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Portlahd, October 30, 1889.
Legal lenders in Portland, buying, par, and
selling at par.
Silver coin in Portland banae quote at I per
cent. eliECoun'b to par.
Coin exchange on New York, 1 per cent pre
mium. Coin exchange on San Francisco, par to J per
x;nt. premium.
Telegraphic transfers on 2cn- York, 1 percent,
xlme Produce nuriiet.
The following quotations repiesent the wholc
ealc rates from producers or first hands:
FLOUR Ouotable in jobbin lots at: Standard
bracds, $j 00 best country biande, $3 5(gj
$3 75,aui)c,fine,.3 lofoZ'A 50.
WOOL 2027J .or cboice.
WHEAT Good to choice, 30.
HAY Timothy ba'ed, buying at.$lGfu$18 per
POTATOES Quotable at lc per lbs
MIDDLINGS Jobbing at feed, $ 20$25: One
$2o$27i & ton.
BRAN Jobbii?" ai. nr-r Inn. "fel T ft ft 1 6.
OATS Feed, cvr busbc' 42j(b15 ens.
BACON Sides. 131c: hams, Oregon S C 12i
13Jc; rastern, 14(glt.'c; shoulders, 9 10c.
JUAKU In kes, Ki ; m tins, 13c
JBUTTER We tiuoic choice dairy at 27c2iic-
good Iresh toll. 2U(o22ic'; ordinary, 16(a)
20c, whether brine or 10M.
DRIED BRUITS App!es, sun dried, PfttOe;
mach'ueurifKl, 12c Pears, machine dried.
ll12c IMunn, machine dried. 20c.
EGGS 25 km' doz
POULTRY Uers and roosters, $4 5Ga5. Tmv
keys 18a20c oer pound. Geese, $8a'J ior doz.
CHEESE Oregon, 12'olfc; California, lGc
HOGS D -eased, Wc o j mot, 3io4c
BEEF Li.e weight, 1 ; lc for good to choice
SHEEP Live xvo5g:-,.."l..2c.
T.a LLOW Quolabe a. ue.
Ill 1ES Quotable al MalGlc for all over 16 lbs,
one-thnd oil lor under that, also one-third otl
for culls; green d'aSc.
Cite ml Mi'ireJininU.
RICE Market quoted at China, ol53 : Sand
wich Island, 7.1 c7.
COFFEE C 3a Rial, 17lSe; Java, 2.ra2Gc ;
Rio, ?(;:al7c.
TEAS We quoie Japan in luqttercd boxes 50
75c: paper, 37'4.7A. '
SUGARS-Sa nO wich island, IWalile: Golden C,
in ob e If ; li'bbls, 9'c ; t rush- bbls. . I Sc.
hfbbh. Ui-: Pu .-eriawl Mils, l!c. hr bids.
13'c: Granulated hols, 1 . c. .f bbls '2yc.
SARDINES q boxes. J 7:.: h" o-..?, $2 75.
YEAST POAV 0 Ell Donne' iv, S'S -p gross:
Dooley, $2C.f22 gross; Prcnon & Merrill..
$24 3$ gross.
WINES White, per doz in ease, $3 ttki l : per
gal,i0clnl 50; Sonoma, ivr doz in wises,
$3 i.0 ti $5: per gal, OUc it M 50
Claret Cal:.oinia " $r g.; . $1 to $1 25; im
ported ocr. $l 50 utS'l.
Sherry Ci-.hi 'or gal. 1 50 to $2 50: Span
ish, $3 (o$(J; as.j'ied brands, .$12 to $18;
imported per gal, $2 o 1 10 ."$7.
Port Vai".ous bra: ds in r-csttb. $2 50 to $5 ;
$1 50 to.2; iiu'io .ei',-63 o
SPIRITS Fife o'u lle;(H5.y Brandy in qr cks
and ocbtes ..) 50 o $7 50 per ga' ; Dan
ville's Irish Waisk- ' cases per c'oz, 12:
James Stewart tl Co. Whisky ii qr
cks and octaves, i, ' ; ilenuessy iiiunoy in
case, er doz, vei v fine ' star $IG, 2 star,
$17 50, 3 atiir ST.' : He. land (. l, la-ge ca.e.
