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    4:00 O'clock
VOL. I. NO. 127.
. f i . I 1 1 1 1 111 ' 1 ' ' i . i i. I I . 11 r I 'i i ' 1 ? ' 1 ' ' lnn Bin ,
V J l " ' '
Laves a Note That He Will E2 the Officer Un
less He Ceases His Search.
' , CScrtpps-McRaa News Association.)
SPOKANE; Aug. i.Tfer la tiH In
part unknown. So far today no word
baa been received as to his exact where
about. However, the numerous posses
are working rood due. ' '
Thin morning C. V. Draxon, a proml
naut farmer near Odessa, found a note
near a well where he waters hfs horse,
reading: .
"To whom It may concern: Tell Mr.
j Cudihee to take a tumble and let me
alone or I will fix him plenty. I will be
Two More Participants in the Shenandoah Riots
Arrested Outbreak Feared
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
SHENANDOAH. Penn., Aug. 6. Back
' ed by a hundred soldiers, two men ac
cused of being Implicated in last Wei
nesda's riot, were arrested by Deputy
Sheriffs at noon. The soldiers surround
ed the houses in which the men were
concealed and held back with bayonets
the struggling, cursing mob, while tths
deputies carried out their men. Both
prisoners were found to be shot in their
feet. Three ' more were found at the
Miners' Hospital, Willow Springs, shot In
the legs and feet. Huge crowds sur
Yacht Races for King's
Cup Kaiser's Meteor
(SCripps-McRae News Association.)
COWE3, Aug. B. Great crowds congre
gated here today to view the yacht race
for the King's cup, the most Important
event of the regatta. There Is brilliant
sunshine but the wind Is light There
are 12 entries including the Kaiser's
American-built Meteor. The course is
H miles. The yachts started at 9:55 a.
m. Meteor had third place. King Ed
ward watched the races from the royal
yacht. ;
D. C. O'Reilly, H. N. Burpee, Russell
& Blythv, Paul Wesslnger, James Surman,
' M. IX, O. EX Wharton, Bmll Howman,
Phllo Holbrook, W. L. Boise, L. J. Gold
smith, A. W. Moore, H. Welnhard,
Thomas Hlslop, C. EX Fields. J. P. Brady,
A. W. Lambert, B, M. Sargent and S.
Morrow have signed a petition addressed
to the Council, which meets tomorrow,
the object of which is to secure the re
moval of the Standard Oil Company's
oil tanks from their present location on
the East Side to a place more remote that
the danger to manufacturing Interests
occasioned by their proximity to inflam
mable material may be eliminated Coun
cilman Sharkey,, of the Ninth ward, will
have an ordinance before the Council,
having: the same end In view '
(ScrlppsMcRa News Association.)
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 6.-The),;.Su-preme
Court today rendered a ; decision
declaring valid all marriages 1 of parties
divorced in California and married to Ne
vada or elsewhere Before the expiration
of the statutory year, and hold the pro
hibitory statute invalid. ' l: '
on my way to Wyoming. Thanks for a
cool drink. HARRY TRACY.".
If the note was left "by Tracy it goes
to show that the clue worked on by the
posses yesterday In 'the1 Lake Creek
country was correct.
Trainmen bring In the report that two
horses answering the description of
Tracy's were seen tied near the foot of
Colville Lake not far from the town of
Sprague. A posse has gone to lnvestl-
j gate, Tracy Is evidently heading nearly
due east.
rounded the Justice's office, cursing and
hooting at the soldiers on guard: A sec
ond company of soldiers has been called
up In reserve. An outbreak Is feared.
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
SHENANDOAH, Penn., Aug. 5.-The
entire campe of the eighth Regiment
was aroused late last night by shots
fired at prowlers by the sentries. Five
minutes later the regiment stood ready
for orders to move, but no renewal of the
attacks occurred.
Big Railroad Men Assure Farmers
of Lower Freights
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
COLFAX, Wash., Aug. 5, A meet
ing was held today by the railroad pres
idents, Hill, Mellen and Mohler with the
farmers. Speeches were made on the
same lines Of those of yesterday. A re
duction Of fright rates for wheat is prac
tically assured.
