Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, October 10, 1889, Image 2

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October JO, 1SSO.
Tlie papers are full of accounts n 1S "'creasing in nuss.n.
of terrible holocausts nrd fatal ae- ,I?,ir,mg t0n J'01""3 torty-ninc pa
cidents occurring through the uso I ,e" J wc;ro roat,)d .n the St. Co
of the coal oil can in kindling I ""burg l.osp.tals, half of whom
fires. When will people learn to I"0!"?. "n,,vos. of ! eily. Jlio
exorcise a little common sense in j c. Princes sulTor most from
such matters? ! the disease.
When New Mexico comes
. tho union we shall have a state
the majority of whoso inhabitants
speak Spanish' The predominant
languago in the courts, schools
and newspapers is Spanish, This
is a queer country.
According to advices from
"Washington the work of the Con.
bus Bureau is tiow about organiz
ed. Superintendent Porter has
assigned them to their respective
tasks. The directors of tho statis
tical work are ready to go on with
the collection of their data, and in
some cuboo have already begun
Out of 1000 convicts in a l'cmi
nylvuuiu prison but nine were
trained up for mechanical pursuits.
A man with a trade is seldom
tempted to commit crime through
want, and parents aio criminally
ncvlirnjut who do not compel their
children to learn some useful han
dicraft by which they may always
retain a complcto independence.
Sarun Ann Sandbar, near Dear
Park, in Maryland, left two small
children aged 5 ami !i years, at
home, while she went visiting.
During her absence tho house
took tire and the children were
burned to death. When the
mother returned home "tho black
ness of ashes marked whero it
stood," and the chared bodies of
her babies rebuked hoc for her
carelessness. I lor entire worldly
hopes were stranded, so to fpenk,
on n saitdbir.
Washington, Montana and the
two Dnkotas held their elections
Oct. 1st, to elect ollicers and vote
Upon tho new statu constitution.
All of them havo adopted tho con
stitutions submitted, and Wash
ington, South and North Dakota
are republican, while the result in
Montana remains doubtful until
tho ollicial count shall be had, but
republicans havo probably elected
a congressman. Olympia leads in
Washington's votu for capital, but
it is thought she may yet fall
short of a majority. Mother Dun
i way's woman kuffrage movement
was snowed under several thous
and votes deep. South Dakota is
thought to have been carried by
the prohibitionists.
A proposition is advanced to
consolidate Utah and Nevada, and
thus make of tho two, ouo statu of
HUliicicut population to bo worthy
of the mime. It sounds well, hut
it will not do. I'tali iiuit-t not be
brought into tho Union of Stntcn
through the back door. Until
she is purged to the uttermost of
tho craft of tho Mormon priest
hood, and has a' amloucd polyga
my einuplutoly, statehood Tor her,
in any form, is not to bo thought
of. United with Nevada, Utah
would have the political control of
tho ujilnrgcd htatc, and with x
Jygamy uncrushod, and tho Church
of jlesus Christ of tho Litter Day
Saints inculcating the doctrine that
tho church is superior to the Stato
and tho Nation, and that it order
and decrees must be olanod in de
fiance or tho laws of "the land,
Utah is a good hit of territory to
keep under the Federal thumb. -Record-Union.
Tho Kov. Charles II. Fo.vlor, I).
1)., of San Franciteo, a bishop of
tho Methodist Episcopal church,
who has just completed a trip
around tho globe, expresses tho be
lief that ten years heuco America
will pay for its aiiti-Chinufo laws
with the blood of her citizens, lit
speaking of the law prohibiting
tho Chinese from coming to Amer
ica, he said it wasthe moat das
tardly ami disgusting thing that
America ever did. He thought
every Ameiitan should blush for
Bhamo when ho thought of tho vi
olation of tho treaty with China,
whoreby Chinamen wcro refused
permission to laud on our slioie?.
HiBliop I'owler may he a lover of 1
l.n 1i,,, nU :.-". I. .t il.rt ..... I
tlio lieatlieu Cliu.ce, out too ma-
jonty of )co))le on this coast aro ;
in lull sympatliy witti tlie rest no
tiou act, ami will support it. No
clanger of China lighting us ten
years hence, on that account, if tho
United States shows "backbone"
enough to still prohibit tho land
ing of tho leprous heathon laborers
on our peacenil chores, bho will
havo more respect for us than if
Wit rrer bphm.I imil i-ntuvil tlm tu-
C5 - ...
