Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, October 17, 1889, Image 1

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    . thjcxjcikt
Is tlio olilost nowsjw
per betwojn Tho Dalles
mid Wimieiiiuccn; the lar
got circulation, therefore
u tho IxHt for ml vci tixing.
Is ft nowiqmpor for tlio
poople, laboring for tho
jh'ojiIo nntl voicing tlio sen
thncnt.i of tlio pooplo of
it own Grant County.
tfolumo XT.
Number '30.
Editor and Proprlotor.
Subsmiplion 1 yenr in ndvnuco S2 GO
If not paid within l months . .83 00
Six Months 1 no
Throw Months 75
1 inch :i mo S 1 .50
. U inoh 3 mo Stl.00
. icol .'lino 12.00
4 col 11 mo 21.00
1 col :i mo 10.00
1 year
1 yoar
1 yenr
1 yenr
1 yenr
en. oo
Sjr For standing displny nds only.
All Ponding Nolicoa in Locnl
'Jolumii will ho clinr'0.1 nt tlio into
of 20 conta por lino for first, nnd 10
eta each subesquont insertion.
Spocinlratcs to regulnr ndvertisors.
wb aid: l'UKiunKi) to kxccutk
Hfffine Job Printingl-
Posters, Dodgers, Uillhonds, Lotlor
bends, Nuloho.ids, Stuto
monts, InvitntioiiH,
Tickets, Curds
Etc, etc.
ruiNTtn to oiinnt.
Co. Judge ,
Cominissionurs j
Assessor ,
School Supt
Stock Inspector.
N. R. Mnxcy.
. Phil Motscbnn
. .N. II. Holey.
J. II. Mclluloy.
II. II. Davis.
.... J. II. Ne.d
....W. P Gray
, Clms. Tiiinns.
13. Hay OB.
... T. II. Curl
I J. 1). I sou
J ii i nc h A. Fee
... .J. I j Rnnd
Diut. Judges)
Disc. At'ornoy . .
Church Directo y
ltov. A. Hilda lioM divino sorvico
at tho Winegnr Kchool houso n, 1 1
o'clock n. in. on tho 1st Sabbath of
each month, mid nt 7 o'clock in tho
evening nt tho M. E. church in l'mi
riu City. Also nt tho Striuvborry
school houso nt 11 n, m. on tho Urd
Snbbalh of each month nnd nt Prai
rio City in I ho evening of the s:imo
day. " At John Dny City nt 1 1 n in.
on tli o 2nd nml 1th Sundays, nnd at
Canyon Cily nt 7 in tlio ovoning of
tl.o snmo days.
NOTICE is hereby given that I
havo appointed tho following
nnmed poisons na my DopulioH, viz;
Ji. 1). Luco Rlnnton
Win. Hall Prahio City
Joo Kims, Fox Vul John Day
Love Hniloj Stowurt
H. W. Carter lliimilton
W. V. lltnton .Monumout
John C. Lnco John Day
Wnrron Cnraner Wngnor
Jas. Wallace Long Crook
L H Johnson Dayvillo
John II linker Caleb
W H Oillia Hitter
T. II. Cum.,
Stock Inspector for Grant County.
Pobtofltco Alt. Vernon, Or.
yv' Kurrnio ix ,
Casvo.v City
Itoott or Shoe iuil to onler. cr tiMlly r.-alre.l.
All Work Wurrantod rirat-ol
J. L. B. VIAL & SON.
an (J- J 11 II 'EfAiltS,
Hakeu City, - Oiikoo.v.
Dealers iii
UvM) It Iauu uii Collateral.
Sc Opposite Union Mont Market,
Main Struct.
g ORH, M. D.
Canyon City, Oyn.
Ofltrt en Main Stmt In lletiat (orinf rl xu
lrl Ilr. llextrJ.
I'liotoRrnplio r
.Votary l'ltbllc.