Troops F and O, of the First Cavalry,
from Yellowstone National Park, under
teh command, of Major Woodward, of
Fort Keogh, arrived in Portland at noon
today en route to San Francisco, where
they will v Join ' two troops from Fort
Washakee, . Wyoming, which are quar
tened there. Major Woodward states that
this Is his first visit to Portland, and
when, seen today, remarked that he was
much impressed with his first views. He
is stopping at the Portland hotel, and
owing to a delay in the trains will prob
ably spend the greater part of the day
In town. Another train from Oakland,
Cal., consisting of Six tourist and one
standard cars, with a detachment of
troops, will arrive in Portland tonight.
These troops will be stationed at Van
couver for awhile.
At a meeting of the Police Commission
ers last evening the resignation of Frank
Bulger was accepted, H. C. Lee. J. B.
Welland and 3. 8. Downey made appli
cation for poslltons on the police force.
C. B. Simmons wasxappoinled special offi
cer at the City Hall. After the meeting
Mayor Williams, Chief McLaughlah and
Commissioners Ladd and Bates visited a
Chinese gambling house on Second and
Oak streets. The significance of the trip
was not made, public. ' , '
Portland property owners who live in
houses with a growth of moss on the
roofs will be called upon by Deputy Fire
Inspectors Roberts to remove the combus
tible growth without delay. This action
Is considered necessary In view of the
dry weather "and th increase, of roqf
Area of late, '
Active Construction Wort Now in
Progress at Empire City.
The Empire 1 Construction "'Company,
which has charge of the construction
work for. the Great Central and the Belt
Line Railway,,' shipped outVtoday on the
Alliance for Empire, adoceh teams for
work oh the new enterprises. ' r
L. D. Kinney, the chief engineer of the
Great Central, said today , that 60 teams
are being collected at Roseburg and vi
cinity.' These will be used in the con
struction work of the Belt Line.
D. W. Small of Walla Walla has been
given the contract for grading the first
mile of the new line. He leaves on the
Alliance tonight for the scene of opera
tions. Mr. R. Wall will be , the assistant of
President Green of the Belt Line, and
goes out on the Alliance also tonight.
George Lyon Moody of Empire City,
will begin taking the recognisance for
the new line today, from Gardiner to Eu
gene. He will gee his horses from Drain.
Labor Leaders Address
Railway Employes
Leave Tomorrow
When the sppaKmg rmd ben concltulod
at .Cordray's Theater last ulcht MiJBr.
Gompers and Mahon atteiidtd Iho regular
meeting of the Amalgmated" Street Kall
wuy Employes at L'tiloit hall. Both gen
tlemen made IntoreEtlng uddresoes, and
the session necessurlly held until a late
Mr. Mahon Is president of the Interna
tional union, and he again reiterated to
his audience the advantages to be gained
by thorough organization. It Is simply a
business organization, he told them, ami
that they should conduct their affalrs-ac-cordlngly
upon business principles. Be
fore the meeting adjourned three new
members were Initiated and several ap
plications for membership were reclv
er. "The Street Railway Employes' Union,"
said Mr. Mason, "no has a membership
In the United States between 40,000 and
50,000. Within the past eight weeks the
organization has been Increasing in
strength at the rate of 1300 a week."
Today the distinguished visitors are be
ing entertained by the various officials
of the local labor unions. This afternoon
some of them will again take a trip on the
observation car. They are unstinted in
their praise of Portland, and the hospi
tality extended them by its citizens.
Tomorrow morning they will leave for
Tacoraa, where they will address a meet
ing in the evening. The following day
they will go to Seattle and from .there
Mr. Mahon will leave for Vancouver, B.
C, where he will adress a meeting of
the railway employes. , ,
John S. Reiling, age 28, of Oregon City, a
member of Company D, Second Oregon
Volunteers, whose left teg was ampu
tated at Bt. Vlnoents Hospital yesterday,
was resting comfortably this morning.
Last January a steel sliver forced Its
way into the leg, through accident, and
although he had the best of medical at
tention, complications set in, and it was
found necessary to take the leg off. Dr.