John Wiinaiimkor's life is in
sureil for n round million of dol
lars, which a statistician computes
is at tho ratu of S7,G0O for every
pound of his llcsh.
t . i .
Statistics of tho value of Amer
ican machinery importod annually
from tho tTnited States to Mexico,
from 1SS0 to 1SS7 inclusive, show
that tho oxponitioiu grow in valuo
from $l(J2,3t in IS?0 to S 1,000,-
000 in 1881
200 of owes, cloau and
good condition. Olioap for wish or
will trade for yearling wethers.
Address Niivra Ollico.
All pirM)iis indebted to F. It.
Hlnonrson, deceased, will plonsc
call ond suttlo immediately, or their
accounts will bo placed in tlio hands
of an attorney.
.Mas F. I). TiiNKAimo.
Prairio ' ity, 'r., Oct. SI, 1889.
l'ctitlon for Liquor Liccnsj-
To tlio Hon. tlio comity court of
the state of Oregon for Grant eon illy-
Wo tlio undersigned your petition
ers respectfully represent that wo
are each mid nil rosldmitH and legal
votors of John Day procint in soid
county, and wo ask that a licnmo bo
gran tod to J. 1). Cottilw, to soil and
disposo of spirituous vinous and
limit liipioiH in said prooint in lcm
quantities tlmn one gallon for a peri
od of ix months, from Nov. 188'J,
Dated tho 2 1 hL dav of Si'ptotnber
J ii Svi'linaor, John Notveomor, W
it Kelliy.j K iMuntomon, j W Wol
llnger, A Knight, (ico w Halt, J5 P
I.ovijoy. john Sholly, Milton Voung
J CJ Diinoui, C ii Tirnnif, M U
Tiinuit, Flunk Hampton, O M Macy
F J TiiiiuiH, j w Suudmlaiid, ICd
Shoniuld, 11 V Hunn, Charles Skin
ner, K A Iv it i; Ii t , K Motinr, 1'j
Duncan, T ii Curl, J u Hoborts, Tlio
ordoio Mol.ollou, S J lOlliutt, w P
D unci u, w Winmr, V Fontor, i It
Jackmiu, ICdwiu Hall, j Marshal, I)
H Kanmhy win Whitney, O u
ToinpHon, T Hooves, w L wilvon j
i K Noble, Francis Wallace.
Notice is hereby given that on ll-e
I Dili day of Novouibor, I8SH, ilionn
I ilotsiguod will upply to llio county
! court of tlio titato of Oregon for
(iraut county, for the iami-uiaoof the
licouso uiuiiiioiiod in tho foregoing
petition. J. t). Comii.i,
In tho county court of thettato of
Otogon, for tirant county.
Ii. the matter of the ostato of Al
beit JJanxot, (l-oa(hl.
Nnliro is iinroliv ffivioi llnit Vint.
A Hartley Ii.ih Loon appointud by tho :
county court o( (Jrant county, s'-ato
of Oregon, adiiiiuistnitor of the os
Into of Albert Ha", deceased, late
of mid county, and nil persons liav-
ing I'lidnHagniiiMt the eiitato of the
said (IhcomhoiI are heieby uotilied and
required to piesent thosamoduly
verified to the uiulcisigwd at Prairio
ni... r... ...... ...iii.:.. .......ii.n
I v.i'j, ,1111,111 ni.v ii,iFiiii
1 loin the unto hereof.
Vint. A Haiitixv.
Adinininlrator of tho oslato of Al
bert n.niacl, (IhuomhinI.
M. I). ruiTOim,
nuy-.u Pity. Or , ot . 189.
Un1 ontiM tl tlurti, Or.
Oc. Ul, tW.
.V'clk U Strthy glrn lb Mlawtti-iuuitl
Ml.ltr lii. HM nolle f hi. Inlaiitkm to mV
fluil , onl in auMri uf hi. rUln. n.l lb tt .0.1
lirwi uiil it undo Wor.i t'i mnUtar nj
cm, U n. In4 oidm 41 Hud,., Or , u Btlunlt
N'i. I , nl ill-
U 11,1.1AM II Si'llKoKliKR
I'r. II N U;i.- lor th NK !! U I I Htl IK 11 Mi
i ii nii it Nv iimiu T, i; h a it u.
