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    Grant Co, News.
Rain, snow, sleet, cold hands and
wet feet (poetry).
Fire at Pendleton recently dam
aged the East Oregonian building
several thousand dollars.
We are in receipt of the Daily
Evening Times-Mountaineer, Vol 1,
No. 1, published at The Dalles, a
neat five-column paper.
Nearly everybody wants to take
a look at Harney count', and the
editor's wife is vhiting friends in
llainey City this week.
Basehe k Go. offer unheal d of
bargains in wagons and carnages.
Their stock is unsurpassed in Ore
gon. See prices in another culumn.
The old "1 Tartly llotd" at Prai
rie City has been moved fiom its
former site to "down town," and
will h litted up and run by Mrs.
Ed Hardy, owner of the "Jiig
Aleck" at Cracker City, passed
tin ough town the other day on his
way to Jiums to buy Pete Stealer's
band of horses.
A terrible crash! A fearful disas
ter! A mine explodes under the nose
of old fogies. JIascho & Company of
Baker City the cause and their low
prices the effect.
J. T. Sullens and Terrv Kimscv
of Prairie purchased the fine stallion
of, Smith Bros, paving therefor $1,-
400, or twenty head of work horses,
so we have been informed.
- Portland papers ray E. A Mc
Coy who is well known in this illa
he h is slid out for Tacoma leaving
several creditors to mourn. He
failed to provide for his wife, who
l.a; icturned to this county.
Miss L. E. Middloswortli
John Day has just received from
New York Citv a fine assortment
of the latest styles in millinery,
and respectfully invites the la
dies of Grant county to give her
a call. Prompt attention will be
given to all orders.
Geo. Birge who received a brok
en ankle some weeks ago is able to
hobble on crutches. As to the
manner in which he got hurt he
says Joe Hates tried to help him
out of a wagon and stepped on his
ankle, hi caking a lone, but not in
juring the Loot he had on.
Miners and prospectors, when
vou make a particularly "l'chkI
strike" drop a few line3 to the
News and tAl us all about it. But
mind you, we dont want to publish
exaggerations' or falschoMls. Ye
have not been asked to "loom" the
initios upon unoeitiinties, and do
not think that is the desire of any
cue in Crant county.
John Dcvine is said to have
sold out his vast possessions in
Harney county to the Armour
Swift packing establishment of
Chicago. If the people thought
they were "oppressed" and their
right 'imposed on" by John De
vine they will think differently
when this syndicate controls his
lands and t tock range.
Dr. (i. W. HoiIkj:' who recently j
announce 1 his intention of leaving i
CI rant county for better
Cihchided to remain, and thinks
chat he might get into a much
'.vonse place if he were to move.
JU& oll'iee will hereafter be found in
the Jlorsley residence in the upper
paitoftown, and his professional
ird will Je found under "New to
day." Five years from now will effect
-wondeiful changes in Crant county.
Mines will be developed, the rail
road will not stop at Heppncr but
will push into the Dong Creek and
John Dav vallevs, th cmigiotiou
' T3
that is pouring into Oregon will m
diverted to fitothills and fertile
valleys, and tinui.i will net be as
hard ns at the present time. "Until
then we must live on hope and
fre.h mountain air.
The periodical poisoner of dogs
was abroad in this city latt week
and nearly all the pood dogs in
town went up the flume, so to
speak. 1 5etter Ik." careful, you man
with strychnine; by an act of the
Lite lamented legislature dogs be
came valuable property, and to
steal, much less poison one, became
an act of high treason against our
common govei nment, punishable by
fine or imprisonment.
Frank Markham received a cer
tificate of assay last week
which showed ninety dollars per
ton for the rock out of his ledge on
the head of Indian creek not far
from Canyon City. Verily, two
years from now will witness great
strides in the, matter of ipiartz de
velopment in Crant county. In
the history of all played out mining
camps a looin in quartz sooner or
Liter comes upon them. Look at
Butt.', Montana.
