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    Tiw ou xsc i oy .daily ; JotrnyAL, -roitTXAyp, ttjesdat evening! octobeh, 2it-1902.
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Chils CompHta, of Aurora; Ad
V - judged Insane
pllta, of Aurora, was taken before County
Jlida-s Byan yesterday by bis brother who
brought him to town to have him ex
amined aa to hla sanity. During- the ex
amination it u found that he la 33 yeara
old, and that he was eound of mind up to
three month ago. Sine then he hai
been afraid that aome one waa going to
Ml him arid otherwise acted strangely.
Ha waa adjudged insane and taken to the
asylum laat evening by Sheriff Saauer.
Popular Couple Married.
Fred J. Melndl and Lorena Lazella were
married at the home of the bride's father,
botween ML Pleasant and New Era, Sun
day afternoon. Although a quiet affair
the home waa nicely decorated for the
occasion and a supper waa served after
the ceremony. Judge Ryan officiated and
helped to make merry in hla usual Jolly
'nay. Both the bride and groom are well
known over the 'county. Mrs. Melndl
gained a large circle of friends In this
oy while attending the High school and
lster as a school teacher. Mr. Melndl's
n ime is known by almost every man In
Clackamas County, as he has been quite
prominent in politics during the last sev
eral yeais, but especially during the last
otmpatgn, when he ran for the office of
Senator from this county on the Socialist
ticket, making a good race. He la now
principal of the Canemah schools.
Woodmen Will Entertain.
The local lodge of the Woodmen of the
V.'orld will entertain a large number of
i embers of the same order from Port
I nd n- their bis entertainment this even-
I g. A iifvial car will bring the visitors
' im the metropolis and take them back
a lien th'-y wish It to, so no hurry will re
; . !t lnm worrying over the leaving time.
1; is expected that the "standing room
ly" sign will be displayed tonight as
II long program and the excellence f
'! numbers have insured a large
: u.'iiu.iuca. Many of the favorites of thin
.. i'.o their share toward making
i fl'i evening long to be remembered by
l.:oe who witness the entertainment.
Mil s Again Running.
I : l ou A of ihe Willamette Mills start
ed ut, uui yeLcduy after standing idle
fur it-v ral cays because of low water.
The water has not riseeo, but several of
t lif wheels on the other side of the river
have been .closed down to enable Station
A. lo run, The rain this morning has
va' many of the Idle men feel better, as
it -mtfma that ntli wiii worlr,
provMed the ruins continue.
Personal Notes.
Mrs. N. K. i-ang loft for San Fran
m o laat evening on receipt of the news
1 i he djath-of a rjear relative.
:i. J. J. nruwnj of Gladstone, Is serl
nusir siek si tb -typhoid fever at. her
Mrs. Chas. Ijttourette and Miss Myrtle
Buchanan left this morning to attend the
Congregational Church convention at
Brings Some Republicans Into An
tagonism With Ankeny Forces.
.yrtOfijA. .. WALLA, Oct. ZL It would
appear at the present stag of the polit
ical battle tn this county that all the
Democratto and antl-Ankeny Republican
strength was being exerted to prevent a
solid delegation going to the Legislature
from thla county In the Interests of Levi
' Ankeny, candidate for the United States
Senate. The principal fight has been
waged thus far between J. B. Wilson and
James Mclnroe. The former la the Re
publican candidate. Both men are work
ing hard. Recently a number of Repub
licans whj. tr,pposed to, the candidacy
of Sir. Ankeny took the field In the in
terests of Mclnroe and efforts have been
made to throw Republican support to the
Democratic candidate.
It is generally conceded that Frank
Keea, now Sheriff and candidate f6r the
Legislature, and E. M. Denton, from the
remaining district of Walla Walla county,
both Republicans, are certain of election.
The great fight, therefore. Is being
waged In the Twelfth District, where Wil
son, and Mclnroe are pitted against one
another, and there is an element of un
It la claimed that greater Interest ac
cording to the population is being taken
)n the campaign in the country districts
than in Walla Walla. This is supposed
to be due to the close relation to the
railroad question to the interests of the
farmer. The Republican county conven
tion held" In "the 'aprlhg7 was solid against
a railroad commission, and many farm
era have expressed themselves as pleased
with the ten per cent reduction in rates
piade by the railroad managers When they
Tislted this state three months ago.
