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Attend the sheriir snlo at tho court
house next Saturday.
Fresh cnn ly nt Piirrish's 1'otUiflica
Store. Alto the latent no els.
Olnronco Johnson nnd family hnvc
moved from Shoolly to our Uxiutiful
residence suburb, John Day.
Gnnyon City district has voted n
four mill tax for the maintenance of
our excellent public school syU'iu.
March onine iu like a cougar in this
precinct. Then nceording to tradition
tlic month will ilepftrtliLcajiickial.bit.
Tin- bill making uiiuois punishable
who ol tain liipioni by false roprosentn
tion as to their age, has Income a law.
Spring jKvtry it rupidly neuumulal-
ingntthu shop, but we consider it I
out ox .tenon. hen the eloudg roll
by we miy publUh n special poetry
.jt A" Ctxia Hngvmxoi(l ftt nue
Sit last .Sloiiday to satisfy a judgment
Jilf, .!. ftlll-tV Tim Llllll rt fl1
was realized, an indication that horses
are away down.
A now bell has nrrived for the
John Day school house. The youngs
ters will bo called forth by its merry
tones, and interest in the school in
creased by soveml degrees.
John Laycock brought n bunch of
his homes over from Hear valley dur
ing the week. They don't uppcai to
havo fared so verv kid v vcL but
ustliug iu the deeti snow was attended
th much risk.
It is to be hoped that tho next term
circuit court will rid tho county
jail of occupants. The health of the
inmates will be jeopardized if they
spend the long summer mouths in soli
tary couuucmoni.
Mr. Hoover oirers a thoroughbred
horse for sale in another column. Our
horsemen should War in mind that the
raising of scrub stock and cayuses has
ceased to lo profitable, and should gov
ern themselves accordingly.
Burns is ahead of uuy of the newly
created citios, nnd has ulready elected
city oflicers. Capt. Kelly is mayor,
J. U. Welcome recorder, Irwin Oeer
treasurer, Pete Htcngur, Leo Caldwell,
1. M. I!rownndJDrA'slifoixl coun
ciluicn. -""
Sonm ottho mail received at this
ollivtflataly has the appearance of hav
ing p't iu a haul night with the boys.
Hut i?go drivers ant excusable.
Knowing ho depth of snow they have
to wado thipujdi we readily overlook
u few soiled pajiers.
.Sheep buyers will soon invade our
county, and persons who have sheep
to sell will doubtlos realize a fair price
for them. Wo understand that ?'J
for yeai ling sheep and $2.00 for two-year-olds
and over has already been
Ijud in ,Monow county.
tlio weather proph-
s: 1 hcio win io
distui kinoes bo-
in.l With. Tlio
furious, reach-
COIltllll'Ilt, llllll
listers on tlio
ning down Can-
st Monday hud
Uy. llio bri-
.aw Lrokit, uiiii
seeing it was impossible to hold thuni
Gaston jumped out mid lot tin-in Hjiin.
Thu toum got loose and wits caught by
John haycock.
Tlio 1'iiion Pacific hiul another
wreck ulove Pottlnnd u few 'days uo,
mkI a number of passengers were oiip
jilcd. Tlio usual cause train went
through a rotten biidgo. Give Ore
gon n few more 520,000 railroad com
iiii&aioucrs und iiiilrcul bridges will
full down mill kill people nearly every
Why cnn't our people reineinlier the
triuk of tho old Dutchman Istforo thu
Hood who tied u hundle of swituhuH to
gether to show his loys what owor
thoy would have uuitedl Let uh all
take the hint and stund together for
tho upbuilding of (irunt county. We
want immigration woit of all, which
means more propeity and a lighter tux
A highly sensational story has found
iu way into some of our oxchnngos to
the ell'eet that three men had loen
killed and scleral wounded iu a coun
ty Mtut light nour Burns, llaiuny
county folks are not going to war
a Unit their county seat, you uuy de
pend. They are too busy laying plans
for future prosperity, which their
county is liouud to have,
Frank McBeau is made the hutt of
nil the cruel jokes iu the precinct. A
few days ago thu wnter was shut oil"
from the ktuble and Prunk was dulo
gutod to turn it on. Iu placo of al
lowing him to turn the usual tap he
wan sent up to the hig fire hydrant,
alii! was nearly drowned when u full
J load of wnter shot out against him.
lie U laying for tho jokers. '
i, W. Trooy has Ixwu slaying cou
gnM lately tho vicinity of .Sheep
gulch, up tho mountain a!out four
milos front town, and last Friday ho
drought iu the scalp of three of the
fuircu denizens of the forest One old
fulluw measured alwut nine feet, and
was uiujoubttxlly the one that killed a
fiun marc, for Neil Hall, as lie was full
of IiOriQjWi. Hu was so fat he would
notUko a tree, until hard pressed ly
tho hound,
.a1 MM 11. n nun . '."ffli ITTTT
March I), 1S1U.
