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We take pleasure In advising our num :
erous friends and customers that we
will soon move our store to new prem
Ises in the new building now vnearing .
"completion, fust "across the street from
our present location. : v
We want to move to our new store) 4
with as little of our present .stock as
possible, therefore on Saturdays Januf
-j III t :; -'I. v. r-
ary OU, wc win inaugurate r
During which, every article In our en
tire stock of Men's and Boy's Clothing,
f Hats and Furnishings will be offered at
r , ,', :v::."w,
Seeing is believing. There's only one
- thing to do it's to come and see., ; If
we cannot save you money on your pur
chases we won't expect you to buy
You certainly can afford to investigate
Colonel F. J. Parker Says Wash
ington Will Help the Fair.
Colonel Frank j. Parker, Indian fight
er, editor, pioneer and worker for the
progress of the Northwest, will be in
Olympia, Wash., when the Legislature of
that state convenes, and will exert his
every influence to secure an appropria
tion of J100.000 to represent Washington
at the Lewis and Clark Fair. Colonel
Parker is chairman of the Washington
State. Commission of the Lewis and Clark
Exposition and is in Portland now con
ferring with those at the head of the Dig
Northwest show billed for 1905. He has
ideas of his own as to the proper method
to B pursued Ih promoting the Interests
of the Fair, and to a reporter for The
Journal said:
"There, should be men sent out who
have a 'vide personal acquaintance nil
over the "esi. A man to man canvass
1s what woVld be productive of the best
results. A rnan who could go down into
California an talk to the Legislators of
that State as Irlend to friend wou!d do
some good. Yoj want a man who can
Call the people bV their first names and
Vho knows who vis who, and what is
hat. The foundation for the success of
the Fair must be luld In the West, and
it is absolutely necessary that each state
should co-operate. I do my best to
tout Washington Into line and do not an
ticipate failure."
Colonel Parker says he has spent $400 of
Ills own money in advertising the fan
in his state. He makes his lome In Walla
Walla, and Is well known throughout
Oregon and Washington, having coma
here as a polneer in the early Sixties.
Sale continues this
week and next. Un
usual values in
Lighting Fixtures
.and Household Or
naments. Every
thing reduced in
!; S6e John I
Barrett Co. 1
Establish 1866 Sixth and Alder I
Removal Sale
tively Reserved
The Y.H. C. A. of South Bend,
Ind., Remembered
The Btudebaker Manufacturing Com
pany of South Bend, .Indiana, through
Its local manager. Mr. E.'M, Brannlck,
announces that Abe, big carriage making
concern and manufacturers of all manner
of furm wagons has set aside the sum of
J200.000 for the purpose of erecting Ih
South Bend a home for the Young Men's
Christian Association of that city. Yes
terday Mr. Brannlck received the fol
lowing telegram from hta company:
"Mr. E. M. Brannlck, Portland. Ore.
As a fitting close to 50 years of business
and a memorial to five Studebhker Broth
ers our board has proffered to build tbe
Y. M. C. A. a permanent home at South
Bend. The estimated value of the gift Is
The Studebakers have helped to make
South Bend what it la today, and have
been foremost among the leading manu
facturers of the country. Tney have al
ways been noted for their liberality in
dealing with public matters, and the
present to the Y. M. C, A. is a hapjy
climax to the half century of their life
as manufacturers.
President Huston of the Bar Asso
ciation Makes Selections.
The following fommlttMt have been
appointed by President 8. B. Houston
of the Oregon Bar Association:
H. H. Northrup, chairman; K. L. Gli
san. W. E. Thomas. A. King Wilson and
A. C. Emmons, all of Portland.
H. G. Piatt, chairman; It. W. Mon
tague and Dan J. Malarkey of Portland:
EaK. Sklpworth of Eugene, and Stephen
A.Lowell of Pendleton, .
C. . Bellinger; chairman; W. W. Cot
ton. y. D. Fentpn" and C A.- Dolph of
Portland, and W, R. Kilts of Heppner.
Otto 3 Kramer, chairman; Earl C.
Bronaugh Nof fortlond and 8. II. Gruber
of St. Helens. .
