Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, November 26, 1891, Image 3

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Thursday, .Yov. U.
Msmr a goLUcr ha 5lrbM hi Ut
8m tfw fine ami low priced elookx
vt the WatchmAker.
Bhowpii and sunshine. Himalt,
kntohgnMa Iwinning in grow.
Fiiiet Hue .f clock never N'fnre
SMm in Omni comity how t the
WaUdt maker's.
ljjitieitu cm begin rolling their
Ww ttjgciaW awm, ami ittensliut; their
jiotiticKl fpnoM for the spring cnma.iign.
lto too d.inoet If o, rewemUir tin
gmod halt iu Uii vitiate, to tiijjit.
Good ntMic, ami supiwrat Chatnlor.'
At this of the jmr the lila-
erljr of the cider prats must Ui pre
aasrtwl, vcn though the uouriincr
rtm sinks into intinifionnew.
Uml I fosin.l ut the bottom of well
nrMwl Um town of Pouil. Coul i
Uo fn-Jivl in several placM lit Gnmt
ejutity, itnil it - ill help to kwn oar
country in due time.
Tht clm who toil not, neither lo
they spin, were in thin city lately,
canting the circulating medium to
elmftgti hands muchly. Peopta w ho
bit at their game lid not usually win.
Hon. IX It. Ititmhart presented the
S8Mlft" with a lox of Hue apple. The
Xfws hojt wri made Ireuilquatter for
the Hp;tM, and the iii"imI-t of tint
00 irt Are inviU.l to cnll and obtain the
(Jmyon City' church choir deserves
credit Ii0lh hero nnd ujt nlmvo for
tliolr siicos-ful efforts in Udialf of the
flmtncitJ condition of the church. Tim
concert SaMssth evoniug was nn en
joyubte one.
lion. W. It. Ulli, .Mayor Matlock
and Mr. Simons, the gentlemen fioiu
Heppner who hnd Iwn attending our
court on Ixdi.-ilf of the unfortunate
young mitii Mulcolm Church, slatted
for their home last Monday.
A subscription pner proving hi
excellency Gov. Potimyer to commute
the eiitcnco of Ming How to life im
prisonment, is being circulated. Mini,'
thinks us How he would rather work
for the sttito fonder than to be hangcsl.
Ming How certainly i an object of
pity, inasmuch as his countrymen all
deserted him in a hti.nv land, and
have loft him to his fate. Should (!ov.
I'annoyer commute hi sentence Ming
might put in several yenis performing
labor for the state.
Ours is nn exceptionally orduily
town, for during all thi term of court
when the city was full of people the
mirshul lias lind no occasion to in rest
uuyone. 'l'o grait familial ity with
shoulder strikers bleed Mack eyes, and
1 iter on costs nnd disburaiimmU.
Attorney Johns and Stenographer
Wheeler hit the rood to McKwun at
m onrly hour Sunday morning, going
by privntneomeynin'-. Mr. Wheeler's
fcerviees were nced-tl at I'ltion, while
,Mr. John had imjioitmt husine. in
terosU calling him home to linker.
( Jus Oiixpniy infill in ux that ho has
.iMjen jironpecting for coal north of tlm
liver, and funis good owdi'iicosof n linn
ilujHkiit of coul. It ii in that icinity
that Mr. W. II. Clink of thin city Ihi'h
ohUined the fuel, n gotxl ijuality of
OOfd, that he has lined for the jxikt
three winterk.
Uivhcird Kelly unid to the Xl.w.s
iiiun laat SabUith: "The jury will
render a verdict within nn hour." Mr.
Kelly' prophecy came true. Unsaid
that th" jury had asked the juilgu for
initructioiis touching a Miiiit of law,
anil he oeul 1 tell by tJmir actions that
uii nreement was near.
Deputy 1'rcMouutiiig Johns, by bin
ngnwahlu iiwnucr. U-camu n faorite
in thin precinct, and no .doubt could
In) nlectud mayor of thii city today
werti he a nuident. .Mr. John made
an able nnd elotment plen for the prM
oc ut ion in th c:iw of State Church,
ill which lie diuterted the evidence and
portrayed iU every intiicacy in a inot
vivid light.
A Welifoot exchange rniyn: "Few
farment lim' m fur dug their potatotw.
From present indication it in little
una to dig mure limn i needed for
family ue, at Uiey bring in the mar
ket mere nothing." Thon furiourN
lire following a poor precedent Kww
If jKiUtoes are not worth much now a
thrifty yaukee farmer would hoiiku
them and hold tlium for u niiu.