$lSio.?20; O . omCin jo cases. $i 2 ; Rye
Whisky, per ; . '. $2 50 j $5 : Bonbon, per
nal.&TU to ; A Ci'tier, $3 25 a $3 50 ;
O K Cutler, CI 50 to tJ.
OILS Ordiua y brands of coal, 30c, high grades;
Downer Jc Co., 37iui0c: boiled linseed, $1 ;
raw linseed, O.h:; puie lard,$lal 10; castor,
$1 50a$l CO: turpentine, COaCuc.
Ban Francisco, and a visit to the fair is well repaid
fcy viewing it even if v,-crc the only attraction.
The presence of a wide awa'ke resident partner in
San Francisco, with oxteusivo eastern connection
enables the firm to furnish, without delay, anything
in their lino demanded by thin market at prices that
distance competition. Take for instance the trade
in enrpets in which the houf-e does a large business.
In order to keep up 1th the demand for latest and
beat patterns, the arrivals in San Francisco of new
goods are watched with care, and the best possible
selections made. The same is true of upholstery
and dranery. Any thing new and desirable is certain
t and its way to "the spacious warehouses and store
rooms of this fii-m. In every feature that goes to
make up business success, a complete stock, the
ability to fully supply all wants, selections toauit
all tastes, prices uniformly the lowest that prudence
can dictate, and honorable dealing, Messrs Shindltr
k Chadbourne occupy an envied position.
The furniture factory of this energetic firm, is
located at Willsburg. one mile south of thecarshops
mi iht- (V A- f! r-iflrrtml. Steam Tiower. taxerf. and
interest oi invested money in factories in cities is 1
no light burden to manufactories. As the manner
avoids shoals and quicksands, so in the location of
their factory, Shiadlcr k Chadbourne avoided all
needless outl y aud heavy running expenses, where
others, less wit,e, hevo fallen into those errors.
Thty bought about two years ago ten acres of lard
with one of the best wa'ter privileges in the stai
erected rmitable buildings, put in machi lery of the
latest and belt 1 aids, and there, within four miles
of Portland, they produce every grade Of furniture
required in their large and gio'.viug business. "We
were through the factory nome mouths ago, and havo
uot tieen an establishment which seemsto be con
ducted with more Bysttm, or bottur management.
Wo see from our sanctum dally great loads of their
furniture crossing at the ferry from the factory to
the warerooms.
The moat successful flouring mills in this state
in fa.'t the only profitable ones have been those run
by water power, while steam power mills have been
far ftom profitable. In New England the great chair
and furniture factories are in the interior adjoining
streams furnishing motive power. The greatest
furniture factories of Urand Jtapids, Michigan, are
run by water power. Shindler k Chadbourne
have certainly acted wisely in locating their factory
in the country, aud using the motive power furnish
ed without price by nature. Great piles of ash,
maple, spruce, cedfiv, walnut ard fir are stacked
about the factory. A year's supply is always
stored to insure proper seasoning, and one of
the mo'it annoying features shrinking ai-d swelling
of furniture thus avoided. Only the most skilled
: rtisans are employed. Chamber su.ts. oillce, libra
ry, parlor and dining room furniture me produced
in lart,e quantities, and from the lowest priced chair
to the liiieht bedstead, nothing is allowed to leave
the factory without strict crimination mid the assur
ance of perfect workmanship in every detail.
The stores and warerooms of the linn are located
on Firt and Front Mretts bitween Morrison and
Yumhill and occupy three tl or.s fifty by two hun
dred feet.
What we have described of their exhibit in the pa
vilion can i t any time bo seen largely multiplied by
a look their 'st'iblishmeut where all visitors wheth
er purchaser.-, or not will receive every attention.
The Ulsplny of hladlcr Ch'jdbottme nt
lite PttVllioa Tneir accory nt 1V'tM
bur The centleiren who are associated in tho furniture
bubiuess under the familiar firm name of Shindler
Jt Chadi)oa-ne are men not less of social than of
business and financial standing in this community.
The re-ideut partner, Mr. Shiudler, has been known
to the business world o. Oregon for nearly a quar
ter of a century, auu is justly regarded as one of the
most rc iable business men of the city. Mr. Chad
bourne resides in Han Francisco and is one of the
lare..k furniture dealers in that city.
Of iheir elrgau. display in the paviljon we note
first a bedroom s t of American walnut trimmed
with French walnut. Tlie bedstead has side panels
carved in relief, aud the curving throughout is ele
gant in design aud detail. The bed drapery of
darned net over blue i the work of Mrs. W. S.
