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I.Y: 1
Volume XII.
C.-LYYOX CITY, Git si XT COUNTY. 0 It EC OX, THUItSD.-l )', (WTO II lilt 10, ISOO.
Ntuuh'-r !().
1 Y
Or, a World-Wide Chase.
IcnrrHiuHT. in l
'Din morning afur the iniinlor Vnlas
UP nriMta uttrly, as win tlm fustom
with nvory om In tho Sonoma valluy,
and aturtod nut for n rldo. Ho ilitl nut to Iimvo had a vory ld night of
it and, (or a limn who muil havo had tin)
rweollprtlon of a rooont uiunlur tnur
.IrAtatriL Iwtfnr.i Mm. Im mmarbnhlv
Alter leaving thn party of men who
wert? otf.orlln th ' dea l body of .Mario
Ddvro Into ( tin llttlo town of San l'.iola,
ho hastened to thn railroad ilcjxit ami
sent a tnossnp) to friends of lilt victim's
young wlfo lulling them of the horrible
xjcurronco ami warning ilium to li
careful In breaking tlm news to her.
Ho then atnrtod Iwek nifd roarhod tho
little, low bulldlni,', dljrultlod by tlm
iihiiio of City Hull, a few mum nti alter
the oDlcurj liail urrivod with tlioir
Tlm lily was placed In a room con
noctod with tho hull, after which the
noronor wan promptly notilltd, and It
wai not long he fore ihu ni-us spri-nd
through the town.
Thu body lud hnrdly luion ear.i-d In
lioforo n Horvant from Dolaro's homo
caiuo rushing along in eager lusto on
Ills way to tho collars. The m-.n had
piun up tu tho htt lroom to call D.daro
und found that tho door was oponed, tho
1. imp still buniHig with a low, dickering
light, hut tho hod ha I not been slept on.
Knowing his master's intention to
visit tho cellars on tho previous ovon
luC, ho was now hound thither.
Tho man was noun told of tlio sad
now and hastened hack to tho house, to
inform tho other servants ahout It
During tho long hours of that hazy,
warm sutumer afternoon thero was a
great deal of bustle and extraordinary
exci'.eimut in Sail 1'aola. It reached
fever heat, however, at Dularu'it lato
homo and among tlio workmen at the
Volasquoj: undertook tho charge of
nllalrs In tho place, of Dolaro and acted
lis though ho in tended to run matters
with 11 high hand.
In tlio afternoon tho coroner called u
Jury together and commenced his of
llclal Imo.itigalloti Into thocauio of tho
Tlio first wltnosi called was Anion
ltcymr.ii, who lesttlled to having parted
with Delaro on the previous night about
ton o'clock, noar tho ontranco to thecol
l.irs, also to lludiug him dead anions
tho vines 0:1 tho following morning.
l'roin tho surroundings of thu tnur
derod uran ho could Imagine nothing
which would indicate hy whom tho deed
had been committed, hut Holloed that
he hail been stabbed in tho back.
Tho other Workman were then called,
hut tmly corroborated Anions
Then the men n ho were present
lit tlio cellar.! whon Ihd.iro call' d in on
that (at il nlghl wo.-e iU"llu.i d n to
what hal transplrol o;i that nc.-.islou.
Tin y each told the Bauie stoiy, saying
Hut Mr. Ildaro wn In a very bid l- m
per over tho (act that a lar,'o nunUty
u( wins had Ik'oii t.Nilod owluir to caro
le:, iiu-a.1 0:1 thn part of tho man who had
cliarjro of It. and that ho sjhjUu rather
sharply to all of thorn.
"Did bo ps aujiry word) with any
one in particular?" a iked thu oroaiir o(
the last wltn , a burly ( irMiiu.
Tlio mm boiluvtwl boforo r 'plyln';,
tboti slid: "Vos, ho KpoUe (jult i 1 n ;
to Antou Iteyman, a'Htut ko.)pl.i' a
tharpor eye on tho m"n "
'Were thpto tho llrst crotj word 1
ripoken lunUlny hetwcui Mr. Dolaru and
Antun?" ihu next (iiotiou.
"So," replied tlu wurUuiau; "thoy
bad noisy taiki that day and
Anton, who is hiintolf rather hot-torn
)K'red at lllues, Ulki'd back and kaid
ikjiih thlii.T uboul understanding his bul
net, but that ho could not bo reaponi
bio (or the mistaken ami caroleskueu o(
idle uorthbss fellows like tboso Mr.
1) daro MimPlimuti omployoil at a busy
Then the coroner Inquired i( Anton
ofU'll allowed uttfns of hot lempor. "Ho
i;cts in a ra;;e sotuottmos, when things
iluu't no quite rlk'ht, but It soon pusaot
olf," was tho response.
