Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, December 18, 1890, Image 1

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la n nowtjiapcr for tlio
people, laboring for the
people mid voicing the sen
timents of tlio people of
its own lii-nnt County.
Is the no !
per betwcJti Tlio Dallcii
and Winiieinucca, tlio Ur
ge U circulation, therefore
is the Ut fur ndxoi tiling.
Tii i;1 'in vt -nil vrr
'olumo AY.
Xuntler SO.
Editor nnd Proprlotor.
Subscription 1 year in advance 82 CO
If nut paid Mitliiu 'A months . .S3 00
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3 mo 40.00 1 roar 110.00
S3T For Hliituliiig display ml.i only.
All Honditi;,' NotiVoa in Iiocal
'Julumn will ho chargol al thn rate
of 20 cent por lino for finit, and 10
cts ouch huIhm(iioiiI insertion.
Spocinlrutta to regular advertisers.
wit ann fRKfAitun to txECUTn--
-fine Job Printing-
Pouters, Dodjforn, Billheads, Letter
IiciuIh, Xotohouds, Stnlo
monts, Invitations,
Ticket, Cards
Ktc, etc.
PIll.NTKD 10 OUllKlt.
Co. Judge
Commissioner!! -J
' Assessor
Hchool Supt
Rtock Inspector .
. . (!. I. llnzultino.
. .Oenrgo Shearer
. . . . N. II. Holey.
W. 11. JohiiHon.
II. II. Davis.
J. W. Mack.
. . O. I. Crosap.
. . . Chus. Tiniiiis.
... M. N. Donliaiu,
... W. W. IHutou
. Dr. A. J. Thibodo.
M. 1). Cliirord
. J union A. Fee
.... C. F. Hyde.
Dist. Judges
Dint. At'omoy . ,
W. II. KtiXT.
NuUir Public.
K'elli$ Tod hunter.
Canyon City : : : Oregon.
Ullli, Not... ml Accouuli. lUJ, Mnitwa;.., and
1MIL of 3le drawu. I'.iiali.u and ll p.u.r. !
qulfln; 8..1I promptl; .tuuJnl lu. (II.. u. a rail
Q W. HAKHElt, M. I).
I'll VNlciiiu tV Hiircoou.
Canyon City : : Oregon.
OKlt, M. n.
Canyon City, Oun.
Ofllos on M.l.i MimI lu Kwuteii fwrui.rlr wvi
uj Vt. IUwJ.
PliotOBi'Mplio p
-Paruisu k COZAD.
Canyon City, - Ouixom.
Iixo Ckkkk
Proprietor of the
John Day Milk Ranch
Frosh milk delivered daily to my
custotuoin in John Dny and Canyon
citiei. llivouio your ordora.
(Oflico opposite Masonic Hhll)
Canyon City .... Oregtn.
gr Jill Work Warranted.
VI A It I I J.rl.kfl I. iri.lff
lt.k ..f 1.1.1 Ul.ll'f bl ..v. .f .Hk.
h.. b. ... I..4 ..4 ilt. ..4 fc,
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...Uf, b.. .... 41WK1 .... Ik
4 HO 1.1 l, t-all liUU.. '! l.U. 4J1.I ....
:. V, AI.I.II.V. llui 4UU, AkiuiU, Alulu.,
what ia
It It Uiit linputltr In Uio tlooJ. which, i
tumuUtlnc In tho cUndi o( tho Dck, pro
duce! uiiiltlitljf tumpi cr iwolUnii; hleh
timet ptlnful tunnloj totei on t!a umi,
left, or lect; xhlch Jevtlopct ulccri la lb
ijf i, titi, ur note, often ciuitnc tiluancit or
lextatii, nlileii It Iba otljln ot plraplf i, txa
cerout towi!ii, or Ilia minjr otbtr tuuiUctU
Uoni uiiulljr tterlbc.l to "liumort," which,
Utteulnj upon Uio lunci.ciutet coctuupUoa
tod death. Hrlug ttio Inait ancient. It It tho
moil jtntral of All dlicaiti cr Hectlont, tot
lttj lew iroiu tin cmlr.Ijr ftoo from IL
How Con
It Bo
njr tiVlnj lfood't flxnrtlU, which, bj
the remaikablo curct It bit AeeornpllihrJ,
often when other mdJU4net have failed, bu
prorcn Itielf to lx potent and peculiar
medicine for tblt dlieate. Some of theie
curet ars really wonderful. If juu mSer from
terofula, be turo to try lluod't Birtapartlla.
