Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, October 10, 1889, Image 3

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Thursday, Oct. 10.
Hoppnnr is nllliotcd with diptherm.
Frank Kingsbury iqmnt a fow days
in our town thin week on hi way to
liis home nt I)roVRy.
Sept. SOth Mutto, Mont., nullum
frcm u ilipAttroux fire. An entire bus
inuM block vn consumed.
VIr. Linn l'uUion, hiitor of Mim
Anna SeU, arrived from Chiongo lust
week on n visit to hnr sister.
j"15ro. lia.U m with us onoo more.
'I'll (i annual .M. II conference nt I -a
llmnde sonUticml him to another your
nt Canyon City.
A footmcc was to Imvo lon run nt
llappiicr yesterday lietwecti 0. F.
WnUmn nnd nn "unknown" from tho
John Day valley, for fivo hundn-d
dollar n side.
V'Murriod, nt tho Cobb Hotel, nt
John Day, Sunday afternoon, Oct. C,
1889, Judge N. It. Maxcy oHioiatinjr,
Mr. Win. Young nnd Miwt Nancy J.
Howard, Iwth of (iinnt county.
It. it. Huy of Drowsey, u former
rosidednnt of this vnlloy, ennio over
on business lately, nnd brings tho ustt
nl roj)ort of dry weather on tho Mai--hour.
Mr. Jtaya is largely interested
in sheep.
According to tho assessment roll of
? Gnmt county for tho yours 1888 nnd
1889 u dilloroneo of only $118,090
exists, prolwbly owing to tho fnot tlint
property wiih assessed moro closely
this year.
A Inrgo party of scientific explorers
consisting of school innrms nnil young
people climbed to the top of Canyon
mountain Inst Saturday to seo whnt
thoy counld see. ''Oh, thu other side
of tho mountain wus all that they
could sec."
At tho sale of the Frizollo property
lust Saturday, tho same was bid in by
Judge Maxcy, for Grant county.
Should tho land not lo redeemed
within tho time allowed by law Grant
county will have un eligible site for a
first-class "poor farm."
Row Ira Wukeliold, M. H. presid
ing elder of this district, hung his
panto on a chair leforo retiring tho
other night nt I -a Grande, and during
the night a sneak thief entered tho
room and took all thu good man's
money, amounting to $220.
)'l'horo is Udk of establishing a now
mail route from hong Creek to Aus
tin, by way of old Susnuville, and we
undei'htaud petitions are being circu
lated along tho pioposed route. This
lino would bo a great convenience to
minors along tho Middle Fork, and
tho Nkws hopes to see this enterprise
'o can inform our readors that tho
predicted end of tho world did not oc
cur last .Monday as advertised, but the
mundane sphere is still doing business
at the old stand. In tho event of
such an occurrence soon, however, tho
public may rely upon tho Nkws to
give a full and unbiased account of
the entire proceeding.
Tho ollicors of tho Hums land office
held an examination lately of appli
cants desiring to practice as "attor
neys" or "ugouU" before tho laud
ollice. Several failing to qualify a
further time was granted them in
which to prepiro themselves to pass
tho examination entitling them to ap
pear on lielmlf of land claimants or
A destructive firo broke out at Itel
shaw's place and raged along the .John
Day river a few days during the week
which burned considerable fencing
and a large amount of pasture land
was runileied woithluss. Mr. Itelshaw
had a patch of mustard that he in
ttmdud to bum, and during his ab
sence his son thought he would do the
mustard burning. lie applied the
torch, and in n moment tho entire
country was ablaze. Tho wind as
blowing from tho haystacks, or they
would have burned. As it was, the
lire reaohrd the brush and timber
along the river, and everything in its
course was swept away. It spread
for a considerable distance up and
down tho stream More its course
was chocked. We have not heard
tho actual loss estimated,
Tho summary of the assessment of
Grant county as it appears in another
column, in some respects shows a more
complete assessment than last year,
although of course tho total does not
reach a corresponding figuio. There
is a' gain in land of 0,020 acres, not
withstanding llarnoy county got away
with two-thirds of thu territory of
Grant. Town lots jump in voluo
from $7,1211 last your to $10,200 this
your, and we lost hums too. Monoy,
notes and accounts und shares of
stock, etc., woro assessed last year at
$:t.ri9,00'2, and this year they foot up
$128,088, a gain of $08,'J20, which
shows that tho money was not nil in
Jlurnoy county or was not assussed.