The jury in the Church ciimi, after
being out fnui Friday evening until
Sunday afternoiMi, and jmit ktandiiig
for nil norU of xenlicU, finally ngieed
uMu ii compromite verdict mm
hkinglitr iiuil ruooinmondiHl the full
extant of the law, in thu Muiteuce.
Judge OlilTord wan eonteiuplatiiig giv
ing the jurymen Iwtli and holiliug
them uutil Uiey could agree, for a new
trill would hive coit (iruiit county
not le than $3,000.
('ol. Sam Carjoiiter wa down from
Greenhorn a few day ugo and xiid
hU rwpocU to the Xt,wi, ulwi bin miI
koription Ui Januaiy 1, 1 sy:i, ho being
tjm firt one on our lit of wvonil 1,
000,000 ulM-ril'r to put up the cntli
and hate lMI.'t erivliUxl in fnmt of his
luilue. Mr. (yiirp"iiUT njmaks well of
the Ui'lie in hi wction, and nays the
miner are making hii etlort to open
new rendu nnd keep them open during
the iuU)r, for the pur pome of hauling
(ire to the mill. The
Morri mini' und lieuuett'a mine will
fumUil the (argent tonungo of urn.
Jan. I)ftou has jut recoerisl from
a long siege of illness.
Attend divine wondiqt, confouyour
tiinx and rememlfur the poor.
(let yoir eyas fitted with the right
kind of wctiic!p nt the Wntchumker'n
Cnnyon City.
l'rinte IrmotM in hoitlinnd, type
writing, Uxik keepilig or icnui.inhip.
Immire of J. II. Colliun.
The new John IVty llouriug mill i
nlut rendy to ntnrt up, with nloilt i
fiOlX) leulieW of whit on hand. I
Gnnttabbi T.lhuntcr' Umd.tgrsl face J
in not the mult of lintic complications,
but U attributable to rryiHjla.
The will of the Utr William Luce j
ha leii nilmittitl to iiroUite, nnd
Miw Alma I.uce npjiointed ndiniuis-
trntrix. I
Frank Hid retunirsl from lUker lnit (
Tunkilay, neciinianifil by hi aunt,
Mix I.iU.-Ii, who i paying a uit to
her Mtr. (
Our rejxirt of the circuit court pro- j
ceeding. in lakcn Tuesday uighl,
mill is therefore not nn complete as j
if taken yeMenlay. I
Sew all team will load at McKwau,
thu slmrtiMiing the distance to the ,
milriMil. M(Ht of the freighter, how- '
eer, still go to ILiker. 1
It i very rnre nowaday thnt the '
ollico necks the mail ; and even when i
.such a thing occurs the chase in ,
usually very sluggish. i
Hev. Zeller will preach a thanks- 1
giving nermiui at the M. lv church in
thin city this morning nt 10.30 o'clock,
to which all the Hopbi are invited.
Frvtm Mr. John Sigfrit, the Pay- j
villc stage, wp lenrn of the Mil
dentil of Mr. A. J. Cummingx' young- '
imt child last Monday, of diphtheria. ,
The Ni:w.s is in receipt of the pro
gnun of the lti'k creek public obiil,
Min Lillian Hohrer tisicher, which
report wa received too late for this
Chili is nfniid of 1'nc.le Sam' war
shiw, and ha Kicked down from her
warlike attitude. It is well, for we
would b ite to lo Coinjndbsl to gnbblo
up the little nation.
(icorge Hngny took a trip lit Hear
x alley a few days ago, and reports tine
feed for stock on the hill Ud ween here
and the valley. This will remain un
til snow cox its it up.
Mr. John l.ivcock inform us that
ow ing to ill heilth his Hon, W. C. Iiy
cock, will Is! eomxdled to rrturn homo
from Kugcuc, at which place he is at
tending the State Cuivemity.
Next year will 1m full of eli.'ctioni
in Oregon. For the first time in its ,
history there will be two congress- I
men elected, and n live time is e.x- ;
peeled. Subscribe for the Nkws. i
There in a reported discovery of
gold at Kansas City, on the Kinks of ;
the Misymrs river; but our citizens j
can well all'ord to stay at home and not
go w ild over this treasure .so far distant. I
Mr. Tims. Cur! inform us that
I'uiile I lob Forrest's house on Indian .