" My daughtcrMarr wat afCletrd with terof
alout tore neck from the time the wat nmcnthi
old till the became tlx yeartoface. I.umpt
formed In tier neck, and one of thtm after
trowing to the lire of a pig eon't egg, became
a running tore for otcr three yean. We c Jio
her lluod't riariaparllla, when the lump and
all Indication! of terofula entirely dlt
appeared, and now the teemi to be a health
child." J S. CaiiLii.s, Naurlgbt. Jf. J.
H. U. He ture to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
BIJtr .lUruffl.U. fl(llforl. l'irttdoalr
W C I. IIOUIJ 41 CO., AjnjIImcuIm. U.U. Uu
(OO Doooo Ono Dollar
Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago,
East, North tP South,
H. C BOWERS Tlokot Auont.
Local Time Card:
No. 8, Kxprcsi, Iauvoj nt 10:17 p. in.
No. '2, .Mail, " 1:17 p. in.
No. 2G, Mixwl, " 12:30 p. in.
No. 22, Mixwl, " 5.10 n. in.
No. 7, Kxpruiu, Leaves at 5:10 a. in.
No. 1, Mail, " 0:07 p. in.
No. 21, Mixed, " 2:00 a. in.
No. 23, Mixed, " 12:30 p. in.
Main Lino Nom. 7 ami K, Thn Over
land FIyr, cany Through I'ullman
SloepiTu, Colonikt tjleepuM, Free Chair
Car and OiucIium, Ix twenn Portland
and Denver, Omaha, Kansas City, St.
Iouii, St. Paul or Chicago.
Main Line, Nos. 1 and 2, tho Lim
ited Fait Mail, carty Pullman Dining
and Slaoping Cam between Portland
and Chicago. All trains daily.
Stmui.n LoikT I'ortlaad l'ullovil
MTklAMtll. HAY
Oregon Tuiiiday Dee. 2
Columbia . 1 Friday ... " 5
.State. ' Monday . " 8
Oregon Thursday " 11
Columbia .Sunday " 1 1
Statd Wednciday i " 17
Oregon I Saturday " 20
Columbia J Tueiilay ' " 23
Statu Friday . " 2G
Oni;(.n . . . Monday . " 29
Itutes of P.intae, inchuliii' MnaU and
Herth: Cabin ?1G.00; Steerage. frf.OO
0. S. Mkllkn, T. V. Lkk,
lion. TralUc Mgr. Won. Pass. Ajjt.
Notice is hereby ivuii that I Luvo
this day Mppointod tlio following per
soun deputy atock itiapeclora for
Ornul county, Oregon:
kaukh, I'ObTornci:.
L II. Jolinsoi Dayvillo
John II. Iltikor Culol).
John O. Luce, Joliu Day.
John Ulackwell, I.otif; Cio.k.
Wooda Carter, I' ox.
Wni. Hall Piairio City.
It. S. Ulackwell, Hamilton.
L. M.Jolmson Shootly.
llenj. Ilunsaker, Wagner.
Lovo llnilry Stewart
WniOillitf Hitter
W. W.Hiniov.
Stock Iimpector forOrnt Co., Or.
Mny 7lli, 18'JO.
Und Office tl llurai, (Inim.
NO. 11. IDA).
Notice ll l.ttrbf ilttn thit tke lellulng otuil
rttlcr ! DM nolle of bit Int.ullwn lo lu.te
Dul v-iixif lu tuppoit of bltcUlui, iJ tb.l .IJ
tiruul lll be mule Ufoit the cuuutt luJ. l
Ot.ul rouutr 'I Can.ou (.III, Or. uu l.c 57,
IbW " (li:olUIK K, kOM.INUKK, l'i.