Canyon City - - Oiuu.o.v
rtT Oflico with M. D. Cliflunl "(iia
Unil (lllng and Collrctlom -roiav.llj ttcn.lc0
to. IrJ nml Mortcitt ilrmii, 111J ctir.-ci
Otlicn ovor John Sclunidt'a cabinet
shop; ofltco hours from Dam to 1 p m
Canyon City, - Oiikgon.
OoiiMtnlal o,
Cnnyon City, Orou
nuct uoiiooiot
All tuilnria cnlruilcit to lilt cir ll rcW
roiiil utlcnUon, anJ all money U1 lx U a
laat cjllrctc.l.
jp 0- IIOUSLKY.M. D.
I'rf.s'NSYkVA.-tiA, April 8, 1818.
Cnnyou City, Oregon.
O lice in his Drug Store, Main Street
irdcrs for Drugs promptly filled
No professional patronugo solictel
ui'jss directions uro ktrictly followed.
ST. A7 . Maolt,
Notary Public.
PilAi nit: City - - - Oiikoon.
Also Agont for tho s.ilo of School
Proprietor of tlio
John Day Milk Ranch
Fresh milk delivered daily to my
eustomors in John Day nnd Cnnyon
cities. Givo tno your ordors.
IF ugh Smith, prop'?'.
A l'ull SlwV of tlx I'Hrcit cf WIum aixl
Th Ural cli'.r In llit JUiltt.
Livery anil IW Stable .
Canyua Cltfi Oruit Co. OrcKou.
(I'CTKll Kiiua out stand!
Having bougiit thoso populni
Slnblesf respectfully solicit n share of
the public patronage.
Fiist ohiss Single nnd Double
Teams to lot.
n.VK ISUflOllIH 4. aMlTS.
Spccinl nttontion given to tho
enro of transient stock.
Canyon City, Onr.noN.
And supplies ooiistnntly
kept on hand.
Sndillos orderod nt n small dis
count, Repairing done on hhoit notice
Absolutely Pure.
Tint pu"'' '1m A maritl ol mtl
(), itrrtnlh ami holioi.iiic.i, Unto xonom-li-al
than th nttli,.atr kititl. and rannot b
old In cvnipri'U' n villi lh mnUilnilt ol .i
Int. liit Ulil. alum or rhbtjihala Kidtr.
Xolil nnx In ran. Iloial IWKIiir l'owilr Co .
11X1 Wall St., N. Y.
Wholesale V He tail
iKAI.i:it IN
Muur (inn ml
i n i
CJjT (Jomls found to hi) not fir&t
elass mav bi retiiiiie.l.
(Wood .t Church 'h old Stand)
Uoftl bu.'j- m' m ami litre Sml.llo llorr
furiiUlmt at all lioum ol tliu ilay or hlvlit a
raxoiial'l l'rK'44. I'irtlctllar attention alj to
boanllnir ami Eruomln; trantUnt itiKk.
Main ami Waihlufctuti ilrttU
Petition for Liquor License
To tho Hon. the county court of
tho Htntoof Oregon foi Grunt county.
We the undersigned legal voters
in GViyon City precinct, Grunt coun
ty, stntu of Crogon, respectfully po
tition Unit u lieouso bo granted to
G. I). Iticknrd to hell spirituous
malt nnd vinous liqmrs in loss (pinn
tities tlian one gallon for '.ho period
of hix months from November (ith
I )ntod nt Cnnyon Cily, Or., Sept.
2(Uh 1880.