II. turn tM tlti folluKlmr toTO III
fonliiiuiwi tolilmci upnti ml cut 1 1 itkxi ol, mil
Ubd, Ib; ltliut:i Ml. Iluland lUnklii. Jr .
Jnhii l (JUal, Ih-tt Ciit.l.l. i ll l el l.hmtoN. or.
mill J II. lll'.STiMiTD.S llfl.l,r.
.n J OMw tl Iiurm, or.
Oct I, m,
N..ilt. l.tirrab) clll that Itw f.ill.mlMf-iuninl
ttlrr bi Slut ImiIIc or til. InliMitltm la mull
flm: inul In iiiHital Ut tUim, ml Out mIiI
u- t I huiU' ImIuo lh Coaiily eluk of
(Irani vumur, xt Cttii)u Clt. Orrron, on hil.'r.
rfj Xur. 14. l. lt:
tU.ISIIA II. Al.l.H.V.
I'lr US No. ant tot Ihe h r NV nr V,
qr Mid I', halt iK qr tt Tl l S II JO K W l.
Il miiiM tlx lollowlair wHIomi. tn tiru hi.
iMMlllUOUt ICIilltlMO UKKl. iixt cuitlv.twii U
lukl, vl: JAIaitur. It II Klwlwrliu.1, ol Ml.
trut.n. dr.. it-l W IV Slime, aii.1 Jtmo. I, llarti
on. ol lllaklon, Or.
JMI J. II tlttXTIXHTO.N. ItwUlor.
Oitlco at Horn , Or
Oct. &. Itail.
.SoUcr It Wr.U)' cltou that lb M ol" ohiI
iMIIrr li CM 0011(0 l Id InlooUw to ioVt
Anal liruaf In i0Mwit j.r 1,1. cMm, ami Ibat raid
niaol Mill bo maJe Wlmo thr I'unul) 'lrx .1
llrklil To., or, at Cilliou I'ttjr, Or., bu M.ihJ.v
Nor U. law. ).
I'UAIII.KS II uim:j.mi.
I'r.-1) 1 No. 77! for th fiK qr j U Tp U S It M
K W .
llaiMUiri Ina ll'oln hIIiim.m to i,r..v Mi
ioiiwuuuui rxamiiicv umu, aim cuiutauuii or,
uu uu.i. u: p ii rrttun. feu Ttuwr j J
ll'Ung,TS WliUinlrr, ill fl'Mul I'ltjr, Or.
j, u iu .ntinoto.v, uVcuur.
Lail llllln at lltirui Or.
Oat. 4, la0.
Kbtleo U Itorauy ulieu Hal Ik. rulk,v.lo oaiuaJ
ivlttor Lu Ulwl notico ol hit lotoHtkm tu hmL
lliwl iro-4 lu 0Mlioa I ol olalw, awl Out MM
inuol win im lwi Mora tbo count! tolrt i
lit abkouoo bolero Uta UxuniUlaik of (Irani
ouunl). Or , at I'sniouCltj', Or. on Salunly Nor.
iu, laav, tia:
OIUIHlii: Itll'LKV.
lid No IWtortli SltalfhW qrSor i awJ N U'l
.N iv qr av iu T ii s II n i: w it.
Ilo uaiuol the fidkntlur wIUuwki to lucre 1.1.
I coiillnuoua reaUlNHO uui, antl rulilmllini ol,
tiM liM.I, ila: John ibh, IIcikwuii LatiawH, Jo-
Ml,"r'..J.,r ' !..'! .ft "J ."r-
Petition fir Liquor Liocma
To tho I fon. tlio county court of
tho slnto of Oiegon for Oranl county. !
Wo, tlio niidorsigneri IonI votors
of Union precinct, Grant county,
HtataofOrogon, ros.ectfuiiy petition
Hint n license bo granted to . I. W.
Hates, to sell BpirttuntiH, vinous nml
uirtlt liquors at Prairie City, in said
piecinct, in qiuntitiwi loss thon ouo
gallon, for tho period of ono yonr,
from November Olh 18!).