Again snow ndorns this bountiful
Thoro aro a few horses still out
on thu hills.
Wo understand that Hiul Hyde's
father is very sick.
Tommy MoKwan paid this place
a Hying visit last week.
The new lell for the M. lv church
has arrived. It wuiglis .800 lbs.
The creoks aro all up from tho
thaw that we had the other (lav.
in il - l ii i . . , num i.ii?.aiiiiiiK iiiu iii.iv.uui ai; iiiu
All the schools have sloped hut rctimrk, .. f(JW mcn wi ,nakc ,0htl
ono and that is in District No. I I. contriVrymcM who mvo had the
H. K. tloodman claims to bo tho ! exclusive use of the valley for a great
champion middle weight of 1'iiion number of years for grazing purpos
precinct. os and would still keep it if tliev
The Odd Fellows gave a littlu
daiico at their hall on tlio evening
of Feb. 2.S
Our city charter has arrived, and
now there are not so many candi
dates for olliee.
.Some one tried thu tone of tho
new M. 10. church bell by striking
it with an axe.
The groundhogs have left their
winter quarters and come out to en
joy the spring.
Lee I.aurance has joined the pil
grims and is intending to settle at
T. H. Meador's ranch.
I.igjO I.aurance was iu town this
morning. Ho looks quite well after
his struggle with the measles.
Jesse Dixon has been advised by
Koo Hardman to feed burros oltl
overshoes instead of gum boots.
The winter mouths have past and
tho spring ones como at last, with
jilenty of snow and thu wind docs
We've got a now city over our
way, all ready to begin housekeep
ing as soon as they can elect their
Tho capitalists of this place in
tend incorporating a company for
the purK)so of building a roller
(louring mill.
Died, in Prairie City, Feb. 2Sth,
l'rico Stevens, Mr. Stevens was an
aged man, and had been in poor
health a long time.
Mr. Wrigfit went out to hunt Mr.
Jolmrabhit tho other morning. He
got one all the same, but came near
shooting Hob Reed iu the last act.
I saw Jess McMurdo the other
evening. Hu had a violin iu his
hand, and I guess ho is going to fid
dlo himself in ollico iu spite of the
Some of tho sorting fraternity of
this place aro talking of organiring
an elk hunt for tho purpose of in
suring their safety for a period of
five years.
We notice an ad. in your paper
for a I. M. at Long Creek that can
bo trusted with a few jiostagc
stamps. We are sorry that thoro is
not an honest man iu Long Creek.
Thoro is a certain xrson in this
town unknown to vour correstoud-
ent, who is accused of kissing a
young lady while waltzing. It is
too bad that Torus Twister does not
see it all.
We understand that a lady said
she was glad that thu upcr crust
had i'nt nut of olliee nt the mcotini'
a n
The lower clans had got in ixiwcr !
and wo
run tho business to
Good for her.
suit ourselvrs
There came near being a grand
knock out tho nel. morning after
the (!. A. It. dun co, between two
lightweights of Prairie City. One
of them was completely knocked out
by John Barlevcom, thu champion
of all. "
Mr. lCditor, if you ever como up j
our way you want to bring yo tr I
purbo with you so you can treat th
boys. Bo SOClllblo With them, to 11
them you are a bull'alo hunter and
a cougar hunter and a panther
slayer, and a had man all round,
and have fed a few bears yourself
on the sly.
At tho school election yesterday
W. It. Fisk was elected clerk by ac
clamation. For director W. J. (!al
braith and ltoht. DeardorlV were
placed in nomination. Tho ballot
resulted as follows: DeardorlT 1 1 ;
(ialbrailh 'M. W. B. Carenter re
signed his ollico of director, where
ujxm W. B. Donaldson was elected
by acclamation.
1 think that I will havo to decline
the nomination for marshal, as I am
not qualified. I will have to go
back on the frontier for a couple of
years "here the bull'alo roam and J
kill a few of them. Perhaps I can .
scare up about four and kill live '
out of tho hunch. I will be all right i
for the next term, o have a man
here who can do that and not half
Poitt'S Pl.ASTKIt.
Winter sat down quite heavily in
the lap of spring last Sabbath night,
und wu experienced our coldest wua
titer. It measured u few degrees ImjIow
zero at this business block.