Aftfr thl iother wltninMos wcra calloJ
who ttutilled U) sovonil rovont cjuarrels
botwoou ),daro nml Anton, though nil
Insisted that noiio of theso iot-ord'
jiassntfos were at all nortous alfalrti.
Just nlnml tlils time one o( tin) ot
liters npprouohe.1 Antun and b.'iit down
as though tocxamlno his olothlne;.
"Whore did you K't this blood on
your overalls'" ho Inquired o( Anton.
Iteollilnn tho horrible purport o( thu
ijuestion, Anton replied: "I jot that
as 1 kirilt ovor tlio Unly of my dead em
ployer this ii(iriiiii(f, " was tho reply.
"Somo on your shirt, too," miU tho
otllcor. "Is that thu sumo shirt you woro
last nlKbt?"
Anton's ijulck temper mado the hot
blood ily to his cheeks, and tho veins In
bis mck distended as lio angrily re
plied: "Vos, it Is; but why do you ask such
Insiiiujtliii,' ijuvstiou' I must buo
got tho bloud 0.1 my sulrl whon I ex
amined tho body in my curiosity to sen
whether tho wound wits solf-hulloied or
"A protty tbin story, ain't It, our
onor'" asked tb oBbr.
The corunor btoked witu And said that
that ws kr the Jury todocido. TIim.-o
boln(f no furtUerwitoo'!! to bo exam
ined tUo Jury were uall'-id uiton fur a
It did not Hko Ilium ton W roaob a
doclslua,nd In very (ow maitinu ihuy
declared that tho doud man camo to hit
l-ath at the hands ot an unknown tnur-d'-n'r.
I'raetirall.r. however, thf "unknown
lean" o( their verdict was a (iw, (or
ihey added: "We strnnfly adleth..t
Anton Itfvnisn l hrld In custidy lor
further examination U-(on) a justtco,"
The same dy Anton was takon bo
fort) a Justice -opl in tbes pnfU
'ran no lima In such matters-for ox
1 ml nation
It Is not wocoasnry to go oer tho
S round cove red by the wttpvt nifaln
Tho same withoftM-s who had boon
brought lfori tho coroner onco more
apionriHl and res-ated what thoy had
tlruady said. Many minor (lolnta were
iikuu did ni our 1111s iii.oodov
Mlfll iivi:uai.ij?"
magnified, however, and tho con
iuenco was that almost Inifero tho full
tnnor of thn situation had mado luolf
felt in Anton's mind ho stood (harmed
with tho murder of Mario Delnro.
Tho accused man's dlstractiHt wlfo
had arrived on tho scene by this time,
and as soon as it was told to her that
her husband would Ixi tried for willful
murder she swooned away.
Hut before the order for Anton's com
mitment to prison could ho mado out a
man arrived on the scout) for whom
every fiody made way as if by instinct.
This was none other than Mr. Joel Wil
cox, tho richest man in Sonoma County,
an uncultured, pxid-naturod, largo
hearted, "Krasp-my-hand-tltflit" down
Katie r. licet had made an Immense
fortune in I'altfornia and spent his days
In the valley at a larRO and luxuriously
appointed house which he had built In
tho midst of a beautiful estate.
Ho know everylHxly for miles around
and hob-nobbed with rich and poor. and small. All met him on equal
terms and ho had a giiod word or a
hearty lau(-h for evervbmlv.
lilt, ares, was untiily ami lll-llttlnir,
on ill!- to the fact that he paid very lit
tle attention tu outward apHarauccs,
He liked a man of his own ilk, but he
hated, as he said, "them as put on airs
bokas they'd mod a bit o" money."
Accompanying him was Vclasqtiot. the
man whom Wilcox despised above all the
many despicable pooplu he had mot in
tho course of a lonj life limit.
"Hello," said Wilcox, in his free and
easy manner, to tho Justice, "what's
Ho had like every one else heard all
a Unit tho traced-, but felt bound to
Uho vent to the slt-rooty Hd Inquiry.
Tho old gentleman walketl across to
tho Justice and sat down beside him
u hllc the administrator of law and or
der rtdatisl to him tho moro recont de
velopments of the case.
When Wilcox heard that Anton Ituy
man was charged with tho murder ho
oxcitodly Jumped from his seat and
"Why you tbunderln' blockheads, you
aru not colni; to commit an honost
man llko Keyinau for tho murder ot
Mario Dularo, Just because ho hail a few
aiif;ry words with him and happened to
bo tho first man to toiler him out of tho
cellars last nlk'lit'"
"Thoro seoms to bo no alternative,"
said the Justice, "but you may rost as
sured ho will have a fair trial."