creek was consumed by Ii ro last Sat
urday morning. Mr. Curl ha a Uuid
of sheep on the Indian creek range,
nnd they am doing well. '
Kev. (). H. Wliitmoro, grand in- ,
struttor of the A. O. l W., writes
to brethren here thnt he will be in
this city iirobaldy the first of next i
week, and will give a public lecture '
in the interests of the order. lie
lias just organized a lodge ut Hums. '
That inebriate asylum of 1'nrtUuil
performed unnecessary lalor nnd wast- j
ihI pofttngn .stumps when it Mint the
newspaper men of Oregon a permanent
and Hitive cine for the drinking '
habit. Mtint editor never hive enough
money to drown their troubles or sor-
niws in gin, or to cultivate an nppo- '
Those who rufune to wiy the printer
commit an tiiikirdouahlc sin, and we ,
rmliJi that it is a gool thing that (!nd
reininiil the tree of life from the gard- ;
en of Ivlitn when Adam and F.vo fell
from gnice. iSotlnug wnulil mate a
man o bnive in kin of nil kinds, u to
think that he could live on mirth for
ever. Tlio beauty of electricity is that
there is no danger from an ini iindus
cent light, either from explosion or
MiHoentiiiii. It is the future light,
and wliun ouo guts used to it life
would be miserable with kerosene
again. Then lot us form a joint
stock company nd liavo electric
That Miction of our county down
toward ML Vernon has a surplil of
deep gulche and coyote. The former
could not lie filled up very wull, but
the latter ought to ! cleaned out
they have Keen eating the kheep thnt
inhibit the gulches, thin reversing the
order by Idling up the coyote. ami
cleaning out the gulches.
Malcolm Church had a previous
good character proven for him, and the
fact that he received miUUlitial aid
from men who had no interest iu him
except mere iiciUaititancnhip, wa a
good recommendation. The Uiy, in a
lit of Kiniun, committed a deed that
he afterward bitterly repented of, and
his friends rejoice that the law did not
dull morn handily with him.
1 Hiring the winter months the prof
enMnuiil jawkiuiths open up rich mines
und do wonder, as fur a talk g'x'.
We notice iu miuio of our exchanges,
long list of what is to Iki done iu the
iring. Hut early iu the gentle spring
tune thane vainglorious capitalists gen
erally go into insolvency. It is thu
ouuiuiuiiw that dig and blast all winter
that ditvelop n country, and not those
who tunnel around a red hot stove,
November 25, 1891.
Soinl Corrt'sjwnilcnce to N:w:
Thirtylive days of 1SD1 ami still
time goes ou.
Several new cases of tvpboid have
leoii rejwrtet! in our luitlst.
Tliom.iii McHwan. one of tho stage
proprietor, atopjietl oil' Saturday
Mrs. Tlioiiijuou lias lccn i uitc
sick, but at tins writing she is im
proving. T. N. tJurneo will soon leave us
Hi we are informesl to take charge
of a school.
(Juile a number of freighters ar
rived last week and more are ix
x'ctesl tliis week.
A general invitation is extended
for the Thanksgiving dance and a
large crowd is expected.
The Church murder trial took
several of our citizens, as jurors,
to ( nnyon C ity last week.
Mrs. Taylor, who has Ih-cii iu or
near Umg Creek for several months,
has returned nnd will with her
children go to housekeeping.
Have you a tooth to fill or a tooth
to extract? if bo call on the Long
Creek dentist at Mrs. Itiucarsou's
hotel. The dentist will leave this
week .
Some say that the basket festival
was not a success. The 1hv seem
ed to have plenty of fun and $1.'I..K)
was cleared. Let's try it again
Our genial townsman and lady,
Lew Day, gave an entertainment
last Friday evening, clearing I 111.. 10
and gave it to the school funds. A
generous act.
I'ortor llros., so wo aru informed,
will move their families to the mill.
Their work keeps them there day
and night. Wo are sorry to have
them leave tin.
K. L. licdtlok' took a line line of
double seats, that were purchased
in the east, to the Winigar district
one day this week. lie left Mrs.
(ieddes in charge of tho school.
Supt. Honham and wife made our
burg a visit last week. Visited the
school and reHrls tho school iu a
line working condition. Supt. Hon
ham has been faithful iu the execu
tion of his ollice, and done much
towards advancing the schools of
his county. Let the good peoplu re
elect him next spring.
(ientlemen now is the time to
commence agitating the question
and outlining thu work for thu Dis
trict fair fur next year. You must
bear in mind that the soliciting
committees will have to travel over
the entire county, liesides a great
deal of other business needs to U1
attended to. What showing is
I'ruirio City going to make iu this?
Wo can assure you she will rally to
the front. Now let's push this mat
ter and plans right along.