A suWrilor has shown us a copy
of a wontliur prediction made by un
eastern weather urtist. It prepares
for the region west of u line drawn
from Chicago to Texus, winter weather
all through March, and wet weather
all summer, with unusually heavy
storm ulwut tho 7th of June and thu
OtU of July,
Mit. Kmtou: Hoping to iiuluco
n few more ioople to eoine and take
a look at our little valley and settle
therein, 1 will try and write tho
facts about thin part of Grant coun
ty, as there is ample room for (piito
a number of settlors here.
Firxt, there is at least half tho
ViUev Bowl tillable laud that still
helongs to nolo Snm
, i iu injai wail ui liiu kiiiiii liiiui
with hut vorv few exceptions still
lies vacant.
That grain and hardy vegetables
can bo raised here there is no doubt,
.... t.-t l il... .!:...
I . , . W1,,,r imiVr,u ",0 l,I"c' ,or
their heirs and assigns forever.
I When you hear a person running
I down tho country, telling you thuru
is too much snow or too much frost,
' or not enough of something else, you
' can jucliru hu has interests here,
i 1 proK).sc to write the disadvan
tages as well as the advantages of
I this valley, and this discouraging
I tendency is one of thu greatest draw
1 hacks wu have.
I We all know of countries more
j desirable to live iu irhnps, but
'just go there and what do you findl
j Why you find that Brown, Jones or
Smith owns tho laud and you will
1 havo to pay $-0 to t'iOO icr acre to
' make your home there.
Now what would you have us
; poor folks do, who neither own sheep
i or land give up what little vacant
I laud there is left to men to graxe
their Hocks without molestation and
I free of cost I
' Shall we plod along through life
homeless, or quietly take what I'm-
clc Sam oilers us and make a home
of our own for a home is a home,
be it ever so homely.
I fear tho golden rule is almost
forgotten, so much so that iu a few
more years it will command a big
price as a curiosity. Wo might live
and let live, at least.
J Bear valley is alwut 18 miles long
and will average I miles wide, sur
i rounded with timber. Pino, Tama
' rack and Fir. Water courses prin
cipally taken up, although there
aro soveral fine quarter sections va
cant Avith good springs of wator,and
at no placo in tho valley would any
one havo to dig far to get water.
Should feed stock three months
on an average, although there aro
hut few that do so.
Kauge for stock is the best to be
found. No place for fruit as a
whole, but there are localities whore
apples and certain kinds of berries
could be raised with success.
We have two school districts iu
tho valley.
Our nearest trading jtoiut is Can
yon City, eighteen miles distant.
We have no sawmill nor no black
smith. Would bo a good opening
for either one, especially a black
smith, and we hope to seo one locat
ed here soon.
Any one wanting to engage iu the
dairy business would find this a de
sirable locality.
Snow has been falling again.
Somo people begin to look blue over
tlio prospect, but it is just what wu
require. I think most every one
has hay enough to feed six weeks
yet if necensary.
Saw Mr. Frank Metschan plow
ing Ins way bravuly through the
it --- - , .J
snow with a load of grub for the
boys, and as it was a matter of life
or death ho was making struuuoui
ull'orts to ruach them. Ail the hopes
he hud was beans. He thought
they had beans enough left to pro
long lifu until he reached them.
I understand Mr. Ilitzo who went
to thu promised laud of California
last summer did not find the laud
so promising, and is returning to
Bear valley where he owns a iuar-
tor section of land. Wo wish him a
haiipv return, for wo need a few
more sneb num in thin vnllti.-.
Born, March t-'llth, to wife of Ira
.Sproul, a I my.
Dick Clink, who is the prosperous
harln'r over at the Crick, is spending a
few days in town.
Want an OikianI For mi to, one
Beethoven Parlor Organ, nmily new.
Knquiiu at the Nkus ollico, for
ticulais. Burlier Stephens hai just lucoivrd a
machine for burning hair oil' instead of
cutting it. This is tho grout agony
iu fashionable circlus,
Thu new law exempting railroads to
lu built during the next two years
from taxation, should encourage u road
to seek our Ix-nutiful valley.
This city's chmtor has Wu received
and meets with universal favor. The
Imuudarios on the west include the
greater part of the Humboldt Corf, min
ing claim.
As soon as there is n "bnvikup" iu
the mouutuins the miners will Ixin
operations. Many small claims iu thu
county depend altogether on water
from melting snow iu their immediate
Regarding the dillerouco iu the
uuiii1mi' of sheep found by thu assessor
nnd stock inspector Assessor Tiiiims
informs us that hu did not assess lamlis
and that numerous small Kinds of sheep
aro owned by parties heavily in debt,
und consequently not on tin) tax roll.
