand great forests of fine
merchantable timber.- This is yet almost
untouched, because before the railroad
reached that section about two mdnths
ago no means of transportation was at
hand. Sawlogs could not be floated down
the river on account of its rockv bed and
rapids," This' has kept the timber re
sources almost Intact, and that condition
will, of course, cause the building of
several-large -sawmills- at - that - point
The river runs between high banks and
its rail is Sufficient to afford a powerful
Water power every mile or so, so that
manufacturing facilities will be abund
ant The Oregon Water Power and Rail
way company is building an . electric
power plant at a cost of, probably, 8250.
000, which -will be used to operate the
company's electric trains. The company
will have an abundance of power for
sale, so that those who do not desire to
build dams of their own to operate their
ractorles may lease power from the com
pany. A -big furniture factory is already
building, and two store buildings have
been contracted for.
- Great Interest Is being manifested in
this new town. Some time ago The
Journal published a quite lengthy de
scription of the townslte and its sur
roundings, since which time the Oregon
Water Power . . Townslte company has
beeq receiving a flood of letters concern.
ing the place. Being so far from Port
land its merchants will not be troubled
with department store competition, hence
trade will always be the healthiest that
the country will sustain.
It will. not be at all surprising, if Ee.
tacada will be found to contain a popula
tion or 6,000 within a couple of years.
and very likely 10,000 within that many
years. The Immigration to Oregon at
this time is very great The new town
is likely to get its share of these new
comers. , .
Ernest Egger, a "driver for Egger
Bros.' dairy. . was placed under' arrest
this morning for driving .over a fire
hose. He Was taken before Chief Hunt
and after a brief lecture was allowed
to go., ; .
Mtsse4 His Heart..
The use of Palrao Tablets, the remedy
that is guaranteed for all forms of weak
ness, will keep poor circulation from af
fecting the heart- Palmo Tablets will
give new life to your whole, hady and
give you back the vigor of youth. They,
are sold at 60c per box by the Brooke
Drug company, No. 87 North Third
street, and also by the Jancke Drug
company, corner Grand and Hawthorne
avenues,' and by Simmons & Hernial-.
druggists, corner Mississippi avenue and
Kussen street. Every box is guaran
teed with a cash coupon.
; Monthly SocIaL
The retulae mnnthlv
feasor Rlngler's physical culture school
will be held tomorrow tvnln. WMnv
December 18, at 6:80 o'clock. Aa in
teresting program is promised and is
as follows: Vocal sold Miss Nance
Ouff; . recitation. Miss Diana Flekher!
Dlano solo. Minn Maud ptoii- tv,. bal
ancing wonder, Sarena; tumbling, Shock-ley-Wodeage:
illuminated clubs.- Clyde
Owen; sparring exhibition. Day-Vinson.
After' the exerctsnn ili,r : vin fniin.
dancing and refreshments. .
Sig Slcheji Co., 92 Third Street-
Gun' metal cigarette cases. match
safes, newest designs, attractive prices.
- Strang But True,
Ths prices in Wright's Muslo Houss
half page "ad." in this issue.
Phone, Vila 83...............lial Price,.
, TONIGHT. ,.v,
: Mr. W. B. Pstton and a Good Compaar
A Comedy in Four Aeta, - ,, '
' "; .a, M-tTIN'OC. ... . ' '!
Tbe Laughable Farce Comedy,
A New ComDanr.. 11't tt
Matinee'. .
Marqaam Crand Theatre wk. pm3?14
' Seiunan Thompaaa't
Bantlfnl Irnma,
A Delightful I'Ur, Fremottd bj an Ercellent
l'rlrea-Lowar floor. tTtcrot Uit thra mm
$1.00; laat three rowa. Tfte. Balcony, first all
rowa, T5c; laat Sli rowa, top.- Oallery,
and SDe, Boxa and loca, fT.flO.
r- (a taareiow Bwlllng.
Gi'trr L. Baker, Bolt leasee and Manager.,
AU tbla week, BtatinaM Haturdar a ad Sunday,
iw: sR jueir vonipaof la
"The asxss." i' '
Preceded by tba oneact fare,' , '
. "101 OH FAEtB riANCAIS."