Kd Sols, John Ilrnndt, Frank U
Scls, Clay Tedhun'.or, Leo Miller, II
Hunter, Hobt Ward, O P Cicsnp,
.Inko Simon, C S Grigsby, J 0 Pur
Boil", Howard Coiad, E Walton,
K A Knight, D ii Hill, T J Cozad,
O Guornsoy, Geo Solingnr, A W
Slmw, L K Coaad, Irn Snroiil, T II
Uiiglor, John Sehmidl, G Cozad,
W P Gray, i Yoas, jainos Hobinson,'
MA Lucas, Win P MoClure, A Hup
nrich, A II Groth,W U Cnniiingtcii
V'red Miller, J w Moody, A C Doro,
EOStnusoll, llalph Dyrnui, O Mur
tin, D I Asburv, j 1) Kiithetlnnd,
Thoa i Smith, FC Sels, Geo E Sol
liugor, Sam Sirod, M H iiollmnn, 8
Orr, A H Erway, Ii K Hels. W n
Clnrk, ii Stnusell, Donia McAulift',
N n Holey, A j Stophoua, Thus
Crnwfoid, W H Southworth, Geo A
Hiesoii, Phil Motschnn, Frod Ticfry,
John Montonyo, Wosloy Silstoo, (Joo
Ituudeliiish, ti tonkins, Itobt .Neeco.
M I) Cliflord, Thos ltoynohla, .M K
Stnmoll, W It Eads, A O mill, P
Mnlcnio, F C norsley, w i Hnrton,
uenry Jionz, ileo ijoninod, rotor
hum, j Diirkheimor, n b Diiikhoiin-
cr, Clmiios Cnmpboll, w ii Lincoln,
1 .M l ifter.
Notice is hereby uivou that on the
(ith dny of November 1889, tho un-!
dorsiguod will apply to tho county
court of the. htutn of Oregon for
Grunt county, for tho issuance of tho
liceiiko mentioned in tho foregoing
(i. 1). Hickaiiii,
Ijiijoalat at lUuni, or.
Ikt lit. IM.
Ni tli f h Urobjr riven tin I tb lallmvinriiiii'r.l
rllltr lu SloJ mitlovul bit IliUutl.ii l'i tiuVt
final iiuol In iupiK)rt at hit cUlm, ami that twl l
pro.:) hIII Ih ustiU Utlor tho raltler anl ll
culur V. S. UaJ oUim at Ilurui, Or., on HiUtiliy
Nor. 10, 1MV, tin
rfii.i.iAii ii 6ciiuui:m:u
l'r I) II 0197 for ttt NIC I I Si; I I ami SK 1-1 SB
I I V II ami lot 1 NW I I h'r 31 1 IT S II II U.
II u.Miai ilu- futlu'ltiir xllHMMt la'roUI
MiiUauoui rclittii uiim am) wlllratlun of, util
l0, tic llalnall boil, ItuUnd lltiiklat Jr ,
JuliH ( i.Jilotk, I It n CratUwcfc. all of rlautn, Or.
Mil J II. lll'NTI.NcTTON llrfl.lir.
The dociniution of the Texnns
by SnntnAiin.'i tit Snhulo wna ono
of tlio historical ever.ts of tlio war
! for the iiidopoiidonco of the Tcmir
! republic.
' nit n i t- . t
I uio worm Knows 01 u iuhi us
Imrlmrity, hut it knows nothing of
, tlio iiuroisni ilisplayeu ly the inyr
tyrs nnd the patrotisin of tho coin
! rnds who nftorwmtl nvuni'cd their
dentil, mid brotii'lit their bodies
I I .. ... !l
IuacK tu itioir n:tiix: sou.
Hecoiitly tho Qopnhlic corrots
pondent yus iierinitted to ico a
I journal kept by Clonernl Tlioums
ilellerton Green, mi ollteer in tho
1 lexmi army nt that tinu1, mid
written from dny to dny us tlio
events it records transpired. It
wns oncu tlio property of tho wife
of the lust president of tho I.ono
Star republic, na the name, Mrs.
Anson ironed, written on a blanlc
leaf, indicates. That fact, howev
or, is not of such interest as tlio
following narration of the iuliu
innn atrocities following the battle
of .Moir, fought DecoinTjor !2i and
20, 18-12.
Tlio declinator, Colonel Domin
go lluertn, was specially nomina
ted to this black deed after Gov
crnor Moxin refused its execution.