On the other hand, the Democratic
mission, and complaint has been heard
that the rate made by the companies is
not equable.
The local campaign is being fought out
n the lines that Ankeny is opposed to
the farmer and favorable to the rail
roads. The friends of Mr. Ankeny, on the
other side, declare that while their can-
AldaU aettf net personally bailers In ja
ohcgon cur
advisability of a railroad commission, n
la atfll the champion or the farmer a no
that ha can aecure mort tnrouga friendly
relations with the rallroada than Gover
nor McBrlde wan' hope or the Democrats
force through antagohlamg the corpora
tions. ' '
The registration here -has- not been as
heavy by several hundred aa for the Presi
dential election In 1900, notwithstanding
the fact that this city haa Increased more
than 1,000 In population since that time.
Editors Organize a County Associ
ation at McMinnville.
(Journal Special Service.)
M'MINNVILLE, Dct. 21. A number of
newspaper men of Yamhill County met
tn this city last Saturday afternoon for
the purpose of organizing a county as
sociation of newspaper men. A tempo
rary organisation was effected with F.
Harding, editor of The Telephone Regis
ter, of this city, as president, and Walter
Woodruff, editor of the Newberg Graph
ic, as secretary. The organization will
meet at an early date for permanent or
ganization, adopt a name and come to a
fuller, understanding as to Its aims and
Saloons Will Be an Issue.
As the time for the city election draws
near, It Is evident that there will be an
effort made on the part of the temper
ance people, to elect councllmen who
are opposed to saloons. President Board
man recently stated to the Council that
he had evidence that saloon men were
guilty of breaking the law, ly selling
liquor to minors, and keeping open Sun
days. It Is evident that much wrtrk wlil
bo done between now and the election,
and while striving to do away with the
salooft evil, there are other evils that
should not be, forgotten.
McMinnville Notes.
Rev. O. R. Cairns, assisted by th
blind singing evangelists, Mr. and Mrs.
W. V. Baker, is holUrng revival meetings
At the Baptist Church this week.
Tlie first Issue of the Review, a colleg"
monthly .published by the students of
McMinnville College, has made its ap
pearance. It is well edited and neatly
The Yamhill County Teachers' Institute
will convene In this city on the 2M and
continue three days. Professor Ulttle
fteld, County Superitemlent. will be In
charge; also a corps of able instructors.
ln:'Tuding State S,uperitetnlent Aekerman
Mrs. J. C. Cooper left Saturday after
noon. fAC:.fitjaUliev,,wah.. Jut, a,.vJatt..vU.h
her daughter.
A Dallas Hop Grower's Method of
Celebrating High Prices.
Brown, a wealthy hop-raiser of Dallas, Is
to scatter 3000 five-cent pieces away mi
the streets of Dallas to Polk futility
school children. This Is the. result of a
promise made weeks ago to the effect
that In the event that hops wm up to
26c a pound, he would throw away $100 in
nickels. Last week he disposed of his
hops at that price. All school children
under 14 years of age are permitted to
engage In the scramble.
Esced-Priseercaptare -
R. G. Marshland, the young man who
escaped from the county .lull, was recap
ture near Silver last week. He was
making his way toward Southern Ore
gon, but was unfamiliar with the terri
tory and had been aimlessly wandering
' Formerly of Polk County.
Albert Dray, who was killed by a train
near Ostrandr, Wash., was a former
wali-known . resident- tif- -this .jeeowti'... .lie
was a member of the Woodmen of the
World and carried a $2000 policy.
New Structure at Hilisboro Erected,
at a Cost of
HILLSBORO, Oct. 21. The long bridge
o " tO"fH Rrhio J h 8 clotMd to "
travel for over two months, was com
pleted last night and travel resumed.
This Is one of the largest wagon bridges
In the state and the new structure Just
completed cost J4000.
Hilfcboro Notes.
Tlie ' contract 1WPfrff ' ttn county
Poor has been awarded by the County
Court to 'a. J, Roy. Roy will .receive 9
per month for each Inmate and pay $250
per year rental for the Poor Farm. The
contract requires Roy to furnish food,
clothing and medical attendance.
W. D. Bradford, ex-Sheriff, of Washing
ton County, accompanied by his two
sons, returned to Hilisboro Sunday, aiter
aoseuu w war
New Railroad That WiU Develop a
Fine Section of Country.
