Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, February 28, 1880, Image 1

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VOL. 1. NO. 47.
a tasr naa
C. W. Parrisii.
Canyon City, Okeuo::.
Canyon" City, Ohkgon.
Geo. L. Cu;i::ky,
Canyon City, ()hi:gon.
3vL Rustin,
Attornev at Law,
Canyon City, Oregon.
p. c.ironsLEV,M d.
Fylvania, April 8, 1318.
Canyon Ci'y, Orn.
Office in Ills Drug Store, M&'ii
Street Orders for Drus promlly fi-ied.
2so professional patronr.j-c .solicited
nnlesa directions ate s-rieiiv fallowed
J. W. HOWARD, M. D.,
Canyon City, Grant Co., Oregon.
0. M. B0BS0N, M. 33.,
33 3S 2NT S? 3! s
jS-?Rrlal ltoocis, Opposite th-. ctba!!
Canyon City, Ok kg on.
C A N V 0 " C I T V , 0 It K Q 0 N.
Postdcr.cG--JG'nn Davf GrarrtCoun-
T. 0. HYDS,
ATT031NEY A:: I) C'L?: PKl.OH AT Li.W,
Raker City. Oregon.
OSce corner tf CVurt Aveiueaad
Tiborty Stret.
Variety 'Store,
Jehu Bay City, - - - Orcsr.
f.T A 710 NUHY,
W uld rffipi-ctfully solicit a slwe of
the patronage of the cinaenr. of John
Day and sm rounding country.
Announce tliat tlioy have re
ceived a full and well assorted
Stock of
fvlticli tliey offer
f? Sr
1 S M
Having bought for Cash we
i)ce prepared to sell our Goods
Cheaper than they were ever
l.-efore sold in this Market.
Canyon City, Jan. 1G. 1880.
N. Rulisox,
A. 11. Gkotii.
Canyon City, Oregon,
ETJLISOrJ & GEOTH, - - Proprietors
Bag l&ivs to i?f'Jim their friendi
And llio Public Generally
Thtt they can bo fouai at tho
And aro alwsws reaij to furnish good
Board and Lodging
A fire and burglar proof safe litis
been plac-u in t he house for the accom
modation of irucsls.
a 0 l- n u v. h; A 1 vT .E h u T F, u
I ap. y oil t . 1 ly , t i rege 1 1 .
The undcrsn yl takes pleasure in
stnnouiK'is t ) his Patrons ii;l the t;en-
public that after a trial of nearly a
3 ear, In iwiU confident of success in
.f'jl l)sinfkss.
I shall eridf&vor to ain tho es-eein
r f my guests, and give '-hem their mon
ey'? woth.
Terms of Bon rcl and Lodging, Invar,
ir.jdv Ca-h:
I3d-rd n'-d lod:t!rr,er single d:iy.?-I:oO.
vrithoui iMigiiir.per sin:lu day, 1. and loljin, per week, ST.
vshot:t Ji'dinsr. pt-r wuck.
JOHN 3KG EUiJAiiL, i'rnprieior.
Grange Hotel.
J. TL Uarduiari, 3'ropriotor.
Kn'-tl. r.r.H oTry psru vrlli Ua t&k-JO t in .ks
r. f vr. -."-.k n,? . w.1 ?!V' ri
i. K) o A.i..L!. U V)
Having completed my Hotel
I am prepared to entertain the
traveling puUi.c wMii care and
comfort. The. laOlc is supplied
with the best the market tdVords.
Tlie beds are neat and clean.
tI: X-: r
Taile & Co.. Proprietors.
Departs from C'.tnyon Cry fur Tha
Dalies and Ba:er City, Daily.
Arrives from the same point?, Daily.
p r
Vr ! lmamso.v, Sl'.p'f-
PEAKE Ec32A. - - Proprietor
Departs from Canyon City
on Monday, Thursday, and at
urday of each week.
Arrives at Canyon Cifcv on
Suiuhiy-. Wednesday and Fri
day of each week.
Put up expressly for Family
Use, in three pound cans.