The decimation took place by the
drawing of black and white bonus
from a small earthen mug. The
white ones signified exemption,
and the black ones death. One
I in ml red and lifty-nine white bears
were placed in the bottom of the
mug, nnd buventeen black onus
placed upon top of thum.
The henna were not stirrid, and
hud so slight a shako that it was
perfectly clear that they hud not
Leon mfted together. Such was
thair anxiety to execute C'aptnin
Cameron, and purlin pa the otucr
ollicers were made to draw a beau
each from the imiii in this condi
tion. Cameron said, with his us
mil coolness: "Neil, uoys, we
have to draw; let's bo at it." So
Huyiii'', he thrust his hand into the
mug and drew out a white bean.
Next eamo Colonel V. l Wilson,
who was chnined . to him; thou
Captain William Kyau, and then
Judge K. M. Gibson, all of whom
drow white beans. Next eanie
Captain Kastluud, who drew the
first, black one. They all drew
their lots with that manly dimiity
nnd ti nil liens which showed them
superior to their condition. Some
of I it'll tor temper jested ovor the
bloody tragedy, none showed
change of countenance. As the
black beans failed to depress, so
did tho white ones fail to elate.
The knocking olT of the irons
un the unfortunate alone told
who they wore. Poor Robert
leard. who lav iinon the L'rouiid
exceedingly ill, said to his brother
Y l II mill , as lie hnnded mm a drink
of water, "Hrother. if you draw a
black bean I'll tuko your place, for
1 want to die. uiSo, replied
the hrother, "I will keep my own
place. I am stronger and better
able to dio than you." The noble
In tho inut tor of tho ostnto of Win
Ax deceased.
To a i.i. Whom it .May Coxokiin.
Notiuo ia hereby given thnt Maiy
1). Axe, nduiiiiitrntix of the above
entitle has filed her lluid account ami
by un order of Uo Hon, the County
Court of tho State of Oregon, for
Grant county, mmlo and 'entered
thoreon on tlio "-ltd day ot Hoptcm
bor, A. 1) , 1889, Tuesday tho Mh
day of Novomber 188!), the sinio be
ing thu 2 ml judicial day of tho next
regulnr term of snid court has heen
appointed as tlio tinu; and the coun
ty court rooms in tho Grant enmity
court houso nt Cnnyon Cily, Or., the
phu o whou nnd where snid final ac
count shall be hoard,
All hfirx, croditoia nml pci'soim
therefore iutoroted in sa'd estate me
hereby notified to appear at said
timo and place 01 Ale thoir objec
tions with the clerk of said conn nt
any time theretofore und show enmo
if any thoro be, why the snid nccouut
should not be allowed mid npnrovod
and why tho pra)er of the udininiH.
trvlix that tho vnta'.o mid its admiu
istratix bo elosod and she nud her
botidsmtiu disclmrjjed bhonld not bo
Dated this '23rd day of September
Published by oieur of tho comt
for four successive voks in tho
GitA:T CouiTV Nnws, printod nnd
published ut Cnnyon City, Or.
Mahv D. Axe,
hoys both drew clear, but both
soon nftcr died, leaving this Ho
man legacy to their venerr.ble pa
rents. Sovoral of the Mexican olltcers
who olliciatcd at this cruel viola
tion of their country's faitli, ex-
presseo great uissntisiaction mere
ut, and some wept bitterly.
Soon after tho drawing the fa.
ted were placed in a sopnrato court
yard, where, about dark, they
wore executed. Sovoral of out
men were allowed to visit the un
fortunate previous to tho execu
tion to receive their dying re
quests. Poor Mnjor Cocke, when ho
drew the fntal bean, held it be
tween his thumb and fore-fiuger
Nvith a Kiuile of contempt, and
said :
"Hoys, I told yon so; I never
failed in my life to tlraw a prize;"
nud then said to Judge Gibson:
"Well, Judge, my to my friends
that I died in grace; they only
rob mo of forty years.''