Summers, of Oregon City, assisted at the
Reliance and Dispatch Will Take
Out Foil Cargoes
The Reliance, of the Gray Steamship
Company's line, arrived this morning
from San Francisco, and is at the Alaska
dock discharging her cargo consisting of
doors, shingles, white cedar lumber and
a consignment of wool for a local Arm.
On her return trip Saturday she will
take out a grading outfit for the Great
Central railroad to be built from Salt
Lake to Coos Bay. The outfit will be left
at the latter point, as construction work
will be started at that end.
The Dlrpatch, of the same line, will
also be ready to sail Saturday. Ft P.
Bauingartner, local agent, will leave 'on
her for San Francisco to attend the an
nual convention of the Knights of Pyth
ias to be held in the Bay City from Au
guset 11-22 inclusive. He expects to be
absent from Portland about 10 days. .
Isam White, the well Itnown capitalist
who has been confined to his bed for
several days with, a troublesome ailment,
is reported to be on the improve, and
bis many friends hope for his complete
wheXt market;
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association )
- CHICAGO. Aug. 5. -Wheat-Sept., SDH
SAN FRANCISCO, Ail - k-Wbeai-
U.12K9LU. -
OUT -of rr
i si.
KKsS' j Dovning With
draws ;From Contest
Carnival Arrangements are Progres
sing Rapifly-Building
. . .Contracts Let.
A number Of Important contract were
awarded last night at the meeting of the
executive Committee of the Elks' Carni
val. The bids received for the conntruc
tion of the main arch to the carnival
grounds and the Temple of Light and
Music were considered. The contract for
building and removing the main arch
was let to E. s Miller, whlld the contract
for the construction of th Temple of
Light and Music yas let to George V.
Smith. ' '.':&'."
The matter of JbuUdlng a beautiful Arch
of Welcome over. .Sixth street was dis
cussed but no definite arrangements wer j
made. - -
It was ascertained by the comimttee
appointed to confer with the Multnomah
Club that that organisation would bd
glad to co-opertkte, and render what as
sistance It couJ4 to the management of
the Carnival. A special day will be st
aside for the clVtb during the last day of
the Carnival, and it was proposed that,
some athletic performances by membe; s
of the club would be appropriate.
Cash prizes will be awarded to those ;
merchants wh4docorate tbelr windows j
most artistically during fair time. "I
' The Important question of music wa i ;
brought up foV .consideration and cvit.v i
assurance Is given that the best xntiAi j
to be procured JU be engaged. Brown',
Det'aprlo's and the Third Regiment
band were voted,.-on, and Brown's cho
sen as the concert band.
Architect Lewis stated that plans fo'
the Manufacturers' building would be
finished by Wednesday, when bids were
to be called for. , 1
The membership of the Portland Lodge
of Elks is about 700 at th.- present time
and at least 100 or perhaps 160 new mem
bers will be Initiated Jn time to go on the
excursion to Seattle, August 26. The In
itiation fee to members of this class will
be only $25 eaok, and after they have
joined the lodge it Is proposed to limit
the membership of 100? and exact an Ini
tiation fee of $5fe ' ; V
MIssk Sadie' L. " "fdgeway, who has been
a doubtful candidate) when seen by a
Journal reporter today, announced It is
her Intention to enter the contest for
Carnival Queen. Miss Rigeway Is an
accomplished young woman. She re
sides with her parents on Montana ave
nue, and has a large number of Portland
friends who will render her their belt
support in the race for Queen. Miss Oc-
tavia Downing has learned that she Willi
be unable to be In Portland during the
entire time of the Carnival and her many
friends Will no doubt be sorry to
that she has withdrawn from the race.
Bids will be received until noon nexr
Monday for ocnductlng the Oerman vil
lage, which was such a popular feature
of the last Carnival.
(Scrlppe-McRse News Association.)
MADRID, Aug. 6. Premier Sagasta, In
an interview, announces that he is about
to retire from public life.
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
LONDON, Aug. 5. May, Tohe has not
registered at any of the principal hotels
here, although she Is reported to have
left Parle for London.
(8cripps-McRae News Association.)