County Superintendent Ot Schools
Robinson feels highly pleased in the
matter of county school libraries. He
said this morning;
"The movement was inaugurated last
fall to place libraries in,rehtoIs not al
ready supplied. Th" result .already is
most gratifying. Sines the plan was
launched, IS schooVg In Multnomah
County outside of Portland ; have been
supplied. The most-hopeful indication
is that these libraries, have been In
stalled in Bchools .which had not pre
viously taken deep interest along the
lines of supplying students ; with the
higher class of literature.", , ,
A true bill -was filed In the State Cir
cuit Court today charging Frank Car
ter with larceny from ths person. Car
ter is said to have been on the street car
when Harry. Thomas,", how" under , sen-,
tence to the- penitentiary, stole the dia
mond stud from S. t Haaawalt, Carter,
it is alleged in the .information, was ft
party to the theft- and . is . therefor
equally guilty. , HV lIl be triel torn
time this nwntha . - ? s :
Wit lUffi
III lift' (Ml
Peculiar ; Cfeuse ; :May
Work Great Harm;
Would Make Franchises Perpetcal
' Quick Action by Cotmcil ..
Is Needed
"Soma weeks ago Conneilmaa
Xlsysl Introduced an ordinance
la ih Oonaell to repeal sertaln .
ordinances lxerrtofor snacted
grantixLg various rights and privi
leges to the grantees therein,
Tb objsot of ths ordlnanos was
la bo sense inimical to the rights
of any person bat was introduced
solely to protect the city. This
ordlnanos was, referred to tbs
street oommittee, bnt has never
been reported back. Its purpose
was to avoid the possible effect
on existing franchises, bavins; no
time limit fixed therein of ths
wording of the last line and one
self of section 106 of the sew
As originally drawn this section pro
vided in effect that all franchises ' or
privileges which had been theretofore
granted and which were not being used
or which if not commenced to be used
or exercised within lx. months after
the charter takes effect are forfeited.
This Is a usual provision in charters.
An amendment was offered and accepted
which, after declaring that nothing in
the charter should affect the validity of
franchises theretofore given by the Cities
of Portland, East Portland or Albina,
reads "and the same shall be and. eoa
tinne in foroe and effect as given or
granted by said cities or either of them."
Good lawyers now claim that this lan
guage In effect makes all these termina
ble Rights . and privileges, perpetual
grams. Or to put it another way, every
franchise heretofore granted by the city
which has no time limit will under this
section become perpetual. Other lawyers
equally good, say no such result will fol
low. The Charter Board never intended
that such a construction should be, placed
upon the language used, but it would
seem there la a doubt and a grave one
as to what the courts might say. When
the remedy is so clear. It should be ap
plied immediately. The duty of the
Council is plain. It should repeal at
once all such ordinances and under
proper restrictions re-grant to those
holding th&m the same rights they now
have. No possible harm could result to
anyone from this course. , Nejther, is
there time for delay. The Legislature
meets one week from Monday. The char
ter will be passed at the earliest mo
men't,antT nonTThat T TiW TjueTaTOTTrrlre"-
fore the Council let them act and act at
once. There are to be special meetings
to consider the gmntlng of new fran
chises, why pot have a special meeting
to consider the repeal of some? The
Journal brieves that if the Council ap
preciate the Importance of this question
they will act at onoe. Let the street
committee report It bttek and let action
bo taken thereon. '
Wants a Rock in the Rapids of
Cascades Removed.
Captain Langfitt, U. S. Engineers, Is
receiving bids for the removal of a rock
In the rapids of the Cascades of the Co
lumbia River. The bids will be opened
Bt 11 a. m. next Wednesday.
The work to be ilne consists of re
moving about elfjlit feet of the top of a
certain rock in the Cascades rapids op
posite the Cascade Locks. This rock is
submerged except at the lower Stages
of the fiver, oceurlng generally between
October 1 and' March 1. Preliminary
plans have been-made for reaching. the
rock with men. tooN. powder, etc., by
means of a cableway. The work In re
moving the rock is somewhat compli
cated. The rock must .be drilled -with
drills of two and one-half inch bit; 450.
feet of holes being required, of an aver
age depth of about 12 feet each. On
the completion of ajl the holes, they Will
be sprung with light charges, then
loaded and simultaneously fired.