Henry Whaling, one of Camer
on's best fighters, us he drow his
black beau, snid, with as bright a
look as ever lit a mull's counte
nance: "Well, thyy don't make much
olT of mo, anyhow, for 1 know
that 1 have killed 25 of the yellow
Whaling was shot fifteen times
ere ho expired.
I'oor Torrey, a youth, but in
spirit a hero, said he was perfect
ly willing to meet his fate. He
said to a mexica'n officer:
"After the battle of San Jacinto
my family took ono of your youths
prisoner, reared ami educated him
and this is our requital."
r.dward hste spoke of his fate
in the coolest manner possible.
Cash said: "Well, they mur
dered my brother with Cononel
Fannin, and now they are about to
murder me."
J. L. Jones snid to tho interpre
ter: "Tell tho oflleor to look upon
men who are not afraid to die for
their country."
So, t.oo, Captain Eastland, Ma
jor Robert Dunham, James Og
den, Robert W. Harris.
Just previous to thu firing they
were bound together with cords,
and their eyes being bandaged,
were set upon a log near tho wall
with their liaeks to thoir execution
ers. They nil begged the olllcer
to shoot them in front and at a
short distance. This he refused,
and to make his cruelty as refined
as possiblu lired at several paces,
and continued the firing from ten
to twelve minutes, lacerating and
mangling these heroes in a man
ner too horrible- for description.
(Jur interpreter, who was per
mitted to remain w ith them to the
last, says that 15 times they
wounded that iron -nerved soul,
Henry Whaling, and wonl H-cind
that providence had a special care
in prolonging his existence, that
he might demonstrate to Ihh ene
mies the national charnct.0 they
had to contend with; for he gra
ted his teeth at and defied them in
terms of withering reproach, un
til they placed u gun to his head
iiid blow his bruins amiinst tho
wall. (
During thu martyrdom of tho
patriots thu main body of our men
were separated from them by it
stone wall fifteen feet high, nnd
heard their last agonizing groans
with feelings of which it would bo
a mockery to attempt a doerip-
I'lio next morning as thoy wore
marched on the road to Mexico
they passed the mangled bodies of
thoir dead comrade., whoee bones
now lie blenching upon thu plains.
of Salado, a perishing remem
brance of exulted patriotism, Out a
lasting one to the infamy of their
president, Sam Houston, who caus
ed them to bo fntVoly executed as
robbers nud murauders upon Mex
ico. Go to thu Red Front Billiard
Hall, Cnnyon Cily, for fine wincB,
liquors ami cigars. '
Wnr department officials are do-
voting some attention to the unusu
ally largejnumbor of dosortions from
the army. j
Tho celebrated Mitdioll Wagons, '
Hacks, Carts, HuggioH and lltiok-
boards at Collin it McFnrland's,
Stoves t Tinware, Doors it Win
dows, eheajwr than anywhere, nt
Collin it MuFarlund's Heppner.
Tho Prinovillo News says: Wheat
is worth 11 cr bushel;' oats t).r
cents; rye I.i!o in that town.
Kye, Harlov, Timothy. Alfalfa.
always on hand in large quantity
at Collin it MoFarlnud's, Heppner
Tho linost stock of Drvgoods
Clothing, Hoots and Sheet!, at Collin
it MeFarlnnd V, Heppner.
In 1.SS7 the republicans carried
fifty counties in Kentucky. All the
luto elections thev curried onlv
Mr. Flanigan ()i dod't know
phwat Oi will do wid me bvo
Miey. Faith, he's a bud vomit'
'Mr. O'Ri
Routke Phwat lav he
been afthor doin"?
.Mr. i' latiiiirnn--Mini lie Kim
homo last noight rollin' nbcer keg
that hod sthole from thu saloon
av Dutchman beyant,
Mr. O'Rourko Sure, ho's a
diver bye, is Micky.
