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    fni? okegok daiitf jotmyAt, " poiitia:nt. Saturday irraryiyg ove-Mber, 22, 1902.
IILU JUILII ' :' CITY BRIEFS HWI -HMIIUI , t . ) f At the Lhurcaes j u ip-, ,
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u mi vjii r -. -j": w - " I M lw 1 I II
Welsbach Lighting Co
of Philadelphia
Tern Night Into Day on Twelfth
Street Last Evening Pro
posals Are Made
Resldenta on Twelfth street, between
Washington and Clay, war treated to
an Illumination last night that enabled
the belated wayfarer to find the keyhole
with an ease that astonished him.
The Welsbach Street Lighting Company
f Philadelphia wishaa to obtain a street
lighting contract from the City of Port
land and asked an opportunity to give
an ocular demonstration of what their
lights could do In the way of turning
night Into day.
The city, accordingly, haa caused all
ether street lights In the district men
tioned to be extinguished and the Wels
bach Company has undertaken the serv
Ice. The company has Installed for the
purposes of this exhibition S5 lights of
10 candlepower each, and also three large
triple lamps which are each supposed
to shed a light equal to Z40 canaies.
Many spectators were attracted to the
Ticinlty last night by the unwonted dis
play of radiance and a number of nn
official teats of the light were made. One
old gentleman, after adjusting his spec
tacles, calmly read aloud a paragraph
from a copy of The Journal, and then
announced that he could read better tnan
In the daytime. ...
The Welsbach Company operates 13,000
lights In the City of St. Louis, Mo., ana
haa over 6,000 on the streets of San Fran
cisco, where they have proved to be
eminently satisfactory.
The local authorities Intend to make a
thorough test of the various methods of
s t rcet iigntl ngeforV"s.waMiwr"a -teas;
tracts, and it Is Improbable mat any ae
clslon will be arrived at for some weeks.
Charged With Disregarding the
Constitution and By-laws.
The Tailors' Union is prosecuting an
TH"tK?ifc caipalsti"gatrmt .h&. shops hi
the city which have been designated as
unfair. 'as weli aa. all members of the
union who- hreve violated their obligations
to the organization. The following metn
lx rs havo been fined fcT. each for dlsloy
Ptty. Xtf "the eawe? m 1 "allay. Mi Fall y j
Harry ShotTsV M. Gilbert, Mr. 'Osier." MK
Oerlack. J. Kusch and Mrs. Munro. $10.
I'nion men declare that, some of these
men have defied the union, and for some
time have openly ntated they would break
up the organization.
Through the Columbia River Gorge.
A delightful trip of a few hours wilt
take you through the famous "Columbia
Hlvrr Gorge." the greatest combination
of river and mountain scenery on earth.
O. It. & N. train leaves Portland daily at
9 a. m. Return can be made by steamer
from Cascade Locks. Special low rates
for this trip. Get particulars at O. R. &
N. ticket office. Third and Washington.
The second starring tour of Mason and
Mason in that exceptionally clever musi
cal comedy, "Rudolph and Adolph." w'l
see the two popular stars supported by
one of the strongest companies present
ing musical comedy on the road. Many
new original musical numbers have been
added during the Summer. It will be
produced for one entire week, starting
Sunday matinee, November 30, at Cor
el ray's.
A Briton of the consequential species
c?t.desesGa .Erittsh- -rabaixw
t Washington demanding to -'see his
country's representative. "He's not In."
replied Henry Labouchere. who was then
an attache. "Then I II wait." said the
Briton, pompously, seating himself. At
the end of half an hour came the query
v hen er do you er expect Lord Ly
ons DacK : "Oh. In six months or so.
said the ever-obliging Labouchere: "he
left for Europe this morning. But you
said you'd wait, you know, and I did not
like to contradirt you."
C'aJ. Hellig.
Last two performances
of the highly successful
musical comedy.
Special matinee today at 2:15 o'clock
Pi ices $1. 75c, 50c, 33c, 25c.