A meeting of the Osteopaths of Oregon
was held at the Imperial Hotel parlors at
10 o'clock yesterday morning. There were
about in attendance from various parts
of the state. The object was to form a
state association. The gathering, after
electing the following officers, adjourned
at noon to meet again at 3 p. m.: Presi
dent. Dr. W. A. Rogers of Portland; vice
president, Dr. J. A. Anderson f The
Dalles; secretary; Dr. R, B. Northrup of
Portland; treasurer, Dr. Gertrude Gates
of Portland. At -the meeting -this after
noon a constitution and by-laws will be
adopted. The advisability of affiliating
with the national association wilt be con
sidered. Osteopathy is a comparatively new
science. Within 10 years It has been (rec
ognized and legalized in 21 States. In
this city there are 10 persons belonging
to the profession who ore recognized as
such. - - -
Manager Annand. rf the postal Tele
graph and Cable Company, expects re
plies to the messages sent to Honolulu
by the Chamber of Commerce and Gov
ernor Geer, sometime this afternoon.
The cable was completed last , night at
11 o'clock, and replies- have already been
received In San Francisco. There is no
explanation given as to the reason why
replies have not as yet reached this
city. .
It is unmistakably s fact that - the
walls of the City Hall neve accumu
lated a coating of dirt which should be
removed. It is said that although the
building has been occupied ever since
li'il, that no attention has Deen paid to
its walla and they certainly glva myI
dene thttt this must be Uie case. -
Don't- Depend
Upon Others..
ISN'T it'about time
you had a watch
that could be de
pended on? Aren't
you tired looking at
other people's
watches to see if
yoii are late? We
can repair any
"watch that's worth
it, or we can sell
you one that will
-Tegulate to the min
ute at from $12.50
up in gold-filled or
$6.00 up in a silver
case. Come in and
let us show you.
Is .-.
of ;
Special ;
in r
that J
Jewelers.. ..Opticians
- 890 Morrison street, user Tlfta.
if city subscriber! fail to secure their
paper, they will confer a favor If they
will oaJl up again 500 and enter their
A disturbance of alight energy is cen
tral northwest of .Montana. It has
caused light - rains in Northwestern
Oregon, Northern Idaho and Washing
ton. High winds occurred last night along
the Oregon and Washington coast; a
maximum velocity of 6 miles from the
southeast was reported from North
It is much warmer this morning In
Washington and Oregon anil correspond
ingly cooler In Montana, and Northern
The indication arc for occasional
rain in Northwem Oregoli and Vv"estern
"Washington, Saturday.
Western Oregon, 'lonlght, occasional
rain, cooler; Saturday, cloudy and
threatening, with possibly rain; south
westerly winds.
Western Washington: Tonight and
Saturday, occasional rain; southwest
erly' winds.
Ej.stern Oregon: Tonight and Satur
day; cloudy and threatening, with prob
ably rain or snow In east portion to
night. Eastern Washington and Northern
Idaho: Tonight and Saturday, cloudy,
with rain or snow tonight; cooler south
portion Saturday
Forecast Official.
Uinneoeraph work, correspondence. Elg
lln & McCarthy, room 19. Russell bldg.
Have yon a piece of gold to make over?
I can do it. Tinpry. Jeweler, Washing
ton and Third. UDMtuirs.
Robert SnorteU, ap-d 79 years, died
at the St. Vincent s Hospital yesterday.
Deceased was the falher-in-law of W.
O. Van Schuyver.
., JPWI. JMMSAL .BBKrt..(JM . State Board
of Horticulture is now In the hands of
the state printer and Is expected to be
out some time next month.
The Altar Guild of the Temple Itcth
Israel will hold ita regular meeting
Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock. All
members are requestoU to be present.
The subject of thl evening's sermon
at Temple Beth Israel will be "Is Happi
ness Attainable?" Services will com
mence at 8 o'clock and all are welcome.
The Portland Bine Book for 1903 Is
out and presents a very neat appearance.
It consists of the names of members of
the leading dubs in this city, and an In
teresting article on "Card Etiquette."
, It is related that a s(out and healthy
member of a recent graduating class of
a local ucademy was told by his
tutor that he was better fed than
taught." "You teach me; I feed myself,"
was the calm retort.
The fnneral of the late John linker,
father of r.coi k Ij- Baker of theatrical
fame, who died a few days ago. will be
held at 2 o'clock this afternoon from 8t.
Nark's KowMral Church. Interment at
Riverside iVmotary.
