Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, October 31, 1889, Image 4

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lmujchicntH In Whlrh tltc Ureal
Men or (lie .nllon riittl
The Hon. A. P. Gorman flnils un-.-drains
ilollftlit in two uames poll
ihm an I base lull. Of tho fonior lie
has had h aurfMt lately. Now liu
look forauui'emont to tlio dlamon j,
find aeldom missus a contest at tho
National Park.
Heiiator Itutlrr, of South Carollnn,
la n tlevolod itUinlifr nt tho drama,
e-yeclnlly when tho play H of that
3!ir which rcllto for aticcws mom
on tho beauty of Its neonery, feinalo
nnil otherwise, than on literary merit
or nblu nctinc When onco tlio prot
ty (jlrl of tho tilay contoa upon tho
alrige ho is totally lost to nil oW.miil
noer lowora lib glaieofl till alio dia
arpenrw. Honator llowoll Jackson, of Ten
nawee, contributes more to tlm mip
pert of thn drama than any othor
nun In jmblio life. Four night n
weok at tho tlioutor 1.1 not an untiaual
avorago for him. Opera in Ida ffljie
rial doligltt.
Kflnntor Ingalln Is fonil of comedy.
IIo lian a keen appreciation of humor,
noro particular! tho stibtlo humor
of aomtt old Kngliali i-oinedhta. Thoro
i" no public man who ban n keener
"nsoof tho r.dicnlouii, nnd no man
m ahow his cnjoymonl byn hoartior
i h.
- nator Call, of Florida, utloniU
thontor quito frequently, but has
lv euro or twice been known lo
m I". and oven on tltoso momorablo
iion tho eniile arc a!d to havo
. " !.( In at the wron place. A Joke
imothliii that tho Florida Senator
novor bon niilo to coinprelinud.
i ;in Ik just ho much Choctaw to him.
nalor Fryo la peon moro fro
. ntly In tho billiard room than at
theater. Ho Is nn excellent
t, HOtnntiinoi making ruin of flf
1 'i in n tliroe ball gatno. Ho llkca
t, loo, and lakos delight In ill
; ! Ids liltlo KnttHl datiBhler,
invariably oi-cuploan position on
); - kttoa durlnir hU driven.
I'ha crack bllllardUt of Is
Wanar Mlllor. Tho Senator from
.'w York handles n cuo nH grace
f illy it. Sloaaon, and think it noth
n lo run up thirty noinU In an In
M(. I lo la fond of auclel v, in whluli
it fltlne on ac'-oimt of his pollahed
manner. In the Senate, however,
lie la utterly loaf, and arums to bo in
a (oim'.uit Mate ( uonder nt the tin.
nccwiiitald frenk of foitime that put
h in thorn.
Hmtnlor Ilfiwen, of Colorado, gained
n wi !c ltnutution ut home ah a pokor
ijer. ii'it but h'a farn dimliilalnul
- hia adv.'nt into taikor circles In
ihi't,;t.ii. When Itualtatloivn for
' iito ho nKiinv.'n the Iuuo.'ent ox-
i iu i llu ' Ileal bun Chimm,"
1 -un s:aulimlato tho qnllo
in Miecofully aa Bret llnrto'a hero.
J ko all muii f KOiiiua, ho la motion!,
ii v r plavitiK except whon proaaod ;
i "i i ten Into It anil be can acrapo up
in l!ui he than any phiyor known.
nalor I'oko'a favorite recreation
h uiiiitlm: up old iHi ikaiu tho Capitol
f.ibiary an.l in the book atorea alioiit
town. Wild a tattered honk and a
very Imd clitar tit paxaes liiH luianto
bmira, varying occaalniially bv Huii
ntilutlu? aoiiio Luiiii Star uhlaky for
tho cignr.
Ono of the lendlni; p(;dcstrlnns of
Wrtdliinylnii Ih Senator Jones, of
l'lorida. Hla tounriiiK Hj-uro In fa
miliar to all the teaidtmts of north
tveat Vithln;tnn.
John Hbotmau aooma to reliah no
Sennlor'csl la fond of cood din
nera and tho jovial couvoraaUoiu to
which limy kIvo tlao. Am u atorv
taller ho mnka hiuh, but lacks the
liiiiah ol Senator Vrtnee, who Is tho
champion liuuiortHt of the fMiiintq.
Honalur Veal ndinirea atliletlu
ftport. Ho wna quito a faiuoiM nth
lclii himaelf In the daya of hla nqair
ter'i life in Kentucky, llltih liviuu
haa Binco taken llie'elantlcity out (
Ilia ImmIv and toblied hia once ui-ll-turned
llmbaof thuirauppom's Ho
Ih atlll a tolerable billittnl plavor,
however, and oceaaioually diapfaya
hla akill in the hotel pool room.
Wado Hampton la a mraonnl frieiitt
of John Met'tillotiKh ami l.nwienco
Harrett. When theao nctoin are in
the city hold one of their llrat callera.