Last performance tonight at 8:15. .
Cal. Hellig,
Monday and Tuesday
nignis, i-hov. z. zo James
, iwmri gwafpiay,
TtlH )et of than, all
ompumon piay to snore Acres. I.
recdon or Mra. James A. Heme. Prices
i-wer noor. except lact 3 rows, 1; last
j rows, ,oc. uaicony, nrst rows, T5c
last 6 rows, 50c. Galler'. 35c and l'5c.
p.xes ajiaioges, 7.6. Seats now selling.
last two performances,
Mat. today 2:15, last per-
Geo. L. Bkex
.fQrniiuice .....),o(ght gl.
oyt a best comedy,-
Presented by the incomparable Xelll
Stock Company. Last two times to see
Sylvester and Jones, the great minstrel
duo. Matinee prices 10c, lie, 25c. Even
ing 1.1c, 26c, 36c, 60c.
Starting tomorrow's matinee, Xat C
Goodwin's great success. "A gold Mine "
Today, matinee at 2:15
ind evening at 8:15, last
two pei-formances of
Splendid company. Worlds of fun
Prices Evening. 25c, 60c? matinee. 25c
to any part of house; children, 10c
Thanksgiving week, "Lost River."
High-class entertainment.
imp night only.
Friday, November 28.
Y. M. C. A. Hall.
Opie Read. Wallace Bruce Amsbary and
Charles Eugene Banks. -
Direction of Central Lyceum Bureau of
Assisted by Miss Eva Taylor, vocalist
Popular prices.
. feeeerved seat at T. M. C. A, m.m.
If city subscriber fail to teeure their
paper they will confer a favor If they win
all up Main 600 arte) enter their com
plaints. r-'i '
Considerable. rain, and snow ha Mies
in JU-ixona, few Jlxlco. Western Colo
rado and Southern Utah, during tba last
Z4 hours. Rain haa also occurred In the
middle Mississippi valleys, but the
weather elsewhere west of the Mississippi
Rrv a fete -.J.'!..-
The temperatures ftr tb PWiSa Ojast
Uta are spghUy below the aermej, and
sharp- frosts occurred this morning m
Northern California. '
The indications are (or slightly warmer
weather la this district Sunday, with in
creasing cloudiness, probably followed by
showers to Western Oregon and Western
Washington, and fair weather east of the
Cascade Mountains. - -
Western Oregon: "Tonight fair,' warmer,
except near coast; Sunday, Increasing
cloudiness followed by showers; winds
shifting to southeasterly.
Western Washington: Tonight fair,
except showers near coast; warmer ex
cept near coast; Sunday, showers; south
easterly winds, ' - -
Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington
and Idaho! Tonight and Sunday, fair;
warmer tonight.
Football rally and smoker. M. A. A.C.
Saturday night Members attend.
An original Thanksgiving sermon-story,
First Congregational Church, Sunday
Mlneograph work, correspondence. Elgin
& McCarthy, room It, Russell Building.
Antidated jewelery made over, using
your own gold. Watches and Jewelery re
paired. Tlngry, Wash, and Third, upstairs.
A. S. Hall I going 10 build a one-story
brick building adjoining Woodard, Clark
& Co.'s store, in which a restaurant will
be placed.
A house being moved down Columbia
street by the aid of only one horse Is
causing considerable comment among
Order new for Thanksgiving genuine
English Plum Pudding and extra mince
pies. Rath & Sandy's, 145 First street.
Telephone Main 235:
Parliamentary convention this evening
in Unitarian Chapel, goventh and Yam
hill, at 7:46 o'clock. Oeneral nrimlwlnn
25 cents. Chib members free.
The rooms of the Commercial Club In
to be carpeted with Royal Wilton camet
and the Job will require nearly 1,000 yards
of material.
Owing to the flurry caused by tho irri
gation convention the soliciting commit
tee on the establishment of an immigra
tion bureau were not out this week, but
will start out again early next week.