Imchhuan. aud ,'ve.i Ihc couch a regal appearance.
The bun'uu has a top ot Li&bou uwrbb', and is sPt
with a large mirror. Unit glas beveled edge
one of the mo t d'nieiilt of modern arw. The win
dow drap'-ry S of thread lace, antique, and suspend
ed on h brass rod. In addition to the articles be
longing to this superb bedroom set, thre is dis
played in this room a net tee alter the pattern used
in iaigland during '.he reign of the Tudors. This is
upholstered in ponceau silk plush, trimmed in
fawu-'oloml satin, walnut frame euibe'lishcd in
ebony ami gold. A pau;-t rocker, walnut frame, up
holstered In raw and sp.m silk, and trimmed in mo
hair plush; a handsome pillow-chair, upholstered
in maroon satm, trimmed with chem-ille fringe;
lady's pillow backed chair upholstered in raw silk,
triuiin-.d in silk plush, finished with cheneille
fringe; par'or writing desk of unique pattern, made
of white holly nnd tulip wood, inlaid with marqui
teri work, embell shed iu gold. Three genuine Turk
ish rugs, in Oriental color ard design, and a carpet
of body Brussels in co'oim nicely oleuded complete
the adornments of ths department. Passing a step
beyond, we view
mi; ivuu.o:t itkmtuiie.
This consists of draperies, lambrequins, curtains,
marble mantle, Turkish . oft and two Turkish arm
chairs. These last are upholsten d in rMV and spun
Bilk, brocawed. trimmed with maroon satin, finished
with cheneille fringe. A patent rickir. ebony and
gold Iraine, is upholstered in satin damusk, trimmed
with nilK p?uh, finished wi;h client Hie fringe; a
combined foot rest and slipper case is upholstered
in raw and snuu silk, trimmed with garnet and silk
plush, and old gold satin; a walnut anu gilt patent
rocker, upholsltred iu oM gold cashni'Tc. trimmed
with garnet mohair plush. A reception chair shown,
is a real gem. and would grace n royal drawing
room. The frame is of ebony and gilt": the uphol
tdury is of crimson silk plush, put on iu the pattern
of a shell, trimmed with old gold sattu and finished
with cheneille cord and fringe. The centre piece
iu the back is a radius in silk plush. Another tine
and unique piece is a parlor cabinet. Qucn Anne
style, eb'uy and gilt, panels of tfint glas-i beveled
edgiv in the ctnter. the wings Mt op.-.: for the dis
play of bric-a brae. An cbm 1 v . bouv and oM
makes a line showing. In e.-h corner of the room
is an elegant siaud surmouuttit by orm.n liguit s of
knights "in armor. A winged bo-k ciw is f-nown,
the case being of walnut. ornamented
by u white holly and elo:iy marquitori
panel. The marble mantel is adorn d with
gilt and surmounted by an elgant pier wlaSs of
French plate, the heavy gold frame han-tromeiv
eMrv'tI and gilded iu rich styie. Tin draperhs
though hastily airauged
Ever displayed in this city, and hang on either i.ide
of the 2ier glias. One of full length, in ilk cash
mere, with h"avv garnet plush; center drapery of
gold, silk ulueh and blue side pieces of ssuir, the
whole ilmshed with cheneille fringe and tassels, and
draped ovrr fine lace cut tains of suntlower pattern.
A portier or door curtain is the most elegant exhibit
in the puvilion, and is not surpassed on the coast.
Tho body is of maroon mohair plush, having a bor
der of broad French inoquette stripe, tho figure a
vane, supporting festoons of llowers; ono curtain
gracefully draped, tho other hanging straight to
ahow the effect when drawn over the door. The val
ance is of the HHine material, tho stripe running
transverse, trimmed with heavy cheneille fringe and
tassels. The ceiling of these two rooms are deco
rated Bimllar to the interior of a handsomo parlor
aud tho halls are adorned by paper of richly blcnd
iaa colors. Whether taken as a whole or in detail,
the diplay is the tinert In its line ever made north of J
lrg;fii Machinery J got.
H. P. Gregory & Co., importers and
commission merchants of San Francisco.
have lately opened a branch of their
house at No. 3 Front street. Portland.