PEEBLES, O., Aug. 6. The Norfolk &
Western freight train Jumped the track
on a trestle near here today. Twenty
cars were plied In a ravine. Brakeman
Foley was killed and Brakeman Norman,
Conductor McArthur and Engineer Davis
probaly fatally Injured. Two tramps are
P. H. Daremlt, of the Witch Haiel
house on Front and Madison streets, re
ports that he was held up by the regu
lation tall and short man, on Market
street last night and relieved of a silver
watch and 13.65 in cash. One of . the rob
bers struck him with a gun, which he
grabbed, but the second robber got it
away from him. " Tr :
During the fire In Raster's restaurant
considerable time was wasted in the ef
fort to locate the key to the alarm box.
Before the department could be notified
the fire was well under way.-which would
Dot have been the case had the key been
Where It could readily have' been found.
He Said He Left $35 With James
Parson, a Bartender, Whom
He Had Arrested.
James Pearson, a bartender in a saloon
on Third and Everett street, was arrested
on a warrant sworn to by a logger nam
ed Hugh McCulley, who claims be was
robbed of 135.
Pearson was arraigned beore Justice
of Peace Reld and pleaded not guilty.
He deposited $50 cash ball for his ap
pearance St 9:30 tomorrow.
McCulley claims he left the money with
Pearson while drinking, and later when
he called or It the bartender claimed
he did not have any money belonging
to him.
One Sinks and Loses
Tfpe of Its Crew
Others Saved.
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
CLEVELAND. Aug. 5.-Th freight
steamer Seguln collided with and sank
the freight steamer City of Venice last
night 110 nitles northeast of here. Thro
of the Venice's crew vwer drowned.
They were: Peter Slmonson, Thomas
Ftaiifilgan ..and George Weir. '"Thirteen
othern of thi? Crew wore rescued after
great difficulty by the Sequin's men.
Varied Industries Build
ing at St Louis
Blown Down,
(Scrlpps-McRut News Association.)
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 5.-The north
half of the east side of the World's
Fair Varied Industries building
was wrecked by a windstorm this
morning. Two towers 200 feet high
went down. Loss was 120,000.
The Crane Divorce Case
Step-Daughter Is
(8crtpps-McRae New Association.)
NEW YORK, Aug. 6. Mrs. Bruce
Crane Is sulug her husband, a wellknown
artist, for divorce, naming her own
daughter, Annie Bralnerd, by a former
marriage, as co-respondent.
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 6 -Mlnlster Bow
en, - of Caracas, cables this morning:
"President Castro left Caracas this
morning to fight the revolutionists who
are in a position near Orltuco, 75 miles
from Caracas."
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
AUGUST A, Ga., Aug. 6. A wreck is
reported on the. Southern railway, 12
miles from here. Nine people are in
jured. '
At 11 o'clock last night the refrigerating
plant of the Holmes Coal 4 Ice Company
on": .North"' Front street, was Ignited- by
sparks' from the smokestack falling in
the dry sawdust. ' The blase, was extin
guished In "about 20 minutes. ' Loss, t SCO.
Nearly 126,000 worth of supplies ar stor
ed in the Ice house- ' '
They Contend That He Had No Jurisdiction or
, Right to Issue His Famous - -:r
Injunction , , :
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
CLARKSBURG. W. Va., Aug. 5.-The
cases of eight of the United Mine Work
ers who are asking for their freedom
was opened before Circuit Judge Goff
this morning on an application for a
writ of habeas corpus based on an alle
gation that Judge Jackson had no au
thority to Issue the famous Injunction
No testimony was taken by Goff.
The court room was crowded by miners
when the prisoners, Wm. Morgan, Ohio,
member National Executive Board of
j Miners; William Blakely. Indiana; Pe
ter Wilson, Illinois; Thomas Hagerty,
George Uarou and Andre Rescavge,
came In from the Parkersburg Jail.
The Mayor and Council Took a
Drive Around Town
I Mayor Wlllinms and Councllrnen Mer
rill and Rherett took a drive to the north
ern precincts of the city today. They
Ing.pecWcKNorth Front street and the
crem;ifory, finding the latter In fairly
good, condition and of sufficient capacity
to consume the garbage of the city. North
Front street, according to members of
the council, will need city attention so
soon as It can be reached, and it will
have consideration, very probably, at
tomorrowe council meeting.
While Inspections are being made, the
citizens of that section would be de
lighted to have the council Inspect Powell
street, from Mtlwaukle street to East
Nioteenth street. It is In a most
wretched condition.