The funeral services of Herold Terwil-
liger will be held from Holman's under
taking parlors this afternoon. The young
man, who was only 17, died yesterday of
appendicitis at the Good Samaritan Hos
pital. Tomorrow Is celebrated by temperance
workers throughout the world as World's
Temperance Sunday. Services will be
held In this connection at Trinity Episco
pal Sunday School, which is now held In
.4Jili9u. Scott. Armory, . ....
Rev. E. L. House of the Flrsl Pnnirr.
gattonal Church lectured last, evcmlng at
tne church for the benefit of tTre music
fund of his church. ' Mt. House took for
his subject hls't-xperlence as chaplain of
J: yJ.'fc"VttMiteai-'-itr-
1 fig t Vie" 'Spa nls'h'-A m erlcan" war" "The Tec
ture was illustrated by 150 excellent
stereopticon views and was heartily en
Joyed by those present. '
The smoker of the Oeorfre Wright and
Lincoln-Oarfleld posts of the G. A. It.,
given last night at the O. A. It. Hall, was
a gratifying success. Commander G). E.
Caukln delivered the address of welcome
and also spoke on the notional encamp
ment. Edward Ji. Warman, a Chicago
visitor, recited 0ret Harte's "Reunion."
H. E. Dosch spoke of conditions In Japan
and J. E. Maya. MJ. T. C. Bell and M.
II. Pratt also addressed the veterans.
Announcement. -Owliur to the rnnid in.
crease in business Miss FltzGerald has
been forced to vacate her present quar
ters in the Lewis Building and reirlvo to
more commodious and convenient loca
tion. 348 Washington street, where she
will be better enabled to handle the fa
mous d'Ollan Cle Toilet Prennratlnrw
Her new quarters will be the most hand
somely ntted-up parlors on the Pacific
t oast, waere ladles and gentlemen will
receive faciaL hair and scalp treatment
by artists of (he highest order. This will
also be the home of the well-known
Madame Merrill Dandruffene. We nosi-
tlvely guarantee that Dandruffene will
cure the worst case of dandruff In seven
aays. ir it does not do as we say, we
will cheerfully refund the money. N. B.
Miss FlUQerald will occupy her present
quarters Jn the Lewis Building until
about December 1.
Portland Club. Fifth and Alder.
-Fwel.,U"i(,h, In city.
. Portland .cm&tthZj&iM&r
State Senator M. A. Miller of Lebanon
w registered at the Imperial.
S. A. D. Puter. a tlmberman from the
Golden Gate, is at the Imperial.
George W. Jones, a city councilman of
McMinnvllle, Is visiting in the city.
S. Butler, a mining man from Ram
part. Alaska, is registered at the Im
perial. T. J. Qorman, a prominent canneryman
of Puget Sound, Is a gueat of the Port
land. Judge John B. Cleland left last night
for a brief visit to his old hom in Janes
ville, Wis.
Mrs. Shoenfeld and her daughter. Miss
Eecky of Seattle, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Baurnan of Portland.
.JU7 Ma Bey!. t.,thA Seaman's Insti
tute is expected to arrive today from
Tacoma. where he has been visltins- for
a few days.
The Inde-Amertcan Leasua will meet
on Monday. November 24, at 2.30 d m.
at the home of Mrs. Abigail Scott Dunl.
KAXt. ..Market atreet . An instructive
program unaer the management of Mrs.
K. P. Fraser. All Interested are cor
dially Invited, the Point Loma incident
in regard to children will be considered
as a feature of the afternoon by Mrs.
Duniway and Mr, it. A. R. Stone.
The international Jealousy which exists
between Germany and France does not
respect women. Jug-end. an Illustrated
w of Munich, iprninw of the visit of
Sara Bernhardt to Berlin, , published a
sketch . of that actrese. Otero, Judlc and
Rejane, who are saying to one another:
'We are too old for Parisians, let us try
the Germans." Though the divine Sara
is drawing crowded bouses in the ern-
er s eapital. the prse 1 not very kind
to her. London Express.