T N G union, Paul Faimann, C C
Thomas, H C Phetioplace, 0 Taylor,
John Lnuroncc, L F Nierumn J A
JolliHon, Scott Hydo, Clma Ilolinon
d ith, Josoph I'ruitt, H VV Anderson,
l Ed K Armor, I tarry Pice, It Dour-
dorfl, S I Coats,. J JJnnibergor, u II
Wood, W IJ Carnen'or, John Seta
onn, John Aydelott, M Howell, Ish-
nin liauranco, James Matins, James
O regaliy, S Hougli. J M TIioiiijikoii,
O V Itiloy, Loo H Kay, W U Pink,
S J IIofTen, T I. Hlookniau. Frank L
Haidman, II M Tlioiiinc, A M Hani
man, O O Miller, Hen Parrel, Will '
N Col.oo, Win Meodor, I. Ii Day, J M 1
Dickson, Cal Johnson, J W Martin, I
I) A Mntlioufioii, Wm Shuaiiin, K 1 j
lWv. C II Hich. W Iivtho. J W
King, Abo Hick, UL KuborU, Jot
I)ais, J W Hritpn, S S Durkhoinior,
Wnt Arnold, J T Sullons, O Cooloy,
V (i Taylor, J Uarton, H II J
i 'oiuer, ) IJ Fisk, J A HoloBWortli,
Hon H Carson, William Voilch, John
Moisliall, M Hess, M H Davis, W
W Stair, H M Craig, W D Johnson,
It IS Allun, Cation A Coats, M Durk
lioimcr, W F liiwrmice, M O Mc
Ouim, Sol To) lor, J J Maiiwaring,
AJIIofl'inan, AJ Thobido M D,
JohnT Haminaok, W A, Lay-
fiiynlte Hov.oll, Hub!) Johnson, Sam
uel Tucker, rainier Reynolds, Hon
iv C Ijoiuance, O McL'oiil, J M
ouiig, l T Mumvariiig, Dol Dim
iniek. fleo. Cliaiiibftic I). P. Tavlur.
Cliarloi Mai tin, Thomas Mills, J
Holouvortli, 11 A Johnson, F Hois,
N It Oliver, Kd Lancaster, O Hobs, j
hit Jin man, It Uiitlemlcn, 1. ul
Hlinn, Honry A Hyde, A A Wazol,
Frank .Markhaui, V A Hai tloy, Dan
Parker, Henry V Dodon, John
Ture.iinii, M K Hausd.ile, SU Thom
as. B P Laurancc, F Doaidotir, J H
Dixon, C Chambers, William Wiight 1
(bo Slieoror. J D Daly, Walter:
Still, II H Moador, U Jolnuon, T w; iw. ,,.. ,i 1 ; , n ,
Kin.zey, M F Hudson, II A Tucker. I V p Only VlCrcMdllls that CMll f UMtsIl,
Notice in hot eby given that on the Ml Willi (ill JOll Wdlll, (III (I (llwai.S Oai'VlJ (I CO))h
(th dav of November. 1889, I will vjclo stoch.
apply to mo county court tor mo is
. ...
su.ncooi iiio license nieniioi.o.i in
t mfmivrii ntr neli mi.
(1 o
J. . Hitkh.
I'cllilon for Liquor License.
To tho Hon. tho county com I of
tho stale of Oregon for Grant coun
ty. Wo the undersigned your petition-
ets respectfully represont that wo nro
rosi.lents and legal voters of Oranito
iiroeinol. (irant eoutitv stato i f Uio.
con, and wu ask that a license bo ,
granted toWilliamson Sc Hilliurd to
HellHpiiluous,maU and vinous lit
uois in less quantities than ono
quart for n peiiod of sis months at
their pluco of business in Granite,
Grunt county, state of Oregon, and
as in duty bound will overplay Ac.
Taylor AtthoiiHe, John M Carroll,
W W Loonoy, Aug Bachmau, Grant
Thornburg, A G Tabor, W. Graham,
O A Ihornlmrg, II I'obison, )as
O Horrin, P Skoglund, II McUanii,
ln.n'f.i A tnlii.Qit,, .Tnliti ll'llni,!,, M
D Miles, L. N. Foul.
.v....,,v ........................ .. ...
Nolico i'h hetobv given that on the .
18th day of Oct.18Stl, tho under-',
siguo'J will apply to tho county court
ot the stato of Oiegon, for Gram
eouuty, for tho isstiaino of tlioliconso
montioiiedin tho foregoing petition. ,
Williamson t HiLi.iAitn,
Notico is hi'iel.y given that on j
Tttesduy tho 22nd day of October, j
1881), a petition will ho picfcontcd to .
the Hon, Sylvester Ponnoyer, tlio
Governor of tho Stale .f Oregon, for
tho pardon of Anton Mourn, who is
now In tho poniteutiui y of tho State
of Oregon muter soiitenco reiidoiou
by the circuit court of tlio Stato of
liegou for Grant county, on the
2 Jth day of April, lKttfi.
Ity M. Dustin,
His Attorney.