Hi' haa civon dinners in their hoimr
both li'u) and at hla homo, ami ia a
regular attendant ut their pifurm
Sanator Allison, who a few yearn
nu'o wal the Jolllun oT public men, la
nltnot a hormit now, liviiiR a lotiicd
life, and nevor nppuariiiB nt plateaof
Mr. Knuaoni, of N'orlh Carolina,
wears a buttondiole hounuet tummer
and winter, is very proud of hia go d
IlL'tiro, and iuilultffs freely In tho
p onuuto of (society.
Senator Fair (hid pleasure in giv
Incoitly dlnnera, which displav hla
cuortnoim wealth.
Mr. Kdmuud'a principal aourcea nf
nmiisauiont ate mualcal and lltorary
Senator Monill.the bat prwervod
bo iuat;enarian i Know, owoa ma ex
colleut condition to a quiet life, void
of unythlni! like dinsipatloit.
Kouator riumb regards nowspaier
writing' as a recreation, and ImlitlgeH
In It frooly for the bi-neflt of hia Kau
nas organ.
Tho now Sonntors who cntno hi
last roasion, are rather a solemn tot.
They ineludoHiich metwiNSpoonor, tho
pkclotonlan railroad lawyer; h'tistia,
tha cranky I.oulainnlau ; and ( bat e,
tho Hhodo Island tjuaker. I'hih
delphla Times.
For Ooronoss, StlfTnooo.
prompt, Suro, Safo, Hocont.
Guro Lliiiba. (vroit. in., ur H, mi
C(hl cl4 U lluVi aid tick. iI.rJ i nUii
t Jltoll Oil nr4 tu. JACOB ICUULTf .
8110 Neck. rrl.od.Up. Wli,. J.n, U. mi
Mr wlh kll tUImI iilsi l h.r xitv mm
ulillt, tut4titlnlr trl.j4fVi Oil.
jaucs txorrz.
HtllT Anble. CtitrTlIU, Ohio, Juu 15. till
SirtUl or ftakU; cxt uoralaf cwU ri yil
fMt U IHI, l Willi! ( It. JlMtil Oil, Ui II.
In tw 4irMisUrlr U; iimi. n tmt,
. o. cicawXiv
HIItT Knee. H.w 1U.. Jul. llll
ltr4U4 af kif. tniai iiU; tl4 ci wi
Ut ft Batb; tii.4 rruUb4i: ftfttr iMag twa tx4t
vl It, itttU Oil, Uw criulKt wt; mt4.
oimtavz lurrcar.
Terrible t'aln. Jioill.liu
ra t.r oiitln tnjbt trMMl raw,
Wet m .ill 4 U iwritlt rl- CjijJ
ircayllf trlit. JjmIiOU. 1. C. vneKt&'t.
At Dtu'ueim DtLRiM.
Medical Advice Oralis.
To avoiil indiilgiiig in tlie
wrclcliod Iinliits of snoring, ktidp
awnue. 4
To l)Hno on r frco pewpiraflon
wear nn overcoat iluriiiL' tlio
montli of July.
I'mons alflii'totl witli ncliin
teeth altoiiid visit n duutiat and get
n new eet.
A hlnckstmke U'htp, properly 1
np!icl, never fails to net na n '
strong stinmlent. J
Siifft-nra ftum coW feel Imru ;
li'ii known to obtain relief bv
putting llit-iii near the Move.
Billiotisneaa, when mtitol by'
liili living, in ly be reinirliKl by .
liiing ut a clienp ixwrJittg house.
To bring n healthy color lo tlio
fare, tlrnw or. n hw n con pie of '
aim two sinitll for yoitr fool.
I.ntlie ilvsiring the if n oval of!
Niipcilluuiis lutira from their facts
sliunhl gu to the larlcr mid get
S;ailet fever pnlii-iita ahotiUI go I
to l ho gulf eoatt for n chango if ;
they dt'iro to i'hnnge their fever !
to tho ydlow brand.
To ocMil tho blood, bnt yonrsolf
np in n refrigernior Tor nn hour.
Vim hna not only buen hnoun to I
cool lliQ blo:xl, lint tho Utah nnd
folios na well.
T1h finest slock of Drygoo'Ia.
lotliinjf. Moot And fihoea, nt Cofl'ii
. Mc-Farland't, Ifeppner.
Mcivous Dtsordeis.