"Ah, by od. that ho shall," said thu
blutl Yankee, "If it takes every cent of
money I've not to secure It, Dammit,
he's no moro guilty ' that crime than
his Mxir llttlo baby Is."
As ho spoko these words whether In
tentionally or not his (-lance wandered
towards olasiUOZ, who was In the
room, and II struck him that Velauuz
k I need.
Then he crossed over to Anton and
said: "Cheer up old lsiy and keep a tfood
heart. If there's any Justice in those
parts at all you shall K''t It"
Then turning' to Velasquez, bo said:
"And as for you, I dupiost) now that
Ditlaro Is out of the way you are pleated
at the bottom of your hard heart.
You'll bo trying next to turn thu widow
out of her house and homo in order to
(,-ot money to throw across the tables up
to l'rlsco. I know moro than you think
I do alout your k'olns on, and you can
make your mind up rik'ht hero that
you'ro not KoinK to liavo it all your own
way. If Mrs. Dolaro ovor wants protec
tion from such Infamous blood-sucker
as you she knows where to Hud one."
Volasquc listened apparently quUtly,
hut inwardly (nil of Interest, and said
as politely ns he could: "I fall to com
prebend what I have ever done to merit
this abuse, Mr. Wilcox."
"'1 huu you can know now that I've
Kot a mlk'hty tood reason for my words
and you'll liottor bo careful."
With this they Isith walked away.
That lilht Anton sient behind tho
liars, charged with tho droadful crime
of murder,
fllAITItlt IV.
Whllo Antun lay in Jail wearily
awaiting hlrtrlal, Vilaiquei arrived
it tho conclusiun that about the boat
lb. ntf ho could do wai Ui movu out of the
So luu lwy) wom coulll in
trar.1 Ut Dalnro's otaU. ft4 Hr liovor
"l dlHpttWH ft M,itp(fltut wai ngrutHl
tho horrible ass.lations of the district
would 1k i.mi much for her, resolved to
sell every thlntr and move 10 unta
ltosa where her friends and parcnln had
lonf roldwl.
In all her negotiations and other
business maltom, she was ably
assisted and Indeed guided by
Joel Wilcox, and this proved a
(oclunito srrangsiinent (or lrr. I'or
a woman with no moro knowlwlgtt of
law ami business than Mrs. iHtlani
would have bon a pliable tool in tho
h .inls of stt unprlnclplutl and crafty a
man as Velasquea.
Tho estate, tncludtii) the wlno cel
lars and every tlimi; else connected
with it, was sold, und, alter all the
rlnul details woro settled, Yolaituez re a uhock for vory nearly the aamo
amount he hail agreed upon with Mario
IK-I.iro on the nl(-ht of the murder.
He lost no time in bidding "tie-si-bye"
to tht Valley, iMindlui his steps
toward his old haunts In l'rlscu
His stay there was not of lonj; dura
tion, lor ho liotfaiuti fearful thnl Anton
Iteyman inltit bo actUltttHl of the
charge tit murder, following which
event tho Impetuous Joel Wilcox woul I.
undoubtislly, make matters rather un
pleasant (or him, It bis whereabout
were know 11.
tio ho realised on all valuable papers
In tils poisvsslon and started Hast.
Nearly a month elapsed liotwceu the
enui-tmi ut of tho vlneyartl tr.tgoily and
the time of I .eon Velasquez's II licit dis
appearance from the Sonoma valley.
With the assistance and ad v loo ot .loci
Wilcox, Mrs. Delnro was preparing to
d!sKsu ot her house and leave the dis
trict. Thanks to thu old Yankee's busi
ness tact, she found that s i had suf
ficient money loft from the proceeds of
tho sale to keep bur In comfort for a
number of yenr.s. Still she was anxious
to ho rid of tho bouse also.
In any case she would havo boon com
pelled to sell It shortly afterwards, fur on
the twentieth of tho month, thirty days
atti r Delaro's death, a notice was sen. tl
on the executors of the estate to the 1 It -rt
thai a nolo (or (W,oo.)) IKty-thou tund
dollars drawn In favor of I. eon Velas
que and discounted by him In San
I'ranclsco. was duo and must bo jtuld In
three days.
Thl i threw a new light on altalrs and
Mrs Dclaru was amtizod. Why had hvi
husband given Velasquez a note at
thirty days for such an amount of
money? She was utterly unable to
solve the rldillo, and at onco sought her
tdd friend for aid.
