Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, October 08, 1891, Image 1

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    7c Paper fm lite Stock
man, Ale reliant and
77 'i per or the Farm,
the JJ orkxhap ami- tho
1 1 nine.
Volume Xlll.
C.'hVVOsV CITY, UHjLYT COUNT Y, 0 HCG'ON, 77 U HSIM Y. (HT01li:it$) IS01.
Number 21).
lit-' Olt'O., ruK TtMAYT iWSTT.
J. K. Prick, Plainlill
John Carrey. Mary Carrey,
Joseph !v "rinc, J 1 1 Make,
IM C Alien. J I. Sparry. V
J Fiimiah, Win Mullock,
J Durkheimer, Frank ('our
. nolle, Tho Firt National
Hank of Ifeppncr, Oregon,
r S Denning and (' S Dun
lin. AaMi'irnee. kiYitd:inl. I
To Win. Mullock ami Frank
Couraclle, of tho above named de
fendants :
Iti Uw name of Uio Slate of Ore
gon: You ami each of you art
hereby notified ami rcpiirod to l
and appear al Canyon City, Oregon,
in tho above court mid cause
on or licfore the I'th ilav of Novem
Iter, lHill, thai being tho find day of
the next regular term of the aUivo
eourt, then and there to nnnwor the
complaint of the alxtvo named
Plaintifl' filed in the altove eourt and
cause, ami utiles you do fo apjtear
rtnd answer paid comiilnint, the
jdaintilf, for want there-.!, will ap
ply to said court for the relief pray
ed for in hi Raid complaint to-wit:
For a decree in fuvoro, the PlaintiH'
and against tho defendant John
Carrey for Seven Thousand Six
Hundred Ninoly-eiht and fifty one
hundredths dollars ($751S.."U) and
intercut thereon at len per cent. wr
nunum from October "2-, issii, 1
ance lue upon a promissory note
lor Ten Thousand (.?ltl,(xxi) dollars
dated September 11, 1M. duo III)
days alter date, drawing ten cr
cent interest annually, with pro
vision for reasonable uttorncv s fee
in case of suit, given by said John
Carrey to said plaiutill', and Might
Hundred (-.SOU) dollars attorneys
fee, besides the costs and disburse
ment ol this suit; for a decree lore
closing that certain mortgage, dated
September M, lSh'd, and executed
by the defendants John and Mary
Carrey to the plaintiff to secure the
above descrilied note, ujion the fol
lowing descrilted prnjierty sittiattnl
in t! rant count v, Oregon: The SJ
of the NW and WJ of N V. , Sec.
10, in Tp II S of It ;t0 K W .M, tho
UJufthcSW'l of Sec. '. and the
IS I of the NV of See. ::-), Tp 11 S
of I! -2!) K W M, the SJ of the ski,
thu NWJ of tin- SKj and tlio NIC)
of tint SV of See. 27, in Tp 1 1 S of
It 2'.) IS, ami the VJ of the SW of
Sec. -JC, and the WJ of the NWj" of
Sec. .T'i, and the N I of Sec. ill, all
in Tp 11 S of U 2!) IS, tho N IS of
the NV of Sec. :n; in Tp s s of n
KU H, the SJ of tint SJ of Sec. S in
Tp 11 S of 1! ::t) IS, the NIS of the
NlVl-1 and NWll of the MCI-1 of
Sec. W and the K J of the SWI-I of
Sec. S in Tp l S of U US H, the W J
of the N K 1-1 and the VJ of the
S1SI--I of See '' in , Tp !i S of It
IS, the NKJ I of Sec -' in Tp 1 1 S of
It 211 K, the Ntt'l I of the SW'I -I.
the SJ of the NWJ and the NWll
of Sec -Ji in Tp !) S of It lis IS, the
NWJ-i of Sc.: in Tp 11 S of It .
IS, tho I'M -2 of Sec .'III in Tit U S of I
It 2U H. the SW1-I and the Sl-2 of
tho NWll and the SWI-I of the
iN'lCl -1 and the NWI-I of the SKI-1
of Sec Hi in Tp il S of It ! K, the
Wl-'.'oftho NWll, the SKI I of
the NW1 -I, the Sl-2 of the NK1 1,
tho Nl of tho SWI-I and the
NWll of the SKI-I of See ,U in
Tp S of It :it K, the N1-' of the
NW1 the SKI-I of the N l
and the SKI I ..f the SWI-I and
the SI -2 of the SWI-I of See .Hi in
Tp il S of It 2U K, and that said
hinds or so much thereof as may be
necessary, he ordered hold to satisfy
the above amounts: and for a de
cree that the alleged claim, interest,
and lien, of you and each of ymi
find of all am! each of the d. I'md
nuts I'll foreclosed and foreer bar
red from any claim to. interest in,
lien uMn, or equity of redemption
to, said laud or any part thereof,
and further that the plaiutill' have
execution against the defendant
John Carrey for any dcticjeucv after
applying the proceeds ofsneh bale
to the payment of said several
amounts, and for such further re
lief us may lo eipiituble.
Service uon you nud each of you
t made bv publication of this suiii
iii oi is in tfio liuAM' Cofxi'v Nkws
for ix weeks, hv onler of tho Hon.