Bucks for Sale.
We havo about Ninoly hoad of
thoroughbred Hpnnish Morino Pucks
at our ranoh in Vox Valloy, which
wo ill Eell yoiy rousonablo and on
onsy toruiH. Wo, ouraolvos, imported
(huso httoks from aniongHt the best
bteedorsof tho State of Vermont,
j and have had Ihoin in this country
for over a your, eonsequonlly I hoy
nro well aecliuiiitod and in good 11
Shcepiuou wishing to improvo the
griulo of their Iwnds hhould givo us
a call befote purcliaing elHowhero.
Canyon Citv, Okkuon,
Vropriolon; Traveling men will find this n
ploassut it nil dosimble placo at'
whiolt to stop.
Olvu us a Call
' ,
, On improved Farms in
Iteonal Rates; No Delays wta Title is (loinl
ud Security i Sitifnotorv
- If you contemplate borrowing money call on or address---
BTUJiG TL L ,j- STlfllG TL L, : Baker City, Orago",
. . on . . . .
Ul UlULKCli $ I 10 I VF L L, Prairie Oily, Oregon .
We are receiving doily the largest
slock of goods ever brought to litis county.
ProlrI 0,, GrnntCollIlt . .
I r.i, .. n . r I J.
l j wuuul i
: Bum., Hrnoy Couiitj-. )
Doalors in
. v-i-j . tr-i
iij - i 1 i
Prairie City, depon.
Frank Pro Iniphunont Co's Maohinory, Consisting of Mowerp, Hoap
Solf Jtiudim Harvesters, Ilakos and wagons. A full lino of Air-
riciilliiiYil liiipliinenls and extras for all Machines used in this country,
Which wo will soli cheap for Cash or on timo with npprovod security.
Petition for Liquor License
To tho Hon. the county court of
tho stato of Oregon foi Grant.coutily.
W; tho undersigned legal voters
in Cn'iyon City precinct, Grant coun
ty, state of Crogon, rosprctfully po
litico that a license ho granted to
G. D. Hickard to soli spirituous
malt nml vinous liquors to less qmin
titios than ono uallon for '.ho iiuiod
of hix tnonihs from Novouibor tith
I 'atod at Canyon City, Or., Sept.
20th 1881).
Kd Sels, John Urandt, Frank H
Sels, Clay Tedhun'.er, Lee Miller, II
Hunter, Hobt Ward, 0 P Crosnp,
.lake Simon, C S Grigsby, JO Par
soil', llowanl Corml, W H AVtillon,
K A Knight, D it Hill, T J Ceztid,
' 0 Guerntov, Geo Solintier, A W
Shaw, L K Cozad, Ira Sproul, T H i
; Ptigler, John Sohuiidt, V G Coz.ul,
i W P fSrav. j Voss. J.uiios HabiiiBoii.'
MA Lucas, Win P MoOlure, A Hup
prich, A H Gtoth, W H Ciinningti n
Fivd Millor, J w Moody, A C Doro,
HOStatiBoll, llalph ltyrain, G Mar
tin, D I Asburv, i D Sutherland,
Thos J Smith, F'C Sols, Geo E Sol
linger, Sam Kirod, M S iie'linau, S
Oir. A It Jlrwuy. II It Sels. W n
Clark, u Stonsoll, Denis McAuliff,
N ii Holey, A J Stcphons, Thos
Crnwfoid, W S Southworth, Geo A
Pioson, Phil Molsolnui, Fred Trofry,
John Moutonyo, Woiley Silstoo, tJeo
Hitudebtish, G Topkins, Hobt Nccce,
M I) Clillord, Thos Itoynohls, M K
Stannell, W H Htuls, A 0 nnll, P
Mttlcaro, F 0 iiorsloy, w J Uarton,
iionry Uenz, Geo Loaineil, Peter
Ktihl, j Duikheiiiier, HS Dnikhoim
er, Chaiio'i CiimpUdl, w 11 Lincoln,
I M Foitcr.
