Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, January 29, 1891, Image 1

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J iiCI XI old.
Xu in Iter 44.
ait wig xrr.
At :;11 waon')l' hours tiio streets of
N.-w Haven full of pretty Rlrl.:.
Tin y :.rv merry Rlrla, too, who hho to
lau.-fli wfeer. lUr-ro'a any ihliiif funny In
Kiplit. lvrano. with th. Uwuft Mm.
Drr.uo i-pou his nrta. mtuu d some tliou
Hands of llicni. or at loust lid could Imvo
.wot n lual l.o did, mid they r.ll looked
out of llio corners of their eytw, nnd
rrliined with tlio eornora of their
It Ik borrowing to bo tho object of
thii hind of attention. H su'imU- tho
mh.- llillt ly of n practical JoVor's placard
on'a Hue It, or a black mark tilling
Hliln one'a none l)rano investi-rated tho
subject twi welt ni tin could hy funlm-;
" stealthily lip uud down his back, and
lining hl handkerchief with profit vigor,
ltut fur tho life of him h couldn't II ml
any Ihlntf calculated to create so much
Innocent amusement.
"I hiipiwiK I lool; funny without my
mustache," ho thought, "hut hang 1110 If
I should iMVt people to nollco It who
never naw mo before."
Then ho glunod tlown upon his com
ianloii, and behold upon her coun
tenance an expression which atonco ex
plained tho situation. Sho looked as
no woman over ilo except when aim's
lithor sou alek or In lovo. A honeymoon
Smilo Of tho .iiotit aggravated typo
transformed her rathor comely fai'o Into
tho familiar mask of Imbecility; and
not even tho blank stare with which lie
cr met her upturned eyes, moved her U
modify a single dottill of her ridiculous
"Sho must bo crazy, too," ho thought,
with a fdioddcr; unconsciously mold
ing tho phrase of his Idea to lit tho pop
ular judgment regarding his own
mental condition 'Toor girls her ills
apiHiintuiont has turned her brain."
.She steered him Into a Hide street;
and Jiibt an ho was trying to think of a
dcllcato way in which ho could urgo her
to discontinue looking t him In that
diwiuletlng fashion, iihe paused before a
gate and haid:
"This Is tho minister's house, the
I'ov .Mr. Know-Ion, tho man who married
us, you know."
There was a painful ambiguity about
her wordn which perplexed Drane to
uuch an extent that a servant had uli
oied them handily Into tho good pastor's
study boforo ho rocovurod his hoH-ms-session.
A vonerahlo gentleman rose from a
largo ohalr, and grooUsl them with cour
tesy. "You remember mo, don't jnuV" said
tho girl, taforo Drann could upon his
mouth. "I'm Nellie Make, or I was be
foro you marrlod mo to Mr. Drano, last
.She almporoil In n most distressing
way mid looked up at Drano. -I In fell
hi hair stirring at tho roots, for ho tiavv
now that lunacy was tho only explana
tion of tho girl's conduct.
"I ought to explain" ho began.
I!ut the minister stoppod lilm with a
wae of the hand.
"No explanation Is rof"Irod, Mr.
Drano," said ho. "I remember you per-
feolly, and 1 do trust that nothing has
" happened In this short apace to mar lh
happiness which 1 sincerely wished you
when I made you one."
"Hut my dear sir " erhsl Drano, In
horror. .Nellie Interrupted hint w lib a
"S'ou se, sir, It Isn't really much of
any thing," nho nld, "and perhaps wo
ought nut tohavo ltothoriHl you nUmt It;
but tho truth Is 1'vo lost tho uortltlcato
you gao mo. I'm Jusl as ntunid as 1 oan
bo, hut I can't help It."
"Oh! If that Uall-"
"Hut It Isn't all. It Isn't half of It,"
Drano oxclaluied. "The truth Is"
"Now, you naughty Ixiy," cried Nellie,
putting In r hand playfully over his
mouth, "I shan't let you go on hls
"Some trllllngdlngri'oinent,"sald tho
Kov. y.r. Knnwlcs.hmlllnggnod-naturod'
ly. "I havo no doubt that It oan bo re
puircsl as oally as thu loss of tho err
",Slr,"ald DraitP.liroaktng looso from
the icstralntng hand, "1 awuro you that
It Is your duty to"
"And I rwsuro you, sir," said tho old
clergyman, with dignity, "that It l
jour duty, as It la your privilege, and
hliniild bo your delight, to bo evor kind,
forbearing nud gontlo with tho woman
who has given you tho honest atfootUm
of her heart, and whoso hand 1 joined
with your In thlo vury room. Look at
her now,"
Ntlllo had fallen upon a sofa and was
nobbing with Industrious kvlgor. '-You
havo brought UMr to horoyiw," Nolllo
proteiidul to wrlux nut lir handkor
chit f. ";lit Uzbl faint with thodlap
ptihit: ieiii at 1 Jtir very fort!"