Meets The man who tries to change a
woman' views is a fooL
, weeks How do you know?
Meeks My wife told me soi-Chlcaro
Heavy Business Men
Strenuously Object
The- Ordinance Is Held Up and
Will Probably Be
That Mayor-William will veto the oil
district ordinance, passed Wednesday, 1
almost a foregone conclusion.
The meeting of the business men's eom
mittee with the mayor this afternoon was
one of the most Interesting that has been
held in the City Hall for many a day.
Those persons who waited on Judge
Williams were: -
H. M. Brannlck, representing Stude
baker Company.
11 J. Fisher, president of the Fisher
Thurston Company.
A. H. Averlll, of the Russell Company
of Chicago.
Frank Flint, Western manager of the
Marshall Wells Hardware Company.
W. O. Muneell of the Moline Bain Com
pany. W. H. Emmons, Bast Portland.
L. E. Trent, Parlin-OrudorfX Company.
J. O. Humphrey, manager Abrara
Thresher Company.
R. L. Darrow, manager John Deere
Property Company.
Mr. Brannick, representing the Stude
bakers, first addressed the mayor, and
said in part:
"Your Honor, I am adverse to the es
tablishment of this oil district on grounds
of general detriment to the City of Port
land, to tho exclusion of any personal or
firm interests which I may be looked
upon as esponsing. It is true, I repre
sent a firm that contemplates erecting a
building .over on the East Side to cost
nearly $126,004. The Studebekers' Im
provements, those done and to be done,
till. 3m ."Qn.m JKptv .Mlf-of. ,4bla
amount will be completed If this oil dis
trict be created. I represent what I be
lieve tor be a Just cause. Take away
every other feature, save that which
intends to depreciate East Side property,
and I might be silent, but under the
urgent circumstances. I. will ask the
honorable mayor of this city to' Interpose
his prerogative."
H. J. Fisher of the Fiaher-Thorsen
Company next spoke and talked on about
the same lines as did Mr. Brannlck. He
explainer! that an Insurance underwriter
had notified him that an Increase of
nearly 50 per cent, would result In his
rates should an oil district be created in
close proximity to his buildings.
Mafoi .WMiUj?? ,eAlrued Uc body
dilates straight to the point; He Balds
"Gentlemen, I am cognizant of the Im
portance of this matter, when I take
Into consideration the representative cit
izens Who are here thia irtarmnn t
JaciR.Giidver tails' ordinance carefully, 'this
morning ana nna it devoid of the Intent
for which It was created. I believe,
however, that your protest, gentlemen,
should have been made at the meeting
of the street committee and not, at this,
late date, to me. It puts me In a. trying
position. Still I am not going to allow
that to determine my action, notwith
standing that nearly the whole council
voted against you. As I said a moment
ago. In a business community nothing 1
snail. Da menaced. I think It a serious
question and shall well consider it."
Mr. Muasell said that there was
phase to the proposition that had not
been brought out strongly the great
imimT oi nr snouia tne. tanks burst In
a lire. Oi! would then flow down the
river and endanger every craft and dock
aiong me j-Jnst rront.
Mr. Humphrey said his company had
Intended to build improvements aggrr-
KHiuiK nut would refrain from do
irg o in contemplation, of an oil dli
trlet near his company's nrooertv
Mr. Brannick ended the discussion for
r-ant fiae delegation by making a
very elaborate talk. He addressed the
mayor point blank, saying that 16,000,000
imu uceu expenueu on improvements on
me rjasi mae. and the district, practl
cany uesignatecl tor mnnufacturtnir tn
dustrlcs, should not be Jeopardised by a
menace from fire, such as an oil district
In closing the Interview with the dele
Kuuon, juuge Williams said that he
nouia nom me ordinance until he could
study the situation from every aids. He
sum ne wouia not promise to veto It,
but under no consideration would he sign
u umui matters were straightened out
As it stands, the East Side Is not to
lie encumnereu with an exclusive oil di,
inci aiier aw. wnicn follows out The
journal s preaiction that MerrllL uracil.
cally alone In the minority, might likely
The last round of a series of forma of
entertainments provided Tor the strangers
In Portland during Irrigation week by
the Merchants' Entertainment Commit
tee was dealt out last nlaht at th.