Talk alxiut your
Canyon City jdrls when
o mind to can make a "mash" that t
would make all other Oregon girls ,
wild with envy, but they have vari- i
ous ways of mashing. The latest
fasion was exemplified one evening
last week while some young ladies
were stealing a buggy ride by nioon
iudit in a "mnscrs wajjon. One of
them stepped into a box of eggs and '
W '
mashed three dozen and n half, and church, if we have been correctly
it was a poor evening for mashes informed, which is a sad coin
too, nientarv.
Treasurer Eolev's notice under
"New to-day."
Rev. Eads will hold religious
services at Prairie City next Sun
day, both morning and evening.
Judge Ison's health is improv
ing and he i writes that he ex
pects to start for home about the
sixth of Maw
One week from to-morrow is
the time set for Mr. P. McGinnis
to pay the penalty
his crime
calls for. and uo to ioin the an-
i: i ii
ivccuiuing to wie Miniiuary oi
iiinr, vc ..:n
published next week the indebt- '
edness of Grant countv was -MS,- i
OOO.tio. I
The Eastern Oregon branch of!
the supreme court will meet at
Pi nd k ton in May. where all ap
pealed cases from Eastern Ore
gon will be heard.
Stock inspector Curl has just
completed a tour of the northern
part of the county and brings the
cheering report of excellent range
and thriving stock.
A prize tight took place at Se
attle Sunday week and was the
cause of a shooting affair in
which three persons were shot
one of them fatally. The ''manly
art," and so forth!
George Francis Train address
ed a large audience at New York
. and nrodieted that Chieairo would
! bo destroyed by the anarchists,
j and stated that this country" is
on the eve of financial ruin.
County officers have made out
and filed their smi-amiuai re
ports, anil the same are eady for
publication and Lave been deliv
ered at this office. You will see
than in the News of April 25.
Some Kcnttickians are d ler-
n in-d that her right to Le known
j as ''the dark and bloody ground"
i shall never Le questioned. There
I 1.-3 IUU iilUllUIIS ill lllILt
j mountain counties, killing each
' it. .SMf f nn .i 4 n r i 4 Kt.i
other on sight.
David Blanton informs us that
F. C. Sels who is spending a few
days in Bear valley sent up to
his house the other morning to
buy a sack of sweet potatoes and
a few water melons, but they
were not ripe yet.
Not for several years past has
the slock range of Eastern Ore
gon been so good as at the pres
ent time. Grant county is bene
fitted thereby thousands of dol
lars, and stockmen and farmers
have cause to rejoice.
The amount of county school
fund leportcd to the county
seluol superintendent April loth,
ISS'J, is 10,303.72. so we were
informed by county treasurer Bo
ley. Tin's includes fund of Loth
Grant and Harney counties.
American Hotel advertises
this week. Mr. Lovcjuy the pro
prietor is a retired railroad con
ductor, therefore ought to be a
good judge of human nature and
know how to "conduct" a hotel
and have meals on railroad time.
The war department orders ob-
! sirvations to commence at Baker
City's signal service station on
July 1, and a lieutenant will be
detailed to take charge of the of
fice at that time. This will le
the first purely independciulent
and full signal station in Eastern
Oregon, and if a signal station
has any influence upon the
weather we may have the same
manufactured to order good
weather with variations.
Walter Jones of Hums gave us
tne lnteitnrence last lucsitav ot a
cutting affray which oiccurrcd
la.t Frhlav at Uoaring spiings, I
in Callow "valley. A cowl oy J
named Cooper was stabled and
killed by a haif .reed named -
Jones, during a quarrel the out- Washington's Centennial In
growth of which our informant j auiruratiou a legal holiday.