Mr. Flanagan That's phwat I
t 'ought, an' Oi was1 just ufther
tolling him ho was a chip av the
old block whin Oi diskivered tho
keg wur. omyly.
Mr. O'Rourko Oi hope you
tucjiej him a lesson for thavin'
Mr. FluiiiiiiV.i: -Hogo!), Oi think
he's a howliu vet f"rii;-Uie batin'
Oi give him.
. ! .
A New F.ngland gentleman
went to Morula in tho last stages
of consumption, lingered a few
mouts nnd passed away. His be
reaved widow telegraphed home:
"John ia dead. Loss fully cover
ed by insurance." She them sot
about prepnriug dm remains for
shipment to the S ort It. I lie lo
cal undertaker was called in. Tho
season wits about over and his
large and select ussortmeiit hud
been reduced to a single casket,
which proved to bo nearly two
foot too long for tho deceased.
'Never mind," snid the heart-broken
widow, after flic had haggled
the price down to the lowest j)osi
hie figure, "tlio box it too long,
but I can till the end in with or
anges -hoo-hoo."
Ttii- rtil. f ftru-mi fr Uiu gri,t nif-fi-ni.
uf II. .'a 1 1 i la III Hit
Article IIMlf. Il.-I.' i. I'. lit HlOA.ftllll tlio
fart IJii-l S.ti.i . nlU ncluall' on
roiiiilli' wli .t n rlaiimM lur It, Ii ulinl
l-n (.lion In iimsIU-Iiio n iiiiilailly (!
t.ilr (TMito.- Hi ai I .1 i f :my Un r a.n:ia-
Merit Wins U"1,
IlixnVt HirnsiarlUa cuuj Hcruliiln, Knit
rilii-uni mul nil llunuM-a, I))-m'.Iii, Hlk
lliM.larlii-, lltlloiiaurH, nvurcnim't
rin-.l I'l-i-lni)!. crJi-aiiM Aiii'lttu, ulii-liiilli-rut
lln- Nirti-. tiuiliN up Hi Wliul S)tli-in
ll.xi.l-. Hiii-.ii;i.irlllii la Milil Ii) uIIUiuk
UI SI. l l-i tt. I'li-I'.inil liC 1 IIimmI
V Lu . AlKillu'CJiiva. Uivtell. Most
-iiioi'iiir.Toii or
Conyon Citv, Or.
Sasli, Dunn, Windows, Glruj, Tutty,
Moultling, and Dressed Lumber
Etc , icnbtnntlv cn Hand.
Furniluro Made lo Order.
o.nis or
Flntit tinallt
a r mt oer
ntinufactutvi! CZ.
ud thm fint i-iiok-v ut
tiiHrrta. lu uallhrra
H oml (I I U Bllliil.
doubluacllon. Hmtulr
Mtrltja an. I Target innltU,
urat qimuiy r
tlct-l, oau-iuUjr Ii
ior win niauiiiin aim hock, unri- aim
not be tlrctlv&sl lur l-Liuij mnhiahl i..t Ijiifitfiia
llulali, iliiinlillltv nml ucriiriicv. I:
ttlrn aol-1 fur tlio itiiiuln anlo'j-. Ti-v i unrr
II.Wo and Uaouoruiu. Tbo Iihitii ?i Ilr
t..Lvit ixro luini-oa uu Our Urn l. Willi nnii'i
iiwii, R.I liTt niiildaUtnl tati-ma, Mulnre uuiir
iinlivil inufict. lli.UI u.n I.iivIhl- Itiwn, u I 111 II
2nur itrawr eauunt r. u, an onli r wnt li ail
rv.iUikitv wilUroaim-iruiiiniillriiil n tKcrlu
t'ta calalKuuo ami iirlwui-ui a-pllrtlu-
r .11 ITU Ai VI',itlN.
herluaUclJ, Jloot.
-; ..? v ii. v i i a
.uv;rHN.i u
rnr .'2m
A man riding along i road eamS
upon an old fellow who, load in
voice and violent in action, wft
endeavoring to start a balky foam.