The discrepancy in the tax roll this
year ooiiiarod to that of last year is
owing to tho diminished numl-er of
cattle, horsos and liiuhw and swine.
Household furniture, carriages and
watches, etc., also rated higher then
than now, Kvurything else oxcept
tho poll tax shows a gain, oven after
the division of tho county. Tho in
debtodmws is more, luing given at
gfi2l,71 1 hut yonr, nnd $.r72,:iJ0 this
your, however, hut that can U no
counted for in tho increased value of
money, notes and accounts tho rich
aro Incoming richer and the poor lxv
coming poorer.
An old smoker in Snlam fills his
pipe with hops, nnd onjoys the lln
vor as much as the tobacco slave.
Sheriff Gray and deputy Yorgcuson
arc on a trip wo don't know whoro nor
for whnt Particulars ns soon ns they
I return.
LMnrriod, nt Vancouver, W. T
Sept 27, 1889, Mr. Henry ltlaokwell
to Miss Ada Itcetoii, both o'f 1ong
Ujrtin n charge of lying, and of
slander, Row G. M. Irwin was tried
by tho conference at Ia Grando, and
the verdict was that he receive a rep
rimand from the bishop.
Kd Sols took his departure Tuesday
for l'ortlaud, where he will attend tho
Commercial college tho coming winter,
and in tho spring he hojies to engage
in business nt some jHiint in tho Wil
laiiietU iTho collections in SU Thomas'
I church, Canyon City, last Sunday,
amounted to $14.10, which shows
, that tho people of our little city are
not entirely broke, if tho plate is paw.
cd twice thu same day,
I will preach at Canyon City at
1 the usual hour next SablsUh evening,
j but will not till tho usual appointment
1 nt John Day in view of the funeral
j sorvicw for Mrs. Luce nnd her child
: ren. A. Kadk.
' Whon you hnvo wood to Haw
j give tho job to deserving nnd indua
j trioua white mutt nnd boys who live
nnd spend their monoy among us.
I -!.!... ..1....I-!
IslllllUIIIUII UlU IMUU.-U lOllfl, Dill. W1U
money they get hold of is shipped
across the ocean.
Gottfried I! rose shot nnd killed
Shiels Looney nt Trout crock, Crook
county, one day last week, the result
of an old feud. Tho coroner's jury
charged him with "deliberate and pre
meditated" murder. Gottfried will
prolmbly Gottfried, if Crook county's
juries do their duty.
Rev. Mr. Goss of Hoker City,
preached to largo congregations, both
morning and evening last Sunday, and
expressed himself highly pleased with
tho management of the ladies Guild
who havo had the charge of church
matters for the last two years or
more. Tho report of tho treasurer,
Miss Douthit, will be published next
week when we have more room,
Tho M. K. appointments rn.tdu by
tho bishop for the coming yonr for Iji
Grande district aro as follows: Ira
Wakefield, presiding elder; Itaker
City, K. G. Fowler; Iturus, A. Me
Cart; Canyon City, A. Fails; Knter
priso, M. II. Fellers; Union, S. M.
Driver; North Powder, W. M. Mc
Cart; la Grande, J. II. Wood; Pino
Valley, II. W. Oliver; Summcrville,
J. M. Denison; Willow Creek, W.
Fancher; Long Creek to Ihj supplied.
Mrs. Mary DumUicli, of whom
mention was made in thoso columns
lately, was in town during the week
looking for her huslviud who strayed
away from her in Pennsylvania hut
year, taking all tho available cash be
longing to the family. The lady un
folds a sorrowful tide of woe, and we
hope for her sake that she will run
across her truant Damlmeh. Shu left
here for linker City and tho Ilig ltend
A deed hns been plnced witli the
county clerk for record whorebv
four partners, Win. L. Gunard",
John S. Hughes, Newton Williams
nnd Jack Woolaey, of Grant county
convey to Francis Clnrno of Port
land, their right, title nnd intercut
in nnd to tho 'Silver King," Kings
ton," "Tunnel Location," and "Mi
ners Dream" qunrU ledge, und u
placer mire, together with millsito
and water right, nil snid property
being in the Greenhorn mining sec
tion. Tho price imid by Mr. Clnr
no wus ?l."i,(XXJ, which is considered
n low price for the chums, but the
partners could not ngreo in working
them, eo they concluded to sell.