Sr. Bhepardson, the evangelist, will
deliver n s. rmort' this afternoon at the
First I?artlt Church, on "The Father
hood of dod." Services will also be
hold this in ning, at which time fine
mugic will he rendered by the children's
rcrttand Club, Fifth and Aider.
Finest lunch in the city.
Portland Clnb, Fifth and Alder.
J. II. I.nwivy is In this city from Pen
Oleton. ,. Harris Is. at the Imperial from
Mrs. J. N I..iws of Astoria Is a guest
at the lnu-eilal.
C. A. lh'ldcr of Ooldendale Is at the
Imperial i.-:.iy-' - - -
A. M i-'innnon Is In this dry from
Camden. N- J-
J. H. Tuik'-r. a Tacoma business man,
Is stopping at the Portland.
II. Nii-hid of Victoria, B. C. Is in Port
land, aci'omimnled by his wife.
Dr. J N. Kaxe. a prominent physician of
Everett, ':i?h., is at the Perkins.
Arthur i h.penbcimer, a hardware mer
chant of Hj ' k.ine, is In Hlils city.
F. W. tiraves, of the Bremerton Navy
Yard Ih shipping at the Perkins.
M." V. Hi'1 a resident of Ooldendale,
Wash., is i entered at the Perkins.
George 11 Holden, formerly of Dawson,
N. W. T.. ! at the Hotel Portland.
Georsfe i' Salch, well kpon in San
Francisco. 1 In this city on business.
Charles S. Fisher, editor of the Capital
News, of nu;se,'rdafiarls stopping nt the
Hotel Imperial.
Mrs. J Furnish of Pendleton is at
the Imperial, spending a fw days in
Portland Ki,h her, sister. Mrs. F. W.
Vincent, ai?o of Pendleton.
Representative N. Whealdon Is in the
"city from The Dalles. He says he cume
down to attend to personal business and
is not intciisted in politics for the pres
ent Charles II Flsher,. of the Capital News,
of Boise, one of Idaho's flourishing news
papers, is In Portland, today, enroute to
Boise from his bid home at Roseburg.
where he has been visiting for the past
10 days.
C. H. Breck, a well-known business man
of Baker City, Ore., is in Portland to
day. Mr. Breck speaks in the highest
terms of the future of Baker City, and
ays the mining Interests In that vicinity
are fully coming-, up to expectations.
' Impossible to foresee an accident.
Not Impossible . to be prepared for it.
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. Monarch over
pain. if -;-' '-.,-.
The best Accident and Health Insur
ance sold at 209 Uiraium Bldg. Agents
wanted in Oregon and Washington.
i.- .f, . .-r-.u
Disctissesa; Number of
'I&tere3tiiig Miitters
BkoM Fowl Elk, Buffalo, Ex
.' penses ind Sore Feet
The regular meeting of the Board of
'Park Commissioners was held at Mayor
Williams' bfflce this morning at 10 o'clock.
There were present: .Major Williams,
Henry Fleckenstein. Rev. Thomas Blllott,
Col. li h. Hawkins, City Engineer W. C.
Elliott and J'ark Warden Lowlts. Those
absent were Gen, Beebe and Judge Mal
lory. .
The minutes of the previous meeting
Were read by City Auditor Devlin and
approved, A. communication was read
front Charles W, Sanders, secretary of
the Seattle Park Board. In his letter he
referred to the firm of Olmsted Bros, of
Poeton Mans., who make a business of
making improvements in parks and in
furnishing estimates therefor. It Is the
desire of the Olmsteds to send a mem
ber of their firm out to the Pacific Coast
to get tusiness.
The Seattle Park Board contemplates
making improvements to the extent of
1100,000 and desires Joint action with Port
land, so as to make the trip out here one
worthy of the Boston firm. Kxpenses to
the amount of (1,000 are askcfl for by the
Olmsteds Just to make a preliminary ex
amination. After considerable discussion
Dr. Elliott and Col. Hawkins were au
thorised to write to Seattle in the matter,
but were not authorized to agree to the
expenditure of any particular sum of
money, until something more definite can
be learned.
The county clerk's report; certifying as
to the amount Of city property on his
records and Its valuation, was read. This
reaches a total of 44,l.'i2.592.