Tho horaobnek traveler, uni'iMed at
the old fellow's productive iwmr-
ces of stjong utljeotivcs, slopped,
threw one leg over the hum of tho
saddle, and wiping any
thing sat watching tlio perfbrut
anee. The covered wagiio to which
tho team wih attached hm tho
"mover's" typical vehicle ith two
chairs tied behiiul. A womiiii,
three children, a mule colt and n
dog belonged to the outfit.
"If I just had enough moiiov i
take us lifty miles, I'd cut your
infernal throats!" the old fellow
shouted as ho loaned fur ; un.
mouts rest on u piece of rail ut'h
which he had been belaboring tho
horses. "Von can pull out of
here easy enough, you infernal
scoundrels. Why, a jaokrabbic
and a side cnt hitched up together
could pull out of here."
''Anderson" Bind the old woman
"why don't you hold boiuu fodder
bofo' them?-'
"Confound it, didn't you sea
mu do that just awhile ago?"
"Well, why don't you stick a
pin in their Hunks?"
"Haven't you got any houso at
all? Didn't you sou me ntiulc 'em
witli a darnin' needle just now?
Voti-be,ttcr go olf sommvhuio and
run with the sucki..1.' calves."
"Thai's one thin' I knoi" you"
ain't tried."
"What is it?"
"Twist in their under jaws."
"I'll twist your under iuw if
you don't hush."
Iho old fellow turning about.
addressed tho man on hordobaok.
"How long havo you boon her.)
watchin mo?" he asked.
"Don't know exactly."
"Purity good while?"
"Servin' your second term ain't
"second term nt what?"
"Ilein' governor of this state."
"I'm not the governor."
"Nol wall, von must bo f endnrv
of btnto."
"I mu not, however."
"Hut you must be a groat man of
some sort.
"No; I am ninmlv a country mer
"It's mighty strange, ihi-n.''
"lloiv strii'iiue0 don't in the
least understand you. Why d i
you take mo to liu a great man?"
"llcimuso a feller that can set
and watch a balked tonm and not
offer any suggestion mint bo grout
m met, you are thu lint man ot
that tort 1 ever did sw. You de
serve meatiiesH nnvhotv: I'll tell
you that, and ! feel it mv duly to
ilo sometliiir lor you. I'v.'got n
fine rille and a good" dog, and they
are youm if youll tuKo them."
"io, I tlinnlc you.
"Hore'a a flvo dollar hill all tho
money I've got; but you mav have
"I won't take it."
"Well, Icol like givin' you pomo
111111.' Say you wouldn'Uiiind me
naniin' a boy uftor von. would
"All right; what's vour name?"
"Worlhington I' Hiliingshum."
"Good enough, lluokvl ho call-
"Yes," a woman nnswored.
"Whar's tho baby?"
"In tho wagon, asleep."
"Wall, wake him up an' nnmo
dm after this man. Good tlnv. if
you nro gone mister. Don't care if
you don't hold no oflico, you are the
greatest man I ovor saw." Arkuu
saw Travoler.
. 44
You can save big money by go
ing to Collin it McFurliind, 'Hep
pner, for your Fall and Winter Sup
ilies. They keep everything, nnd
have cut pricos down ho thnt thoy
are the lowest priced store in Ore
gon. Hy a voto of fifl to 30 the Minno
sotn hoii8oof reprcsontativea, after
ail all-dny debate, refusod to (sub
mit to the people an amendment in
favor of prohibition on the liquor
Good grass nnd wnlor all fho Heppner nnd Kid niiJe of
travel hhvoiI on tho round trip, over
over The Dalles route. Pricos of
goods lower nnd wool highor. Go
to Collin nnd MoFnrlund, thev keep
tho largest stock and sell mora
gooila than any storo in Oregon.
Why? Hooniuo their prices nru
lower; they buy everything by tho
car load.