Illi I'M NTH KliilKliY i.iun
o tal:on when vxei-iv or u,,ii:i
ions nmtii ulitr t xi-rlion, 'nun
o-iioiiH, or over indtilgi'iH-. xtimu
iting food or drittk, or in-i i- i
rdoM have brig conlimiul l-'t j
ripfifvc trcnliaf with i r.cli I oMb' '
r, add r Murk flrut Co, N. V ,
r ,
A DIr la tlio Hlt.,
If on tlia rlnlit nldo and lower part of tha
diaphragm, though playfully meant anil tie- I
llrercl,U calculated to croko profanity from :
A chippy wliota liver U out of order. When '
that tcglon Is noro and congested, pokes scent .
fleiiillali. 1joo' at u inan'a comitcnanco cro 1
7011 iro2 Mia umler tha ribi. If his akin niul
cyotnlli have a aallow Huge, you may Infer '
c!o that lils tonetio Is furrcil, Ills breath apt '
to la) sour, that ho Um palm not only beneath j
lita lib, but alio umler Ibo rtclil ahmilJcr- .
tiltilo. AlMilimthlx luitvrlmre Irri-cular otiit I
lilaitht'-Mlon lniinlrl. lntrml of tnakliiR n i
twooileniniiMrntii:i nn liUrlln. rrcoiiminiil
lilm to take, ami atruiillly pcrlt In Uklng. !
lliistuttcr'a Hlnmarli lllttrn. tho Html null,
bilious iin.l ultrrntlve iimllcliio I'llanl.. In
(Hiimmrabls It II. nln, fur 0itviiln, rhru
malum, urnousocj, kldnoy uvuble, unit
lever tnilauuc.
- JO I IX I 'OSS - -
Watch-maker and Jeweler.
Kei'pa fur
aalt V.ileh"a, CUicl-a
mid dm a all I. ill nf
and .'eweliy,
Almost nsPnlntnblo na Milk.
So itlrguLnl that It cm lm Inbrn,
(Ilao.iril, "nil iii.liiillnli-il by ilui nuut
ao'i.ltlvr aliniiarli, vlii'ii tin- iiM'n
run lint lir Inlri ulrll t Hint tllu I niil
lillilltlillt uf the till with tl.o li) ..
ilioaplillr 1. iimcli niois rlllivtluua,
ItisLiiLabie t a flrah producer.
Prr-JM Rain ntjildly ulille trVhg It.
SrOTi'S J'.MlT.stdKi'. .. . by
l'liyaiua Vitu ( iui.IIIi .t p 1 1 a
rutioulntlioni.rl.lfi rllu-ti.:i f ui ilrnrool
TAa ijrflt rmr,iy ,, 0n. m'n:i, oi
WatllntJ fu CMUlnn. Svl-3 t nil brujjistt
ti-ll. lo(l .l. aJI'M
. ; t. )i ilis K 'tMiailon lrvatu.ilU (
i, k t i. It-, StaVtir.ia, mul '1 (ti k l nt
"..fbrii1-., lbW Jf ittU. N V
MMjnwigBMfTwifiimi. w myr
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising" in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
Nowapnpor Ail vortianifl Uuroau,
tO apmoo St., Now York.
Band lOuia. for lOOPuaa Pump) I
'ACk-aua.. and ljuil.rt. tka lr
imniu.i a luiurtiuHHruti)i.
naw ram i. ttvaiera ts.-ti, Vfulkful Oator.
rt' liumu,:!.. u ai i rwvrraiun.
rJoiu:. Xwl ti-.i,u,ivU.,ll4.i tP.lua, kUiurUI
Eli PL
a ami T'mwe
ir. s. souTjnronrir.
-rnoi'mf.Tou or -
. j Stoam Sasb & Door Factory :
uanyon Citv, Or.
1 SmTj, Doori!, Wiiulnwv, Olaw, Fntty.
juunimug, nun jureacn i,nniocr
Lie, L,orutailly on Hand.
Furniluro Made lo Order.
Wholesaled Retail
-nr.Ai.KU Ik-
Floor and Food.
K" Cmala fmiii'l to ie net itn.t
claaa may be returned.
o.m: or
I'lHMt amnlljQ,
imualMtind C
llM ItlX ClM.lH) cfsit
mtwrt. In elll'rr4 Si.
i nul HiJl Slulo or
!qblBC!lnri, Sklnr llm
mrtliwi ihi.1 Tur.ut null.
llff miiilllir
It't'l. mrMuIlj
ir lluiirtfli4l
ittr wnrKinsnininiinii kiimk.
I'lil). for
fllll.b. iluritbllllr unit nrriirnpi-. 1
liul Intlrtrm1 by rli. up Mi.iM.iiUr f .'M lr.f'aOlt
Oflrn M lor tho kcuuiup mitcN. Tir u n uurv
IliUiif anil llllllKt'lt'. Ti. anini it Wi x itr
t .i.vr. uru iija iix, ii.. i , ii i. w,i, nnn't
tin nl,lir. autiilai' .fi itn.tA nt I us guar
niilrnl if. ' In ii m il.miu, i ill
j,.iir l.-.r it 'tii'plv on t 1. . rtttiiul
I,. ,i, n ill ir, i , , ii, r i . rtih
V'l UUl 3C 11,1 T JUII ni i j.
M.urrii vV wr.sMti.,
fi rliiElUI.I. Miik-i.