Warranted, finer, better ami
cheaper than the Imported To
matoes, By G. W. Houston.
Canyon City, Oregon. For
sale by Phil. Metschan & Co.,
Gundlach & Bro and the rro-
0 T K K a U M U SsE! Z
The Final Meeting of Use Woiunu's
We take the following from the Port
land Daily Bee:
The meetings of ihe Suffragists still
cotitiuao to attract a areat deal of atten
tion by reason of tho interesting topics
of debate and the uniqueness of tba
ia'ca of la-ib'S some of them of great
iniellisienee good standing and rrealth
throwing down the ulove and talring
a bold stand against the customs and
ideas have ben in force since
"Adam delved and Kvo ?pan." The ar
iruuicnta of the ludies are not without
weight, and the proceedings arc cnu
ducted with harmony aid propiietv.
The most natural incident f the entire
series of meeiing- happened yesterday
afternoon, wln n Mr. E. h Iloroy was
elected President of the Asochlion by
;iCc;:iniation, tlius proving beyond cavil
lhaf, kt Woman ?ay what nhe will, she
must and does rely on "down trodden
ii n. J. i 1 1 i-
man. one can z gee aion'j wiiuoul
him; she can't, acromplish anything but
l y his aid. This morning tiie aLtcnd
anec at the lin d mee'ing was good, and
Prfsidt-nt Heroy appeare.l t-j be at home
in the co'.Uiting crowd.
The following is a synopsis of what
was done up to the time ol atljourn
ment: A ftkh noox Sees i 4v .
32. F. Herov chct.:d J.rcsint by ac
cla:ati'ii. i
Mrs. J. Devor? Johnson, Uncording
Secretary, and hi. A. Edmund?,
Corrpfpondina Secretary, v. ere elected
in the aaine manner.
Mrs. Kfcnnu was elected Treasurer
by hudufc.
Mrs. Dnniway led the martyred
Heroy io the cli'iir.
The foiler.jfig vice-prcsients wore
theti appointed:
Mi'-a AuneJ Ccbtirn. or Vi-ul'omah.
Mrs. F. A. MeOown. of Clackamas.
.Tr--. LM. Miu to of Marion.
MUg Manie lA'Sttr, if Linn.
3Ii-s (.i li .!: Co'ik", f Vatnhill.
Mrs. il. J. Ply nub', of Jackson.
Mm. b (Jwern, o! T 'UiiUs:.
Mary Shane Sodth, -.f Clitop.
frs. No' o's of Pull:.
sin. D.'iiuHil, of Wusco.
Tdrs. T zitir, of AV;shiugton.
Miv. Vebfer, f 0 'S and Gurry.
Mr2. Myer.", of Jos-'phino.
Mrs. Cr:oy. of Chant.
M.s. iv-don, of Jhiiou.
MfH. Cli-avcr, of B.d:r.
Sir?. Obfy, of Li!e.
Mis. Ch novrfth, of Benton.
Mrd. Rtam, of Lane.
R( soiutioiis were then in order and
the following wore adopted:
Resolved, th-.t the thanks of this as-
aoi'i-t'ion are hereby, tendoie.d to tho
ladies in the reat National Woman
Suffrage organization, who, with Susan
B. Anthony, at their head, have secured
repeated hearings before the judiciary
committee and committee on priv'tlegrs
and elections in theSena'o of tho United
Keoivcd, That our thanks are due,
and nre heartily tendered to Wiiceler,
Vice-Vnaide-.t of the United States;
!W!.- m,o! Viti;m ni Kentuckv: Alii.