KTenlns vrleea. sue. 80e, ISc. 15c: matlnM.
8S. 15c 1C. ', '
Kelt week Hort S -a nmnlfM Bell.'V
Arcade Theatre
830 Washington, between 6th and 7th.
Ojpea from 0 a. m. to It p. '
riVB SHOWS PAITA' 0, 8.S0. T;30, 8:80
, ' Admltilon leg1 to Any 8at. .
- au-laS'BUSKBISBV' " '
The most prosperous in all this great store's splendid career of more than a quarter of a century of
constant upbuilding and progress. LiKe unto a cyclone on a rampage values have been shallen
from this Big Store's Christmas Tree and lie in wind-rows, spread out thro' every department on
every floor of this vast Christmas Shop. This, the last "Friday Economy Sale" of the fast dying
year, shall be the greatest and best it is a garrison finish! A MATCHLESS OPPORTUNITY TO
7 DAYS AWAY one week' only now 6 shopping days! NO PRUDENT PERSON IN PORTLAND
Forty-twO grand specials for Friday only 42 part of them only mentioned here tonight, the
balance to appear in the Oregonian tomorrow morning, LooK them up don't miss a one or you'll
miss the grandest bargain feast of all the year A VERITABLE CHRISTMAS. SPREADo Every
advertised special of the week is on tomorrow and hundreds that, have 'never reached print at all.
Clearances of lots overstocks here and there knifed to their price heart in order to send them all
out among our great public' before the end of the next 6 shopping days. Tomorrow will be fth
o'erturning, climax capping value-giving event of the year. ' '
50c Sterling Sil
ver Toilet Arti
cles 19c
Za ths Zmas Jewelry Bhop.
Here's holiday chance that savors
of rlbh lock Ho buyers of 'llttla
gifty remembrances such as these.
Better select tomorrow and save
' part of the Christmas money for
something: elsft .fter, you think
you're all through, you'll think of
someone you, ought to think of
and think "Oh, how I wish I'd
thought and bought onS of those
. Friday bargain snaps at Olds,
Workman & King's, for Instance,
sterling silver-handle Manicure
Knives, Tweezers, Shoe Horns,
Button Hooks, Cuticle , Knives,,
Erasers, Curling Irons and Paper
Knives, every one an. every-day
50c article. Priced for tomorrow
only at, each ................19o
Ladies' 75c Hand
kerchiefs for 25c
1 .first Iloor.
Whoever had 'kerchiefs enough
- anvhow? Our Christmas Hand
kerchief shop is a treat, a perfect
bower: looks like a million 'ker
chiefs there. We've selected a
choice lot of dainty Parisian pat
terns In colored embroidered
borders, pinks, lavenders, reds and
blues, all 76c values and, say, for
tomorrow only, choice at,
each'. r..8So
50c English Per
fumes 25c oz.
Toilet Sundries' Counter, Center
Aisle. Tirst Floor, '
, Almost everyone buys perfumes at
, Christmas time for somebody.
""'After every other gift Is bought,
. there's one thing lacking if you've
' . left perfumes off the list. Every
lady loves them. Here's a chance
" to aconomlse ftomorrow, to buy
perfumes, all the imported Eng
lish' varieties, including odors that
waft scents of ths Lily, the Ross,
. f Carnation and Heliotrope, regular
800 values, .tomorrow only for
the ounce -8Bo
$1.49 Shaving
Cases for 90c
Xmas ToUst Wovslty Counter,
First Floor.
Does hs shave st home? Or does
' ' he travel? At nr-t srste, half tlie'
: "men folks" would find use for one
fit these handKome large sise fancy
' celluloid shaving' eases, '.with mtr:
ror back, containing ' mug and
" brush, value $1.49; you may pick
' one here tomorrow for, a gift to
--'friend or own personal use at 90o
, II . rink Am.vrAzmmcM spurn tajWort!
75c Tobacco
Jars 39 c
JTsTslty Sundries Counts,' Tirst
. - Floor.