M. I). Clifford, Judge of the above
court, and taid order is of date,
.Stiteiulir Ml, IMM. 1'. M.i v,
Attorney for I'luintill'.
llctttr Than Itvcr.
Tho North lVeiflc Industrial Ux
jMisitiou at Portland, September 17
to Octolier 17, IMM. I ted lived rntt'H
via the Pnion Pacific.
If you wish iwmt aud Uty jub voik
yau cm ilo no UtUr tliau to will on
tlio Niiwt,
To Sttilttcr, OUI attti Mew.
In onler to put The Week It Ore-
gonian into the home of those now
without it, the publishers make the
liberal olTer of fifteen months for
12.(X) to nil who subscribe prior to
January 1. ltt'1'2. Thin offer nimlien
not onlv to new sultscribf rs but to
v I. r.. ..i t:.:.... ...
nertlxjr renewing, is given his choice
or cither " 1 he Amenenn Livestock I
.Manual," or the "Standard Ameri
can Poultry ltook," which will U
snl free, )ostage prepaid. These
arc valuable worts of reference for
tlte farmer.
Tho Weekly Oregonian is tin;
great weekly of the Northwest.
There is ho weekly published on the
Pacific coast, or anywhere else, that
furnishes readers a fuller compen
dium of all the news of the whole
world than does the Weekly Ore
gonian. No other pajs-r gives such
close attention to Pacific coast news,
cbKM-inlty as to what is transpiring
in the great Northwest.
Aside from its tine x eel led news
features, a large number of sjtecial
articles, prepared for its columns by
well-known writers, arc published
during the year. It furnishes des
criptive letters from various portions
of our own country and from foreign
climes, as well as stories, etry
and well selected misceltanv. There
is a department maintained for the
farmer, al.o for the women and
children. All the advantages of a
newspaMr of the first class are of
fered by The Weekly Oregonian
No family in the entire Northwest
can allord to Ih without it.
( lllH.oM N 'l 111 l-IIIM. ( 'o ,
Portland. ( n 'oti
Next session begins on Monday,
the -'lst day of September, "'.
I Ultlon, tree.
Four courses: Classical, Scien
tide. Literary, and n short linglish
Course, in which tin-re is no Latin,
(ireek, French or tierman. The
Kuglish is prc-euiinenlly a Business
Course. For catalogues or other
Address J. W. Johnson, .
And to the Noith Pacific lruluttrut
xx,ltlon in That City.
To those desiring to vi.-it the Ex
jtosition tho I'nion Pinitie will sell
tickets at one and one-fifth fare for
thu round trip on Mondays, Wid
i u-nd ays and Fridays of eueb week
b tween September Ml and October
lh, lS'.ll.
On Moiiiiays, Wc.Jncid.iys ami I'oduyi.
Of each week ln-twcen Seiteniber
Hi ainl OetoU-r 17, the fnion Paci
fic will sell cxcurniou tickets ttt
Portland and return ut one and one
fifth fare for the round trip. Visit
the Kxjtositiou
I l , J IVU
r r r a i i ntir
I). (1. OVKItllOLT,
.t SKLS IlltoS.
PiopiiotoiH, Wm.
(Jooi ijh.V Nn ii.
uw, Onhuttgii,
1 Aw S0
. Mil i 1,1 TJt
iru i
I Hi J
llr Muil IIa All 1 1nt l Oit, If llo Wuul.l
IIhM lilt Ootl.
lli! .Ii-ar' how It l on rtMn
hlMJ oviiiii(,' to wnmler forth Into th
rarW or Ut te out on to the vernmln
tor n minute's otitlnir ulrintf sJler
eonflnenieut nii'l fliwnvvi of otrrr-
: !,.,'a,,' '' N"iy iyth.-re .-xpt
ine mjn In the nwon nn.l one other
' ft-lov. nn.l noUkly, wVi the-, jhhv
Mi Katr lu-nutv ha a or of nU-
lr-rt uml she o t tnke thorn oat
one h.r one mul In the Hhl of the moon
lUteii tit their iliH-Urntl mt nn.t their
oWrrstl.iiii She cannot miirry thent
all. mnl, prohahlr !s'il'.-t not e.ira to
marrv any of them, toil slio love to
hair them nil !eot"tt Ut fier an I rvftity
to il.mre Btti-nUiw M(hn hv-r erery
Uh un-l whim.
Nmi.' ilav from the rnnUn .f th
rnruli r, niio hnve foil ov.- l her forth
InVith, i-ht of the moon -ilw will
selwt one- who fchatl N- the tnvo of thn
rinir, aii-1 who- wM nml ph-nnre ami
ilnty It will Ij foii-vennorv-1- U-atl hnr
wl.-n-s,,-r,-r .Jio wNhea Ut po, whether
It U' ttiMi-tr the sun by ily tr 'n.-ttth the
m.v.:i a.-t I ititr l y nlliU I.ik.- tho
--nltor nn.l lie l;iy will lh.- e two l
to i .u h otln r. The one moKlliiiir ami
l-iyiiitT. te other nttalitl:)..' eiveh
tno.,1,-111 l ie hi -li it ilf;fr , of iK-nutjr
w liU-S V!ie 1, mil of th.'M'ulptor r.ti ifor.
It not t'tink l i lin 1'sor H -nitty
;''ie . I. for itt'il. tie V. rypl-ol.i.-y.
