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'Main 500
Per Week ... 10 Cents
. Delivered anywhere la "'the City.
S mall to any address, 3.00 per year.
-. $1.00 lor four months. - . -.
PORTLAND, OR,; MARCH 1 1. 1 902
" The Portland" Evening Journal la's.
. visitor to toe Homes, offices and Dlaras
of business of the citizens of this city.
-, . today because Its , management be
lleves that a broad field, suitable for
intelligent -cultivation, .exists for it.
in paper Degins Us career untram-
roeiea ay promises or oartv ties.
It iia no dictators outside Its own
publication office. , Politically, It will
us uepuoiican, ' advocating clean,
straightforward principles of the nar-
ty which stands for progress and proa-
friiy. - .
ews columna and features will
ir themselves from day to day.
written by - gentlemoa
m tneir several departments.
..Talra of human interest will
Its attention, la a.-truthful.
'id lucid manner. '
.U be clean. It will be crisp
auie. - -
til religiously - avoid Vspace'
five hundred lines of uad-
nve lines of news.
ill not publish absurd and tui
izable pictures, of - men and
ill not expose personal affairs
Mc gaze. ' , '
ill not be sensatlonaL '.'-')
ill know no sect or nationality,
vill be a public forum for. the
exchange of decent . and civil
ns. .' ' . . ,
ill be in line with the times and
:ate. - - -
.11 have no affiliation with trick
olltlcal or otherwise: ,
drill be the strongest ?.nd heart!
ivocate of Portland's and Or
resources the city and state has
had. j ;
A' ill be a boon .to the tradesman
; to practically debarred from ox
ig his wares because of ; the
cost. ..
lias already provided for a wide
nlnatlon of news much greater
that which has been heretofore,
aed here. - . ,
has no past for which to apolo
: its future will be Its honorable
J from day to day.
owns its own newspaper plant,
let e in every particular.
- f all the necessary equipment
; expansion Its business ma
l. but will not ask its patrons
urse it for vast sums unwise
dared for blanket rubbish,
ft. The Evening Journal will
ind's liveliest publication, the
t friend, Oregon's most en
champion. 1 have all the news of Portland
t 'ate that Is of interest to any
rui t ICAL, BUGAbuO.'
Ill') iual stereotyped style, , the
a has been trying to trans
i ; n iit or SUnon Into a terrible
1 l i gaboo, with all cyclonic
i vibrating and revolving
1 i -i vulnerable points.
I e pretty thoroughly nn
. : w t t . j style of the Oretronlan's.
and jneasure up its peculiarities for
. nat tney are wortn. ... . . :
People in these days know that the
Republican party is bigger than , the
Oregonian and that Mr. Scott's desire
to be United State Senator Is giving
r nt to every article written in the
--wsr. therefore, the public Is not
Nsasily stampeded pr the
. ;rs3sVj.-?f wolf " e-i i,-
jontest here
re-1-.- jived which
-V-,. N -
. place p . ' ,a
ular Repuo.. 'ii
pitted against ti
hove 'i allaclea. Eeg-
I ltnrj pies, are to be
r - liacles. of the in-
f. rifenerit, and itMs a well--,that
such' fallacies are too
tn 1 for the principal purpose
t'Balhe outs la.
4. -r- j : -
: jy rnal, politically, Is a Repub
i !f in the true sense of the
1,anda for the regular partyj
not (r any faction of the-party.
UWt.that the Republican party
,-r,2ian any of iU factions, and
ulirh of its principles Is of
, i
Exclusive patterns from
the Hart, S chaff ner (SI Marx
mailers now on sale1 j& ;
.00 to
moreImportance than the trtumpa of
anv candidates.
s. To Insure success of Republican
principles factions and parts of par
ty must give way to a Harmonious
whole in the interests of the greatest
rood to the greatest numDer.
Therefore. The Journal Js an antl
faction paper, naturally, opposed to
turning v over, again- tne. Republican
party to the Independents, as was the
case la Multnomah county two rears
ago. i '- - . X r
i The Independent were responsible
to no political party, and m the Leg'
lslature - could Indie out business as
they saw fit, while- the reputation of
the Republican party had to ear tne
orunt and shoulder s the ' blame for
their acts of : omission and commit
sloa. -The Increased burdens that the
taxpayers' of Oregon,-' and especially
those of Multnomah, county, are now
straggling with, are easily traced back
to the Independents in the last Legls
lature. - ' ' .