.Armory,, where ,th.e ytsltors a well as
many oi tneir fortiand hosts" and hos
tesses spent a pleasant eveninjr in view
ing the excellont drilling of Company F
ill ; u rjuiiery j.
The entertainment opened with a die
mounted drill by the entire company,- fol
lowed by pistol practice and foot
mcnts by the street column. Company T
participated In a company drill. fti-
wnicn tne wnoie oattery appeared and
Indulged in a heavy gun practice. An In
spection -of the -Armory concluded the
evening s program-.
The Greatest Railway,
The Canadian Pacific Is acknowledged
by everyone as being the greatest railway
of the continent.
If your ticket reads via this line rou
travel through the famous Fraser River
Canyon, the Valley of the Uleclllewaet.
the beautiful alley of the Row PKr.
Rogers' Pass. Ktcfchflr WoTBWnyw-gKaT
uanauiuii .Aiiuuiii rarK. for descrip
tive matter and full particulars, call at
U2 Third street.
SALT LAKE. Nov. J2. After dealing
out several hundred dollars promiacu-
MSKdy to saloon loafers and getting: a large
numoer ox loungers arung. James Hamil
ton, formerly or California, took a squir
rel rifle and shot himself through the head
last evening. He died ' Instantly. Da.
Ceased was a miner.
Important Questions Come Before
East Side Clubs.
Several Important Board of Trade meet
wga war held on the East side last
avenlng. Many q.ulUon ralaung to tie
varloua section f the city ware dis
,.Tn rniar araiWmonthhr meeting f
th Central Albtaa, Board of Trade w
held last evening in the Mississippi are
Hue engine house.
A report wa received from the com
mittee appointed to consult an oculist as
to the cause of so many oupiis of the
Thompson School hflng sore eves, a!
Neppaotl, chairman of the corrmittee re-"
Ported that the trouble wa, not due to
the light In th school bull ling, but to
the fact that the pupi!s ,,. ot ".e10
enough outdoor exercise.
The committee in charge ,,' Interview
Ing th Portland Gas Company in rela
Hon to tho, laying of a main through
Multnomah, reported that they were
much encouraged by the fact that suffi
cient residents had ordered PilK and tnat
the company would begin the Work of lay
ing the main aa quickly ila pKsibie
It was also reported that the various
sand contpanTea "had 'agreed to make a
mofe favorable rate on material deliv
ered In that section of the city.
At the meeting of the Mont.-.v:Ma Board
of Trade, held at Aylsworth Hall, on the
Base Line Road, last evening, a com
munication was read from the City A
Suburban Company in relation to plac'ng
lactric lights in the villa. The com
pany stated that It would piece one light
at the corner of Hlbbard strvet and Villa
avenue and another at the end of the
A committee was appointed for the
purpose Of looking up old umovcred wells
In the vicinity.
Several new members wen- fleeted for
membership In the board and then ad
journment was voted
After adjourning an effort s made
by several of the members to take up
the annexation-corporation d-i(m hut
the matter was finally dropped to be aealn
taiten up at tne. next, regular meeilnapfj
A rousing meeting of tiie rewly organ
ized Alblna Improvement Association -as
held last evening at Gomez Hnil, 0n Rus
sell street.
The principal business of the evening
was the discussion of the ne- ferry pro
ject. A committee had been appointed at
a previous meeting to look ln;o the mat
ter and report at this meeting Accord
ing to the committee. Russeil street does
not extend all the' way to tlie river, and
It was found advisable to seek some other
location If the County Court could be in
duced to grant them an additional boat.
A new landing place was found at the
foot of old Stark street, five blocks north
of the present ferry landlnr.