I, no iT.x Uatnla.i hi, tor mul
hih-uI. a nm.itU-riU;i of Jbjuiu' . i that
her 1 1 eomlilion boa ti.i l,-r;;.inc
any r!.an,v no far a seniito .- t.-v. In
tiaMMillti.- Intim't.lon t ron.Trnojt.
Mte li. ineivly leivrniil t ( il er n.n ltd
tn-le.ivi u'.ient iin.1 c!i;i:f, l. tne.-n
(Told aiul itroHi, tHtneen ultter niel
tlnst I, U 'ween hhmMy ami In -r.iin, w
ti.eesi jihhI for -..Lm-thln aa l k ! t r
n 'i:uie,'. that ii all, nnil Mu. t'nir
I! a-:ty i, l liarlio tnuit U- fool
nn I Ii uie-.t, and eU-ver an. I n lile,
I i .tr e -t a.tii true. If h. Il
Ii- l i 't h.- I. iti ,t ! e.iji.ilil.- of
i.i", I ,, i i xiv to Ik-i-,i.:i t .i-U. In
1..11 .1 l..i-i . . eutoe iliility, it i I ith-
I,. I.. 'I . I ,1 Iv.ell th it f:l, V lll.'U
II i . I i II . ,,! tin v Ii lller.t ol . IK el- ti.
M, l';ui- Ii, nitty ami her li.ti r, lli
Smart I ..rl, on) her i-ousin, Mi.i lllno
M.i.'l.iief, .in- all eapaltte of l,nolna
(-il lluu.r when thoy m-e It, and,
i- i ii -nlly, they nre it-U lutf out fur
t.i -"lit :,'ht eonitnniona tho very lo-st
n 1 1 lie f mu I anywh 'r., ami tho
.Mi , . S.uiey younif man ami the ;flrlkli
yotiiijr man ur j,'"laK l-'lf 'lf for
.ueethenrt'i. They can't pet them at
ull The lilnil they want wont have
lliem, nml tliuM who will hnro
tliem ;o-e mi far ilmvii in what ) now
th - i;,rlUli -.tain . thai thoao top lofty
ihou.rii top litflu yoiiiiii 1110,1 tlen'l want
lhein.--.. V World.
ir III) llf tllK I'lOllU)- l lit tin Nlllltnt It
l tin- Mi.lhi r
The tnemlH-rof the family u ho, if any
one, li.ii t i lie utiiite-l, ii the i.imV r I
haw m tv rarely Imleeil kmnui a ili'k
eln!ii t i want fur nnthtn.r v. itli n her
en-. in ., ien if i'.ii' huve to (fo without
In eeii irll'i for her J'lf.
After the ion ilinei of n lurmlier nf
n lioun'hol , nay a writer in
the Nineteenth t Vnlury, It In a com
rein tiling for the mother to hreaU
down from ncanty fcolin; nml aniuui
tine Monday morning, in the leith of
the late terrible winter, n thin, jioorly
clad little woman came through miow-
i. torm to an lant I'ml workhoue ti itnk
fur food for lu-r children. Her hinli.ind
v. a-, lyinif ill In the imlirmnry. nml i.hc
had live children to mipiKirt by vharin,;
ami ilolnif odd job.
The woman Iwwl Ix-eii an oiit-intient
at the her . el ( for debility, and
was taking touie medlelne at the linn-.
The relieving mlleer w in. kind, and at
onee uivsiiUil the family with fool.
Ten i.nnutea after the aeolieant hail
1. ft the relief ollieei I nu futitheit in
h. iti t i -vee the poor woman, who had
j'i-.t reinhe.l Inline with the badly
ii. , I. ,1 food Mi.' had pliu-ed the la c ,i
ii'id i i, at on the table uml had fallen
I .i I .i-i tin U-.l' I tit xuriirii.-d to
i. e In,' elm'. '.i , wi 1! feill-h Minn ntaml-i.i.-
tin b l on which lay their dead
I l,e
. 1
',tor iMin a common one' 11m
-I all .-"lie t" the little ouch. Iho
r la.. I -,i, i ,li. e,l her life to kau
' Mi ii .lie miliar enough with
t luiii's i 1 1 I .isi l.oudou.
. n a i i ai mi. to defend lint
' induleut paiiM-r mole
too o.'li n e..releiieii,iiii.'h
!i' ; but of the mother I can,
i' le, hay uothiliif but ('ooil,
r. ' i,ay ol -ri-ltfe, ' i thu
:i alive," and I .hould in
i ntlment even had I no other
' to d'n traUt It
irleaned from my Lout l.uu-
: I. are about JO.000 CUhh (flrl lit
1 1.
I. I. ii. -lainl there are on an average
nt Aft: to every Inhabited iio-.
Tir n;iiilation of India h.u, iucrcimed
b 1 1 1 1 i t v inillion. in the luikt ten veari,
and if it i.i 't-j4- at lh.' nam - rat.i will
K' l'oe liniiilreil milliona by Ittlt.
im -I irrilof the I l.tWvl.OilJ fainlllcH In
rr.iuee have no children. Aa many
no o e have only one child, uml of (ho.
who have an many a aevuu clilldreu
the na. ub r ii only Mtl.tKM.