This Is what old Jool Wilcox, the
millionaire, s.ild about It: "You kin
di peii I upon it, Mr. Dolaro, that there
is moro in this than you or 1 know at
present. This nolo that's a lyln' I.,
the bink for ymi to meet was drawn on
t'o nght that mv (rlend Mario mik.
muni -red, anil I'm as suro that It's got
suiiuhln' to tin with that dirty worU n.
I am that Anton lioymau !, Innocent ol
It all. The noto'll hev to be met, htr
it'll knock a big bole in what you got
out of the sale o' too vlneyartl U do It
V i. 11 you re rt .my 10 at II your house
do. 1 t go to anyl-ody else I'll buy It
and giio you a (air price (or It."
Mrs. Delnro was much stirred by old
Mlcox s words, and II was with a
blanched (aco that alio looked opal the
big millionaire, and said "Mr. Wilcox,
tlo you think (or ontt moment that I.eon
Velasquez had any thing to tlo with the
death o( my poor husband?"
."Yin I do," was tho reply, "and
w hat's more I'm going to Und out Just
how much ho did her to do with it, or
my name ain't Joel Wlloox."
"I don't llko to think this without
somo gttotl grounds for thu Imllof." said
tho beautiful woman; "but I will
nrouse myself at onco. I am unusually
quiet and do not as a rule Jump at cun
cluhions; but when my husband was
cruelly taken from me It seemed as
thouifh my heart had been forcibly torn
from its place to be rcplut-cd by a spirit
of revengo. Henceforth my duly shali
lie to find Mario's slayer. I, too, tlo not
bellevo Anton Keyinau guilty, but--"
here hor voice became choked with
emotion and passion. Tho quiet, pas
sim nature of tho lady was fast tailing
lio(oro the hot southern blood of an
aroused woman, and It was with
eyes and panting breath sho
earnestly exclaimed; " u-itf llnd
"1 tll.'lli: ISMtllli: IS THIS THAN Wi: KNOW
at nu:.SK.NT."
murderer, and may tho blessed Virgin
have uiorcy on him whon I do- for I
w ill havo none."
J00J Wilcox promised that ho would
liiavtflio stono unturned, but ns Key.
man's trial was to comu olf In ulniut ton
djys ho must go to San Francisco and
Interview the brokers, so as to llnd out
all ho could about Velasquez's rocont
"That Is tho olow I must follow," ho
said to tho widow. "In tho meantime,
you, of courso, will keep your oyos
and ears onn to all that transpires in
this liniutsllatti iittlghborhood,"
Such was tho compact which Jool
Wilcox nml the widow of Dolaro on- j
tortsl into that night, and through
many woary years of uilnglod hus (
and dbwippointment, thoy kopt tho uuu
aim lu eonskiut view.
Thn mxl morning Jool Wlleox
started (or San I'ranclsco. to learn what
he csiMltl about tho money which Velas.
quet had raises! on the nolo.
I'or this purj oso he . .lit ., at toe ot
l,.e of t'randall .t to, Inv. .tinent
lis.ker. Delaro had often told hint
that ho was In tho habit of deln- a lit
tle speoulatiltg itccatloiinlly through
tits l.ouse. VrlaMticx Invariably eon
ducting tho deal.
So Wilcox naturally thought this
would ho a g-ool starling point.
On entering ll.o oiBce, ho Inquired for
Mr. l'-..mlll, and was usberod Into the
gentlmnn'a prliato room.
As soon as Mr. t'randall hoard tho
naino ot lilt tailor ho uricltel up bis
ears and was Immediately prepared to
net aa ouu-qulousl.r as an olrtflulous
man possibly could, under such elranm-
Tor Joel Wilcox was a well-known
man In Krlsco, his enormous wealth
being a matter o( (mbllc gossip, and
the little Ivnv-oytsl broker thought ho
was In (or a good stroke of business, hit
ot course surmising thai lb.) millionaire
was on the lookout for 1111 investment.
Ill this, as we know, he was doomed
todtviptmlntmont, Tho broker foresvw
what was coming when Mr. Wilcox
"Do you know If I.eon Velasquez Is In
town, Mr Crandall?" Now. the
broker and Velaxiies were "Ihisoui
cronies," having workitl many quiet
and sometimes nbndy deals together.
Still, the broker was by far tho
hrowtlur of the two men, and while
Velasquez brought the lambs to the
laughter Crandall managed to catch
most of the blood. Therefore, when
this question wns suddenly sprung upon
him he was diH-ltltslly surprised, Itul at
the same time was tot) old In the busi
ness to lietray any undue agitation.
"Mr. Velasquez. Ah, yes, I rciiicmb"r
him now; the gentleman from San l'ao
la?" he said, with assumed iudillore tiro.
"Hut why do you come here in search of
that gentleman, Mr. Wilcox: It Is hardly
probable that 1 should be aware of tho
fact liven If ho did happon to bo In town.