Perhaps this solves a problem of
.what to .buy for him. '. Does he
smoke a pipe? .Most smokers
away down deep in their tobacco
heart prefer them "to cigars or
the "pesky cigarettes." Well, if
' he , smokes a pipe hs certainly
needs a jar to hold his , tobacco
and keep it right. Select from a
lot of pretty glass Jars with
decorated gilt tops. Regular ?Se
values for 39o
$ 1.75 Dressing
Sacques $1.19
(la ths Woman's Zmaa Salon
. Ssooud Floor.)
Wouldn't one of these be nice and
',, gifty for "herT" Pretty and warm,
red, pink or blue eiderdown Dress
ing Sacques; These are to ths
woman what a houss coat Is to
the benedict, bachelor or widower.
Grand values, regularly sold at
11.60 and I1.T6, for Xmas tokens,
tomorrow at ,
Men's $3 Christ
mas Slippers
(Xn ths Holiday Shoe store First
Handsome and dressy does he need
a pair? Better look over thoss
you bought him last Christmas
and see if they're not houss worn :
then corns her. tomorrow and
, select from black or handsome
brown vlci. kid or alligator stock,
chamois lined, In. either -Columbia
or Null Ifler styles and comforts-:
ble foot shape lasts, regular 12.60
and 13.00 kinds, here tomorrow
at a Christmas price, to you of
, IM
FSmS, 98o.
t Best kid stock, soft flexible Soles,
natural foot shapes and broad
toed. The kind pa wears'. 'sizes
11 to 6. Friday only ILK and
11.60 values ars bunched at a
" cholc. for.... . , 8o
Children 98c
Angora Wool
Tarns 69c
In Children's XUllawy Salon, Ik-
w Floor -'
A, very timely special. These are
. the long wool , Tarns in prettily
, 'K' assorted colors, Just . the wanted '
thing for children's school , wear
; . .at this season. Tomorrow only
.these' splendid tSc values are'
i priced at ,..,'....9o
We've Shook the
Christmas Tree
, . , . . - ...
Last Great Friday
"Two-bif Cuff
Links 13c pr. ;
(Christmas Jswslry Shop First
Floor CeaUr Alsls.)
Now who doesn't need an extra pair
of cuff links? If in doubt about a
ltttl. token, that's aur. to b. ap
preciated. HOW about a pair of
these at trifling cost? Best 2So
values possible for any houss to
offer, in a choice of gilt, oxide,
enamel. . French grey . or stylish
gunm$tal. Choice, tomorrow only,
. at, ths pair...;;1 13o
20c Matted Pic
tures, half price,
(la the Christmas Picture Store
' . First Floor.)
No on. hss too many pictures about
. their homes. They ars th. win
dows thro' which w. may , look
farther and see more than thro'
the most powerful telescope ever
' invented look at and forget our
own pent-ln. shut-up world in see
ing pthers. Largs slsa, fancy
matted Pictures in black, and
white effects or colors, tomorrow
only, 20-cent kinds for XOo
Men's 12c Hem
stitched 'Ker
chiefs 8c
Ken's Shop, First Floor.
On. for "him'' sure. Just to draw
1 you over to this splendM men's
'dashery, where you'll ses other
things he needs at this Christmas
time, we'll sell Men's Pure Whit.
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, with
M, or -lnch hems, soft, ready
for use. ths best IStte value in
Portland, for tomorrow only, each
$4.00 Oregon
Made Navajo
Indian Blankets
$3.35 ;
Fourth Floor, Christmas HomFlt
tbur Shop, .
The beautiful Indian Blanket would
, surely be appreciated by .very
possessor of a home or den, r
gift sure 'of appreciation by the
recipient, may used for lounge
... or couch, the cosy corner or tor
. draperies. Eastern friends Would
be delighted 9 to receive on. or
more a hint. : Tomorrow the best ,
ijr and; handsomest ' If 00 , values '
fur'' ..,..83.39
Year of 1903
$4.25 Fancy Cell
uloid Manicure
Case $2.50
ToUt aoods Constw, First Floor.
A magnificent gift, suited to mila
dy's dresser, both as a handsom.
ornsment and useful, indispensa
ble article in the toilet, of pretty
fancy' celluloid, satin ,: lined and
containing serviceable finely made
brush, comb, scissors, nail file,
mirror, etc., an extra good 14.25
value, tomorrow only for,. ..$2.50
LadiesV50c Tea
Aprons 29c
, AnaMC, Second Floor.