Wo nro glad to seo tho mining in
terest surely striking for the interi
or of Grunt county. When men of
capital become interested in our
prospects then the heavy drop of
qunrt. stumps will ho heard nil
over the land, and the joyful hound
will rovcrbornte nil through our
mountain vales, the result of which,
shekels will How, liku thistles on
tho gules, und business will not ho
The little "Harney Items" says
that: ".Sinco Grant county has
been deprived of that worthless dun
est, Hnrnoy county, tho rate of tax
ation has been raised two mills on
thu dollar." True, our tax levy
has been rniscd from Inst yonr, hut
Hint wus mndo necessary in order
to meet the increased county in
debtedness occasioned by paying a
bounty on tho scalps of Harney
vulloy's jnckrnbbits. At least six
teen thousand dollars wns expended
for that nurposo during the four
years tho Benin bounty law was in
force, und tho enormous sum of
eight hundred dollnrs wns nppro
printed by Grant county in pay
ment of rabbit scalps nt tho Inst
March term of county court after
the county had been divided, nlli
davits being furnished that they
woro "caught in Harney vnlloy,
etc. Claims to tho amount of up
wards of if l,0)0 for rabbit scalps
from the samo section were filed at
that term of court hut were not
allowed by the court. I low's that for
n two months' catch? Homo of
your men grow wealthy selling rab
bit ears to Grant county, and when
she would buy no more from you
you taunt her with tho silly jeer
that sho "had to niiso her rate of
assessment." .
License petition of Joe Combs
under "New to-day."
Potatoes aro scIHiik in tho Prine-
I ville market nt $1 per bushel.
Monoy is close, but, as tho follow
said, not closu enough to reach.
Wm. Grillin nnd sister, from
Gnllin's station, visited our city
this week.
Rid farewell to smoky atmosphere
high winds nnd small showers
have settled the fog.
Dr. Horsloy wns seriously ill dur
ing the .week, but wo are incased to
sny is somewhat improved.
Jeremiah Daeey, a miner of tho
Middle Fork country, spent n few
day in town Inst week among ac
quniutnnccs. Ux-Govornor Geo. L. Woods is
nlllictcd with nu incurable disease
nnd is not exacted to live but a
very short timo.
Messrs. Clnrno, Hayes, Williams,
Gurnard nnd Hughes, mining men
from northern Grant, paid the
Nkws ollice a pleasant visit Tues
day. o communication that does not
bear tho nnme of tho sender will lie
recognized nt this ollice, unless we
know who it is from. Please re
member nnd he governed accordingly-
On the occasion of Mr. and Mrs.
Rinehnrt's wedding the Nkws wns
remembered, nnd we acknowledge
with thanks tho receipt of plenty of
wedding cake and some excellent
Showers have laid the dust to a
certain degree between hero and
linker, nnd the roads will soon be
in a much bettor condition for the
immense freighting which will be
done from there this fall.
Grout county sets great store by
her quartz mines. Next year, old
miners predict that the camps of
Robiusouville nnd Greenhorn sec
tions will boom ns never did min
ing enmps on this const.
John Young, of the lower valley,
wns soriously injured Inst week 1 y
being hit about the head by a piece
of roil thrown by horses which he
was handling breaking out of a
corral. He whb unconscious for
several davs, and is being attended
by Dr. Orr.
The county seat question is al
ready being agitated in Gilliam
county. Condon and Arlington aro
the aspirants for the honors, and
the question will bo settled next
June. Malheur nnd Harney coun
ties will also locate their county
scats permanently next June.
Mrs. Slaven, wife of Dan SInven
of Long Creek, died lasf week un
der distressing eirctimstnncos. The
lady had been a grent sullerer from
a tumor or cancerous uflliction, and
a surgical operation became neces
sary, from the effects of which the
poor woman never rallied, being in
so emaciated a condition.