-on and Kirkucod, of Iowa, Dawes, of
Massachusetts; Feiry. of Michigan; Ker
nan. of Kow Vork: Pendleton, uf Ohio;
Coakiiug, of New York: Davis, of JUi-
nois; Anthony, of Rhode Islnad: Pald-
win, of M'chiiian; Yoorhees, of Indiana;
S.niid. w, o.braska; Farley, of Cali -
farni .; Vwt and CorkrtH, of Mis-ouri;
Paddock, ofNebra.vk..; Booth, of Cali-
forma: Burusid-, of Rhode Inland; Wal-
1 co, of Penns)lvimia; Merherscn, cf
New Jersy; Cameron,' of Pennsylvania;
Hoar of ' Massachusetts-; Plumb, of
Kansas; McDonald, of Indiana; H imlin
of Maine; and Thurman, of Ohio; for
their ju.-t action in presenting petitions
for a sixteenth amendment declaring
s u lira u abated upon citizenship without
distinfioo of sex, and memorials pray-1
in fer the removal of indiviaual wo
man's political disabilities before the
Senate of the United States. And,
Besolved, That copies of the New
Xorthrccit containing this resolution be
forwarded to the honorable gentlemen
who have thus invoiced our grateful re-
membfranee. )
lieo!ved, Tlat this Association ten
deis thanke to he Oreunii railtva7 and
stetimboat comp5iviics; to the newspapers
for their courteous report?; to D. r.
JVentieo it Co., for the use of piano,
and to Dr. 0. 13. Bird, Miss Mary Test,
Miss Jonos, Mrs. Cruzan, Ms. LI. W.
Sco't, Miss Ahnie Feamside, Misa So-
nora Villierell. J udge Adams, lie. Mr.
Cruzan and others for thdr able
aro? iti the convention.
Mrs. IT. A. LaiHrhcry ofiered the fob
llesidved, That each woman of prop
erty should send a personal petition to
the mcmboi-s of the Legislature and
Senate of her precinct requesting to be
relieved of taxation on her property, or
be allowed to represent it by a voto.
A large crowd was present and inter
esting proceedings were the order.
Mohx-ing Session.
The following is the account of this
tnniing? business as furnished us by
the secretary:
The session was called to order at 10
A. M., President T.i'er.y in the chair.
Minutes of the previous session read
and approved.
The Picsiodht appointed Mrs. A. S.
Dii'.duay and Mr.-. IT. A. Loughury
assistant members of the executive
The following report of the finance
commit" wsis re id and accepted; II e
ceipts, S4-t 63; disburseMient-, S4r-i 10;
bniam-e in trcisurr, 53 cent?.
It wan vcte 1 to hold a called ?es--Ln
of the Arsoci itin at Salem during the
ne:c Letrislative session.
. . Jx-Govovnor Gibbs waired upon the
Assoc:aiion and tendered dlegts the
free use f the public library during
iln'ir stay in the city. The invitatim
I was ad opted, with thanks, and the As
sociation adjourne i sin- die.
Servant (J iris Kisses.
The fbllwiiLr IVoni the Carson Ap
peal, is given weinht by the circum
stance tls.t ir was written by a minis
ter's fioii "aui Du vis who i supposed
to hno-.v a grcit deal about the subject
he treats of bore.
During the past few weeks a very
unUdyhke epidi-iaic 1ms broken out
ain.nsr the servant girl-?, ilmliy a d y
passes but oj.o or two of tiwm, hureto
lbre carryiug a ppoless reputation, is
caught kissing a preacher. It seems
stra hat a tervant girl can not
know1 Iter place aud attend properly to
household duties iutrustt d to her csre,
without neglecting their work to take
liberties with unprotected preachers
eatraying about the house nlone. A ser
vant who would deliberately take ad
vantage of an innocent pastor, should
bo utterly td.noed by the employ moi.t
agencies and be compelled to fiul her
level. A minister of tho go?pel, earn.
cst'y endoiroriny; to follow out the
! ramifications . the plan of salvation, is
I entitled to he protected in his own
house, which is rightly his castle. The
! hire 1 help seem to be getting so cm-
boldened by succssa that no airtne is
tafe if his wiib happsns to walk out for
a few moments. 1: is high time that
; wine law was passed in all of the States
j clearly deflning the duties of Fcrvunts
! and fixing penalties f r ovar-steppinr
J the of modesty. A preacher
j has scarcely any show when once in the
. clutches of a bold, bad servant girl, who
cares little for her own character, and
j ignores the fact that she is sapping the
foundations of religion and attacking
the bulwark1 that have surrounded the
Christian faith fur ages. The servant
girl should be suppressed, even if it
tikes an amendment to the Constitu
tion to bring about tho necessary re
form. In a crUis like this the church
needs the strong arm of a great Gov
ernment to protect it.