Cutcnti, nj Tnii! lark olilslntd. ami all l'ot
Hit builin'H ennilueti.I for MoocanTC rtt.
oua Ornec ia oroutt .0,0 PartiiT orrn
ami wurnti 'ruro iiafcnt lule.. Umc tUu tlio
htcmt Orricr
HeiiJ nuiiji'l ilnnlng nr pliito., IUi ilrwrip
lion. V mlriM). If itrml.l8 or not, frw uf
tlmrfl. Oar hi- not duo till patent ) rciuiil.
A PA M PMLt T, "linn- tu OllUltl rliit." Hltll
name, of m tual clImL In jour blalc, cuunlf, cr
Ion it, ii nt froo. Ail-iiru,
opr. patcnt Ornet, Washinoton, d, C.
romotrt fr.3in aMtiltiirt n.
ilil,ilril live iiuloi friilii
'i!, ii nil known aa the
Ia partly duvo'opt-d, and caruea
;'- (ld, nsrayiiig from bovdii to !
twt'i.ty livo a per ton. Siiua ,
tml on the niouiitaiu, ao that tbo ,
cunt ol gultiiiK out tbo ore ia noini-.
ual. Conaitta of ubotiL 1,.1()0 foul uf ,
main iodzonn l atuira ruiiniiiK lli'-'-o-
to. Clood w.iiou muii, ore rbnlo,
1 t..., .:r.. r..i ,.t i... 7i..r...
and about nfl foot of tunnel, i rice
ItanaoiiB for folliuj;: Owner (li!ca
not clca.ii o to engago in mining him-Ht-lf,
nnil beiu interoalcd in iiiitner
mia other loi-.ttiotiH wiabea to diapoao
of Una property to induce oapitnl to
this vicinity. Spciiueim of oiofiu'in ,
tbia mine run le aeen and obtuined
nt lliii cllicti for tetding puipoao .
niul inti'iidiui; pnirlin.uia will bo
ahuwn over the lounda at nny tune
by .Mr Milb r. I'm- furllm ' infor
mation ipl'litHH Mu. I'm. ii iMii.t.rit,
c ny.'ii t'itv, or the Ni.wh Oiiu k.
AVIiflit I nv t'l UK I do not nn .in merelj to
atop tliein for ft l. ma, ami then llivui ro
turn nitulii I ll.a , ItMHl Al. LL'UI..
I Innu Iiiiiilo tlio of
A llfti-lone tttnly. I waiikant ray remedy to
CtlltK lliu twir.l (. Hi i nuvi- ulli:a Imvo
fallixl Ii no rouMin fur urn now ri'roh ma nruiii.
boiiilntniii'O fiirnli'iiiti-nnmln I
uf my lsi'Ai.i.liil.i: lii-ttnv. liin' I'xpion
ami 1'ii.t Oillro. It ru.l. )int nallniiK lor a
trial, uml 11 n lit euro )uu. Aililrott
H.ti. ROOT, M.C., 183 PiarlSuHEWYOSi
Ttilait)inlr rrniKly nccr full-,
touiructiiull' euro
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Sick
Honilnclio, Biliousness
Ami nil illkoukt-n ni'Ultiir front 11
Torpid Llvornwl Bad Ditjostion.
'I'llUllllttll lll I'Oklllt Ik Kllllll llpjic.
1 1tO llllll Mill 111 lll'kll, IlllkU kill, III,
clcirioilly hiikiii' cimlril mill uuiy
fu auullutv. Iiolil tivvrjti litirv.
''iiurmiilfoii fur tho V 'in iii, JlmiK
.tifif, H or.Vi; miif ttttliruvm" itillOo
mntfrcnon nj;illrillon.
. wiiiv . i l J;;.i. f7
Can ololbj yu.i .. 1 Hit : !i 't '.
All tho i.iiO Na y . ..j"-t...y
aupliitncM ( rido. . U J.i . ov. tj.oi.,
UAt. flah. huu', r... i, I.., rt-.urvB
or stay at lior.m, na.l t.i i. rlaa,
atyloa oriil qutuitll'.o. Jilt' tl;ii,-.j rut
what la riuu-.! lo do all th tUii'tt"
COMFOnTAQLY. and yju o.t.i raua a fair
a.llmatu uf tho value 4 Uio I1UYEBS'
(IUIDU, whla will bj atnt upon
raoelpt ot 10 eaata ta pay iHHUg,
Ul-Ul tUcWtfilu Avtuuc, Oiuoau-o.lU.
lift s Pills
' Consumption Surely Cured.
1 To thk Hmtou Ploaso inform your
i roadcra that I have n positivo iciucdy
, for tho nbovo unmcd tliHeaao. Jy ita
iimoiy use inoinniuis 01 nopoicas cas
es Imvo boon pormancntly curod. I
hIiiiII 1m (lnd to acini two bottles of
inyremccly ireo to any of your read
era who have coimiinplion if thoy
will aond mo their exproaa and post
ofllue uddrcaa. ItoHptctfully. T. A.