did not earn. 1 he sncnll ol
Harney county went to the scene,
of the murder to arrest Jones, ;
but had not returned Monday, ,
and no further particulars have
been learned
The "clique" of our neighbor
ing city of Burns made a terrible
howl because of' 'imported brains'
when Wm. Miller was appointed
deputy county clerk of JIarney
county. They now see the ne
cessity of ''imported brains." as
the sequel will show. Not many
weeks ago Dro. IJartholomew of
Long Creek went over to Burns
to hold a revival meeting, and
when he arrived at his destina
tion and became rested from his
trip, ir. company with one of the
brothers of the congregation he
went to the church in the ovon-
ing to light up and arrange for i the icguiar panel and special
set vices. Arriving at tludoor ' venin if necessrry. This is the or
they found it locked and a sher- ; clr of the judge,
iffs attachment nailed up on the ! Our more or less irresponsible
door. Only the day before the ! contemporary, the Harney Items,
parson's arrival had the church
! building been attached for a debt j wants a vigilance committee or- I 1 Oklahoma territory the stron
"mashers!" ' of $70.00, and closed against the 1 ganized in that county to sup- ! post title to a claim. Every set
thev are gospel of Christ. M. Dustin of jiross lawlessness." Mr. Items, i tler is obliged to have one of
this citv was called upon and is
now in Burns giving lectures to
raise funds to pay off the exeeu-
tion. They had to import brains
to jiroach, and brains to got their
church out of soak. The first
papers issued out of the county
court of Harney were for the
closing of the Burns Methodist
Following is a list of the cases, j
criminal and law, to be disposed
of at the special term of circuit
court for Grant county, common-
cing on Thursday, May 2, 1889:
No. 87 State of Oregon vs John D
Ilunsaker. No 1
No. 90 State of Oregon vs John D
Ilunsaker. No 2
No. 8S State of Oregon vsLe Blanc
J No. 91 State of Oregon vs Joseph
rl Frazier
' x no ... , - n-.r
i 92 State of Oregon vs uham
No 92 State of Oregon vs
No Mat.!
of Oregon vs
No 1)4 Mate of Oregon vs John
M vers
No 0.0 .Vttito of Oregon vs Ceo M
No 1)6 Stitj of Oregon vs Clayton
No S9 State of Oregon vs Adam
-Murray, Alex Murray and "NVill
iam Murray.
No. 104 II L Campbell vs Horace
Fancher, Joseph Faneher and S
A Fancher
No. 105 John G. Ncalen vs Sophie
No. 10G Ceo. Ruder vs Ed. O. Al
len. No. 107 Tliornt.:i Wiiiiaun Admr.
vs F. K. Cabell.
No. 10S C. A. Swuek vs Clifford A-
No. 109 James Sweeney and Frank
Smith vs But, it Stausell Bros.
No 110 Frank Courseillc vs John
No 1 1 1 i'olly Wilson vs Th .inton
Williams Admr.
No 112 Phil vs Abe
No 113 J J McCulloagh vs J
No 111 llaptjnstall & Dart
J T Mael.
No 1 1.0 James T Mael vs Geo Ra
der. No 1 1G S S Denning vs Daniel Sla
ven Deft and Henry Blackwell
No 117 Lucinda Ilaiper vs Grant
No 118 Murray Bros vs M E and
T J Caire.
No 119 M F Thompson vs W P
No 120 A Haohcney vs C E Aid-
No 121 W H Terrv vs S B Kecney
No 122 Henry Welch vs T H Curl
and J F "Woltinger.
No 123 Geo Racier vs Grant coun
tv. No 124 II A Cupper vs T M God
lev and L A Kimberlv.
No l2f M D Clifford vs' 11 L and
W A Campbell.
Look at These Prices.
A bfautiful top buggy only 9f
An elegant buckboard, on.y 70
A dandy cait, only 40
Ilought at bankrupt sale in the east
and offered at these tempting prices
a shoit time only by IJasche it Co.,
Maker City. Uuy now before it is
too late.
Fruit trees for sale by
Phillips, Canyon City.
Mrs. C.
Chicago's monument to the
Hay market policemen will be
dedicated May 'Ith.
Sixteen thousand pensioners'
names were dropped from the
rolls the past year on account of
Jake Simons is said to be the
chnmpion "mixologist" of the
state. Try one of his cocktails
at Smith's.