The Pprtland Railway Cojnnaijy re
ported that .they would not' b7 favorable
in tlie extension of their line down Rus
sell street unless the new ferry was
C. L. Parker, of the committee In charge
Of getting the Albina School moved from
its TrnjseTit locn-rioft cir the nil (to a more
central one In Lower Alblna, needed
more time, which was granted. It la ex
pected that this committee will have a
full report to make at the next meeting
of the board, Friday evening.
Silverton Creamery Man Says the
Farmers Should Bay Them.
P. K. Miller, a creamery man of Silver
ton, was In the city yesterday on busi
ness. Mr. Miller says: "The country In the
vicinity of Silvt Hon Is in line condition.
Business is very ood and everybody has
money. Those who ha hpps to sell are
especially fortunate and are making ar
rangements to Increase Ihclr acreage
next season. The creamery business Is
good and nil the cream that Is brought
is eagerly bought up by tho creameries.
"I think that the creamery business Is
destined to he one of the most profit
able in and Jrmurs would .da
well to keep a few more tows on hand.
There. Is always a demand for cream
th . supply ..hrteg. Xr . AtswL. jot- the xtn.
sumption,". . . ......
Mr. Miller says that Silverton Is gro-v-Ing,
havlns built a number of dwellings
and store buildings the past year.
Meeting Called for Tomorrow to
Perfect Union.
A meeting of the Fruitgrowers' Associa
te... hoo.. ul!.,.l ...
..w.a ..Aa ucvii v . . . u m, UIUU VW Sier-
noon at Odd Fellows' Hall, corner East
Pine street and Grand avenue. An effort
will be made at thia meeting to perfect
the permanent organisation which was
temporarily organized early In the Sum
mer. It has been decided to abandon the
projeer If at hast 8 -pr- wit -of -the
growers of this vicinity do not Join. If
they do, the union will then be In a posi
tion to squeeze high fruit .prices out of
tne public.
For School Libraries,
Great preparations are being made bv
the pupils of the combined Central and
North Central Schools, Wednesday after
noon, and evening,. A .fine , program, has
been arranged for the. occasion. The
proceeds will-be used- lit the library fund
of both schools.
Bathing to many persons la a term
embodying an expenditure of time and
considerable trouble. It Is probably be
cause they do not cleanse the skin until
It gives visible signs of its needs. Now,
the ekln Is everlastingly throwing off Im-
tiea wmrn vou cannot i.-ay
with the naked eye, but which will be
readily found in the appearance of the
bath water, even when one bathes each
day. When you can wear a white ccJlae
a few hours without marring Its spot-
Iessnes3 where u comes in contact with
4 he ektn. you may have seme. -excuse for
thinking that you are perfectly clean
and not before. The neatest person I
ever sw couia no coast of , such an
achievement, for the thlna; la well nigh
Impossible. Nature baa provided the
pores for drainage purposes, and in
health they work without ceasing. Bos
ton Traveler.
First Baptist. .
Twelfth aad Taytpr street Alexander
eiacKDurn, jj. v., pastor. 10:30 a. m.,
sermon, subject, "The Moral Preparation
for Revival," A short sermon to children,
"Children's Songs." 1:39 p. m., subject,
"The Realness of Faith." Sunday schools:
10 ft. a., Univaralty Park, W. Q. HaUies,
apriain4U 12 hl, hom school, J. Q.
Milan, superintendent; 3 p. m., Savler
Street Mission, C. A. Lewis, superinten
dent; 7 p. tn., Chinese achonl, W. I
Bartlett, superintendent. t to p. m..
Young People's meeting, Miss Anna
BaJrd. leader. Musis): Prof. W. M. Wild
er, ananlsU horu under direction of C.
J. Mills; Miss Mabel Johnson, soloist. The
celebrated "Blind Singers" of Phlladel
tnJa, aria be at the morcJsg service and
leg several selections.
United Brethren In Christ.