SALEM, Oct 2L-J. Q. Van Orsdel.of
Dallas, former Sheriff of Polk County,
and right-of-way agent for the Dallas,
Falls City & Pacific Railroad, was a
Salem visitor yesterday, having come
bete In the Interest of the company he
represents. Mr. Van Orsdel says that the
new road la being rapidly graded, and
that if the weather remalna good for an
other month the grade will be compieted
from Dallas to Falls City, when ties and
rails will bo laid Immediately and the
road will be pusheed to rapid completion.
The new railroad will open up the finest
timber belt In Oregon, says Mr. Van
Orsdel, and will be the means of develop
ing a section of country that has hereto
fore been utmost Inaccessible for want
ot transportation facilities, and will prove
the greatest agent of development Polk
County has ever known. Mr. Van Orsdel
haa wcurud the right-of-way for th'e en
tire road, with the exception of one tract
of land which belongs tp an estate in
which several people are Interested, and
his mission In this city yesterday was to
find one of the heirs and secure her sig
nature to the deed to the desired right
of way, the rest of the putties Interested
having ulreudy transfeerred their Inter?
ests to the company. Four miles of the
new railroad is graded und ready for the
tks and rails, and a large quantity of
nrterlal is now on tile ground.
Petition for Guardianship.
A petition was yesterday (lied In the
l''ol)Ue Court by A. o. Damon, a meer
chuint (if this city, for guardianship .let-
ti r.s in the csvatq of A. H. .Damon, who
was reeeiiily committed to the insane
asylum, The petitioner alleges that the
property has been hold by people huvlng
no rit;hl to It and tlie money has been
spent and that It is necessary that the
patient s interests be promptly looked af
ter. lie asks that a citation be at ottee
issufd o the patient, requiring him to ap
pear on Noveemb' r ,'i and show cause. If
any. why the guardian .should not be ap
pointed. Thus far County Judge John II.
Seutt has takn no action in the prem
ises. Two Mere Unfortunates.
Everett I'- Urown was yesterday
brought to tlie insane asylum for treat-,
reent. lie is a clerek by occupation, and
Ms mental ilerantrcnient U the result of
(pilepsy. He coatimialiy thieateits suil
eide. -Mrs K. Wanner, of Glendale,
Douglas County, was also brought to tlie
asylum. She is a nurse by occupation,
nd....iasliUvted to ..the. . utt ot" opium. She
a!o has suiVTrioV 'temlenctesan requires
i-onstant watching.
Salem Briefs.
J. H. Campbell, Jr .. engineer bf the
Salem Fin I lepartinciH. has resigned his
position, and IWt yesterday for Gem,
l lalio, whi te he Iihs accepted a position
;is erigin cr in a mine. Mr. Campbell's
siiccessor as engineer In ill" Fire Depart
ment Is Walter IvLong, an experienced
fireman ami engineer.
Mi.x Myrtle Marsh, for several years
one of Salem's most successful teachers,
i'nd who spent the past year at Cornell
rnivet-rflty. at Ithaca, N. V., has returned
In this cliy. where she will spend tjie win
ter wi.n her parents. While at Cornell
Miss Marsh took an advanced course In
history and Latin. She expects to go to
lbany. N Y., next . ur to take a course
;n tlie library school and lit herself for
special library work.
The St.ite Hoard of Education made a
tour of inspection of the Slate School for
Deaf Mut.s yesterday, and the members
report having found the school in excel
lent condition.
lion. J. J. Whitney, of Albany, was a
Salem isitor yesterday. "J argued a
Vase in tin Supreme Court.
George Drake, colored, convicted of
olultery. was today sentenced to the"
t.itiri2iv '. .Drake 'xili
Great 'Activity in the Market in
Linn County-Several Lots Sold.
ALBANY, Oct. L'l. Joseph Hume, a
prominent hop buyer and raiser of
Brownsville, who buys for Faber & pJels,
of this city, is in town arranging for the
handling of the 15u,u00 pounds of hops
which the company purchased. They
bought all of the Brownsville hops tiffs
year, having had about 100.000 pounds
under contract at prices ranging from
10 to ir,'.-i rents. Some of the lot which,
the company bought cost 23 cents.
J. J. Graham, another prominent hop
raiser of this vicinity, today refused an
offer of 24 cents a pound. He has a crop
of 20.000 pounds and stands firm In the
belief that prices wl!lydt;advance-to 3U.
cents. Mr. Grahsfm Is well known
throughout the stab? as a good calculator
on the hop market.