SLOCUM. M. a, 181 I'tx.rlSt., K. Y.
In tho mutter of tho ostnta of Win
Axo decooHcnl.
To am. Whom it May Cmccus.
Notice in horeby yivon thttt Mary
1). Axo, ndminiilrntix of tbo nbovo
oatalo lua filed her final account and
by nti order of (t o Hon. tbo County
Court of tbo Stnto of Oregon, for
Grant county, mmlo and cnteiod
tlioroon on tlio 'J3rd day of Hopteni
bor, A. 1) , 1880, Tuesday tlio fith
day of Novombrr 1880, tlio anno bo
in' tlio L'lul judicial day nf Uio next
logiihir lorui of anid court baa boon
npp"iu(i(l nH tbo time nnd tbo coun
ty court rooms in tbo Grant county
court Iiouho nt Canyon City, Or., the
plneo when and whore anid final ac
count Hli.'ill bo board.
All heira, creditors and persona
tlarefuro intoroatod in Raid oatnto am
lieroby notiliod to appear nt Raid
I tino nnd plncn ot lilo their objoo
tioiia with the clerk of fluid court at
nny time theretoforo and allow cauao
if nny tlicro la-, wby the nid account
Hbotild not bonllowod nnd approved
and why tho prajer of tho admiuia
' tiMti.x Hint tho eatn'.o and ila ndmiti
iatrnlix bo cloaod and alio mid hor
bondamen dischnrged should not be
Dated (Ida 23rd day of September
l'ublialied by ori'er of tbo court
for four auccfRHive weeks ill tlio
Oiuyr County Nitwa, printed nnd
published at Canyon City, Or.
Maiiv D. Axi:,
In tho county court of It e s Into of
icfjon, for flranl county.
In tlio Matter of tbo cstnta of Al
beit Hanzo', decoaaed.
Nntiro it lieroby given lb it Vint.
A Hartley bus been nppoinlo I by tlio
ciiiiuty con it of Clrnni couiry, itito
of Oregon, Htliiiinistrntir of tbo o.
Into of Albart Bnur.ol, duccaiod, I.Uo
of an id county, mid nil poiHoua hiv
ii.g cl.iiius n'iiiuat tbo eabtto of tbo
anul deoraaed tiro lieioby notified and
Hipiirod to prcHont the a tine duly
v. i illod to tho undciaigiii'il at 1'iairio
City, Oivg-ni, within 8;x nicnlhs
from tho da'o lieroof.
, Vint. A lf.Min.KV.
Admiiiiali-ntor of tbo eatnto of Al-
belt ltituzut, iluceaseil.
M. D. t i.iiToitn,
Cnnyon Cily, Or , Qt., 9, 1881).
KOU PUIII.ICATION OfllM at llnrna, Or.
he.l. II), IftaO.
I Xotlir U Iwr.iby drrn UiM Ihq fulluvliif imimJ
' wnr na nnni uoucii nt uw iiuuiirofl to inai
. aai tof i .UM.r. ,t iu, mM um w
ur.ioi win io iiuwio mivr ti, ootint cicra w
r .nt cannti or. atCanrun I1tv
Or vii I'rMay
. . im, unm, nil
I'm V M M)i fur lit. W l i ut W 1 i BrtlMi T Tp
is a it ti i; w m
Ila uaiiua llMfollnarliHr v.tlnniH. to ( n bl.
oiiIIi.iiimu rrHiw utn anil cultivation of,
ul lui'l !. ISuntrou II, K. Iluuii,
Uartl Koltl, It I. llllic-r. all of Iiavvlllr, Oip.ib.
lfll J. II. lll'.STI.NOTO.V, llftrt.ttr
ImuI onii' l Ililiiia, Or.
hrpt. tr, laaa.
Nutlra Ii lurch)' tiro that tlir follooliig nainwl
MUlcr Iwi, II I ml nulla, uf li lulciitlmi In laati
dual pioof In u'wl i4 lit cUlnt, ami (hat Mkl
lwilwllllw mailt befuiii Dm rnrltter aihl invlw
Uiul tiittov At llMrm Oimron mi Monday Nor. II,
IMal. li: Wll.t.l.WI II Y K It t
Ii a 7iU fur lb. N 1-S NK 1 I tht) ami .S 1 9 NW
1 4 tGi'lTiiahH3l IU
lie name, ilia f.illuln llnnt lo prove bl
uui.lii.iluili rxl.luio uimii, awl cullliatlan of. rakl
IaiiU il.i MillUni SuntliMtiith. I.o il. Thlt.anlt
1'rank 0 Puliir. Illchanl lianby, all of ItltiiUn. Or.
Si. 33 J II III .NTI Nti TO N llalUr
Uiul 0111m at Hum. Or.
oa. 4, l Mil.