Tin smalle-1 r- i-ublle In the world It
( iW I''. ville.oae of the I .lauds
oft'i N -w Hebrides. The Inhabit .Hits
e,.:n.iit of 10 Lurop--ani an I J i l.lai'le
w,.r'..i:ien, employed by a rrelte'.l com
pilllV 'I'm. ill. are more women In llrilUh
India il Ji.iki.i.u.iui than tin re are men,
women aud children in Ureal llrituln,
I ranee uml ' o-riualiy put together, with
the population of several minor lame
jk'uii i , i-t in ,i . oi II
Scon vn l Jtlajnte-t with eilce
Till: cultivation of tlifi"li'ii been
prohibited In I'rypt by the Uhedlve.
bu i wti are devn-tntitijr Ali'ria. A
enrnvan from Monttvo j.v.ks1 through
tiwarmnof them for thirty-two ituj v. .
our. ha a rave from v.Meh a win
try lnd perpeUtalty blown. 'I he fonv
of tht-w lmll atu-lt that a i-troiv man
cannot toll, I ttcf.nv It.
A Nt:W Yoniita nltoha-.jtot eilttrne.l
from n trip thr,u!i I1.i!:.i.hI m?u that
he did not -h- n 'aI.i-I. ! N.r iliirliiu'hU
lav in that country of frmfnt and In
Ittitriom people.
Tiik Atvimttnc yovcmracnt ha.
far ai povillde, t.hppel nil work upon
public buililinir and like improvements
owinjr to the wont of money for tltelr
further pnuweutlon.
Tin lit: U a vait amount nf private
wealth in hill, and the nt Ub vmt nre
lav In their expenditure. Many of
the private n-i.hh-nec in Santiago are
veritable palaecn anil arv mnnlllccntly
in imno the pant winter the earth of
the villas- of KinmJ.iru'L near I'aja.
I.apland. lio-nme niildeiilv very hot,
the ice and miow inelliii:,- Immediately,
Klul tlte upplteiit Ion i.f one'i hand to the
earth e. liable to result in an unctHii
fortahly warm x-nMillon.
Im the town, of Kiilli. it, I'omeraala, n
irn'at pelt-. to eonntry, the entire popula
tion, ef bctwi-cti three ami four thou
anil. khut up their linnwi, leave the
key with the minor, ami ncattcr till
over roin. ruiil.i to Hie potato li.trvcat.
leaving the major ami U-llrinjfvr alone
In charj-e of the town.
.M Lxsmrnv ii ald to hnvij won
f.'to.ouo at the lVrby.
Mu. Iiwtan T.tvion lion ivturnel
from Germany and will h.-liccforth
make her home In thix country.
I. tin llI.RI, VMfe of the LMvenmr
of II. ml. iv. It an excellent erleUeter.
and handh-ii her bat in la.i.lerlv .tvle.
I.ti llMuiu iir, th.- hl .t iri i:t Mot
ley i ilaiivrhter, ! very li.niilvniie nml
has more than a local celebrity Ik'cium'
of In r wit
Mat. V.t ir Antra It. la the cen
ter of attraction .it o'f
cattM- i.he ii verv craciotii ami ahvayi
ay Jtuil the riirht lliiuir.
ChM'Mi Nino:' m ither hna anirerml
lieovy l'w"i thro'i ;h lom of rent, from
her lriih et t.-i, but he lit n tiri-'ht
ami rem-hln as ever.
t Aiiiliaii: U u : liuisr. a n lew of
I'hurlow Wi-cil. r.1,,1, i tii Allinnv. N.
t., nml H rceo;,-ni.-i-il n the lemllntr
woman uiaat. ur In thU coaulry In the
art nf
Mi I'AiitMK-h. the dauirhler of Mnu-
fie Mitchell, Imihi very inileh like her
mother. .She ha hnnlly eroMMHl the
llirexhold of a iln-nuiff-room or tuvn
the iflare of tin- fiHillUrhtaexcenl faiiillv
nml from far away.
Mai Mai-kkv'm now Iondon hone
iitaiui two Ideal bathriKaiDi, the unit
in I'ompciian atylo the other Jumini-w.
In each of them aliiindatit iim- hoa l-fli
ntaile of rloUumuc enamel, 'llu- en-
ti-.mei hallK to tile mansion contain
mine of the lineal deeoriitlve work ever
wen in Ianfland.
Iheei'U the Herman operatic tenor,
U not yet. thirty He ii n Mender
I blonde nml doe not look ilrontf, yet he
i dis s nit eiiormoni nmotint of work.
I 1'oiinril i nl mi. in lieorjfla, lion dc-
velo-il an iufaulile iriliry, who at
I four yearn of otfe can n-nl ililllcult
j imitlu eorn-etly at ulifht. IIU voice is
Mift and tuneful and ha liliU fair to be.
culm- famou.
Kfiiis-rmv la mnklnt; a lsik on
Mimic nml Musician, excluding refer
eneea to llvintf men. He mahe. the ill-lercKtiii.-
deelarntlou that linte;wl of
ln(f n formei s, Wiuucr, Lis. t and Her
llox placed M-rlou obstacle in tlic path
of mitkieal protrrena.
Tin: duke of Sutherland, who U Mimc
thln of a musical eiit'aiiil,v,l. ha,
erected a lar?e oi j'un In the rraad hull
ut Mnlford house, timloii The Instru
ment, whleh U the largest and in i.t
complete of any In privub- re .itlcm-e in
Klitfluud, is blown by n hydraulic un
tfllli!, HUtt coat U),uoJ.