Notico is hoteby uiven that on the
(!lh day of Novouibor 1889, the un-
lorsigucil will apply to tlio county
court of the stato of Oregon for
Grant county, for tho issuance of tho
license mentioned in tho foregoing
f). I). ltlCKAIII),
When iu Hoppucr den't fail to
call on l.EKZKR & THOMPSON
for iiaudwaiik, tin WAiiu, woon and
willow w,i!it, iiKi)ci:itiat, toiiacco,
irra, irrc. Agmey for tho Nuw
Homk Sl'.WlNO Maciiim'.
D2X. Orders by mail promptly
and carefully filled.
0 ..
Grant & Harney Counties.
nflR h' H FI M FR C. To
U U t W tt C. 1 III L tt (V LO..
1 1 M . . . I. ,
J ho Leading Merchants.
1'Olt THK-
In tho mnttor of tho estate of Win
Axe deceased.
To all Whom it Mav Co.nceun.
Notico is hereby givon that Mary
D. Axe, ndminiitratix of tho above
ontalo has tiled hor final account ami
by an order of tho Hon. tho County
Court of tho Stato of Oiegon, for
Urtint county, made and onterod
thereon on tho 'Jllrd day of Septom
hor, A. D , 1S89, Tuesday tho fith
nay of ovemlier loo!), tlio smio be
ing the 2nd judicial day of tho noxt
logtilar term of said court has been
appointed as tho time and tho coun
ty court rooms in tho Grunt county
court house at Canyon City, Or., tho
placo when and where said final ac
count shall ha hoard.
All heirs, croilitors and persons
thereforo intoroated in said cxtato are
hereby notified to appear at said
timo and place oi lilo their objec
tions with the clerk of said court nt
any timo thoretoforo and show cause
if any thoro lie, why the said account
should not bo allowed and approvod
and why tho prayer of tho adminis
tntix that tho esta'.o and its udniiu
istratix bo closed and she and hor
bondsmen discharged should not be
Dated this 23rd day of September
Published by oicer of tho com t
for four successive weeks in the
Qiiaxt County N'kws, printod and
published at Canyon City, Or.
Maiiy I). Axk,
Administratis 7 'OSS a-
Watch-maker and Jeweled
Koeps for salo Watches, Clocks
and Jowolry, ami does all kinds of
j (Incorfiomted)
! General "Wnrcliouso & Forwarding Agts.
I The Cowmm has recently constructed a two-story
i warehouse SO x .100 feet, with wool press and all
conveniences for handling wool'
The Warehouse Charges al topwcr will be the same as
those at Jlrlington, less cartages.
Freight upon baled wool from Jfeppncr, same as from
Cash advanced' upon consignments of wool or wool in
THERON E, FELL, Manager.
Proprietors of
The City Drug Store.
Keep constantly on hand a comploto slock of
Patent Medicines, Toilet Arliclos, Pcrfumos, Hoops, Powder, Puffs,
Combs, Tooth Noil, Clothes and Har llrushos, Draggist'B Sun
dries, Lamps, Limp Oils, Glass, Putty, OhiiioyB, and
and everything to bo found iu a first
class Drug Store.
Nothing but Pure, Fresh Drugs Dispensed.
Ordors from a disbiuco will receive prompt attention. Prescriptions OBpocinlty
Hapfanstall Dart 8c Cd
- f X. -I
Havo now received the largest and most complete stock of new goods in
Grant County, which they will offer for sale nt prices that defy competition
Canyon City, Oregon.
0. P. CRfiSAP
Doalcr In
Stationery, Hooks, Sohool Supplies, Gilt HjiuI and Glassware, in Endless
Variety. Fancy Wares, suttablo fot jresontN'for both Old aud
Young. Hoys Iron Wagons, Uoby Ciiiriog(wfrom Four
teen to Eighteen Dollars apieco. Candies t
cigars. Tobaccos, Coffees, Teas, Lard,
Dried Fruits, Canned Fruits, Hice, Cream Wheal,
tho finosl breakfast dish known Fishing Tacklo, Fish Poles,
Hoskots, Tubs, Hrooins, Lutaps, IJitd cages and ovorytliing '
that is usually kept in a Variety Storo.all of which
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At Miller's Blacksmith Shop,
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IteeaitKe his prices are low and all his work warrants first-class.
For Huff Shoes all ainid, $4.00 lo. $5.00 pr Snail
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Ho keeps constantly on hand and for ude, miiiswiioiis, Htt-d and unfit
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TIRE IRON REDUCED TO 7 lo 8 Cls. Per lb.
CAttUIK.l.S mitaJll.S A HUCKHOAUDS MihIo to order.
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