Still another representative of the hop
Industry here is Ju Loey, a Chinaman
hop raiser, who has done business In
Brownsville and Albany for seVeal, years.
He has a lease on the Gentry yards near
force of Chinamen. He has Just re
ceived a check for W.M0 for this year's
crop. '
Football Notes.
Multnomah haa challenged Albany for
a match game to be played at Portland
Saturday, either' Oct. 15 ar Nov. L
W Latr Thompson fortner- captaia a
the-"Mc? and- now on t
the , fore on Jthe Albany Herald, will
act as an official In the gams between
Whitman College and the U. of O., at
EugenVnext Wednesday.
,.Th game between "Whltmaa College
and Albany which was to have bees
played Oct. 2 la declared off, and aa a
consequence "Whitman will play Multno
mah on that date, according to the orig
inal' achsdule, -and Albany College and
Willamette University will meet at Salem
Oct. 26.
. Personal Notes.
Ed Parker, who Is in the stock busi
ness out In Crook County, is la "Albany
visiting his mother, Mrs. E. A Parker.
. Dr. X, W. Cuslck, a banker of this city,
has Just returned from Prlnevllle where
he has timber lsnd interests.
A Petition to Issue License Arouses
OSWEGO, Oct 21 That prosperity has
its drawbacks the law-abiding cltixens of
the 4lace have been made to realize, for
the most intense feeling lias been created
by a petition for saloon license being
circulated the past week. A few years
ago Oswego was a wide-open town( with
all it Implies In an unincorporated vil
lage wheris money Is plenty. With some
thing like a return of old times In the
latter respect, there is a general feeling
of repugnance at the opening of a saloon,
and the petitioner in not meeting with
much success. A counter petition la be
ing signsd to tile with the County Com
missioners. Improvement Association.
To be In the march of progress, an or
ganization was formed last Friday even
ing to be known as "The Oswego Im
provement Association." lu primary
object will be to Improve and build new
sidewalks and when this Is accomplished
to do other village Improvement as the
requirements demand. The officers of
the organization are as follows: Presi
dent, Mrs. Sarah A. Evans; vice-president,
Miss Bichner; secretary. Mrs. G. Proeser;
treasurer, D. Fox.
Survey Completed.
The preliminary survey for the electric
road for which a franchise was granted
some months ' ago has been completed.
The grade follows he county road to
Oswego, then runs midway between the
school and Postofflce to the Southern
Pacific track.
Oswego Notes.
Propertythe past week has exchanged
hands at a rate unprecedented In the
history of the Dlace". The Oregon Iron: &.
Hteel Company has made several import
ant sales.
Mrs. J. L. Wtckershal of Portland was
a visitor of Mrs. Pettinger the past week.
Mrs. Hamilton, who has been visiting
her sisters. Mrs. Wailing and Mrs. Jar
Ish, since her sad affliction by the forest
fires, has returned home.
Mrs. Dr. Nlcklin of Portland and her
daughter. Miss I'.lanche Rarton, visited a
number of their Oswego friends Sunday.
A social given by the Degree of Honor
last week netted tl5"to the library fund.
A very creditable library is being ac
cumulated by this organization.
Nice Property for Residence fur
poses at Reasonable Prices.
RQSRBURG. Oct. 21. Louis Barzle. C.
A. Schellnde. A. I). Clink, A. H. Gray and
A. Clayton of Koseburg have bought all
the available property In the Riverside ad
dition to this city. This property Is well
lucated and is one of the finest to be had
anywhere for n sldence purposes, being
near the site of the Great Central Rail
road depot. The owners will put the asme
on the market at once, at reasonable
' " Koseburg Notes." '
Mrs. M. A. Wagner of Glendale, aged
"1 years, was examined before the County
-LBoard today and adjudged Insane and
committed to the asylum.
Hon. S. R Herman, Representative -elect
from ( ' ,s County, with his wife,
is spending a w days in this city: the
guest of his mother-in-law. Dr. K. L. Mil
ler. The funeral of Taylor Beckley, the
brakeman who was run over and killed
by a locomotive yesterday, will be held at
Oakland tomo'row. The deceased was a
member of C Hose Company, ose
burg Division, L'- B. R. E., and Company
E O. N. C.