For many years they have been known as
one of the heaviest California firms deal
ing in machinery, engines, etc., and
their large and growing trade in Oregon
has compelled them to open a house
here. Mr. Stewart McCluro is the resi
dent partner here, and is a very pleasant
gentleman lo deal with. They carry
wood working machinery of all kinds,
saw mills and t-aws, machinists tools,
steam engines and boilers, lubricating
oils, blowers and exhaust fans, and make
rubber goods A specialty. A complete
line of engineer supplies can always be
found at their Portland house, where the
best of terms is always given to the
trade. Catalogues sent on application.
Be ch & t o.
This firm, successors to Coggins
Beach, dealers in paints, oils, glass,
doors, sash,. blinds, etc., is doing a very
extensive business, which extends to va
rious points on the North Pacific Coast.
They import direct from the East the
gseat bulk of their stock, which enables
them to sell cheaper than those who pur
chase their stock either in San Francisco
or this city, and which accounts for their
rapid increase of patronage. Persons
desiring anything in their line would do
well to give them a call before investing
Every music teacher or musician in
Oregon, Washington Territory or Idaho,
who will send their name and address to
Warren's Music House, 92 Morrison St.,
Portland, will receive free for three
months, a copy of his Musical die view,
containing throe new pieces of music
each month, besides current musical
France imported during the first seven
months of this year 558,175 tons of ii-ol
minerals, taking from Algeria alone 176,
17'J tons. It EIC
That Warren's Music House, l2 MorrUon street
near the I'ostoifice, PorMund, Or., has everything
in the musical line at rcit-onable prices A larg
stock of sheet music, books, pianos, musical mer
chandise, band and orchestra music always on
hand Mr Warren buys every thing dircc. from
I'Jastern houses, and can all'ord to soil cheajM-r
than any btore in Oregon. Send for catalogue.
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure is the
remedy that will cure the many diseases peculiar
to women, Headache?, neuralgia, disordered
nerve, weakness, mental shocks, and kindred
ailments are elTecually removed by its use. The
Mother's Magazine.
I have suffered from a kidney dilliculty for the
past ten years, accompauiod with nervous spasms.
I'liysicittns gave me but temporary relief, but af
ter using tin ce and one ball bottles of Warner's
Safe Kidney and Liver Cure, my nervous spasms
were entirely relieved. My age is 77 year.-. 1
recommend this great remedy to all u tiering
from nervous trouble. Mrs. Makv Uiksk.
r?aston , Pa.
-trji imiKitiir imy jinrcrjasporm writ
Itijcln rsMiiet y ilvertiNcieiitin
jiujicr ym will i!msv mentinji jlu
naino uf tliv 3Mler.
Commission Merchant
-A. ll Goods on. Commission.
Agent lor Parrott'a Patent Doubletree.
267 First street, Portland, Oregon.
Use Rose JPills.
Our Bargain Column
Cash Auction Co.
No. 210 First Street.
Ioi-i!:uil, Oregou.
What You Can Buy for 10 Ci9 !
One Hound Comb for. 10c
One Hack Comb for. I0c
One Fine Comb for Hk;
One Haok Comb, Silver Mounted, for. 10c
A I .ure Sized Ilupdkerchief for. 10c
A Pair of Sleeve Buttons for 10o
Twelve Hecesof Jirnidfor. 10c
A IHre Sized State for 10r
A Frvlnp Pun for. 10c
A Child's Apron for 10c
One Yttrd Brocaded Ribbon for 10c
One lto.x Collars for. I0e
A Pocket Book for. 10c
One Dozen Lead Pencils for 10c
Tinware, Tooth Brushes, Fans, etc., for. 10c
Klcven of the above article for !$1 OO.
And a Thousand Articles too numerous to mention
All Shadps WORSTED only S cents an ounce.
ITi'om New York Atiction,
Per Steamer Tbls Day:
Pieces All Wool Deblene for
' The I .u test Uesifjus Momie Clotti for
" Silk Striped Dress (ioods for
' All Shades Satin Desctieini.H
" Black Luster Alpaca, extra wide, for
" Irish Poplin for
' Plaid Dress (ioods for
" Snowllake for
Poplin de France ftir
" l.enox Suitini; for
" Dress (ioods for .7.
bet ween Taylor and Salmon. "e have our num
ber o.i the Awnitac Post for iheb":n'luof onr mimer-
ous cUM:omeis. e have spn-ad a hutce Hiimicf In
tin; center or our room, winch reads:
Salinger's Cash Auction Co,
Price List furnished on application. Send for sain
pies. Address all letters to
A, I.. SAUXtiKK cV CO..