The intermediate grade pupils
wen- highlv delighted last week up
on the rrrival of nn Iutertational
Dictionary, Webster's latest edition
This large lxk was purchased with
the money secured by small dona
tions from patrons and those inter
cuted in thu welfare of the school.
The teacher and ptlbils wish us to
express their thanks to those who
contributed towards buying this
grand work.
lhu UhiMitriiK.
It seems that tho reward of $f00
formerly ottered by Miller cV Lux
for the conviction of parties caught
stealing their cattle is no longer iu
force. However, J. II. Keablc, of
this city, who swore out complaints
ngaiiiht Austin ami (iuthridge with
the idea of obtaining this reward,
secured recognition for his services
iu the shajie of a -fllX) check. K.O.
An exchange says thrru isn't any
room for doubt that the coming
winter is to be "all -fired" cold. Tho
prophets all say so, and the man is
insanu who disputes the prophets.
Thry havu found moss growing on
the trees, frogs standing on their
heads, sunllowers jHiiutiug toward
the north hjIo. grak vines running
around thu iles instead of up them
and they have n thousand othor
signs to show that every human be
ing will be frozen as hard as the
average Warding house biscuit and
Tho secret service division of the
treasury department has informa
tion of the existence of a most dan
gerous f-0 counterfeit gold certifi
cate. It is a photographic counter
feit, chuck letter A II. K. Hruee
register, JnmuH (iillillun treasurer,
act of Julv 1-, 1SS2, department
series A .'if'-'J IS. Apart from the
counterfeit containing thu figure '20
on the face, and the jxirtrait of (iar
Hold, there is little or the gray of the
photograph about it. Thu seal is
small and scnllocil, having a red
dish tinge, apparently applied with
a brush. Tho number is very pro
nounced and heavier than in tho
genuine. Tho surface on tho noto
is one-half uu inch shorter and one
eight of an inch narrower than the
genuine. It has the two parallel
silk threads running through it.
The tint on the back of the note is
light brown, while in the genuine
notes it is orange. This counterfeit
is determined by the character of
its tints rather than by the lines iu
tho engraving, as it is a photograph
of gunuine work. Watoli out for it.
j I he hirst .National Hank cf Hakcr
City vs. J. W. Lemons, Jos. C. Oli
ver', W. I). Ingle and S. A. Heilner
recovery of money. Settles! and
dismissed at defendants costs.
John McCultough vs. John J.
i llinton, J. II. Hamilton and J. (i.
' Nealen recovery of money. Judg
ment as prayed for.
Kinmett Harr vs. (ico. Under
1 damages. Cause continued for
I the term.
J. Durkheimcr A- Co. vs. W. V.
Gray recovery of money. Dis
missed at plaintiffs cost; judgment
, for tho costs.
Geo. Under vs. Chns Conger
damages. Dismissed ou stipulation
judgment against defendant for the
Chas. F. Hyde, district attorney,
vs. J. T. Hutuacker and Josephus
Thompkins forfeiture of undertak
ing. Continues! for the term.
D. I. Asbury vs M. S. Hellman
slntnages. Judgment for i'JO.lKM
as prayed for, and for costs and dis
i burseiuuuts.
' John U. Uoy vs. K. 1'. Horsley.
administrator motion for leave to
issue execution. Continued for the
; John G. Nealen vs. John J. Mur
phy and A. A. Walton recovery of
, money. Continues! for the term.
i Ksl. C. Allen vs. S. S. Denning
1 npjieal from justice court. Jnrv
find verdict for plaintiff for MS.00.
Henry Welch vs. L. W. and Chas.
' Thompson recovery of money.
I Continued for the term.
; Maria F. Mueller, administrator
1 of the estate of II. J. G. Mueller,
and A. Gordon vs. T re fry llros re
covery of money. Judgment for
I plaintiff as praves! for.
I H. C. Trowbridge vs. Margaret
i Powell recovery of money. Jury
returned a verdict for plaiutilf for
Kg i ity Hsis'Kirr.
! Nax)leon Davis vs. Orloll Flem
ing foreclosure of mortgage. Dc
t fault and decree.
I Milton M . Adamsou vs. Mary A.
! AdaniMin suit for divorce. Decree
. of divorce; plaintiff to have custody
I of minor children am! judgment for
' costs.
j A. Finlaysou vs. I. Collette and
Adeline Collette foreclosure of
) mortgage. Default, and decree as
1 prayed for, and fUmi attorney fees
j allowed.
' S. Ottenheiiner vs. Win. Graham
et als foreclosure of mortgage,
j Continued for the term.