N..tlrn Ii litrctiy (Iran that Hi. fo!ttiia' namail
ni'tr. r haa 51 ml untie of hla Iliti'iiUuii tu make
final (iro if in .uppoit uf lili Uilln, .nut that Mt I
i rK.t utH Iw inadr l(or. thr niniili JuUve or In
l. uafurii tlx LmimjClcik of (Irani
i nit Or , at CanvunOlty, Or. on SatuiiU) Nov.
Id ik.hi, tla:
(iCOIlia: llll'I.KV,
II I N'.' ,i tot the a halfiiW nr ht I alkl N halt
n u ,,r .( to Tp ii a it si i: w it.
Ill) name Ilia fi'lloli- ulliHM.t'. to (irora hi.
1:,Iiipumh re.ldaiir iimhi. ami riilltvaUuuof,
..i.l laxil. ill. John l.Dlih, llarinann tollman, Jo.
.-I h Mc.MII.trr, Jar-.b flam hi, Oaiiion till, Or.
--'ii J. ii, iir.sTiNii roN, it.iri.ur.
Uml OlHco at liurna. Or.
apt. 7, lata.
Nolku la brivbr allatl Hut the folloHiiiit li.mal
.olllrr la. fflril nollM of hi. Intriilluii to miV Dual
i pn In aupport of hi. ot-aliu. ami m( pmuf
lll lm mt Uf urn the oouiit) Juilif nr In hi.
aUcucw llw "Munty iHcrk i l Q'.rt miihly lliwun
at I'anyun Oily. Omcon, on Mumtay Nov. It. lsj,
! uoiiutrrniititKiiT.
; Hit RU, lor lh S W lir Sec Tp II S UH3 V. W II
1 tin iiainaa tha fnllnnlii uilnetK. to pmia hi.
r,..nUniim te.Ueim. iiikiii, aint culllration of
1 aKI ln. ill: ilklual Qulnlnml, J.lnf. I'ryo,
aaniuvl Katllii. II ll JoiiH.on, all ( I'ralila City,
WW J n IH'.NTINOTOX, ItBil.ttr.
Uii'l Oinvv al lliirn., Or.
Oft , liw
S'lthr l.hmby ilwn that thn folio tug naninl
.lllr lit. SktU uollco oi hi. liilaiitluti to make
anal ir..f In nr hi. claim, anil th.t im.l
i.i.i. l nil! ho uiaii Iwlntv tho I'oiinly t'lrik of
(Imnl i'n , Or., at lUnj.m Otty, Or., on Jlunilay
ni u, lmai. ,ta.-
i II vni.Ks II WIN'i:ii.MI,
'"v? N'' ,!, " ''' ' T' S S " ''
II-luniM tae fol uwlna Iiho lo pr. w In.
aanllnui in n.ldfn.f iipnii, atid rultiut i n if,
..II land, tic. V 11 Proatoli, nmii TnHiir J J
W.n.ailus, T I W hillmi. , all uf I'nimo I'll), Or
tUM J, II llt'NTlNOTON, ll.;l.u-.
ata 1'ill.c at Huron. Or.
, ..... . 0c iw-
N,.llii la lilrb gl mi lint Hi,.
, .dllrr bM Alul mllr. or hi. iiil.-i.tlon t ma k .
, Onal proof Ih KupHit i.t I.I. il.lm. nikl that ail.l
Vi" UI b niw.l. I ,',,'. tc- i ininiy diik of
i llrant noamy, al i'ai,iu lili, Ur.igii, uiM'i.r.
day Kov. l, iwi, v.-
Ki.inii ii Al.i i:s,
rroliaSV .3l , , ,,, s(; 1r SK
ir ami a ha t aK nr ..j Vp 15 a It so t. i J i
llv naiui-a iho folloaln lti....e. tuir.,u. hlj t
i iitlmiou. mlilcn... nnnti. ami cu'ilwi . I . ..i
I.ikI. la: JA Iail r. i II hliulwrlaiul, ol Ml
ir..iin, nr , .ii. W W !ili.n, an J Jaini. I. liana
.on o' llmi.toii, Or
l J II lUSTINi.roS, ltc.-,.l.r
Of Interest to ladies.
Tho Slock Inspeolor'a law, Socl. I,
itmoiidod nt tliolnst tor'm of tho loin
luliiro, rcquiroa all pornoim moving
Hhcflpwitliin tho county to get a per
mit, and any portion movitti,' aheo)
whoao pormit hnn boon Liron to ex-
! ceott 80 daya prior to inovinj; hia
- ! hoop lays liiiinelf liablo to proseen
joii.v C. Ltjo,
Deputy Inspector
John Day, Or., May 2G, '80.
ITanicy Stage Line.
Jowott & Mcbean, Proiirs.
t'rHtx l a . tu . an.1 Imth Hum. nn Tarwtiy
inarvwi m aniurroy.
l'Mof rml TrHcht .1 rf onb rain,
Petition fir Liquor Licoiuj
To tho Hon. tlio count court of
tho stnto of Oirgon for Grant county.