.M.lJIV Ktnl aawlnga have knot 0I
No uam ran pn stralyhl ahead who
looks bm-kwartt.
A in r. HniU honey whre a spider
would Uml jHiison.
Win virtue in met unexpectedly It
shines the brightest.
TilMO. is a brick In every clod, but it a hot lire to teli it so.
Tin: lias hut. to v -broken l-'fure lu
real sin ntrtli can U- known.
1 r lh U tter to kill a simlic in a elum
y way than nut to kill it ut all.
ill), ir victories run mil v be eiijoycil
by thoki- who llfc'ht (,'rcut battles.
Till r.Mili of a tree are of more ciiiim-
illenee than it. Ini'licl biiuiches.
I'l.oi-t.i. I'eiierally M-t their heart
inoht uimiii that tv lii. h the.v need least.
I lam's Horn.
Ir tnmblctl with lieailacho, try thu
t-liiinlUineiais nppll.'Htion of hot water
to the feel ami buck of the llcek.
A ti:,v made by iwurlnjf hoilim; water
over fcwect llaffruot will relieve worm
hlckm-i in children uml i . a I mi .-i for
AtnuA may Ut irreotly relUtvtHl by
fco.-iki.i,' bhHtW or naper In
alronhatH-ter witter; dry it. then burn
it Bt III -hi in the i,lecpin;f r miiii,
I'nM a cut, lakepowilereil n-sln, pound
It very II iu- uud toreador klft it over the
cut; t mp u pkve i f --ift llucii aruttml It.
ami wet It III eohl water iulU often.
This will pn vent iiilluunuation nnd
TiuiHr nw t.tnne-'ioleil Usita.
A KAlic l Utrn at every ltnl of tlw
Immar. heart.
TllK rabbit excelx nil other anlmaU
lit cmluritifr cohl.
A xi:w JapfincM eniUer l to In? Imllt
In Han l'ranciico.
UnttM band.. nei not allowed Uj play
tit the street of Nashville. Tetin.
Tk lay per annum l the avcmiro
atnonnt of alckncut in human life.
"Sirrto on Ice" is a theatrical phrniw
for a lKvukc that dm-s not applaud.
A rixx-K In Rattle Crock, Mich., lift
been ninnlnu fur one humlrctl yi-nm.
TltR amount of pilil In the world
tvotild ill in n nMiti twenty-four feet
each way.
A K txA farmer h n eorntUdil tlte
row of which nre 'thlee-llftlut of u mile
Ir hat lieen flirtmil nttt that It emtan
rich man over 911,000 to die In New-
Till: i-nch wa nrlsrlnnlly n very p-tl
aonona fruit, but by cultivation the p-tl-
noli hna ilLsjippenretl.
A r.tlK younir etlltrea of u palnr In
flmirvi.-i ilenoum-e a rival iilltor a
liar and a U-ant nf a man."
A Piin..viii:t.t,lil.v dude carrlc a enne
930 year old that has Iweit In ulluoat
every country of the riulx
Tiiche wo n time when In Tartu nml
Vienna yountf dandles wore unlitn'il
hhlru w ith the faces of favorite dancer.
displayed all over the cnrim-nt.
llriu-ftv U utirnhlis-.l in I'arU In
vnrlotia private temple, where thedevo-
U-e meet rc)fulnrly Ui pay himate to
the "I.lifht of Asia." Slnat of thc
llutldhist nre Japanese, bill uiiutui,'
them arc many Frenchmen uml n few
'I n iMii: I a laiindrymnn In Tarln who
has discarded nil konp, iunIii and
bleitchinir 1-iwders iu hi establish
incut, lie merely use plenty of water
and lulled iHitittiv, and can cleanse,
without applying any alkali, the mint
Milled of linens, cotton or wodt-n.
Till: TarU utreet exteiutini; from
Ncuilly to St, IVnln U lined with tune
hleilown teucmclit that are mid to
shelter mure vice and luliiilty than can
lie found In nity other pol In the world.
The houses throng with crlminaU.
The street is known tn thu "ISuttte dc
In Uovolte."
Ha lHvt. of liouiul lln-ik, N. .1.,
nroke one nf hi rllw. in hi- cifoiU tore
strain a violent lit of siieeiiij,',
A risK ptinsy ent in n Chester ITa.)
family jumped for a ruLcaturhl iu necl:
rlbUni on a nail nnd str.inj'leil todcath.
A I'Loiiinv woman wa nearly poi
soned t death recently by accidentally
luhalliit,' lb t -wder which she wan
scatter I iiir uUmt a nsun.
A Svx ItrtivAiiiiivo (t'al.) Uty wn
badly hurt the oilier day by a ploy'
mate, who accidentally ran n rib from
an umbrella through the back of his
I.tottTNiso from a clear ky utrtirk a
Helena (Mont.) woman the other day
and trnc. d on her an almost iierfcct
re pre a-ututioti of a small branch of a
tree. She w;i , not hurt In the least.