The lloppner stago was some
thing over two hours lato Tuesday
night occasioned by being caught
behind a freight team on the Hooch
creek grade, with no earthly show
of getting past, therefore had to plod
along at the slow gate which freigh
ters' teams usually go. Oughtn't
that grade to be widened in a few
places so teams could pass eaeh
other? A little money would do it.
Wo were shown this week a piece
of quuit. that for richness com
pletely knocks the persimmon oil'
the highest limb, to to speak. And
whnt iB better, it is a Grant county
production, taken from tho Mitchell
mine nt Robiusouville, just a few
hundred feet hack of tho old
slaughter house used by Rro. Kudu
when ho conducted the meat mnr
ket in early davs before ho became
1 a preacher. Tho rock is a soft for
mation, and is tilled with nuggets
. and wire gold; can be fractured and
, still hang together bv tho gold.
Tho butchers of tho "(il)'s" little
1 dreamed of the wealth they were
walking over when they prepared
j meat to feed hungry placer minors
1 twenty vears ago. Rut such is life
in tho far west, and one is liable nt
any time to "strike it rich" in a
"pocket ledge" whore it is least ex
; Kd. Anderson, a sort of a gnm
I bier, who used to range about John
; Dav under tho name of Charley
i Mifton, removed to Raker City and
I changed his name to Frank Milton.
1 A short time ago ho was recognized
; by some one who had known him
; in Texas, and word sent to the
I Sheriff. Then a telegram was sent
j to linker for tho ollicors to arrest
1 Anderson, nlius Milton, which they
' did, and it was ascertained that he
': was a fugitive from justice, having
j committed an outrageous assault
j uiKjii a little twelve-year-old girl in
Wcathorford, Texas, four years ago.
' Ho was sentenced to ten years in
: the peniteiitinry for tho crime. Ho
wus a gambler, and hail a brother
who was well oil'. The brother took
up tho case and secured the best
legal assistance in the state. Pend
ing an appeal to the supremo court,
Anderson was confined in the coun
ty jail. One night ho broke out
and lied, and no one knew where
ho had gone until he was recogniz
ed in linker. While he wus in this
vnlloy ho wns comparatively secure
from'detection, and many criminals
Hock bore. Rut our ollicors are be
I ginning to keep themselves better
informed regarding escajwd jail
i birds.
Sept. SOth 1SS0.
Ki. Nkws:
The sawmill will begin operation
this week.
The now mill nt Graham's ledge
is nbout ready for Work.
The Into rains have laid the dust
and quenched the fires.
Gathering news items is rnthor
tedious work, as they are scarce.
John Hughes of Greenhorn has
taken his family to Pilot Rock for
the winter.
Cabbell's mill hns been shut
down for n few days, caused by
brenkin ; a shaft.
Mr. Mitchell, mannger of the
Monumental has been dcoscd and
J. R. Rowick hns his situation.
Dr. Shields, dentist, stayed sever
al days with us. He filled several
aching voids and made many more.
Quito a number of persons nro
nlllictcd with sore throat, Mhs
Thornberg being quite sick which
will cnuso n delay in the opening
of the school.
J. P. McCoy and wife, whoso late
son was taken sick in Raker, re
turned without him, for his illness
proved fatal. His remains were
taken to Pendleton for burial.
Ford nnd the China boot maker
are tho only two gentlemen in town
who represent their business with
signs over their doors, telling the
passerby whore they can he found.
Doc Thornberg is on the sick list.
Doe, try a warm application of
dress sleeve with the arm of some
fair damsel in it. It will not hurt
if it does no good. Doc has a sore
The now ledges found by the
Graham Ilro's are developing finely.
O thorn of equal showing havo been
found in their immediate vicinity.
Gold can be seen in the ore from all
of them.
Nob hill bus received some addi
tion in the way of improvements.
S. Guttridge bus built u neat little
dwelling. I. 1. McCullough has also
one nearly completed. Thornberg
v Scrogtise built quite a barn nnd
are filling it with hay for winter
use. S. N. Ford has his building
about finished mid will soon move
his stock of stamps nnd envelopes.