N. Ill - gau to falM with a rigid do
teruiinaUou which ;.Urmid Dnnie, and
ealUd f 'rlh i-ioro i-euioiislrnncim from
tho Uii.d-hi-ttrted old man. Together
thoy uu'lo Uv wiufortaUlo upon tho
wfa funiud bir till thoro was a
small cyclor.e In tho i.tudy. Whon nho
wa3Uiet Diauo ww UU opportunity,
nnd, l i inula' as calm at liu could muko
it, h. -iM: - -
' My dear sir. you are wholly inlstAi n
in this matter. I am not the man who
married thin young woman, and I hare
never had the ploasuroot ooelug either
her or yourself Ixjforn to-dty."
"Do you mean to say that she diK-sn't
know her own husband?" risked the
reverend gentleman, with groat sur
prise. "This Is prco"ttorius."
"She know -I perfectly well that I am
not her husliaud," said Drane. "Tor
some purxxio of her own she has lured
mo here, and has claimed me before
you, and you havo protended to reeog
li I zo the. Hut for tho honesty that 1 read
In your face, sir, I should U' tempted to
iy that this was all a great oonsplrncy
to entrap mo."
"Young man," nald Itev. Mr. ICnowlcs.
with tleop severity, "I never forgot a
face. I knew you by your necktie!"
It wa. the one article of consplcc.oim
apparel which he had retained since
the llrst exchange with the tramp In
the Turkish bath, lie cursed It In Ills
"lint look at me more closely; look
Into my face!" he exclaimed.
Kov. Mi". Knowlett pulled a pair of
spectacles down from Ills forehead ami
approached Drano with a grim de
termination to mukn sure of lilm writ
ten nil over his usually benign conn-t.-nnm-e.
Drano lifted up bis head and
looked :.lralght at tho glittering gold
tiiiei of the glasses. Ho felt certain
that he should not fall of an acquittal If
once lie wai properly luaM-otod.
Hut Kov. Mr. Kuowles made an error
which is alarmingly common in cases
where porsunul identity Is at Issue, lie
l!:;cd hit giuo rigidly on the one thing
which had previously misled hlni the
necktie-and to till Intents and pur
poses hU scrutiny went no further. And
tib, hoi.' he did Identify that necktie.
How ho reached In and pulled Its secret
out! Ilowdoudcortaln, how Immovably,
uiiutieraljly in-line lie, wnen lie
ruisctl Ills eyes from it nud pushed up
his glasscu again, that that was tho ver
itable neck lie with which he had for
ever united the fato of Miss Nellie
Hlake. Then ho glanced at Drsno's
face with hill unassisted eyes; saw
simply a iihyslijgnouiy with tho cui
ternary number of features on It, nnd
was etinv lucod.
"I was not mistaken," Miiil ho, "and I
am at a loss to understand your con
duct." It takes a renlly good man to bo fixed
In error: hut doubt Is tho eternal ir
thii of the uiirngoiierato. Tho Kov. Mr.
Kuowles was more certain thyt he had
married Drane, than Drano was that lie
"Why," continued Mr. ICnowlen, "If
It was your intention to cast this woman
ol! did you bring her hero where Jiur
Iniquity was almost certain to trans
pire?" "I didn't bring her hcro,"ild Drane,
dei.pondlligly, "she brought"
"Si I KUpMisod; wi I siipHisl, yeung
man," and tho Kov. Mr. Know ita frovs ne.1
In groat disnpprolutlou. "but now that
) on are hero let me exhort you to do
your whole duty. What reason you havo
for denying your wife I do not know.
Have you any thing to say against her
aha rnelor?"
"Heaven forbid," said Drano, hastily.
"That Is a kuhjcctuli which I never say
any thing."
"You have the Instincts of a gentle
man," the old clergyman s.ilil, sluwly.
."1 noticed Hut when you vvuru huru bo-
fore; especially then, I may add, for
your behavior to-day has left much to
bo desired."
"Ufcin greatly Indebted to tho alom I li
able tramji who personated mo on that
occasion," exclalmisl Drane, with bitter
emphasis, "and I regret that his repu
tation should sillier during ni) tmno
rary use of my own name."
"('time, come," said thu genial pastor,
cheerfully; "lot's havo no moro hard
words. Come, Nellie, glvo your hand to
your husband mice more In my prcsnuoo,
and start anew on what I trust will bo
a happy Hfo together."
Nellie roo with groat alacrity and ad
vanced to Drane, who stood In Millox
dismay, wondering what tho woman's ob
ject was and how far fclio would allow
tho ridiculous gamo to proceed.