. As seen from all points of view, the
best Interests of the teople demand
that Republicans stick to their regular
party candidates and then bold the
1 Republican party fully responsible for
the acta of those candidates. , .
. That ! the Oregonian -politically, Is
very much warped and biased is
patent to all; and its editorial state
ment that it Is not opposed to uenator
Simon, while hardly enough of a Joke
to fce amusing, -la regarded or voters
as a very plain attempt to pull the
wool over their eyes. The fact of its
nolng so palpably ridiculous removes
its amusing features, and it will de
ceive no ooay, ,
v There is a large preponderancft of
feeling among r Portland people that
the Oregonian has put Itself 'into a
very ridiculous position b? attacking
the i:at of Judg-B and clerks, and ln-
aisung on a Hat made ,ns to suit Its
own purposes. , The Oregonlan'a well-
known prejudices against everything
not ia strict subserviency to itself and
is own ideas are patent to most Port
land people,, and reduce .its weight
proportionately. . ; ' : v v
The Republican party- has brought
the country out of the wilderness, and
it is a safe party, for -the people .to
support and stick to la preference to
any independent side issues. . . -
In th suit of John VertteaR vc J. H.
Kern and Josephine Kern, garnlehee, ln
Vovlns S4.00U, a verdict waa returned to
day for the gurnlBhee, In Judge Claland's
court . ' '. . ' -
S1 The inventory and appraisement of the
Mtate of Ellen Thlelsen. filed today.
show the property value at IS.28S.44. .
J. Dunnan. H. V., Gibson and J. E. Bur-
nette were appointed appraisers of the e-
tate of Jame Bimpeon, . deceased, and
Sarah J. .... Simpson, administratrix, filed
her bond of 17,000,, with Jan. A. Suter.
Exert Foater. and A. JX .Burnett, as
The divorce' proceeding commenced by
Sarah fc)mlly Mash vs. Henry Mash, were
dlHmlBsed this morning on unotlon t ot
plaintiff. The defendant is ill. -- .
Edward 8. WrlRht. of Woodburn. has
filed a petition in bankruptcy. Liabili
ties, 2.5a8.42; assets, 13,610.78. ' -
s March IA, Ada M. Salsman, at St, Vln-tt-nts'
HoaDltal. need S4 veara. "r
March 7, Un Ho, at Astoria,, aged 55
years.-;. -
Mar.-h 1. Margaret Bannerman. Infant.
March f, Permella' Bertrand, aged 20
years, vf ... , - .
In Portland, March & Mary Elisabeth
autue, iu years. :,-..!..;. .-
In -Portland., March g, Elvira Emily
Smith. (Ut vnn-rs. : . '
In Portland, March 5, lEmma . Tell, , 88
In Portland, March T, Magdalena Schep-
peinii,44 years.
In Portland, March 7, Qustavus M.
jn.erce, ui years.
The EdtraroV Holsaa 7mdeitak
jiaiC Ce, funeral directors amd tm
palmers. 28Q TamUU. Phoae 507.
March I. to Mrs. Arthur L.. Veaale. girl.
March 7, to Mrs, Oscar Bergstrand, girl.
February 25. to Mrs. James E. Darnea.
, March 7, to Mrs. Charles E. Miller, boy.
. March 10, to Mrs. John J. Brady, boy. -
March 8. to the wife of A. H. Johnson,
2fti East Sixteenth Street, girl. '
, Marvh 8, to the wife of T. J. Ncwond,
8X Third street, boy. ? ' - , .
In Portland, March T, to Mr. and Mrs.
nomas jenerson uray.. a oaugnter. -
In Portland, March 4, 4o Mr. and Mrs.
.John Larsen, a daughten "
; Always asks her . Grocer
biggest 8 cent cake of Soap.' "She gets
mony s wortn, .
Sii'c Clb Co.
The new hall being erected for Mult
nomah camp. Woodmen of the world, on
ICast Sixth street, has all -been enclosed
and will be finished about April IS. The.
halt la the largest la the city and also
being one qf the finest, the boys of Camp
atuiinoman are. jusuy eiavea. :
H.'C Hill, of Brooklyn, who. returned
hQm from Ashland, Or.,i evbout - two
weeks ago, where he-went In search of
health, Is again very 111. -i- .