Another wedding is looked
soon. John Day is looming up.
Rill Young "set '0111 up" to tho
hoys in good shape. Hojw you
will get married otten, Hill.
John Day was treated to a dust
storm last Sunday, but the rain
winch we looked for did not come.
I jo Combs has bought tho race
"norao "Jordan" from John Chrimnn,
and will hereafter make his money
1 am told the races at Long
Creek were not a success. Why
can't wo get up some racing hero
this fall?
Hon. D. R. Rinehart nnd his
bride were visiting in town during
tho week. He looks ten years
Win. Young nnd Miss Nnney J.
Howard were married at Cobb's ho
tel last Sunday. Judge Maxcy
performed the ceremony. Long
life and happiness to the young
Chinese resieents had a big
"blow out," or religious celebration
peculiar to thei'- race, and the cere
monies were kept up nil night. No
white people were permitted to in
vndo the charmed circle.
Ulnehart-Etllott Nuptial.
Last weoK, under stress of cir
cumstances the Nkws was in error
regarding tho mnrriage of Mr. D.
R. Rinehart and Mrs. Annie Kllintt,
inasmuch as thu wedding was sol
emnized by Judge L. R. I ton nt the
residence of Mr. nnd Mrs. Hubbard
nt Prairie City. Judge Maxcy
courteously extended the honor of
performing the ceremony to Judge
lson, as he wns a senior officer and
a guest of tho Grant county folks.
; Only a few invited guests wero as
j seinbled, nnd nil went merry ns the
usual "marriage bell." The bride
1 and groom received many haud
, some and valuable presents, togeth
er with well wishes and tokens of
' esteem. After a few duyB visiting
among friends the happy couple
moved to Mr. Rineharl's beautiful
country homo, where, nil things
considered, they cannot bo other
wise than happy and contented.
The Nkws desires that theirs may
ever ho a life of pleasure and hap
piness. Switzerland has an electric railway
up a l,!U0-fcot mountain.
Go to the Red Front Billiard
Hall, Can von City, for fine wines,
liquors ami cigars.
Foil Sai.k. Alsmt forty tons of
wild hay, at the "Rig Meadows" on
uppor Canyon Creek. Price six dol
lars per ton, Kxcolhmt place to win
ter stock. M. M. AllAMSON.
Wo have a piece of quartz in our
cabinet taken from a ledge a short
distance above town, concerning
which Mr. Clnrno, mining iiiaii of
Portland, exnressed un omnioii that
I if tho ledge wiia well defined it
I would prove a bouHiizn. Ncill
I Hnll, develop your ledge; thnt rock
j was yours. htfM
The prolongation of human life,
tho restoration of decayed functions
to their normal activity bv electric
ity, oven when suggested" as a re
mote ossibility, rouse and chain
tho attention. " When this sugges
tion is made by a man whose record
of achievements has given him a
reputation on two continents, and
and whose statements are always
received with respect if not with
deferance, incredulty forgets to
smile, and we listen with the feel
ing that the path of discovery al
ways runs through the path of ap
parent imposMhilitics. No snap
judgment avails in this modern age.
To say of anything that it can't bo
done is to exhibit ignorance of
what has been done. The tig of
miracles is not in the past, tut in
the present and future. We walk
in the company of marvels every
day, which tho science of electricity
has recently achieved. Dr. Dnrrin
has at any rate given us something
serious to think about, nnd encour
aged tho hope of new victories over
the ills to which llcsh is heir by his
system of electro-magnetic treat
ment, as the following references
Geo. H. Papenberg, Tualitan, Or.
Deafness ten years to ho could
scarcely hear a sound; cured in
twenty minutes.
Mrs. John McGinnis, Vancouver,
W. T. Paralyzed arm cured six
teen years ugo by Dr. Dnrrin, while
in San Francisco.
Kx-Mayor C. H. Hill's son of Al
bum, Or. Cured of an offensive
discharge of both ears since live
months old.
John R. Dougherty, Roche Har
bor, W. T. Hydrocele entirely cur
ed and removed by one operation of
live minutes.
Mrs. S. A. Wooden's girl, Ul Col
umbia street, Portland Norvous
debility und malarial fever and'dis
charging ear, restored.