Ills calls hero are oxcetsllngly few nml
far between, llko angels' visits, as it
wore, If I may 1st wrmlttod to miiko
use of such an old and familiar expres
sion." "What a lie." thought his clerk, (a
young Hngllshmau) who had without
Intention left the door ajar when ho
ushered Mr. Wilcox Into the private
room, and thus hear,) the remarks as ho
sat at Ills iltmk in Hie public olllce.
"Well." said Mr. Wilcox. "I havo
been Informed that he had a good matiy
business transactions with you and thai
this would be a likely place to tlml him."
"Yes," the litiln broker responded,
"Mr. Velasquez certainly did have somo
business to transact with hid but his
visits hero always of tho most
formal nature, and we woro not on such
Mr.i Vt
1 irmi
"tin: wriiK isijt'iiii.Mi Aiunir iu. vr.
i.Asgt'i:?" terms that I could Iw supt)sed to know
much ot his movements while In this
city." Thu uloik outside had Ihhioiho
Interested by this lime anil mentally
ojactilaltsl. "What a liar!"
"I am not thu sort of man to bo it
around the bush, and I may as well bo
plain with you," said Mr. Wilcox.
'You have of course, heart) of my
friend Mario Delaro's murder near his
own wlnu cellars on the night of
the twenty-llrsl of last mouth?"
"Yes, I did hear ot the sal occur
auce," was tho rejoinder. Joel Wilcox
continued: "Tho week Itoforo that inur
tier Mr. Dolaro told mo of a ileal ho
made with you, though Velasquez, In
some mining stock that paid big, and
I'm here as a representative ot Delaro's
widow to know if the matter lias ever
beep llx od up."
"Yes, I hollovn It hr.," replied
Crandall; "hut to make sure I will step
around to the olllce of the broker who
sold the stock for Velasquez and in
quire If the money has been paid," .t -lug
which he rose to go and huude.l Mr.
Wilcox a iieivitpuer to road during his
lcuiorary absence.
As soon as Crandall had gone Joel
W ilcox muttered to himself: "Well, I
wonder how much more money the vll
Han has scraped together. There ! no
account of that money liolug paid to
Delaro on his hooks, at least I couldn't
tlml It if there was. Tho yr.llt r-sklii-netl
'possum tried his host to clean out
his best frlund lie fore he killed him."
He was not left to his thoughts vory
long, for, no sooner wai ('ran tail's back
turned than thu clerk mado an excuse
to come Into thu room with n bundle of
paport in Ills hand. As soon as this in
dividual got clom enuugh to Mr. Wtlcux
ho hUtM-rod;
"You woro Inquiring about the trans
actions of Mr. Velasquez with this
"Yes, I was," tho astonished million
aire reKiHtleil.
"Then apMiBt 11 meeting with ma to
night and I w ll $Uv you tome Informa
tion that will pror.' ot value."
"What do you k.iw about the bu.l
noaa" quTi" 1 Mr. Wilit.
"Mo- '
rejoinder, "but I'm Rotting tired of II
and must toll somebody. What hotel
are you stopping at?"
"Tho rlAco,"w-as thetumwor. "Koom
"Uxpect me there to-night at nlno
o'clock, then," said tho clerk, who then
left the room, not .1 moment tot) soon, for
at that moment Crondall returned, his
walk out to tho other broker's olllce
ahvlnglieon uiorely a "blind."
Without waiting until ho was seated
he Informed Mr. Wilcox that the stock
certificates hud been sold and tho money
paid lo Velasquez, who hold 11 power of
attorney for Mr. Dolaro.
At this Mr. Wilcox rose to leave, for
bu felt that the Interview with tho
clerk would serve his purpose fur tietter
than any quantity ot talk with the un
principled broker. With many jhjIIW)
farewells and expression of hop for
future Interviews, ns welt us regrets at
the shortness of tho present visit (en
tirely upon the part of tho broke.-, how
over), the two iiioii parted.
rtinrtnally at the hour ot nine ("run
dall's clerk put lu his appearance at the
Palace Hotel and was shown up to Mr.
Wilcox's room.
lie Introduced himself by means ot a
card lienrlng thn legend: "1'oivy lleau
fort l.ovol."
"Now, Mr. I'ercy llo.uifort Iivel,"sald
the Jovial host, "I gntMi you kno.v 11
good cigar when you try one, 10 help
yourself out of that liox 011 thu table:
anl I know you can drink a glaas ot
wine, tdso you ain't Kugllsh. So si'
you down and I'll cnll for aouie of tho
genuine article, then we'll have a talk.
Hut supM.,e. Instead of culling you Mr
1't-rcy Ilc.uforl l.ovol, we drop pnrt of
that dime novel tltlu ami cull you plain
Tho Kngllshman made. 110 demur to
any of these suggestions: so the wine
was brought in, and, under its stendll ,
Increasing intlueiice, ho toll the mill
ionaire all he knew about Velasquez.
"So you say ho was squeezed Into a
corner the day boforo tho murder."
asked Wlleo.x.
"Yes, and a pretty tight one, too."
was the rejoinder, "but, as ho left the
oltlco, I heard htm tell Mr. I'mml. U
that he would get the money III thrte
days by lair means or by foul."
"Whew:" was theonlv reply.
Then Percy proceeded nd told wb.
had happened since, how Valasq t
Ihiughl up the milling sto.'k Cyrillic it
and sold them at a sleek profit, and I. ..
ho hal holla nolo for fifty thou land d..
lnrs, giv e him by lljlaro, which C.
tlall managed by false ropresontutioi.
to get discounted for him oil the quit
Kinally, l.mol told how only a wee
ago, Velasquez catiio Into the oltlco mi
went with Crandall to cash n chock fo.
a good part of torty IhoiHiin l doll 1
which he s.ild was tho p ocee Is of
share In tho sale of the Posada m;i
yards, l.ovol gave it as his opl.m
that Valastiuuz had started Ki,t w 1
vory little short of a hundred thousuiu.
dollars cash money In his tm-uiesalou.
"Do you know which way ho woul?"
asked Mr. Wilcox.
"No, I tlo not, sir," wns the reply.
"Now, come, Percy, we shall irei
along a good deal U'tter without any ol
that kind of business. Don't 'Sir' n o
any more,'' n.ild tho plnlu-spokeu Yan
kee l.ovel smiled and continued: "Vt:i
que said ho might slop at Deliver
awhile, but he expected to Im) III Chica
go Inside of ten days."
This Information woke up tho mill
ionaire and ho said: "Then time Is
precious. Are you willing to go with
mo to San Paula to-morrow, Percy?"
"Well," s.ild l.ovel, "tho question Is
rather sudden, Mr. Wilcox, nml I might
lo-.e my place if 1 go without Mr. ('ran
djll's permission."
Cui-sii your o4ltlon!" t-Jiu-ul tied
run that
that yon
Come with nie and In lp to
villain to earth and I II
havo 11 poilllou as long 11 . I
"Th it settles It," said Percy "I
lne i drifting all over (or tie- I . .t n v
years an I I may as well keep it up'
Tho next day thu uillllonairi ..11 I '
MCM-foilli l (rlend, Hie "' r ln-i
t lerl; started oil to San I'.ed.i lo -
and foi ged links of friendshl t 1'
only -.n.ipp -d by death. hil 1 . n 1
but .1 coo I i lei k w Im was too huncsl to
his quo-,! tunable service.
Tho I 11 1 . unco ot purlf j .np Hit Iimm ran
nut l e toe. ntiin.itrtl, fer w,il.-,i n l.-.t
)uu riiiuiiil 1 nji.y cihkI 1,i jltli.
Al llili n ceil liculy t-i.ry ono nfnU a
rooil im .Hi .in. lo purify, vitjli.-, .0.1I . i.n,-h
Ilia bhsMl, .mil wo auk ymi to tiy ll.x,.
Pnrnlinr t'1'ai'rlll.i. H in imtiinn
roouiuu ai Uj, ,y,lrllli
rrratas an appetite, and tunes tie- ihgr sin,
wlills It fraUlriite! tlln-ai. He- i.iiliar
cowblustkiii, prorlliii, ami pn-psrtiun
nf tho ugrtsble rrmnllrt uinl givs to
Hood's Barwparllla s)ri,. -r ii.-ir
tar rurativo powers. !,'o O llSCIl
ttlir lutdleine hassuch a ri-n rd ..( i.mlrtf jI
cirt. If ymi luvo mada uj. j .ur mliul tu
buy Hood's Harsaparllla do nut be luducrd tu
tike any other Initead. It ii a i'rtullar
!(sUrln, and It worthy your runout-ucc.
Hood's Karsaparllla Ii sold by all rtrugg litt.
I'reistratl by C. I. Hood A Co., b.nn-11, ilan.
100 Dooos Ono Dollar
fm M 1 1 ) saj
The Quaint Wu) ,.f s Nur-rful Nrw
thiflniul Mxn.
Dr. Charles Wild prnclict-d motliclnn
In HrsHikline, Msss , in tho days when
people insisted upon taking largo doses
of calomel, rhubarb, Jalap, plcrn, ipts-ac,
antimony and countless other drugs,
and oil being blistered nml bled. The
doctor was tsjtial to tho occasion, and
gave his patient their money's worth
of physio and service w hen they could
stvure his attendance.