A letter from A. IS. Westland, who de
sired to introduce himself to the board
With a view to future employment as an
expert In park landscape gardening, etc.,
was read.
The secretary of the Park Commission
of Nashville. Tenu., sent a letter, in
Which he- asked for a copy of all the
rules, regulations, by-laws, ordinances,
etc., of this city for the government of
its parks. The City Auditor was or
dered ' to comply with the request.
The payroll for December for the City
Park, amounting to $718 and miscellan
eous bills, all for the month of Decem
ber, were submitted ana approved. "The
total payroll and bills reaches $Si33. Tho
eslmate of expenses for January, amount
ing to IS7S.40, wre approved.
secured street railway transportation
with both, of the street railway compa
nies for the use of the park warden.
The question Of disposing of two of
the elks now Jn the City Park was dis
cussed, A suggestion Was made that
perhaps two of these could be exchanged
for buffaloes to Cost $900. The value, of
the elks was estimated at Jl.VJ each, leav
ing a balance due of tGOO. It was decided
to let the matter rest for the present,
Col. Hawkins brought up the matter
of thoroughbred owls for the City Park.
He said he had had donated to him for
ihe park three trios, consisting of eight
varieties. He asked the approval of the
board for what ho bad already done,
which was granted without a murmur.
He was applauded for his enterprise and
a vote of thanks was ordered tendered to
the donors of the high-blooded, poultry.
The corral, where the deer are inclosed,
was ordered paved with cement and an
expense of t5 was authorized for the
purpose. It was shown that the deer are
troubled, not with cold feet, but sore
feet.. It was to be supposed that native
deer cotild not possibly come under the
head of "tenderfeet." but perhaps con
finement hts made them nore suscept
ible. It Is believed that the rocks are at
fault, and that JMnoptb. paving may make
a ereat difference.
Today's meetlnar was the last one of
the present board. The mayor said h
would shortly, make appointments for
the purpose, but everything is dependent
upon the passage of the new Portland
charter, which may become a law some
where between January 12 and 20,
" The hoard adjourned to meet with the
city auditor, at . .10 a. m. tomorrow, at
which time It will close up Its affairs.
The District Attorney has filed a
statement In the State Circuit Court to
the effect that sufficient evidence can-,
not be ecured to warrant the prosecu
tion of Stella Brown on a charge of lar
ceny from the person. She will, there
fore, be discharged.
Stella Brown was arrested on a charge
of stealing the sum of $400 from one A.
j. Fowler in a local Baloon. He was
positive she was the guilty party until
it came to going on the stand and
swearing to it, after which he changed
his mind. He now thinks It may have
been Mary Butler who took the money.
A good story Is told on an English
man who passed through the city re
cently. It appears that a lawyer
named Strange said to this Englishman
tlinrr he would put -on his tombstone
only the words. "Here lies an honest
lawyer!" and then everybody will say
at once, "That's Strange!"
"Excellent, bah Jove!" responded the
Englishman, and carried the story to
the hotel where he was stopping, where
it was retold as' follows:
"An ale -eccentric solicitor directed
that they should carve ah on his r
monument you knew. 'Here lies an
honest lawyer;" and folks said, you
know, 'All. how extraordinary!" "
ii I, i .i
The union longshoremen at Vancou
ver, B. C. are en a strike, and the Brit
ish bark Call on1'1 is bcir loaded with
flour by the crew of . the vessel. A
clash between the strikers and crew
seemed Imminent, and. several police
men have been detailed BP watch pro
ceedings. .
' The water committee . ef the City of
Portland will hold a meeting' at I p. in.,
January 20. 1903. At this meeting the an
nuel rejjort Will It rubmittad.
Nnw ta Vnnii R&ee- rUAMmilkt )a Csmim Am1a ftie t- f
the Finest and Completest Under Muslin Store on the Coast
Our Great 25th Annual
Clearance Sale "
The first buying day of the new year find us with larger,
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The extremely low- prices we have
put upon all . our. this season's
Jackets makes this lale a veri
table slaughter.
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$16.50 Coats
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Fleckenstein Mayer Co,
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Of which w carry a full and complete) line. 235 Oak St.. Portland, Or,
A large, new and well-assorted stock of watches. Jewelry, silver and ebon jr
goods, direct from the) East. '. ..;.v 1
tea rtasT stxebt. poktiiAjtd obsqov. y
ifiuiii mil
Port of Portland Com-
mission the -Host.