Meanwhile Kcv. Mr. Knovvlo had
Mm M
shifted hl-iMioctaclos from hi 1 forehead
to Iho end of hit. noso, and Iji Vamod
ooro licnlguly over litem t.T.l under
thont If posslhlo,
I am an old man," said he, "and you
must pnrtlon my Interference In tho
atfalrs of tho young. lam not t clear
as to what has brought you Ij tart i r i.
iMH-sind time; hut let us say II li Provi
dence -"and ho glanced reverently up
ward, the one direction In which the
good man's sight had never fulled bli-i.
"Imittvat you, mv son, lie a man," ho
continued, "and leave this strange and
evil couno for tho bolter way."
Drano was lorn hy many conflicting
cr.iotloii'i. The old clergyman'-! manner
v. i. so kind that Drane could have
ktsM-d his venerable In ml, and his
error v, a o annoying that Drano
hiiijTi-d Inbreak his venerable uts'k.
"Xy dear - " he was going to say
"t ly dear sir." but Mr. Knowles lot him
get no further than tho adjective. Ho
i. proud his hands over the In tho
f attitude, and Nellie, taking
Iho hint, fell upon Drane's mvk. Ills
utter Inability to struggle against clr
ciimstauciM 1ml him ah-niltitidy to tears,
ami the Her. Mr. Knowles, taking out a
lurgo handkerchief, cried softly In
Thoy were all so much occupied that
they dl'l not hour tho dixir-lxdl, nor had
their attitude i changed hy a hair's
bnadlh whnn the diKir tiponisl and Mr
Uesslit llarlaml, of llulfalo, N. Y .
walked In. Drane saw her out of the
uortu n of his eyes, and ho tried hastily
to shako Nellie's urtiis from around his
neck, hut thoy were claspisl hard and
fast, and nothing could loosen them
l!e I e gave a little sigh which was a.
m(wt a stih, and sank iip.iu the mi( t
Thoro were llrst-rate priwMx-ts of a gen
uine faint now, ami Draue'-j agony was
iroHirt Innately lnrroasxl.
At tho sound of her late mlstrosV
sub, Nellie turned her head, and v.h. n
she ww who had entered her dtsmuv
was so plainly written on her face thr.1
even tho falnl-slhted old jmslnr saw It.
lie mh.lnterproted It, of course, and cist
a look of disapproval upon Hemic.
"Young woman," said he, "are )oi
the unhappy c.iuso of dtlfercuce liotwofn
these tivo?"
Hut Hessle mld little titteiitlou to bli
wonl .. She ros unsteadily from the
sofa, throw up her head with a pitiful
llttlu attempt ut dignity and snld:
"Mr. Drunc, 1 eamo to this city be
cause I believed that vou were HI and In
trouble, and I hojMsl to help you us yoe
nmehelpiHl inc. A jouug man, whom 1
believe to In- a rvpiONoiitattvo of the
press, directed mo to this house. That
explains my presence; but, of course, I
can utay no longer. 1 must say jomI
"There, sir; didn't I tell on join
name was Drane! eiclali .ed Kov. Mr.
Kuowloii, who had Ik'Ou fairly bnrittti:
with a desire tn say It since Hes-sii '.t
Ilrsl v.urd had btn-u ultertsl.
"Hesslo- Mrs. Ilarlalid!"crltsl Drnlio,
choking with love, rage and other emo
tions w htch atlllcl tho Votin.'T. "I swt.ii
to you that this is all u hldt oUsi.ilst.ike
1 havo never seen this Uolnall U fore to
day, and I don't ciro to see h"-r a-..'...
till the day of judgment, nil whhh
t-asloli may slit- est i.po tier disiert .: le
tv at hanging round my ius-k for wii.h
ln..aue piirfHHto of her owl.; and ibis
,'enlb m.tii" -and Drane softcni-d hi.
voice and how rd to Mr. Knowles -"p-r-.l.-t..
that he luarrlisl us "
"Mi.rrliHl!" erletl Hoitslo, and shesank
hack again upon tho sofa.
"Ilut ho didn't, jou know," cried
Drane, hastening towartl her. "lie's
near-sighttsl or something, and she real
ly man led my necktlo oh, glvo my
word, 1 don't know what I'm sajlng,
but I 1 - Hi-sale, I lovo you, find
knows, ami every bent of my heart h e.
been faithful to you slnco my eyes Ilrsl
rested on your face. May"
Mr!" crhsl Kov. Mr. ICuowlos, in a
video of thunder. "This Is morn than I
can penult. Will you make lovo to an
other woman before your wife's- eyes,
you young villain?"
Ilut this rebuke fell iinlineded, for
Drane's imcxpectisl dts'laratlou had
proven Uhj much for Jlessle's nerves al
ready deeply shaken, and she had falli u
Into a falntuess, as deep, tc all appear
ances, as death Itself. Drane sprang
forward to her side, and Kov. Mr.
Knowlus puttered along after hlni.
Nellie, too, was moved by tho sight of
her former mistress' pullld face, and sho
bid fair to he of moro real uso than
either of tho men. Hut thoy were alt
in earliest, sod so Intent ii)siu their task
that they did not see tho door open, nor
did they know that any nun had entered
till a hnrsh voice said: "Lawrence
Drane. ye bloomlu' lunatic, I've got to
take yer In!"