Win. Alrnow, Drewwey, Grant
county, Or. Catarrhal deafness
and riim in tho ears for . twenty
years; perfectly cured.
Mrs. S. W. Metger, Gresham,
Or. Dyspepsia, liver complaint
and pain in stomach twenty-three
years; restored.
Mrs. C. Magensoii, Merchant's
hotel. Portland Hheutmitism, neu
ralgia and female troubles; cured
permanently one year ago.
W. F. Ogle, Scatc, W. T. Liver
and kidney complaint ami dyspep
sia, also deafness and whole system j
run down; cured.
William Little, Seattle, W. T.
Puin in his chest of over eight years'
stnuding; entirely cured by electro
magnetic treatment.
J. W. Ziimwiilt, Albany, Or.,
(formerly of Moro, Wasco county,
Or.;) cured of nn aggravatod easo
of rheumatism and spinal com
plaint. Dr. Darrins' Place of Uustnesn,
Drs. Darrin can be consulted free
at '2115 Fifth street, corner of Main,
Portland. Ollice hours, from 10 to
5 o'clock daily; evening. 7 to S;
Sundays 10 to 12. All curable
chronic diseases, loss of manhood,
blood taints, syphilis, gleet, gonor
rheal, stricture, spennatorrho'ii,
seminal weakness, or loss of desire
of sextual power, in either man or
woman, catarrh and deafness, nrc
confidentially and successfullv trea
ted. Cures of private diseases
guaranteed, and never published in
the papers. Circulars sent free.
Most cases can receive homo
treatment after a visit to the
doctor's ollice.
Chicago has "truant olllcurs" who
see that children attend school.
Wool is not idl sold a big load was
lmulisl through town yesterday, cm its
way to tho railroad.
Thu irregulaiity of assessments of
city property at Tacoma, W, T., is
creating quite a stir among the mer
chants there.
Three hundred thoiuaud pounds of
grapes fiom California pasted over thu
Oregon Short Line for tho eautern
market lust week.
In one of the counties of Georgia,
it K said there is a town of 1,000 in
habitants, of whom less than a score
aie sulsicriberH to any newspaper.
Governor Hacklier of Kentucky hns
dispatched two companies of .Statu
troops to Harlan county to aid in pre
serving peace dm ing the coming sea
siou of com t.
A Kansas farmer has written to
the Johnstown Huroiiu of Informa
tion asking that a wife no chosen
for him from among tho Hood suf
ferers, and sent on to his place near
the town of Parsons.
A buxom widow of .10 bright and
sunshiny summers in Indiana hns
lately received 12,000 in a broach
of promise case in which tho triller
with her affections hud experienced
80 harsh and hard winters.
The Colorado Mining Kxehango
has adopted a resolution insti lift
ing three of its members to take 100
ounces of silver to the United Stutotj ,
mint at Philadelphia and demand
11 :. 1 : 1 ". . . .1.11 'in.: .
111111 11 ihj euineii ihio ooiiiiis. 1 run ,
j being refused, they will bring suit i
; against the director of the mint for ,
damages, ami thus gut the case bo-
1 fore the supreme court of the Uni- (
j ted States, the object being to tist
. tin I'liiihtilnlimi i lit v of tbo various I
' acts of congross, depriving silver of j
its standing at the mints.
Rismnrk will probably bo the
temporary seat of government for
Dakota, and Sioux Falls for South
The ImPans of Ncah bay, in
Washington territory, recently cap
tured a black whale" fifty-five feet
long and eight or nine feet in diam
eter. The Indians think they will
get about loaO gallons of oil out of
this whale. Whale oil is much rel
ished by the Coast Indians as food.
A Kansas farmer, it is said, hns
made one thousand barrels of vine
gar from twenty acres of watermel
ons and sold it" at ten dollars per
barrel, thus opening a way for a
new industry as well ns realizing a
much better price for his crop than
if he had shipped it to market- If
this remaknble scheme is practical
there is a new field open for the
growers of melons to dispose of their
surplus stocks.