At th First Church of the Cntted
Brethren in Christ, corner of East Morri
son and Fifteenth streets, Rev. W. G.
Fisher, pastor, there will be services at
regular hours tomorrow. Preaching by.tna
pastor at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., on
theme of interest to the public good.
Jola un In worship and honor God's holy
day. Good singing. Welcome to all. Sun
day school at 10, In charge of John A.
Menkle, superintendent. Prizes offered
for faithfulness. Christian Endeavor at
6:30. led by Miss June. Prayer meeting
and religious discussion Wednesday even
ing at 7:30.
Trinity Presbyterian.
Church in Fulton, hev. A. A. Hind will
proach and conduct Thanksgiving service
at 10:30 a. m. Sunday school at 11:30 a.
m. The Christian Endeavor Society will
be at :S0 p. m. At 7:30 p. m. the pastor
will preach and conduct worship, and
gospel temperance will be the subject, in
observance of the world's " temperance
Sabbath. Interesting meetings have been
held In the church at Fulton several
evenings thia week. Itev. C. W. Hays and
Rev. E. T. Allen have preached and as
sisted the pastor.
The Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran
Church, corner East Grant and Tenth
street. Uev. W. Sirenson from Astoria
will occupy the pulpit both forenoon. 10:15,
and evening. 7:110. Sunday school at t : :i 0
a. m. From Tuesdoty to Thursday the
Oregon special conference will be tn ses
sion In the church. The Reverends D. M.
Holder. N. Petersen and W. Surenson will
present papers and free discussion will
follow each paper. Sessions: 2 to 4:30 and
7:30 to 9:30 p, m. All Scandinavian Lu-
(ftHagoes, pastor.
First Christian.
Corner Park and Columbia streets. Dr.
J. F. Ghormley will preach at 10:30 a. m.
on "I'nlque Proofs of the Divinity of
Christ." At 7:20 p. m. the Sunday school
will give an exorcise, "The Sliver Trumpet
Calls." The following churches will Join
with the First Christian tn union Thanks
giving services Thursday, November 7,
10:30 a. m.: Grace M. II. First Baptist.
First Congregational. Dr. D. L. House
will deliver the address. Special music
by the chorus choir; Prof. George A.
Wirtz, director; Mrs. Viola Crawford, or
ganist. Christian Science..
.,.-., .WjUrhUttsh jAAXatiaU iSe4e.ilt,
on Twenty-third street, near Irving, serv
ices will be hcld'at If and t. The subject
of the sermon is "Ancient and Modern
Necromancy, or Mesmerism and Hypno
tism." Children's Sunday school " meets
at 12:16: Wednesday evening' meeting Tff
tudd nr o'rtocir; -Thp free' reading room
is open dally from 10 to 6 and 7:30 to 9
at rooms 2, 3 and 4. Hamilton Building,
131 Third street. Ah are cordially wel
come at services and reading room.
Mlzpah Presbyterian.
Jerome K. McClade. pastor. Sabbath
being "World's Temperance Sunday," a
sermon appropriate to the day will be
preached at the morning service. Theme
of evening sermon. "The PatholoRy of
Doubt." At morning hour Mrs. J. M. ('.
Miller and Mr. P. A. Preston will sing
"He Will Not Slumber" (Hart). Kvenlng
anthem, "The Lord Is My Foundation '
Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal).
Corner Vancouver avenue and Sellwood
Street, T'pper Alblna. Hev. H. D. Cham
bers, rector. "Sunday Next Before Ad
vent.' commonly called "Stir up Sumlay."
Holy communion at 8 a. m. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Morning prayer and
sermon at 11 a. m. Evening prayer anil
sermon at 7:110 p. m. All will be welcome
at these services.
Thanksgiving Service In Alblna.
The churches of Alblna will unite In a
Thanksgiving service on Thursday nt the
Mississippi Avenue Con screen t ional church,
corner of MlssiaHlppI avenue and Fremont
street. K. M. Bliss, of the Baptist church;
wttt-ett?w He- aiWmfnd"Tntnst7- of$Bwrm.
eHwr-emirrtrea reprmen-ted wil participa te
111 ine service, nour oi service, 10:30 a. m
East Side Spiritualist.