No m;i. fur !! bl SV qur bte 1, uJ W) NW
uutr bee II, Te 14, 4 K l K
lie iitiiifi the lollo-lug wltntiMt lo prtie blj
cuiilliiuuut r.Ucnc upon, and eulthatlen of ttld
l&ud. ill: Ji ll.iiintonJ, O Ouemtcy, Ire. Spruul
t'rauk It. Salt, all of Caujun L'lly, Or.
at U 1, II, lli'silito, Ittilittr.
A Story of Retribution.
'"TIs not my will that ovll bo Immor
tal." It Is woll for u ttint, whllo on
this earth ovory tiling coo.1 ami IwaUtl
ful Is aliort-IUcnl, pas4ln7aHiHllly away,
ovll and wronir am also liut a question
of tlmo, and hare tlielr onJ. "All
tilings como to Mm who will wait,"
lon Vvlas(uni's over of ctll had
spread Itsolf over a long and busy life
tlmo--hal held full sway from tho tiny
ho hatt enterisl his teens until his hair
was turning gray. With tho exception
of tho fow years wlion ho posed as an
honest merchant, his active mind had
always licen bent on evil. Ho had
caused tho Innocent to suiter for tho
guilty; had rohtxHl men of thn hard
earned accumulations of years, and
women of their virtue; had stained his
hand in hlood until murder eaum ui
natural to him as tho killing of a hub
lwU lo a hu toiler; he had drawn Uittor
nature i do n to evil and madu crime
the study of his life. Hut tho day of
retribution was fast closing in upon
him. Tho murder of Mario Dolaro was
soon to Ihi avenged, and huforo long ho
would roallio tho awful Justice uf tho
old Mosaic law "A llfo for a llfo."
And yot how poor a recompense
llobbod of her llfo liapplnosi whan It
was just beginning to asiort Itsolf, all
that tho victim's widow rocolred In ro
turn was tho knowledge that retribution
had dually overtaken tho ono who had
robbed her of her treasure.
And, compared to Valasquca, what a
(earful price had she paid to secure lo
vengo. Tho best part of her life had
boon spent' wasted, In fact. In running
to earth a monstrosity who had at last
fallen Into hor hands through sheer ac
cident (as tho greater part of tho world
would say), though there aro tlioso who
would sou In such an accident tho won
derful machination of an unrelenting
Iiuler, who has said: "Vongeanco is
Novor until now hid Velssquot ro
fleeted on tho possible results of tho ro
pulslvo acts of Ills life. Ills immunity
from discovery had only tended to
lianlon his soul and ho had ever boon
prompted by ono Impulse only greed
for wealth-which when acquired had
novor brought him any genuine pleas
ure, lie bad never onco stopped to
think of the price his victims paid to
satisfy his own Insatiate desires, lie
had boon aborlxd in self and had lived
a life lu which none others shared a
pirt. Hut now that the h lllsh conceits
of his debated mind could only spend
thomselxos on four prison walls, ho was
forced to think.
Loon Velasquez, running riot as ono
of tho most active of the devil's em
mlssirlns, had novor paused to think of
the exactness with which (iod's mills
grind all, had never thought It worth
his while to consider that thosu who es
cape tho milt i tho longest aro In tho
ond ground more quickly and relont
lessty. Ho was In the mills now and
tho groat atonos woro beginning to re
volve: so closely, so surely Increasing
tho speed of their revolutions ovory mo
ment, novor to coaso grinding until tho
grist should Imi fine as the finest powder.
His nights grow restless, stoop al
most forsook him, and tho llttlo
snatches of napping which ho did
sometimes secure were only fitful
slumbers dtsturhod by horrible dreams
which brought to his mind In turn,
like a moving panorama, thn scones of
his devilish acts. Hold as he had boon
through life, ho now shuddered under
the nhadow of tho gallows, and so fear
ful was the mental torture that at times
ho wished that tho end might be speedy.