August Uuettner vs. G. II. Kim
' berland et als fbrcclotturu of niort
i gage. Decree as prayed for in
! plaintiffs complaint, also a decree
I in accordance with the answer of
1 Hobah Lodge No. '.'J, I O. O. F.
; D. I. Asbury vs M. VI. Asbury--'
action for divorce. Default and
, decree.
Jofcpli FrizzoH vs O. P. Crusnp
writ of replevin. Default und
State vs. Malcolm Church mur
i der iu the first degree. Jury find
verdict of manslaughter. Jiiifgmcnt
that defendant be imprisoned in
penitentiary 1.1 years, and judgment
, for costs.
I State vs. Prior S. Wilson con
, tempt. Defendant fined I'JI and
I all shurills costs.
' State of Oregon, on relation of M.
1). Clifford, s. S. S. Donning.
Default taken against defendant,
i and cake continued fur the present,
1 by consent.
j When thu case of Statu versus
, Denning was en I led Mr. Denning
I offered an iisilogy in oeu court,
nnd expressed sorrow that ho had
ever stokcu in a defamatory man
I nor of Judge Clilford, and retracted
the same. Mr. Deiuiing's ajsilogy
was made in a way that showed his
true rcjM'ntanee.
i t
A g'l mib'h cow and calf for sale
! at Mr. Phillil'.
Go to the Kisl Front Hilli.ud Hall
for a coil, lefittshiug drink of the
linisst la;'er lieer III Ivisteril Oregon.
State Senator T. D. Harp, of Gal
; ifornia, has been indicted by tho
grand jury for accepting a bribe for
1 his vote on the bill by which Glenn
i county was founded.
j The immense crops raised in Kan
sas this year are enabling the farm
, ers to raise a large crop of mortgages
which for years past have covered
I their fields and all that grew there-
'I'liii assistant commissioner of
iininiiratioii at New York states
that the number of .Mormons com
' ing to the I'nitcd Status is greater
j than any one suspus'ts.
1 Tho lirst week iu October, lS'.IJ,
' is tlic time set for thu national en
campment of tho (i. A. I!, in
Windiiugton I). ('. Nearly forty
jmisIs have already engaged quar
ters for the encampment.
Intelligence it, gaining ground
slowly but surely. A Michigan
judge lias decided that common in
telligence nnd such information as
comes from reading newsiaK-rs docs
i not unlit n man for jury duty.
Mr. John Itay has been brought
home from Hakcr, where ho was
kicked by a horse and had one of
his legs broken. Although the nc
cident hapHiicl two weeks ago, and
; no surgical attendance, Dr. Ashford
j is doing all ho can for the sulfurer.
In::, Or., Nov. 22, 1SSM.
The shallow is growing ami tho
event will be hero in tho near future.
We fesd sorry for CampWll, hut
hurrah for Hoies, Flower, Uusscl
and the rest of 'em.
(Juite a nutnlwr of South Korkrrs
are attending court and well im
bibing refreshments this week.
We understand our accomplished
friend nnd worthy jo.tmislrcss is
exacting friends from Canyon ssxm.
Mr. John Bunion is in Portland
under the care of Drs. Darrin. We
1ioh) lie wilt return improved in
The racehorse men seem to have
gone into winter quarters. At least
we hear no more wordy discussions
on the relative qualities of the vari
ous horses.
One of the South Fork lielles has
gone to Wehfoot on a visit and some
ol mo isys loot blue but she is
oxpeetcsi back ssvon and then they
j will be all smiles.
Mr. Sylvester Whit worth gave n
very enjoyable little hop to a nuiii
i her of his' friends recently. Wo
understand there was quite a crowd
I present all of whom seeinesl to en
'joy themselves hugely.
Mr. D. U. Athertsm has bought
the ranch belonging to Mr. D. Uain-
villc and has leased his horses for
i live years. D. U. is a hustler and
I we exMct to see him make some
money out of this venture.
Once again we feel liko calling
the attention of the road sujicrvisor
am! also the county court to the
road from Guernsey's to the summit.
It must In; fixed or something will
break Iikisc some of these line kpring
'fhe new residence of D. Magi II is
now completed, 'fhe inside work
was done by C, 11. I'tley. It is by
far the neatest and handiest house
ou tho South Fork, am! its accom
plished mistress is now in a )osition
to extend its hospitalities to her
many friends.
Jin: HossKi'ii.vT.