The dance sriven by the Kangaroo Club
last Friday was wol! attended. This
club 1 composed of sqme of the most
prominent young people on the East Bide,
The - club will hold a . meeting this
evening. v ' ,
"' ty,"T8. Tafford, ef Chemical No. 4, and
Miss Vera-Wol verton were married last
W dnasdar and have departed, for .Mon
mouth, where they are. spending their
hpney moon. . . , ,
Alblna Gamp No. 190, Woodmen of the
World, held an entertaining meeting last
Thursday. Several pew candidates were
Initiated Into the secret work f the ' or
der.v Altjlna Camp la growing faU
' Catnella "Cliaoter. Order Eastern Star.
held a very entertaining- meeting1 Satur
day, at HlU's hail, Alblna. Grand Mat
ron Maraden was present on a tour of in
spection and Toade a few remarks. After
the meatlnir a nn banquet was spread,
speeches were made br a number of vis
itors from the West Side phaptexs, , About
The ff Portland Railway "Company M
making number of Improvements on
their . Woodlawn division. A force of
men -- has been, busily . employed for the
last week . graveling : a fine sidewalk
around the- Woodlawn station, and an
ether rang Is filling up the gulch under
tbe .Broadway-street bridge, .
A number Of men and teams have been
busily engaged lit hauling ballast from
one of the ships 1m the river to Oil up
toe guicnes jiear tn AJDiaa rerry.
At a meeting of the Alblna Board of
Trade a few weeks ago. a petition was
sent to our representatives in Washing
ton ' to make the Vancouver bridge av
double-decker. A reply has been re
ceived stating that the double deck bill
was favorable to. the, railroad company, -but
that they' would not allow, a street.
car track to bO jlald. . v
with the exception or a row resident.
who live on high ground, all the popula
tion of that- Dart of the city ia now r.
gallngjtself with Bull Bun water,
Preferred Stock Sliced Peachesv i
. Nothing can. be nicer. ...
A wrestling match for the lightweight
championship of the Northwest, has
been arranged between J. MoCalllg and
at the Multnomah Club. This will be a t
hotly contested .match, as the men met
on the' mat last December, when Def
France was : injured and. the decision
given to McCalllg on defaulL ''
a wrestling matcn nas, reen arranged
for. the amateur middleweight champion
ship of the Pacific Coast between F. H,
Hatle v. the ' present - champion - of the1
Olympic Club. Ban Francisco, and Kd.
Johnson, of the Multnomah ClUb, Port
land, to tags place March z&tn.
Th Walters' Alliance delegates to the
Federated Trades Assembly, at the last
meeting submitted' a detailed report of
the boycotted'; restaurants and a list of
names of men who have been patronis
ing places declared unfair. It has also
agreed that any delegate of the union
found natronisinar a bovcotted house
should be suspended as a delegate and
a new one appointed. - The injunction,
I , i,-.jitMii's.m
i mUTr '"a more produotlv aubeU
LSWe or making camera snap shots of
persona seen entering the places has not
oeen proniouea. - 'j ne Alliance : reports
favorable progress and shows membrnv
shin of nearly every waiter in the city.
except- thope employed in the boycotted
Preferred Stock Peas.
From, field to can same day.
The ut!ook for the spring' trade Is
Dromlslng. - The volume of trade Is very
good considering the. unsettled condition
of the weather. . . f
W. B. Glafke ouotea Burbank' potatoes
at U.10 to 11.23: ordinary at 75 cents and
J1.35; Early Rose, very scarcer are quot
ed at'fi.GO and. $3; there are no sweet
potatoes in the market at presnt. Onions
are strong at 13 toi 12.25. ,
The butter market is very weak on ac
count , of. the drop In California. Store
butter la quoted at 14 cents to IS cents;
The California steamer will arrive to
night, sand the market have fresh vege
tables tomorrow. '
Tomatoes, Mexican, are selling- at $4.10
nd California at U-S0 per crate.
Oranges are 'quoted from S2.75 for fancy
to t2 for standard. Apples are. plentiful.