Application for patent for
Monumental No. 1 and 2 in this
! ir i . r.... i..
issue, uurral
al "
(jov. Penr.over h: s issued a
proclamation dcelarin Ai rd .'10
- -v
i ! I 1 1 urn lit I m lih li in rjimtf
oflhe l.jK.erin , news that his
,Aife wlu) -s visiti:ig iri Maiio:i
oom)v rc(;entlv ljccallle lhe
mnti r 0f t...;n loVH
We have hoard it rumored that
a number of Paker CM : t:or
neys will locate in Canyon to
supply ti e places of those who
contemplate moving to Harney
A newspaper advertisement
makes the name and place of
business of the man familiar, its
presence in the columns of a pa
per inspires confidence in the
stability of the enterprise.
Couit will convene in special ses
sion in Crant county on the setond
day of Ma)', Judge Fee presiding.
A "nmd iuiy will be di awn also.
says "the Chant Coi'xty Nkws
the truth is not in vou. The I
News never desired a vigilance
committee to be organized, and ;
never advocated such a measure. '
Your "101" organization in liar-
ndy valley last summer was a j
disgrace to Grant county, and !
i Is - ,
was only suppressed by the fear-.!
less spirit of Waters and his '
Winchester. Please sav no more i
about "virtuous counties" and .
' Communicated to Grant County News
j s A Hcilncrf of Baker Ci
:en cx-
The wool market has been
ceedindv dull since January
first. Manufacturers east be
lieved that wool advanced after
t the election beyond a reasonable
point, and that a decline must
j take place to the level of values
for woolen goods, and they have
held out of market. The decline
in price of wool which usually
takes place m April has been
watched for this year and pond-
this buvers have been
cheap substitules such as carpet
-m1 ii.i1 yliiiiii
Kuormous quantities of m
called waste, manufactured ctit
of scoured merino wools for the
purpose of evading the proper du
ty have been imported, and have
gone to the mills in every direc
tion. Many holders of American
wool felt that prices readied in
December wore justified by the
belief that the new administra
tion would make such rulings as
would prevent wcblen clothes
from coming in at the lower du
ty of worsteds, and that it would
prevent so-called lap waste, just
ly dutiable at GO cents per pound
from coming as waste, at a duty
of only 10 cents, and in conse
quence uf this they have held
wool firmly for December prices,
1 lit without being able to see it.
The recent action of the new
secretary of the treasury instruct
ing custom appraises to value
manufactured waste at GO cents
per pound, whicn has been com
ing in at 10 cents, in a measure
justifies the firmness that has
been shown by holders of wool,
and the hearing given a few
weeks ago by Secretary Wiiuloni
on the Worsted vs Woolen ques
tion, has strengthened the views
of such holders as have resisted
the pressure for lower prices.
I am receiving communications
from many sections asking for
information as to the provable
value of the coining clip. I can
only say that we are now threat
ened with the dangers of free
wool and with the level of En
glish prices that were imminent
one year ago, but on the other
hand valm-s to day in the eastern
market are artificially inflated.
Present values are based on the
expectation of the coireclinn of
the '"worsted" clause, but if these
corrections are not main; pr;e- s
cannot be expected to maintain
their present level, owing to the
growing competition of cheaper
:o. eign goods.
In conclusion I would say that
I think wool this season will open
somewhat stronger than lat year.
S. A. IIi:ilnk.i.
All poisons knowing theinst 1 i s
indebted to us by note or account
must settle the same on or before
June 1st ISM), as we will clo e
out our business at Mount Vei ntin
at that time.
Tayloh Sc Co.
Mt. Vernon, April 15 lSf?i).
The O. il. iv X.Co. pays 1L
7G8.71 taxes to liaker county.
A merchant who complains
that trade is at a standstill may
not be doing, a siatiouary busi
ness. It is s:iid that no white child
born on the Isthmus of Panama
has ever reached the ago of twen-!
t o .0 years. j
The nniiv.ii: nf TT?iv.; .re ... I
one another. If this process con-
tinuos long enough it is bound to
result in permanent peace down
A Mrs. Powell, living up in the
Big Bend country, was examin
ing a parlor target rifle, and it
went off, as did her toe at the
s .me time.
Cash advances made on wool for
consign in. nt to Christy it Wise,
San Francisco.
Coffin, iV McFarland, Agts.
tf. Arlington, Or.
To shorten her feet, so that she
could wear No. 2 shoes, a fash
ionable lady of San Diego, Cab,
paid $800 to a physician to re
move her groat toes.