Wt, tho iiiiilorsignort legol volors
of Union piocincr, Orniit county,
statu of Orogou, roHpootfullv potitioli
tlmt n Iic(uiH bo gntiiloif to .). W.
lintcfl, to soil upirituoua, vinous nnd
limit liquors nt Prnitiu Cily, in said
procinct, in (iimniitifs loBa titan one
"rilloii, for tlio iioriod of ono vonr,
i from Novuinhor (itli lKSfl.
T N OuriiBo, Piitil l'nim.niii, 0 C
Tliouma, B C Phcttoiltico, C Tnylor,
lolin Lnurnuco, L F Niorinnn J A
.Jollirton, Scott Hyilo, Clino llolmon
il tcli, JohojiIi 1'ruitf, II V Anilorson,
IM 15 Armor, Harry Rico, It Dear
ilotlV, ST ContB, .1 HamberKor, O H
Wood, W 1J Cnrionor, John Selg
inn, John Axdololl, M llowoll, Ihli
.nn l.nurnncc, .InuiOH Mnthia, Jnmm
(SroKahv, S llotiph. J .M Thoinpioii,
G V Itil' V, Lm H liny, W It Fial;,
H .J HollY-ii, T I. Hlnckninii. Frank L
Hattliniin, II M Tliomna, A Al Hnrd-
innu, O C Miller, Hon Panel, Will
N Culioo, Win Moatlor, L Ij Dny, .1 iM
UicKHon, Cnl Johnson, J W Mnrliii,
I) A MnthouHon, Wm Shuuiaii, li I
I'mcy, 0 II Hich, W Lytho, .1 W
Kiiij, Alio Hick, J5 L Jtobcita, Joa
DuiiH, J W llttta, S S Durklioinitr,
Wm Arnold, J T SnlloiiH, C Coolov,
.1-' 0 Tnylor. J W llailon, It II 'j
"rcmnr, I) IJ Fisk, J A Holoawoilh,
lk-n It Cnraon, Willium Voilch, John
Mntalmll, M Hoaa, Ni II Dnvis, W
W Sturr, 11 hi Cniifr, W I) Johnjon,
II Ii Alien, CniloH A Coiita, M Dnrk
hoimor, W F 3iiiiuice, M G Mc
Uuiiii, Sol Tnylor, .1 J Mnmvnriug,
A J lloffiii'iu, AJ Tlitbi.lo M I),
JolmT llanimack, W A l'uitt, Lay
fayotto llowoll, Hulib Johnson, Snm
uol Tuckt'i-, l'liluier Itevnold-s, Hen
ry 0 LtiiMance, 0 W Mr Cord, .1 M
Young, 1, T Miiiiwitriug, Dol Dim
mick, Geo, ChiunboiH, 1). V. Tnylor,
Chnrloi .Mm tin, Tlioiiirni Millf, J
Iloloiworth, II A Johnson, F Hoas,
N U Oliver, Hd linitciHlvr, 0 Iloan,
Kli Tin man, It Cliitlomkn, Kurl
Hlinii, Henry A llydo, A A W'azet,
Fntiik .Miirklmm, V A Hartley, Dun
I'nrkor, llonry F Dodon. John
Tureinuii, M K Hmiatltilo, SHThom
nt, " P Lnurnuco, 1' Duirdorll', J II
Dixon, C Clifi'.nbpra, Willinm Wiicht
Geo Shonror. J D Dtilv, Walter
Still, II 11 Moador, 11 Joln'tion, T w
Kimzey, M F Hudson, II A Tuckor.
Notice in hoioby given tlmt on the
fith tiny of November, 188!), I will
apply to tho county court for tho is
miitnco of tho liconsu nieutioi.od in
tho foiogoing potiton.
J. W. Hat it.
Hoppnof & Ganyon Citr
Via. I.oii Cri'ck uml .Monunii'iit,
ciwiTyin until, rxprcia and fn-ilit. ntoviaio.N maui: ihu thk
TliBrc in a atvinj; of 21 hotiw tiino
nnd $10 mult by t'ikiiig thia i on to to
Kttijo ItMvea Ciinytm City uvory
dny uxcupt Sunday, at I a. in.
tVToCUEN & GHIl'FIM, Proju-.
ilooj Ikani., goo-X convejaucra anj f.t Hint.
i: try attention muii to ttio comfort ofpaMehvcri.
Chnruoa HouaounMo.
Iti , CURES WlltKt Alt tlbl f Alts! ftj ,
Iw IkiatUiiuch Hjruii. '1'uktiMi (imkI, Uao Kl
ILII Intlipn. hiilil lintruia-uta. f
I I bollrvo Plan's Curo 1
f Tor C'ouaiituiitl'iii anved S
H my lift). A. 11. Dowi:i.l, ffl
R 1-Mltor ICii'itilior. t'Vlon. II
4 ton, N, f., April 23, lbi7. I
R Tho CoukIi Mi ll. H
EX rliln H Piwr. m I'l tn inn rm
fa C'o.vat'MiTio.v. t'liiltlron m
3 ttiko It without oliution,
U Jly nil ilrugKlsiN. 'J5o,
'WI!lu?'a' l 'uSAHS? ' "ta
ml lkti'..ugh8yruti,, 'iVuBi.iKi. Uro rTl
by buying your
OFMLY $2,50
for Slioos
tr rxoit.