W. II. Urotherton, the fool of a
man who attempted to trundle a
wheelbarrow from San Francisco to
Chicago on a wager, died at La
Junta, Colo., of mountain fever.
(. K. Lovett, of Ued lllulT.Cal.,
was given as a premium to the
San lVaucisco Kxauiiner last year
a p;id up volicy in a life insurance
company. Mr. Lovett lias jut
dies! mid his wife has been paid
310,000 iu gold coin. Undoubt
edly tho Kxniniucr will remain tho
fax or itsi paper in the family.
Charles Houghton, a Hakcr (-'ity
Englishman has fallen heir by the
death of a cousin to $.KXHJ. Tho
Democrat rerts him n very happy
man over the receipt of the "wel
come intelligence." 'fhe death of a
relative seems to carry with it a
fountain of joy for almost any hu
man heart when tho decease is ac
companied by such "welcome in
telligence" as the above, snvs the
K. O.
'fhe Youth's Companion makes
mi Allium gift of the licautiful
painting, entitled "A Yard of Hoses"
to each of its five hundred thousand
subscribers. Any others who may
subscribe now for the first time, and
request it, will receive "The Yard of
Hoses" without extra charge while
the edition lasts. Kvery family
should take this brightest and best
of illustrated literary papers iu ad
dition to its local paper.
Society item iu Journal:
Tom I'artun of Lost Valley is in
town. Ho looks pule, but says ho
isn't sick, that lie has merely sworn
off drinking for good, mid that the
sudden change is telling on him.
Tom made Ins good resolution at
Condon last Sunday morning,
when ho had sobered up after an
unusually big bender, which cul
minated iu his stamping ou his $0o
watch Saturday night.
Judge llrndshaw, at The Dalles,
sentenced a man who had pleaded
guilty to an outrageous assault upon
a woman nearly Ml years old, to
twenty years' imprisonment in the
psuiiieiiliary, notwithstanding the
fact that the man pleaded guilty
and threw himself uimiii the mercy
of the court. Judge Hradshaw is a
man who honors tho judicial office
liu holds Ho must regret that the
luw limited him to thu punishment
ho imjsMK'tl. It is really a waste of
giHl victuals to feed him for twenty
years, to say nothing of turning him
lixise at tho end of that time. Ore
gonian. A sheepherder while iu tho vici
nity of the north fork of the John
Day a short time since says the
Mountaineer made a discovery of
an old tunnel, abandoned long ago
by its workers, is-rhaps through
four of Indians, which lias been
hunted for years by parties who
knew of its existence, until lately
without success, as the entrance was
overgrown and hidden. Tho tunnel
is aUiut 100 feet iu length, and dis
closes black sand iu large quantities
containing Hour gold. Some of
this sand has Won taken to Pen
dleton and will bo assayed to deter
mine its richness. It has been ru
mored that one of thu original
miners was killed and left iu the
tunnel but his remains were not
discovered, 'fhe find is believes! to
bu a valuable ouo.
November 23, 1801.
J. H. Johnson hs sold his cattle.
Win. Waldou lias gono into tho
sheep business.
We are having muddy weather
up our way nt present.
Mrs. J. W. Mack hns returned
from a trip to Granite.
Itciilx-n Chittcndcsi is building a
new house ou his ranch.
Kd Driver is talking of spending
tho winter in 1 he Dalles.
Hen Hardtnau was over from
Hurnt river a few dnys ago.
There are lots of geese now-n-slayH
but most of them ari without wings.
Henry Laurnnce will give a dance
Friday, Novcmlcr 27th, nt his
Most of tho jHiiple of our country
nre gathering their stock for the
I understand John Uobiusou and
lxingslcrry arc buying two-year-old
L. L. Day gave a show Fridsy
night for thu benefit of the public
Scott Hyde has returned from Ids
trip to Salmon river to the joy of all
his friends.
One of the flourishing young men
of Prairie City goes out of tow n to
slo his best dancing.
Arthur King is teaching selling
school every Wednesday night nt
the Winegar school house.
Ten Dogs is talking of selling out
and going to California where ho
can get all the fruit lie can eat.
'fhe baseball club will give a
grand ball at the Grange hall the
2(ith of November with a general
invitation to all.
Cow ltov.
All claims not consistent with the
high character of Syrup of Figs are
purwsely avoided by the Cal. Fig
Syrup Company. It acts on tho
kidneys, liver and ImiwcIs, cleansing
the system effectually, but it is not
a cure-all and makes no pretensions
that every bottle will not substanti
ate. llurki, llucVi, UucVi,
I have 500 Ducks for sale. Ad
dross, Tom Moiiua.v,
Heppner, Oregon.