When the ImiIis shot Into their sock
ets across ills prison door all hoxi lied,
and he know full well that ho would,
after nil tlioso yean of liberty, meet tho
kn.tltv ot his great ist crime. I'roiu tho
hour of hit arreit ho hail been niooly,
and entirely ceased to speak to those
who appro ichod him. Ho neither ex
press id a hope of escape nor murmured
at his fate. Somo Imagined that tho
terriblo vUlout of a Just punishment
were perliaps tno cause ot his silence,
though otheri avowed that ho vvai only
mndltating a bold and llual plungu for
liberty. Ho that as it might, ho per
sisted in a morose reticence.
While ho lingered In prison Mm. !
laroanth'T friend i wero taking a reit
from tlio In-.onsi) ex"iteinent at a pretty
llttlo HiiglWh watering pi nee, trying In
vain to forget for a tlmo tho Una! trage
dy lu which they must tako an Import
ant part.
Mr, lllodgor had boon completely out
done by tho scones ho had witnessed.
Ho made a hurried determination to re
turn to America and novor again assist
at such exciting performance. lie re
ci'lvod so severe a nervous shock that
all tho poetry of his soul was crushed
out, and ho was compelled to postpone
for an Indotlnlto period tho writing uf an
ovlo to Father Thames, In which ho bad
nvowelhii Intention of putting avail
amount uf research, labor and thought.
Tlio world was thus rubbed of auothor
literary goni.
Ho was truo to his word, and a week
after Velasquez's Incarceration Mr.
Illolger's llttlo party of friends accom
panied hi in to Kuston station and bade
him "liod spued" on his Journey home.
A Unit live weeks later Mrs. Dolaro,
Annlda and Percy returned to London
to meet tho American detectives, who
bad arrived with thooxtradltlon papers.
lipi al
V ' ' s) w
"ll r ui: 'kiii- ruorKKiiui x suoor.v
It required but a short space of tlmo to
perfect tho arrangements (or Velasquei's
removal to California soil, where tho
law required that ho should tako his
trial fur the crime of murder. Kvery
lxly concerned was anxious to start as
soon at MMiiblo, and ll was arranged
that tho prisoner should Imi taken by
tho same steamer as the others, and no
ono made any demur In this except
Armlda. When nho heard the decision
she said: "Wo must not travel on the
same ship with that man. I am sure
soniolhlng dreadful will happen ho
will 1m a vorlwblo Jonah."
"What nonsen-ie you talk, my child.
Such atMiird fori'lwdlngs nuverenter my
mind." sild her mother.
Here Percy proffered a suggestion. "If
you ladles would prefer sailing on some
other ossel, 1 will secure passage fur
yoi. I ur n t pi".. I do net with to
leave the prison ir again, until i leavo
him lu a felon's grave. I want to know
all the tl tix that be Is safe."
' Liactly my fcullngt in the matter,"
said Mrs. Delaro.
Th s seemed to selt'o tho question,
for Armlda sa.d' "Tlion. since you aro
determined, I suppose I u.ust consider
myse;f overruled "
llousoqo.tntly, arrangomontl woro
completed ant a fow days later tho
parly nlartod for Liverpool.
Tho ship on which their passage had
been bocured was the "Dunrohln Cas
tle " It was an unpopular steamer and
hal boon purpose. y selected to avoid
publicity and goiilp on aeeount of tho
prisoner. As they steam d down the
Meriey and over the bar theday v"as one
of the mint enjoyable which could have
Uteu wtih 'd for. There was a delight
ful breeze blowing from the sua, and tho
tomM'raturn was agroeahlo.
With this kind of weather they wero
favored until they passed the I'astnet
Point, when a deep (eg settled on them.
This in turn passed away by the evening
of the next day. an t Ihey weruonco
more nteamlug under xuiiny skies. Hill
only for alxiul twenty-four hours, at the
end of which time they encountered a
storm and were toised aliout In a violent
manner for dayi together. The old
steamer w hlch carried them was none
too good a lo a boat al the Ixtsl of times,
liut now she acted In n moil eccentric
manner and seemed entirety at tho
mercy and will of the waves.