On rfeir't cfK'I.ilo mu! 'T.cniy-flre r-ifa
nn. Ml. nfmi. l-Mtw. t '1'. 1 1 H4llOI'N. H.IIIltoa-" wlio.
Ooitercn n Vro 01 ir aclr.'tl "look ami tha beat workmanship, livery pair
warranlod Try our ar.uoa onco ana you wu ouy no uwicrv.
t.fntl i vi- ati.l W i lihnanu ,t. Si-ihI pwlnl ik N V Jtalt Write your ftiWrtM
4aUily. Tuwn. tN-unly l tUle.
Bakor City, Baker county, - Oregon.
Cooper's Sheep Dipping Powders For Sale at Wholesale
Will always euduaivor to obtain the hij;lii tit market prices on wools,
uta, for imrtica coiiaigning to mo, vtoiv, hold or forwanl tho antiio uc
eonlii. o their dorftc. rJ
Which I din you nil about the
Fimcial ai Moral stelte ii Welfare ii
i n f.-nrleaa advocate of tho principles wliioli contribute much to tho
lirst principle of good government, viz:
Treat all men as you Wish them, to treat you
Come on, then, and Subscribe.
Cash on Vie block, slriclly in advance!
J. W. BATES, Proprietor.
Tho Culinary Depnitiuont is in ohnrgo of Coinjietont and Kxi orionccd
Cookn, wlio Huo no labor lo do honor lo '.do pnlnloH of (ho Public.
Torvxia UA.xt "
In Coniieotion with thin Popular llotgl in nt till liuios supplied with
tlio Bo&t UrnudH of Wi'iioh, l.itpiors nnd Ciguiu
Ely's Cream BaSrsi
CloanBoa thoNiisalPiuiEnKOS. Al
lnya Inllamumtion. Hoals tho Boron.
Iloatoroa tlio Sonsos of Tnato, Bmoll
and llonriug,
A P4rllrloUnp?lli'lloliinrjiioMtll niul
la niirri nlilc. Prlrnftdc ut IlruuiiUnt ur by
wall. J:LVllltO-niiat8JWarrena,Nw Yorfe.
1 1 1 ' 1 .i ii
Shoes of the Manufacturer.
that itiu.-.lly rcln'l
nt fcil.OO mid $5.00.
!f pay rxrrft
.co wc will aeml
- H, Honitoa Vnmpa, pilher llutt-n, Xaco or
-I.V Till! I.ANfllJAOB OK-
Now, tlif iiiction lmturnlly arises,
jjt't whoit'l (Set wheneol Foohiwobi
ttinj;oiili w'a'a miilln now!
Tho tinawi'r h ciuiplu cnounh in its
apiliition. It ia that thn pr-oplo
ihonld "lint their Kli-mcntary powers
for doing ood put in repair."
Is'or ia thi? all a moro liberal
tninglati'on iiiikuis for tho people all to
"got their"
and pay it
to the printer in a way that is called
"in advance."
Advnnco and do this, nnd ho will
send you one your, poitago paid,
J I Hit Jlil
MHl!il.l If,.
ii,.m a , .
4 aft. a
U. II i.
I' I..... . II,i ..
W.tU, I , ,
...riiii.ff i ... ii 1 1 , i
"'.au 1 1 k . i
l N. .Ml Iftt.l
ll l
1 I
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' r
,l.i-. ma ia.r a.. .....
tvHl I. f,MA. ,, ..
r ".. .. a, ,,,,
.ir . .. . i. .
llia till' :iu",
i . .in.
... Ml.
. . I .. it
1 . Kruil -.
I IH)(I ,.i,
. ., I . 1 1 i. n .
.... , , i. ., c
'I - i..
b) tii luiiix i , t
... f.l .'. . ,(,. ,,.,,
Wuill u.' vt;,, i in, ,tl
I I ' I'. M I I I ,
! ,'''' 1 i
t' Illlilli4,i .I,.,,
' ' J I i ,. , , ,
1 " 1 I I. ..i-w,, ,,
1 ' I .1 M. . i,,, ,,, ,
; ' 1 i -i-i i i., . i , .
1.11 , . Ill, ..
',' ' ' i. ' V
1 ' " " 1.
l"' .1. .. Ij.l. ......
inn. I i . .bl ii.
I-"' .1- ir . ,
fdl.,11, . I. ., t ,
Hi ..Ij., ,., I,. , . , ,, ,
ab.M t. C ALI.t 4 li