Immigrants are flowing into
Portland from the East at the
rate of about one thousand a day.
From there they are distributed
over Oregon and Washington.
(Quebec, April 8 Show-bomnl j
French Canadian families have j
ueen living lor wocks on siaip
made from hay. Two women
and several children have died.
A Winchester rifle gives the
now settlers in the recently open-
mo 1
tnosc agricultural implements
?lose at 1,a,ul an" In 8ooJ work
luS order.
A new scheme is talked of to
admit New Mexico to statehood
by dividing the territory and an- ,
nexinc lo the portion "admitted 1
two counties now. belonging to
Arizona. This would not include
the old Mexican element that is !
so large in present New Mexico, i
Among the numerous letters of
inquiry received by the county
oHicers and others in regard to
il A .
tins western country once in a
! while OUC COlUCS tliatis COlobra- .
i ted for its originality and seem- i
j ing implicit faith in the "advice"
tn;lt 11 ;lKkt:; ."f one was ro-
; CVC(I b, "ritt Gray a few days
ago and he leaves the reply to
.Vf ,r
Mohbrly, Mo.. April b, VJ.
Shcnll of grant Co
r . , . - . dear S.r
I ar thinking of comeing to ore -
lion 10 i cmr mv coniu ion cc I
i k'M'11-v "sk yur :'(,vlftC 1,1 rt!oard
i U1(i. ""M Y'u n me
j feing a hot th country What
I KS ,,:l.r"' . u ,M ! country
I "!Hl K- ,t,le 11.,uro t,,ere u l
iMiicreu anu is u limber or
,.: i ,,, i ., .,
in- i. tun. in liiu im-ii- vtiv niiw
.Mills in grant county ar enny
Coal Mines. phase tell me
j What is pade far labor eather by
day or Mounth. times are wrry
Slack lleareai.d land is wrry
Ifiidi a Man Can Not Make
! eny Success. I Have A little
i Money that I Would Like to in-
vest in land Where it is Not so
high as hearo in Missouri, dear
Sir Would you Advis me to come
to orcgon. ar do you tl.iak I
could better Mv condition. it
giv n.e
heaie from vou
At on Early dale
Mit j.j:u. Mriu'.v."
Mr. Murry, no one here would
advhv ;oj to leave Mishouri and
come to Oregon, for obvious rea-
! m. chief among which is this
lfy.,uS!:oldbeKMi.iv,Wcl and
come here you might not I e sat-
isged with the country, then if
you arc addicted to using profane
language you would direct it to
wards thooc by whom you were
advised to immigrate. Vou
might better your condition by
coming here if you are disposed
to "rustle." Land in worth from
$2.0U to s?20.00 i r acre, wi'h
j)lentv of government land to cn-
! tor by liomestead or pre-emption.
timber and pi Saw mills
j abound, and the people live in
"p.ank hollies. Coal mines un
developed. Labor from -i'lio to
i'-10 per month.
- . ot. -
Why It Was Changed.
may use ih- liquid fruit laxative
County Clerk Metschan, is in Syrup of Figs, under all condi
rcceipt of a le t'r from Judge ! tio ts make il ih-ir favorite reme-
Ison explaining and giving the j
reason lor the change in time ol
holding circuit court in Crant
county. The Judge states that
April was in his opinion too early
to hold court here, and November
too hi to, so he was in favor of
having a bill formulated setting
the time for the first Monday in
May and September, so that the
time provided in the llainey
count v I ill would immediately
follow. On departing for San
Francisco Mr. ison told .Judge
Fee his plans, and he approved
of the change and promist d to aid
in the passage of such a measure.
Mr. Fee put the matter in the
hands of Senator Wager of I'nia
tiSla county, and the present law
' is the result. Instead of going
j from here to Il.un y after the
; regular term the Jiuig.; will -have
j to make an extra trip across the
, mountains, thus iinj o.-ing an ad
! ditional hards-hip upon himself.
N I .
j A dwelling house in
! City, centrally located
, three
rooms and kitchen, water in the
house, belter known as the Dr.