A female mind render of Uugetie
hns located the whereabouts of the
body of Geo. Nutting. The woman
eavs that three men hail a hand in
killing him; thnt nfter passing over
n ridge he wus murdered by tin so
men on a creek, or near it, and
there buried in the bed of the
stream. The woman above referred
to is said to have located the dead
body of Minnie Luckoy, who wns
drowned there not longi-ince. Some
ofthoKugeno people hnvo great
faith in her ability to fathom hid
den mysteries. Prineville News.
A Chinaman formerly engaged as
a domestic in Pcudluton, after
amassing what, in the eyus of a Ce
lestial, is considered a comfortuble
competence, returned to the Flow
erv Kingdom some time ago. Thu
other d iy he turned up again in
Pendleton, nnd being asked how he
evaded the act passed to prevent
the immigration to our shores of his
salfron-hued race, replied that he
landed at Victoria, paid a few dol
lars there to some of his fellow ( V
lestinls to help him out. .mJ .ilVi
being put on board a steamer, laud
ed safe and sound in Port Town
send, paying $S0 for his passage.
This is un interesting story, as it
shows that the smuggling Chinese
across the bonier is a very profita
ble business, nnd is not beneath tho
dignity of the Canadian steamship
companies. Hast Oregonian.
Gratifying to All.
The high position attained nnd
the universal acceptance and ap
proval of the pleasant liquid fruit
remedy Syrup of Figs, iiH the most
excellent laxative known, illustra
tive the vnlue of thu qualities on
which its success is based and arc
abundantly gratifying to thu Cub
Fig Syrup' Company.
The County's Wealth.
From the assessment roll of Grant
county wo take thu following sum
mary of assessments for thu venr
Acres of laud IM.TIfi.
Total value $."0l,-l ,.
A vcrn ge va I no $2(511.
Value of town lots 10 '-'CO.
Improvements M.1il,SHl.
Merchandise, implements 1 1 7 1 1 .".
Money, notes, nce'ts etc. -l'JS,ASS.
Household furniture, carriages,
watches, etc. !f8,
Homes nnd mules
Value ' .at)7,00f).
Average vnlue $'20.2(1.
Cattle lS.lKfl.
Value $271,105.
Average value 4M,ttn
Sheep 'J 10,201.
Value $SB0.1fl3.
Average value $ l. l'.lf.
.Swine N.vj.
Value f 1,855.
Average value '2. 1".
Grow value of proK!rtv t '2,2 lli,.'15ii.
Indebtedness " i 572,:5!K1
Total taxable property l,tl7,5H'iO
As equalized bv the
hoard ' $1,(58.,'2'.I0.
Number of xills -131.
OLYMPIA .-i. .Ml till VV -I. .,
Fein 11 In HfiocmliHt. Huh pr.ii tieiil
011 tho Paeiliu Coast for the p.iHi
twenty li.n years. A life time devo
ted to the study ol female trouble,
their ooiixoh mid euros. I havo
thoiibinids of testimonials uf perma
nent cures fiom thu host peophi on
this coast. A positio giiniautee to
permanently euro any case of lennile
woakuesM, no uiiitior liuw long tninl
ing or what Uiu stage may he. (.'lmr
kc reasonable and within the louch
of all. For tbo InMitlit of the eiy
poor of my sox who are HitfiVring
from any of the giout multitude of
ailments that follow in nam of that
turiibh- dmi aso uiioh 11 as the female
weiikuesH, and who mo not able to
pay for tivutiuo'il. I will treat fioo
of chin ge Consultation by mail,
fieo. All correspondence strictly
conlidHiiiinl. Medicines packed,
boxed and sent by exptcss with
ubargon re paid for "homo" treat
ment, with specific tlwtfctioiiH for
use-. If you mo suffering from any
foiualo trouble, puiiodioully or con
stantly, AddivsH,
Ol.VNI'U S Mimiiiav, M. I).,
K-st Portland, Oregon
t or l i.inrx iif . its at tlic I' litlmnl Il i.lnrH
i.ll.g. luiila'i.l Orruuii m ul Hie Inpitul llut-
111, -a i .Urge s.ll.111 On-u.-n II'jI ll ll.Hili Are
iiil r llir iitH'.a,' mrnfl A 1' AttiutrutiK Imve
Hi'- c j .1 1 ( nullum Hinl umc rait a udullluii
kS 11 m 1 ti v s. m, s li v 1 li a 11 il ,
vprwiiili.K. I'rmuaiiiliii tint Kilglltli !eNrt
1 111. .y mii evciiiLK c.iioun. NudciiU&ii'
jiiii.ll tiny lime. iurjolutCalalngue.adilir-i
rU l lluim f.ll(, AD UflUI HJp, (!Jit,
IViUaduT urn-uu. vft Uiu;Uitvwu.