Drano turned to confront Jimmy and
th two iHilIucuien.
tii.MTi:i: xi.
At this point In Mr. Drane's adveu
tureii he ought to havo met tho tuner
I'ency with calmness and a ready wit.
I!u had certainly exxrlenced iiilte
t uough of encounters with the police;
hut, law-abiding cltlien that ho was,
having nu Innate and cultivated ressct
fur tho guardians of the peace and faro, the moro ho encountered their
siwer the weaker he was to resist them
therefore, when ho was hustlml out of
', giHsl old parson's study he went
a till a blind acquiescence to cruel fate,
tu runiciii rttti, hut very muuh cast
dov.- uovertheletm,
In the hallway of tho varson's Irtiuso.
'itiwever, ho pulled hlmsrll together
tinl ileinandisl tho causo of his arrest
, he I'dh-emen were by no means will
ing to explain; thoy really lk llovod
io.t they had a dangerous munlac on
-viitl, bud Jimmy, tho reporter, was on
In- ijui r4 to gel a gtsxl news Item ami
ri want ut tho same tlmo. However
. Mr Drano roslstisl, Jimmy finally
rtH'.ueid Hill telegram from a Now
, in U newspaper:
liie.h Intirvlow with Drano. Man
t hi hero proved to hosano and nut tin
Just onn ray of joy ahonn against tho
dark hackgiuund of Mr. Drano' prot
ucUln this dispatch tho tramp, Im
properly confined as Insane at his In
stance, hud lx'u ri-leasM. Thinking of ss of one sin which had Won for-slvt-n,
I.-vwrenco lsiw-txl his head and ac-
t-iui)anlisl tho pollnnmon out of doors.
An officer u at either ellsiw and Jim- j
ley pranced along IxMilnd. as Air.
Drano was very quiet no especial at
tention wa-t attracted until thoy came
to the distrof tho Heaver House. There
a man was slowly drvu-ondtng tho step,
hxiktng vastly worrltsl and out of sorts.
It was the tramp. Ho hail Mr Drane'ii
i lotln s im and ho appeantl to 1st In
hard luck. When ho saw tho officer
snd their convoy sailing down the
stn-el he stoppsl suddenly ami liH-kod
hanl at the prisoner with a wildly
angeretl exprtMSlon on his face. Il wa
hut a moment tint the tramp stood
(bus. but In that momrnt his reasoning
faculties wont through a tremendous
operation. This was about tho sub
stance of It:
"Hello! there's Lawrence Drane! I
stole bin clothes and Ills name and mar
rhd In Isith of them an awfully rich
widow. Ho got hack at mo by stealing
hi i clothes again and getting mo In
ht-k. lie even Inveigled me Into an
Insane ssyluui. He Is even now sus
pected of Is'li.g a lunatic. Now I know
that he i.i not only sane, but that I have
Ih-oii the caiiBo of his misadventures I
furthrr know that tho Kansas City men
who dtflanxl this morning thai I was
not Drano, will Is) hero by tho next
train from Now York and will free this
man from all his troubles. Ho Is tre
mendously rich and gotxl-naturod. I
nie if I don't do him a good turn."
This chain of reasoning was so speedi
ly accomplished that by tho lime Law
rem t uml the policemen were opposite
the Heaver House diHtr, Iho tramp had
resolved upon Ms course of actlun. He
ran down the steps cll-mcll. soiled
Law rence by the hand and exclaimed:
"Well, well: to see j on again and In
thlu shape! I'm delighted ami everlast
ingly rullnvod!"
"tih! jou are. are you?" respond) d
Ivwrence, as tho policemen paused.
"I sou that you aro at the upper end of
the teeter-lsiard at present "
Ho muihl have said more In expres
sion of lil.i bitterness, but tho tramp
"Olllcers. I don't think you have any
right to hold thlil man, 1 know him.
He Is my only brother. 111.1 name Is
Lawrence Drano. of Kansas t'lty, and I
am tils brother John, come on to take
cam of him. I demand that you show
mo your authority for arresting him be
fore you tnko him any further."
ThN. of ooiirse, was a stumper for the
policemen. They bad uoauthorliy what
ever. .
"Ilut." said one of them, "how about
that reward?"
At this moment a button U Mr.
Drane's ltowory suit gave way.
Jimmy, of course, had etplaiml the
prospective reward to tho isilli'i'iueu
and had held out Its terms as induce-
Tin: aj.i Kiii.n Jons
men tn for their notion. Neither Mr
Drano nor tho tramp knew exactly what
to do.
"Well, Hie fact Is." began Mr Drane.