Hultnomah Delegation Will
sped Dredge ''Colombia"
Tomorrow afternoon the Multnomah
delegation to the Oregon Legislature will
visit tin! new dredge Columbia of the
Tort of 1'ortland by special request of
tin.- commission.' A boat Special en
sured for this purpose will leave the
foot of Oak street tomorrow'afternoon at
1:30 o'clock. Various rnembetp of the
commission will accompany the delega
tion. This visit to the dredge will give
the Multnomah legislators an opportu
nity to see for what purpose a special
tax mukt bJ levied by the body of which
they are members. The dredge will be a(
work on Postofflce bar, and the visitors
will be shown through the entire dredge
and have explained tQ'"thenvthrmetlid
of Its operation. This will be the last
opportunity for a- visit to the dredge, as
it will be taken In .charge, by the United
States engineers the early part of next
As exclusively stated In The Journal
of last Wednesday, a secret meeting of
the 1'urt of Portland Commission was
held late Wednesday afternoon with J.
H. C. Lockwood, designing and construct
ing engineer of the new dredge Colum
bia, for the purpose of ascertaining whe
ther he could assume the duty of being
superintending engineer of the drydock,
now under construction. The result o
this meeting is the engaging of Mr.
lockwood for this position,
Mr. Lockwood succeeds J. E. Black
wood, tin designing engineer of the dry
dock, who resigned about n monlh ago.
Mr. Lockwood is from Seattle, and is
recognized as one of the leading engineers
In the West. As designing and Construct
ing enginet-r of the dredge Columbia, he
has proven his capability. There is gen
eral rejoicing among -the engineer colony
of Portland in the addition to its ranks.
There were quite a few applicants for
the posllto? and Jt-la-a-aourca-of grati
fication to the employee) of the Port of
l ortland that Mr. Lockwood is to be with
tlvem once more.
Information formally charging 0.
Castronuove w'th the murder by stab
bing of G. Gugllelmo was filed In the
State Circuit Court today by Deputy
Pistrict Attorney Arthur ' C. Spencer.
The murderer will hare his trial during
the coming term of court, which will
begin on January 12. He will make: self
defense his plea when he' Is placed on
trial, as he claims that he was assaulted
by the murdered man and his son. and
thought they meant to kill him.
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OAK isgi.
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tiieatrp. BtpiiIu prlige, 1, T5o, Sue, 88c 2&c
8eu la are now K-Uliii for the eutlm eugagw
nieut. 4
Mon., fruea.. Wed. nHjrbts, -Jau.
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Cal. Heillg.
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Spear's Bis Musical Comedy,
With SuIIIthq and Mack aad Masts TramhuK
. l,...r ..f nthra in raat. All BeW SDedai-
I'rieee Ke.. 25c and BOe; Mat SM iff
part ot houae; children. 10c. v- .
Neit week "Sandy Bottom.' : '
Tonight and every Bight this)
week, with Saturday Matiuwi,
Charles Holt's- .
alll, MMftll .11...
Geo. L. Baker
tlou to everr detail by the Incomparable Nelll
Htm Co. liio Baker prlcea Evening, 15c, itc
3oe and SOe. Matinee, lOe. 15c, XDe, -
Nest week. eurUng with uaual Sunday Mat.
Auguatua Thomaa' oeauuful play, "JOabama.'"
Congress of Kince Sod Queen of tb VsdTlll4
World. '
Attraction from the Keith and Orpbevm Circuits
Acme ot 1'pHte. IUgn-Claa Act.
Admlaaton- loe and 26c. ; .-j ..-,
SIMONS BBOS A CO.. ITojlrtetofS.. . .
242-243 BURNSTOHL .
PonoUr Prlcea 15c, SJc, OOe.
- e . SUKBAI - MATINKB. :.. . .
240-246 Baraalde St. Portland. Or.
The board of dlrctor of ths Manu
fheturers' Association will ' hold thel
regular monthly meeting Tuesday even
ing, January 9h in their rooms In the
Chamber of Conunree Building. ; Only
tho regular routine business will eome
up before the board; tbe secretary
transactions for ths) past month, will b
ratified and bills ordered paid.
Street, OppoIta 2jmler cf Cc