Neither Mrs. Dolaro nor Percy had as
yot foil alarmed, hut Armlda, who was,
In tho most favorable Heather, only a
poor sailor, oxporloncod terrible torture
and clalmod tier mother's attention nil
tho time. What with the statu o( the
weather anil tho cries an 1 moans which
roso (roin tho omlgrantt in the steerage,
tho "Dunrohln Castle" was any thing
but tho pluasantest place on tho Atlan
tic. For days together tho raging storm
continued, and it was not until the slow
old boat had been ten dayi at sea that
tho tompost subsided. When It did
thoro was a worse danger lu store (or
them. They wero on the Newfound
land banks In a (og, so thick that the
olllrers on tho bridge woro entirely uu
able to nee the ship's nose ni she
plunged through tho heavy swell left
liy tho slorm. The fo.'-whistle's con
tinuous roar only added to the general
confusion which reigned on board, and
when tho responding whistle of a past
ing steamer was heard It only Increased
tho dread and apprehension of the pas
Bongor'. After about thirty-six houri
of this commotion the people quluted
down and many seemed to have become
as much accustomed to It as old soa
dogs with the experience of a ll'o-timo.
Hut at daybreak one morning a dull,
heavy thud was (elt through the vusu l,
and a second later shrlehi and cries
rent tho air, which would havo made
tho heart o( any listener other than an
old sea captain stand s HI. Thou fol
lowed a low momuutsnt siispjnso will eh
was quickly changed to horror when tho
engineers ran up on deck shouting:
"Tho ship Is filling. To the boats!"
Then followed the rush of hurrying,
scurrying Humanity from tlio ntoorago,
terror plainly graven on nvery face,
while ovaranl atuvj tho niln aid
confusion rang out lh resonant tones
of tho Captain's voice shouting order i lo
tho boatswain. The force of habit ap
peared oven on thai scone of danger ai
tho nallors shouted: "V'heavo I lo."
whllo they lowered tho HIo-Ikj.Hi from
their itavitl. Lauder than all these
sounds and far abovo tho goneral ex
citement rolgnlng on the "Dunrohln
Castle" could Imi heard tho shrinking
whistles of tho steamer which had
struck her, and which was rounding to,
In order to give all posslblu assistance
In saving the lives of those on board tho
fast sinking lioat.
ll was not long tMiforn thn unknown
steamer was almost alongside, anil then
commenced tho work of transfrrrlng
tho passengers not an easy matter In
a raging sex The patience of tho olll
ccrs was tried to tho utmost. Strong,
rude mon would try to push women and
children aside in their wild ultorti to be
llrst ') enter the life-boats, only to Ui
t i 0
drhon liack by thn ship's nfllcers at tho
nosea of their revolvers. Occasionally ono
more daring than the rest would thrust
a woman aside and try to pass her, but
with a blow from tho butt end of his re
Nolver, the captain would knock him
senseless, with tho promise of similar
treatment to the next who should daro
to make the attempt
All this limn the ship was rapidly
filling and it became apparent Wyond
a perad venture that before many more
minutes tho "Dunrohln Casllo" would
sink forover Into tho depths of tho
ocean. It required several trips of tho
llfe-loats to transfer all thn passengers,
hut this difficult task was finally accoin
pllshed. The last load was Inilng taken
and none but the officers wero nupHisud
to bo en Injard, when suddenly the two
dotictlves In charge of Velasquez camo
rushing up tho companion ladder excit
edly exclaiming: "We can not roach tho
prlsonerl What shall we do?"
"That should have boon thought of
sooner," said tho Captain. "Follow tnoP
ho shouted. "Wo will rescue him if It
Is possible."
"Let him go, " said one of thn detec
tives. "Ilo'll lo hung anyhow." Hut
the Captain know- that although tho
prisoner was accused, ho was not yot
found guilty and his brave heart would
not permit him to lease even such a cur
as Velaiqilez to a horrible death with
out an effort lo rescue him.