210 First Street. Portland, Ojrn.
Send foroneof I.Itt's Keleyant Wool ami Silk 00
Suit, Third and Alder. novl
Manufacturer and dealer In all kinds ol
Sash, Boors,
KKAS.'EI) finisijk; luhbkk
Constantly on band.
Importer o
Paints, Oils, Glass, Brushes.
Painters' Materials.
Orders from ibe country will receive prompt
and careful attention.
sai.ksroom: factory:
111 Front Street. AtWtldler's Mlib
(NixcceNHorH to C'offgiua & Bench.)
.... AND.
Having arranged to import
all principal lines of Painters'
Stock and Window Grla&3, we
are enabled to give as favora
ble terms on this line of goods
as any dealers in Portland.
Contractors and Dealers will
find it to their advantage to
send for our prices before plac
ing orders.
F. E. BEACH & CO.,
103 Eront street. Portland.
It Is made from a Simple Tropical Lent of Rare
Value, and is a POSITIVJB Keuiedy for all the dis
eases that cause pains In the lower part of the body
for Torpid Liver Headaches Jaundice - Dizziness,
Gravel, Malaria, and all ihe difficulties of the Kidneys,
Liver and fflnarv Organs. For Female D.cnwcx,
Monthly Menstruations, ami during pregnancy, It ha
no equal. I: restores the organs that make the blood,
and hence ts the best Blood Purifier. It Ls the onlv
known remedy that cures llrifiht'.s Disease. For Dia
betes, U8e "Warner' Safe Dlnbetcn Curo.
ForSaleby DnufKlstsund nil Dealers at SSI 25 per
hnttln l,i m rmirtrnf Trr it
H. H. WARNER &CO.,'Roclsetcr, S. T
Draw-Cut Sausage Cutters
Hardwood Lumber.
Ex " BInkAder," dlrtrct frora 3Tev Vork. a Iary
Awrtnient uf
Hardware !
IRON ivxi cl STE E3L.,
Which we offer to the Trade nt the IiOvet Jobbing
Kate. AImo COAL of all description.
D&Srton, Mall Lamberson.
Orders from teiJ4-i-4T 1 t 1 ! ' l 1 DrtTf!or.rl
x ui ixaiiu,
;iolsale Hardware.
5 2
2 J-
k o "
r. J
K '
O ,
- 2.
3. &&
i 0
e z
5 5 EH
& C. 1. C
. v.
2 3
ft -
The Great English Remedy
Is a never-falllnp: Cure
for Nervous Debility
Exhausted Vitality.
Seminal Weakness,
Spermatorrhea, IjOST
ntvMiOitn, Irapo
tency. Paralysis, and
ah M e terrible efTects
jf ifilf Abuse, youth
ful rilif8, and exces
ses Iu maturer ye rs
su-.'h ;.s Los-: of Mem.
ry, Lassitude. .Noctur
nal Emission . .vrsnu t S;icety, Dimness o
Vision, NolM's in il.ts head, the vital lluld
puvoin; unobserved hi Ibe urine, and many
oilier dlflese i h it lead to iu-anity and death.
DK. 31 1 NT IE wi 1 agree to forfeit Five
Hundred Dollars for a case of this kind the
VI a . y.ilr - oaiA ii li (under his special
advice and iretitneni; will not cure, or for
anything impure or injurious found In it.
I2t. ftiiSH'ti. treats all Prlvale Diseases suc
cessfully without mercury. CoiHult4itlou
Free Thorough exinninnMon iud advice, in
cluding analysis of urine, $5 Ut). Price of Vitnl
Etcwt iMiin. 53 imi per boitle, or tour times
the quantity f't $10 00; stut to ny add dress
n receipt of price, or J U. I")., secure from ob
servation, and In name If desired, by
A. K.:llTJK, 31. D.
I A lionniy Hticet, Sin i tnt.isco, Cnl.
