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.Portland, Or.,
March 22, 1902,
westerly winds
1L Tn3 PCOPLE. - V ' I 11 l
I ' "HBSai ) I r,. .........
n ' ; voii. . i J ; .no.-m: r. - 1 1 . - , , . Portland, oiieg6nv
V ;V--n . i , t. . i.i.wiwn I - ! ' I TT . A ... ... I
. " n n 1 1 ' i r r n J 1 1 1 o ' ' vl t i i r ;" k I it n i T v
1 -
President Warned notib ifcmfyt '
t i'" 'l ' ! -rit- v lt , j I i (Joutnal Spel
4Berlppfl-UHaa NWa Auoctktton.)
1 VWA8HINOTON,, JlUrch ,22,-Wnlii
ku bn ary4,q UrIden.KoMYlt
by a number of RpuUcmn Benitom that
It h atUmpU t disdplln 0nral Mile
bacaUM ( hla teatlmvnr before tb BB
ata MUiUry CotamlttJe lo antaroniam to
thnRoot bill far- thl raorcantsaUoa at
tAa amy," troubla irll anaua, ?Aa'a ra-'
ault,' tba lmprcaatow plavalU that, tba ln
aidant will ba allowadito paaa unaottcad.
It la. pointed out tfclt H wlll ba mora
aiy ta do thla becaaaJ tba offlciai raport
of tha haartnc bafora tha comnrtttea will
not contain tha allaid s objectlonabla ;
Tha fenaAtlan of a. hrge smelter com
pany, which has been Jnder way by Port
land capltaiUta and buulde Individuals
, tar nearly a year cBlmUate4 today In
tba filing ot arUcles'. of incorporation of
tba tPorttaatd Smattlnf Itoflnlng, Cor
X) ration, Umitad." "'t ' ' '
:.t.Tba eapltsj atoeft'ta am.m. .TT"
TBaiwefaai .aasai O, M,;ytoaatdait
Tvank F. Sadaaat aW'ICastle SavndfoYd.
ahd Ernest Brtob. m number-of other
Portland- people are a&ttl to be interested
In the enterprise..
' The smelter, It la aa:
at Portland, and It la
lH.'wlIl be located
bald by one who
baa seen the plans, to
400 tons day.'
Kaye a capacity of
The promoters are munching
the cor-
poratlon as a strictly! buslnesa proposi
tion. There ha long blen need of a smel
ter at Portland,' te hakdle the ore from
the many mines trlbitary to thla sec-
tion. : .
- A larg number or mejn will be employed
. in me reaucmg won ana a great quan-
(tlty of materials WU1 bb ased.
(Bcrippa-McRaa New Association.)
MANILA, -March 82. f Sixteen aaa of
Asiatic cholera la reported among the na
tives, and fifteen deathJ. CommunloaMon
with the proWncea' bis been ordered
atopped. WeHs and cfcterna have been
. ordered closed. The Twelfth Infantry will I
go aboard the transport urant now In the I
-harbor, a a a, pracautlorkry measure. An 1
epidemic la feared, '
! Tljere waa a hot flghtlof some kind at
. the office of Martin t M errttt, 420 Com
- m atrial block, eernet" bf 8cond and
aahlngton atreeta, thtf forenoon. For
five mlnutea or more chairs and tables
were tumbled about, until the tenants on
"the floor below feared me calling would
fall.' There la a treat leal of reticence
about the building- aa What the exact
'trouble waa or who wehe the partlcf.
pants. T t u ,4
- Tha British ship DoVeiby Hall af rived
this 'morning at 6 o'clock and anchored
In the rivet.. Sight of h r crew deserted
a Astoria, and .the rem Uhder have an
nounced similar Jntentloi s when a favor
able opportunity . preaent i Itself,
. . To Mr Frank Wdjod, corner East
84th and TamhUl streets, March 21, a boy.
To Mra, John Erickaon ta Quitda ave
nue, March Wj a boy".
To Mrs. Luls HanaQn.7K Front street J
March t; a bey. J"c,;'.
Our atook.' which baa Juat arriveb.'