Go to the Hud Front Billiard
Hull, Canyon City, for lino wine,
liquors and cigars.
lVichtM, tomatoes and cablsige fur
Kale by G. W. Houston nt reasonable
rates, at thu cottage on the hill.
Dry lumber 810 ier M for the next
;I0 days. Delivered iu Csiiiyou City
51ft per M. Shingles, rustic and Moor
ing ill endless quantities.
0. Gukuxskv.
'fhe Albany Herald is of the
opinion that the Oregon Pacific will
be completed next year, and thinks
work ou the road will begin early
iu the spring.
Say did you know that Porter llro'a
ell llour at $.Y7.'i per libl in ft Mil li.Ut
und special rates to mrrchaiiU, also ou
exchange give 33 lls of Hour, I '- Mm
liruu and shorts per bushel wheat!
Hrim and khoits 5IM.O0 per ton.
Mr. Granville (.Mark has fitted up
room fur a hospital iu the Horsley
building iu this city, utnl is now pro
pared to leccivo (uitienU, and furnish
them quietaiiil csiuifortiible apartments.
11 Is stock of drugs ami ineiliciinw is
also flesh nod complete.
When you send away for goods
remember the firm of Collin A Mc
Farland at Hcppuer. They not on
ly guarantee you first class goods at
lowest prices, but they pay mail or
express charges ou hiiiiio to any
stage ollico in Grant or Harney
counties. See their new "ad" for
further particulars.
'fhe Oregonian, at great exenso,
has prepared a sectional map of
Oregon, mid olTurs it as a premium
for subscriptions to the Weekly
Oregonian. The map is corrected
up to date, is -lllxfto inches iu size;
keale, six miles to the inch. It is
neatly finished and ou rollers, rrady
to hang up on the wall. This is
the finest map of Oregon ever issued
nnd should be iu every household
in the state. Anyone sending J.'I.OO
will receive Tho Weekly Oregonian
for fifteen months (if the subscrip
tion is received prior to January I.
1S!I2,) and one of these mnm as n
premium, 'fhe price of the map
without the paor is f 2.00.
OlIKUO.NIAN Prill. isiiinu Co,
Portland, Oregon.
While the ministers arc clamor
ing for closing tho world' fair on
Sunday, it scorns thuy can't agreo
ou Sunday observuneo between
themselves. Tho Cumberland
Presbyterian (.ymxl has been in
heshiou iu Sun Aiitoniu, mid nt u
lute hour on the night of final ad
journment, a resolution was offer
ed, censuring ministers who had
gone home ou a Sunday train, A
bitter debate resultesl, tlm dis
patches tell us, one minister tug
gesting that thosu who nxlo on the
btreet cars ought to be included in
tlm censure. Those regulators of
other U'ople. have (jucer ideas.
Tht drtt HunusmenUl Principle of
the Unlverst and Its Power to
Rotors Htslth la Humanity.
KxtvcritucutH by scientists arc con
stantly nnd surely proving electrici
ty to bo tho great motor owcr of
creation. Klectricity is the most
powerful chemical ugent, ns well ns
the basis of chemical action. It is
the primal element of light nnd
heat; tho promoter of life nnd tho
sustaincr of health. Disease yields
readily to its msgnctic touch, and
even unrelenting death is averted
by its presence. Thousands of nf
Ihcled and BUITcriiig War witness to
its healing jwwer. Tho electro-magnetic
as practiced by Drs. Darrin,
has revolutionized tho practice of
medicine, ns is shown by the follow
Kd. Hynes, Albina, catarrhal
deafness, restored.
P. C McFarlane, Vancouver, set
atic rheumatism, cures).
Thomas Hull', Mocksburg, dizziness,
kidney nnd liver complaint, restored.
J. It. Cunningham, Wapinitia,
Wasco county, Or., total denfnosn
two years in one ear and partially
so in t lie other, cured.
Mrs. J. K. Smith, Prinoville, Or.,
nervous debility nnd general weal:
ness, almost Itordering on insanity,
Heuson McCoy, Tho Dulles, Or.,
deafness and terrible pain in tho ear
and head for six mouths, until he
was nearly crazy, restlessness and
insomnia. Restored to health by
electricity after all treatments had
Dr. Darrin continues to treat all
classes, tho rich and oor alike, free
of charge, at 70 Washington street,
Portland, from 10 to It a. in. daily.