The Truthseekers Society will hold
meetings In Locust Hall, corner Grand
avenue and East Washington street Con
ference at 11 a. m., led by Prof. Ira Tav
lor. At 7:45 p. m. a lecture will be deliv
ered by Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway on
The Practical or Progressive Religion
followed by Mrs. Addle 11. Smith. Good
Trinity Chapel.
NJneteenth street, near Washington
Rev. r. A. A. Morrison, rector. Services,
holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer
and sermon. 11 a. m.; evening prayer.
7:30 p. m.: Sunday school, J:30 a. m. Dr.
Morrison's subject In the evening will be
New Light on the Old Creed."
u Second Baptist.
fi'ast" AiiKefiy and 'l(tr''9eVirarfrtretl('
William E. Randall, minister. Morning
worship at 10:30. sermon subject, "The
Light that Failed: a Study of Church
Permanence and Power." Subject at 7 30
p. m.. "The Unconscious Revelation of
The First Spiritualist Society will hold
services at 11 a. m. and at 7:45 p. m.
Rev. J. H. Lucas wiU-deUver a lecture, -fol---lowed
by Mrs. Cornelius. -AH sen-ices will
be held at Artisans' Hal!,-Ablngtoft Build
ings Third street, between Washington
and Stark streets.
First Universalis!
Corner Rast Rlghth and Fast Couch
streets. Rev. W. V. Small, pastor. Ser
mon at 11 a. m., "Hands Across the Sea."
Sermon at 7:15 p. m., "Esther." Sunday
school at 12:15 p. m. Ladles' Circle. Fri
day, at tho church parlor.
8L Andrews' Chapel, Peninsula.
Rev. H. D. Chambers tn charge. Sun
day school at 2:30 p. m. Sermon and serv
ice at 3:30. All living In the vicinity of
the chapel are cordially Invited.
First Congregational.
Morning service, 10:30 a. m.. "Led
Astray by a Woman." Evening, original
story, entitled, "Mary Cragins Wonderful
Free Methodist
First Church, comer Ewt Ninth and J
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Gambr inus Lager B e 0r
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F. M. KERCHER, Secretary.
Mill streets. Preaching' at 11 ft, jn.. and
7:.10 p. m. by Hev. H. V. Haslam. Sunday
school at li a. m. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. Sellwood Preaching
at 3 p. m. by Kev. IL V. Haslam la hail
over Welch's grocery.
Y. M. C. A.
At the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion, Sunday afternoon, November 1:3,
there will be a series of fine steropticon
views of the world's grrat pointing on the
life of Christ. Association Jili torlum.
Fourth and Yamhill, at 3:30. Men only.
St. James' English Lutheran.
Corner West Purk and Jefferson streets.
J. A. La. pastor. Sunday school con
venes at 12:15 p. m. The Installation of
officers will take place at the morning
services. Thanksgiving service will be
helil on Thanksgiving evening at 8 o'clock.
- Rodney Avenue Christian.
Morning subject, "The Great Command
ment; evening. "The Demand of Opportu
nity," Preaching by the pastor, Albyn
-' i,-'
Xlnlversity Park.
Sunday school at 10 a. m.. W. O. Haines,
superintendent. lr. Blackburn will preach
at 3 p. m. The Bakers will sing.
Perkins Restaurant
The table Is supplied with
the best the market affords.
Check system employed and
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mo, while Marlborough Ileuee it believed:
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Second and Oak Streets
Art and Science
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his method of voice culture.
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tic finish. -
Testimonials open to Inspection at bis
nuLKEV BuiLDiNdr
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W. P. Kraner.
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aaBssaaasa. " v- '
Importers of EngILsl and Scotch
328 Washington St., Portland Or.
Read Tho Jo: