Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, June 12, 1890, Image 3

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Th u rxrla y,.lune ,
Dtp! upoti the Nmri to give yon
oontplete election return.
Chtfrrfra are ripening Imt tho crop
In this vii I ley h not abandant.
8. 1'. Alkm hn Um cotitroet for onr
rying the wait front Canyon City to
David Prine, the founder of Pi hie
villo, died at hi home in that city
last week.
Tke. county mil cmttett 1-etvreen
Union and L Uronde i?dtl in a
victory for the former city.
The veto for two of the county offi
cer rs elate in fact too ehwe for
the comfort of the candidate.
Condon i the county neat of Oil
Until county, ) taring received a majori
ty of 106 vote over Arlington.
for infortimtiim cw?eroing tha
Victir Mowor, thn lnwt m ide, address
I). II. Fik, Itakor City, Oregon.
The new administration will toko
ul targe of Urent county' laiiinu af
fair and chattels on Monday, .luly 7.
Undo John Garrison t rental U10
Nkws -foundry to ionic of the largmt
Strawberries la he found in ntiy coon
try. Uranl county ought to feel proud in
furnishing a man tn lie treasurer of
the great state of Oregon. Mm ,
Clifford foe judge and 0. I'. Hyde
for prosecuting attorney utu l)th elect
ed for the 6th judicial distiiet, having
n large majority.
Orchards, garden and fields of tho
lumutiful John Day vnlloy all hlenil in
harmony and praise tho creator of
Mich a beautiful country.
"W. II. limvliait and Allieit John
son of Silvio alley were cullers at
the N'kws shop Monday, and ri-jiort
thpir rfupoetive localities doing jmuirt
hly well.
Tho exiininntion of Win. Kullor
charged with mrcony of 11 horso wm
postponed until a wojk front next
Monday, on account of witnoaw not
being present.
The official canvas of tho votes cast
in Orant county was hail Monday, and
the official figures showing tho vote in
tho various precincts 1110 ptosunted to
our readers this week.
Mr. Wan, who has Mrs. Phillipi'
gat den leased, tteated the printers to
a bosket of nice trawlwrrio litis
week, l'uy btrawlKtrrios of Wan ami
you will not grow ikiIo and sick.
(!. W. McUord, fonnurly a Ihim'iihhh
man of I'rairie City hut now of linker,
is in Grant county on a buiim-H trip,
anil ropoiti tho linker Ikkhii healthy
end with the Itett of prospi'cU of a
Election retums front all (tarU of
the Ktuto ivo inforioatioit that the
entire republican stale ticket is clect-
ed, with the exception rf (.Jo, ernor.
l'ennoyer will have a majority of
several thousand over liu opponent.
The Oierm Pacific inay lie coin
pleteil into lvisU-rn Oiegon somn time
in tin- future, hut residents along the
line of the proved raid who ore tiny
ways advanced in ye.ira have iiliout
given up all hope of living to Witness
iU completion.
The order of the lower couit has
Iven confirmed hy the nupiuitto couit
in tin cibo of Pennington, the I'.ikor
county murderci, convicted of murder
in the first decree, and -Judge Clifford
sentenced him to no hanged at linker
City on Friday, July lth.
Wo must draw the lino et publish
ing oetic eommuiiicatioiis. This f
lleo 1 arrived buch an one last week,
but as the editor liappens to know
that the persons mentioned therein are
not "horse thieve" and the like, the
otherwise beautiful (worn is not ac
cepted. The Italics Southern, which i at
present only a railroad on (wiper, has
sent an engineer to view the route
from The )alh-s to Prineville, and he
pronounce the route a practicable one.
A corp of surveyors U to be put in
the fiald in about thre. weeks when
the line will be loci ted as rapidly as
It is all over now and (tropic are
willing to rc-tllo down to business for
tho next two years and lft an entirely
new set of otlicers tonduct the attaint
of Giant ciunty. AH of them are
new hands except commissioner Davis,
mtsutanor Tiinms anil trosstirer Haley.
Judge and sheriff have "leeu there"
in yea is gone by.
Harney county came to the front
with a majority of 101 for Henry
Hlsekmnn for joint seiuitor. This,
with the 7i majority given him in
Morrow county overcame tho L' 10 ma
jority which Grant county lolled up
for her raiidihtto, Geo. Mcllaley, and
(jlet-U Mr. l'.Uokman to tho Oiegon
mi in to hy a liandsome majority.
Wo are not here to criticise, hut
tho Hiker City Blade say "an infuri
ated bull atUcked August 12111 at his
ranch and hroke ouo of his nuns."
Whoso arm! Did the bull atUek
Kbell at the bull's ranch and break
Jibell's arm because there was a dis
pute over the ownership 0 the ranch,
or did lilsdl attack Uie bull on Hbtdl's
own laudl Please explain in your
next isue if convenient, ami we will
lay the matter lfore tho pmpor au
thoriti. h, and if need U tlie case can
U- brought U-foi the next session of
'the legislature.
ITmaUlIn couiltv wnt tnkllt
doinoernUo this yenr for ths first
tium in SO yenrs.
A good Singer b'ewing Maehine for
mteHhmttt itew. A Iwrgnin forcah.
Kiiquire at 11. H. Sets' store.
To all wlio so kindly assisted us in ! Grant county can Iw made to hlos
our late sad lierenvement we extend som and bring forth an abundance
mir sincere thanks. ! for I he sustenance of mankind.
Miu Mnr. J. II. 5-oi.i.iNrtKH. ' Mr. D. 11. Uinchnrt, the owner of
Hyde for .list. ictattornev received ! lhis "li'l com.noncel to
a umjority in neatly every county in 5n,J,nvu ,t.ft lT nt
the .fistrik Judgo Cliffonl ran even , ',ow, hw. U,h?.n Rf
Utter 1 1 vde. ,r I,"aith. '." the nl a.ul d.nia e.
In partnership with Mr. risk, ho
The ntnt lins just received II",- nlanted the Kiek .v Hinehnrt or-
l!05,ai, being tltc annual npiiortion- chard on a gently sloping hillside,
mentof .1 jwr cent, on sale of I'ni- consisting of forty ocitk, and rou
ted Stales kuul in the state. taining nhotit S.OtX) apple trees!.
Wimls have U-en blowing from Uie j ! orchard id now laring, and
north lately, Imt thev are nut the hot , great JOtin-r of revenue lor Itntv
winds which scorche.1 veg,-uUon i, , hnrt s fruit w kiwwii nl over thu
some imrta of the countrv last year. j country and Is purchased at Maker
' " ! City, after Wing haul.-.! by wagon
It has U'cn decided in Illinois , rcr08 thp m0untains, ;n p uf
thot it ia notliUdous to call n man trel)Ce ,0 fruit ,ip,.d from Ih-Iow.
n crank. It may not bo IiIkIous, , Mr Ui(.,arl rtrt-ntlv purchaKtl
but it it oftentimes a great relief, j thc partnership interest in thia or-
Tho fruit growers of Snake river i chard, nnd is thc fole owner of it,
have formed a trust and has con- j besides ti small orchard on his
trol of the entire nroducta of that i homestead, lie ha nlio altout (HO
Whnt is the nation coming
A call has been made upon tho
government for troops to protect
settlers and government olllcinld ut
Sliawno, Wis., from the depreda
tions of Indians, who are daily com
mitting assaults.
Frank Gibson who arrived from
N-w Mexico Utely lias been industri
nuitly elimlang the montttiin almost
every day, endeavoring to trace a load
of placer gold to iU source in some of
the ni'ged peak.
Mr. Ii. V. Hunii informs us that
his sou Willie recently sheared l it)
sheep in 0110 day, which is considered
pretty good work for a ly. He
would have have inail the number
l.'t), Imt the supply of sheep gave ouL
The vote of Hartley count!' had not
la-en counted officially at last accounts
therefore the exact situation is not
known. Paities over from there, how
ever, leport Hunts as liuving tho per
manent county seat by a small inajori-
' ' , , '
the people of lWey, wo aw in- ,
formed, aio a unit in lavor ot having
tho line 1-etweeu Grant and Harney
straightened, thereby annexing their
jtot linn of country to Grant county.
Thi-y will douhtles.v jn-titioit Uie noxt
legislature to that effect.
It is a general remark that stock
on thp range u in a much bf-ttur con
dition now than at any time last sea
son. This is accounted for (tartly on
account of lietter bunclu4ras, ami jxttt
ly by reason of the range not being
ovci crowded with hungry stock.
The fourth quarterly meeting will
Ik held at Canyon City, June 2Sth,
and 'J'.'th. (junrtcrlv conference
and (trenching by Khlor Wakefield
at 2 o'clock Saturday, June iiSth.
Uiuttizing on Snbhnth.
A. H.u.h, P. C.
It is now certain that Idaho will j Inunl WAn millg ., wiiUn rJnt1(
be admitted immediately after tin? thl, went off, thedog failh
Mlver bill is iliaiMMwl of In all j flv .lischarged his duties, ami the
prnhalulity Idaho will lw a slot , U-twa? won.
within two weeks, when the govern- 1 , ' , , . , ., . .
or will issue his proclnmatinn for an . " rr' ow, ,;.,l(nifr1 t! ' ? ?' "T
election, and isilitical training will ' ' . Vt'r. ' " . ? ' ' 'j
lu most of the states of the union 1 ( order to gain new trade they in
there is on a-r8oit in the insane und presenting n line large lasik,
asylum to 1000 population. This which retails at 11.00 each, lo evorv
wonm give uregon n jtopuinuon oi i
I r.r.llfMUl ,.,.,1 V',.1;,, ,,, nf
about i50,(M() and Washington of
about :i()t),(KX). .Making nn allow
a nee tho roHtteetivo lxipulation am
(trobubly about ."00,000 and :HM),- i
1 10(101 ted lloiir hat !nm-ii scarce, jiri
or to the ariivnl of fiviht team. Put
thu (teople of Grant county must linve
imjiorted Hour, jdtholigh this is the
let wheat (traducing sectifin on the
ivsist. If the millers would get im
proved machinery the farueit's would
supply the wheat and there would i
hundred of dollars in Grant county
where there is one dollar now.
A Wisconsin judge has decided
that a dentist cannot legally pull a
tooth on Sumlav. It linn not yet
Ik'cii declared that a child cannot
1m legally horn on Sunday, or that
a Mron who dies on Sunday is le
gally dead, l ut from the way some
of the Sunday compulsory rest
crank are trying to get hi their
work the question is thought to lc
The only Cniou ticket vote I in
Autelo)K iv a by a Chinaman, and
it was (dnccd in a separate lox.
The greatest excitement prevailed
when John of the Celestial empire
was brought forward, nud when ho
folded his ticket in the same lordly
way that NaHjlcni did his diaU'h
e the countenances uf the demo
crats were crestfallen; but it was
simply a joke uud caused consider
able merriment to the per (n-tra tors.
Died, at his home in Canyon
Citv, Sunday night, Juno 8. 18l0,
of dropsy, Mr. J. W. Moody, one of
Grant county's pioneer, aged about
5(1 years. Mr. Moody came to this
nlace with the first discovers of gold
in June, lsii-J, uud had .oiitinuoii
Iv resided here, since that tiui'-'.
die by one the old pionccra aro
embnrking to find belter proH.cU
in the country beyond, and as they
have lived hero so their joys will
(tan out there. The funeral look
place from his late residenco Tues
day after noon. He leaves no rela
tives in this state except hjs daugh
ter Mr. John Sollingar, of this city.
I'splaf Grev Ranch.
A visit to Poplar Grovo Hunch,
HI tnilcs ea?t of town will conviticu
' n skeptical jwrnni that the lnnds of
I Kastern On-gon are worth me
I tiling, and that tho foothill hinds of
acres of land nil in one laxly, the
most honutifnl fen I ure of which,
outside of thc orchard, ia the timlter
culture near his residence. This
all goes to kImw whnt enterprise
can acconipli.'.h on (!rnut cuunty's
bunchgrasd lulls.
Divine Services.
The Ucv. Mr. Goss will (I). V.)
hold service and preach nt Prairie
City, on Thursday, June l'Jtli, and
Tuesday June 2 Ith. in the evening;
nnd on Sunday June 22ml, at Can
von City, morning ami evening.
The Holy Communion will be cele
brated at the morning service, Can
yon City, June 2'!nd, nnd at the
owning "service. Prairie City, Juno
21th. All coininutiicanla are re
tmested to 1k present. Holy Bap
tism will be administered ut any
service or in private.
Dull is no name for it now, since
the great euntit i-mudod.
Kw (Kitatoes are some of tlio lln'njrn
'nt. Altnow, in tiast years a resi-
of lhh COHtltr..( ms Klen oeclB(
,,I, ii,miv cuntv. N'o
lietter selection could have leeu made
by our neighbors over there.
Unto him that linth ehnlt ho
given, ami unto him that hath not
shall ha taken nway even that
which he hath, ia true 11U0 in jwl-
A Cincinnati woman, enrngnd nt
her husband, determined to miu
him lltumcially. Sho 'Vhopjied" all
day and piled up bills to his no
count to the amount of $8,000.
A Mexican shrphcnl made a bet
with his employer that m dog
would Hi ay alone on the ranch fur
five days, taking the sheep out lo
pasture in the morning and nn
iug them up at night. The dog was
! ii.fcl i-nr-ti'il liv ttiii tmi(i!fr nlt-titt- of
u-nrlli Viiltr U'ttilu !m ln,l tin Ufilnii 1
retail pureliaser ol ilrv goods, tlotli-
I. ...! 1 t".......i i.. ,1...
log, mouia uiitt pjtut-n, inur eii;., 111 imit
auiotmt of 2'i.ts), allowing until
Jan. 1st to make out the amount.
(;jvu iJlPn, ,v t ri n I order, when you
send away for goods
l'n)iui;'.tioni :uu being math? to
take out a section of ouo of tlio
large ml wood trees of California
for exhibition at thu world's fair
nt Chicago in IS!). Tho section
of tree which will ho wnt will bo
the largest ever takou from tho
Mate, nnil will ho nine fuct in
height ami i.ty in elroumfeiviioo.
The tree itself, which is ouo of
the .M amnion! h forest m Tulare
county, measures ninety-nine feet
in circumference.
When yon want t. buy a really
good ami reliable time-piece at bot
tom price, that U a price which can
not bo competed with by any big
jeweler on account of the interest he
has to make on tin- money invested
in his sto'.k, besides his clear profit,
not to Stcuk of his other high ex-(i.-nacs
us $100 to loO.) a month
rent, etc, come and see watchma
ker Albert Ilinsch, nt Canyon, you
can lie sure that he will du anything
jK).sible to please you and get you
just that kind of a watch you would
like best, both as to tho outside
looking of it as well is to works (
that will utand rough handling the
Itcnt. Fine watch reialring a Hpec
ialty. All work guaranteed at very j
moderate (trices. Waltham ami j
ICIgiu watches. '
Pacific Ilrewery Heer.
Notice is hereby given that I
hove this day entablished an agen
cy for the sale of the itcor iiinniifiio
turcd at thc Pacific P.rewery, Maker
City, Or., within the county of
Grant in Canyon City, and that Mr.
II. StuiMcll is the authorized mana
ger of said lh-KJt. All orders from
Grant county for this celebrated
beer, cither in bottles or hugs, will
U-tilled by Mr. Htauscll.
IIkkiiy ltt'ST.
Proprietor Pacific Mrowery, Maker
City, Or.
4HI SI i Jh i - I 14 Jj I Sit O
S a.8 8 1$ t, 22 . 3 H r. o
-1!"" ' " ""
-ri M l - i m
O S C. .t.4i l M M
1 at
at m i t i
i - -
s i t3 4n o
& , ts, 8 S 5 , 2f .
S s IS IS S i 1 1 8 s
: ; i i I: i
S. Ii I . W M Ii i- M 1 K 1 V
l-.l9j.i. '".Q j. i. M ji - - l) i ?.p ,lmt.??T
I5 8 8 g JS p..8 leti n 7 8 8 e'
SI ta it 6 if Mtuii4iMt4!f
!. l 4rt. 4- -1 H Q is tjJt. jpj-; Ji Ji; j
wis at ti
S r w .-1. - o t
; eft ii . ti J h- i
e t, j. -1 v - $t-i 0
. - i-s w .
ti . i 5 v; ' 4"
n ia w 4, ii ia t. m m mm a&
- ii - l'iiW8!)iW
4. U l
W 5i
. m is
y SJ q$
-t 4 Ii l4
O W isir Mi-
r3 4, I
It q J. ill l , J I O irjr
a r ia . is
iS v is ?s a ii fi f; i i.a 3s
r 9' l ' w
P. c '4 -'. 5 .ii
$ ijv -j. Mil it M -
-1 o w a 5 4 i w i
ia iiii v ti
-i es-tiixfl -w -i k i2 w
j. ii ii w u
& M ( -I - -I - M Ii J. Ii 3
Over one million mmiids of wikiI
hail been received in tho Iletpuer - Hall, Can von City, for line wine, . ,iver nnd lsi.liu-, use, to the t-x-warehoiiBe
up to May 'iStlLut which linuura and eiuara. i eliisinn nf nil ..ilw.r uli,.;,,.,u v.
a coiiBiilerahle nmnunt wa from
. . ...... ... i
lias tjfi-o oati.i tun nu i i nm v i ),lfli.. j., u,.,,i 1,P1. ir 1 , ... ,
to ilo.ton; i.riecs paid at He.pncr ,,lJe"- ''hur.i liussui. j l.nponaiu Notice,
have been witliin one cent of the nv- j The Pacific P.rewory'n Celebrated ' All pemins knowing theuihelvct.
i-rage market (nice in San Francis- , Ueer, the best in ICalern Oregon, is imlehted lo J. S. Hiiptimstall indi
co. The following btiycis nr- ot-- now kept constantly on tnp at tho ' vidunlly, or to the old linn of l!np
ted there for the sca'son: Frank Hd Front Milliard Hall. limBlalf ,v Dart, will ph-ase come
1 t I .1 . 1 .... 1 .....I .11.... .1 '
I ce, rcprcHc.iiing .X Kosi.iami ,v i o M i 1 1 ioi a i ro Tom Williams, vtho
of San I'raucij-co; l. A. Jiwlyn, for assaulted business manager Ilirseh,
J. M. KuhscII A ( o I ortlaiul; ( . 0f the Kvcning Post, at San Finn
Porter, for the Oregon i ( itv Mau fg ,.(,. n f,.w nH1t18 gUi fr nll nrti.
(Jo.; Jus. Hubert, for Ko.h ami t.0 j m.-u paiK-r, was lined rMj.
Pro's of Portland, and J. H. Ham- lf.. . , , . ,
pie, for John Miller ,v Co., Boston. ' , l4' '''w "olil in Iowa last year
Among the huvcrs who come for ftr I"m lu I his year cows
one tlav each week, is Geo. D.ivis, j ' tin- aauie grade c rcatlily at
the vct.'rau wool buv r; Mr. Jacobs, ! '"''' lu M' dolh'". I ho sigtiH
Ham Wilkinson ami others. Most ', l" llu,'',' froln ngrlculliiml
,.f tl. , boiI (- wool front this I tnn lpoiiit, are encouraging, and
section is forwarded to Allen .v !
Lewis without being ollcred for nale
at llejtpner, to the local value of
Grant county wools aro not known.
I'eojile who lay themselves lia
ble lo gost-ip tuo always tho firt
to complain about its attack.
Tho time for reasoning is be
fore vu huvo approached near
onoiigh to tlio forbidden fruit to
look at nud mliniio it.
GrJiut Fourth of July.
Picnic ami celebration atTlioinp
Foil's Warm Spring? above Prairie
City on July Ith. Oration, foot
racing, plug-uglies, etc, during tho
day, and fireworks and n grand ball
in the (-veiling. Music for the ball
will bo furnished by K ilph Fisk.
All are cordially invited to coi ut
and celebrate with us.
S. A. Tivkui.
(HASIl-lkStartl Illlt lUI.
"Two Noted Indian Chiefs."
"Climbing I'te Mountain," "Chal
dean Murials," "A I long Kong
Draft," "How Cameos Aro Made,"
"A Great Flower Market,'' all ele
gantly illustrated, together with
Mlxty other articles of unique Inter
est. This journal must ho seen in
order to demonstrate that it differs
from any other (taper in tho world.
asSfiSSS. l
-i ii
- O Q tn 0 ,
(tupsu.wo.i, K- -m.w
oawi,j unui.
$ ri 2 r, g $
i is ti if i ill at
j S5 Wj(g V SCSJ".
t i ia i- -i w to ia
w o o-i r -
z K S r, g r, E JS ff
'a w S r, a 8 r,
m it i4w stfM)tii
s-i.O q i -i i. rs 5s s
ij MMx-IUCtie
0 4s t tt o S. $
t t ia o y.
w' ! v--1 -tj5 tit i
- !j:i
l l ft W 0 t III
l i: ift is ii iu Mi
v it. i-i i 5s i c o !
y J. y. i i J t;
si sr f n? t-
l. z si s w
ti i t ia ia -i i e m
t. i1 5 1
- W - WJ - -
ii i: 14 is - ii.j --i'
.ii - i ;i v -J y:..P." w 'i t,
is. it ii y. w i j'
'v . S fj 2 i$ Zi'
1 r. wi;-j.ait j. -
w ia JC oi i 7
14 vs ii s ii"- iia
i-. w v .-i i 5 f.'
tc . i'. i4-a w-n-ii i,.
- C -I 5 W -J - I ft J
Go to the lied Front Hilliurd
nilvcr lode viehlintr lft iter 1
j milts x iiMiiiiu? 'i.i iiur
mi mv m,i n iiiu
II- .1 !.. 1 i... 1....1 . I...
I 1 Ul
I1"' M of pro-JM-rily are gradual-
ly Mirging west.
Many j c !nts I. ml." IIiknI's Sir
l.tiurlll.t nij- ilnr lo nil ntlmr tnrillriiiM.
V u.i ir In i MiiMn.ui'.ti, .,Kirll.,n,
and cri'i at-.t.-u nl liii;ri i'.. iin, S ft
llin full t ur..tu vatiirt i.f ll.n S j V
tM.l lMirivvii r i. I.i r ,1 1 1. a
iiiu i i 1 1'. i i-j i.iiib.
1'i' I-i I'l
strength Cf'IllUl.)--,'., '
Hood's Hir.
i only mi'UI.
clno nt S lii'li cm truly
IftM.yctys "Onoitiinilri-dltotfi
Onu y l"Har " Mrdlrlnea In
vTz-AJ ni.J mnalli-r Uittlei
" 'I""" larger tl-!, and Uunoi
V rr-lucesi ;on. iciulUct Hood's.
iv. In IU itKHlkiiul iiicfitj,
Ilood'i fur:, if .till.v itcruini'lblu i rnri-s lntli-
tr:n iiiil.ii. . ui..l nun ..r Itstlf
llto title- uf "Tlni r" Jt''t I looil
I-uiiiht ivrr unruvrrnu. ' x
rriiiijriiiiis"efXMiit.-iiio uVS
tuiiiuV' tliftn M i..w yr y ymors
of H-kkI's H..f. i arll'.v jr r o!d tn
Lowell, wlii rt) JvJ-'flfit Ii litnde,
Until of til jr J Ttlicr LlooJ
(lUrlflers, jS JfyjrWmVit In lit
pU;.- i..u. jT jT ia ifcotd ot sales
ibriuJ, preparation
(yJ s cvi-r alt lined sttclt ioptl-
l.irllr In ( slioit a time,
niui i-i in. ii lis ,j
y nnd ciinfldi-iii i) r.motig all classes
uf pi-jile fii eteadf-utly.
Dari"t lt l.idu, td tn tmy Hur I rcnar.tlloni,
tUt lo sum t) -it (lie I'mill-ir MoiIIcIimj,
Mood's Snrsaparilla
(iiatxil!itfi. f l ill furss. l'rsrMlMd;
1 C. I IILMlll A CO., Al-utkxsrka, lwt, ilu,
100 Dosos Ono Dollar
UUUtllJ0 J98tltJ(j
UJ v tJ
jii.ouun(( j,i(s'.iAt.s! i
1 1
UB1(.IS01V l!,i,
wa "n,
uiwiiuod .(. -u!
(f -( (
"'I 'V, 5 a
II1HDI ijnnM
pmo g 'iv1
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unny uiop!
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timtU4(u4V A T
jojuani,' nHjooQi
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jS!k.i iori g
jfK' "A 'f
oi U'IJ. T -V
5 S';
n all
iiiscif . of tin- Stomach.
t,"t! o' remedy. Pfundur'H Ore-
forward and m-tlle, for we miiHt
chine the busittcss of tin' old linn,
and I want to go to California for
my health. All who do not m ttlr
up by the loth of July l-MH) their
account, will be turned over to an
attorney at that date.
J. S. IIaI'Iovkiai i.
John Day, Or., May 'JS, I silt).
Improvements on a Hanch far !!jte.
CohIoi woilh (iloul?(H)0- pi ice Jltf.O.
Pit nlyof water;coiiiiitnudH good slicot
rai e. A I out HO acres feuci d; 1(1
ncrtK bloke. l,og and hbei' ham .'ID
(lo fun! not quite finished l.nghount
with nppi t looms iiihI hlitsl iillin bed Vi'l'l, Siuoko liuutie
an l ohickc u Iiouho and other im
I-i i veincuts, Itmiuh siiitablo foi
latniing or hIh i raii(;i'. Good ffraiii,
ohIh, win at, hat ley ami rye, nud bar
dy ro;eti.bles iowii on the jtiaue.
All in Hem- valley. For fm tbor
(tiliciihira euitiire at litis ollicn.
Mill II I.I. I. SMITH.
Succokkhh to J. II Gardner.
Jhi Iter Cily - Oregon.
Tho Most Complelo Lino of Ammunition in Eastern Oregon.
Lyman Hear
Sights by Mail.
.1 IM).
Lyman Sjmr
ting Front
SighU if-l.tK).
Diamonds Watches Clocks Jewelry Silvei ware
I ll
in in it inn miu in .ii
Deafness CuieJ In Ten Minutes Vy
Klectriclty After all Other Methods
Had failed.
Ktlitor Orezoitinn: Kino I.'Jyrs.
old (I nin now 21) 1 hnvo boon
troubled with deafm-cn. Of Inlo I
could ccnrcelv h ar nnvihing from
one ear, and t he other wn partially
loaf. Tho cause of tho !enlnefl
wan disohni'ning cars. All known
romcdies to kcicncc failed lo euro
me, until Or. Darrin Ircnlctl tno
with electricity and other rontcdiufl.