The inspector perhaps counted nil,
thus finding u great many more than
did the assessor,
Cai.kii, Feb. 23.
Well, here goes for a few ques
tions: The different precincts of Grant
county aro loing visited by the
sherill'or his deputies for the collec
tion of taxes, and such remarks as
the tar gatherer hears would canso
a government mule to frown.
Well, who is to blame that our i
taxes are so highl Surely not the .
assessor, for he assesses just as we
the citizens give iu our projwrty
which is according to law.
But let's look a little out around.
How about thu assessor taxing
l'Jf,000 head of sheep and the in
spector finding nearly twice that
iiuidIkt in his ollieial capacity!
Just here is one item of near $"200,
000 that escaped taxation; at the
present lew would be a vorv nice
sum if paiil on our county's Indebt
edness. And if sheep are given in 1
to tho assessor thus, why not horses
and cuttle, and iu fact all taxable
Now if one third of the properly
of Grant county, or one fifth, eseajn's ;
taxation, does it not follow that thu
other two thirds or four fifths v,ill ,
have the same amount of tax to
pay, where if all was taxed our tax-!
j cs would be projiortionatcly loss per I
cent, but the sum total would bo
the same.
Another siR'cial. item is real es
tate. Take thq'fimount'of real es
tate taxed in thlsYdtinty. Let some
reader do a littlu figuring, using his
Iersonal knowledge for example,
and compare figures with the asses
sor's books, then judgu for himself.
Well, my idea is not to find fault
with citizens of Grant county, as 1
supKse if heresay is correct other
counties are just as bad and if oli
ticiaus keep quarreling some will
appear worse.
So taking this all into considera
tion why not re-model our tax lawl
Surely wo have law makers at Sa
lem smart enough to stop some of
those loopholes whereby this prop
erty oscajR'.s taxation. In fact,
"wliat's the matter with the big tax
billl" If some parts are objection-
ablu to money lenders somo aroal80Tml,a' nV
ttt llm ImrrIWAP
Into to suit both extremes, but somo
parts of tho hill aro surely good for 1
both sides. j
Surclv something ought to be done
by our fugislators on tho subject of ,
assessment and taxation, or else
other states that do something will
soon distance Oregon iu wealth and
population both, even if they can
not in natural resources.
Polly Tioks.
The weather moderated almost as
suddenly as it turned cold.
Miss Uuio Mack of Prairio City
is visiting relatives iu town.
Go to the Red Front Billiard
Halt, Canvon City, for lino wines,
liquors anil cigars.
I'lour, Graham, Barley, (either
ground or whole) Chicken feed, Bye,
Middlings, Bran, .Shorts, Ac, .ve, at
Thu Pacific Brewery's Celebrated
Beer, the best in Kastern Oregon, is
now kept coustautlv on tap at thu
Red Front Billiard Hall.
The ollico of county judge of this
county will b much sought after iu
the future, as long as there are liuugty
H)liticiuus. The salary has U-on min
ed from $1000 to ?lfi00 per milium.
Wantkd. A Printer in the
foundry. Must be able to furnish
satisfactory references. None other
need apply. First come first served.
Address Tiik News, Canyon City.
Mr. Ililliard was over from Gran
ite yesterday, and reported miners
in high spirits. May their hopes be
realized, for the most money Grant
county gets this year must bo dug
out of the earth.
Tho N:ws is thankful for the nu
merous corresK)iidenco from Prairie,
but of course Porus Plaster is the
regular one, and has thelloor. Tho
topics of thu day aro covered by him,
therefore this adherence.
ICstuay. Came to my place on
Middle Fork, ono iron-grey work
horse branded 0 J on left shoulder,
shod all round. The owner will
please call fur same at once and
pay charges, at Austin, Oregon.
Mi.not Arsn.s.
There will be services at the M.
K. church this city Sunday March
St 1 1 at 1 1 a. in , and at John Day
M. H. church at 7 p. in. The pastor
(!. H. I.uco will occupy tho pulpit.
Subject, "Secret and revealed
Gov. Pennojcr signed the bill chiin- '
ging our time of circuit court. Then
the shot ill' hurried out to notify jurors
that they needn't mind nhotit present
iug themselves at tho court house
Monday morning. The fouith Monday
iu April is the time for court to con
vene. IfolnicN IIiimIiicmh COIIrgo Of ,
Poitland will open Sept. 1st. .1. A.