I'or the do. tor was a dllllcult man lo
find, ami, wh.-n found, to Impress with
the itlea Uiat ho was actually needed.
I'nless the easo was represented as a
matter of life and tlettli, ho was apt to
delay bis visit until tho patient had re
covered or tiled. Those who hunted for
him, knowing bis habits of going from
one patient to another, without going
home for a day or 11 night, used to go
thlough tho slieeUs looking for "old
Sal," his sorrel mare, and his familiar
old buggy, Htamllng lieforo somo house
Hut such was tho publlo eonlldeiico In
him, thai In ordinary lllneet people
would wait his tardy lsll rather than
send (or another phvslcinu. I
Tho author ot "SkeU-hes of llrooV-'
llnti" tlescrlbs him as entering a house
in the breety way, stamping olf the
snow or thu mud, throwing otf his over
coat mid letting down his black leather
pouch, with noise enough for three men.
Ills salutation, Uttered In a deep, grulf
voice, wai likely to Ik, If the utlent
was an acquaintance:
"Well! w-!l! what kind of n kick-up
have you gut now?" j
He gave nlCiiiames lo the children, '
and would aik: "How's Nli-odcmus to
da) '." or: "Well! Is lohabthl s ttsith
ready for the Ian.-" this morning? " A
iriemt.s child, who 10 name was Flor
ence, hocalltsl "lioine," ".Milan," or by
M'lernl other lliillan cities.
A meuiberof his family, w hlle making
out tho doctor's bills, was peri. le veil bi
ll charge iism the Urnks of a visit ti
"Don Sebastian." On inquirv it prowsl
to bo the hlt-kiiiimu of 11 cluhl of tho
CnUit faintly.
W hen the doctor had studlisl the case
ami given the patit lit his dose of medi
cine, bo would, ( there was cause (or
anxiety, seltle hlmsi ,1 tor a nodal visit
of two or three hours, during a hich he
told droll stories, ami acted Hu m out to
till) amusement of thu chi..lreii, who
wnro very fund of him. It th case was
Herious lie was grave ami silent, catch
ing tiles, If ll.ore were any to cateh. or
1 walketl there in in tleep thought.
I The tits tor was more than a physician,
I bii was the counselor ol bis patients,
j who eontiiltisl him Uhiii nil sorts ot
! matters, from choosing a wife or a bus
' baud to building 11 lieiwthip. Ills opin
ion wns an authority that tow disputed,
for his good sense w.h 1.0I1I0111 al fault.
lllsquaint humor, on b.iiing.i sick
room, would ofton express itself tu some
Hiioh salutation as this: "Nun K you can't
steep well ami don't know what to
do, you can amuse your-oU w Ith taking
an omelic." -Youth's Companion, j
SLaVrn Out of (,
Ily malarlnl Juoam, tlm htnum marhlntry
cannul half intrf.irm Its eUl.i-e. DlKcmiiin.
Ms-i.illon, oracuaiiiiii art) tllaurdorn,), tlio
IiIikhI hwoincs walnrjr, Hut nrriui frelilc. Hit)
countenance gh.iMly, U-fp iliaiurlHsl ami
iqqirllta fJirlt l-.os. 'I t rrllilu In Hits tlUcaso,
(illilsriiitnpitiu-rs. 'llicru In, huwrtcr, a
known aullilota to tho inl.oun.illo pouon. and
a certain nff!usri ugsluat II. In malarious
rrriuiH of ear Uniilh und Writ In Mouth
Alfifrirn, llusloiiinU su l on llm liilinuu ot
I'r.nniiM, as wi ll 11 . 111 irti .111a t lim 1-.11111I1I04
wlit'ii. ihu viii v-cevisi. ihu liiiiiillslilii pro.
vrnliie and ri-nii-'l)-, IIo.ctlir' .siomnr.h
Hun i. liming the Uni iliirty llva yrsr,
h 1 11 telit.ill! ) t, I lllll lie) urra lit lt mo
f Ul f l. 1, .lei l. m. i!-lr.ltll)g lis
laon- l.i.i. t tiipliilnt iliNpceila, t-iinill
pnli ..I,
Llluy an
I., lie . 1 -K-.ihouiuath.ui nud tlo-
art -11 it, 1 !,c-l I.) 11
Ivnst, North South,
it v ii 1:1c
Tlckot Auont.
Sun Cute roi Sick HrmeMr,
'utt Mill' g freui
It I'ufl
owmm 1 11 1 1 mi 1 l tact
'ut If imf IL IllsauJ.