Of fin. Lawn Materials with. lac.
edging and - ruffles, Japanese
drawn work, or beading with
drawn ribbon and: lac. . insertion.
Splendid 60o values tomorrow
only at ..'....'..,. .... 89.
22c Pin
Cushions 12c
55c Pin
Cushions 29c
Art Shop, Taorottghfar Aisle, Seo
ond Floor.
10-Inch cambrlo covered Pin Cush
ions for Ho, and 10-Inch, satin
covered Pin Cushions in pretty
pinks, blues, yellows, reds, nlles,
lavenders and whites. Oood
. values at the regular 65c price.
llirt, tomorrow only at ...... 9o
Ladies' $2.25
Wool Union
Suits $1.59
Underwear Shop, First Floor.
Ladles' sliver grey or white. Jersey
ribbed Union Suits, half Open
fronts, hand crochet silk finished
fronts and heck and "Merode"
make, a stamp of quality that
needs no further guarantee from
us. Uusai 61.(6 values tomorrow
only at, th suit. ........ .'...!.
Special Friday
Bargain Table
$3. 10 vslues in ( O'clock Kettles
and. Stands' for .,f 3.83
. $1JS ' decorated .Lamp and
shades .,.,......,.,..780
1S.S0 Fruit Latners, the dosen.91.rS
13.25 Fruit Vatva, the dosen.. 92.83
,$!.50 Fruit "I'lat.s, the rtosen, .fl78
XMAS BAr:vAI.- 1.
Commencing Saturday,
Tomorrow, We Will
Be Open
Every Evening
Until Christa&s
Olds, Wortman &. King
12c Percale at
the yd. 8c
SomMtio AlslSb First Sloov.
Nothing Christmassy about this, eh?
Well, you Just ssk th. lady if sh.
wouldn't Ilk. a few dress lengths.
Wa can hear her answer away up
1 her. In the publicity shop. A
great many women will make
themsolves a present of some of
these percales tomorrow, 18-inch
t ; width novelty patterns in new
.dark pretty winter colorings, all
" standard 12Ho percales. Choosa
" tomorrow all you need, for you'll
not get it after for less than regu
lar; the yard ............... .80
75c Copyright
Novels for 20c
A Wonderful Friday
Book Special
(Book Store First Floor Annex.)
an edition of popular copyright
1 books by such famous writers of
Action as Mrs. 8outhworth. Fran
ces Hodgson Burnett. Mrs. Ana
8. Stephens and others. All hand
somely bound in cloth trimmed
with gold and colors., 13 mo. .la.
Th. publisher's price on theae fa
vorite books, well known by all
reader, of healthy fiction is 7 Sc.
Our price, Friday only, will be,
. the volume. ...... .......... .80.
Up in Toy Town
IS. Biggest Toy Store
in Portland
(Fourth Floor.)
Assorted box of animals. lOo val
. ues, Friday only. .......... ...310
Assorted box of animals, 7 So val
ues, Friday only. ........... ,,48o
Assorted box of animals, 11.75 val
ues, Friday only. ....... ....SLID
JOc tables, Friday for...... 68.
1 Sc fommod.a, Friday. for. BS.
' $1.85 Chifronlers, Friday for.. .91.39
$3.40 Chiffoniers,; Friday for. ..91-79
12.79 Sideboards, Friday. for. ..93.10
S3.3& Sideboards, Friday for...9L7
94.79 Writing Desks ' (Chll-
dren's),. Friday for... ....... 93.S0
- ISc Doll Hammocks for...... 81o
ooks V9 Airs sea saxtta
J . . - crjbAtrs. .
Nursery Rhymes
25c Values
Friday for 1 3c
In the new Christmas T!irk Shop,
with four colored mtv linmi..
some colored frorttlnpi.-f, mm
ijliistrntloiia In Mn. ic no-l tkt.i1.
AH tfie old fav-trffo, f.-r
,Kf.." Fairy '1 ii, ! . i , .
"Little B. fen." !,(,'.-.
Isius." "Old Uoihtt-rl ,. 1," !
t'hlltirfrt's boohs ii if .
tomorrow only, r' .;-'' :"
VlfS, f nf.. , .