Wosco, tho loadinj; pemnnii of tho
const, has bocouiu a p.nlnor iu this
school and will make it thu leadiiiL'
UiiHinoBS College. Send for catalogue .
When you send away for goods
remember the linn of Collin A Me
Farland at Hoppnor. Thoy not on
ly guarantee you first class goods at
lowest prices, but they pay mail or j
express charges on sniiio to any
stage ollico in Grant or Ilarnoy
counties. Seo thuir now "ad" for
further partlcularn".
II il. Km. I Ctirrktul tit Wlf.'i 111-
A mnn with lare liuslne Interests
nnd n hiiui!,mc Income married a lady
who. ncctiktoined all her previous life to
the biMirles of wealth, hail never
funned any clear conception of the
worth anil putvlmiiiiK power of money,
l-'or Mime mmitli the Indulgent liu.v
' n:i I ;r--atl!loil bW wife's every wltlm.
One day the lady, to earty out Mime
enprlee, asked for a check for lnr;e a
sum that the gentleman nnllJturlol.
lie saw that such pnxll(ality. If ler
slsted iu, meant ruin; but not wishing
to grieve his wife by a downright re-fu-4il,
he determined to jjlvo her a les
win Iu finance, lie therefore smilingly
remarked that he could not give her a
cheek as usual, but would send up tho
money from hi store.
About noon the promised money came,
nut In crisp litl, as was e.H'cled, but
Iu silver (lulhirs. the mud total lllllng
several specie Lap,.
The wife was llrst vexed, then
hiuommI, and llnnlly, as the afternoon
wore away, Ui-nme deeply thoughtful.
U lieu her hti'.Kanil came home to sup
per, she look him irctilly by the arm,
and Icailliitf him Into the room where
the ixmilcnius li(f of siH'clo were still
standing, snld:
'My dear. Is this the money I asked
you for this niornlnir?"
"II Is. my love." wet the reply.
"And illil yon have to take this money
nil iu, dollar Ity dollar, iu the course of
your liusliii-M,?" was the next ipicntlon
Yo," ho answered, gently; "It rep-rvM-nts
the ivsultn of many weeks of
haul l.iloir."
"Well, then." she wild, w itli tearful
eyes. "m-ihI a man to take It back to the
UmU In the mornliiir. I can't use so
much money for so trivial a purNise. I
.li.ln t tunlcr, tan. I alsnit It before.
Yoiith'K Companion.
Clilttiiti' Muilr.
The musical art of a p -ople who rep
resent one-llfth of the earth's popula
tion oejjlit to Ik (.tudled. If not for the
hikoof nsthotic pleasure lit least In the
interest of scienllllo knowledge. Yet
there Is wnreely a department In tho
history or philiw.iphy of music con
ceruloir which the Information to be
found in the I'ook.i it, mi iiiisallsfnclo'
us that of Chinese iiiuslo. Kvej.w,, I of t'ie thoroughness toid
profiuulity of AmiPros, aftef 'devoting
m ini pae. to an i.ltoniol fu oluohlato
(he ( hiin-N.- thoiaMjnatmi willing to
: li. ve llio ljp,t trnvetur who seta
tluwti tWoatflloni pmiUcvof the itrt as
iltttruf but crinte. liarim-i.'. (inrei;ii-
Crude, barbaric and noisy
music etrt.iuilv Is, but not uu-
rejful iled. i:vn the little music
which can lie hcur.l on any holiday In
the Uiine,..) ipiai'ter of Now York will
serve to disclose to a illk.-rhiiitiatiiig ear
that it 1. uothtutr If not uiothHlioal.
The tlillleulty n.i the part of the
historians hau been that they have
never come In contact with the Chinese,
ami therefore havo had to depend on
the des.-i-ipllons of travelers mid mis
sionaries lou.-hiiig the pmellciil siilu of
the art. ( rr.vlly to apprehend music,
however, i iiiire . " lei otinlillc ntloils
of education and natural L'IfU, and
those have been possessed by so small
a minority of Oioko who havo written
ulxtut China that thoy are bcarccly
, worth enumerating. Century.