Ilia ilM f All In fit tJ lu 411 I ihm t av
B I'll I l ' ! lt$m rtOsM. JUr (O Uk
a niu I. f IV 1 1 1 . put up n m nmni f lt
It i h wii t . i 1 1. I ti 1(mVI IIiImUmiiii
! llUt Ha. silk
I ".rMlM !. Mark I 1 ut, f it. UUl
' ' 4 Ufm Hk Ur la lUft.
I tts Hilh M,L , , , NTMhir 11 l'HlllT4Tli
uhui in tu i. .nmu -t nmnt,nirr-nf
uiiiaiia, Kansas u v. inicaao
l I 1 '
II SI rjrniis.
4?pi m riiy"
I l ft
Absolutoly Puro.
ere 10
n st 1 1
n 1
11 1
i S (
17, l.SSil.
loriirernstMi sti tavilli liioiiuisl
no llliirr t la ,1 it u pori ttllv... I o liu ncr.
liliinriit, II 100m cum lo 1
Tonic, Aitcrativo and
Cathartic Properties.
Toll's I'llls p., ,,, 4,,. .(tuiliil..
no milium! ili jrt i, mot
Sjjoodily K.ostoro
In Itic liunrts tli. tr iiiiiiutl iivi Isiulita
luollon, su nvi it I it regiilitrilj-.
Sold Evoi'ywlioro.
rial SB
Or unit .
l'owrrt joii m
'Hitit ii
.( f in
With li ii ,n:iu uhltes.
iirr. it ii ii
,So7 U., n,
. ' ' o cr
' li (u
SCOTT A. BOWNt .Clu.inlMtti, N.Y.
Hilt IIIOSi: MHO I tNMl. PO---HII.T Cf r- t'Kit
biiMi.i.T, iiidii: utM ' -iM i-i.iii .' a.
i.v i ut iti:i ii in v 1 1 i it i vni.i,
nslA.M .tMOt , t.t.l.ll f AM) A
l'tiniAM M tt Itk.
"flip llint -pit-lv. -.11 t- Bill m.l
lient t tlttf furl, .it o ih fl th- 1 leu I, A tiitu.-i
mid all Thtoiit, lit.. . 1 i , ' I.i'iik, IK-art,
Stoiii.u Ii, l.ivt-r .m l K.iln.y Alb. i. on-..
Nt-i Mint Dclnlits . 1 1 toiisuinpln n, ill
its various 't-o, i, i.ioiuenil, ti.inl.
I III AllOllN'S OKIl.lN.M. Mi'DK 111- Tit HAT
MI'.NT mill llH MKD1LATI-.I) l.VIIAI.llt)NS
Kivcs iiiil.iulaiH-ims iclit-l, litiihU up and
(.-vitalizes the vili'dt- (institution anil
lystelii, tlit-rt-by ptnlo'ii'lii lift- Wiak,
iii-rvtius, ilcbllit.iU-d ai-d broken -dimi'
roiistillltiuiis, tdd nti I )fi "K- if.n ibl
t;uiti from tt-ii Id th-- y pmudu iu fiuiu
lliiity to ninety daw. '
l)u. AiioKN'sphi-iiniiip'i.'d iki'-'atiil nmr
vt'ltniH t-iirt-ti have in-ui-d II i- j(i uleM
ustnuiiliuii'iit on tho lut ilii- t':tt nml
thimij:lioiit the Aitn.-u aii ttniliiii nl, ilur
IliK tin- past tut-iily t )i ais A lhtu.i,
L'Htutrli of tin- Ili ad, i.u 1 n'l Tliront, Ilrou
dual and I.iiiik Imuti'- instantly ritu-viil.
al'ti Kur Iliscust-iiiinUli'iirut-fttioflci Cllicil
pt-riiiauciitly ut fiisl ri u-'iltatlt,. Dit,
AnoiiN'ti eaay nil lb'- "tiiiibility of Con
ttitnptinii." und n li.-.tlise on "Culititli ol
Ilie llfad." "illl rvidi-iifts of K. ) cx
triiordiuury ciiu-a, liiuilvtl frcu. t 'I oi
otldu s
I our Hi and Murrllcil Stt., i'ortlju '
r.'-lF Ham lif ilmrnt, rnrr!y . I r
tl Id 'l 4ll . i-( l)i I'-Ii-Illk ( .J'1,1
ciii . -I ! I'ly t rtll iii pel i.
(ii.vvo.v itv, on.
c- L- '(irrisi
A lino 8t(w' of fresh LUudit , Swte,
'I'olwoito, StiH iwiuiy, lite., Etc., ju,t
rt coivi'il, Oivy mo it call.
1 1 s r
If m
5 L Wi