LONDON, Oct. a. Trafalgar Day was
celebrated today In the usual fashion
throughout England,-TJelsprTs flagship,'
the Victory, w is hung with wreaths and
flags at Portsmouth, and Nelson's col
umn. In Trafalgar square, London, was
likewise adorned with wreaths. The us
ual municipal processions in observance
of he day were held In Liverpool, Man
chester and other provincial .cities.
Regulator Linei
.Regulator line steamer from Oak street
dock at I a. m. Best and fastest line of
steamers for The Dalles, Lyle, Hoed
River, White Salmon,' St. Martins Hot
Springs, Cascade Locks, Moffet's Hot
Springs, and all middle Columbia River
and Klickitat Valley points,' Take this line
and get to your destination from on to
tour hours ahead, ot other Uaes,
John Anderson, Eugene, Disposes
of His Hops at 25 1-4 Cents.
(Journal Special Service.)
EUGENE, Oct tL John Anderson, who
owns a hop yard between Eugene and
Springfield, today sold his entire crop of
146 bales to F. E. Dunn, a local dealer,
at 26)4 cents per pound, which Is the
highest price paid in Oregon this year.
Manila Itch at Eugene.
School District met today to discuss the
advisability of discontinuing the sessions
ot, the schools for the present on ac
count of the prevalence of a contagion
called Manila Itch, and thought by many
to be a light form of smallpox. The
board will not give out anything for pub
lication and it will not be known for sev
eral days what decision, If any, was
reached in the matter.
Booth-Kelly Operations.
Th Booth-Kelly Lumber Company has
cominenoed moving Its Saginaw mill No.
I to Its new location off Gettings Creek,
about three miles south of wnere It Is
now situated. The company Is now ad
vertising for team to haul the machin
ery to the new location. The flume with
which to float the output of the mill to
Saginaw where Is located the planing
mill. Is also being built. It will be about
three miles In length and will Join the
main flume from mill No. 1, a short dis
tance east of Saginaw.
The Eastern movement of sheep on the
Oregon ranges this fall Is heavier than
ever before. Already 200,000 have been ex
ported. The enrollment of pupils In the city
schools of Astoria for September was
1226, an Increase of 44 over the correspond
ing month of 1901.
Governor Geer has appointed B. A.
Bailey, of Gold Beach, County Judge of
Curry County, to fill the vacancy creat
ed by the death of Judge M. Riley.
E. L. Palmer has been granted a fran
chise for an electric railroad In Baker
City. Construction will begin next spring,
and Eagle Creek will furnish the power.
Silas Rucker, an old man OT years of
age, dropped dead" In apasture on Lower
Powder River, In Baker County, last
Thursday, the victim of organio heart
Pianos to the value of $W00 were con
sumed by flames at Umatilla a few days
ago. They were burned In a box car
set on fire by tramps, any Jrace of whom
has not yet been discovered.
The printers of Oregon City have organ
ized a Typographical Unpjr with eight
charter members. This Is the first time
an attempt has been made to unionize
the printing offices of Oregon City .
The registration of students In - the
University of Oregon, exclusive of the
musical, medical and law departments,
number 225 up to noon Monday. The
registration of the year will probably bo
over 300.
The Columbia River Development Co.
has been organized at Condon, with a
capital stock of JuOO.000. The company
Intends to bore for oil along the Columbia
River and have purchased the necessary
The Pomeroy dredger, which represents
an Investment of $125,000, Is working stead
ily on the gold bars of the John Day
River, about one mile from John Day
town. The great dredger Is taking out a
goodly amount of gold.
A deed was filed with the County Re
corder of Grant County last week in
which the Cougar, Wildcat. Tomboy and
Modoc claims are transferred to the Cou
gar Oold Mining Company. The ,con
ssler?J:..90..nisme .lu.,Ae.-!tei h JuaWV
A new town, to be called Boring, has
sprung up In the very center of a belt of
heavy timber on the line of the new rail
way running through Gresham. Two
months ago the spot was a dense wilder
ness. The town now boasts of fifteen
houses, and the mill has orders for lum
ber for three more.
The total city registration of Vancouver
Wash.. Is "75, which Is a gain of about
100 over two years ago.
The Uarker Hotel at Chesaw, Wash.,
was burned Monday. The loss Is S000;
Insurance, 4400. it was the finest hotel
In Chelan county.