"You understand." said the tramp at
the same moment, "Mr. Drano I.i not u
craiy inun; ho Is my friend ami rela
tive." "Hut," Interrupted again one of the
policemen, "thai reward? We don't pro
pose to stay out all night looking for
this gent and tho reward w Ithout some
And hero Mr. Drane's right knee be
gan to pel' p .?) is trousers. His
economical suit coming rapidly ami
naturally to pieces.
"Does It look very bad?" ho whUiorrd
to the tramp, ns lie felt a seam in tin
back burst.
"It looks like bloody murder," i aid
the tramp, In an undertone; "and
speaking of that, how do you think
those Kansas I lly mndo pantaloons of
your lit iiki?"
Toll 'em you'll plvo em a check at
the Heaver House at threo o'clock this
afternoon," whispered I-iwrence.
Tho tramp know In.-f that Lawrence ha.l
hits of mom y fell Into this plan, and
the police, If"-!-.' 11,1 y ""
.jlhorlty, Immediately dlsaj i arod
ut not so Jimmy. Ji' i y bun ' en e
HI the tramp usslinit h!m that he ami
Jrane were going to the parson heiiM
in elucidate together one or two prob
lems thai wore not yet clear to IHn r ol
.!ii m. During r.ll the conversation
this Involved, Lawn-nee discreetly ki pi
his mouth shut, and presently Jlmu)
dashisl olf presumably to givo u column
of copy to his newspas-r for the last
edition. After this the two men paused
on the sidewalk and Mr. Drane began:
"My dear mini, there Is something
ilsmt vu. In addition to my clothes,
which makes me think that )ou are or
ought to be a gentleman."
"Sir," reMindisl the trump, "there is
something aliout you besides that HI
lltlng Howcry sull that makes me re
ran! you us destined to better things
ban you have endured during the last
Then IhiIIi men laughed and aftor that
hey shook bunds heartily.
"I or,"ii-ld Let .ri'iioi "whit I J your
name, ami imw tl.o iinmontionanio
fiend did you et Into a tramp's life?"
"My name," rosiiidwl the other, "Is
plain Johnson. ba Used Itlehard J, 1
I was at one time n country scliootmav
tor. vvhh h may itrvounl for my laes
Into fairly correct Kugllsh when I talk.
S.'hMilmusterlng. I found, did not pay
tor a mall who had acquired champagne
tastes on a Ix-er Im oiiio, and so I deter
mined to travel. Ktporlonoo of an un
tiMialiy iivero nature undermined my
, onv l.'.ions respecting is c urn l (kiiki,
Hid I then fore dcm-clidcd to theft. Ilut
Hit only fair to oiplaln that thistle.
4-etit 111 morality canio from tho fact
that wsin after I gave up school-teauli-lug
I went Into jiolltlcH."
'rufortunali ," iiiiiriuuritl Mr. Drane.
"I was an alderman," continued the
tramp, "and I voted various franchises
to railroad lorporallutm and escaped tnS
dlctineiit I never knew how. Then,
having my bauds In tho public treasury,
otherw se the people's pockets, for two
or thn o years. I lost all sense of de
corum and hoiii'aly."
"You aro to bo pilled, nut con
demned." said Mr. Drane. i,V
' So." continued the tramp, "I am not
altogether bud. That, with your kind
iiihs. veil seem to see; but the fact Is
that If 1 had nlways worn as good
clothe.) as these of yours. I would not
have boon tempted to commit thu
crime) that have brought troublo upon
"That l'i doubtless true," answered
Mr. Drane, dubiously recalling his io
cullar adventures; "hut It was very
wrong of you to take away not only my
garments hut my nair.o and credit ns
"Ah, sir," replied Mr. Johnson, smil
ing. "It Is an old saw thai 'necessity
knows no law-.' Hut let us not
waste time In argument. I came
hero to seek my wife, nnd when
I have found her you shall I hi
fully repaid in money for tho misery
which I have caused you."
They had been walking along Indiv
tcrinlucdly, and hero Mr. Drane slopped.
Johnson." ho anld, "you are In a had
fix. Your wife l i nut only poor finan
cially, but so badly off that sho wants to
claim mo for a husband."
Johnson opened his mouth wide with
iimnieineiit. ami us ho I. new nut what to
say. Lawrence continued:
"Whatever claim she had to riches sho
nltstraclcd from another person, as jnu
took my clothes. I have seen herthli
morning. She claims to be Mrs Drane,
nnd -"
"You Infernal scoundrel!" exclaimed
Johnson, nud ho solnsl Mr. Drano by
the collar. ."Klch or ssir, she Is my
wife, nud if you havo gone nnd got her
away from me I II break your back and
put jou In the anyliim again to I Kot."
Mr. Drane shook olf his antagonist
"Don't jou call me names," ho cried,
"or I'll have you am-sted for tliefll"
Johnson cooled down alouco.
"Where's my wife?" ho asked preii
ontly. "t'ouiii wlih mo," said Mr. Drnne.