Gov. Shoui) of rdaho has issued
a proclamation calling a ppaoml
election for tho adoption of tho Ida
ho constitution, November 5th.
The United Statos has a lawyer to
every 1109 of ita population. "It is
..1n... I,. " cava tint llnitrm
1 I WIIV K tllllllt,
i Transcript, "thnt these lognl gentle
men nro not likoly to lie Iwujtht up by
nn Knglish syndicate. 'Ihoreforo,
when 009 of our jeoplo get together
they will still have the satisfaction of
knowing that their quotrt of I iwyor is
in tho midnt of them, and busy as us
ual. Combine the Juice of the 111 is Figt of
California, to laxative and tmlriunui,
with the medicinal virtues of plants
Lnown to be moU bcneiicUl to the
human ivttetn, forminr; the ON I Y ITU
KECT Hl'Ml'DV to geiidy yet
promptly on the
Cleanse the System Effectually,
nnrnnsiiiNo sleep,
Nmurslly follow. Kverv one l lulng It
aiul oil arr .Iclielitcd with it. Alk your
ltuKKi.tfurSYIv.Ul' OK FIGS. Manu
luiiu nl only by the
StN Kkanciico, Cm., I.,'. Nc-Vour, N. Y.
Want to Sell Vour Woojf
Sealed propound will ho rocvived
at the nherill 'u ollice in Canyon
Citv, (5 rant county, Oregon, for the
deliverance of for'tv cordB of good
merchantable wood, iiIho twenty ca
pon of coal oil of 'good quality, tho
wood and oil to be delivered at tho
court houHO in the month of Octo
ber, 1SSK. Hids received up to and
including the loth of Oct. ltidn
opened on the Kith at .'1 o'clock p.
111., at the uhcriir's ollice. Bids re
ceived for iit heir one or both in tho
Home proposal. All bids must hu
put in on the luihin of county scrip,
and the IowohI bidder will bo
awarded the contract.
V. I'. Oiuy,
Quod mountain wood for wile at
live dollar per 001 d, JJtiqitiro of
O. I'. Ciosap or ut the N i:vs offieo.
Kltliir FOIt NALH.
To thoo wishing to buy fruit and
vcKiituhloH, I would wiy lluit I will
t.ell upploH on the ranch nt BO et per
Lox, .duo n kooiI anwii tinent of voro
tublcH lor hhIu nt reasonable price.
All ordeiH will bo promptly utteiul
ed to. On! era left with O. P. OreHiip,
in Canyon t'it , will vuoh mo uvoiy
wook, bh I will uituilly ha in town
SiiturdiivH and Tiuwdiiys of , each
week with fiuit to sell. lUildenco
iwtiiuilrM bolow John l;nj Olty, on
Tho DoIIbh rond,
Fruit, exchanged for nil kindti of
I'lnin delivetod at my much.
W'u. Ucn
In amoiiiiU ti suit 011 i in 1 1
fiiruu. The lowest rate iiiuantuini.
If you want to Ixirnrw it will pay
you to tec me.
W W ef in ihc heal C'omm
iiirs, W. B. !3AViS.
l'rairiu City : : : Oregon,
or Uoppiior,
a A. II Hi: A, rilAXK KHLUMin,
l'rotidont. Yice-I'ifMiu'ont.
Ouoitoi; W., CunltUr.
J. T. IIIIKA, T. A. IIHKA, I, T. 1MU1S0.V,
Trnnsucts u d'eiiornl Hunklnc; BiutiiCd,
n all puiU of tho world
OolloHioiw Hindi) nt all oints on
UcA&oimblo Tomu.
Monny loaned at from one to too
uer cent.