Mr i. I' vv . of I M rainier, l , jfot a fn'it
ride that .!ie ili.ln t enjoy the other
da.. Slu- wan caught on the cow her of a liK-omotno and carried a
quarter of n mile, but wmuujLacrluudy
Tlii'llK nre basket made nf braided
atitfar canilv II I lei I with ice imitating
peuelirii, plums, etc., anil llavorcil llliii
the Milt.
A (.isr.r.N melon can U crved lllled
with ri- colori'il water ice, llllcil with
the seeds of chocolate ice, while one of
the latest ideas I a Mtf leaf of K'recn
ice hohlintf a handful of real atntwU-r-
At one dinner cream wa aprved In
the hcurU of real calla lilies, the ecu-
U'r. of whleh wen- n-iiioviul lx-fore tint
flllhi;, while nt another pule, yniylsh
chK-ol:ite ui- wa. tnohlcd to reprenmt a
lurj'c oyster shell closely shut.
Jc: fro.-n into the shajM- of wax
c:.iuiie. nre a novelty, eiwn m tnesc
huvin;r a little tas-r at the end, which,
just U fore U in u-rved, Is lighted, the
cream camtie i.eint,' i.roniu on iu n
hum candlestick, with hiiulfcr nf
A uk.wtiiy limn with u loiiu facealnn-
dcrs (ioil.
i'ti Ut I Mime one v ho nn'iU love la a
step toward lo-l.
No uai ii:m how (lisl wnrnfc the alnucr
He always d.s s it Ol love.
'I'm. nay to make a sueces of every
thing you do Is to do it for tiod.
'I'm: only man who really feara (5il U
tlte one who Is ufniiil to do wron'.
Wn know men who are very pious
whenever (lod cta them In a tighl
Till: Nircst uinu'a Ut weliflis a
much on (lixl'a acnlca a that of the
rlchekt. ltaiu'a Horn.
I'll txru'K iMUsM'saloua In Africa
amount to T.luo.iJUO Mpiare l,'ilomi'ter,
is ophsl w ith Jl.oou.UKi InlmbituiiU.
lil llUASV ' tokMeaioiiK in the dark
ivuit im nt amount to j,:iou,iNj,i mi nan- i
kilometers of lain), on which arc located
T.wj.oju InhabltunU.
I, M.i. A Mi liolil sway
. . , 41 1..
holds away In Afrh-, lie '
cliidliiif Lirypt. over l.wje.oiw square
lilloini u-n. with iiilmliltaut to the
numU r of aj.uoe.uuu.
1,1 ri l i: l'ortuifal lias manaa-cd to ifet
tmirl of jaw.uoo Miimre kllumvier
of Africa 1 1 luml, aud IU
niUt esU'lHlNI
ovrr a iHilaliuii tlutrn
"II avk you any rofereiKH frwn yonr
last place?" "VI, ma'am, Hut they
wouldn't inck ye feel any more com
fortable aUml tulilu" me." Hunter
I lain r.
Mho. Watt "How U your new
Hirir .Mr. I'olt -"Oh. alttt'a a perfect
heathen. t left her to atralffhten
tiiinjr up U'forvt the minister culled,
nml she iicvercven diutetluir the HthU."
- Indianapolis .loiinial.
I Miw. Van Vki.v "If you work fur
tnc, llrldfel. you wilt have to wear
ca. I laippoast' you do not object?"
l!rid;,vt "Survi not. mum: I can Uirry
wan from me cousin. 11 hat car t.tiw.
ami a 'eoou tall on top." Ilarjvr'a
" No. Mt-vt." mnkl llrklip't, "l didn't
brin,f any reference. I dklli't think
Von would care for the opiuloiisof some
of the stwiiih I have lieen tturkintf
for. And IIHiltfct wn prxtmptly en
Ifn-d. N Y. Itcconlcr
Tkstu StRl.Kf Hoco:wirB (Uv her
hclpl -"I wonder where the leaf of that
et Misloit table ha dlanitpcnrcil to
Help ( w ith a U-am of saliifuctloti nl her
superior l;nnwiedin'l "Now woan't It
t bad, mum? The lire went out nn.l
It went for kiiulliu What ii I so could
I do" I'lilladclpt.ia Kcconl.
A iilinri:lt-vi:.vii oi.ti ch. a- hi an ap
plicant for a marriage license at .Sci au
ton, I'a.
A NKt v mnrrleit Siuotieliaitna iI'b )
nuiple have Mpar.ited and rciinlteil
three time-. I four wska.
A miins'i.ii'siM In .lackaoii. Mich . In of t.v.ttiinf hi ucddlli irueata to
clears 'ave to each a bread ticket.
A nam:: w aa urmyeil In her wmldlnj;
tlneri and two humlivd iruesti li.ul it
M'inbled ul l'eysirl, N. .1., ivheii she re
ceived a note from the ci.hiii tliul he
coal, In t U- presenl lis his weddin
clothe, didn't III him.
Anii i .ii is ,iie of n jxiper publl.hcil
Iu Natal. Ninth Africa, contained this
advertisement: "Wutited, a yonnrr I uly
u I.kU's coinp.inl hi uml ti itsMit in
tcuchiu,; three children. Apply to.l. I'. .1.
Ililfirar-U-r. N. II. -Three ell(ilile
Imchelurs kept on the premise."
A Lot iHVii.t.Kcoiiplii went tohave Uhmi
marrlcil in church and itieut pix-para-lion
to that cud hud U-eii iniide but
when the time ciiine their timidity so
'ivnme them that they stole uwuv
from their friend', and were iUlctly
man led In a minister's parlor.