Barber residence. En. mire at
this ull-ce or of Mrs. C. Phillips,
- .
In some par's of (leruianv
i f 1 1 ri to t 1 1 ri ti f rt en uivcf imoi
that the soul is a mouse. That
is very foolish. If the soul were
only an ant it would I e about
four sizes too largo forsonui men.
Th it old piece of newspapir
miscellany is still i:oing the
rounds in which wo are informed
how rapidly wo are using up the
earth.. It is a far more serious
considi ration how fast the earth
is using us up. The earth still
has the host of us.
A Baltimore aslrologist esti
mates that there are .$l(),UtK,(.0')
in gold buried in different por
tions of the state of Maryland,
and he will point out said loca
tions to any and all persons who
will put down a $5 bill. Beats
all how cheap things have be
come in this country.
''I do not write for money," !
said a poetiss. proudlv. to the I
editor; "f write for love." "Oh,
do vou?" he replied, heartlessly.
"Well, don't write for it any
more; any now not to tins o.nee.
Come down after it yourself, and
if we've got any to spare you can
take at along with you.
A Gorman prof ssor of the
name of Gottgesegnet Pumper
nickel, has committed suicide,
i . . . j
leaving a note giving as his rea-
w" V '."au " ;,,au V'- i
weary of having people make fun
son lor i no rasn act inai ne was
J. .1 I ..t.l
of his name. It a man name I
Gottiiesognet I iimpernickel can
nnoru 10 uis nense wiin me worm i
the world can surely get along
without him, and save the time
that would have been wasted in !
pronouncing his name, not to
mention the wear and on the
jaws that its pronunciation in- i
J vol veil .
A Prominent German Gives His
Views of Dr. Damn's Wonderful
Cure of His Daughter.
Editor On gouian: I am not
in the habit of placing myself in
; pUhlk? print, but tl e wonderful
, rt.sujt achicvcil bv Dr. Darrin in
the restoration of mv daughter to
i iejlilh? (.aUs for Mh.itiu, that
'others similar!;- aflli.Ud mav
i .lV.,n themselv, s of the now treat- !
: ni0:it ,y electricity. My daugh-!
tor was seriously afllicted mx !
1 ,mmtl,s with lossof appetite, liv-!
. .... i . ...i -i
i matic neuraluia tbrou-hout her
wj.oj0 j,.,,,. pjNV phv.-icians
; f:iiui i0.uro .,.. x0..: nm
, imn- to S!,v ist..Vl
d. Refer
to me at the" Xonhw-f t.-:n hotel,
i rirnoi ! H n i f Lit- tr.ii.le
"v. ... w..u ....v.
luriiU'iiv ot
City. Or.
liiditor Oregonian: V
in your paper that Dr. lMrnn j
cured me of deafness in five min-,
litis by electricity. Refer to me
at La Center, W. T.
Dr. Damns' Place of Business.
Drs. Darrin can be consulted
free at2of Fifth street, corner of
Main, Portland, Oregon. Ollice
hours from 10 to 1 daily; even
ings. 7 to S; Sundays, 10 to 12.
AH rural. le chronic disasos, loss
of manhood, blood taints syphilis
gleet, gonorrhoea, stricture,
sncni'jttorrbc'i':! sriii.n;i. w..l-- ;
ness or loss of desire of sexual ;
power m man or woman, catarrh
! an:l ilealncss are confidentially
and successfully treated. Cures
of private diJeasea LMrantre.l
aim never put. ii.' lit (i m the pa
pers. Circulars sct.t free. lIost
cases own receive home treatment
after a visit to the doctors' office.
Dr. Darrin. so successful i::
treating cross eyes, will be at the
firm's ollice for a limited time,
and will devote mot of his atten
tion to that pi-cialty, as well as
diseases peculiar tit women, also
club fict and other d. ibrmitics.
The Lsdica Delighted.
The j)ii'asant eflvct and the
perfect saf'-tv with which ladies
(!-. ii is pleasing to tne eye and
to the taste, gentle yet eifcctual
in ai ting on the kidneys, liver
and bowels.
T .