Those willing to pay, from 1 1 n. in.
to S p. m. at one-half Ids former
prices. He gives free and confiden
tial examinations to all at tho ollico
or by letter, lie treats all curable
chronic, acute and private diseases
with electricity, and medicines when
Graham llour $5.00 psir barrel,
barley 1 1 cents, rye 2 cents and
)K)tatoes I J cents per pound at
Gundlach's. '
Ts the Public.
Notice is hereby given that I will
not be respsnisiblo for any debts con
tracted after this date by anyone
but myself, except upsin written
Canyon City, Or., Nov. Id, KS'.U.
Fiiko Yoiiuonson.
Schedule ofeijionililuroM of Grunt
county, State ol Oregon, allowed
and rejected, November term county
court, IS'.) I.
Ami. AIImnimI,
J W Achftml, lJi)lcUu rMmliilnjr
Uhi; f llh lluw (Chlliitutli)
kuulttullli k Uuriiar, luuU,r
Id, I1M.I illalllll Nu I
Jslu.l Whklatr, bslalii pa, maul
of aiiMUn -I lib) fur
luail .ll.llltl Nil tl afl.p.l l,r
iih!f ,iil Mat; itrm !il
lHfr A lliauilt, luml.r lus'ldlilllcl
N... 1.
IM A llfamll, lumber ta-t a la
Irlrl ,S. I
i St O)
I s
l 10
13 IM
ii H
15 II
is 10
16 IS
:i H
' n
; a
IM (0
) m
II t-i
v W
I fal
ii CO
T u
tswt A llisujl.
ml .So. t
lumbrr dli.
tlu kltlr. mU tamjta for
,irk a Ulha
! kUarar, fralulit uii autipllia
fur roaMi
Julil ia) Salilltifl, itillaUlif
II. a uital!ii iMrtl of aiualll.
stioh aitj It cbrra aiaiulhaliwn
Ollli I. 1'aluraoli, fiuMlalUhf hulko
Irai lafa' alautiitatluB, luil, 11
II I Aabtir;, ubll. 1)11.1 llal .! al-
ltJU,ira, aem. fciinual rriru
laual.tra' aiamlualliiu ami fa
il m MSmi of UH.y aiarrakU
flt II lUniaril k IX., aupl.Uaa anj
aUtlMtarjr fwf KvuttXy
lll'l raat, Watil of pllawuara
W n k..tllliuilb, J.Uof Ui
llaploii.ull, liaii s Cs , fr euuntjr
Ii (1 onrhutl. fur raHislr Mr
O I' Crrt, csejfl IttaUM tml pfla
otiara W II Urltjr, wwra. oat rouft liwut
O I' C'faa., fwf ruutil er, Itflaa
urall H4Hk-afriaH
II N C..I..I, liaallaj alcalUH aavtlia
lvr A iri4dt luiaiW.r ruil SU
Irlrl So til
1 mmJ llrnjl. luaaikat ruaS alia-
tlKt .No I
Jatkaun Cttauilxra, Loaralluf Ha1tf
Uiwla UfrJaall, koare'laif p4Ur
J W Aatifun Malirlr.a fwj puuttif
N II II). t0!w rani, .m1 kU
ahtwfilni (Mill; wartanla
U S llwiltam. aUliaaarf
J"fali brata)', aawlst; aow4 for
Willi l,jaa
Uy ordur of tho county
Gho. Shi:
To the Public.
'11 m warehouse at McKwouvilhi
having been finished, all shippers of
freight should notify mu whether
they want thoir gisxls forwarded tu
the present trrminus of tho Suinpter
Valley H. U. Freight and transfer
charges together being twenty-llvo
cental K3r hundred ivrjundu, distaneu
from this point to too present end of
the linn being twenty-six miles, il
brings tho gnosis nearer homo.
Pluaso direct all cominiinieatioiiH
and orders here, and everything will
have prompt attention.
S. A. Huii.nhu.
linker City, Or., Oct. 21, 18111.
All teamsters must present u
written order for gixxls, or else thuv
are liable to go back empty as his
tivoly no goods nre delivered Ukiii
say hi by teamsters.
I'urlUnJ frrfHi A I' Ariuatrontf. I'rln,
IU 4ili K. Um4 tarnaL Uia. Cviliua, Saltui, oiri-oiu
sma tvin tf atuj, uui f la af lulllou,
It ti h I ii ohh. Nliort hand,
Tyhwll'f. I'tmilif , Au lltfailminli
SaTlu aaaak! lbroulviit lk yaar. Slu4ruU avtuUl
l4 a.1 wi; lliaa. t'lletfia flvata lllaaf Kkwol, fa.