The Princess Sallie,
The Princess .Sallie Wiuneruucca ia
on tho war path. The Silver Stato
mentioned the lact of her being dnmk
hero in town, and she has sworn ven
ge nice against all connected with it.
Yesterday sho sent a dispatch threaten
in ir to have the heart's blood of the ed
itor, and if she did uot succeed in that,
to light him with pistols or knives, juat
to show him how a drunken vroman can
shcot. The operator who telegraphed
the dispatch from Lovelocks, says white
men wrote the dispiteh, and probaoly
incited her to send it. They will hove
an opportunity to explain their connect
tiou with the matter, as warrants have
been issued for the arrest of all who
are known to have been connected with
tho alfxir. A druolcn savage, who
threat; ns to t ke the life's blood ofa a
white person, should be given to under-,
stand that there is such a thing as a
iail in the cooimuuitv. Silver Stato.
Married Men's Indicator.
Edson is very w. il in his way, says
the New Yotk "World, but the invent
or that will be remembered when all
others are forgotten is a party named
Mickley, of Rjston, who has just ren
dered iiis iellow-tii&n an inestimable
sen ice by pvoduoin an apparatus call
ed ttto "M.irried Men's Indicator," or
the patent "Domestic Barometer." This
ingenotts device is oimply a wonderful
ly sensitive arra goment of the ordina
ry barometer, which infallibly detects
the m st minute alterations in the at
mospheric conditions. The married
men returning late ftotn the alleged
"lodge," or other locality contraband of
war, indulges in tv fearful speculations
as to his reception. He .simply takes
the "Indicator" from its case and in
serts i's projection arranged for the pur
poe through the key-hole. Iostautly
the domestic iomparature within is re
corded by tho dial. If it marks S. F.
sot fair; S. A. sound asleep; or even
C. S. orocs but sleep, he brings his
propitiatory bos of fried oysters well to
the front, chuws a eloveand enter?
boldly. If, however, the faithful little
iuatriimeut reports S. K storm brew
ing; or V. S. L. very squally, with
lightning, he doesurt bso any valuable
time in warfare, but hies him to the
nearer' hotel and sends an "up all night
with u sick friend" uote, with some
matinee tickets aud a new bonnet homo
in the morning. Truly, if science
keeps on in this way, this world will
be quite a comfortable plaoe to live in
yfier aw hile.
New Orleans. Feb. 17. Owing to
the remarkybln inorease in the price of
printing paper, the proprietors of news
papers last evening adopted the follow-
J-lssolred, That the representatives
of Louisiana in Congress bo aud are
hereby earnestly requested to use their
influence to have the duty on printing
paper, chomicds and materials used in
the manufacture thereof, removed or
materially reduced.
The Republican Central Committee
met at Salem on the ISth inst., at 2
o'clock. The committee decided on
Portland as the place to hold the nest
State Contention, on "Wednesday,
April 21st. Ths apportionment wa3
based on tho Tote cast for Secretary of
State, one delegate for every one hun
dro-1 and for any fraction over fifty votes
so cast. The following is the dclega.
tion under this apportionment: Baker
-1, Ben:on G. Clackamas 10, Clatsop 5,
Columbia 'Z, Coos C, Curry 2, Douglas
11, Crant 5, Jackson G, Linn 11, Ma
rion 17, Multomah 24, Polk 7, Tilla
mook 1, Umatilla 7, Union 5, Wasco G,
Washingtrj 8, Yamhill 9, Josephine 2r
Lake 2, Lane 9; total, IGo. It is rec
ommended by the committee that the
primaries be held on the 3d of April
aud the counlyT conventions on the 10th,
Tho committe was principally made up
of proxies.
5- ''T- "