.. . -
Peivons wishing to improve
thiir memories or strengthen
their power of attention should
send to Prof. l..:s tto, 21J7 Fifth
Ave.. N. Y., for his prospectus
post free, as advertised in anoth
er column.
Railway on some of the
Iowa lines has been so reduced
to meet the cut in rates, that
stage coach lines are being re-established
to accommodate the
Mrs. O. y. Lock wood i agait fni
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te Pije Shelve;, IhewsUa-'s
Safety Kei'i Ib bler, am! tii Favto
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Combines tlie juice of t'.e Blue Figs of
Califon.ia, so laxative and nutritious,
with the medicinal virtues of pl-ni
fenown to be niot lo tlir
human system, forniinr: - 0"S I .Y PFK
FECT REMEDY to a.t c?n:!y yet
promptly on the
Cleanse the System Effectually,
' Ntur.-.llv follow. Every one is usinr; it
and sll are ilclihted with it. Ask your
druEGistforSYKUP OF FIGS. Manu
factured only by the
Sax Fbancisco, Cal.
Lot;tsv!i.Lic. Kv. Xku- Yoie, N. Y-
Consumption Surely Cured.
To the Kditoh Please inform
your readers that I have a positive
lnmP(lv fnl. t,n :1. . ,
seas; 13y its im;,v . e t,jOUS. .
nncls of lpeless cases' I.ave been !
T1r, T1(. i.. ,.f,.i i ei.nii i
iiiiiiiuiill 1 .i4IVM M OUIlt t U
iU j() sen, jWo i)0ttlcH of mv
ruined v free to nnv of vonr rnrl.
ns wh0 have con'umption it they I
will s.nd ni thejr xpiesa nnil )
n(itoflici:iddress. Ue.suoct.'ullv. i
T. A. SLOCUM. M. C, 181 IV.Vl I
St., New York.
No sensible eurgijon wi'l attompl
ih p-Tformunco of an o potation in
voivinghuman life in aroom seelude
from tiio j roper amount of liuht. A
pr..ctioner will not attempt the dlaj
ncsis of a complicated disease unlcH
hf can Sff t e auflVrer antl make an
fxamiiution upon which to baso hit
opinion relative to thocouise of treat
mtiut neceH'nry to bring about a com
plf'e resturation of hea.tli.
N'otvr tlistamling th j impropriety ol
pud. action tlmre seems to bo a great
deal o.' doctoring done in the dark.
i!y this it 13 not intcn.lcil a
literal meaning le inferred, but that a
ireut tua.-iv mi-tjike are cummitted
because of the darkness which u ths
result of ignorance. It noedanoillua
jrilious to demonstrate that grcai
iinotaucc. has cau-ed many fatal mis
tnke to be ma.Je in the treatment d
difccuseri by t!iose who profesa to b
leurued in the art of healing.
In many difioa.Misroeral orirans are
more or leys implicated and what
h ems a primary ad meat may hj oiu
ijuittj remote. For ias?an'( a 3 vre
, a, m, i..oiie mav imvij
1iIVi its n.'L'in i.'i n
' :istisrb.-d stJmaeh On the i ther
ii:i:ni, Hir.;iie.ta ar tne stomiieli may
tie cause ! by a blow on the hea t.
The aest of typhoid fever is in iha
up, er part of the t.o.r.l.s, but mast .f
its Mvmvt I lilt Oi'i. nftlllt in lni
' br;in.
Symptoms of dipe se a? well as
diseases themselves a'e cftimtimed
followers or concomitants of some un
Buspected organic disease and thi- ia
IK-culiariy true of lung, 3cr. Imiin
and heart discos a in gcneiol, for it ii
now kuown that they nn tlu result of
kidney disease, which shows it pres
ence in some such ind re-t manner.