Sam Peterson,, an Indiao, committed
suicide Monday In Silvana by shooting
himself through the body. He was recov
ering from a spree.
Fred Williams, of Forest fcrove, Ore.,
was killed near Tenlno, Wash., Monday,
by being struck by a locomotive. Tlie
dead man was employed at Perry's mill,
near Bucoda.
Clarence Bowker, a popular young man
of Wilson Creek, Wash., fell dead Just
at the close of a dance In the FalrHeld
schoolhouse Friday night. Heart failure
is given as the cause.
John Lathrum, Republican nominee .for
Senator in the Ninth District ot Wash
ington, died at Colfax Sunday. His deatn
was a shock to Whitman county, as few
had heard of his illness.
Frank Brown, a logger formerly ot
Cadillac, Mich., was found dead In Arling
ton, Wash., Monday morning, - from the
effecfg 61 nfCOToHfifH. " "The boiiy was
found lying In a pig pen.
Cal Hifferman. who formerly was Iden
tified with the Penobscot Hotel at Sno
homish, was killed while felling a tree
Saturday. ' The tree kicked back and
struck Hifferman, crushing him.
Mora persons have been caught at Bpo
kane and convicted of counterfeiting dur
ing the past five years than have. been
GENTLEMEN'S UMBRELLAS-steel rods, Paragon
frames, plain natural wood and bone handles, $1 and up
Favorite American Whfekey .
DLUMAUER & HOCH, Sole Distributers
Wholesale Uauor and Cixar Dealers. 1 05-1 1 0 Fourth St.
Banfield-Veysey Fuel Co.
Cet your orders in early and
t Office: No. 80 THIRD STREET
t Ore. Phone. Main 353; Columbia 373. PORTLAND, OREGON
Drink the Old
Gambrinus Lager Beer
Send orders for Bottled Beer to
Telephone No. Main 49-
brought to Justice at all other points In
Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.
It Th left to thP voters "of the county as
to whether Walla Walla Is to have an
annual County Fair. The- people Trill
be given an opportunity to vote for a
half-mill tax tor the purchasing and
maintaining of land for Fair grounds.
At Everett, Wash.. Monday, Rene Arns
bach killed herself and her husband with
three shots from a revolver. The dead
woman was a writer for foreign maga
zines. She left a letter In which she
sighed for her home in ParMf The couple
had been married only eight mouths,
Three deliberate atferriplfi wefe Titaow W
burn the town of Aberdeen, Wash., Mon
day night. -One fire waa put out and
the others did not get a start. - Six
months ago similar attempts were, made
to burn the town, the incendiary being
caught. He Is now serving a term at
Walla Walla.
The per capita debt of Spokane, In
cluding special aasttsamenta against the
Clothier la
tb ' -Northwest.
Cor. fourth
and Morrl- .
son St. .
Is the PERFECT Raincoat
.Tailored like .e-&"ia!JafifcV4jr-it
coats and from similar patterns
they give mackintosh service
with top-coat comfort, they are
porous to air, non-odorous and
$15 to $30
$14 and $15
, X
Provides it at an extremely low price;
eliminates the necessity of matches;
insures an absence of smoke and
odors; guarantees a pure atmosphere.
The safest method of lighting no
flame to ignite draperies or other in
flamabW materials.
Delivered to your home by us at
Portland General
Electric Company
i nam i iiii
give your wood a chanceHo dry.'
and Renowned
-Both Phones
property of Individuals, Is I71.C3, wlttt an
average of $315.). in property belonging
-to- each Individual. - Portland shows
debt, with $461.23 assets, Seattle debt
with $-177.57 assetsi Tacoma $110.60 ."Witflj
39.43 assets.
XEW YORK. Oct a. The Ladles :;
Kennel Association of America has.''
great day for the oponlng of Its seoon4 . .
annual txmcli show In Madison Squsfs '
Garden. A regular holiday crowd ,WM-:,
present and society was much., la evl . .
breaker, tnero Demg more man itw put e ,
bred canines benched. The breeds' os - ,
strongly represented era: Field And ...V
cocker spaniels. Boston torrlers. to ter . :
riers, . Great Danes. St Bernards. OoUJe, -beagles,
French bulldogs, poodles and
toy spaniels. - ';;-.- ? ; ' -
Tlta Journal. Tr and Fatt ssw
paper. It haa o to griaA, rt l
a w
7 :