"and I'll shew- von," and he forthwith
led the way to the parson's house Just
as they arrlic.l at the thvr two men
hurried up w ho irreeletl Lawrence elf n
dvely They were relatives of hi'.
from Kansas City, arrived by a way
train from New York, Johnson hav
ing caught an oxpro-t at tho same
hour The rtdatives looked at Law
rence sharply and seemed to wonder
whether he wu all right or not, hut he
refrained from explaining himself until
they had come again Into the parson's
nilAl'TKIl XII
tiie uttTAiin or Tiir. wiritrn.
Kov. Mr. Knowliwi was nothing If lint
hospitable. Whon this unlnv Ited com
pany Invaded his humble but com
lortnhle dwelling he bustled about with
genuine anxiety for Iholrontortallimeiit
"Dear mo! dear mo!" he kept saying,
sottlj-, "I have seen nothing like thi-i
lilnce tho donation pnrtlctt In gotsl old
I'odtiuk I'm sure you're till quite wel
come. I've boon out with the two ladles
looking for you. hut wo falhst to find
jou. However, wooncounterisl a young
man called Jluiinj-. who Is eonuiclod
with the press, nnd ho told me to return
homo nud wall (or you. Now I do hoo
that all thlsqunrrnllng Is over, and that
you, sir" pointing to Drano "havedo
el iled to ho a man."
"Such Is my present Intention," said
Drano. "lam getting u little tlritl of
being a lunatic."
"You seem to have Htilfer)sl mniie vio
lence since you wero hero before." con
iinuitl Mr. Knewlet. "I trus't that you
are not seriously hurt. It often hap
pens Hut harsh experiences of this
kind aro wholesome, and ni-cossary to
bring us to a proper state of mind. Ill
tleisl, they always are, if wo could only
eo IL."
Meanwhile tho other members of the
parly wero looking askance at each
other. Johnson was beginning to real
Uo that tho How-comers were the iCan
wis City rt lief exiM-dltlon, and that his
own usefulness nnd opportunities were
nearly over. He was inodilatlng a quiet
mid Inolfenslve exit when he chain n
to catch Nellie's eye, nnd It rlvtd
him to the sK)t. She was looking at
him with n real tenderness of exprcs
shin, and a certain admiration, too. In
detsl, Johnson In Drane's clotln s wai
.vurlli looking at. Ho hud an inn 111
eni nnd not uncomely vla.;o, which
,ud Ikk'Ii much Improved of late by Ci
Ifis-ts of more ftl and lesi drink. And
l.'elllo looked at him, thinking of !'
.vorthi which had Joined tin ir I...U I .
tin! she grew quite p.ile, but not tm'i
.ear or regrol.
Ilesalo was pale, too, for she ft H ..
vi ry painful inn rest In iheseetie -.,
'.new Unit the strange mini must In -l i b
i hose who had known Drane III the Ut '
mil she took Johnson lolsiadl'i i
.uli-hcd reprosenlutlvo of tho fanulj.
hoAO wo rtU would bj u full explana
.lun o'jUrftuo's mental condition bho
tried to attract his attention; to call
hlni to her aide, and ask him whether
It was true that his unfortunate kins
man was unbalanced
Mr. Satiford Drnne, the genuine, was
the first to break thn silence which had
fallen upon the party.
"1 beg jinir pardon," s-vld ho to Kor.
Mr. Knowles, "hut I really do nut son
why we have ull Invadisl jour hutlso.
Has this unhappy joung man" point
ing to !vw rvnee -"had any dealings
with you during his recent wanderings?
I iihould tell jnu that I inn his tilicle,
and that 1 havo come to take hlni homo 1
with me, where I trust that rest and
medical treatment will restore him to
the full command of Ills fi.f ultles,"
"And l ho, then, deranged?" askisl
Mr Knowles. "Ah! IhatoxpUlns much
which had boon dark to me. I fear that
1 have done serious wrong. I should ''
have mndo more careful luqiilrloo be- ,
fore I married him to this young lady." 1
"Married?" cried I'nclo Sanford,
achnst. "Oh, Lawrence, I did mil think
jour wretched fate would havo led you
to this."
"My very dear, but deplorably mud
dled uncle," said Luwrence, 'do noldhi
tress yourself uiiiieeeso.viily. 1 nm mil
i . s J Vt -
itiK ,vi vn uiiD wan iui;..i: x
ln:.rr!id. Thbi vv hole ciirtiplh nlloli r.--uli
from an Inexplicable crmi of Kev
Mi Knoub-H. who i.i.irttid thl-. i r.ll '
lin!i. ittliig Johnson - "to thai youn l
Wol an !! tin- eomet "
I'tsil I. 1! i..! i lid Kev. Mr Knov.l i.
,"ht Is i tl.l.f a 'all!
"I ,.,.i not wnndt iiiq." aliUrftvtnr.