Tt-rtlt (ii'rni lit Ihr lluiitHii Urlnffi
i The development of teeth germs from
Infancy to luatuiM life Is one of the
j most Interesting phases of human
growth, l'ass the linger along the tiny
I jaw of the newcomer. Not only Is
' there nothing which presages future
' teeth, hut the jaws themselves seem
too delicate and frail to become the
, socket,, for such hiirtl-workiug portions
i of the anatomy. Yet wo are assured
I that there are llfty-lwo tooth Kcrmshhl
1 den there. Twenty of thorn aro for Ui
temporary teeth, with which, In due
, time, the child wilt lie-in to kiiiiw or
chew his way through life; thu others
Include the permanent set ami the
molars, none of which Wgln to make
their presence known until the child Is
six yearn old, and the wisdom" teeth
do not usually appear until about the tie
' of eighteen. The little pulp germ grows
and develops till It approximates the
i shais' of the tooth It Is to become; thou
i It lh'glus to calcify, 'forming the dentine
part of the crown, white the enamel Is
deHisl'..'d by an Independent process.
The surface of the crown attains its
full size before the process of elonga
tion commence. Then, gradually it
pushes Its way outward through tho
gum. iilisorhlng its tissue us it advances,
.ill the pure white enamel peeps out.
rittslnirgh Dispatch.
) Ti.rl.nilu tli lunkrr.
A striking Instance of the elevation
of a person from humble to exulted
clrc uiiiKtauccH is found iu the life of
Tortonia, n celebrated hunker of Home,
whoe father was nothing more than it
valet do place, or a guide, who showed
uhout strangers for hirst. Tortonia,
who was an active, Intelligent young
man, nt llrst entered into business In a
small way as a Jenolor. I u course of
time he Ix'camc a sort of banker; and
an unexpected circumstance brought
him iu contact with Cardinal Chlara
moiitl. On the death of 1'ojki l'lus VI.,
a conclave was to lie hold at Venice for
the election of a now Hope. Chiarii
iii' mil had expectations of lieing elect
ed to thtf vacant ollico, hut he was iiu
it I ilf to attend the conclave for the
want of money, In thfs emergency hu
was supplied with ll few hundred
crowns by Tortonia. 'The cardinal now
repaired to Venice, where, In the
Church of St. tieorge, he was elect jd
Hope, under the title of Plus VII, In
gratitude for this act of service the
sovereign jHiutllf on his return to Home
appointed Tortonia banker to the court,
lie was created it Mnnpils and nfter.
wards n Duke, und became one of tho
richest capitalists In Buropc H, Y.
One dark gray maro. suposc(l to
bo four years old, branded y, on left
shoulder. Came to my placo in
Juno, IS'JO, Owner can have same
iy proving property ami pavini:
Dayiii Bi.anton.
Blantou P. ()., Grant County. Or.
A OA It I).
Tho G. A. It. coniiuilteo tender
their thanks to tho ladies of Prairio
City and to those who donated to
nMf Ili(lmJ ,1B ; our ,ut() uu(1)rali
Prairio City on tho 2ilnl ultimo.
b. lloiuiii, )
0. C'ooiiHY, V Cominittco.
II, A, IlYPK,) k
l-"ltlltlIS "I-ct us
Utile Johnnie "Xo;
to n set."
break this cup."
It doesn't licloug
Knur Messenger lkf "Conle, let its
go und deliver our messages." Second
MosAonger lmy "All right. I'm tired
of slttln' down, too."
"lr you don't give me n penny," said
it young hoHful to his mamma, "I
know n Imy thnt got the measles, and
I'll go nnd entolt 'em."
.Minis mi "Well, Hobby, do yon
think you will Ik a liottcr little Isiy
this year thnn you were Inst?" Hobby
(hopefully) "I think so, sir; I Wrttn
Inking cisl-llver oil Inst week."
Mlt. 1)I'misi:v (who catches Johnny
amongst his mother's fresh tarta)
"lsik here, Jnhuuyl What are you up
to?" Johnny (Indistinctly)- 'Tpttithe
ninth, pa, but they're awfully small."
Morni:u-"My son, I didn't mean to
whip you so hard." Willie (who has
Wen stealing jam) "That's all right,
ma. I didn't get ipflte enough jam,
anyhow, nnd I'll go nnd get u little
"ltoni'.nr, yon may give me the name
of Mime wild Mower," wild the teacher
hi botany, ltoliert thought awhile anil
then sold: "Well, t reckon Injun meal
comes almut as near Ix'lng wild llotir us
any thing I know of."
Itc.v -"My father's Ikvii to Ktirov
and yours hasn't." Tim -"lie don't
want to go, mid neither do I. I've seen
nil 1 want of KuroH." Hon (in sur
prise) -"When did you see Burnite?"