KKPUKrirut. cuies all kinds of Kiduey
aud P.tadder Complaints. Gtuorrho?-i, Gleet
Leucorrhoea. For tsttle by all ilrugiett; 51 00 a
boitle; six bottlen lor 5 00.
in:. MkvriiL'S dandelion piTjLS
are the bf-bf. und il.e.apest DYSPEPSIA an
ItlbJtU-i cine In the mu-ket. rorsale by a
iSOUUK. DAli A i O. ortlnud. 4r.
SiolOMulo vr-.UH. " mi irll
c zr
cc m
- o
X -r
Importt-rs and Dealer? in
Sharp's, Remington's, Ballard's, Burgess',
Kennedy & Winchester Repeating Rifles.
Co t's, Remington's, Parltcr's, Scott fc Son,
Moore's tuiil Clnbrnuli'fi
Bern In Mi if world. Put up iu V Itfc and 51b cns.
tiuXi ke??. Rim W irie sw.:ie i'.... ....
Caitrldgea of n!I Klml nt Reduced Prices.
"2-5 ose
4.'J Front Street, Portland,
Ivecp ii Complete Stock of
Wood Working Machinery.
Saw Mills and Saws.
Machinists' Tools.
Steam Engines and Boilers.
Steam , Hand and Power Pumps
Steam Engine Governors.
Lubricating Oils.
Blowers and Exhaust Pans.
Emery Wheels and Machinery .
RUBBEE GOODS a Specialty.
Belting. Packing, Hose, Valves,
Springs, Etc.
Complete Hue of
JEWGE IVli: tr-U 1 tJL. 1 E8
Constantly on hand.
Ciie Balln, Priz B.xts, Cniqner apifs, Veloci
pedes., Archiry, Teniiu., fishinpr T.tckle
of eveiy (le-cripIn und quality.
or. Fi-oul ini A le -,e(M. Portland.
Cso JPills.
Ij JJIU: AUKI5 dfc Co. Stilir AcntH, Port-
r 1
ISirUfrn a nr-r rMtf .m
i -
Is now puDirt'd to luriiish
Insidi-s. Ou sidi-s muj sup.
p emi'nts on Il.' h')ri 'sf nii-
tlce. Addrpi.1 ir I) Pvhnrr.
Box Pwi t nuO, Ur.
Use Roe Jrillg;.
0ARF8EL0 vs.
C. V. Bw ,
Fnv C'ftnHttmnllun. Astlim'i, Kronrhltto, ')y.-
1H.'iisI:i, Ciitari'Ji, tleaUiu-he, DlilUt.v,,
Xoui-alKla, ami nil Chronic and Nervu-
or.:.;. it u tuicen
And Hcts(llrculv upon tho Krcat nervous and organic
centers, urnl Cui-c'H by n Xnturiil I'roecM.oflle-
A treatise on Compound Oxygon, civlnir the history
of thU new dLscovory, and a large record of most re
markable cures, write for it. Address DHS. STAll
KKY tfc PALEN. 1109 and 1IU Glrurd street. Philadel
phia, Ph., or to H. E. MAT1IEWB, COG Montgomery
Htroet, San Francisco, Cal., from whom can be pro
cured both Information and aupplies.
tTse Hose JPills.
IT is KXPK(rKI)TIIAT Al.l. r.T!:iiTU' CITl
1 will have an opportunity lo ;.luni from
-t-vi-ral mind caudldiitesfor Pn-Mdcnt in the aiiprosieh
i:ig miiUMt, but iu tin realm of Soup '
Ttioiiiav' Cooi Water JS!uiiptiIii :mn
Stand, alone, peerless, unrivaleil ami ui!aiprraeha!)Iv
It ii!n has be-onie a hou.sehoM word, in virtues
li i. .ijvn on the wings of the wind. Jts retna-lcable
-a -.-s has stimulated a leiot: of lme IiuitaCionN
oi which beware, and none that doe.s not
hear the imprint or the Stnmlniil Stu ;,., Who
manufacture thf most e.x.tinsive asorii.!ent of Fam
ily. i4ii:-!ilry and Toilet Soaps, ma le iu ihe Vuhuil
states. Ifyourgnjeerorilruist does not Keep our
goods, order directly from the
Standard Soap Co.,
gQincrnmcutoSt., San Franclsc. al.
Commission Merchants,
And DeaIor in all klrdH of
505 Trent Street, 8oa rrnnciseo
Liberal adTsncementa ou conBlgnments.