Sell:XTIl say the chemist will ilom
ante coinini; Inventions. All our fuel
will presently lj furnlkhed in the form
of kiis.
I'iik irrenlimt monstroltv In chemical
lioiiieiiiliitiire thu far prisluced U
il.iiihtl, .i lutholiucpunimfthchvibcu-
utvlaiimep,iracurUiylie acid.
A rttori in ha recentlv- Uen iIIwhiv-
en d for m ikinif llour of bananas: chem
leal'litM shmv thai this ItiMir
.siulaiiii more nutriment than rice.
I'm professor of chemistry nt the
l;.i 1 eollcire, lireenwlch, I'nir ,
'i - th it he luutilimoitcreil a met hi si
of totreatln:? st-u water that It wilt not
deposit any seale on marine Uillers.
ItMI.N'r dcvclopiaenl.t iu chellllelil
ack-nce promote I lief In the existence
of elementary form i of matter not yet
actually observed. Certain ih-cullnrl-
lies in the spectrum of the sun lire
Ihotthl t i Indicate that much of il
matter Is still In sin h clc mcuUtry form
ovvlut; t-i Iti intciiM' heat
Avcpitiph Inn provincial ccmeterv
In I'i.i ice run as follow .: "Here lycth
Mm' , my wife, she siilfcri-d n
if-ild .il. Hat Ii U n ithin.f t what I
hud t i jro through."
Tin: iir.'v.tllin;f .Sunday apirt In Cuba
cis-k li -litln.r. and It i. not nil Infn-
liiciit i. 'lit to sec a Cuban ireullcuiiiii
(rol:i Cic Hin di of It , oi.i with
its s-l bird on the way to n llifht.
A Ml n:.M in IHnbiir;rh unlvcrsllv.
who w as lined a (fultiea for disturlilui;
his i hiss, until the sum in hiilf-neiice.
and n ipiarter of nil hour wa spent In
counliiiir them, whereat his fellow Un
dent were if really amused.
Ol 11 esteemed iii!teiuirry, tlm
Maurlllus Moiilteur, ha till ndver
tisemcut: "A stamp collector, the poo
M Hior of a collection of 1J.5II stainis,
w ishes Ui marry a lady w ho an ardent
collector add the potM-saor of the blue
penny stump of .Maifrlllua laktiud in
11. wia. Shut Minisi, who. p.sMiit
nre much liked by the public, I twenty.
live yearn of ajje. He follow literature
a a profession.
Wiiiiiinm, the weather prophet, Inn
written a selentille novel desi ril.iiiK' Ufa
on .liiplb-r nml predietiuir what the
'nic of tlilsuurtli will Im like morally
and politically Iwcnty million yenr
from now.
A I'lU'.NCH illctloiinry to KUH'rsede
even I. litre i nwaiti-il as the uorh of
twenty year' eollaUirntioii by three
m hohirs, two of whom show their Her
man extraction In the inline of Hall
frld and Darmcfcteter.
I) OmioitM:, the novelist nml
illthor, laymuiir and rather delicate In
aps-arlic'. Ills Imlr and miistaehc are
U'comiiiK tinned with irruy. He Is a
member of thu Author' club ami live
In llrooklyn.
, , ;. . . ,...,
.'inn win op t iniviOM ih lit HIT 1 l 111
,, ,,
I i t j Mioiviiiiu ii iivn '
arrived ihtleffate:
"Vou have tlm privilege of working
nt any I nu lo you prefer."
"I'd like to lump on ttrlvln cattle to
AllAllmr I'Mntboimn III tlm sn..,,. t...
Voi vi Win: - "We nre tol.l t.i 'cant
our bread u,m the w atern."' Th. Undo
"lint don l you do It. A Veavet might
run orfaiitsl It ami ('l wrwkeil." -N. V,
tosm inn Ma. Cwvant.v.-Mr. Orwly
"I t.-!l U-f.MV I tfo thai I watlt
licet for dl.iner, and whe.-t I ict Itolfl '
what ill I Hail?" Mk "Pntilt,
every time." -N. V. Man,
"I iu.o vs l.rplnu' a diary tldv jvnr--nn
hone-t diary nn.l I wrol.t It lit
rr. neh. bat I vc dropH-d IL" "Why.
"My wif.- baa U-,run taking l'reitch
IcvMiti." N' V. Itcconlcr.
"Jo.; i, won't yott pleani' aw mn a lit
tle w.aal this morning?" "I m aorry,
dear, but I haven t time. I have to (pi
to ta .-.via i-i turn for my hoitr'u vorU
with the clubs." t'n tl Item.
"Now. n must not let thK mi any
fuHU-r," iai.1 Wall to I'utt after re
tail. . a choi.-c bit of Hcamtul. "t)h,
e-.l i '.," aaid I'olt t "llnw did
yo'. trlf' "My wife l il.l m . Hlm'u
jusl li... any w.mii-vm -nu t keep n
secret of eourao." Iiiillnnapoll Jettr
"Km'tii :iv " I the name coined by a
St Lout. pa(vr fi.r the lo-rmali
profcsM.r'ii system of treatiu.-nt.
lii AivtllKivs, who has Ihh'ii kludvllti;
fcttl -Ide, tin, I. thnt It is'rtuinse.-.ehisively
to coiilied louiltrlcH, t,mt la. lelliK"! In
ad. with tho ilcpree uf chllltn
tlon. Tilt: ivllt of the human luuf arvj
T&,tM.i,u,M In niiiulier, coterlntf u Mirfrnw
from two nml a half to three uml a lialf
times I'tenler than the whole Usly ami
face of len fnll-(fnnvn men.