Accompanied by ono of tho officers
tho big-hearted commander hurried
down thn steps on lo the cabin deck,
from whence hu attempted to descend
to the lower deck on which Valasquez
was confined, liut bravo as the old
Captain was, there was an obstacle in
the way which even ho was powerless
to overcome. Tho wator was up tin)
high and tho rescuers could go no
further. A'ready tho Imprisoned man
must bo driven back to his bunk near
the top of tho room lu which he was
ronflmd; tho wretched prisoner could
not pass out now alive, and certainly
none could reach hlui. Doubtless ho
was alive Just alive his life's span
now to be measured by moinonti. Now
hecould see how relentlessly tho mills of
retribution grind- -so surely so nurely
so surely aye, and so quickly, so much
more quickly sometimes than even
those who manipulate the machinery of
tho mills can foreseo .lfmoif Velasquez
had paid to the uttermost tho penalty
of his crime committed long years be
foro In the sunny California!! valley
The ship might go down at any mo
ment now, and unless his would-ho res
cuers at onco rotracod their steps thoy
might go down with It, so with regrets
tho Captain led tho way to tho ileelt.
Sorrowfully lie took his place In the
llfo-boil, nnd, ns tho sallori pulled
nway, ho looked longingly at the old
ship that hail carried him through no
many thousands uf miles ot fair and
stormy weather. Ileforo they reached
the watting steamer thu "Diiurohlii
Castle" settled on tier Imuuii ends and
sank In old ocean with a mighty rush,
taking with hor, to a higher tribunal
than that of man, Leon Valasquez.
It was a tragic death. In mime sense
It was too grand a death for so mean a
man to exchange the Ignominy of tho
callous and the felou'-i grave In a prWon
yard for a burial beneath tho rolling
waiei of the Atlantic, colllned lu a
noble snip. And yet It was a horrible
end -a lonesome, solemn end, (or tho
man who had lived In tumult and ox
c. lenient all his days to muet tho (Jrlin
Mo-ister and tlreat Avenger alone with
hit torturing meiuorles of the past lo
k ion, nhlle the morctlons flood closed
over hlui. that ho died unmulirned and
Perhaps It was a poor satisfaction to
the widow of Mario Delaro to know that
her husband s murderer, the destroyer
of her happluesi, wai never convicted
of his crime- but w lieu Leon Velasquez,
one of the meanest villain I whoever
trod this earth, went Into the unsreii
world to meet his Maker, It surely was
a jHiwerful Illustration of that Infallible
"Tiiuunh t!i i n.llU .,( Co l -rlnd f-nly,
Yet titer lerln.l t troe Unit ui l. ,
Though Willi a'lviu-e Mum!. II waltlun,
Willi eiuclnoas i-iliidi Uu ail "
Not long ago a small wedding party
passed down tho carpeted steps of a
church In New York City. The princi
pals of that party were a handsome,
Miuhiirnod man of forty years nnd n
lovely woman many years younger.
Thoy seemed very happy- they irrrevery
happy. They were Percy Level and his
wife whom wo have known so long as
Armlda Delaro.
On tho same day there loft, from ono
of the poorer French lodging-houson
near Leicester Square, London, n fuller
al hearse and one mourner's carriage.
In that hearsu lay tho body of Lmlllo
Hregy, and lu tho carriage was a man
who looked the picture of misery his
name was Kugouo Hregy a living ex
ample ol "what might havu boon,"
k v
Koto h&&ai?'x L-
fri!i if rm5l!i
Hugticuooil A Co, TroprM. ,
Canyon City - - Oregon.
(to Moitibom Toll Sotuo Atitouluh
lnly Dahl-KocMHl I.lou.
a rttwrrful rreurlintaii tVIm rullott lull
loa.t Trutti An llrreulniin lloitontmi
Wlle.i- 1'iilrf AiiiuiriHenl dm. Lied
III Muring Hull. Willi Ilia llrnd.