Several ycurs ago a geatb-man le
came convinced of the truth of thia
and through hi effort the world has
b"Oii warned of kidimy ili?ouio and iu
a resuit of continued effort a sHctfle
known as Warner's Sii.'o Cure was
discovered, the general usj of which
: fit in all caea where k-dmv
i.assnfiwn itto be of no tmialile beue-
w desirable or necessary,
Wlif-u consumption is threatened
c iu ii iiju coun t on ot uie kiu-
ii thov are fouud diseased, euro them
, "J " immediate u-e of Warner's Safe
. and the symptoms of hmgdoeay
I "J"11-r. . .
ready recorde! of the terrible roaulaj
produced by a lack of knowledge cou-
ak k4 L X u il E. 1UU IIIII.I V I II ? :1 ITI'H II la
cernmg the causa of disease, and
human life U of to much imnortancii
to be foolishly acriflcod to b j;otry or
Comry ord r.- I eariag d.ife of
ngispy prior to November 13 Ii
Lht-'J will be -iai 1 n pr - uiatiou
ii d inlcriest will a.- fn tt thi-s
d. to. N. H. Polk -.
'mii y 1 oil i !' r.
C. i von Citv. Coi.n o! O -ti t,
Aprl 17 th 18HU.
I. S. Lind Otlic', La Gra n, (Jr.
April II, 1 SS!.
No'ik-c is ln'f-eliy gi en that Y.
K. I'm sons whose j ot ollice ad
dres is New York Coy, Nhw
York, has made app.Pcatiou F r a
patent lor titte-i: In ndred hi ear
ii et. o 2 eu'ing
j,'.jld s.limi in ('. anite Ciceic
iMiniin: D str?c, in Grant co suty,
Oregnii an. I ile.scribetl iu Lit ili -eial
p'itan-1 liel.l notes or. ;ili-i i
this ollice, as follows, vi:
Coiiniier.ciiig at a point 1220
feet l orth ti dt-gmes 20 niiu.
weti'fth' iirihsest coruer of
ecti.iii 19 Tp R S U :( mist or the
Wilhi'i e'.io inri.iiMi. Crant .otni
y, i-iegoii; i ti-iiit g thencf noitii
JO -'flve.s ' m il last lf0 fret,
:h nee south 77 t't-gi-f e-min.
east (InO I'm'. thctP'o si.nih 20 de-gii-i'.s
.'5 J min. west latin lit-',
thfii.'O n -r It 77 ih-grc's t"") it.iii.
wr-st (Jou feet to l)-gniiiiig, v, ith
a magnetic vuriihou of 2'J dKiei's
lo min. eat, Svin :in 1 being utu
aie in Giant c-jtiniy s ate oi On
ami containing 2 -id 100
acie.saiii foriuiag n p-wt on f
si-ctiou 1'.) in t-.v iibhip o S li .'Jtj
f.-it or the Wiliiinmt
Die !.i 'aim i of tiiis mint; ih ltj-eonh-il
in t'ie t:oi.ut.y clerks i lnes
of (iratit c. iunty on jis G.7 of
l-'o ik "A" of deets of said futility.
dj "iiiing cliima.'itH ; re Mwnu-ni.-iitnl
m. ne No 1 on the south.
All i.t-rst-us ho. ding adv.jiM:
el thereto an-icq.. i.-f-tl tu ;ie
i'iit the same before thi otlici
within sixty days fnan the. lirst
d -y of publication hen'of, ir thiy
ui:l be barred by virtue of the
provisions of tin statute.
IN-i,tc r.
The nbtvr int!co will ! ijiib
isiii.l for (10 i :ys (Ll n -i'titf
v-f--) in the tiANT Gor.'n Ni ws
published at Cm von Citv, Oregon.
IIKMtYliiNI II All I .
II pj. is-tor.
llyilo A. Johns.
AltyV f r hiiinatit.
F rsl publication April !'.
Foil SAIJO Oil TKA tili.
A h'allit.n, dm k ir. n prey, 8
y.'.irs o'l (stock Al'.rnri iud s.v'
uey. v.iih a litth Nonsi..i'). Cnu
slniw A No. 1 colts. Kind diPpw
si.ion. lrk' to wm k and rid'.
Price $2o(). The hore can I n
found at the Sum in:!, ikiim' IS
milts south of Canyon Git on the
Harney load.
1t M. M Aiv:konv
o si iJT !Er
Us 13 I 3
trs? fJ
2 SffS-oli 2
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