"'i ho fuel It thai Oils womn:, t.ikl.i
ndv ,t.i.i,:i of Mr KiMiivlea' error, u-w
J-li.e. 9 hec husband hncnil'to he
iTnow., .l- to bo lit II."
"Kith!" pel I.i I'n.ln I'.iafonl, "il i ) l i ..II lhr.t hi li -islo.l M-rhupn W''
en.v V-t re cue mv, ' -nide.1 ii 'idie,.
(.ontini i:ii on Itii paiii:.
If Yea laid a rlenA
Als-rtit to vidt sarou KflU.n of cum try where
In tUicii.c, cillicr III llm luim ef chilli
and foicrer liillButrnuiHtriii waipnitU-uUrl;
tils, what wiNiht Im) atiotil llm Ix-it u.Uloe )imi
c tnld fivu hi, it'.' We will I p 1 1 . ... 1 1 l"i or)
at'iii;:. or prwuiu i.n iirrlrinc. thai ' l ii I iiw
Ol. laal kUluUli llil. I ItMlullt'l 's, Il I, II
Wrs. Ulli.c.11 IUr.ius.lHii I lliilullill !j.-im.I
rt-l.iiii, hfit- ait'l lii oth.-r t tuiHtil. a. Ihu
iiri't lu)-aii4 of ill-.t-iine tli tiiut.iiiulk
, ieri;. iti"l 1'ililihir II ..I tt. slructivi
h.lle. iiio N'ol mil) ilii -i It f irtlfr tl.O sislrm
ly ii silnir it menu, hut iivrn-ontf . Ir
I. Ullly ! Ci.-i'-U -.1. Ill- !. I uml lilt' l"
r' . tiiul t iilnli i 1 1" Un- ' iifi-i ts of
uv,ir-i'i -itloii. I.islin Miel ni- ii ill ctisi'iirc III
r.mii w s iihfr, nr .i i u, t:.u l.n -il-lilwiy t
I .'i i lut, e .ni ipis-tli- in. 'I isiixlvii lu-r
v -iioe- s. I'l-i Iini' i i"HM) in. in nr.Ui it Ml
w vn.ri-11'U nmi lis," 111 H a li.ust
Jn.MLTllit .11 1 r ..Ul'li it.ivni.oy
tOUTIIuHKVIIIO t'AMIT I'Ossllll.V t'Jll.l. I'I'll
hOMi.i.t, noMt: ninTKr.Nr i.u nr. :t
i. Tits- iikiiii or ii.i.nur uii.i. tiivu
nSTA.TAMOl'S llt.l.U.r AM) A I
ruivuM-M' tutu 1
Tilt most tqicftly, jioslllvc and rieriua
lent riltc for Catarrh of the 1 1 tad. Asthma
and ull Throat,, Lung, llcml, '
Stouucli, Liver uml Kidney Allectioua.
Nervous IH-bility, etc. Coiuumplloii, in
ill various rUgcs, pciiiiuneiilly curnl.
t)K. Aiioum'S OuitilNAl, Mtlllll t)l' TltHAT-
vi it NT ami his Mkiiicati'.d Ikiiai.tions
gives Invtuiitsutoua ulief, InilhU up ami
tevltallres the whole rtiiistilitllou nud
tystetn, thereby prolonging life. Weak,
nervous, ilcbilllatvtl ami lirokrn tlowi:
:oiiitittitIous, old unil jouug. Invsiiublj
ijalu from ten to thirty pounds in from
thirty to ninety daj a, ('
I)u. Aiiokn'H phenomenal skill ami mar
vrlous rules have (rented the cicuted
astonithinent on the l'urlfic Coast and
throughmit the American continent, dur
ing the paat twenty-five yeara. Asthma,
Catarrh of the Head, anil ull Throat, llrou
chial and Lung trouble Instantly mllaved.
alro !Ur Ditcaaei anil Dcufueas oflct cured
iwruiaiiflltly at fint coiliultatlo, I)U.
AtioitN'H eatay on the "Curability of Con
unipttoti," nnd n treatlao on "Catarrh ol
the Head," with evidences of tome ex.
traordinnry curca, nulled free. Call oi
address Dn, ADORN,
loarth auJ Morrlioa Ull., I'orllaaJ, Orrfor
Npt. Iloma iitalMaal.ttauitlyiucleJ.K-iil le
aiMu l .11 l-.ilt cl lli l.ail,lurllio.a so.
caiuu.) iKM.tly lit ittoa.
ttlU .fiHitikfUf4l
I fit M d iit '. AlflU
lut, im ii" 'wwsjtf.tiMu
- ut Ke'ltiJ ifl Uhp
tO am . tt i iOiJ.WI
X dg Iht MMa ti Un
Ut"t f Mat
I Until ir stiff mluff fiwwifktw
Aiiti'i, tiia)yliv
nd iur t - ln !iiih
Itf !! I IM M.ufW, (, Mk
I 1U. Wlll"y it,, a,
KKW a4M..tJifM, fUkitfir
: iiKr l DENVER.
ll.llMlUtl.S! f..