A t.t i.iii oN In Mr.nchestcr, who ban
ojaw.-.te I lit 1.111 ca'Ma of culicer of the
tont'ue, teiulH IIU recoveries undt weti
ty 1 1. ;.th-. In Ititasl i there U niic iloclor
to every ln.'tja Tho wom
en il ton IniuiU'r 71,
A env Hici vx who lia kept n nightly
recoril of hi pnle for five year ta
that evet-v year It fall throu;rli Hut
t prlii;t until uUmt Midsummer, uud then
rise lliroiijrh the autuinu to Novcmltcr
or IVccinU'r. Then comes n m'coihI
full nnd a second t Ue, culinliiatluir Iu
MicMvilov nnd Itismnrclt nro tha
null n nil I in-ill actois In the I'runiHl-
I'russiaii war remaining ullve.
Iimi m irchcs U-eii added to tint
training nf the rivm-h Infantry. They
are also ev-rciscil iu the piactlcn of
UnniliiiK trul.'i;. for the Irausisirtatlou
of troops.
I'uo tit.Mii'H of t'nlteil Siatoa cavalry
have U'en wut from San I'raiieiseo to
the Voiemib- valley an I Sciuoia park
to preserve them from depredation i.
They will remain until November.
CoMoncit tm i: niimUr of ierin:uil
have (foil., t.i take ncrvlce with thu
Chines.- nud .lup.ineie Heat. China hall
ordered several war vvol fioni (lur-
maii biilhlcr and Japan has Uiiiuht u
UuinU-r of t irs-.l i Ui it In I'crmutiy.
lli.iiKvin.ii every dillcr In netlvo
service In the llritl.h nriuv will have n
cunt iilliiehe.1 t t bin clothing ln-ariln;
hi inline, rank and re.fimi'ut. Ihla
plan Is ti f.i.illt On Idciitillcatloii In
juie of it'i o-i the bittleileld. Il hit i
loiuf Ik-cii In vofue In the Herman army.
Wm.v we r.ay that a man I hound wo
menu thai lie iikivcs u lth us. - Walla
New h.
I'm nr. I one lucky thlni; a Unit
sMii!cd clilldrcii we never have lliem
in our own family - Kliulra liacttit.
It Is very hard to U-lleve sometime
that n man call U- dolun a thliu iljfl.'.
when he Isn't iloliii,' It our way.- Som
en Hie .1 1 iu r usi I .
Ii I easy to tell when n mnn I llnt-
leim tour hi'lidd-or, but It Isn't mi
easy to decide w hcu he I Itiilterllii; you.
Somerville .lourual.
Ii'k a inlifhty cowardly mnn win)
hasn't the coiiniye to iiiyie iinutlicr
with the bmthaclic to have It yailkftl
nut. Ikadon Transcript.
Till. (Ulekcsl way to 1imu your plnea
In the (illt-tllon of the man who say bit
ilufcu't iiiic for ndmiriitlou is to stop
tclliutr li tut the pleasinil things you
lunr uUmt hliu. Kliulra Uactte.
A mw nl IC ttnett, l'.i , nt a tich
of dvii'iiuitc. and her owner I now
afraid Ui milk her.
loui. v AlUKVii, of Carina, I'a., ha
a pl which ha i i-Lflit lc..M. four earn
uud two t ill. Hu will pla-o It un cv
hibllioii. A iikn which ifrow-a n mustache every
sprint; an I it each folloivin;; fall
"is one of the nldii-lssUcd curioltle of
Atchison, Ivan."
A cow ut IVtembiirif, Va., wlilln lit
search of her calf, entered u Ii'iiimi nnd
climU'il a llljht of si vtei-n si iir Hear
liiK ii calfouUlilu sliDihihCeiiilcd without
J vm: (In vii wi, nf Columbus, claim
tohave killed the largest nittlesniikit
ever m'cii in ludiann. (in meniiirem.'iit
lifter death It was foiiiul to be nine fcut
In length uud Ii.kI thirty-nine rattle
and a button.
A lluiilitliil Nlurr,
A Norwetfliui living In tint sixteenth
century was arcounte.l n mnaterhaiid
ul miiiutu routrivauccH. In pnnif of
till it Is recorded thai ho made sixteen
thousand dishes of turned Ivory, in
every respect without a Haw, nml so
tiny that all of them could bo safely
cradleil In uu empty pepper-corn cup
of usual le. Ono may well Udlcvn
that, ns was written iu o iinoutlnn,
"liuiKlilfyluK'-t.'lassi-H werJ essential to
full be lief and enjoyment of the Lilli
putian show;" it Is uddml that tlm
falrydlko workmanship vvus tho admi
ration of many learned men. Harper's
Haar. ' .. .
J.;. - V.
M 1 . ..
' s.
: ' v
v ' -
""" timi....
.nrjKssi Ts