There la bo room for-which wa caiftiot'
m a haota atOaeerrathof thevalsv.
wfcea arcmnvaiiit-4 by lawful noarr oil
nv tt,r arm t i k. hi u. o.
Nqte. Coupon pot good for e-ad andl
lafigua-e t of Mllei, who
also aaya tha
remarks .were
pubUahed report! of nil
Cronly ox&ggerated'. .ThJa, thougb it (
declared tba Praaldept la
pncllnod to ra
aent what be calla th disloyalty of Oan-.
aral Milea, thara i nothl
jft of an offlolal
charactar .whlcb ha co(ud
baaa any.cen
awe an.T
' ft- -Hi ,
, Senator Bavlay. chairman of - tha Sen
ate Military Committee, opboaea tha JRoot
MIL and aaya ba hopee ail
d believes tha
commttt will make an
adverse report.
Ha aaya all military jnen
owe a debt-of
cratltuda to Villee for tha
position- ha- mada- on Uha
bahaustlva. -
buhjaet bafora,
tha committee. .
'(Scrippa-McRae News A
; SIOUX pITT, March
It la offlciaiiy
reported this morning that
the Ice gorge
on. .Thursday
at Little .Brnd went out
night. The result was a tin-foot rise at
Chamberlain, South ', Bskoja, yesterday,
but another gorge has beeni formed above
the city, and the: river la again falling,
The lowlands wete swept by the. flood,
causing heavy damage.?.
Did f mil:
(Journal SnecUU'f erfice.)
, MJB8QVLA. iJkTopUfrrh. 22,-Ttie
proaperteror K .brilllfmtjnwaremlaed
the MlsaoiM peoptV j;tef"nae-lode
of Elks continue Ho row brighter. -".
Instea dot a achodl of fifty fawns to be
linduetd-lfflo-harTOyM8' bf the antlered
herd, apliiatlona .frofh over, 100 candi
dates were considered at a special meet
log of the lodge tonight, i i
(Scrlpps-McRae News" Association.)
WASHINGTON, March22.-Oovernor.
General Wood of Cuba arrived In Wash
ington this morning,' and wka immediately
driven to the White Houe
During the. day he had la long confer
ence with- the' President Ion the Cuban
problem, the chief 'feature of which Is
the evacuation of that country by. the
American autnoritket, Mayii.
(Scrippa-McRae News Aanociton.y
VANCQUVBR,. B.v V March 22 -The
ateamer City of Seattle,! bound, from
Bkagway to Seattle, weat" ahore this
morning In , thla harbor. I Her- engines
would not reverse. U lsl expected she
will be floated tonight. Xs far as ca,n
be ascertained ' nd dataiagl was ddno to
the; big ateamer,--f!'
(Scrlpps-McRae News i
JLONDON, March 22.-
Lahore dfs-
patch says the b,ubonlc
lague mortality
has reached 200O a day.
i Dr. E. B. Met)anlel, a,
eadlng physician;
George B. Small, busin
a manager of the
Morning Democrat;
os Fuchs, mer-
chant and. broker, a.nd
WllUam Pollroan,
tha Pterpent .Morgan of Eastern Oregon,
all officers of tha Ba
er City lodge of
"Elks, and Richard fito
in. Of Perry, rep-
resenting the Elks of
ainion county, are
In Portland, conferring
with the members
of that order here .regal1
ding an excursion
to Bolt Lake City ne:
( August, on the
occasion of the Elks' ulg carnival at that
onUlna 'Only" the choicest , patterns.:
furnish suitable wall paper. VWe
surprise you - with the -reasonable
1 We' t
Jull , atock r of HOUSE - -PAINT. ;
rS PA,tNT, iENAMELS, ETC, at low j
prlcea. ; ,r ; ' " ,
Ch PaLnt'ftsd Oil Co.
10 FIR8T STREET, Cor, Aldef.
J 1 -.1 .a.
if i
t' fit
, , - (Joutnal Spei
lal Berrlce.'
'BUOENE., March
ii Bart Nunh. City
Marabal of Cottage
klrove- was arrested
It tha thefi of 11260
there on the charge
from Or, E. F. Anderson,- who fa, vaPir, ttU
Ha waa given a pi-eUmtnary examlrta-
tlon yesterday afterioon and bouad otr
tn the aum of 500 tb
appear at the next
term of Circuit Coin
:i which meet: In
June. Depoty Proaefutlng Attorney Si. T.
Harris.' of this city!
and, ' Attorney, JEby
Of Cottage Orovt conducted th proaesu-
tlon and Attorney J
for the defendant.
Miinn claimed that
Medley appeared
A. few months .ago
ke was-held up by,
masked, mat)
bed of oonaldOrabla
of the, city's money.'
Whlchv be waa carry
Ing at tha time. bu
it 4a thought' bli
hold-up atory was a
' '. . . .. .i I
V ;? j- f,.
r V r A
-a- v:
(Scrlpps-McRae NJwi Assoctation.)
LONDON, March 2 .-The ,aiinual boat
race of the Oxford-C imbrtdge crews to
day Waa ' won by Ci mbrldge I by eight
lengths. It X''-:
Cambridge won bji five, lengths ln"l
minutes "and 9 seconds, .' : '.
The result waa not b, surprise, and bet'
ting before the race Was S ta 1 tn favor
of Cambridge. .'C - .,;.' .VV?
The uaual crowd liked the banks! A1
though It 'was cold ahd windy, it was a
Cambridge race fromjthe start. A.
After eresslng the finishing Una 4e Ox
ford crew collapsed aad fen to tha bottom
of the boat ,7 ; f ' - 'ft 1'
, (Scrlpps-McRae News Asaoclallon.)
ELIZABETH C1TT5, W. C March 22.-
The jury in the, trial lot James Wilcox
accused of the mruderof Nell Cropscy,
formeriswestheart, la s till out, -
Wilcox was chargedlwlth rendering the
girl unconscious with a blow,'on the -head
and throwing the bodr in the rlyer. ' ,
The dead girl was Ithe daughter of s
wealthy planter. It
COLUMBUS, Marfh 22.-The supreme
pooy or tne uiuteo orae ,,er uaeeaau
Hooters was inforpork ted here today,' with
Columbus sXitif Nattonal fceadquarters,.,
, (Scrlpps-McRae Nehra Assoclatlon.)
fil. PAt'L,, March tl-A great Tire ts
reported .' raging In Winnipeg; ' Man. 4 ,
It started at midnight In the great sheds
of - the Canadian pacilc railroad, .Which
were destroyed. Just before comfflunlca
tion was cut off it wai aald ibat the fire
was .threatening the entire business dis
trlct.'V-'i :i v ,; .,ic '-. I irii-i H"A W
, A lively hreese was btowlngr across, the
vast, prairie, .and It 4 as feared . the Are
department would be inablet Tio.rop with
the fjamea..-s r I J,iM-. ',? -i,
WINNIPEG. March 25.-A flraearly
this morning in the fJelght sheds of the
Canadian Pacific caustd f damage.
It waa feared, at one (time that' the 'fire
would destroy the entire jplant and spread
osyona ntne rauroaa a mropertyw;
(Scrlpps-McRae Nefwl Asaoelatioa tf
HONG KONOMaifch H-Jtebels have
captured Kamchotf, waogtung prlvlno,
and have slesed the
nala and granar-
The mandarins of Aeigarrlson Aed and
appealed, to Canton
for reinforoemenu.
but were Informed tlat the Canton gar
rison could not be fuf
ther depleted.';;
rrfl' v (Journal BpeVlal errioe. ( A'r,i
i SALEM. March Cfoamtv Judge Bcott
bays Experts Oarid aad-i Suchanan,, .of
Portland, will ret on favlaletti early next
week and resume liei work of 'cxamin
Ing the booka o Mhrio7ictmty..offlera
The recorda of the pherMt and Recorder
have been praeUealK sAasabed, -.and tha
books of the Clark tad'Trejamrer Jars' to
be examined. Jtwl Kaaanhra the moittn
of April to? cotmfle the aaork, A' report
of ike experts findi igaNrmiM preseaUd
the County Court at its May- saaetln.""'
II I I; li I lll
11111 1 Villi I III
iriLi. - ii uiiiii m-Awt-m
" , T. ' ,r.
. Thla avenlnri the .'JeWs tall ' 0V"5 th
wo'rhl srllt elfcbrat' their T aUst Way;'
PuMmr' H!sonman0raaoh sr-.lhafsa
ing ipeir ancrswrs uram mh"ii"
In tkS' time of IHerxes.' by 'thwrctefaeiW
tioh'of a JwlaH maiden,' Eher, yhk hiJ
earns .the wife of the Kln.The bsaitirdl
sf'ory' la ilstsdllu'''th'Bosk''s4.Vstar
The feast is cdntlnued for 41 hourA-and
ntinued for zi houravmna
of rejoicing asj'd of pend
noor."' "'.' ''
e held this , bventr f
is nc" ss a oy
in gifts' to the
- Services will be
(he conxrea-atloil Nevah Zedeck Ta.jn4
Thork bad congfregation! Qhata BGholijra.
mi I :au. - ai i enitiie .aa. ii
Mal'aarvirea will ba held. '-. ' ' t
,A Purtra entcrlftlrtment will be given "to
the children -of the Sabbath school g
morrowmornlnglat 10 o'clock.'; - 1
Resents, Statemeptf oX
Laal night Kabul Wise, b hla sersoa at
Jlhe Vnluriaihttreh ebaae(4Bord the
Otegontan for Its Wdltorlal sttaakj arhere.
ln.the edttor'statea that there 'Jm irattfat
hatred betweet Ihh Jews and CathsllfcA'
vj the, Rabtook e,Boog of athr as a
tures and made striking eomparisoa. ;He
sal-f M ' Hordesab-Jrtrf aaeded .at tberj
presentlraa. ,bqth, la,. slylk as, well ms s-
Ktlcal affairs;;. l;. V W 1
Tne iroupje nowos," jnaajw eonun
do. that there aH ,tao; niaoa;,'
L e. people who arlvinUlcattve.. Ha nook
Esther aa a a-ood exkmnle dX ai tree Jer-
caaK when, Mfrdeeal feld her a k( th
ing so ; mm taave areepie,
h i'aaktdroe if I MrisV" an4, Mer-
dacal seswered, 'If tou pertab. thyeaa-'
muring eompia nr missions, ?v
, ; tr. W, then JdmarlBJb1
with such Ideals as Wordeeat and Esther
retain hatred ep the ir feUewnjent Here
pudlated such perse is who atitak 4 Taa
of people without s,i y provecatloa wmtt
ever and Jhen ,kw Id , fover 'it np Hh
honeyed phrses. i e' also af-rmd J thal
the Jews forglva aid fbrget. jind as an
example- quoted Alexander,.jUlipf, Russia.
Who,,. during,' bis i Rftttms oppressed the
.Jkwe'. severely ndA-t. at hta death tha
Jews' "forgave' and fV tfo. hitlaiac.' ser
VloeVahd faadM m-kl sneasvfe
VQuron ana .moss qwib ,ewin vatsren
are Always on the bet ef Jrihs2' H A'Mo
aald that he- did - sou care to' have him-
sojf or1 his race misrepresented, and that
no was ai.o caoaoia ei orgving ana ior-
geiung. .--.. -v.VtiJ., ,$,,;
W .. ,
The High School aitls' Basketball team'- Dwnocratlo mass meeting
defeated tha Seattle Jttam last night at
the T, M- C. A. gymhaslum, by a score
Of ZS tO 7. -A
.The gams was a' fait, one and the play
Ing". was good, despite! the fact that time
was called, very fonen on account of
slight Injuries to bUsyers., ' ,
...ha individual wOrk pf f he Seattle team
waa. tclevar.ubut 'the! team ; work of the
High School (rls bul-cHased the vlsitors-
jfroraOha start. . .; I ;A
': i " 'it Si'i ,t-'V 7 t i I '
' Trevlous ' to,, the! girls game.: the Nob
Hi; Jomors u plajfed I fhs T. M. CM A.H
Juhlor Basketball tram and lost on; a
iaeore of "M to- VJTlie pUylng:.was .astj
but the T. M. C A. keam work was too,
wuch for tha, Nobfls.
: The Y. M.C. A. -Unfc-u was: Bennett
and Callahan, guards Johnson and Smith,
forwar4... Wilson,, , sner. 4 Nob .Hinsi
Scott,' Kerrigan, gba -da; Benett, Acker,
man, forwards; IJart ins, center.
j Van Buren, the cjokch player from the
cwumous, onto, tears, nas Deen signed to
play cehter'fleld and catcher by the Port
land Baseball Club,
.The players s
ner by April L
week later.
pmmence to arrive
will begin work a
'Charles SwtndetK Isf n(or tn tha law de
nartment and coachl of the. baseball team
of Stanford Unlvty, California, has
been signed as esq
her of the Tacoma
club of tba Paclflc'l
orthwest League.
1 At. Nell knocked
it Rube Ferns In the
twelfth round, by J
stiff, punch on. -the
jaw, at' Bah Francl
lelast nlghtr The
eantest was a good
is,' but NeHshowed
superior' cleverness.1
ith TOen ritet ed
bevers, punshmeht
: Willard Hean..of
lost a decision, oa i
foul 1 thetweifth
round of what was,
o bo. a tooumt obtl-
teat with Crist y bef.
Jte fait Lake Ath-
letks ChJb laat WjrhlA.
Frank Erne was
vetf the dectstoa 'over
Qua Gardner; at
Icto,last night ' "in.J
the end of the sixth
una. i ne ngm was
Erne's from the s
rcj Gardner made n
poor, shewlnar. 'v
delphls, last night
is Ruhlta met Peter
delphhr, last fighV
us Ruhlln met Peter
Maher. for what
as Intended to be a
six-round gol In tl
sSesad round Maher
wnt down and oul
from a smashing left
toVthe Jsw. kuhuj
a. aa-J
had all -the best of
(Josrnal beolai; BenrieaJ
I BAXEM, March
r S-Tke reatdenos , tf
MoAlpln. area. tnaker. .waa robbed
scan -early bour
this moralaav od lids
saarth ef Jewelry Vm la jaeasy sOMStt
i-a.--it:. ;,,-r-. i iCTiir. -i.iiiiii k -
I I ,i CM'.' ft.'. M 1 II I a I I . A :'.'' . " ., 1 III : II llll II R ST-" I 1 :s ' ' 1 ' ... k I .
inim m n i -1 ru h, "
Already XN
4 sasn 1
."the managers of the. campaign for the
nomination? of Governon Oeer are very
'hopeful of the result Lf the state conven
tion. They believe
he. will receive the
nomination .on the tdlrd and. perhapa on
the -seeohd ibatlot. t
t-.ft Is conceded tha
In ithe casting of
pride and personal
the first, ballot Jocal
friendships i win bel
Important factors.
Favorite sons- and local spellbinders will
thave their innings. ( ompllmentary Votes
galore will be given s party workers, for
sectmiiaj reasons, f a id many ambitions
'wlll be considered: t , . - u '
' When the .third ba lot Shall have been
'tikea it-Is.axpeoted that It will be'tteer
against the fle;d., Tl 1. Is what the' Gov
'ernor's friends are c xintlng on and and
pfeparin to meet. ' ' ' " l" ' '
The'cortvntion will be made up of 343
JdfclagateV and It will
t these.'OoveHiot'
fh following : ltarl
require 171 to ftleet:
fleer's friends claim
n." 22: Tamhlll. H:
Wasco, 'II; ' Washlnskon, 12; Union. " 10;
Baker, it; Josephine, 7; Jackson 11 : Coos
arid Curry, 10; Linci In, 4; Klamath and
LakrJ amiam. 4; Senton, 7; Bberman.
4; Valo,wa.j;.Malhe' r; i; arantt 7; Har
SeV.' It iJnn: '-14L,WI ealer. 41. Tot'oil.Tin.
flhwides these it Is klown thnt a part of
the Multnomah detgf tion Is favorable to
the Qovefhoriahd wll vote for him If the'
Ufllt- rule ls ,Kot , foned on .them. It Is
aid,, too, that Qovfi ior Oeer Is sure of
one or, two delegates rom Douglas Coun-
fato rtl' ' "
;ln ('Bddllon u this several delegations
hve no particular ch iice and will be glad
,ttf cast- thtlr vote foi the strongest man.
In anyt-event, the Governor's friends say
.tmttrit' looks Ilka Oee -thls regardless of
vhat the." Multnomal delegates may do,
The 4 'Multnomah lelegatca will vote.
,fojp Judge Carey- on (the, Ant ballot, but
without oottalAarabia .Jul ma tvrlni . uQ
' from Ihs pirat-districts, this' Wilt avail
VoWng.t;. it? .
f T'flijtjeBiOcrstJp'delegatea to the county
'?0vetiton from the Tenth Ward held a
meeting last night. f No attempt, was
made to formulate a slate. The ".only
thing. of importance that was done was
(He-unanimous adomon of a resolution to
Oppose' fusion or canlltlon in any form In
the oouhfy 'oonveijtlon. Nothing but a
Straight democratld ticket will satisfy the
Tfntb-WM. i
C. K. Henry will
(probably be chairman
Eagle-r Hall-tonlglt.
v Senator Mulky, )f Polk County, Is in
Portland today, ah king, hands with him
salt and other f rlei da, over tne reiiult oi
the Polk. County p Imarles.
,- t: l, . i . .. " .
t Pr.j,J. N Bmlth, member of the lgls-
Jature-Jrem Mario t Couhty, was in the
.1 . . - jjr .is'.' ,
Frank, wrlghttnah. of Salem, a proml?
Lneht'L oandldate ' fol Xt'torney-General,; li
in thc. Wtyi Mr. Vlrigbtman led the los
ing ngnt against ucryernor ueer in Marion
A-.NJlSmitti.'' wlil ktiow lawyer and.
4rommet Bemoctalic politician, of Clat
opt couhty, ti cn ;r
.1 (Bcrtnps-MtR&e News Association. J
DETROIT. March i.-The Circuit Court
today handed down
a, decision' In effect
that subscribers of a
which Is absorbed by
to the service of hot
telephone company,
a rival, are entitled
f companies for- one
rate. . '
(Scrlpps-MclUe- News Association.)
CAMS TOWNi- MaJrch K.CeolI Rhodes
bsgan the day restiht taster, but a sud
..... , , .
den turn for-thewvfWsobn, followed irtd
ths-vatlettt sinklig, ?.Th end appears
ta ei approaotilhg. 1 , ;
- Journal Sdeclsi Service,
SAX.EM, March 2C. a. number of can-
cwses," preliminary to the work of the Be-
pubRcaa County Convention, weHO- held
In thla city last nlkht between dftlegates
to -the convention and the party leaders.
Vfkti Ihose who aitaaded the eonferences
would divulf e notnms; ox the proceedings,
Ifls Xnow that tha matter of arranarlns
kXsryof 'lsftlve' cahdldatea Snd
county officers wah the Iraportint worla la
i The Republican
County Convention wilt
be sonvened In
thla city iiex Wednea-
da'yi A solid Ofer deIftloa wtU-prob-
ablyhe senrto
jhe state convention, and
tha lejlulative ti
ket wHt he composed Of
Blmoh-neer meq.
The personnel -of- the.
coantfttcket is
ktuneylt of prediction, no
dnidt ataua b
viat yet been Sxed . t
1 1 1 v.J
I. . .11 I1BB N JlXiT-' I Jn.'t - II ' - -
ims Nearlv litSsi - - 4
Gas Js LGOuiomical
"'5 ' U - 'AND THE IX
. r . Gas furnishes the cheapest
h and
id most economical lieht when
Kern burnersAnd the safest 'and
r -.' " -livx v-r'i fcrtv" .-
I72-I7 Hftli Street ') - -
WlKdesal Lkoor
Yoia rtprovc
By using Robertine, which isj guaranteed to be the best toilet
preparation on the market. I Contains no deleterious drugs, . '
and is highly beneficial . t
irade supplied py .
Blumauer-Fr,ank Drug Co,
v No More
cJ of
New York
4th and Honiscft
No Pain
' .-( ' v.
- " Teeth! Sxrracted and filled ab
method applied to the sums,
' These are- the ettly dental pa
aarea and Ingredients to tract,
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