Tim "In the geography."
l'tltsr Hov -"Let's put our money to
gether and go to the circus." Second
Hoy "All right. How iiiiioh have you
got?" 1'lrst Hoy "Ntithluir. Mow much
have you got','" Second Hoy "Same
lis you. I Niy, let's cniwl under the
Tomuv (studying his lesson) -"I any,
pa, where does the Hudson rise, and
Into what sen does It empty?" I'a "I
don't know, tny sou." Tommy "You
don't know, eh? And to morrow lh
teacher will Holt me on account of -your
iiflirir-tnii.t "
- "T
1IUl ''ii.,.,.,d that nleotrtii llxlittinr
fnTl'nrls In istll and sw will n-quln' n
motive power etpiiil to at least thirty
two thousand-horse tower.
Ai si iiM.i A has strung no les than
one hundred and live thousand three
hundred anil sixty miles of wire across
Its surface und transmitted In one year
twelve million messages.
Tin: I'lilteil States have seven hundred
ami seventy-six thousand live hundred
miles of wire, and in one year no less
than llfty-slx million messages were
sent through the country.
A .nkw storage cell, having elcctixslos
of Inm ami cops'r, has recently ls-en
patented In this country. It Is claimed
that the cells are of loss weight fur a
given capacity than those using loud
Kixctiiic ears are generally kept Iu
service eighteen hours per day. The
average electric horse-power rebelled
per ear Is four anil nine-tenths hoist
power. The power required to stint n
car Is sometimes as high as twenty-live-hurst!
Tin: new (irand Central Passenger
Station at Fifth avenue and Harrison
street, Chicago, which was icccntly
oK'Ut'il to the public, has tlfteen sttules
In Its tower, tho upier four of these
being reached by a special electrical
Amimiica Is not only furnishing Ku
ros' with all Its electric machines, mid
lighting Hurls by electricity, hut has
recently sold three hundred thousand
dollars' worth of dynamos nnd lamps
with which to light up the lmilou elo
Hon of the Midland Hallway of HiihIbihI
Hxiseiaw Hi'.ATtuei: prefoii, to lie n.l
drsjMTd its I'rliicess Henry, of ll.itten-
Tut: (Jucn has lMu,.ht u Iik'); of hair
which belonged toCharltM. I.'s head Is
fore he lost It. ... Aviu.ii:, of l'ort'ignl, t now al
most restored to health. Hu Is the
prettiest and most fascinating of the
sovereign ladles of Kuroe.
Till: (Jueen-ltegeiit of Spain iwolved
as a New-Year's present from the Hope
ii splundld mosaic of the Mud. .nun
tn mlt at the Vatican factory.
Tin: Turkish Sultan's daughter luo
liocu eiluoatetl In accordance with Hu-pi-tin
hleas anil Is n young lady of taste
and accomplishments. Shi Is especial
ly known as a pianist of remarkable
Aik'Iiimtiiks Maui a Doiiotiii. v k
one of the beauties of the Austrian Im
perial family. She It iiIhivc the inc. Hum
height, with dark hair ami eyes ami a
fresh complexion. She Is noted for her
charities ami for her skill iu piano
Tin; Duchoits d'IJ0H has lost eighty
thousand dollars by the failure of Ha.v
nauil, the hanker whom she met al the
oilico of l.e (iaulols. Her coiinet tion
with that paper has altogether cost her
six hundred and lfly thousand dollars,
the I ohm of whlull she feels most miicoiii
fortably with three grown-up childrt u
to settle.
'i'lir.iti: are
1' lilted Slates,
5,000 Japanese In
Timai: are nliont "fi.WS) persons Iu
prison In the I'ultiwLHlntos.
A wiitrmi In the Etude Hellglt'lises
states that there are now in tho tax
New England States tari.f.OO I'reli. h
Hv tlue prts'c of Inw iu New York
Inst your HHI.Oou eiipo who could nut
pay their rent were set out Into the
street w Ithout n place to go to.
AlToiiiiiNO to the olllclal returns pro
mulgated by the census bureau, Oregon
contains Xlll,.'i.V.I Mtiplo west of the as
cade mountains, undT'i.Stll cast of that
range, n total of HI 'J, I Ml,
Tin: uiunlKir of deaf and dumb people
Iu K'uusas Is very Inrgo. The asylum
nt Olnthc eonlalus ,",US Inmates, of wh.,iu
illil are males and 'i'0 females. The at
tendance has more than doubled In the
last ten yeurs.
A Ilr.t.oitrxguu manufacturer s.iy . It
Is a mystery to him what Women of
nil tho guns iiiiulc. They are not jst
Ishiible or easily destroyed, yet
after year the great iiianufuctiiit rs
have Increnstid their works until the
liumltor of guns and pistols that are
muile each year Is somuthlng emirmoiib,
mill the trade liiktoad of deuriMiiililg 1
continually growlnif.