"The most powerful man l ever saw
was a Zulu catted 'Sitlet.' who worked
-eat to tno when wo were digging the
Panama canal," remarked Patrolman
Coukltn. "What lu other men was a
strenuous eltort was to him tli merest
child's play. He saved the company a
great deal of money In blasting (Hinder
alone. Any thing ho could gel a firm
grip on had to come. I have been him
toss n twenty-ton rock out o( tho ditch
ai easily nt Patrolman Davis can Juggle
a Wienerwurst."
"When 1 was In Varee," said Patrol
man Ascli, "I taw a man used instead of
a locomotive on one of tho railroads.
Ho would bo coupled to a train and
would pull ll at a good, fair speed. ()(
course, ho didn't make the time that an
engine would make, hut If my memory
serves mo right, ho made nUiiit fifteen
miles nn hour. I had quite a talk with
the superintendent of the road, and ho
was much pleased with the experiment,
lie uald thu company would very likely
use men to haul Its trains exclusively
It was much cheaMr mid the danger
from collision was not great. This would
make up for tho lack of speed. Tho ex
pense of ahooliur mid feeding the man
was considerable, hut still ho was cheap,
ns compared with the average loco
motive. "A funny thing happened on tho road
a few days before 1 left. The man-en
glue drank loo much wine, and lu stag
goring from ono side ot the track to the
other kept derailing the cars, and tho
e.ulre traffic of the read was delayed for
several hours, or until the engine got
hobor enough to go ahead. A Hole me
like this would be a good thing for this
country, 1 think."
' I u IV.o I was In San Francisco."
chipped lu Patrolman Jim Pope. "The
gold fever was raging, nnd every one
had exalted Ideas of the wealth that
was to he found III the earth. I was
much younger than I am now - though
Vint would hardly think ll lo look al me
- nnd, like every ono else, 1 went to the
uioutalns to llggold. I hud a peculiar-ly-feriuiil
plok-asn which I used with
great su i ess. in the Miiul of the plek
nXO wni placed a dynamite cartridge,
and every time I would sink the pick
six Inches Into tho roek, the cartridge
would explode, thus blasting out the
stone and Hav ing u groat deal of extra
work. I had been pleklng away for
aUiut two months on top of a mountain
and hud made quite a hole 'I he yh Id
was pretty fair, and I had iiImiiiI Sls.ooO
III gold nuggets laid away. One day I
went down lute my mine and was work
ing away like a good folio.1., ht.ddonlj
the stone il.Mir slow ly raised for a dis
tance of two loot. I y lied to my (art
Her lo haul me up, lor I il 1.1 it I know
what was coining. 'Don t be alarmed,
(iieuil, aani a voice umler tno stone
I'll be out III a minute nml then
I'll talk to you.' Sure enough n head
p-ippisl up and a iiiiiii slow ly drew him
el( through tint aperture.
"Did you Hay howdy'' uald thn
stranger with a Isiigh. 'I know t said
howdy. .Pretty lllil wjueere, hut I
made It.' ( course you understand,
friends, 1 was considerably rattled.
"'Who are you and where did you
come from'' I asked.
" 'Ileforo furnishing the roqulrsl dia
gram and accompanying explanation let
me Inquire If you have any chewing to
bacco al Jut you?' said the truugor. I
handed over a slab of 'black strap' plug,
ami nfter helping himself liberally the
stranger handed the plug back, remark
ing: 'That's good alult. Well, as lo who
I urn, I'm not ushnmed to tell ymi. My
name Is Sardauapnlus llolliug, '.m. My
home Is lu Huston. You needn't tell me
your name, for 1 know you. You are
Jim Pope, of Indianapolis. I Hupposo
you want to know how I came here.
Well, 1 have no objection to telling you.
About three mouths ago I started a tun
nel at the side ot the mountain, think
ing that I would Mud plenty of ore. I
met with H.or success, and after I had
gone In alout half a mile 1 made up my
mind to abandon my claim, when some
thing hooiihhI to tell mo to Inire up In
stead of down. I thought It wouldn't do
any harm to try It just for luck, ami ho
I commenced. 1 had taken out n good
deal i( ore when I heard you jxiundlug
up alxivo me, and I concluded to como
on ami Join you, and hero I am.'