fancy soiling at SI. 25 and cookinsr from SO
cents to $1 a box. , ,
.W. F. .Turner . AY Co. )
eport poultry
Hens are fS
olentliul but Drtcee good. Hens are
and 16 a. dosen. Eggs are plentiful and
are selling at 14 cents wholesaler the re
tall price being 15 cents. ,
Wadbams Cov report the sua-ar war
Is still unsettled,, and . there la no tell
ing how prices will go. Granulated, cane,
sells for soot cash at S4.3S asd beat at
14.25. An advance of 2 cents a gallon has
been put on all grades of corn syrups. -
Manila rooe advanced.. SU . rnnta ' nn
March 4, and sisal M cent. ' The flour
market la firm ' and unchanornd. Local
and Eastern rolled oats are firm and
have advanced 2S cents per barrel
Theo.-J-Bernhelm reoorta the hon muvi
kt In an excellent condition. . Tha rarm.-
ers who pooled their last year's crop will
make money Hops are now quoted from,
14 cents to 14Vt cents. Contracts tor tha
1902 crop. are,Wng made JCrom 11 cents
to UK cents. ... , s
- The mohair -season has. ODened. and la
quoted at 20 to at cents. -
Preferred 8tock Tomateea. "
Solid, pack cans; cheapest to .cdnsumerst
I vvv
. yw20fr $25r $30,;$35. $40, $50,$69; . . I
Ste&.foectric, Cisca Autocl2s ar4 Meter Cycles
Send for Catalogue. Write for Prices.
Fred T. Merrill CvcId Co.;Inc;:
Jfranches: Fpokane,
fa cum a, Scania.
You i have learned to lools to thb stcre fcr scsicthins HTcrcr.t, senvcthias but of the center.: !aco
i furniture end carpcta, end you have never been !is?cinted. ' Ths mcjrjnccrtt grovrth end succccs cf the
store represents the conflicnce you have ihced ia cs cad our clIty to serve yon; as you sbcu! J cr.cct
from the most negmcatativc-laVgest and most prosressivehos:3-fOT!sh!ns store in Northwest country.
J . Ii ii Li ij iimwu I'J .' I' . .. I i. i i I . i i I '
Solid oak Dnt4W, Frauds anreled
ivjnirror. Regular price $ 1 5.00
-!. - : $12.00 ,T-
Solid oak Sideboard; oak Inside,
1 J I
U . out- rMcU brash t
It has stood the test of 13 years. Jf you
are sick in any way, microbes are the
.cause- Spring- especially Is. the danger
ous time for sickness. f-Take Radasa's
Microbe KUler. ! "Take 4t now,"
r - -w - - w -
392 Morrison Street.
We are eaulDoed with, tha most Mm.
plete outfit of Optical Instruments known
to science for testing the sight
All eaaminatlona are conducted free, of
charge, by the finest optical experts on
the Pacino. Coast. . ' - ,
Solid Gold Frames, all styles. ....... ,.$3.00
(Guaranteed tha heat.) , -
ise People
(Gold Filled Frames, alt styles.. .,,.,41.50
. twarrantea jm years
Nlckla Steel or Aluminum ramea, .t -SO
i - (Best Quality.) -,
Finest Quality Crystal Lenses........ 11.00
i The above prices are auoted on the very I T
bbest quality. .. None better at any price, j T
i -Remember- we are permanently located 1 T
and guarantee all transactions. .Give us
a trial. , we will surely please you. .,
1 - Exclusive Opticians.
- Between Morrison and TamhIlL
T. M a A. BuUdlng.
v- . All ;
. - . i - r -. -- - ,
1 0..1LA.L i
White Enameled Iron
Beds ............... 'i,.g2.09
Woven. Wire Springs,
Double ..1 00
Soft Top Mattresses.;...$2.60
Feather Pillows. 8ft lbs. M
Wood Bedsteds, - full sizes
ChlfTonoers, 6 drawers.. 6.75
ChlfFoneers, 4 drawers.,. 4.75
Chlitoneers, 8 drawers. .- 8.73
Bureaus... Hotel, with Mirror
7 7. 7 86
Bedroom flultes, Hotel..S11.75
Bedroom Suites 8 pieces 13,00
Rocking ;Chalr wood Seats
.... .00
Becking Chairs, cane . seat
Rocking - Chairs Arm Cob-.
. bier -...11.75
Large Arm Chairs, oalc., 3.50
Folding Beds, Mantel...: 8.75
' - ,,.'! m, I ii r" i ll 1 1 ' ' V
fteautiful sample ef snodent Buffet, has all the advantage of
, sideboard. Piano, polish finish. . Price (370, , Other
V Corner, Washinstoii
wEO. t EKERrManefler;
AND OUR PRICES ARE lOc, 15c25c. EVENIN7PRICES.T3cr25ct 3Sc. 50c f"
Astoria resorts elondv wa:thn tnAmv
Wind northwest and a roufh bar; .
Tha "steamer Otorn xeX hIu
from San Francisco this evening. , ;
The Trench barlr Bankslels-h. ehartMwA
te the Portland Grain Comoanv. oom-
letes her load this afternooa at wharf
:olumbla 1 . i c .-.. -'.-.
Th Americas shlo C. V. StrnW ikss
tons net arrived Cram 8aa ranoiae tm.
terday; . . . . . .
The British bark. Pas. detain Ttivlnr
has Imii Kdwt .t tha eouad tin
doclt or. repairs. .. Portland needs a dry
deek. , . .: . . .
The steamer Dallea Cltv 'at ti Ttra.
lator line. Is undergoing repairs. Among
the Improvements . will be new . and
more powerful engines,,' . ; .
Captain Edwards. Inspector of hulls
and boilers, returned yetr3v from
lavlvf.Mt, hr be mtu4 ( O. -'ts-
: Cane Seat Dining Chairs .75
Kitchen Tables .00
Folding Cots, Woven Wire
.Wood Seat Chairs, each. .50
Kitchen. Treasures c 1.95
Kitchen Bates, 6 feet high
- . M
Drop-Laf Tables.. ...... 1.05
Bxtepalon Tables,, ft feet, ash
$4 05
Cook Stoves., No. I S9.60
No, T 7J0
Steel Kanges, plain tops
Steel Ranges with, high
eloaei .....227.S0
v 't (Guaranteed 10 years.)
Heating Stoves, all cast. $9.50
Air-Tight Heaters, 4.5U, -
(3.60 and V...W90
Art Squares, 8x12 feet.. 84.60
Matting, per yard........ -.15
No. 20
' Price
and First Streets
- WW!)"
NOTE; A word to the ladies and dJdren.
oes to Astoria today te Inspect the
boat Joeey. ;i .. . .. ,.,
The Dutch bark Pax. when
December 18 from Liverpool, will
ably, be sent to Tacoma to load
' The French bark Vendee, IPS days
Newcastle, arrived' In this mornlna. i
discharged part of her cargo at thai
oi Ms-ngeies. , .... ,
The Inches pe ' Rock, discharging I
ermi mercnaaaise at ine root or
street, encountered breakage of sjli
at least two waya on tne voyag
wholesale liquor house found over i
Domes taaei) from nve cases unl
this morning.: More damage to) fM
nquor cargo is expected as ynif
,c Preferred Stock Oysters.)
ggest oysters; biggest Una.
Preferred Stock Cataup.
ieucaie navor.
Prtferrel Stock f 'rl'ess
' We guarantee all St Clair Stoves and
Ranges for 10 years , , ;
...... I .r;.
. , I I - '
v tj. 'A i.,n";,.s
1 ' ' J ' '
; C" ' '- . ff'v--(!,'.:?
K " I .i-'
..1 A i n"". .
. :. Jn,., ..,! .,.. 1l.W,tol.l)liai ' : . '-"I '
steel ,Coek Stove, with reservoir.
this week $l9aWlthont rtser-
' il 1
i-:-yJ I -. . -t ii .-, r-
j t
SoDd oak has Yam Yuri seringa inside?
, perfect bed. - Price thft Week, special
2 :: j
cAijmbia. so. ;; , ; '-tAl
WJtm i w -
.1 ' : , ' w
- Barry Hamlet, a prominent business,
man of Astoria, a member of the Toko's ,
Portland on his way East to paorure sev- '
era! carloads of Eastern oysters for trans-
pianang in the company's beds In Willa
pa harbor. Pacific County, Wash. Tha
consumption of transplanted oysters la
in towns ot irregon, - Washington a
Idaho has increased amazingly alnce t
Industry started three years ago. T
conditions of 'WHIara harbor at Toils
Point are finely-suited to the growth J-'
thv transplanted ojater. ' ill,, ' ? J
The-Great Yadulf Shakr Olt- Linfnui ..W
re Hiwimatw-Pinsr Nettrelrta, HuH
ache. Toothache, Backache, Kor ThroJ ;
and Choata, Contracted Cords r .d Mi v
rem, Stlfl Joints and all aches pH
PO cnts a bottle at ell. druo-!t ot
Waahlneton street. It Is limlantan ' 1
In afttK-t, Thre is no Untitiant mad
acts so null-It. end tSe bauty of ' ':
that it "Is harmies. a It ci''1.'
en'"H -iwi f.-.j-ist -e-.- -'e -er-
J ' . if 1 1
-7. T
4- t
r-.... .
1.. .' I - -'s et tc vi ." y. ;