"IMIol llcllnll Ilellolll"
"Weill whst U Itf"
"How Is your mother, Dili morning" f"
" Very iinii li l lliri Im hail a nl riU
fill ulrt p lut nluM I she Is slinisit rid of hrr
illit-aweata. ismih uml ntrrnusnr, am
U i:niwhit quite vhrvrful. How urstofut
hp all iho tu you for that bottle of inmll
Clnr." " lVin't recak nf grutltujs. Wbal do
tho Ooctor rnir 1 "
"Ho Mrs im never saw so wonJorful
a rliAiiip) In such a vrloui luuif troiihla.
Hit mill thinks nn am (Mlnx Ids Until,
clues. I ilon't llkn in tell hlni."
"That'a right, llo'a an old f rlt-inl, you
know. I'm aurn jrour mother villi lot well
tioir; tint you won't fnrirvt tho uamo of
Ihu nmtkliic. will yuuf"
"Nocrl llr. I'lsrca'n Ool.Irn fetllcal
llUctivur) aru huutrholil weroi ulresJr.
ami It luis mum totr. Do coins ami sou
what suiiahlini It haa hrouuht alrvailr,"
"I will. Oooil tiyti."
"tlol.k'n Mtslleil llUoorvry" haa cunl
vitrcm. Ili.trrlnr com ha ami amutixt Cou
auinilluii, or l.iina-scrotuls. In IhiuiMikla
of tvtrc sfirr hsvo falhsl and ethor
inctlirlnea lisvu Iks-ii trleil nnd alsimtanrtt
iimIiivs. Tint "Discovery" la cunrmi
ire.l to linnt or euro In over cue, If
takrii In tlmo anil ulvru a (air trlui, or
muucjr mil Im rctundod.
lilt. SAUK'S CATAltltH ltL'.MKDY
curt a Iho ttiral inn-s, no lualtrr of Isjvr
louir alaiiillug, W oluU, hy ilrus'gUU.
The linsirtaneo of purlfyhiR Iho Hood ean.
not ha iiveieitliiulrd, for vi Ithout puiu tlutsi
you cumit enjoy rjts-sl heiHIi.
At thla aeatou neatly every onn necdi a
(ood uieillcliio to purify, vllallic, and cntlch
Iho IIcxmI, and wo ask you to try Hood's
Drtnllif HanapaillU. ItatrciiKlhcni
rCUUIiai ,ulUta up tho ayitera,
rrralea an appetite, and tones lhodleclon,
whllo It critlleatri Ulicaio, Tho iwculUr
couihiimtloii, pmpoitUin, and preparation
of the remcdlci uied elro tu
Hood'i Harupirllla ceiil- -r- fCflf "
Ur rurallvo powcra. No ' IIOUII
ether metllrlno hai audi a record of womla rf ul
curei. If you havo undo up jour mind to
buy Hood'a Himparllta do not he Induced to
takn any ether Inttead. It li a I'eeu'.Ur
Medicine, rind It worthy your coufldoiico.
Hood's Hiri.iparllla la aohl hy all druccliti.
1'irpaicd hy C. 1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Una.
IOO Dosoa Ono Dollar
Oniiilia, Kansas City, Chicago,
lasl, North South,
h,iui:ic ci'i v.
H C UOWEftS Ticket Auont.
I. oral 'rime Curd:
II.VhT IIOCSIl I IIOM ll.lKI'.lt l.-ITV.
Nu. 'J, -Moil, ' 1:17 p. in.
No. 'Jli, .Mixeil, " 1 !::!() p. m,
No. Mieil, " .1:10 ii. in.
No. 1, Mail, " (1:07 i. in.
No. !, .Mixeil, " '2:00 u. m.
No, 'J:i, Mixeil, " l'j.IlO p. in.
Main Line, Not. 1 uml 'J, the Lim
ited Fust Mail, ciiiiy I'lilliuiui Dining
uml .leepino Darn U'twi-on I'oitluntl
uml ('liieiigo. All ttnins iluily,
Stauiiifirs I.ruvn l'oi tluiid as l'ollowsi
Oregon Suiiiluy Jmi, -I
(Joluiiiliiu . . Thursday , , K
Statu Miiiuliiy . . . " 12
Oiegou . , . I'Viiluy .... " 10
(.'oluuiliiii . Tiiratluy . " 'JO
State ', Sutunluy n o.j
Oregon I Weilnestliiy " '28
Kutes of 1'usHiiu, inclmlinjj MuuU uml
llei th: Cabin S 1 COO; Steerugo $8.00
0. S. .Mkixkn, T. W.;
Ucn, Ti-ullic Mjjr. (.leu, Vnst, At.
tH "
l aJ Jv,iymwmw,,iiww
n fit U:
i -