" 'Hut where aro your tools?' I asked,
111 astonishment, 'Toois'" exclaimed
Mr. Helling, of lloston. 'I hail no t" Is.
I did all my tunneling with my hands,
head and feet. I would just put my
head ngalnst the earth, whirl around ami
have a hole ulxiut to my shoulders, nnd
then I would tear out the earth or risk,
or whatever ll might be, with my hands.
Sometimes I would lay down on my
back and kick a hole with my heels, hut
I didn't like to do that very much bo
catiito I would getdlrt In my eyes." Well, 1
to make a long story short, the mining
firm of Popo.t Helling was formed, und
we worked together for three years, Wo
became very wealthy, established a lino
of steamships between San Oaieiseo
and Cape Cod, nnd when Holling died
he was worth SIO.OOO.WX). Tho money I
made I've got yet."
And then, says thn Indianapolis News,
the Ananias Club adjourned.
Trlrke In 1'nrlor lllertrlrllr,
A very simple apparatus (or obtain
ing an electric spark Is made by n Her- ,
man physicist, nays the Arkuusaw
Traveler, Hound tho center uf a com
mon lamp-chimney Is pasted a strip of
tin (oil, and another strip pasted (rout (
one end of the chimney to vvjthln a
quarter ot an Inch of this ring. Then
n piece of silk Is wrapjMsl around u
brush, nnd tho interior of the chimney
Is rubbed briskly, lu the i! irk n bright,
electric spark may be aeon to pass fro-i
one plivo of tin foil lo the ..the. Ai h
time th brush Is vvllhdiawtt from tho
chimin y. Many other exHriiuontHcan
he triid with this apparatus
i Homethlnj; for the New Vear.
The world renowned tiircrst ef Hosteller's
Htemaeh Hitters, und tlielr continued hiiu
larlty forover a third el areiiturr si ailum
iwlilf , li scarcely mere wnmlertul than tlie wel
come that gleets tlio annual npeenrnnrr of
lliiitelter't Almanac lldt valuable medical
tre-atlin Is ptitilMied by The Hosteller Com
pany, rtlltbiirKti. I'a .under tlielr ewe limnril
lale supervision, einplejIiiK o iiundi In Dial
itepsrlineiit. ihey are rutmliiR about 1 1
inunlhi In the )ear en this work, mid Hie littio
el same for will be mere than I'll mil
lion V printed In Hie Imgllih, German. Trench
Vvelih. NerwrslMi. hnedUh. Holland, llolie
mtau and "paulvh languages, liefer In a ropy
ef ll for valuable and Uttrmtlnp; tendinis cen
rernhiK health, and tmnirrout le.lhnemali as
In Hie rrttfacy ef Hosteller's Hlemsrli Hitler",
tmsieiiieiit. varied Information, astronomical
calculations ami elireiiolisilc.-il limn, Ac,
which can be depended en fur coinvtness.
Die Almanac fur itoi ran bo obtained free et
roil, from ilrumrW' and general country deal
ers In all parlt ul tho country.
Throat Aftctlcn
Yftistlng cf Fk:h
Or (Oil ilM-ie tl litre (he Tu-n.ll illnl .lliirjt
ir n;!iiniil, litrk tf .Mc'itjlli r Srrr
i'ju-cr, yau e.iu b rW end ,iml Oiif-d
With HynoUogptiltefi.
Atk fur .Scot'. .".'nrl oi noil tit nu iv
jiIiimiiII.iii uli.lMlii'ii iiii'xre foil fj
eerriil i iiibaliriif.'.
hold hy till nrttinhU.
8COTT A. nOWMC.Chomlntn, N.Y.
ia mow at ronTuwjo, oncoon.
Himi.i.T, limit: TitnAntuxr im.xicu ivi.;:.
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etl ir.t la 'l p. tu ef lli VuU ( !, fr lin.s wa.
c-iiima jk.II liy c.ll In -ri-
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