When wo consider tluj luestimablo
blessing of health, and the horrors
of wasting disease and imiiahJd vi
tality, we must accord to Dr. Darrin
tho distinguished honor that be
longs only to the noblest boitofaO"
tors of our race. By tiil4 discovery,
whieh enable.s him to vitalize his
medicines by moans of electricity,
and to send the life-currents of thnt
great agent through the debilitated
frame, ho allavs pain, restores tho
strength and florid bloom of glori
ous health, and tho elasticity and
jqyousness of spirit that are lost
when stillering from disease of tho
organs, or disarrangement of tlio
nervous centers. A few instances
of cure we give as a proof Ksiliv6
of tho stioriority of electricity over'
other methods of cure.
Mr. Isaac Wineard. CenlniJLi.
Wnsh. Asthma of IS yastrs' stand
iug, cured.
Jos. Moore, St. Charles Hotel
Restaurant, Portland, polypus iu
the noso fifteen years, cured.
Miss huoy Moran, Monmouth,
Oregon Cross-eye, straightened in
one minute.
J. W. Bottom, Asloiiu, Or.kidny
and liver complaint for yearsj res
tored to perfect health.
S. I. Whitman, Monmouth, Or.,
doufness and ringing noises in tho
ears twelve years, restored.
MIss.MainioMcK'can, 2iH I street
Portland, deafness and catarrh
fourteen years' standing, cured.
H. K. Joslin, The Dalles, Or., (Jia
elmrging ear twonty-onotydari),
Ur. narjs Place ofUushifas.
Dnrnw,-!.. ko asiMoialiv of
(ttaenfoH of tho Jmr, Noaoaht'l
'PI.....I 1 ..II ... .. it, rnnin1l ill
J, iiiiii un IlLTVO
private iiisoasus, Hitult uh
Manhood, blood taint. Hvnhillis.
gleet, ('ono! i boon, Hlrietuie, sponnn
torshooa, nominal wcuknoHH or loss of
dnsiro of soxunl jiower iu man or
woman. All peculini- fetnnlo trou
bles, inegiilur inunstruation, dis
placement, ele.. nro oDnlidentially ffi
and succossfully tiiMled, and yjjl
iiuiier no circuinsiancos iiiuq u-Chbc
that thoy cannot euro or Uenolltr-
Consultation froo, ChatgfW lonsoif
able. Cuius of private diNoseH guar
anteed and never publtslTod iu tho
papers. Giieiilars and nttobtion
blaiikH wnl froo1 OlliccH, 70J Wash
ington street, Portland, Or.
Letter 1. 1st.
List of letters remaining un
called for iu the Histolllco at Can
yon City, Or. March 1, 181)1.
11 G Banks, Hsip Mr ICuguno Wes
ton. Persons calling for tho nbovo
will please say advoilised.
Mum. Ann ik U. Paiiiiimii, P. M.
Letter List,
Letters remninim? uitenlled foe
Or., Marolr I, 1HU1. P?:r';
Mnltpguno 1 lavycuaL llf&l'..t. ' ' :t
1-W.rffflf rtrt'llinif'ror iiils-rtf-nlim-i, ' J'
lottora will iibvisc ulvo ilatoofad-
Itn i: U. McIIai.i:y, 1'. M.
I will sell for Cash, or trade for
Stock, the lindivided half, or all, of
the Sleiim Saw Mill known tin tho
Sotithworth A: Guernsey mill. Huh
pinner, and sbinglo inaehinoaltacb
wl. For full particulars address
Canyon City, Grant county, Oregon.
Many years practice have3givon
C. A. Snow ,v Co.. Solicitors lif mil.
ents at Washington, ), ('.., unsur
passed succesM in obtaining patentH
for all classes of invention. Thoy
make a specialty of rejected oases,
and have secured allowance of many
patents that had been previously re
jected. Their ad. in another cfll
limn uill be of interest to Invonlorsi
patentees, uiantifactunrH, anil allS
who have to do with patents. 8
Both tho method and results when
Hy nip of Figs is taken ; it is pleasant
and refreshing to tho tasto mid acts
gently yet promptly on tho Kidnoys,
Liver and Uowels, cljamses tho sys
tem ('H'eettialiy, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of its kind ovdr pro
duced, pleasing to tho tasto nuil no
coptnhlo to tho stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
ell'ects, its many excellent qualities
commend it to all. It is for sale iu
fiOo and $1 bottles by all leading
lOUli Hilt, At, Af K 10HIC, H, t.
M :4.
' Hii 1 1 i i