I was itcrfectly cured of dcafncsK
ami ringing muxes in my cars in tun
minute, liefer to me at Hallston,
Or., where I am working on ti fa'in
for .Mr. Noah (iregg.
J. S. Mi!,
State of Oregon )
Countv of ih.j
I, J. S. McAlitti-r, first I oing du
ly sworn, dojtotte ami sav: That
tho foregoing ntnti-ment of tho (rent-
input ami cure of deafm-88 f-ot out
hi Iho foregoing statement signed by
mo is true. J. S. Mi Altkk. S
Subscrilted nud sworn to boforo
mo thia '27th of May, ISJ)0.
( . J. McI)oi n.i.L,
A Notory Public for said County
nnd State.
V.VOTIIItlt UdN'UKKI-'t't. t'L'lIK 01' lft i:-
mi. DAititi.N with iin.Mii
AlA'OMh, T. xna. May 'JO, ISUO.
Dr. Darrin IVar Sir: I writo
fb inlonii you that mv non David ia
cuttstl. 1 rTi'iv,'l vonr incdicino
Idler the I. ith of April, nnd
commenced tn nin cut the 1 Ith, nnd
d ears iiuit rnn.iini! in n few dnv
niul he can h-ai jn.-i at gooil ita any
child. I shall n wr fonzet vour
dmlness ami Ics.cdt to mv cfiihl.
'lonse nece(it my pvatitudo.
A. 1, AOKKIt.
I'r. Darrin can be consulted freo
at tho Washington building, corner
of Wasliingtou.ainl Fourth &t recta,
'orilaml, ami Hotel (iamlolol, I n-
oimt. Hours III In .i; i-veniimH. i
to.S; Sundays HI tn CJ. Allchron
io dlsoafcs, bliKtd taints, los of vi
tal power and c.tily iiidiserctioiiH
pennitiiently cured, though no re ft r-
encos tiro ever made in the presri
oncoming such cases, owing to thu
oiicney ol tin patients. K.xaininii-
tions freo to all, and circulatu will
ho Bout to any nddrcus, ChnrgcH
for tri'iilment accuitlinir to imtieiitH
ability to pav. The txtor treated
froo of charge from H to 11 daily.
ll private diic.isea conlhlentially
treated nnd cures guaranteed. Pa
tients at a distance inn be cured hy
home ti'i-atiiieht .Mtdieim-H anil
letters suit without the tloct ira'
'nine npp ai iiij-
Urn nttaliii-il a -tui.l.iiii i.f escellci.ea
1 1 1 1 1 llllllllt Clf !i 1 111 , .. I
II ctiiil.ilii.i .iv hi'i'i-'u iiieiit ilmt
iiveiitlM- pnlii., Ltll i. ml luoin y t-ttii
Tin rc Ii h- ')ir
fnr tin Ir "!ui." , ii".
i i"-pnlh.. ,ll' I i I i
Ii i in.' It'll f . i
.1 i f tune, iiil,'
I. it'll.. it 1. -II, :u It ,li)
I'-lK't. Im'U'iI V 111 In I ll, ..
( eoiiMriii-.
.'iJlllll in .-,
lilllMll;: tin ui (' . inn
-inat.ii-iitiil inn) i, h ild,, i.ijintm In IJh)
.'t!l for JIniiii-'. itdmoli, dinning
t.l-l.""t Ull'l tin ...
( ittnlogm-.' on n'dli'iiilon, I-'ncu.
Sioaso BrttBje Brgaq Be.
22S WA OAS 11 AVE.,
wn. a. s. 1'I.aiiki;,
A Full Lino of
I fhi.i't Tackle,
I o ikh. flil-B 1 miu
s Sa. ' ' ', cic.
Fly hooks' (ar
do., rAh, by mail.
ore in iiiKirtiuiciiiH.
T8 rfn mii