(ricripps-McRae News Association.)
DBS MOINES,' la., Aug. B.-Dr. Wlf
llain M. Beardshear, president of the
Iewa State College-at Ames, and former
president of the National Educational
Association, died this morning of nervous
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
VIENNA. Aug. 5. As a result of a ra
cial feud, ir'ptttrh'ed .battle occurred be
tween Czechs and Poles at Kappel today.
Seven people were killed and 24 injured.
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
LONDON, Aug. 5. Rumor Is current
here that the King of Slam was assaa
Blnated at 11 this morning. The report
has not been confirmed. - -
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.)
OYSTER BAT, Aug 6. No guests were
expected today. The President left at
4:30 for Gardlners Bay to .witness gun
practice by the Mayflower crew.
Richard Sarvlce was arrested by Detec
tives Snow and Kerrigan as he stepped
from the Northern Pacific train last
night. The officers had Instructions from
the Seattle police to capture him. It Is
alleged that Sarvlce robbed a room mate
of about $500 In .checks and money.
Woodard, Clarke .- Co.
No thins mora .
Ccortiv for
Your Dining Room
or Hot Hons , ,
Clobt thane, $1.33, down
r;to.... :. 53e:
Oblong, With base.f 13.50,
jo 4owb to ..-......., SA.3S
Oblong, with stand-.....S3t.OO
It Is charged by the mines that th. ,
Clarkeburg Fuel Company, which owM
the mines where the trouble arose","! sj '
West Virginia 'Corporation, and that the .
Injunction proceedings should have beefl
brought In the state court. "'! ;'
Judge Goff announced deprecatlngljj
the fact that while be was not a holdeg
of bonds or stocks in any coal company,''
he is an owner of coal lands, anoTtherex
fore Interested In the production of coat,.
If the counsel preferred , he would
adjourn the hearing and secure another,
judsre. Counsel for the miners expressed
confidence in the court, and proceeded!
with bis argument. . "
At the close of the arguments Goff took
tbe case under advisement,
Panama Scene of Fierce
Fight Against the '
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.) -WASHINGTON,
Aug. 6. A cablegram,
to the State Department from Panama
dated yesterday, states thai there are
revolutionary war vessels in the bay;
that a fierce- battle Is being fought at
Agua Dulfce, the results of which ar
unknown. The Government, , however
claims the victory. The American gun-,
boat Ranger is In the vicinity "to protect
American interests.
Salmon Shipment Breaks Record
to New York From Astoria, in
11 Days 15 1-2 Hoars.
From the O. R. & N. Co. cornea the re
port of a record-breaking run of a big)
salmon shipment recently made.' At
p. m., July 22, two cars of this delecta-"
bie edible left Astoria on the Astorisf
& Columbia for New York, where tbfj
cars arrived at 9:30 a, m,. on August
At Portland the O. R. A N. Company
took the cars and whirled them through!
to the Oregon Short Line. From this Unei
they were rushed to the Union Paclfla
and from thence they were sent over thai
Chicago & Northwestern and ' the "Erie)
to New Tork. The shipment, which is lot
refrigeration. left New Tork at ? thl
morning on the Graf Waldersea, of ths
Hamburg-American Line, or Hamburg.
From Astoria to New Tork In U days,
175 hours and 30 minutes Is really. re--markble
time, and reflects great crediS
upon (the transportation companies.; .Thai
average time through to New York 14
about IS days. .v .:V . i
(Scrlpps-McRae New Association.)
BELFAST. Auk. 5.-Elghteen ware.
houses and two entire streets In the towa
of Larne were destroyed by fire today.
(Scrlpps-McRae News Association.) "
MOSCOW. Aug. 6.-A cyclone destroyed
42 houses at Porapri province, Kursk,
killing 22 people. , - 4
YeUowstone. ....... ..........$ 1.10
Cream R.yet, ' r '-
' Bailemand's $1.10
McBrayer's .' ; fV- "
Cedar Brook ..............$1.15
Hairs Special Scotch .....$ 1.15
Morgan's Rye, -per
gallon v 3 . 2 5
Best California Tort
Wine, ga!!cn.. I